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Ronald Besser
York, Pennsylvania
November 13, 2017
A Personal View of Certitude

A Personal View:
The idea and feelings of certitude are daunting to talk about personally, for while certitude is well defined by the Church, it has little meaning elsewhere and that makes it hard to pick out and examine so a reader like you might finally grasp its implications and not only its existence.

I am a victim of certitude and a being in grace by certitude, and that is a condition no one can ever describe to another person without getting into all sorts of faults about what I mean by having certitude and its ability to mash the specious designs of another religionist who does not possess it.

Finally, I am reporting this is the first person. Now let me provide additional revelation as reported through the Deities of the central universe to indicate how varietal certitude can be and how much it is vaunted for those who now fuse in the flesh as is not happening on Urantia totally unknown to the followers of the present Urantia Book, which never speaks to this phenomenon at all.

Religionists Have It or Have It Not
Those who love God are religionists. Vladimir Putin, the Russian President today is a religionist, and so was Pope Boniface VIII, one of the greatest Popes ever to have lived. Yet neither has or had certitude. What then is the difference between a great man (presumably), and a man or woman who possess certitude? This is why I write this down for you and why it is a personal exercise and why I than use the first person pronoun concerning me or I.

I know this outside of certitude, and that once it is found, it never leaves you. That is one very important fact for you to know.

Certitude Leaves Evidence Alone and
Stirs the Mind Past Material Knowing
Second, certitude changes the ability to know by surmise the truth from little evidentiary proof. Spirit has no real recourse concerning how to prove its existence. We all know that since our baby days, trying to prove that God spoke to us is futile. That proof just becomes a “he said-she said,” proposition to your listeners who might believe you had that experience, but to them it does not prove God exists beyond what they heard is maybe true.

Third, and this will be a controversial statement, anyone who does not possess certitude is less distantly related to God than the materialist, but both lack the evidentiary evidence of transcendent insight to cease the internal civil wars of doubt well enough to avoid them. Internal mind indwelling by the spirit exists for all normal minded human minds, but the Church does not teach or knows that the positional aptitude of the Spirit of God can and does fuse the ideals of God knowingness should the man or woman abide fully with the will of God.

Even earth fusion of the soul to God does not produce certitude although I expect it will become so. This statement is very hard to talk about because of the inalienable right of the free will of personal selves supercedes the desire of God to fuse the mind and soul of such a well tuned human with God. The great wise men of India and the far east, certainly during the early twentieth century, taught of this union but so many failed to do so it never was reported as a fact by their students. Fusion in the flesh with the spirit of God is known only to a very few of the world, and I dare say that I am probably the only one on the planet that can discuss this peculiar fact of religionist chicanery this probability of spirit seems to represent to everybody else as impossibly experimental. That is the singular most stressful problem I have in talking with any of you and certainly I cannot speak to much of it to anyone outside of present company. That said, these statements should be quite valuable some day in history as my wish for certitude was never resplendit inside me ever, as my goal upon finding the Fifth Epochal Revelation, was to be done well enough to fuse with chariots of fire on the planet. I had no idea what one had to lead up to such a challenge met to do that.

But in the old days when it was thought that spirit fusion could only be attained by destruction of the physical mechanism as Ezekiel genuinely experienced, I had no idea what steps lay in-between that happening and where I was in my early days with epochal revelation to read and read until I got it.

I do not want this to get too complicated and only because it can get too complicated to speak to such is its unexamined fact and rarity so complete. I do worry about how to get to the idea of compossibility of spirit processes, without talking about compossibility which I surely must do at a minimum for the reader really grasp what certitude is all about. Urantia Book readers know The Urantia Book uses the word once in Paper 118, Section V, and it, meaning that word, is so particular, I have to give a moment to tell you what they mean by using the word compossibility at all with regard to the appealing of the mind to receive certitude.. First here is the quote I like to use to get the essence of certitude and how real it is once captured or snagged by the human personality:


A personality trait cannot at the same time be Godlike and ungodlike. Compossibility is innate in divine power. And all of this is derived from the fact that omnipotence not only creates things with a nature but also gives origin to the nature of all things and beings.
UNQUOTE (Paper 118; § 5)

Certitude is not primarily of use in the material world, but it is used as a gift of the Father to those areas of bestowed personality that understand issues not present in material reality. Personality is the reciprocal of the Paradise Trinity’s work of universe unity, and to perfect all things both the Trinity and human personality work from the same page to bring all confusions to an end and to replete the loss of internal and personal civil war in the personal soul where one fact attacks the other. and there is no internal or mindal peace ever long enough to experience certitude.

I battled over ideas of God that never worked but which I held as certain about Him. Always does the soul of a person look to the personal mind of its human, but soul is not beholden to the human mind but to the Thought Adjuster of an individual who is a serious religionist, to seek the line of personal direction. When that serious religionist establishes a corollary of belief as something bordering on absolute truth to his own mind, and it is fallacious, the mind says one thing and the soul believes another and off we go into a very serious inside controversy that just never ends, but ends in confusing the person who holds things this way.

“All conflict is evil in that it inhibits the creative function of the inner life - it is a species of civil war in the personality.” (Urantia Book: Paper 111, § 4)


I will keep this personal about me to make it easier to understand. Theologians make the mistake of speaking to the laity as the Church which the laity is never such a construct, and while Mother Church might appreciate the attention being spoken to directly, the explanations theologians give use such specific and difficult language that the laity cannot fathom deeper meaning than they already posses which is still in error.

That is why we have to approach the idea of certitude away from them and speak to it as an actual experience in layman’s terms while using our marvelous revelation to provide some of our language to do that. Let us now go back to how compossibility is used and discuss its meaning, and how certitude is a derivative of what the divine calls compossibility.

In the best way I know how to tell you about this, let me use the example of myself and how compossibility worked with me to obtain certitude. One day I walked in the woods in upstate New York to pass a day heavy with problems I had to find a way to overcome. I sat down on a huge boulder in the woods to rest and think. While I sat there, believe me this happened!, a great tree fell down not thirty feet from me. It was great in girth and it was a huge old hemlock that fell and died before my eyes. I thought: ‘Well, that is just like me: I come hundreds of miles to work a new job, and I am planted in the woods with so many problems I have to solve, I am like just what happened beside me, I have grown big and healthy and I will just fall over and die here almost as an afterthought to this world as that great tree just did.’

I mused on the fallen tree for awhile and then stepped back into my shadows of thinking to wonder if I could ever hear some necessary solution to my problems from the divine perspective. I heard my Adjuster come in with a thought I give great credence to: ‘Be you perfect as I am, and we will have no such problems; I grant you my gifts many times and you hear them not; I grant you my heart and you hear me not; now you see yourself dying like that great tree without report to any other living being. Now you speak no more as I speak it to you: Get off your duff and figure out that no harm is done to you except the war within and that I will not quell for your satisfaction.’

The great tree could have been a winsome willow or it could have been a giant oak, but no, it was a hemlock and probably well over one hundred years of age. It made me also think that the fire it experienced about a century ago when that forest last burned, it was a sapling and survived the holocaust because it was planted in the shade of great forest legends too, and survived by their protection.

God protects life and human life in particular because the spirit must raise great souls to run the creation with Him as his servants of great strength and insight into the ways of God. So he shields our souls and holds us dear while we climb the slippery slopes of unnecessary error that causes these wars inside ourselves in our childhood on earth. Father chooses to run the protection scheme in several ways and one of those ways is to introduce to the personality of the human the ability to latch onto the ways of God without actually having the human sit beside God to see how he does it. Certitude does not derive by direct observation of divine doing and learning by rote to tell us what levers to pull to keep creation out of self destruction, but certitude grants the human personality that rare insight into the truth of creating and maintaining it as a fail-safe valve to obtain brief religionist thinking into special labors of knowledge no one else can fathom without having certitude itself within.

Compossibility is an awful long word to explain something quite simple: When God decides to grant, in this case certitude, (it is as a bottle of water to HIm), He must make sure that the universe understands that the gift has been made and he means it to be permanent. Understanding that God exists can be a belief and it certainly is a proof when you stand before him and take the Oath of Service he gives to all who reach perfection on Paradise. But certitude is an earth version of what it means to take that Oath on Paradise, and it carries large responsibilities that have to be conscious and not wait for the work of a perfecting ascension career most humans go through to earn that Oath. Compossibility is the process of God making sure he does not grant certitude to a thief or a crowning vetch like Richard III that Shakespear wrote so poignantly six or so centuries ago on Urantia.

In general terms, compossibility also means a thorough check of universe decisions where God granted favors to humans in the trillions of beings of human past and present, and check the fact to see to it that no error was made in granting what God gave. There never will be a conflict of one gift with another. In spite of the many personal and private civil wars within billions of civilizations universe wide, none of them happen when certitude is granted, as the divine compossibility process prevents by checking that all possible decisions made before stand with no conflicting errors with reality.

In my case, the opportunity for certitude happened in New York in 1991, and in that case, I was also in the presence of a talking Thought Adjuster quite rare on earth these day– and a talking Thought Adjuster is the singular version of the Father’s spirit purity placed in the human mind at about six years of age on our planet as soon as the child makes his first correct moral decision. When they finally talk around age forty if you are good at attunement, they place you square on with what has to be done.

I could explain to you dear reader why the Urantia Book considers the act of compossible reaction for the giving of gifts, but the fact it has to take place in the presence of omnipotence is the result of the Father having to check gift giving so it does not conflict with anything in Infinity is so slow in the material way of doing with just records, he uses His transcendental power to find the truth of past actions. Although the Father may act absolutely to arrange these gifts, he never uses more complex solutions to do a simple thing and compossibility exceeds the material but not the Ultimate.

