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General Discussion / Re: the earthly parents of Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!!
« on: November 19, 2017, 08:59:32 AM »
My dear friend Antonio,

I don't think your question was stupid at all and your interest in Mary and Joseph's well being is well placed.  I can't answer your question for you but I can tell you that your love for Jesus and all of our Celestial family is well known and well noted.

Love to you brother,

What a wonderful way to start my Sunday.  I love to read all of the missives that contain so much pertinent and useful information.  Thank you Ron and Michael, Father and Monjoronson for your significant input for our learning.

I also am truly looking forward to the new Urantia Book and all it holds for us to study and apply in our daily lives.  And I must say Ron that it looks like you are going to be one very busy human being.  Just remember that while I am alive and functioning here on this little blue marble, that if you need me or my help at all, just make the call.  I am alone now and need something to keep me going in a positive way.

Love to all on this forum,

Thank you Ron for your diligence and care and of course who knows how many hours of study, typing and retyping to get this great and informative document up and available for us to study and become well acquainted with.  I down loaded it again with your revisions so I can reread it and become aware of the changes and how they affect the culmination of the MSM so far.

You are to be commended for your faith and superior work ethic my friend.

Your faithful student,

Thank you so much Sister Sue for this wonderful message from Michael of Nebadon, Mother Spirit and Ocilliaya Master Spirit 4.  And I also wish to thank you for taking the time to transcribe it as well.  It gives the listener a deeper feeling of understanding to be able to read it as he/she listens to what is being said.  What a wonderful time that we live in and I for one feel so blessed to be associated with so many wonderful Transmitter Receivers on this forum.  I so look forward to the day when I can join the ranks of those who are blessed with the joy of being able to converse with our Celestial family and provide messages of assurance and love to all of those who seek help in the tumultuous times to come.

Thanks again and God keep blessing you.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Wanting to do the Fathers Will
« on: November 11, 2017, 08:22:19 AM »
Thank you Ron and Carson for taking the time to give us this short but encouraging message about wanting to do the Fathers Will.  So many of us "Want" to do the Fathers Will and so many us are not sure if we are doing the right thing to accomplish this in TRing.  I know the Fathers Will is also that we love and cherish  each other as members of one family under God, but that is easy for me to do.  It is the other that he asks of us that take so much effort.  I try to relax as Jeremiah has said through Lemuel, and as Ron has preached so many times, but still it is so much easier said then done.  All of these postings, either in Audio or written are so valuable and do help us to keep going.  I just wanted you to know you are appreciated.


General Discussion / Re: Reach Beyond Your Grasp/ Voice Recording
« on: November 10, 2017, 08:10:32 AM »
Thank you so much Larry for taking the time this morning to take that inspiring message from Michael that has surly uplifted me and I am sure many others that will listen to his words.  I felt as if he was talking to me as I still vacillate with thoughts that run circles with in my mind.  

I still pray for help and know that I do not speak to an empty wall.  Believe me when I say I will keep on trying.  I think this message of yours this morning is just the impetus I needed and I will endeavor to be a good student and keep studying.  I am still reading the required papers and am at paper 116 at this time.  I am taking my time reading and re-reading sentences and paragraphs until I get what is being said.  At least I hope this is the case.

I surely do love your enthusiasm that you display every time you are on this forum.  You are an inspiration to me my friend.

And a very warm thank you to Christ Michael for your loving patience with all of us and for keeping us encouraged by your words of  Love and guidance.  My Love for you knows no bounds.

God bless and keep you safe,

Hello BJannle and may I also welcome you to this wonderful family of spiritual children working their way back home to Father.  One thing that I have learned from these brothers and sisters of mine is that they will always answer any question you may ask.  Every answer may not be exactly what you thought you would hear nor clear up your thought on the subject but I can almost assure you that they will provoke you to search deeper inside for guidance from your Thought Adjuster.

Welcome and Domtia

Dearest Jesus,

Thank you so much for your message this morning through our wonderful brother Lemuel.
It is a message that I find so full of Love and Hope and Encouragement for those who truly believe and work towards the day of your return in the flesh to fulfil your promise of so long ago.  I don't have the words at hand to explain how I feel at the moment so for those who are visitors to this forum, may I offer this song I wrote many years ago about my love for Jesus.

I believe that most of the forum members have heard this song before, but I offer it for our many visitors to this spiritual site so full of Love and Compassion for our Heavenly Father and all of his many, many Celestial as well as physical children.


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Courage, strength of character
« on: November 06, 2017, 07:46:31 AM »
Thank you Lemuel and Julio for taking the time to listen to your Thought Adjuster and to Ocilliaya this day.  I am sure that I am not the only one to notice that Lemuel's and Julio's messages both relate to the subject of acting/reacting to an emergency situation.  Maybe we are being gently made aware of impending things that are just around the corner.  Of course we have been told many, many times about the upcoming planet shifting that is to occur, but how many of us really take it to heart that our Celestial family is really concerned about us and is actually pleading with us to make ready.  It is for sure that we will not have any right to cry later on and say, "Why didn't they warn us?"    

