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Subject: A new small ice age is about to begin after the movement of the geographic pole.

This has already been said here at the Serara Forum.

In my view, with the movement of the geographic north pole, moving all the tectonic plates of our planet, there will be floods in coastal and lowland areas around the world.

But another important effect, possibly, will be the eruption of volcanoes all over the world, increasing the volcanic ash in the atmosphere, decreasing the solar incidence, possibly even disappearing the sun in many parts of the world, for some time, hidden among the clouds.

And then there will be a new small ice age, with increasing glaciers in the polar regions and in the mountains.

With the cold comes respiratory diseases. For this reason, the higher incidence of the new coronavirus, in my view, is stronger at the moment in the northern hemisphere, which is winter, therefore colder. Unlike the southern hemisphere, which is summer at the moment. For now, for example, no case of the new coronavirus has been confirmed in Latin America and Africa, which is mostly in hot weather at the moment.

Well, today, I just followed the Oscar award for best director and best film, the main categories, live, and the big winner was a film from South Korea.

What has the Oscar award for best film and direction for South Korea with this message?

Just a coincidence. Only in the skies there are no coincidences. The coincidence and the name of this exact moment in relation to the Oscar: South Korea.

Unless mistaken, South Korea and Japan are in nearby regions, but in Japan there are many more cases of the new coronavirus than in Korea. There are possibly several factors to explain this. But I will dedicate myself to one factor, the ondol heating system.

South Korea's radiant floor heating system makes houses in Korea hotter than in Japan.

So, perhaps, the radiant heating system, with heated floors, in the Korean heating system, may be a factor in slowing the spread of respiratory viruses among them the new coronavirus.

In any case, in my view the Korean floor heating ondol system should be used by all countries for a new small era of oncoming ice. If not to prevent respiratory viruses, it will be to give a more pleasant feeling of cozy warmth to the residents of the house.


Assunto: Uma nova pequena era do gelo está para começar após a movimentação do pólo geográfico.

Isto já foi falado aqui no Fórum Serara.

Em minha visão, com a movimentação do polo norte geográfico, movimentando todas as placas tectônicas do nosso planeta irão existir inundações nas areas litorâneas e de planície em todo mundo.

Mas outro efeito importante, possivelmente, será a erupção de vulcões em todo mundo aumentando as cinzas vulcânicas na atmosfera, diminuindo a incidência solar, possivelmente, até desaparecendo o sol em muitos partes do mundo, por algum período, escondido entre as núvens.

E então haverá uma nova pequena era do gelo, com aumento das geleiras nas regiões polares e nas montanhas.

Com o frio vem as doenças respiratórias. Por isto a incidência maior do novo coronavirus, em minha visão, está mais forte no momento no hemisferio norte que é inverno, mais frio portanto. Ao contrário do hemisfério sul que é verão no momento. Por enquanto, por exemplo, não foi confirmado nenhum caso do novo coronavirus na América Latina e na Africa, que está a maior parte em clima quente no momento.

Bem, hoje, eu acompanhei agora a pouco a premiação do Oscar de melhor diretor e de melhor filme, as principais categorias, ao vivo, e o grande ganhador foi um filme da Coreia do Sul.

O que tem a premiação do Oscar de melhor filme e direção para a Coreia do Sul com esta mensagem?

Apenas uma coincidência. Só que nos céus não existem coincidências. A coincidência e o nome deste exato momento em relação ao Oscar: Coreia do Sul.

Salvo engano, Coreia do Sul e Japão estão em regiões próximas, mas no Japão tem muito mais casos do novo coronavirus do que na Coreia. Possivelmente são vários fatores para explicar isto. Mas vou me dedicar a um fator, o sistema de aquecimento ondol.

O sistema de aquecimento de piso irradiante, ondol, da Coreia do Sul faz com que as casas da Coreia sejam mais quentes do que a do Japão.

Então, talvez, o sistema de aquecimento irradiante, com piso aquecido, no sistema de aquecimento coreano, pode ser um fator para diminuir a propagação dos vírus respiratórios entre eles o novo coronavirus.

Seja como for, em minha visão o sistema ondol de aquecimento de piso coreano deve ser usado por todos os países para uma nova pequena era do gelo que se aproxima. Se não for para prevenir virus respiratórios, será para dar uma sensação mais agradável de um calor aconchegante aos moradores da casa.
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Thank you Julio for your posting about the ONDOL, the Korean heating system. I have never heard about this before , so I made a google search and I am astounded by what I learn. I am asking myself why this knowledge is not applied in the northern hemisphere for construction of buildings. If I understand your reasoning, Julio, the propagation of the coronavirus is nullified by heavy heat and that it proliferates in cold temperature. So, the african continent is almost free from contagion, unless confronted with an ice-age. Domtia
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Clency and Julio, I am not making comment on the Korean system but just tell you this from Dr. Mendoza. 