Certitude is without real progress if one just contemplates God as a sacred object. Certitude is also with any real reference to things past except in the life of one who has been granted certitude for themselves as I have been done. I grant you that sounds like me self trumpeting of my position a little, but there is no other way to get at the subject of certitude without me being directly involved in talking about is as it happens with me. Variations of the results of certitude will be as different as the personality which is granted certitude, but there are generalities as I speak to in this Paper/

The Magisterial Mission and the Use of Certitude to Join It

Ocilliaya, Master Spirit Four, spoke to me moments ago as I was beginning this section and said to me, ‘Eat well as the day is coming you need not a lot to eat,’ and more or less left my connection. What he is getting at is that my progression in the flesh as human has to end.

By that I do not mean death but I do mean something called, transfiguration. The Church often speaks of transfiguration concerning the Life of Christ, and I do too, but in an ordinary life as I live it, transfiguration refers to the end of a purely human view of creation.

Christ enjoyed such a wide variety of thoughts concerning His Father in Heaven, that he could contemplate the ideals easily and well and much better than I ever could as I am. However, with the gift of certitude, it becomes a necessary fight to retain ones humanity while one’s head is in the stars. That is true of some of you too, so that differential of reference point of a human mind gets clouded with two views at the same time in the same head, and may cause internal blindness to certitude or open the door to it, and that all depends on how high one aims to be with God on all salient and moral points to live successfully within God’s will on earth.

Certitude in me was cleverly inserted and it took me years to understand why I could take different approaches than say people who worked with me who pleaded with me to take certain actions which I knew would fall onto the earth like a lead balloon if taken fully. To this day they dislike me for being so strangely undecided about their proposals, that they cannot abide any action I take as useful to their own care and status in spirit. I am talking slightly in riddles there to keep this writing out of the ditch these things can go to if not careful to avoid them. However, it is the ideal of certitude that prevents me from doing all the popular things one can do running a charity or helping to determine the course of a Magisterial Mission in counsel with the Father and many Deity administrators. I agree all of this must sound as quite a fantasy I experience to do this, but I assure you these are facts I experience daily to get ready for the Magisterial Mission. And it is certitude that allows me to hear differently when I am required to do so.

The Magisterial Mission is open to all people who can muster the rectitude and the savor of service without getting so upset with their relations to friends and family they cannot act with one arm tied behind their back. I know exactly what this feels like as in my past days as a teacher of the Urantia Book I had to keep my business life from my religionist life and when people of the same name were in my business life and religionist life it was not hard. But I had to work without relegating my true intentions for doing worl in business what had to be done regardless of the evidence to do otherwise as a religionist. I am not talking about the conflict between God and Caesar directly, but I am pointing out that the compossibility of the work checking to be sure that the work of the business actions did not counter the Father’s will for me or my personal life. You all do this too without the benefit of certitude and that makes a trial a pile of compost of lost favors and treats you would like to teach others about.

Certitude is not an easy maiden to counter when one must leave well enough alone to keep the peace. For the difference between doing the right thing or nothing at all in the middle of a transforming experience such as the Magisterial Mission, is fraught with the disaster of losing faith on top of quitting a lucrative position with God on earth. Curative certitude does not get shaken but curative counsel to stay the course gets lost very easily under those circumstances of withholding action in spite of your intention to be of help.

The grant of certitude may cause something very unpleasant and I have had to do that with the Magisterial Mission almost daily since 2010 (this is being written in November of 2017). I cannot get away from two sad facts in this process that certitude does not help with, and that is knowing for certain of the need for redemption of this planet to serve new soul life in a much better and fathomed way; and two, how little joy I get out of waiting at all for it to planetize visibly before my material eyesight.

Nonetheless, given all of these circumstances, let me tell you something I doubt any of you take into consideration before you as a possible of future staff person for the Magisterial Missiom, need to realize. I am never alone day or night without Michael or Gabriel or the Creative Spirit and a host of others at times to think through what I wish to say to all of you or do as I am bid privately to do. They make sure I do not go off key for one reason or another and I am most accepting of that guidance. Most of you do not know what I am talking about and even the fused ones are not subject to this action at all. But why this difference of council? And what does it have to do with being granted certitude?

Ascension from Earth and Not the Mansion Worlds
For Being Granted Certitude

Bestowal of Personality
Certitude is a sign that the Father on Paradise is ready to comfort those who possess it so they can get through the weeds of distraction and despair living life in the flesh in such a restrictive environment spiritually. It is a grant to the bestowal of personality, which in the mind of material brain are actual personality cells twenty-three (23) in number on the brain stem just above the medulla compendium. You will not find that name on pictures of the brain, because brain scientists do not know what either a medulla compendium is or what twenty-three cells we report, but this is revelation and you need to take it seriously.

The bestowal of personality takes place at conception. Each child receives his personality via the angel in attendance as mother conceives. Mother also must break the coitus involved then long enough for the fertilized egg to prevent further complications by aborting itself as the Father wisely does so in order to prevent mistakes of evolution to occur too often. ; however, realize that it is in these twenty-three cells that personality operates in the human and it is in the personality that life as spirit is reestablished after the first six years.

The Magisterial Sons, both Serara and Monjoronson, have no particular use for certitude in a human server themselves, but the human who has this gift of certitude for them does provide the Paradise Sons two extremely important things:

1) Provisions of service through a certitude protected individual can be depended on;

2) The Magisterial Sons aver that those who do possess certitude are welcome at any time to speak their voice at their Councils.

Certitude leaves a streak of thought to Paradise that lends credence to the fact that the one who possesses certitude becomes a member of an exclusive family of social beings on Paradise called Those Without Name and Number, which are Trinity embraced former humans who have reached perfection, taken the Oath of Service with the Father before the Paradise Trinity, and are seldom ever spoken of again to worlds like Urantia. In my chest lies my evidence of speaking with the most kind being I ever experienced called One Without Name and Number, but I never expected to be informed of such high destiny still almost im my crib of life.

Certitude also conditions the speech I use with all of you as I am allowed a lot of latitude but seldom may I get specific unless Michael of Nebadon allows me to so speak. Mother Spirit hones my speech with regularity as well and I now can report I speak most of the time through t he Deities for my own protection in the matters of State before the oncoming Missions both Magisterial and the Second Return of Jesus as noted to be quite soon.

Certitude also conditions my ability to see deeply when they allow me to. Do not forget I still have the human brain of cells and ridges while the morontial brain we get next when we go over has no cells or ridges in it, but this morontial mind device is a plastic like contraption that sites above our morontial eyebrows in the true morontial state, and leaves no fumes of indecision as it knows itself as well as one with certitude on earth. Certitude is like adding a partial morontial brain to my human brain and as such I am sure of things you may never have even thought of in the flesh not even aware of spirit to earn the bread of life.


Part II

The Deities Speak To Certitude

AYA (Master Spirit Seven and the Voice of the Trinity and of the Supreme and of the Differential of All Spirit to Human Minds) -

The difference between certitude and belief represents a wide chasm of thought we hear seldom between a man and his God on Urantia. Ron you have it and it forever separates you between people who have even fused with certainty but not certitude.

I see Ron copied a small portion of the definition of certitude from the Catholic Dictionary published in 1913 (original 1907 From: http://www.omnilexica.com/?q=certitude), when thought was excellent and people wanted to know for sure what was truthfully defined. As I see the dictionary today it is so verbose it stands alone yet in its familiar shelf space hardly used anymore. But it has the moral aspect of being fully understood that certitude is never unsure but faithfully and truly insured that nothing will change its inconcussable truth of definition. Ron uses in the above section even further than the dictionary defines it, and that is to say that certitude of spirit is useable daily in the sense it can be shown that which is useful and that which is not, to accomplish.


“There are several kinds of certitude. In the first place, it is divided into metaphysical, physical, and moral certitude. Metaphysical certitude is that with which self-evidently necessary truth is known, or necessary truth demonstrated from self-evident truth. The demonstrative sciences, such as geometry, possess metaphysical certitude. The contingent fact of one one’s own existence, or of one’s present state of feeling, is know with metaphysical certitude. Physical certitude is that which rests upon the laws of nature. These laws are not absolutely unchangeable, but subject to the will of the Creator; they are not self-evident nor demonstrable from self-evident truth; but they are constant, and discoverable as laws by experience, so that the future may be inferred from the past, or the distant form the present. It is with physical certitude that a man knows that he shall die, that food will sustain life, that electricity will furnish motive power. Astronomers know beforehand with physical certitude that date of an eclipse or of a transit of Venus. More certitude is that with which judgements are formed concerning human character and conduct; for the laws of human nature are not quite universal, but they subject to occasional exceptions. It is moral certitude which we generally attain in in the conduct of life, and concerning, for example, the friendship of others, the fidelity of a wife or a husband, the form of government under which we live, or the occurrence of certain historical events, such as the Protestant Reformation or the French Revolution . . . .”

Facts are daunting on Urantia (and this is Ocilliaya for the moment), and they are useless to most people since their context is far beyond their comprehension ability. What we must assign to Ron is that he understands the complex nature of God as the Supreme does and lets the rest at rest in order to work on areas he can understand. The Supreme takes God the Father as one who can do anything He wishes to accomplish either in time or out of time. Ron is never sure who that may be in his heart but sees the Father as patiently waiting to show more when Ron has more capacity to see it. Right now the mind of Ron sees the continuity of God everywhere, but fails to perform those acts which would bring the Father’s revelation to a full stop or beginning as he leaves the door open in the certainty that the Father will take advantage of the open mind port to inform where necessary.

