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Teacher: Dr Mendoza
Subjects: Matters of Mind, Circuitry, Reflectivity, Cognition, Language and Conveyance of Conceptual Thought and More
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 21/11/2017 7.22pm(ADST)

[As I was walking about the house preparing dinner and so on a voice kept going on in my head and I quickly honed in to write as follows…I have no idea who was speaking…and I let it fly as it kept on talking…]

“….That you have mind capacity in that you relate to the sensitivities inbuilt in your core being. Now having said that, I make the assumption you already know of what to think on levels of skewed importance. Yes, you are wondering what I am getting at. That is o.k. And it goes something along the lines of ascertaining on how you arrive at in your thinking processes. This is in view of telling the difference between night and day as you have in your solar pattern of the earth rotation in motion.

“Now, it is pertinent to this point I make to see how you can distinguish the material mechanism and the spiritual derivative of thought. Here, you do not know still what I am grappling at, but here I give a coin on which there is two sides, and it is still a coin of notation to you.

“As it is, do you see the point I am driving at? One side of the coin is heads, the other is tails, and so with the coin it has two facets of your thought processes that is directly related to the mechanisms of the mind circuits in which is pulsating at the speed of light. To put it in your language, the cognitive and the language impetus has given way to accepting the new impulses of revelation you now receive with a speed unto for not known to you.

“As you progress in receiving spiritual dialogue such as this is, you gain the flow of recognition of the signature that runs akin in your mind circuitry. It is of a relectivity reception you allow it to bring it into your conscious attempt to write in a manner cognitive to your language input,  encircuited in your memory. This is, in turn, channelled into your vocabulary syntax as such as you speak it in your english tongue. However, the conceptual impetus that is herewith is far too grand to relay it in such limiting contextual language as you have in your store of words to date.

“Language is one thing, conceptual impetus is another, that has more angles to see than what the words can convey.

“No other way to put it than to say your language as you have it the world is far to short of expression to adequately convey what is of more depth to be made in that which is to be known to you.

“Just as you attempt to understand what it is I am saying, you on the one hand, know what is being conveyed, and on the other hand, you see the difficulty we on this side of the veil have in portraying such concepts of mind input as such is presented to you now.

“Just as you might say “ not let the food go to waste..”, so you use up every repository of your capacity to let it fly as is relayed here with you. I am an unknown voice to you, different in tone and speed and that is because you allow the circuitry in you to be open in any case for it to happen.

“Just as you attempt to pinpoint the name of my source, you know it to be important enough to recognise a download as it is to this lesson for you to take. I make no bones about it, as it is the case with you, to get on with the business at hand in letting things fly as it comes into your mind circuits.

“I am none other than the one who knows the mechanisms of mind as that is my study. Dr Mendoza is my name, my dear, as it is settled in your capacity to know this message is one of mind over matter in relation to attunement into the circuitry of spiritual knowledge now being opened for business in the reflectivity circuits.

“Yes, this is a rather surprising topic for you to touch on and I dare say, you take an interest in the way this is conferring as we speak it in a rather odd way as you normally go about receiving such import.

“Here you are walking and hearing me talking non-stop to berate you over the coals so-to-speak and you thought the better of it to start writing this as it is.

“So how goes this mangle for you and let’s see how best we can approach the subjects we have on offer to get out the many issues to do with the health of the human beings we have a lot to care about.

“And, no, you are not going nuts over this, and who says so anyways, whoever does is not aware of their own potential as it is to be fully made apparent as some of you can do what can be done here.

“More to be said later and I sign off for now, adieu!”


Speakers: Michael of Nebadon and Jesus
Subjects: Michael on Ascension Career, the New Planetary System and Jesus on the Good Work We will be doing with Him in the Brotherhood of Man.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 20/11/2017 2.25pm (ADST)

Father Michael:

“……Now this, when you are ready….we have spoken on the ascension careers that is to be for you and others, it is my hope that you understand your place in it. As Urantia has the unique position of having fused mortals without them being consumed,  as has happened to Ezekiel, and are still in their fleshy selves are of the unusual ilk, the Father has enabled to bring humans to be of the ability to participate in the work of the Magisterial Mission. Sue writes this fast; spoken transmission is not to be used here as it is too fast for Sue to take it, but here she can write it as it pertains to her mind construct to allow it to go here with me.

