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Title: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: Ron Besser on January 25, 2016, 09:47:19 PM
Dear Guest and new member and old member looking to tune up their information:

Remember we can add to this list, and I would like to hear from you in reply to this thread what you may suggest we add?  We guessed at the basic questions, but that rarely fills the bill to have it all perfectly done for the inquisitive ones who visit this site.  Sue I will take care adding them since I have the buttons in this software for admin and that makes additions easy to existing posts.

To all: remember that there are people so new to this site they may not be able to make hears or tails out of the FAQ's themselves, so what should a really new beginner have answered that would make this site usable to them?

Don't be holding back.  Let us know by replying to this edit.

Ron Besser/ Admin
Title: Re: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: newstarsaphire on January 25, 2016, 10:37:01 PM
This could be helpful. 
Can I edit a message once I have posted it?   Yes you can edit and add to a post you have made.  Make sure you are logged in as a member.  After logging in find your post you wish to fix or edit and at the top far right you will see “Modify”, clicking this icon will bring up the original post window and allow you to edit and/or add text.  
Title: Re: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: Ron Besser on January 26, 2016, 11:49:21 AM
Thanks Phyllis,

I will let your message, question, and answer state for itself the solution for others to realize.  I suspect there are lots of questions people have but they are questions that are slow to get down on paper.  You started a good response and let us see how things develop in this area, and please feel free to add more as you think of them!  Ron
Title: Re: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: Lynda on February 02, 2016, 09:50:27 PM
Hi Ron,

I was wondering if maybe you could add more about Thought Adjusters, especially how to transmit. It seems to be a popular question on the forum.

Title: Re: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: ASSALE on February 02, 2016, 11:00:05 PM
I'm also wondering how can people understand the goal of the forum if they are not familiar with TUB.  

Here in the Ivory Coast the estimations are as follows:

Catholics: The majority accepts TUB

Evangelic: Most reject it saying it's demon inspired! 

Intellectuals: Full adherence

Students: Full adherence if not too Bible-oriented

Muslims; Afraid to discover the truth about Allah

Jehovah's Witnesses: Ashamed to discover how far they are lost, taking me for a Franc masonic! Lol 
Title: Re: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: newstarsaphire on February 24, 2016, 02:21:20 PM
Where can I find a "dictionary" reference for the "new words" and "terms" used in transmissions here and on TML, and your sister sites as well as  references for "phrases" and "titles" given even from excerpts of  current and new The Urantia Book?

I propose we create a repository of reference material for "terms" and "vocabulary" and even the new "titles" etc.for readers of our transmissions both here and on the TML and other sister sites of the Missions ( if there is not already an existing reference, and if so please advise as I haven't yet been able to find one)

Readership is not only attempting to assimilate revelatory information but also terms, words, phrases and titles that are foreign and even "new" in origin.  Even TUB has many words we cannot find in our current English dictionary and if English is proposed to be our planetary language of choice then we should assist the populace as well as ourselves in this transition.   New words spirit uses and creates in our language should be given definition and a resource to aid in the furtherance of our understanding.

Could I have feedback from other members as to whether you believe this has value?

Perhaps we could create one database combining current "glossaries" that could be linked as reference material from the Forum, TML and all of these associated sites as there are many many new terms, words, titles, etc. etc. that to my knowledge have no point of reference unless we do a search through previous transcripts.  Once this repository of information is created a "link" can be added to the FAQ for each of these sites where readers can reference these new words, terms and titles, etc.  so as to assist in revelation and teaching as provided.  

I keep a vocabulary, names document which includes titles of the MM organizations and their purposes, etc., as revealed in received transmissions as well as names and titles of those who provide transmissions to us.  There is constantly so much new material I believe it is imperative we provide a point of reference for all of this for everyone's sake.  

For example:

Terms like "keep your powder dry" and "stand tall" don't readily translate and have little or no meaning unless one happens to have been previously exposed to those terms  (I personally have to look them up or use guesswork and have been stalled by such terminology).  The issue may perhaps be my own.  I perceive there is a lot of "new" that everyone will be trying to "wade through" and believe some confusion and frustration can be avoided in this area if we can foresee and address some issues now.