MENDOZA says there is nothing man can do about an approaching ice age.  I reported several times over the past several years that Urantia will experience a small ice age when the polls regain the ice that is melting today to some huge degree and mostly due to a sun we have hearing up too fast to burn off radio carbon flares.  What that means is that the flares from the sun are nearly twice as potent in radiation as what it used to produce routinely at this point today.  Therefore the ice shield on the poles of Urantia take twice as much heat radiation than they used to for eons.  Polar ice caps rebuke planetary heating up but in this case the melting of polar ice on both poles is reminding the universe itself that no planet that uses a natural sun is safe until that particular sun is remade into a safe condition.

Therefore, the polar ice shield will be recovered by the actions of  the pressure points on earth that allow an ice age to develop or not.  Those pressure points are either seas that are too shallow to prevent ice cap warm ups, or polar flares as we experience now, that have too much heat radiation in them and start a melting process that can run away if not stopped early enough.  URANTIA has a run away heat shield melt off and it will be stopped by those progressive engineers known as Power Directors already hard at work to reverse these polar melt downs.  I am not provided more information than that and doubt we get much more as we are in one hell of a fight over any information coming down to Urantia over a fight involving Urantia, me, you, and all others on Urantia who fight a rogue supreme.  That is another developing story as well.  RON

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "One hell of a fight has erupted with Ron and our wish to advise him that his work is protected not now but that he absolutely refuses to have further shots into his arms and legs and that infuriated Deity attempting to maintain this individual from dying too quickly and avoid a loss of terms that are most helpful.  He refuses more shots into his body and that has caused a rift with Uversa nad even the Magisterial Sons who see not point to it either.  However, Clency in particular, you are subject more and more to their care too and may find it as useless as Ron does.  Be aware Urantia is on a delicate tipping point as to who gets what these days and Ron let them know brilliantly harsh this is not the way to go for humans to be preserved.  He folds this daily and makes it known they shoot him up at their own risk.  That said he is now off the dais for the Magisterial Mission not but for ME I dare not use such an angry individual for getting my two cents into ripping down the Urantia Foundation easily.  HE is ready to tell them exactly what they have done in no uncertain terms and has fully infuriated the medical profession not with his paper on the Corona virus none of you have seen due to lack of interest.

"We now see that the Corona virus is taking oer six parts of the worth of a medical profession in China that does good work but fails to understand the work of this type of virus Ron classifies as one of 13 thirteen viruses on Urantia that cannot completely their reproductive cycle without causing death and using the dissolving of the body of the victim to produce itself all over again.  Death produces a protein enzyme Ron was allowed to call POTASSIUM ISOLATE.  Potassium Islate is a radical using a molecule of two potassium atoms and sixty-five oxygen atoms, four of those oxygen atoms are not O2 but one is O6 and the the other three are O4 or 5.  We are not sure which is which yet.  In any case one university has discovered Ron is right and are flabbergasted he knows the process how the body signals death but writing out which parts of the brain are advised by the Indwelling  to shut down the entire system of life for death to occur and ascension probable  This has so unnerved the medical staff in the western part of the United States, they stopped production briefly to advise the pharma corporation that a modification needs to be made if they can figure out how to produce the Potassium Isolate.

"Ron dislikes this being talked about at all for reasons he feels they could care less.  That is not true and he feels the entire medical profession lacks courage and the ability to accept that new ideas and cures come from strange places sometimes as this one has.  However, Ron has so exacerbated the entire process in which he is not out of currently, that the entire program regarding a Magisterial Mission is in doubt once again.  Ron insists his body is now out of being used this way as he is miserable and holds that the shots are useless and help him less and less.  That is true but that is Uversa attempting to pull back on issues they get exposed to and ram up against a dissolving supreme to the point they dare not take the chance of improvement over health issues with Urantia or Ron in particular.  He is furious over the hell he endures for nothing more than to eat and sleep and so on.  It makes no sense to live this way and he bitterly resents he has to.

"For that reasons I have to step back and allow Uversa to decide just why Ron decapitated the Infinite Spirit recently and said regardless of who it is the legs are off limites and proceeded to let everyone know there is nothing left of this program period.  We agree and it is better off this morning because of it but there is not way to preserve Ron at this point and he says fine, let it be, as what you are preserving is living in hell and he calls a halt to it period.  We cannot agree on this harshness but then they would not stop shooting him up while he screamed at them to stop as he had no use for them or the shots.  This has no repercussion now but at the time we were sure he would be taken over abruptly and shouted down to his bare essentials but the Infinite Spirit said to let the entire matter rest with the Ancients of Days who see it as truth facing truth and the issue is not theirs to settle. but the indwelling ADJUSTER must settle off hand or at once or whenever, as the time limit or element is not decided at all.  Therefore there is very little direct information now coming to Urantia over this development.

