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Julio--This is a insightful reminder.  This is important and I try to keep this balance, but this reminder brings it to the front of my thoughts.  Thank you Margul, Pre'Msha, and Julio.

Evan--Thank you so much for sharing this with us.  This is wonderful news.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: There is always a message !
« on: September 18, 2018, 11:25:37 PM »
I am truly DELIGHTED to see you transmitting!  I still have trouble sometimes figuring out exactly who it is I am hearing from, but it gets easier with time.  If I cannot get a name I try to at least get a title or group.  Keep up the good work.

GOD The SUPREME / The Supreme Being: Standard vs. Divergent Evolution
« on: September 18, 2018, 11:16:27 PM »
Topic:       The  Supreme Being:
                'Standard Evolution’ vs. ‘Divergent Evolution’
Teacher:   Mighty Messenger in Service on Urantia
T/R:           Amethyst
Date:         September 18, 2018
Location: New York, USA

Mighty Messenger:

“You who study the Urantia Book with dedication all know well the Supreme Being is an evolving, and experiential Deity, so I will not discuss that at this time.  There are many factors and directions of motion that move the Supreme Being both inward and upward as well as outward into the outer space levels.  But I at this time want to discuss with you one aspect of the Supreme that has not as yet been recognized by, not only humans, but also not fully understood by many celestial beings.

“We see the Supreme Being stretched in all directions as He grows each day closer to His potential and there is a pattern developing that should be noted.  For time immemorial, our Supreme has been increasing by incorporating the evolutionary trends of behavior and function of what we can refer to as ‘standard evolution’.  That is to say that most planets, systems, constellations, and local universes have a pretty set way of evolving, and while each is unique, they all fill a set pattern of what can be anticipated for them.  All of this is absorbed by the Supreme Being as He continues His journey toward complete manifestation.  

“But there is now a pattern that is emerging that on a minuscule scale is showing early signs of rare sectors in the seven superuniverses that do not fit the mold as you might say.  We have now been given the nomenclature of ‘divergent evolution’.  By this we mean that there are places in creation that are evolving totally outside of the so-called standard way.  They create situations that have not yet been experienced by the Supreme.  Each time the Supreme is presented one of these, He pauses as if trying to see where this particular puzzle piece fits, and then continues His movement.

“Urantia happens to be one of those planets, and by extension that includes the local universe of Nebadon.  This divergent evolution is seen to be unpredictable and presents new options for the pilgrims of time and space to consider.  I could detail a great deal of information about the unique circumstances of your planet, some of it noted in your Urantia Book, and some of it just coming to light now with the fusion of some mortals and the expected increase in their numbers to follow.  Just as a familiar old-growth forest is suddenly taken down by a seemingly  brutal forest fire, it soon gives way to numerous varieties of wildflowers, grasses, and wildlife.  The old predictable reality of the forest has given way to a totally new beginning and an opportunity to grow in a very different direction.  

“All harshness that happens to individuals, planets and beyond, as Urantia has experienced, is compensated by new circumstances that will forever change the status quo for them.  The hardships they have endured are directly proportional to the priceless opportunities and blessing they might receive, and also are provided to the Supreme for His edification as well.  Your are truly living in times and in a place that gives pause to all of creation as they look on in wonderment in what potentially lies before you.  But the ball is now in your hands to see to it that the Supreme does indeed receive the experiences that are so rich and distinctive to you.  

“This ‘divergent evolution’ has existed in the past and in other superuniverses, but Urantia is one of a kind and only she has the unique qualities at this time that can nourish the spiral tendrils that sprout from the direction of Urantia, adding deeper truth, beauty, and goodness to this emerging Deity.  Be ever aware that the unique qualities that are the result of this divergent sojourn of the Supreme, can be realized only with your participation.  Should Urantia fail to realize and actualize her potential, then so too, will all of this be excluded from the final realization of the Supreme.”

Amethyst’s Adjuster:

“I now ask my ward to close this transmission as she is experiencing sharp pains in her head and around her eyes.  She is growing new circuits in her brain that need exercise, but enough for today as she needs a rest.”


Thanks all for this great thread.  
Steve, I got a few goosebumps when I read yours.  I wonder why Ed was so reluctant to bring up the topic of the book sooner.  It seems that it clearly is important to him.  Just a thought.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: A personal message
« on: September 17, 2018, 11:14:51 AM »
I am so happy to see both Antonio and Clency doing so well.  Keep up the good work guys :).  