I offer assistance to address this if others agree it is a useful suggestion.  Thank you all for your feedback.
Title: Re: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: overmind on February 24, 2016, 03:36:37 PM
Title: Re: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: JuliodaLuz on February 24, 2016, 04:03:29 PM
  • Terms like "the House that Jack Built"  is important and frequently used but I think I've only ever seen one partial explanation of what that even means.  It is tricky for English speaking individuals and must be more challenging for those for whom English is not their mother tongue.
...[...]...I offer assistance to address this if others agree it is a useful suggestion.  Thank you all for your feedback.[/list]


Hi to all:

Newstarsaphire. Previously I had the same questions you and the answer was that the term "the house that Jack built" is a term used to talk about our present civilization on our planet Urantia.

Overmind posted the site with glossary. Incidentally, I am with the site open reading several specific vocabularies of The Urantia Book and Serara Forum:


Everything in life are stages. There was a time I wrote texts in the form of blog with interesting subjects believed to knowledge and reflection of the people.

I used this technique when I joined this forum Serara much writing on various topics. Nevertheless, this is a phase that I think you should quit to move on.

A few weeks ago, the administrator Serara Forum, which I admire and pray to God to protect him, Ron Besser, told me in a private message, which had a small stroke (stroke) a few weeks ago that prevents me to be a transmitter and receiver - T / R, I would not receive the messages clearly.

Thank Ron Besser by the message and the guidelines for rest and to pray for Michael of Nebadon, with all strength of heart, asking to recover soon to be a transmitter and receiver.

I ask Michael of Nebadon, with all the strength and love of my heart, that can overcome this physical limitation and can be a transmitter and receiver - T / R.

Much love to all,

Julio da Luz


Olá a todos:

Newstarsaphire. Anteriormente eu tive a mesma dúvida que você e a resposta foi que o termo "a casa que Jack construiu" é um termo usado para falar sobre a nossa atual civilização em nosso planeta Urantia.

Overmind postou o site com glossário. Casualmente, eu estou com o site aberto lendo vários vocabulários específicos do Livro de Urantia e do Fórum Serara:


Tudo na vida são fases. Teve uma época que escrevi textos em forma de blog com assuntos que acreditava interessantes para conhecimento e reflexão das pessoas.

Usei desta técnica quando entrei neste Fórum Serara escrevendo muito sobre vários temas. Não obstante, esta é uma fase que eu acredito que deva encerrar para seguir em frente.

Faz algumas semanas atrás, o administrador do Fórum Serara, a qual admiro e rezo para Deus o protegê-lo, Ron Besser, me informou, em uma mensagem privativa, que tive um pequeno derrame cerebral (AVC) a algumas semanas atrás que me impede de ser um transmissor e receptor - T/R, pois não receberia as mensagens com clareza.

Agradeço a Ron Besser pela mensagem e pelas orientações para descanso e para rezar para Michael de Nebadon, com toda força do coração, pedindo para recuperar logo para ser um transmissor e receptor.

Peço a Michael de Nebadon, com toda força e amor de meu coração, que consiga superar esta limitação física e consiga ser um transmissor e receptor - T/R.

Com muito amor a todos,

Julio da Luz



The small stroke have occurred in the back of my brain, reaching the "brain stem"

Yesterday, I felt something very strong reaction in my "brain stem" (and "spinal cord" l).


Post Scriptum:

O pequeno derrame cerebral teria ocorrido na parte de trás do meu cérebro, atingindo a "medula cerebral"

No dia de ontem, eu senti alguma reação muito forte em minha "medula cerebral" (e "medula espinhal").
Title: Re: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: newstarsaphire on February 24, 2016, 04:25:51 PM
Thank you Overmind for http://www.tmarchive.org/glossary.php,

This link is helpful, however it is not yet given reference in our FAQ nor is it directly accessed from this forum nor the TML website.  