"Fully stated, Larry, and Clency, and White Stone, and Occerpa, and many others who have an interest in this unfamiliar way of claiming information for the ages on Urantia, there is a final solution pending and it carries Ron into a mission not but into the mansion worlds where he will be taken to task for running a cabal of sorts in a Urantia soltuion we helped to create and now wonder just what the higher powers think of human participation at all in any mission on Urantia in particular.  He is not wrong nor is he particularly right, but it is moot when we consider that MONJORONSON took issue with Ron this morning, and blasted him over the refusal to further cooperate with the mass shooting regime instituted now for almost nine years of constant inoculations and so on.  We see the entire affair and escalation of the effects of the Lucifer rebellion mostly, and the rebellion of experiential Deity over issues they have no warrant to enter.  Yet Ron makes it clear there are other issues involved and that he refuses to ascend into a universe that has not sense of evolution of Urantia that partakes of certain practices that portend a radical change in gender identification and usage.  We see nothing wrong with evolution or its remakes, but we cannot figure out how some of these evolutionary remakes become useful to a Local Universe of any kind.  Be assured we study this furiously with Ron as he sees no point in making a big deal out of any of it as it is evolutionary and not whimsical choices at all.  a

"This discussion forum is too small to hold much of what Ron thinks as most who visit here are what Ron calls "sniffers", so unusually out of range of real thinking that is all they can do is take an olfactory temperature and depart wondering what they read.  We see Ron throw his hands up at some of you who cannot fathom analogies at all and some cannot even thing anymore.  For that reason Ron lets it run on its own fuel but most are tired of that too and we wonder just how Ron will resolve this entire matter of ORIGINS and the Paper on the Coronavirus.  That spoken:

"It is now decided to cut the MAGISTERIAL MISSION IN HALF and to let Ron off the hook for more shots into legs and feet that are so full of injection marks he has become inflamed at the useless process he has been forced to endure for nine years.  He blames no one but insists that if he is of any value we find a solution affordable to him and us that will work to maintain the status quo.  In that case he is out of luck as the status quo is damaged so badly with an Infinite Spirit that sees him as useless in truth and beauty there is no repair available and so Ron says then 'good riddance!'   And so it goes and on and on we ride a current of sadness for Ron sees nothing to do but work it to the end and let the Judges decide the fate of a huge attempt to become relevant in the face of a universe too silly to understand it has a real partner but no way to accommodate such.  I remain the Creator Son and Ron now is a useless object of pity to most but he refuses to compromise for the sake of keeping peace with Deity that has no real version of him anywhere else and cannot use him for the purposes intended.  K"

THOUGHT ADJUSTER IN RON SPEAKS= "i now must conclude you and I Ron are thrown out of the bath and into the cold winds of change you refuse to acknowledge as real or fair or even possible for Urantia and for the revelation it receives for any time worthwhile at this point.  Not so are you thrown out of position by the INFINITE SPIRIT, or by anyone.  They have taken the entire issue and trashed it over your body but not over your heart and soul which demands at least the recognition that evolutionary Deity has seriously erred and that it must be taken into account and either removed for fully reformed.  No one has the temerity to face you as you should be faced, but I the ADJUSTER, find you harshly done in order to protect the integrity of your body and your life and that is the real reason you win this one over any other argument.  You have nothing against anyone including the strange seraphim that sometimes come by to gawk at your will and ways to work a place called URANTIA that has lost all sense of itself for years and years before there was an epochal revelation to take on by the Drs. Sadlers and family.  Be assured that picture is still good and he loves the idea you brashly speak to all but just joke in familiar terms with people who are much more official than you know Ron, but are willing to listen to you on a basis few can speak to them as you do.  You make it clear they are heroes of yours and they must take their kudos as you know them, but they are also so well conditioned by the martydom of yourself they refuse to break bread with a supreme as they knew it until that supreme makes amends to all whom he let down lately and so completely.  They are never managing humor the way you do and that is her to remind you you cannot get away with it forever but at some point must come to realize you are never happy without support and none really comes to you ever over issues of States you insist come first.  They do and they are proud of you and insist it must be resolved on Urantia and it will be. 

"We are MICHAEL OF NEBADON and call this to a halt for now.  But please people!  You are not fully aware of the battle and the priestly way we must adopt missions if we have to.  Ron has completely derailed the plans of a MAGISTERIAL MISSION depending on the idea of a MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION and now refute such just because Ron refuses to take another bath with more shots and he detests the entire regime to the point he shivers in disgust over them and the program.  They have no idea of the hell it has produced and Ron absolutely refuses to engage it further as MONJORONSON learned in a bitter report to Ron this mornings.  Ron says to MONJORONSON, 'choose as you will but my legs are off limits to any of you now.'  That suffered MONJORONSON hard but he fully repeated an insult to anyone who believes they know what they are doing when you do this to a physical organism and ask it to live well as it cannot even live this way.  We now see it and forgive not anyone on Urantia says MONJORONSON who now fully refutes URANTIA as anything but a beacon for the hell they produce on themselves.  Be assured that issue and many others are on the table for figuring by the highest Deity possible and we have little more to report from MONJORONSON at all ever again. 