Many of you cannot fathom certitude as having never experienced it, so you fail to comprehend the nature of it. Ron has often tried to explain it but to just use the word mechanisms fail to make contact with your minds on this discussion forum. He understands why but seldom takes the subject on because he must explain his personal view of certitude and does not know the universe definition of certitude.

Let us look at the Urantia Book revelation. It contains several pages about the Life of Jesus and about the certitude of thought Jesus brought to the world of thought and teaching about the universe of spirit. Jesus found that certitude is so evident in children he could not find a good excuse to complain that children knew nothing. But they do know more about spirit inclusion than you in your twenties and they still know a lot more than a business man does in his forties about spiritual acceptance in their own small minds at that point. Why?

Certitude is a childish attitude. And that is sometimes spoken of in some theological attributes about the nature of children with the love of God and young children. The death of a child sears us all as they are closer to inception than we become, and have nothing to lose as they gain protection after death to live in the morontial state as themselves and grow up there quite frequently. This does not mean the adult who gains certitude is childish, but only that he has reverted back to the world of simplicity in behaving as though the parental control remains divine and not symbolic of the laity of marriage in the material sense.

Also: Certitude is about God only. The facts of science and humanity are so wavering that they cannot be counted on to wait for the mind to discover they are temporary and faltering as man learns more and better things about science and mankind. Science counts things; certitude answers things with unwavering cultural designations of how God works in the everyday life of every human on the planet.

Certitude has nothing to do with how Ron feels about each of you, but it does deal with how he expresses the do’s and don’t’s of transmitting and speaking for the Magisterial Mission. He realizes as I do that each of you have not yet reached the pinnacle of understanding he has and that is his personal view of God as Benefactor and Giver of Life and all of its properties of life’s salvation and sentient comprehension. In all of this he sees the Hand of God everywhere and wonders how to capture it for memory and thought, as it presupposes a lifting experience without leaving a trace behind to think about again.

In continuing these thoughts at the behest of Ron, he is deeply aware of how hungry he is to express these ideals without foaming at the mouth over me for knowing what I am talking about. Certitude happens gradually and is permanent when it does happen.

Let us take Larry Gossett as an example of the learning certitude eventually happens for him but not yet. Ron asked permission to use Larry to illustrate a person Ron is sure will have it some day and that Larry is unaware of the differences between Ron’s fusion experience an Larry’s own fusion experience. Both have fusion but only one has certitude. I do it this way:

Larry Gossett is unaware of the future as Ron is. Ron knows a lot about the future because he cares that the future can hold him with responsibility and cares that he can progress satisfactorily before God in a God dominated universe.

Larry Gossett is the perfect example to use in comparison, and Ron knows it as he considers Gossett so close to him in attitude that he feels the learning experiences to be with God in transmissions and other ways, will teach Larry what Ron learned at times harshly and at other times quickly and well. Larry pleads innocence of thought while Ron carries thought to conclusions Larry stands back from as too deep for him to comprehend and explain through transmissions. Ron knows better and well while Larry cannot fathom how teaching from a high level can happen without Larry adding error to it. Neither one consider the other missing anything but Larry has not reached the age of curiosity it takes to obtain certitude permanently in conscious attributions.

First, both men love the revelation as found in the Urantia Book. Ron took the teachings there as Gospel but Larry does not. Ron got a fast leg up over everybody when he sat down to teach the Urantia Book fully and truthfully without his intervention as to meanings. He outlined three fifths of t he book as handouts verbatim and spoke from those sheets when he taught them. He never looked back and started a craze in York where people who knew anything listened to him because of his distance from teaching meaning and instead taught fact as the Gospel outlined them. Now Larry uses the Book pedantically: it is good, he says, and it is worth its weight in gold, he says. But he does not say, “this book is worth a treasure for God and me as we both learn a way to give God what he wants from humans and I give him all through his magnificent revelation. That is what Ron said and fell on his knees often enough to convey that thought to God as he was represented by a Supernaphim by his bedside night after night in his prayers.

Where then does Larry go with this promise of certitude unfulfilled? The answer lies in Larry’s confirmation of Ron as a leader and as a teacher without any motive other than to move any student to where he can perform a closer relationship to God to expand that student’s capacity to know God in more detail. Larry goes to be in prayer; Ron went to bed in supplication. Many of you do the same thing in supplication and you in particular will be rewarded for that act of selflessness,

Larry Gossett hides nothing about himself to others. You get what you see with Larry and Ron recognizes that is a gift too. However Gossett does not fully relay his love of God to God except in the fantasy of being to be fused in chariots of fire which he would have preferred but settles for the fact he is fused completely keeping the body fully intact. Now where does certitude erupt for Ron and not for Larry?

Certitude erupted in the life of Ron when his secretary in New York blew so many fuses on high that we sent an emissary to the hospital she had him put in for psychosis. Ron was absolutely exhausted mentally and physically in working a new and highly responsible job in a multifaceted corporation with so many different offices around the country, they could not remember where they placed people quite often. Ron wound up in Armonk, New York (IBM world headquarters village), that neither knew or cared who he was and when the Father’s will decided it was due time to take Ron on, that Adjuster erupted into his consciousness in a way that is fable today to some, but very real to the Master Spirits who look at it as the worst birth they every saw happen between man and God.

First, that Adjuster played it so well that Ron never knew what happened and then thought himself squirrely and had to hide the mind reveleation from his new work staff and in his home life such as it was. He never understood it was the Adjuster until he had a twenty-four hour episode where the Adjuster was not silent for one minute. That blew an emotional fuse within the nervous circuit that controls the brain functions for sobriety.

He behaved erratically even walking into the women’s bathroom (it was closer) to find toilet paper one day and fortunately no one was using it and he got his toilet paper well encased for his own use which was a nose that keep dripping and tears kept flowing without a sign he was crying. It took four weeks to calm him down and he had to attend Board meetings to report financial concerns to three offices scattered around the Northeast United States including New Hampshire,

At one point he could neither read with comprehension or could he coordinate his hands to write his signature such was the damage to the nervous system on this account alone. We intervened by seeing to it that his office manager was acceptable to Ron’s risky behavior, and they became fast friends in spite of this horrible turmoil where Ron had to fake stability before his superiors. Now this is where Ron adopted certitude and it was fully settled when he saw a tree fall almost next to him that could have killed him if it was any closer to his rock seat.

At the hospital. Ron was ushered in before ten psychologists who did not believe Ron had a psychosis. Ron told them he did not have a psychosis. Yet they persisted in giving him dangerous drugs, which to this day have affected him. He also learned to check with his Thought Adjuster when they also diagnosed him with cancer of the liver years later and he knew before hand it did not exist and swore infidelity to doctors who treat patients this way.

Certitude is elusive to those who do not ever experience it. Certitude grants a peculiar knowing that persists in spite of complaints from everyone that the person who has it is beside themselves and probably mentally ill. The Urantia Foundation punishes people like Ron by declaring Thought Adjuster transference cannot happen on earth and assigns his transmission ability as either a mental disownment or a psychosis at best. I am AYA and with Ocilliaya, we complete this section on a discourse concerning the ideals of CERTITUDE to all of you who need it but cannot find it. Thank you.



I am Michael and I see this paper is now, more or less, completed as far as Ron himself can take it. He seldom asks for much more but we find that he needs a little more to help all of you settle this discourse on discernment and culpability toward the subject of certitude.

The case of having certitude is a case for having so much moxie for work in a particular area of spirit, that we shy away from it in order to stay away from forbidden subjects at all. Ron represents about 1/10th of my work on Urantia, and about one fifth of that is to tell him to get back to work where I need it done. He loves discourse as he should and he is sure there is a great deal new to learn with the new Urantia Book which he has decided to read cover to cover when it appears by his side one day soon.

In conclusion, we are closing this Paper or book now and opening a new one shortly on the problems for humans being in the Magisterial Mission. It will not be pretty for most of you and for Ron he will ride it out well enough as we will provide the wherwithal to finish this work soon enough in transition and in his need to for a normal life at least for a little while. Good day. Michael.”

Post by: amethyst on November 14, 2017, 02:24:38 AM
Dear Ron--I cannot tell you how much this essay has resonated with me!  I had never thought of certitude in quite this way before, but so much of this rings true for me. I too, like I'm sure others on this forum experience, find myself trying to live in two worlds.  I have been blessed in that even though none of my family understands or accepts my spiritual side or the Urantia Book, they do respect me and love me enough, that it is not an issue that (usually) causes discord.  I do experience the gift of certitude as a process, as you mentioned, and not an event.  My 'bottle of water' is given to me in sips.  This helps me recognize a little better how  certitude seems to incrementally, bit by bit, find itself into my awareness.  Thank you.  Amethyst

just an aside;  Some of you may have noticed that I have not been on the forum a lot lately.  Our celestial helpers have been keeping me quite busy working on a Correcting Time project.  But even though I do not sign in as much, I try to keep up as best I can and read the posts.  Love to all of you.
Post by: 7inOcean on November 14, 2017, 03:29:14 AM
Wow Ron! This is a fantastic paper and much needed discourse. I love the intelligent maneuvering in dealing with internal conflicts I'm sure we all get. This is a paper I'm sure is going to be of great interest. It is also a subject floating around in the back of my mind but couldn't quite put a finger on it. You nailed it brother! There are so many aspects to the point of certitude you have brought out and put it in a better perspective mainly due to your experience and how it can make sense with how God moves in mysterious ways. I'll have to reread this again to really let it sink in. The quotes from TUB you point out I recall had me stumped and you have managed a stellar expansion on what those words mean. I wish to thank you, the Deities, Ocilliaya, the Supreme, Michael and oh you mentioned Aya, and I quote:
"AYA (Master Spirit Seven and the Voice of the Trinity and of the Supreme and of the Differential of All Spirit to Human Minds)". Unquote.