The point is "How are people coming here supposed to know to click on the "Search Tmarchive Transcripts" link in the forum header and then go there and look for the "glossary" on that site to help them with terms for this site?"

Perhaps this database link  can be used and kept updated  as a "Glossary"  link and access clearly given from here and the tml.website clearly shown in each site header links.
I'm looking at this from the perspective of people coming here and trying to find their way around with as little confusion as possible so they don't get frustrated and give up before they even get a chance to digest available revelation.

Thank you Julio for  http://serara.org/index.php/glossary-and-teacher-bios (http://serara.org/index.php/glossary-and-teacher-bios)

Again however,  I would have to know to go first to "Serara.org" and then look for that link, and my point is that people cannot be expected to know to go there from here.  There should be a link directly from this site to that database.  I happen to know it's a simple thing to add this link and call it  "Glossary" in an obvious location.  
Title: Re: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: Ron Besser on February 24, 2016, 10:30:58 PM
Because we run the risk of getting the to-do list for the improvement of our FAQ's and the emerging idea to establish a Glossary too, I am choosing to let your individual posts run as they are given above until I can figure out how the Magisterial Mission wants to present these ideas as part of this web site.

Please keep adding your recommendations as people will read them to find out more.  And two, I will let this section run awhile on your posts alone and not rewrite them as FAQ's or attempt to add a glossary at this time.

The glossary at Tmarchives I can update with new terms you suggest here, but I am not inclined to do that either because I want a Tmlarchives.org to be a new web site to add a glossary to it.  Tmlarchives.org is going to be built by Michel Levasseur if he gets the time to do it and that is where all the messages on tml.website will be archived.

That's it for now.  Thank you.

Title: Re: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: Jack_French on February 25, 2016, 02:03:40 AM
Bonjour Newstarsaphire,
I concur with you we need to access a sort of glossary as the one on TMarchive and the Serara.org
We could start with these 2 database combined into one, then we would complete them daily or as needed with new entries or to complete an existing article.
At the end It would be like the Urantia Concordex.
Title: Re: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: HelloWorld on March 25, 2016, 04:57:03 AM
I have introduced a fine future, experienced with NGOs, and passed international adventurer, mid 50s Man, to the Serara (and the tml.org) website. With the 1st announcements only 8 hours away on M-Day [like D-Day], He has expressly wanted/desired to sign up as a Member because he knows what he is seeing since he is one of those Individuals the TAs have been developing for this Day. He went over the Laptop at both sites but could not find any Entry points to them. They just aren't catered for his Likes or kind - a sign of the poor focus and great navel-gazing skills in the present Membership.

The only draw-back, where is the Door way for him to enter either the Serara or TML communities to/for Membership? Forgive [Me] if my own Membership details on this Site, cover what maybe the Sign-up Box but the massive move by/of the public to these 2 Forums, following the Arrivals of the Divine Missions, on Earth/Urantia - after the 12MD ECUST Beginning announcement by Christ Jesus to the world, doesn't Go well without clear Directions for our willing brothers and sisters of the Public, clearly supporting these announcements EXCEPT NO WHERE TO GO TO SIGN UP.

Our Sites HERE, not only with FAQs must have Easy ways to enter to then participate in the Main body of our needs for many New Members to help with overall Worlds population Needs. It is not up to Us to be the Gate -Keepers of some fond, pet Institution you have Hung-out on which was clearly Set-up by off-Planet Universe Beings for the greater purpose of Universe Plans.

Pathways to, Guests on and Membership terms and conditions and Entry for Serara.Org and TML.Org should have blazing Freeways to these Sites for Everyone - Anywhere on this Planet. A look over the Forums and these Sites showed me NONE. Where Do You Go to sign up to Lord Serara's Call for New members with less than 8 Hours to M-Day and the greatest Invasion of Human Hearts and Minds, in the history of this Planet is underway ?

Please protective Members of these past Sites, you may be about to be washed Away by the Flood or volume of public opinion towards these Very important Key sites by not building Doorways onto these Websites that will eventually be Freeways to these Forums and other ways you could not Imagine. Please Deal with the Practical. If some as me, cannot find the entrances to Membership on these forums - what chance has a knocking Public.