Adam and Eve:  I ask that you provide me the information you did this morning.  Please help me not to skip any of the original post.  I thank you so much for your patience and your information.

“We will repeat our information for you.  We are very pleased to tell you all that we are in the process of preparing for our assignment on Urantia.  It will be later than the other missions, but the plans are proceeding with gusto and we are so full of joy to be this far along in our plans.  We look for these plans to begin after the planet has had some time to heal from the coming earth changes.

Eve and I have grieved so much because of the pain our folly so many millennia ago has caused all of Urantia.  But the new plans are full of hope and redemption and we are eager to share them with you.  Eve would now like to share some of the details with you.

“We are providing this transmitter the same concepts we did earlier in the day, but her words are different.  This is of no concern really because it is the concept that we are so eager to share with you.  

In about two or three decades the planet will be in a position to begin increasing the population again.  When we first begin our mission, we will be focusing more on teaching how to live in harmony with the environment, cosmology, and some more details about the Lucifer rebellion.  The new Urantia Book will be one of the textbooks we will be using and those of you who choose to help will begin as teachers with us after some quick re-education on your part.  

“Then we come to the part of repopulating the earth.  We are planning to create a population who will be able to fuse with their Adjusters much as many of you have, and remain in the flesh.  This is where we will need your help the most.   Some of you will be recalled from the mansion worlds and others who are still in the flesh, and are fused, will be genetically changed.  This project will only be available to those who have demonstrated they can retain Adjusters fusion in the flesh.  Adam and I have had our chance to be your material son and daughter and we have failed dismally in that.  MANY OF YOU WILL BE ASKED TO BE SURROGATE MATERIAL SONS AND DAUGHTERS TO TAKE OUR PLACE.  You will be assigned as couples to teach the native populations and to reproduce children and have strong and loving families.

“Using fused individuals for this will almost certainly lead to success of this very very important assignment.  Urantia will need you more than ever for this project.  

“Of course if this kind of service does not appeal to you that is fine as there are so many areas of service that need volunteers.  But those couples who successfully create 100 children (over the course of many, many years) will receive a great honor on high and will forever be part of a unique group of Finialters who not only fused in the flesh, but also helped populate the planet with those children who also can do so.  

“This is still very much in the preliminary stages and much could change before it is implemented.  You will have considerable input individually as to whom you will be paired with  because we fully understand the importance of of love, respect, devotion to duty, and even chemistry for each to have the right partner.  There is entire section of angels who specialize in this and they will do much to see to it that it is done right, and no-one will be assigned to a partner that they do not feel love for and are comfortable with.

“Having gotten all of that out of the way, I need to say how much Adam and I hurt because of our misdeeds.  We are so grateful to the Father for allowing us another chance to help as supervisors for the biological upliftment of Urantia.  We have been greatly humbled and intend to be fully successful this time with the help of fused volunteers.

“ We leave you for now, and look forward to your dedicated service with us if you should so choose this path.”

Amethyst:  I’m glad I got to do a do-over.  Eve went into much more detail this time.

 So sorry y all .  I just posted a very interesting message from Adam and Eve, but it completely disappeared when I posted it.  I can only assume the Censors did not want it posted. :(  I am so disappointed.

Amethyst, you hit the disaster button by accident.  There is a button on your keyboard that either shows a microsoft logo or some other logo that shifts the operating system into its start mode.  I lost many files just this way too and the industry should be spanked for doing this to us.  However,  Adam and Eve will retransmit it to you and please use your word processor instead of this text editor and repost at the bottom please.  Their message is too imporant to let it slip by.  Remember if this happens again, to ask for a reprint from your speaer and most will redo it for you.  Take care and repost.   Ron

Threads for New Transmissions / We are Here for All of You
« on: September 11, 2018, 06:07:45 PM »
Speaker:  Stella, One of the 6,000 Finialters on Urantia
Topic:      We are Here For All of You
T/R:         Amethyst
Date:       Sept.11,2018
Location: New York, USA

"This is Stella, one of the 6,000 Finialters sent to Urantia to help you at this time, and our presence here is unprecedented.  I have three thing I want to say, so this transmission will be quite short.

"First I want to acknowledge that I will be working a lot with Amethyst and with Wendy, as both these ladies have a vibratory signature that works well with mine.  We three make an excellent team and this does please me so.  Others of you may also call upon me and I will be with you for a transmission.