Can you tell us what is meant by the words,  "the Differential of All Spirit to Human Minds" is? The word "Differential" stood out to me for some reason and I don't know why? How big is this differential of ALL SPIRIT to human minds? No matter what, I find something new that gets my mind ticking!! Wow! This is an amazing piece of paper and I know it has that underlying current that weaves in our human mind, God is amazing!  Thank you for spelling out the difference between certainty and certitude, as well as the several types of certitude you have elaborated on, these are two very varying words and are placed in better light when it has a lot to do with how God sees the person and its capacity of inner knowing and more. I admit when reading through this paper, I can relate to what you are explaining with better clarity of thought. I even can had some 'ah-ha' moments as they have occurred to me too in my experiences, I knew that but couldn't quite put it into a proper consensus or was it a paradox in one's own thought processes? Very intriguing what is touched on with the word, "compossibility", this is good to get this cleared up.

In appreciation of a good intelligent discourse on something so difficult to even explain and probably comprehend in most instances. Thank you for this as it explains why you are given this gift as Father deems fit. I can see why and I smile with Father too and thank you.

Post by: Lemuel on November 14, 2017, 05:07:58 AM
Thank you for this Ron!   This resonates so much with me and I can relate it to certain definite moments
and situations, similar in a way, to your tree experience.

I can only sum it all up by saying, there comes that moment of God knowing, in your words, a certitude.
But it all starts out as a God wanting, then God searching, then God finding and then God knowing,
and finally, of course, God being.

And the most wonderful of all is the realisation that it is God Himself that has been doing all this throughout
our lives, by finally bringing Himself back to Himself.


Post by: JuliodaLuz on November 14, 2017, 05:28:51 AM
                   This message represents to me, a deep reflection on spiritual certainty.
                  Conflicts (as if it were a civil war) between the human mind of animal origin and the soul that represents our potential for eternity.
                  The soul's potential for eternity comes in the face of the possibility of union with the Thought Adjuster, the fragment of God, the Universal Father who is in the minds of people who believe in God.
                  Spiritual certainty, when there is strong and sincere intention in the light of God, is union with the Thought Adjuster as we seek to reflect and practice the highest ideals in our lives.
                 In times of doubt, in moments of conflict in our mind, it is as if the Thought Adjuster said to us in our minds:
                                     - If you seek to be perfect, as I am perfect, there will be no conflicts in your mind.
                                     - So stop, stop, stop and reflect on what you are doing, or think of doing, only to satisfy the ego from the animal mind and that must be overcome before higher ideals.
                 The spiritual certitude of the faith, the certification that this feeling is fully inserted, totally, integrally in the soul as a form of future that one has, regardless of the destiny one has now, but knowing that there is a whole spiritual walk during the infinity of eternity .


                        Esta mensagem representa para mim, uma reflexão profunda sobre a certeza espiritual.
                       Os conflitos (como se fosse uma guerra civil) entre a mente humana de origem animal com a alma que representa o nosso potencial de eternidade.
                      O potencial de eternidade da alma acontece diante da possibilidade da união com o Ajustador do Pensamento, o fragmento de Deus, Pai Universal que está nas mentes das pessoas que acreditam em Deus.
                        A certeza espiritual, quando existe a intenção forte e sincera na luz de Deus,  é a união com o Ajustador do Pensamento, quando procuramos refletir e praticar os ideais mais elevados em nossas vidas.
                       Nos momentos de dúvidas, nos momentos de conflitos em nossa mente, é como se o Ajustador do Pensamento dissesse para nós em nossas mentes:
                                      - Se você buscar ser perfeito, como eu sou perfeito, não haverá conflitos em sua mente.
                                      - Então, pare, pare, pare e reflita no que está fazendo, ou que pensas em fazer, apenas para satisfazer o ego oriundo da mente animal e que deve ser superado diante de ideais mais elevados.
                        A certeza espiritual da fé, a certificação de que este sentimento está inserido plenamente, totalmente, integralmente na alma como forma de futuro que se tem, independentemente do destino que se tem agora, mas sabendo que existe toda uma caminhada espiritual durante a infinitude da eternidade.
Post by: Lemuel on November 14, 2017, 08:14:58 AM
Ron, there is something else that came to me whilst thinking about what I posted and that is the word, Absolute.
We all know that experiential is qualifiable but when unqualified certitude is gifted, it is Absolute, is it not?

Post by: Ron Besser on November 14, 2017, 01:06:31 PM
Sue you ask:
"Can you tell us what is meant by the words, "the Differential of All Spirit to Human Minds" is? The word "Differential" stood out to me for some reason and I don't know why?"

Ron: It is not hard Sue but the language used to describe refers back to something else spoken to in the Urantia Book, and we use that language instead of pointing out that it means, spirit being able to downstep intellectual discussions to all sorts of minds in humans still developing and not yet perfected, which is the true spirit conceptual language to use if they could.  Aya seems to be the clearing house to help high spirit lower the high power of conceptual discussions so the little human mind can grasp what they are telling us.  Aya also happens to be the Voice of the Trinity, and as such has the responsibility to speak slowly and with wit sometimes to the mind of man in order for him to be able to relax and think of learning from on high through all kinds of revelatory devices not understood by us yet as operable in the human mind too. 

As an aside Sue, there is a favorite statement of mine in the Urantia Book that speaks to the "differential of experience in human lives that is to determine the idea of Trinity perception of what humans need the Trinity embrace while living in the flesh, and those who are let alone for other perfection actions by other spiritual agencies other than the Paradise Trinity to do so.  I left this aspect of certitude alone as it takes more brain power to put it into words although I am attempting to do that for you now too.  In essence the personality of man is so construed and designed by the Father, that anyone who receives Father-type personality receives the equvilent of a Trinitarian, small-style version, of the Paradise Trinity's way to synthesize experience into the meaning of the whole.

Certitude can be experience by all human designs I am informed by Ocilliaya, but He also wishes it to be known that human personality on Urantia is similar to the Eternal Son's version of the gift of personality to superhumans on his world of little sons which we never seem to discuss on this forum.  I expect it is too high of a concept, but even the super humans that are produced by the Eternal Son, rarely if ever experience the kind of certitude I speak to in the Paper.  And that reminds me, read that Paper more carefully everyone, and not because I said so, but because you all must understand that there are no such things as "degrees" of Certitude, but only certitude.  Either you have it or you do not, and Sue and Lemuel in particular suggest they have it in degrees which they do not.  What you Sue and what you experience Lemuel, is the frightening aspect of either approaching fusion in the flesh or the results of having been fused in the flesh on Urantia.  That is a whole other subject for a whole new Paper that is beyond me to do right now as I do not have all the concepts known to speak to the fusion you experience Lemuel. or do I have a way of indicating to you Sue, that your fusion is possible but until you understand certain aspects of personal retribution against those who try to slay you, it holds back from fusion, and then the possibility of certitude is opened to you too.

Amethyst is also a difficult subject to understand from the perspective of certitude.  Sue and Amethyst and a good number of the rest of you such Gitz and Dominick radiate the good will of the Father toward the creation and you have what appears to be a self certitude I really have a hard time explaining to my own mind as you act as though you know the difference all the time where the life of God takes you and willingly move in that direction all the time, yet I am informed none mentioned here have actual certitude yet in all matters, but just your decision to follow the will of God which you all do but it has not led you to the aha moment of the realization your life is no longer yours to decide priorities of spiritual living as I do.  You behave as I do yet certitude is no present in those actions of your lives just yet, and while I hate bragging which is what this sounds like and I do not mean to, I have to be honest and tell all of you that the Paper you just read is mostly my experience of it.  You will, when certitude is found by all of you, each have a different version to work with due to your personal needs to use it and a way to express the views of God for Him in your way.  I emphasize "your" since personality endowment is at the Father's choice as to what he chooses to emphasize in a mortal life, and while I can say that, I cannot fathom exactly why or what the does to creation in totality.  For a view of this and more listen to AYA (Master Spirit Seven):

AYA - "This should have been in the Paper but Ron tends to stick to concepts he has worked out fairly well and fails to enlist our creativity mode when he accepts only what we first have to say.

"I prefer to speak in tongues with you on this Ron, but let me be clear to the people who question you more on certitude than you were prepared to go, that Sue and Lemuel and Amethyst in particular experience the dreadful business of being sure but not quite resplendent on those issues of certitude you have conquered.   amethyst in particular has a side to her that is secretive and hopefully used to further her cause to understand her views of Trinitarian Justice which she abhors at this moment.  Amethyst carries two over riding principles she decries must take priority in life and they truly get in the way of succeeding to provide the gift of certitude by insisting that no harm ever come to any kind of life whatsoever; and that, two, she holds that you Ron are a member of an elect sort that does not understand her commotion with spirit that fails to bring her the full satisfaction you experience by being so well perceived by groups of people that you can bypass the squalor of not understanding enough to obey the line of thought you always do: 'The Father's will be done.'  She will argue with you she does obey Father;s will all the time, yet she pulls her punches over harm to life as a sin to her and not  having anything to do with Trinitarian Justice that removes the sin by removing the person when they are so bad they will never be less than the sin they keep committing.