"We entirely see Ron grimace and say what are you talking about?  He fully believes the work of God is planetary at this point, and if God does not understand what happens to human beings when they are forced into evolutionary spirals not of their making, then it is a disconnect between purpose and the understand of what such changes really do.  We are of the same opinion and this is MONJORONSON truly.  I am not angry Ron but severely disappointed we brought an end to the entire idea of a MAGISTERIAL MISSION before you as I am now in full receipt of the report you caused to be generated this morning, and as such it is ludicrous it had to be made at all as you are up to here with false praise and lack of understanding you fully recognize is at work for all that had to be done to move heaven and earth to this point.  It is lost for good not but you view it that way as there is no help for the pain and paralysis and blindness you go through for what?  Well, you restate it daily but fail so badly you cry inside you for relief from such unbelieving people and useless  paralysis.  That takes the cake in my book and only on URANTIA do we get these kinds of reports at all as the planet is awash with evil and plain tooth discussions over irrelevant facts to take on in the next US election.  The truth is US elections are just about over with an electorate that is so pointless in its decision make no one really qualifies to be President of the United States, as no one man can take it on anymore and we have decided with you Ron the that REGENCY is essential.  That is your name for it and it fits beautifully.  I am MONJORONSON. and this has to end here."


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I wonder if the paper on the coronavirus is intended for the medical profession, if it is suitable for the general public I would like to read about it.
Even though I am not doctor or anything related but to get informed how the coronavirus can be stopped.
Any information in the most amplified terms would be great for the most readers I am sure.
Thanks for any response that might be available.


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Rene, the corona virus paper is not pleasant to read and I withhold it from the forum now totally.

The bottom line of the instructions in that Paper is to advise those who make the shots to take as a serum against the corona virus need to add a drop of a protein into their formula and then it will easily kille the corona virus.

The Paper tells how to extract that protein from a cadaver as only the dead form of a human has the enzyme of potassium we call Potassium Iolate

Potassium Iolate  is a strange looking molecule and has to be trialed in a test to make the vaccine and that is up to the technologists in university labs to figure out and so the Paper would not read well here as it loses much discussion sense just because of the methods we have to use to get it into formula form.  I leave it at that for now.    RON

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Can it be about:

Potassium oleate
40 wt. % paste in H2O
Synonym: Oleic acid potassium salt
Linear Formula CH3(CH2)7CH=CH(CH2)7COOK

Sold e.g. by Merck and many others, even in an amount of 30 kg, but not less than 25 g.
But there are only 2 oxygen atoms (O)


Considered to be quite poisonous:

Probably used also as insecticide : SOAP SPRAY CLEARED TO FIGHT CROP PESTS

Cosmetic Uses:
Potassium oleate is used as an emulsifier in many liquid soaps, facial cleansers, mustache waxes, body washes and hair permanents.

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Excuse me, Ron. Finally, I found iolate, as in your post above although not with potassium, but with 5 oxygen atoms:


In bold print I confused small l and capital I.

Then I found almost 50 -olates, but none contain potassium.

It's an interesting chemical you're talking about.

By the way, there is really no lack of interest in your article on corona virus we have not seen!


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Hello Andre_P
With regard to Potassium Iolate.  Know this:

1 - the word IOLATE is made up.  Why?  Rayson looked and did not see a compound name for this molecule of Potassium and Oxygen.  That is because the chemical industry right now does not recognize this salt that is manufactured by human cells from the pancreas and distributed by the liver to signal to the brain that death follows shortly.  The Paper I did not publish here says once the Potassium Iolate is distributed, death follows at the very least in six 6 minutes to one half hour.

2 - I have changed fonts so we do not confuse alphabet letters with each other.  The Arial font has an L that looks like an I  and I am quite using it now so you can at least sees the letters correctly,  This is Comic Sans, once of the font styles I really like because the letters are very clearly printed.

3 =  The word IOLATE is made up because it is a type of chemistry that science never sees mostly because this form of a chemical has so many oxygen attached to it, their labs sees it as a condensate and not a molecular entity at all.  What I attempted to do Andre_P was to make sure that those who compute about how to make a vaccine, that they use something the body does to kill or remove a virus forever at death.  The corona virus cannot stand to be anyway near a heavy oxygen condensate as this Potassium Iolate is and this molecule is so potent, a tiny drop in 100 milliliters of the vaccine produced in the United States, kills everyone of them on contact.

4 - The molecular formula for Potassium Iolate is TWO Potassium,  FOUR O yes I said 9; SIX O7  yes I said 7; and NINE O10 yes I said 10.  The rest of the Oxygen atoms are normal.  The total oxygen atoms high and low valences are 63 sixty three.  Two more oxygen atoms to make 65 total as the Paper says there are that many oxygens in this molecule, are a type of oxygen that SPIRIT USES ONLY, and spirit manufactures it in the spleen, and the spleen produces a radical never seen on earth.