"Second, I know that you already know this, but let me say it again.  There are 6,000 of us here on Urantia who came for the specific reason to be here with you and work with and for you.  PLEASE CALL ON US MORE!  We came all the way from the Central Isle of Paradise for the explicit purpose of working with YOU.  Our skills and experience at this time are being underutilized, and we ask that each transmitter ask for the help from one of this group.  We have a purpose here and we need to fulfill it.

"Third, the more that we are able to connect with you, the more you will be successful in all of your transmissions.  When that happens your outreach will extend much further than it does now.  You will be surprised how much our help can help you."

Amethyst:  Thank you so much Stella.

Stella:  "You are most welcome my dear.  It pleases me so much to see your fingers tap so rapidly on your keyboard as you are taking this all in quickly.  How far you have come in the last year, and we hope so much for this progress for all of you.  You are truly loved so much more than you can know."


Amethyst--Once again I thank Stella for her help and kind words.

An unmanned Finialter of 6,000 on Urantia speaks:

"I am one of the 6,000 Finialters, who at this time shall remain nameless, stationed on Urantia at this time to help as many souls as possible.  As you have been told, each of us originally come from Urantia so we are uniquely qualified to understand how your minds work, and what your daily experience is like.  'We get you', as some of you might say.

"As you know, Urantia is one of the most unique planets in the universe, and we have never been given an assignment like this before.  This is as new to us, as it is to you.  That is saying a lot considering we have traversed the universe far and wide, and experienced many, many things on all. levels required for us to become Finialters..  But this experience with you takes us more deeply into experiences with supremacy and even building on our, as yet, meager experience with absolute levels, as we are preparing ourselves and you to be more influenced by absolute levels.

"Our specific purpose here with you is basically twofold.  First, one of our tasks is to help you receive more transmissions.  There are hundreds if not thousands here ready to transmit but seem unable to take the necessary first steps.  Much of the problem lies in the fact that they are already receiving them, but do not recognize them as such, thinking that they are only their own human thoughts and fantasies.

"Our second responsibility, is to help facilitate fusion for those who are now becoming ready.  Once they can recognize the leading of their Indwelling Adjusters for what they are, they will be in a better position to understand their fusion when it occurs and what it all means.

"We know what we are to do here, but we are not sure why.  Some of us speculate it is related to future work for both of us, in the outer space levels.  We do discern there is more going on here that we are not being informed of at this time.

"I now turn this over to a Trinity Teacher Son who has been patiently waiting to say some things to you.

Unnamed Trinity Teacher Son
"like the Finialter, I too, shall remain nameless for the purpose of this transmission.  There are so many of us here now that giving you a name would be of no value just yet.  One thing I have been instructed to inform you about, is time.  You need to have a better understanding of time, as time changes will be a part of what Urantia will experience for many years to come, although most of the population will not be aware of this as their daily routines will not signal changes to them and they will continue to experience that time is the same.  To do otherwise would cause great instability because they would not know how to process it in their minds.

"I want to step back and in your mind's eye see a vast swath of creation.  There are billions of galaxies with trillions of suns and even more planets in your inner vision for the purpose of this exercise.  Now you understand time where you are as one day consisting of 24 hours as this is the amount of time it takes for your planet to make one rotation.  You see 365 days as a year because this is the amount of time required for your planet to revolve one time around your sun.  Now think about all the other planets in your vision.  Some planets are so small a day would be only about one hour of your time, while a year would be less than a month of Urantia time.  Some planets are very large and far from their sun, and one day might be over a year of your time, while its year would be close to a decade here.  This exercise is designed to help you understand that time itself is relative to universe location and variables in any given solar system.

"Now consider that time throughout the time and space universe moves in absolute synchrony to the larger creation as wheels turning, all predicated on the movement of the evolving units(ie planets, suns, solar systems etc.).  Each planet is moving as it should in its evolution.