"I make this reference for you too Sue.  You and Amethyst insist on prioritizing how to remove sin in less restrictive ways than the Trinity prefers, yet you get into those fabled arguments over what to do with your husband and his delight in profanity and your son;s dislike of spiritual speaking as you do all the time for your own satisfaction before each of them.  Therefore you Sue and the same for Amethyst, take on peculiar ways to avoid discussing anything to do with a moral view of life and get so sidetracked before your foes you become ill with your internal resistance for anything to be done with those before you who resist everything you tell them.  Ron knows the situation well and even with people who read the Urantia Book, and he deflects it by removing the personal issue involved and letting them ramble into a self conclusion that is good for them and useless to Ron, but he lives with it easily as he puts it, 'that is where they are and it can be corrected someday.'

"We look at certitude as Ron does: It is rarely given and it is rarely understood at all, and that is because theologians make the mistake as Ron pointed out in his Paper by speaking in the technical terms of specious revelation generated over two centuries ago that fails every spiritual test known to the Father.  Theologians define it brilliantly in the Catholic Encyclopedia (1913), and if Ron could have figured out a way to undo what Google does to archive great works, he would have further quoted theologic understanding for you and we would all have known better not to go there again by reading it.  However, look at what Ron did write: he says that they (theologians) write beautifully but fail to tell what they do NOT know by them insisting they cover all the bases by reverting to spelling Father in place of Guesses they presume to make and than publicize them as theologic nonsense.

"It is apparent to those of us who look at Urantia to see it as a place for glib reasoning, and then think they did all right when they should reason, is what I wrote correct?  They are privileged to think that because they are trained to write about these things they do it well enough for the era they work in, but Jesus never said or even thought some of the things they pontificate as the correct view to hold regarding Church matters before Jesus and the Christ for the Father.  I am  Aya and I wish you all a good day."

Ron here - I wish to at least state on the response record that certitude of which I speak is quite rare to receive and I am not so sure how I managed to make application and get it installed as I have it.  None of you are a Rachmaninoff, the brilliant composer of piano concertos in particular, who had a hand span on the piano keyboard so large no one else can play him completely as he wrote that gorgeous music.   To this day they work with concert pianist to expand the octave reach to a fifth above the octave limit of seven keys between to twelve keys in between to play the 3rd Concerto in particular.  I hear it every time and am just amazed that sound could come out of a human hand to give it to us as such.  But this is the point to make to you:  Rachmaninoff was a genius and his work is not even understood on Paradise as is either Einstein and several other notables that have passed through Urantia mortal life.  Rachmaninoff did what was natural for him to display to the public in the arts of music and the Father does the same to the mortal soul as natural for a particular soul to do and with certitude, the sould does things others cannot understand or do themselves.  Someday I feel sure Lemuel and Larry Gossett and Sue and Amethyst will despair not for their exclusive work using certitude as their guid to udnerstanding the will of God so well they may not know it consciously.  But until then all of you must intervene within to end civil wars you still experience and which you do not experience with certitude installed fully in your soul and in your mind circuitry as the only guide you need follow to do the will of God consistently.

That is about it for now.  Thank you.  Ron

"I asked Ron to hold back from posting the above right away to speak to a portion of this lectrure as not false but holding too high with certitude in certain areas of thought.  I portray certitude in Ron by bashing him and forcing him to use it regardless of what we say to him.  It is the only way to show him how certitude works.  Some of you would be shreded with what spirit does to bring that forth in the mind of Ron, yet he preempts me or Michael when we start to the point we are amazed at his control.  Let it be known the idea of certitude is present in all of you, but you lack the one ingredient Ron has been through, and that is the thorough testing it requires to be confidentially and fully conscious to those who receive it.  I am Mother Spirit and I make room for my Consort to speak now:"

"I speak now as a dreadful hammer of justice for all of you.  Today the 14th of November for those in the northern hemisphere, is a day of infamy for you Ron and for you Lemuel and for all of the rest of you who carry this discussion well and without much understanding yet.  The Father concludes that Ron has to fight with every fiber in his body to prevent mistaking certitude for being sure yet not taking the actions being sure would assign to you.   Ron says to lemuel, why are you taking little steps when you can take big steps, and learns that Lemuel is timid but hardly undeveloped.  Lemuel, he says, take a picture on yourself and listen to the fine transmissions you do, but you step back quickly and leave the rest unspoken,  The Thought Adjuster has pages of Voice of God speeches for you but you end it so quickly he is unable to find his way to further elucidation.  I am Michael of Nebadon and I see that certitude which Ron genuinely has is already open to a lot more on this subject, but that Ron has not dug far enough into the subject to warrant further revelation on the subject either.  Lemuel you write splendidly and yet so short while Ron can develop a sixtenn page Paper on the same subject and know much more is left on the table elsewhere he cannot get to because of impartial and thoughtful considerations by the Deity of Absolute concerns.  You Lemuel asked an excellent question and Ron was to answer you in another text window, but I prefer he answer your question here.  You ask if certitude is part of an absolute that fails to come to most people in the mortality of living the flesh life on Urantia.

"First the answer is yes.  Certitude is an absolute that has to be found in the Father's desire to reward certain souls the ideals of spiritual existence without question.  Pope Boniface VIII had no certitude yet he was a brilliant administrator and yet he held no long lasting view of the Father on Paradise.  St. Thomas Aquinas had certitude and so did Saint Augustine, and they wrote volumes of material still good today but unread because of its celestial difficulty in the use of old language that does not translate well today.  However, Ron;s certitude lies in the vestibule of leadership, in thought and ways to make it clear to all of you, but also in the difficult area of sexuality as the Father chose Urantia to develop it.  I will not go there because it is a book to write and not a small Paper as this one is on Certitude.  Further, if any of you obtain certitude you will immediately fall out of grace with family or friends, for Jesus had it in spades as they say, and he was always at odds with his Apostles and the laity of the land he worked in.

"The reason this happens is that the mind which has certitude no longer thinks fully with human logic but holds that all who are of God should find relinquishment in the word of God as well and that to Ron and even to me, is revelatory work done on Urantia without fanfare.  You all receive personal revelation daily but hold it not.  You all receive new ground to explore and you do not do so.  You all receive a way of stating thought for others but you do not.  Dorian is the good example of a competent being who wastes him time running around to find others to tell him things when he can tell himself as much with a lot less trouble if he would only setrtle the civil war he possesses that he is not competent to do the Voice of God work he so earnestly wants to.  I also detest a certain ilk of Ron's mind that says how do you do that when it sticks so hard on a fellow like Dorian is, and then leaves it alone because Dorian is not in frotn of him to explore the ways.  I have seen Ron undo serious blunders of thinking by many people yet he makes no note of it before them and that is how he gets done so much others do not see how to do.  Nonetheless, understand that Ron does possess genuine certitude and that it is a gift to life, and that it betokens its source in the Deity Ansolute Lemuel, and that Ron easily uses the Deity Absolute in thought all the time and that is essentially a transcendental gift of love from the Father to a son who can use that gift well.

"Now this:  this discussion is far and above most people to fathom.  Yet Ron brings it up mostly because it affects the Magisterial Mission in the human approach to it.  Thre reason why Ron gets to be on Staff with Monjoronson and Serara, is that there is no way for (Rayson now speaking), the Magisterial Sons to understand certitude in humans as that was never thought to be a genuine gift until now on Urantia as Ron showed it to them.  He is truly specialized in human resolve to speak with certitude but never really ran into it until he met Ron at the computer so long ago.  He now writes prolifically about Ron to the Magisterial Council on Paradise to understand how this can happen to mortals at all and then discovers the early Church fathers all had it too.   Ron disallows much in that department since he is a light intellect compared to Saint Thomas in particular and Ron has read Saint Augustine, and found it so turgid he quit trying to understand him.  Your understanding Ron, of Augustine is far better than you know but you do not go there without guidance now.  In any case the Heart of God leves no choice but to assign the one we know as Besser, Ron to decide his fate only in certain capacities with all of you.  After that he is ours to devekop for future use in my work and in the Magisterial Mission as well.  he holds Jesus high as he does for all of us and we greet him daily multiflourishly as we dare or can.  Michael now continues with his speech:

"As Michael I speak to all of you in a certain familiar way and that is to provide all of you the surety that all comes well to an end of even good things.  This forum is getting old and is saturated with new views that have no background to its genuine use as a trial to learn to speak the Voice of God.  soon we will ask Ron to take it off line for awhile and then refund it as two new discussion forums.  One as this one already is, and one done by invitation only and we will do the inviting Ron, not you.  Besides we see some old members here getting rid of this salt so they can rest their minds soon enough when they have to deal with the Spirit Within or the Thought Adjuster they are betrothed to.  Several of the members are ready for fusion and that will be done more or less privately now.  Good day."
Post by: dreamcat01 on November 14, 2017, 01:57:25 PM
I think I see one of the Master's problems with Certitude now most clearly (for a human) in that Jesus had the sublime understanding of Certitude which forever, in his human life) made him somewhat cut-off from even his closest followers. I think we all wrestle with this at times and until we experience how to control this and use it for the betterment of all, we are often ostracized by those around us we consider to know us well and want the best for us at all times. They, in fact, wrestle with the same problem but have not had it pointed out to them what they are doing and what Certitude even is. I think that if we have and understand Certitude, we must be cognizant of the fact that often those around us do not have it and perhaps will in the future so we must use it carefully until such a time as they also have it!
Post by: Lemuel on November 14, 2017, 02:38:40 PM
Ron, I would like to express my deep thanks to Master Spirit AYA and to MICHAEL  for their explanation
and clarification of such a complex subject, and also a big thank you for the personal comments, which I will
take to heart.