5 -  The spirit application to manufacture two oxygen atoms that man never will see are radicals so large they are unbelievable.  That is why man must extract Potassium Iolate from a cadaver and not attempt to manufacture it themselves.  This is truly the case of leading man to uncover an ingredient that has no means to be put together is a chemcial boiling pot to get the right molecule.  Potassium Iolate remains a secret ingredient because the fools in labs who saw this paper say, oh that is just a strange carbon style molecule we can replicate if we understand what it contains.  They formula they use in the Unaited States is good but not good enough to kill the virus as a good vaccine would do if perfect.

RAYSON HERE.  I AM THE proposed Magisterial Son who is still to be the SCIENCE OFFICER of the coming Missions on URANTIA.  Andre_P you look hard to see what Ron produces, but Ron only produces what I tell him to.  He ahs no radical ability to figure out vaccines than I can be a human ever.  However, Ron is ready to work his tail off if he has something to bring down from God, just what cures.  He has and the fools who read it have only to laugh at times at his language because his language is simplicity compared to what they deal with.  What they do not understand is if they followed Ron's instructions, they would have a winner and kill these noxious diseases dead.  Ron is beating us to death with fears over death as maybe he should, but he has even worse by being an invalid so fast he cannot keep up with his body changes so harsh we fear for his life too.  IT is not his to worry though as the entire matter is cleared in seconds.  He had a dream this morning that he saw clearly out of a blind eye and that was to remind him and those who attend him the eye can be reproved to see well again so long as there is a point to use it .  There is.  He does not know it.  We now address this to you Andre_P:

"Ron has discovered you fainted almost when the Polish health minister told you it was a fairy tale you showed him.  That Minister also believes in Saint Nicholas, for sure.  But what he did not tell you was that the formula suggested by you to him made total sense but he was not going to get into a controversy about AIDS when the entire government was in jeopardy over cancer as well due to some disease preventing work Poland was and is still doing,  The problem is Poland is using the wrong approach and will never recover what caused some people to relapse from having cancer to having a rhino virus attack it and kill the cancer.  That is the secret of what they are trying to figure out.  Let me repeat the secret:   A RHINE VIRUS IN THOSE PEOPLE TURNED AGAINST THE CANCER CELLS IN THEM AND KILLED THE CANCER.  How?

"The cancer cells in those people the rhino virus turned killer against, was a type of rhino virus seldom seen in the modern world.  That rhino virus is complacent and hardly ever infects humans at all anymore, yet these people came across it on a sledding holiday and all caught the same virus.  In this case they went back and had some hot drinks after the ride, and when they drank what it was, the virus they were infected with took it as a sure sign they, the virus, was being attacked by a gluten they disfavor tremendously, and they went on the attack and eventually killed a cancer they had no intention of killing but the virus never knew they were wrong.  If man could manage to figure out that disease viruses work on the idea that man can be a host and not harm them, but that man can use them to attack disease viruses like Corona virus is, man would be disease free for ever in his human life.  But nooo -  there is no rationalizing by anyone on Urantia to turn a simple virus like the rhino virus into a knight in shining armor that slays the dragon disease virus entirely.  It can be done and I intend to teach it when I get there!

"I am RAYSON and I am a MAGISTERIAL SON and Ron is my pet for today and that is all he is.  That said there is no one on URANTIA that can do what he can do and we are not forcing him into a premature death just because the powers to be cannot use a man so well done he has turned into a rhino virus that kills disease germs like happened in Poland.  The truth of the matter is he is ready to fight for all of you but is so hammered to death he needs help to get to his mailbox.  The truth is he can be found today if someone would allow it to take place, but again NO! they stubbornly refute his ideals and out he goes into oblivion as he cannot refute the decision to let him die shortly and that is the truth.  I object strenuously and he will not work hard with me but work he will as he is a work machine we seldom see on any planet from the human side of history.  I let this to Michael but Michael what is the prognosis now?

/text redacted/
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

White Stone

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Ron, was your wording originally correct, as Potassium Isolate?  You immediately spelled it "Islate" in the next sentence. Now, it is iolate. Can you please clarify?

So, show a drawing of how you bond these oxygen atoms to the potassium.  I cannot see how this can be accomplished.

White Stone

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Thank you Dr. Mendosa for the report concerning the coming ice age. I recall reading in the Melchizedek disaster map in Bulletin VI that Urantia first shall experience global warming for about 60-80 years. It is hard for us to relate to either, how this would devastate us and our descendants, other then thinking to focus on our inevitable exiting Urantia from the temporal realm to begin our ascension careers, and focusing on teaching our children and the next generations at large the same, while we can. This makes the Mission vitally important and our participation crucial. We are in the hour before last with the coming earth changes hanging over our head, and I hope to pursue a more radical approach for the enlightenment of the planet.