"Now we turn out attention to Urantia.  Lets change our mental exercise.  Remember the bicycle most of you had as kids?  The chain moved around the cogged circular plates, and as the chain continued its movement it would line up with the cogs and the bike would continue moving forward.  Now from time to time, especially if the chain was loose, it would come off and need to be put back on.  Do you remember how you did this?  You would need to very slowly back the chain and the wheel backward in order to align the links of the chain back in the right place to fit over the cogs again.  All this happened because the apparatus was no longer in sync.  This can be compared to what is happening on Urantia.  The other planets are for the most part, moving along on their evolutionary path as they should, but Urantia and some others involved in rebellion have become out of sync and can no longer move forward until some repair work takes place.  Further movement forward in time without this repair will take Urantia away from her evolutionary trajectory and this requires a course correction in time.  Just as the bicycle wheel needs to be reversed temporarily to get back on track, so too does time on Urantia need some reversal to reset the evolutionary trajectory.

"Some of this will be done when the teutonic plates realign with the earth changes and some of it will be done later.  The general population however will not be aware of this as time will continue to run based on septennial events, and there will be no noticeable change detected  in rotation of your planet, except by the most precise equipment used by some of your scientists.  

"Now, to switch gears a little here.  There has been much talk in the past about life extensions that has not worked well and for the most part will not be used.  This does not preclude the possibility of lifespan regression.  Instead of making a physical body more durable and semi-permanent as in life extension, lifespan regression can take place during the time period when time itself is being adjusted to get the planet back on course.  This is a very simple process of adjusting the genes periodically and the human body will grow younger instead of growing older.  When the desired age is reached, the process can be halted, and when the work of the human is finished, the process can be reversed and the aging process will once again continue and the human can finish its lifespan in the normal way.

"This is not to suggest that this will happen to all of you.  I am simply explaining a viable course of action that is being given great consideration and can only happen during the period of time correction described above.

"One more thing before I leave.  You need to be aware of the very close connection between the Finialters and the Trinity Teacher Sons.  We at times work as hand in glove on projects.  Before I take my leave, I want to refer you to Paper 20 of your current Urantia Book, and ask that you review it.  Over the weekend we directed Amethyst to re-read this paper as it covers much of our work.  Please note the following sentence from this paper:
    "We firmly believe that the Teacher Sons and the finialters are now engaged in acquiring
      the experience of time-association which may be the preliminary training to prepare them
      for close association in some unrevealed future destiny."(20:9.5)

"I leave noe that you can ponder these words.

Tres, tres bien.  C'est merveilleux!!
Ron and all,
I can't wait to see what we all get.  This should be great!

Speaker:   Consummator of Universe Destiny
Topic:       Faith, Trust, and Acceptance in the Time and Space Universe
T/R:          Amethyst
Date:         September 07, 2018
Location:   New York, USA


"I watch the events unfold on tiny little Urantia and I am aware of the angst the inhabitants on many different levels suffer and cannot help but have tender feelings for all the planet endures due to the acts of so many who have come before you and now are long gone from the scene.  The people of Urantia are confused, and this confusion is exploited by the last remnants of the Lucifer entourage who cling to the final vestiges of power they have and will be swept away by the coming changes soon.

"It is an oft repeated adage expressed by Jesus as He walked the earth; "Let not your heart be troubled."  As it was in the days of Jesus, so too, today your hearts should not be troubled.  So much is occurring on Urantia that  humans have no awareness of, and that includes all of you.  Be at peace.  Each day brings with it, its own set of problems, blessings, and trials that need to be experienced and most of these events will not be seen for their true purpose as there is much significance behind them that totally escapes you.

"The most fundamental attributes you need to carry with you are FAITH and ACCEPTANCE.  Be not attached to outcomes, for We on high have a much larger view and vastly greater understanding that is not possible for you at your stage in your ascension careers.  One day, when you can understand better the higher levels of reality, awareness will replace faith, and eons of trust will lead to mastery and attainment. What you experience as a lifetime, We experience as but a very brief moment.  But even that does not express it suitably, as We are beyond time entirely.  

"I am the Consummator of Destiny and Justice and I tell you that your destiny both as a planet and individually is in tact.  Justice will be served in strong doses and the last vestiges of sin that intentionally defies the Will of God are to be wiped away and unshackle Urantia as she has never been before.  For hundreds of thousand years she has been unable to breathe, blossom, or grow as she was intended to do by the design of your Creator Son Michael.  Let her destiny, judgment, and re-birth take place without concern as these things are truly beyond your ability to process with adequate understanding in the time and space universes.

"You have been holding up with grace and dignity.  You exhibit faith and hold onto the trust you have in your Creator and that is as it should be during these times.  Continue to sail through the trials set before you and live your lives one day at a time with the knowledge that those things that perplex you so now are but a tiny speck to those of Us at the highest levels of Deity.  Yes there are indeed very tough times ahead, but Urantia bears the scars of untold numbers of battles and yet she continues to support your lives.