I have, and live with, the certainty, (not certitude) of knowing that I am one with my Beloved and that my life
is His and that we share a mutual destiny.  I am content in my certainty.

Thank you Ron

Post by: wendy.winter on November 14, 2017, 08:26:15 PM
@Sue, Understanding the Gift of Certitude (and its divine function) is a tough one.  I include Ron's earlier discourse on Infinite Integration and Compossibility as these go hand in hand with Universe Destiny.  Happy reading :) Wendy
Post by: 7inOcean on November 15, 2017, 03:53:27 AM
Thank you Ron, Wendy and all. You have given me much to peruse and think about. I have had a full on day and only catching up now.
Much love,
Post by: newstarsaphire on November 15, 2017, 12:13:20 PM
Another example of a gift of our Heavenly Father that, like a key puzzle piece, makes it obvious for so many others to fall into place.  Again I thank Him for revealing to us what we need to effectively serve him and understand ourselves.  As the builder of the vessel back to him Father provides everything we need to keep us on an “even keel” and headed in the right direction.  Jesus in his years of ship-building experience must have fully absorbed and related to what it takes to create a functioning vessel that could not only survive the journey it must endure but also allow for the constancy needed as well as the unexpected challenges to be overcome;  equilibrium, steadfastness, dependable responsiveness to course correction, endurance, strength and flexibility not to mention ‘the stars to steer her by’.  It’s not just about being able to stay afloat it’s about fulfilling the purpose for which we are created.

Thank you Heavenly Father for your provisions to know and serve you and for the multitude of gifts we are granted including the endowments of mind and personality and the privelege of revelation.
Post by: LarryG on November 15, 2017, 06:07:42 PM

Before I want to make comments and responses to this very important thread, I want to reread it a couple of more times since rereading helps clarify the information.   I looked up Certitude in our  Urantia Book and came across the section below which I have added the link to for those that are really interested in getting the best possible grasp of this information.
7. The Certitude of the Divine (http://www.tmarchive.org/tub2/reader.php?paper=102&section=7&paragraph=0)

Also in my reading of this the term of “compossibility” is also mentionied and I looked it up as well.   Below is the paragraph that contains this term in our Urantia Book
118. Supreme and Ultimate - Time and Space (http://www.tmarchive.org/tub2/reader.php?paper=118&section=0&paragraph=0)

5. Omnipotence and Compossibility (http://www.tmarchive.org/tub2/reader.php?paper=118&section=5&paragraph=0)
118.5.0 5. Omnipotence and Compossibility
118.5.1 The omnipotence of Deity does not imply the power to do the nondoable. Within the time-space frame and from the intellectual reference point of mortal comprehension, even the infinite God cannot create square circles or produce evil that is inherently good. God cannot do the ungodlike thing. Such a contradiction of philosophic terms is the equivalent of nonentity and implies that nothing is thus created. A personality trait cannot at the same time be Godlike and ungodlike. Compossibility is innate in divine power. And all of this is derived from the fact that omnipotence not only creates things with a nature but also gives origin to the nature of all things and beings.
In addition I researched the definition and found this from Wikipedia .  Hope this may help others who are working to  better understand this wonderful information that is being shared with us.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compossibility#mw-head), search (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compossibility#p-search)
Compossibility is a philosophical concept from Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gottfried_Wilhelm_Leibniz). According to Leibniz, a complete individual thing (for example a person) is characterized by all its properties, and these determine its relations with other individuals. The existence of one individual may contradict the existence of another. A possible world is made up of individuals that are compossible—that is, individuals that can exist together. Leibniz indicates that a world is a set of compossible things, however, that a world is a kind of collection of things that God could bring into existence. For not even God can bring into existence a world in which there is some contradiction among its members or their properties.[1] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compossibility#cite_note-1)
When Leibniz speaks of a possible world, he means a set of compossible, finite things that God could have brought into existence if he were not constrained by the goodness that is part of his nature. The actual world, on the other hand, is simply that set of finite things that is instantiated by God, because it is greatest in goodness, reality and perfection. Naturally, the fact that we are here experiencing this world—the actual world—means that there is at least one possible world. Leibniz thinks, in his view, there are an infinite number of possible worlds.[2] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compossibility#cite_note-2)
According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article on Leibniz's Modal Metaphysics by Brandon C. Look, views on "compossibility" and the closely related best of all possible worlds (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Best_of_all_possible_worlds) argument are to be found in On the Ultimate Origination of Things, The Discourse in Metaphysics, On Freedom, and throughout his works. The term itself is found in The Philosophical Writings III [Die philosophischen Schriften III] when Leibniz writes to Louis Bourguet (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Bourguet).[3] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compossibility#cite_note-Leibniz.27s_Modal_Mechanics-3)    I believe that this was written in the late 1800's.
Every little bit helps!!!!!    LarryG
Post by: Ron Besser on November 15, 2017, 09:45:26 PM
Larry, there is just one problem when you quote philosophers outside of the meaning of the Urantia Book concepts.  It is highly confusing to adherents to the Book but is officially the result of a philosopher being accepted as caranially correct and forever wrong by Paradise.  Let me explain something that is just not obvious:

Leibniz was writing for the 18-19th century view that all of God consists in the creation of earth.  He did not imagine a universe full of God creations but only earth creation itself, and he flattered himself into thinking there was only one way to describe it, and it was to understand that all the contradictions found in it both living and dead, were designed that way to vex man and to start up problems of thinking that only God could conform.  That is not bad; however, he also taught that God was not especially concerned about physical contradictions and that compossibility was the only way for God to allow contradictions to exist.  But that is not what the Urantia Book teaches, and while I hardly expect you to be able to compare the two concepts together, Leibniz is still teaching that God is circumlocutious; i.e., He is without concern about the contradictions in creation and comes around not to fix them but to educate them.  Pretty nifty huh?

However, the Urantia Book teaches that God cares about the arise of contradictions especially if he somehow caused them.  On Urantia God makes things work right by ending the tracks of evolution with plants and animal that no longer fit the living scheme of planetary development.  Birds that no longer could fly were eliminated through natural selection; crocodiles that grew too big dies of starvation, and so on.  What you do not know is that compossibility was applied by the Deity Absolute to understand the nature of beasts that had no further function and instituted the work to portray animal life in particular on Urantia as a functional hierarchy.
My main complaint is that we should not introduce different perspectives of philosophical waywards like Leibniz into archival software of the mind of the 19th century into the 20th century revelation called the Urantia Book, as the Book by itself stands well on its own merits but contradicts 19th century thinking quite a bit and never makes sense to the 20th century enigmatic minds of the Church who cannot spell good without making it sound ludicrous from God's perspective.

I advise all of you trying to understand compossibility per the statements in the Urantia Book, to please ignore the philosophical prattle present above since it has nothing to do with how God deals the world of Urantia in Leibniz, but actually deals with compossiility by making a through check that all creation contradictions cease immediately where it must. 

The same thing is true with the idea of certitude.  The Catholic Church is called the Mother Church because it feigns superior knowledge of God by its long tradition with the founder of the Christian Church in Rome as Peter the first Apostle in Rome, and Saint Paul as the man of the hour in Rome to believe there was no sin larger than to digress into this subject further as they are not related, but compossibility digs out the righteous truth of certitude. 

Note:  I am heavily dependent on these views from Saint Paul who stood by my side while I wrote this; from Michael of Nebadon who chastised me first and later saw the quote from Larry was misleading and one learns nothing from it; and from Mother Spirit and Peter the Apostle of Rome, who watched me stick my toe in the water over an obscure philosopher that Leibniz turns out to be in these days.  I also wish to thank my Adjuster for keeping me out of the wrong fields to pursue the truth which is so easy for me to do and then get lost on articles like this and have to be rescued by the Father to save face.  My thanks to my Life Guards always. Ron

Post by: LarryG on November 15, 2017, 09:57:07 PM
Ron, I will gladly delete my post.  I was not meaning to make it more confusing which is why I inserted the date of the writing, as the late 1800's.      Please let me lnow if I should delte it....LarryG

No Larry, let it stand, as of now it serves as a lesson on other views of compossibility that do not fit the use of the word in the Urantia Book, and you will find other words in the Urantia Book like the word "existential" that is not used as we use it today on social sites or the Internet at all, and I lament we all have to be so careful to know when you are in the Urantia Book Room speak using its terms and definitions, but stay away from erroneous definitions in social media and cable television.   They use them according to their incoherent views of time and space.

Post by: LarryG on November 16, 2017, 07:23:32 AM
Ron, as you responded :

Ron, I will gladly delete my post.  I was not meaning to make it more confusing which is why I inserted the date of the writing, as the late 1800's.      Please let me know if I should delete it....LarryG

No Larry, let it stand, as of now it serves as a lesson on other views of compossibility that do not fit the use of the word in the Urantia Book, and you will find other words in the Urantia Book like the word "existential" that is not used as we use it today on social sites or the Internet at all, and I lament we all have to be so careful to know when you are in the Urantia Book Room speak using its terms and definitions, but stay away from erroneous definitions in social media and cable television.   They use them according to their incoherent views of time and space.