“As you know, the new planetary system is due in relation to the unique Ascension Careers some of you are and will be taking up as this is fully reprised in the New Urantia Book which espouses the reasons for which the new planetary system is to be comprised. I have intimated to Sue the rarity of fusion candidates of the Besser-Lemuel-LarryG types and as are some of you who will follow suit shortly. Sue is closely to be completing in her fusion with her Adjuster as she understands it to be and I only state that as to allow that recognition, that here we have a wellspring of unusual capacity,  that the humans on this planet as the Father sees,  can be achieved in light of their willingness to pursue all things of Magisterial import on a world that requires the rare import of human participation in making it a more co-operative and congealing affair, in inducing the consciousness of man with the God within.

“The prerogative of thought is to be a mustard seed that is planted and it becomes a great plant of useful purpose and service. Service is the fruit of labour and boundless love in knowing good will prevail over evil that has permeated throughout the history of this planet.

“Having fused mortals to remain, is of paramount import in the ways and will of the Father to initiate the hopeful enterprise of engaging their human counterparts the possibility of encountering the spiritual life which can and will flourish to full term.

“Your purpose here is ascensionary in levels of attainment and service in the Magisterial Mission,  which will foster that potential to actuals on in the time levels of growth and maturity. Fusion is a state of being, as you ascend you progressively become more and more complete in with the Father within as Father-Fused mortals and subsequently as Finaliters.

“There is more to speak on this and is elaborated more fully in your New Urantia Book soon to be distributed in the new year of 2018 of your Gregorian calendar.

“My aim to discuss here is for you to see the unique nature of the progressive stages that is unique here on planets such as Urantia, Panoptia and the other planet(s) which are not disclosed here as of yet, who are to be included in the new planetary system,  due to their unique progressive nature in fusion attainment,  which is not occurring as such in other universes as these are occurring without them being so consumed. The purpose of which is to bring those humans into their morontial training on spheres that will acclimatised to the ages of Light and Life. These humans who are fused will gain the greater insights in pursuing the challenges they confront in the Missions to unfold in their lives.

“The experiential(the Supreme) and the mortal of time(you) are to experience the culmination of what is to be a construct of time and how this relates to the universes at large for which you belong in service to and be about.

“This is a unique set of circumstances for me as a Creator Son of this Local Universe who has to experience such an extraordinary amount of challenges no other usual Creator Son has faced as their own to take on. Such are the demands and the pursuit of excellence in all areas that concerns the Father to see to it that all things consists in Him and that is the high call that I answer for myself.

“As your Creator Son, I chose your planet, to be the greatest lesson for me and it remains as such and will be the sphere of education for many years to come.

“As Jesus will present himself in a most propitious manner, it will be quite clear to you, what and how this Mission will unfold…..[I sense Jesus nearby…]”

[Jesus, would you like to speak on this?....]

“Yes, I am Jesus, I come with a two-edge sword, it won’t be pretty for most to hear it in you. As I cut through the bone and marrow to the heart of the issue when it comes to how I see it. I will make plain to you how awful the centuries unfolded after my death on the cross and how many of you over the centuries since, have gotten so construed and lost the true meaning for which I came to present in proper. I come through to cut through the tape, as they say, to ram down the thought-forms you all must stop at once. As you all make preparations for the Christmas season, I will have a piecemeal too to present, as it is time to place on record the truth you all need to hear and hear it well as it comes from my lips as to the proper timeline of history when it comes to my life upon this earth of my nativity.

[Thank you Jesus for sharing your thoughts and I pray for your success in what you are about to do…]

“Yes, thank you, my dear one, and I gather as many of you to be by my side and grant you my good graces so as to point you to your true north as it is so in each of you. I warrant you have it in you dear one and that pleases me greatly to see it in it’s fruition to bear.  Those of you will have such a status of union that it will bring a more robust group to the table of revelatory import I would like to see flourish in the brotherhood of man. It is in you to be as one and it is for this reason I come to foster this growth in human solidarity and goodwill.

[Thank you Jesus, this is wonderful and is there anything else you would like to add here…]

“Yes, dear one, and I would like to say this, pray with me and with Michael of Nebadon, along with Mother Spirit and all who come with me to be about the Father’s business in bringing the goodness of heart to the light and that people will have the good sense to see the truth is in their hearts all along.