May I also suggest that the starting of the Mission in any form is key before darkness (fear, chaos) settles in, for the absolute worst case scenario is not starting it. Until there is a dim light emanating from countless one sided teachings promising a bright future, people run to and fro, picking and choosing their faith and destination, but one single candle light will become the only point of reference in a pitch dark room to draw the multitudes, which light is the Mission, whereas all the half truth movements will fade into oblivion.  


Concerning the corona virus paper, Ron, I beg your pardon and my apology for not expressing my true interest in the paper of corona virus. I heard well when you have asked on one of the Lightline calls if we would be ready to hear what the outcome is going to be and you added, “no, you are not ready”. Thus, I had an eye out for the paper, waiting for it to come at the time you would think we are more ready to receive and post it, and would not want to pressure you with asking for it.


Concerning the publishing of Origins I have emailed some suggestions to you, which I thought might not be worthy forum material, yet some idea might be useful. Please see and advise.


Thank you Michael of Nebadon, Thought Adjuster of Ron, Monjoronson for your sincere report on Ron’s medical condition, controversy, and fate. Allow me please to express my thought perhaps we shall call them my point of view at best, or may call it a hot pursuit to solve problems. I rather not keep silent if might can offer some thoughts for consideration, while aiming to align with the Divine Will and not to offend.

We, forum members, have been putting our heads into the sand long enough, instead of preparing for the most undesirable event that Ron might not be with us much longer. We must understand that Ron’s legs are dissolving with excruciating pain, his eye sight is worsening, and we must face off the tragedy until Ron yet typing up his own sentencing blind, with accuracy. We must face off the fact that he is doing more in his dying state than those of us do combined in our right state of health and mind, who take the advancing of the Mission to heart. This is behind unreasonable in sight of the fact that we keep hearing Deity’s and Ron’s reporting on his critical and constantly worsening condition. Yet we are silent, or we may say, sorry.

It raises the question HOW MUCH do we REALLY want the Mission to come? I suggest that everyone who reads this question would give a sincere answer to SELF after thorough self examination of motives, activities, goals and abilities [I suggest that you draw a vertical line on a blank piece of paper and title the two columns a) activities to see the Mission to come (with dates and numbers of articles, transmissions, plans, contacts, and monetary and other contributions) and b) activities for self preservation and enjoyment in the world (work activities, hours, and income in light of social and home life and monetary contribution to various causes), then confess the answer to Universal Father and Michael of Nebadon in prayer. Let us see if our collective answer will break the camel’s back.

Jesus said, people serve God with their mouth, but their heart is far from Him. I know we are better then that, but then we must put forth SUBSTANTIAL effort to DEVELOP and EXECUTE a work-plan instead of wondering around in the wilderness for another forty years that none of us would survive. He also said that the children of the world are wiser then the children of the Kingdom, and lo and behold! The children of the world running huge Internet based enterprises, why cant’ we, on this information superhighway? The Internet is a tremendous tool to reach out to the world at little or no cost to us, and we are not taking advantage of it while we can, the way we could, and I believe we should. That would entail of many activities that I do not go into details here, but I have few suggestions while I understand that we were in the holding pans for years. The question is how much are we ready to run the race once the door has opened?

Is there at least one in the land who would do what Ron has done? And that is not less than working around the clock receiving, writing, networking, planning and acting upon the plans? It is a fact that he is way ahead of us in spiritual attainment, but we have no excuse for hearing simple instructions and not obeying our Spiritual Government Leaders. Any time a call went out from the Melchizedeks for participation there were a handful of people making a pledge, some of you transmit, I cannot even say that, and we have given ourselves to wait and wait and wait. Waiting for what to happen if we are not making it happen? Our spiritual uplift is in our obedience. It is time to prepare to be let loose from the stall.  

As the wine is aging in the barrel we should age in the battle, for advancement is the offspring of activities. Failure is not an option with the Universe supporting us, in other words, the only way the Mission would fail is if we fail the Mission. Would that be our legacy, going to the mansion words to meet Ron and say, well, we have not even tried. At this point, we must lay our full confidence (if we have not yet) in our leaders, Michael of Nebadon and his staff, and Machiventa Melchizedek and his staff to lead us into a successful operation. We should be their mouthpieces, hands and feet, and that we can do. We are not out of resources either, we have great wealth of information, knowledge, gifts, and wisdom to carry out their instructions. We have Father God within us to commune and commute with under any circumstances, but it will take great faith and unity, instead of wondering what is next. We must have the vision to work together, representing the Magisterial Mission as an Enterprise of Highest Authority on Urantia, a Government of REGENCY.  