You are right, Ron, this is  a valuable lesson to learn.   I will, in the future. be more carful and watchful.   It is interesting to me since,  now,  I find the entire subject of linguistics,  semantics,  and etymology so very interesting.   When I first got my Urantia Book, in the mid 70's, I remember that  I always had a dictionary right beside me as I read since I had to look up so many word definitions as I was reading.   Sometimes, even now, I have to  look up definitions to the definitions!....lol.... When we were informed, especially concerning receptions, that Spirit is somewhat limited in how and what they can transmit to us since they have to rely upon and work with us at the levels where we are, I was and still am, a bit regretful that my vocabulary is not what I now wish it were.  Even though I wasn't a particularly fastidious student and frankly a bit on the lazy side with "book learnin",  English was always fascinating to me and I was especially fond of diagraming sentences.   anyway.. bla... bla... bla... I am rambling...The point being that in the future I will be more careful to not confuse, confound and complicate issues and definitions  and better stay within the framework of our Urantia Book.   Thanks Ron, as always, for your patient guidance... and now back to the drawing board.

I found your ending note to be especially poignant, filled with love and affection  for all of Spirit as they find the best ways to sometimes deal with all of us as  you wrote:

"Note:  I am heavily dependent on these views from Saint Paul who stood by my side while I wrote this; from Michael of Nebadon who chastised me first and later saw the quote from Larry was misleading and one learns nothing from it; and from Mother Spirit and Peter the Apostle of Rome, who watched me stick my toe in the water over an obscure philosopher that Leibniz turns out to be in these days.  I also wish to thank my Adjuster for keeping me out of the wrong fields to pursue the truth which is so easy for me to do and then get lost on articles like this and have to be rescued by the Father to save face.  My thanks to my Life Guards always. Ron"
Post by: Zao on January 16, 2018, 06:11:18 PM
Round and round the Circuits spin..
first this way… then.. back again !
Keep your Balance if you can…
never long though where you stand -
For slip and slide you’re sure to do…
how else to know the most of you?
That by experience and wisdom seen..
Expand  the Beauty of your being!
Such Surprises await your knowing…
steadfast and sure…they’re always showing
how next you see what  before was   void
now beheld with Skill employed -
To pierce the veil of pre formed thought
Expands that Grace thus begot
So next you know before the turn..
Onward onward we’re Called to Learn

Post by: Zao on January 18, 2018, 12:42:15 PM
"Compossibility"....is the Great Inherent Potential that the entire 'Urantia circumstances' afford the Supreme.....and of course, potentially...each and every child of the Planetary Supreme.  I suspect, humbly...that such is one of the fundamental reasons Michael chose Urantia for His final bestowal.......Compossibility is the 'field of endeavor' of  agondonters.

" "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." - Aristotle

Post by: Zao on January 22, 2018, 11:00:30 AM
From the Desk of George Barnard.
(or The Bigger Picture for P. P. Mentori).
Toormina, Australia, July 6, 2001
Re-edited, Illawarra, Australia, September 22, 2002.
He is a newly appointed Planetary Prince by the name of Mentori. Almost at the very time of his seemingly overdue arrival on the evolutionary world of his promotion, there arrives to greet him an old Ascended Master, now re-descended into the space/time realms. She is a former mortal, from a small planet in Satania that we on Urantia all know about. Our “Woman on the Job” rightly calls herself, “Urantja.”
She is a Paradise Ambassador, and she is of our races.
The Former Mortal
“The rules are still the same, Brother Mentori. The decrees from on High will always remain unchanged,” speaks the ancient Paradise Citizen by the name of Urantja. “None of the eternal, hard and fast Paradise laws have been altered in the Universe of Time/Space Universes, even before or since I was the offspring of animal parents on the planet I still happily call my treasured home.”
The white-haired Paradise Citizen – a newly appointed Paradise Ambassador and Advisor to the Planetary Prince of this experimental planet number 411 of Outer Universe 1807 – pauses. It seems she needs to draw a deep breath before going on, despite there being no need for her to breathe at all. She seems to sigh, although the heart-breaking traumas of her earthly existence are now far behind her.
She carries on with the conversation, calmly, or seemingly so, but she is deeply stressed and greatly apprehensive. She is here on 411 to complete the most important mission of her eternal life, and she knows it. These are the occult animal fears, long thought to have been dismissed.
“I urge you, my Prince, to reconsider your proposal of fast-tracking the abolition of slavery of the Secondary Sangiks. I submit my presence here may solely be for the purpose of adding my empiric/grasp to the vast amount of create/judiciousness you bring to the office of Planetary Sovereign. But my appointment to your staff may well be to timely/circumvent prospective, and innate evolution-based difficulties.”
“Tell us of your planet,” the Prince responded.
“She is but small, blue, brown, white and green – experimental 606 of a once deeply troubled system in the Seventh Inner Trial Universe that directly skirts Paradise. Her name is Urantia. There was a rebellion in the System. Then, our Planetary Prince was one of many who betrayed their mortal and existential charges. On top of all that, our Adamic pair found themselves in a near-hopeless situation, and they defaulted. But the System Sovereign/Creator made our world the venue for his final bestowal, and thereby we of that blue planet, Brother Mentori, truly were the most honored of all subjects/brothers/sisters of his 10,000,000 worlds.”
“How long ago, Sister Urantja, was your animal life. And, pray tell, what was the cause of the system rebellion? Even more so do I need to know about your world’s betrayal.”
“Pride, Brother Mentori. Pride was the reason for the rebellion in the first place. Impatience was the cause of our Planetary Prince’s betrayal of office, and thus of the mortal and celestial masses. I will now answer your first question. It is a mere fourteen billion years of my planet’s time since Adjuster fusion and further progress made me a Paradise Citizen.”
“And the aftermath of the betrayal…?” Mentori enquires.
“Wholesale retardation for all the planetary programs. Wholesale retardation of intellect, moral values, and spirituality, it was for the animal faith-sons and daughters of those planets troubled by the Planetary Princes’ disloyalties. Their names -- those of the Planetary Princes -- are no longer known. Most lower-ranked Celestials fared a little better, but not by much. Some steadfast personalities are almost venerated today.”
The Eminent Prince
Mentori shudders. “There were more than ten thousand of my order who applied for the office I now hold,” he answers. I was judged to be the most suited, most knowledgeable, and eloquent, teacher of them all. And here I am, scarcely settled in at my new task, and I sense I quickly meet a better teacher than I may ever be.”
“Favored are the mortals, my dear Brother,” Urantja replied. “We suffered from hunger and poverty, the list goes on, discrimination of all kinds -- even on the Mansion Worlds, still -- but we are so very lucky. We learned a lot on the way. The disasters that befell our little planet, Urantia, have, one could rightly say, paid for themselves many times over in that we have become His most trusted servants.”
“Sister Urantja, in confidence now,” a seemingly troubled Mentori suggests, “be aware of my great appreciation for you and your timely mission, my dear friend. Although I supposedly outclassed ten thousand of my spiritual family, I perceive in you a teacher unequalled in my realm, in my order, among my acquaintances of countless millions of years. You have conveyed to me the message that I have become too proud, but you did not say so. You have informed me I am impatient, but you hurt not my feelings. We of our created order are truly well informed, but we lack almost all space/time experience. I thank you, Urantja, with all my heart, and I would be most honored if you would consider me to be your ever-grateful friend, and be with me this evening in worship.”
Mentori hesitates, but just momentarily, then seems to assure himself the former mortal could be trusted, and explicitly so. “We labor, Urantja, for millennia upon millennia in order to receive our Mother’s supreme mind bestowal. Again, we labor for eons to earn our Paradise Father’s Gift. I was impatient, yes, impatient, I confess, and selfish, and this before all else. I thank you for bringing this great character deficiency I have to my attention.”
“What will you do about the Secondary Sangiks’ plight?” she asks.
“See to it that they are fairly treated,” Mentori answers. “I was so concerned about their being mistreated. Concerned about the best of their races being claimed by the Primary Sangiks, and some others… well… simply being slaughtered.”
“What about abolishing slavery, Mentori?”
“I will let evolution decide. But I shall teach love and mercy.”
“My dear friend,” Urantja answers, “you just gave me your word. And in giving me your word I can now inform you of what is already known on Paradise. Your decision to let evolution run its course, coupled with your decision to not have your name struck of the Paradise register has already made up as much as one-hundredfold for all the difficulties my home planet ever suffered so long, long ago.”
“Urantja, I find that very hard to…”
“Believe? My visit to your shores has been the single, most important task of my entire universe career. The difficulties -- according to calculated Paradise potentials -- stemming from the premature release from slavery of your Secondary Sangiks would have persisted for almost four million years of your planet’s time. I can safely tell you this, for it won’t happen now. You’ll be pleased to know that the records show, that in the remainder of your planetary career, you will not again be tempted to stray from the clearly outlined Paradise curriculum. Mentori, my dear, dear brother, your name has now been entered in Paradise records. You are Mentori the Steadfast, and it is known by all on Paradise that you wavered but once in instigating on this planet the Father’s great universal business plans.”
“I thank you dear Sister for so informing me.”
“It was my task and pleasure, Brother Mentori. The Paradise records show that you will be, that you are, and that you always were, a wise teacher all throughout your lengthy tour of duty on this number 411 of Outer Universe 1807. Records show you received your Mother’s mindal Gift, and fusion with the Father’s Gift was accomplished. I can tell you no more. You must have faith about the timing of these events, Mentori.”
The two now spend an hour in worship and meditation. Mentori learns a great deal about the Urantian betrayal. He is also most eager to learn more about his eternal future. Urantja is also eager about telling him all she knows, but the last word has been spoken on the subject. The Urantia ex-mortal had been briefed in great detail about what could be passed on, and what had to remain a Paradise secret. There would always be the danger of Mentori becoming complacent, and sabotaging himself. She is a rebellion tested, ascended mortal who is entrusted with the important task. Urantja has succeeded in carrying out this task, as her Paradise Superiors already knew she would.
“Tell me about experimental 606 of Satania, my Sister,” Mentori suggests.
“There were great losses on our world. For some, the existence on such a backward planet became too much to bear. Yes, there were many, many losses among the backward mortals.”
For a time the white-haired Urantja falls silent, then she speaks up again. “In those fourteen billion years the majority of our Michael’s 10,000,000 worlds have become veritable showpieces of Light and Life. His bestowal world has become an inter-galactic tourist venue for all imaginable species. But its fused mortal citizens range far and wide in your myriad outer-space universes. Urantians are Ambassadors, Teachers, Planners, and because they have had such a tough start in life, they are valued hard nuts to crack in critical, crucial, and controversial circumstances. Urantians are eminently trusted.”
“I grasped from an early age,” Urantja goes on, “that all of God’s children are each other at their spiritual Root Source. The things one learns the hard way are of value to all. The greatest rewards come to those who trust and believe no matter how tough things become.”
Mentori sighs. “Those of my order could easily become jealous of the great advantages you ex-mortals now enjoy. We don’t have these advantages, but we quite often wish to be in your places of trial and tribulation to enjoy the wondrous Gift of guaranteed eternal life you are so swiftly awarded. Yet, so few of you accept the phenomenal chances you are given, time and again. I just don’t get it.”
“I did accept the chance,” Urantja assures him with a smile.
“How great were the repercussions of the Prince’s betrayal?” Mentori asks. “Perhaps I should rephrase that. How long until the Prince’s mistakes were totally rectified?”
“A mere two million years of our Urantia time. That is only about a million of your time. A mere bagatelle of damage was done, compared to all the good it did, and will still be doing, for untold thousands of universes still to be born. Paradise has already counted up the past and future gains, Mentori.”
“Well? What does it add up to, Urantja?”
“An incomprehensible amount of love, beauty and goodness was unwittingly generated as a by-product of those acts of duplicity… incomprehensible, my Brother. Only the Father knows how much. We, on our part – on the part of the ex-mortals – know that the Urantia Planetary Child of the Supreme has, and through our contributions alone, become one of the greatest Contributors in all of the Seven Trial Universes. Such experience! Such knowledge! Such wisdom! Such great ability to forestall, to anticipate and block, future unwanted happenings. And all this is for the betterment of the Trial Universes, and even more so for all the tens of thousands of outlying, organizing universes of your deep space.”
“It was a contentious issue for me,” Mentori sighs, “in that there seemed to have been so little progress on this huge world, and for countless, endless centuries. But I grasp that guided evolution, not forced evolution, must be my way. Tell my Superiors that I shall have faith in the outworkings of the seemly desperate situation on my planet, Sister Urantja.”
“I bid you “fare thee well”, Brother Mentori,” Urantja replies. “I must learn of what, and where, my next project will be.”
July 6, 2001 notes:
This is George Barnard. Ordinarily, I am disinterested in fiction. There are, in my view, enough ‘wondrously weird and way-out happenings’ in our universes for us to not need to concern ourselves with fiction. Personally, I innately dislike fiction. And yet…
The attached writing was begun at around 8 PM on July 5, 2001. It was completed on July 6, 2001. And for each hour I worked on it, edited it, and re-edited it, one of the 11.11 Progress Platoon was by my side, prompting me. It seems they wanted it, and volunteered my services.
Possibly, it is the time delay between Michael’s seventh bestowal, and the “2000 year later” Correcting Time that is “the Contentious Issue” with some, still. As well, perhaps, our unwillingness to be led by our Adjusters is here touched upon.
I, personally, reserve my opinion on all of this. I did as I was told -- simply that, no more. "
September 22, 2002 notes:
I was notified that the “A Contentious Issue” was very much intuited by a Celestial Artisan, and despite my dislike of fiction, there is deemed to be an important message in there. Midwayer Mathew and I have just re-edited it all. It’s almost all present tense now.
God bless you and yours… George.