"If you find yourselves knocked down with without hope, let it not be so, for all your roads will lead to the Father at the center of His universe if you continue on with your faith and trust.  It is best that you help one another when you can and know that this temporary blip of uncertainty is soon to give way and you will see a brighter Urantia soon.

"I leave you now to consider these words.


General Discussion / Re: One More Leture on What Not to Do, Ron 090518
« on: September 05, 2018, 10:43:59 PM »
Lemuel, Larry, and Wendy I wholeheartedly echo all three above posts.  So many questions to ask.  Does this change the plans for the 2nd Urantia Book?   What about those in the queue waiting for fusion--Does this change?  Does our fusion status remain?  Probably silly questions to be sure, but my mind has been churning most of today trying to figure out just how things will, and will not change for us.  I was hoping to get some answers from my Adjuster today, but its been awfully quiet.  I look forward to a renewed sense of direction.

I too have no problem with with the leaving Urantia for the mansion worlds whenever God decides.  In fact, I was told at the time I was informed of my fusion that life extensions did not apply to me.  Amethyst

Thanks Ron very much for this concise update.  I have read it twice now and hope that I have been able to glean all that you are telling us, and that I process it well enough to get all that it means.    I look forward to the coming changes with both uncertainty and hope.  May we all be up to the challenges ahead.

Teacher:   Sophia--Completed Seraphim currently working with the Angels of Enlightenment on Urantia
Topics:     Learning to Transmit; Be Patient With Yourself
T/R:         Amethyst
Date:        September 03, 2018
Location: New York, USA


"It is past time you all became more aware of the need to be patient with yourselves, trust yourselves, and to love yourselves.  This is not ego, it is just the opposite.  It is the recognition that you are indeed children of God and need to see yourselves as such.  Many of you experience great frustration because you have had such poor results when trying to receive transmissions, so I want to tell you, you need to trust more.  Trust God, yes, of course, but also trust yourselves.

"Did your Heavenly Father create the plans that set in motion your creation?  Did He create you in His own image?  Does He demand perfection of you someday?  If these things are true, then why can't you trust yourselves to become as He designed you, and desires for you?  You are all taught early that patience is a virtue, and you try to be patient with others.  But it is just as important for you to apply this to yourselves as well.

"Not every person will master the same skills at the same time.  Think about this for instance.  There are many, many different varieties of apples.  Some need more water and rain to ripen.  Some need more sunshine.  Many have different time periods it takes to ripen, and each variety has its own unique flavor.  But the apple hanging on the branch does not get frustrated because the farmer does not pick it off the branch today.  It trusts the rain, the sun, and the farmer's judgment so that its fruition will be timed perfectly.  The apple doesn't hang on the vine every day trying hard to ripen; it allows the process to take it course.

"Delay in receiving transmissions is not a fault if you are putting forth the effort; not being patient with yourself, and trusting God's design for you is.  TRYING too hard will only make it more difficult, but ALLOWING it to come will bear fruit (pun unintended).  Frustration will become a block that prevents success.  If going into stillness helps you, then by all means do so.  Some t/rs do so, but not all.  Some are able to recognize an incoming transmission as it enters their mind.  If they are able, they put down what they are doing, receive the transmission, and then continue on with their day.  Most set aside a time each day, ask, and then find their mind kick into gear as it flows in.  You do not need to make it more complicated than it needs to be.  Ideally it is an organic and intrinsic process.  After a while it becomes as natural as breathing.

"I work on a daily basis with the Angels of Enlightenment on Urantia, and we work tirelessly to help all to grow in this quality.  Enlightenment is understanding, insight, awareness, and awakening.  These are not values one acquires in an instant.  It is a process.  When you receive an insight that you think has value, write it down.  Don't expect more than a sentence or two at first.  The process itself will take on a life of its own, and over time one sentence will become a paragraph.  One paragraph becomes a page, and a page becomes two or more.  Relax, breathe, pay attention to the thoughts that go through your mind, and allow them a voice.  If you can learn to work with the process instead of feeling frustration, the day is not too far off when they will flow through you as well.

"The apple surrenders to the environment and seasons, and can thrive just by accepting and allowing nature to proceed on its own course.  It is time for you to do the same."


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