God forbid, if Ron should depart to the mansion words. He can continue the work in the Mission successfully, but how about us? Those of us remaining shall train to obtain greater collaboration with our Thought Adjusters, Michael of Nebadon, Machiventa Melchizedek and other dedicated personalities, and EACH OTHER, for the success of the Mission. Although Ron’s work is absolutely crucial at present, the Mission cannot solely depend on the bodily state of one mortal. We too need to lay down our lives for the cause, not in words but in deeds. I hope it is music to your ear to hear, we can do this Ron.

The fact is it will no longer suffice to make fleeting comments on Serara Forum, and pick up the phone to listen to the conference calls, and I cannot think anything more honorable for a tribute to Ron then offering ourselves to succeed his lifework. I am now thinking in practical terms such as learning to continue managing the website, help publishing the pending publications, learn the technicalities to continue Lightline until further development, instead of trying to do something when we have lost our communication platform. Ron, you have laid the foundation for us to build upon and your work was not in vain. Tell us, how can we help to continue on?

Even if Ron can stay in position for a while that I still hope for, he could use some help. This is according to HIS desire to see this proposal manifest, which, at this point I assume based on previous mentioning's. We each shall take individual responsibility to achieve the goals of the Mission collectively. Oneness and connectivity are key words here. While none of us is up to the challenge to continue the proceedings in one person, we should be in parts.

Since many of us past retirement age we do not have better things to do anyway, and there is no retirement in the Kingdom of God. That is a faulty worldly social stigma causing a hugely unmanageable social problem due to false precepts, eroding social structure and pretentious security. When the nations are talking about piece and security, sudden destruction comes upon the world. We are in those days now, for proof, Google ‘peace and security’. The Magisterial Mission shall pull down these social ailments to revitalize and revolutionize Urantia, to establish the Kingdom of God in the hearts of man "one heart at a time, one soul at the time", as the Lord once told me.

Everything will fall, no question, what comes behind it is the only question. Our prime role is to draw in the multitudes, there is a gifted millennial generation on Urantia that has the ability to carry the torch to the end, they only need to be thought. We must be mothers and fathers to them, not some kind of spiritual gurus without earthly remediation that pulled the old Urantia Foundation into the grave.


I believe, a heart wrenching shock and heaviness surround this news about Ron for all of us. I bag INFINITE SPIRIT to PLEASE forgive the verbal assault to one who is in excruciating pain and psychotropic sorrow facing the most disappointing abrupt potential ending of his most dedicated human life and life-work that he has contributed in excellence, not for self glory ever, but for the cause of the Mission, for the service of the Universe, and to save the human races of Urantia from utter darkness and self distraction of soul. These words are true for there are but a handful truly in-tuned with universal realities, and with latest horrific events.

If a supreme being with billions of years of combined life experience and accumulated wisdom makes the unimaginably extremely poorest choices over the issue of enforcing self will upon a temporal being over a book - what it all boiled down to in my eye -, a supreme being who was not at all at the point of suffering unto death, rather caused the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent holy beings, caused the emergency relocation of an entire universe section, and continued attacking without mercy with willful and repeated expression of steaming hatred towards this well meaning individual, if the supreme is considered for rehabilitation at any level, how much more I can trust in the goodness, unconditional love, and pity of my Father and Mother in heaven to look upon their humble servant, and devoted son at the right mind with forgiveness and rehabilitation.      

It is obvious that Ron’s love for Mother Father God and Michael of Nebodon our Father and beloved Creator, and for the Mission and its Principles exceeds all living on Urantia today, as he has disciplined self and despised the pain to serve honorably with endurance, perseverance and long suffering for many years. He was the only one who never lost sight of hope even when Deity stepped back with the Mission, rather he has bridged heaven to earth for all of us. I am sorry Ron that I make you upset with much praise, this haven't meant for you to read, but I still need to tell the truth.

I believe Ron’s harsh reactions to excruciating pain and suffering should not be taken into account at all in his critical condition and bitterness of heart. I believe we humans, speaking from experience, tend to have shameful expressions in highly emotional state against the reasoning of our own thoughts and convictions, integrity and devotion. This faultiness has been proven through history by acts of countless others, thus it seems to be our makeup, even if we stand without excuse, we have not made ourselves this way. Never stopped to amaze me what reactions I have had in case of critical emergency (real or assumed), what words, thoughts, and animalistic behavior (screaming, crying and raging) surfaced out of my heart that was unimaginable for me, how my own flesh turned against my spirit’s integrity and mind circuitry - against my Thought Adjuster -, for survival sake or in panic.