Comment from a Subscriber - 9/22/2002
WOW!! George and Matthew - what a piece!
Messages like this are SO important for us to hear and ponder. Many of us cosmic contemplatives think a lot about the Lucifer Rebellion, talk about it, wonder about it, and sometimes complain that the UB has given us too little information about what exactly happened and what the full spectrum of the consequences were/are.
And, as Urantija in the story mentioned, for many "the existence on such a backward planet became too much to bear" - many souls were lost and even now, I hear, many continue to choose extinction rather than go on. The disappointments, discouragement and hopelessness run too deep for faith to survive. And there is a lot of anger still on this world.... anger toward God for allowing such intolerable conditions to prevail upon this world. Millions of hearts have borne deep grievances against God for his seeming indifference and passivity in the face of so much terrible, undeserved suffering.
Many of us have found it difficult to forgive God because we don't truly grasp the highest perspective. In the darkness our vision fails us. Stories such as this help bridge the misunderstanding and lack of trust that has grown between us and God as a result of the Rebellion. They help heal the gap between God and our world.
Thank you for delivering this, and thank you to the Celestial Muse who inspired it.
love and light to all always,
© 11:11 Progress Group.
 Toujours au Service de Michael.
11:11 Angels (http://1111angels.com)
Post by: 7inOcean on January 22, 2018, 06:48:39 PM
I join with Krista on her comment and agree. This is an astonishing piece of revelation and gives such insightful glances to what we are enduring even now. Thank you so much for sharing and uplifting our hearts to see above and beyond what is a rather dull happening all around us in this instance of time.

Post by: Zao on January 23, 2018, 05:07:41 PM
Sue....you are most welcome!  So important it is...absorbed as we can become with the overwhelming even tedious 'details' of this transition time....we oft become 'caught between two worlds' and forget the IMMEDIACY of each Moment's potential for the expansion of the INTER PERSONAL....  We often can 'lose ourselves' in all the cross fire of varying insights and experiences....when at our 'immediate grasp forever' is our CHOOSING the Gift of the 'perfect model' of the interpersonal.....loving affection between 'Parent and child'.....the very Essence of Michael's 'good news'...and the absoluteness of our Adjuster's presence.  Nothing else matters...really....if you have this Truth in your HeartMind...all the 'details' find their place.
Loving Heart to you, Sister..and All here...seen and unseen...on the Path or Seeking for it....

Post by: wendy.winter on January 23, 2018, 05:47:55 PM
Oh Zao, I echo your sentiments. The infinite NOW is a glorious place and moment to relish in the love, affection and wisdom of our Beloved.
Post by: Zao on January 23, 2018, 06:50:19 PM
Joy! :) ;):D
Post by: andi on January 23, 2018, 07:01:45 PM
Way Cool ZAO!  Really Loved reading it.  Inspiring and fun filled!  Co-creating with my Beloved Indwelling is such a learning experience, challenging and sooo enjoyable.

Not sure I had the pleasure of introducing myself to ya!  So a Big hello and how are you?
Below was the "cover page" for what you posted.  Found it very interesting so I'll post it.

Published: Monday, 22 January 2018 14:43 Written by The Damascus Scribe (Sananda)

Illawarra District, Australia, November 5, 2017.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “A Total Network.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “Continue to be My bellwethers you all in this growing group, for such a task will serve you well on this world and beyond. You could have been born on another world, lived to the age of 180 years, have been a servant of the Gods, a leader of your kin and an inspired indicator of the ways of the future. And, My human friend and co-worker, in all those long years as a diligent helper you would not have accumulated the goodwill that can come to you in one short year on Urantia.

“Samuel of Panoptia was one such who was a leader of minds, a bellwether of the Life Carriers, who invented ways and means to enhance nutritious effectiveness of important crops in his laboratory by being ever in touch with his human/celestial total network — so easy to do on advanced Panoptia of his days. Your harvest is still to come for you, the work is still to begin, Monjoronson is not far away now and your total network is there to make use of . . . as it makes use of you and yours.

“That which you have begun on this troubled planet with Cherubim and Sanobim, with Destiny Guardians all, with Midwayers of all ranks especially and their Superiors will be the order of the day on Mansonia. You will learn, retain all of what you have learned and progress. And you will assist in every way those of your kin, of your world, who will come up after you, for such is the experiential curriculum on terra firma and throughout the universes and onto Paradise.

“Now another matter and this is particularly because of the ‘newbee’ faces on the lists, although it is related to what we already covered here. It deals with the follow-up revelation you received when you questioned your likely tasks beyond your stay on Paradise, I say it was a follow-up revelation only because your text hints at it. Nevertheless it was in part delivered by the Eagle, your Spirit Fragment, in part by Midwayer Mathew.

See: http://1111angels.net/old_files/E_Desk/GB15.htm

You are requested to ‘publish’ this once more, firstly because it is actual revelation and secondly because it is appropriate for many to know that they will be skilled for and rightly receive important positions in our far-flung universes even beyond their sojourn on Paradise . . . and thus be part of a total network.

“This is a one-time Fragment of the all-knowing Father and the one who guided Michael throughout his earth life. This is the Scribe who loves you all without question or hesitation, unconditionally and ever more deeply.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
My Gift to you is for you to be of service to Me — Christ Michael.
Post by: Zao on January 23, 2018, 07:38:37 PM
Thank you for your kind words, Andi!...and George's recent post......  I hope you are well my friend...a pleasure to meet you......