One of the things I have come to notice regarding the messages about getting food, water, gas and other emergency supplies lined up for our survival of our family, is that nowhere has there been any mention of our four legged family members.  I really became aware of it when I noticed I needed to buy more food for my wife's dog, Spooky. (born on Halloween).  I realized I had not even one extra can or bag of food for him.  Actually it is his fault since he seems to think he is head of the family.  Seriously though, please give consideration to your pets and any other animals that rely on you for their feeding and care.  I keep seeing in my mind's eye all of those pets that were left stranded during the hurricanes recently.  How sad and thoughtless of there owners.

Anyway, just my observation.  I know that I will be going out today and procuring extra supplies for my little buddy.  One other thing that I will bring up since I am on the subject of pets.  I totally forgot to contact my pet's vet to let them know that my wife has passed and that I need to give them my phone number as contact info for Spooky's location chip he has implanted on him.

Love to all and thanks for reading this, I think, important post.

General Discussion / Re: Recovery/ Roll Call/ Construction
« on: November 01, 2017, 08:55:40 PM »
Thank you Ron and Michael, Mantutia, and Salonia for all of this very informative information.  Thank you Larry for your observations that brought about this massive missive.  I am overjoyed to hear you are mending away.  Your post sure provided us with much, I am sure that most of us did not understand and thanks to Ron's posting it is much clearer.  We are at the threshold and the wedding is about to go forth.
Bless all of you,

Thank you Sister Sue and Pre'Mtor for your message of Hope, Understanding and Love.  

The picture of Hope that you paint covers us all with a shining light from our Heavenly father who desires that "ALL" of his children come home to Him, who has always been there for us, even when we deny His very existence.

His Understanding of our thoughtless ways is a patience that you would expect from a loving parent.  He Understands that we have so little "REAL" spiritual leadership among those on this planet who profess to lead us to God.  That we do not realize that God has already not only led us to himself but has given us the gift of himself in our loving Thought Adjusters.

His Love is a Love that is so far beyond human comprehension that we will need eons and eons to be able to grasp even a partial understanding of His vast capacity for caring so much for every living child of his in every corner of every universe that is in existence now, and those to come into existence in the reality of time and space.

We, here on this forum, are gifted beyond measure to be able to be a part of this ongoing Mission to bring our lost planet back from the darkness of sin and error, into the era of Light and Life.

My deepest and profound Love to all of you who volunteer to be in Our Father's army of Believers and seekers of Truth.

Your Brother in Christ Michael and Mother Nebadonia,


Goodbye for now Abraham and may God be with you always.  Thank you Ron for taking the time to put together this long and so informative missive.  I myself, am at a loss of words to express my true joy for being allowed to be a part of this so spiritual forum.  

Much Love to you my friend,

Hello and good morning Ron,

I wish to thank you and Michael and Serara for this additional information.  I never have had a mind for finances so I normally take what I read here as factual when spirit talks to you.  Reading this further missive regarding gold and it's worth and availability to our country was very eye opening and explains it in such a way that even a dullard with numbers like me can readily understand what is being said.

I love to read these messages no matter how long they are as they give my brain much needed food for thought.  I feel so blessed to be a part of this Magisterial Sons Mission.

Thank you and may God continue to bless us all.


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ REFLECTIVITY
« on: October 24, 2017, 10:54:50 AM »
My heartfelt thanks goes out to you Lemuel and Majeston for your very informative message regarding our ability or inability to receive messages via Reflectivity.  My constant practice regarding receiving transmissions has been fraught with disappointment as I have been, so far, unable to quiet my monkey mind.  The other night while practicing I had the vision of my Thought Adjuster sitting at a railroad crossing and watching the light flash as each train car flew by.  He was just waiting for the opportunity to jump in between to get to the other side, but the cars were just not slowing enough to allow him the time to go through.  

Well that is how my brain goes from thought to thought, not giving my TA any chance at all to come through and say anything at all to me.  I am sure most of you, if you drive a car have been at that railroad crossing and had to sit and wait for a 2 mile train to go by and the constant flashing between the cars is so frustrating as you wait for the caboose.  In the case of my mind, the caboose never seems to come in sight.

So I have started a course called, "MINDFULLNESS".  This course is presented in lecture form and so far the Professor has my full attention.  I will do whatever is necessary to "TRAIN" myself as Majeston has said, to be able to be of service to our Heavenly Father. 

 Thank you again Majeston for your so very, very timely message.  I needed to hear and read what was put forth for our further training.  And thank you Clency for transcribing Lemuel's recording.  I love to listen as I read and it, to me, seems to have a greater impact.

Love to all,

Thank you Ron, Ocilliaya, and Michael for that very interesting audio.  It contained quite a lot of information in a short time.  Ron, I met and talked with Louis Armstrong very many years ago and when I closed my eyes I could almost picture him talking.  Thank you for your taking the time to do this audio.  Super interesting how Spirit views our Halloween celebration.  Hope your voice gets better buddy.

Your friend as always,

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