Thus, we should not be held responsible for the acts of the flesh when its existence is threatened. We must separate our flesh being from our spirit being, and understand that flesh may have a breakthrough against self will in the heat of the moment. Spirit beings do not have the experience of going through this but we have, and we despise the flesh. Apostle Paul well described this struggle in Romans 7:7 - about the “law of sin -a must read-, the constant battle with the flesh. He well stated that the MIND is always enmity to God, thus we must subdue it, and surrender to God, and be dead to self, and develop the mind of Christ, but what if that flesh begins to scream I am not dead yet…  No telling what one would do in defence of the flesh. I know people were going to the extreme in history to eat each other, eat their own babies, and bugs and critters. Anyone who would state that he could control the flesh without fail no matter what the circumstance might be, is a liar and the truth is not in him. Well said that we should add to all of our declarations: If God is willing THEN I will do this or that. So, let us not provoke one another but humble ourselves in prayer and supplication before our Universal Father God and Infinite Spirit on Ron’s behalf and ourselves, begging for forgiveness and consolation, begging for that God would be WILLING, when we are not in control of self! Amen

We hope that Deity will not forget all the good works and dedicated actions and intention of Ron by all means. He subdued his body to the unsuccessful treatments for many years that no other human being had to yet endure on Urantia to my knowledge. I beg to the Deities of Uversa, INFINITE SPIRIT, Michael of Nabadon, Thought Adjuster, to help him through these most difficult days of his human existence without expectation or accountability of a man’s reaction to intense suffering and emotional torment. Michael of Nabadon in the person of Jesus had the experience for the period of hours and has unceasing sympathy for and loyalty to Ron, accordingly. I believe in his current state of mind all that Ron says and done should be pardoned, until he can make piece with death. My apology if I see it wrong Ron, nothing I would want more then see you survive, but no matter what, you are entering the halls of fame as our example for years to come.  

I understand that in the eyes of living beings that are resigning at far places in the vest Universe, Urantia is one of the many billions of living planets, full of trouble and ignorance, but for us, the only habitation right now that we call home. For us, Ron is currently the most important person on Urantia, being our direct link and bridge to the Mission. For us, loosing the Mission would mean the pulling down the curtain on Urantia, which would plunge the planet into utter spiritual darkness without spiritual Leadership and direction. All other activities of man on Urantia is self willed, expect for some missionaries stocked in the last paradigm. Perhaps, it should be our focal point to promote the new epochal revelation in light of setting into Divine perspective all previous revelations given to humanity to aid transitioning from one paradigm to the next.

I am in shock also while trying to come to terms with the fact that the entire Universe cannot save one man, who was at one point altered with highest hopes for life extension. Another tormenting thought to accept is that the damaging injections by supreme cohort seraphims could not be prevented by divine protection while nothing is impossible for God? I even learned to relay on the faith statement that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Do Uversa still sincerely believe that further injections would bring the expected results? We cry for Mercy for us and Mercy for Ron.  

a]Oh, that you would rend the heavens and come down, that the mountains would tremble before you!
2 As when fire sets twigs ablaze  and causes water to boil,
come down to make your name known to your enemies   and cause the nations to quake before you!
3 For when you did awesome things that we did not expect,
you came down, and the mountains trembled before you.
4 Since ancient times no one has heard,  no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you,
who acts on behalf of those who wait for him.
5 You come to the help of those who gladly do right, who remember your ways.
But when we continued to sin against them, you were angry. How then can we be saved?
6 All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags;
we all shrivel up like a leaf, and like the wind our sins sweep us away.
7 No one calls on your name or strives to lay hold of you;
for you have hidden your face from us and have given us over to[b] our sins.


The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners,[a]
2 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn,
3 and provide for those who grieve in Zion— to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes,
the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.
They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.


“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.
2 See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you.
3 Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn.



Having said all that, I wish to turn the conversation towards possible solutions to preserve Ron’s life.  There is great deal of confusion to work through when considering information learned and revelation received in terms of healing miracles through the forth and fifth epochal revelations and it trialed me for years. The current Christian community maintains a strong belief and reports many occasions of supernatural healing miracles. I have experienced some in the past of my own body (for instance repairing my rapidly failing eyesight to the point of not needing eyeglasses since 2007). My biggest personal encounter with the power of God in terms of healing miracles of others through my prayer was bringing back a completely blackened, lifeless, fossil charcoal looking toe of a 93 years old female that was scheduled for amputation to fullness of life and circulation, to complete healing within two weeks. Where are the miracles today?  

We can also hear countless testimonies of humans returning from out of body and near death experiences, I have met with some personally, whereas vital sign ceased for periods of minutes to hours, yet they were able to re-zoom life in their dying or dead flesh. Also, there are hundreds of publications giving accounts of the same.  

Years ago, I have read Christian authors’ books of heavenly experiences and visits, one of which (Heaven is So Real by Choo Thomas) gave account of a heavenly warehouse packed with unclaimed body parts for the healing of faith sons and daughters, all of which seems more of a fairy tail now than universal reality, after all we have witnessed that happened to Ron. Are there any answers? How can we align all this with Ron’s condition?  

I had a thought provoking suggestion in my email communication to Ron, February 6th, may I suggest it for the consideration of Michael of Nebadon?

With Love and Respect to all,
aka. Sons of God

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My my!   Well done , Valerie and a pleasure to read and think about. Thank you.    LarryG