Stand-aside and Let God.

I'm sure Serara and Machiventa are to busy to put up /out this "Open for Business" title (above) they planned to Do.

Everyone - regardless Who you think you are, or allowed your attitude or rigid style to professed knowledge, to arrive at this point in such a critical Hour b4 the M-Day invasion, has only to look up at the management's Open-for-Business sign 'Stand aside and Let God' to take these Forums and World-wide communication Posts where they must Go.

Otherwise the Divine law;
The Last shall be 1st
And the 1st shall be Last

will sweep you Away to your own self-made Fate.

HW single contribution to your FAQ List
Title: Re: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: JamesD on March 25, 2016, 05:35:45 AM
It's  late here so replying on my cell phone so sorry if gets messed up.
Just above this message area there is an orange HOME button. To its right there is a  row of command/action links. If you are logged in click the LOGOUT. When logged out you are a Guest (ie, same as anyone who doesn't have a personal UN & PW) and where the LOGOUT was you should now see a REGISTER link. Hope this helps.
Good luck,  Jim.
Title: Re: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: HelloWorld on March 25, 2016, 01:24:41 PM

Thanx JamesD, I suspected my Logged in was covering the Register tab.

I would have thought it better to have BOTH A REGISTER Tab/Pull down Link and a separate LOGOUT Pull down/Tab - As Well.

In parts of the World their will be many who will Share the Laptop or a Computer and the confusion We experienced on the last Post and Unsign-posted access to an easy button such as 'Be a Member' (say) instead of a vague word like REGISTER (for what!), should be linked in all General posts and their Replies for the new populations in the world who will over-run the present 2 Forums we have; Serara and Tml.orgs not far away.

We want Freeways to these Sites, not mountain Trails JamesD and you know what I mean. Grace and blessings to Us all.

Domtia HW
Title: Re: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: Don Crownover on October 04, 2016, 01:37:22 AM
Dear Ron Besser,

Suggestion for the FAQ page

I would love to see a list of Who's Who of Celestial Personalities teaching us through the many inspired mortals on the Serara forum. Name, title and associate would be great, and position description if not found in the URANTIA book. 

I am working on creating a nice looking document of the "Code of Love" for my personal adoration. It is such a beautiful and alluring masterpiece of God's parental direction and care for human welfare. Maybe a quick synopsis of the Code of Love in FAQ would be assuring to new readers... If in fact the Code of Love could be briefly surmised?

Much love to you for you're emense understandings that I read.

Title: Re: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: Don Crownover on October 04, 2016, 11:44:05 AM
My goodness Andy! Such wonderful links! I will spend many, many hours there. Thank you so much my friend... Love
Title: Re: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: Daniel alderfer on November 29, 2016, 07:35:05 PM
Hello Everyone,

Ron Besser wrote me one time to show how he would prefer the Headings to look like on any Receptions we post that we have T/R'd. I had been using many versions and this is his request at that time.  I'll give an example below, it makes archiving easier if they are uniform.

Teacher or Speaker:
Category:    [one of the threads on Serara.org or TM List]
T/R: Jlivengood  [with your location on this line or the next]
Timbuktu, Africa
29 November 2016, 24:01 Z

  Time is to be Greenwich Mean Time or as it is listed more simply "Z"  Add five hours to the time in York Pa. and that gives you "Z" Time, use the 24 hour mode.

Then in the ID at the top of the Posting, for instance should look like this:

Christ Michael, You can do it!. 29 November 2016, Phyllis, Nome AK. US

Thanks my friends for your time and effort! Daniel

Title: Re: Are there any more FAQ's suggested to add to our list above?
Post by: 7inOcean on February 13, 2017, 07:13:45 PM
Yes Ron Besser, I have just thought another one to add and update to the FAQ list that needs to be understood, that is the question we are now facing imminently,


Can we place a full answer and explanation here for new members and guests who frequent this site?

Many regards,