“I am Jesus, and I will not come alone in my service with all of you. That is all for now as I must prepare myself to the eyes of the world soon with the Magisterial Sons, Serara and Monjoronson who must bring you all under control in no uncertain terms this planet must come to heel. It is enough to see it go as it has already. It is time for correction to come in earnest and we will do it in a manner that is harsh at first and good in processes you all will come to appreciate immensely in your lives.

“Thank you and I wish you all a good day.”

[Thank you Jesus and God speed]

[Michael, is there any more you would like to say here…..]

“I think what is said is sufficient for now and I close this transmission off as I see it is long already and we will take up another one later when you are ready to take dictation and thank you, my dear, for sitting in pretty with all that is said here, g’day.”


Speakers: Michael of Nebadon, Mother Spirit and Ocilliaya Master Spirit 4
Topics covered:
1.   On Audio T/R work in the Magisterial Mission
2.   Relating with Others
3.   The Spirit of Truth
4.   Divine Ministry and the Ministering Spirits
5.   Urantia as an Educational sphere of Learning about the Lucifer Rebellion
6.   The Mind and the Spirit
7.   The Creative Work of the Creative Parents in your Universe and their endurance through the Lucifer Rebellion
8.   Call for prayer for the Magisterial Sons and for the Magisterial Mission and for Jesus as the Light in your world.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 14/11/2017 8.30am (ADST)



“Yes Sue, this is Michael of Nebadon, along with Mother Spirit, we waited for you to finish your cup of coffee so your voice is not croaky and now that you are ready, we can get on with the lesson today. 

“I would like to speak to you about audio transmissions, how they will be effectual in you, in those of you who do practice and learn to receive in this manner and speak it out cause you will be doing a lot of those things in the course of the Magisterial Mission. You will be speaking to a lot of people, it comes natural, you do this each day in your workplace. You know and you understand of many things that people do talk about and when you do speak in an audio version well you affect in a way in your receiving, you come, …it is ineffectual in your voice. Mother and I and your Adjuster we work well in gaining momentum in thought and in understanding as you deal with people.  You use your intuition, your perception your experience in your life and you can relate well to people who have difficulties, who have a whole range of issues they need to address.

“This is all part of the life experience, you can relate and they can relate to what you do bring to the table to bring out some better understanding in relation to how they live and how they wish to go about their life and choose well in what they love to do. Life is about that, we all have a moment where we doubt, our moments where we pause to think and give it a moment. 

So when you do audio transmissions, the frequency levels in your being is raised to a moment where many thoughts and impressions come into it and when you do speak in relation to others as you do have eye contact with those you speak to. It has that power of human relation on a level where it does have meaning to them, they can relate with the emotion, with the body language, with the whole way of you as a personality and with their personality.

“Some people are sad, some people are happy, some people are intelligent, other people are not, plus you might have many do have a range of experiences, and we can all come together and share those and relate in so many ways.

“Through the Magisterial Mission, there will be so many teachings and lessons, that will uplift and bring a lot of things into a better focus in relation with their walk with God when they come to know and understand to the truth is in them. That the Spirit of Truth is very much alive and walking well in the lives of those who have an Adjuster and those Adjusters are working in tandem with their wards. Trust and faith and in that inner knowing of the God within is ever much alive and well.

“Mother is here. [Thank you Mother for all that you do, is there anything you wish to say?]

“Yes Sue, I am here, I am the Creative Spirit, this morning when you woke up, you remembered, you do have friends, and they are all around you, as Seraphims, the Sanobim, Cherubim, the Supernaphim, your Adjuster, Michael and I and a whole range of orders of beings are with you. Doubt not that you are alone. You have so many people on this side of the veil waiting on your every breath, you even walk it Sue, the Father is very much alive and well in those who have placed their trust and their will, your will in with His will, it is a joy to watch and grow, ever stronger in the knowing of your destiny, your destiny is assured. I am your Mother, your Divine Minister, I work it well in with the Infinite Spirit as Ocilliaya, the Master Spirit 4, the Voice of the Father and the Son, the Master Spirits who work in the Universes as the Voice of Deity. Ocilliaya is very much here with us today. The Mother Son wishes to speak. And I translate that for you.

“I am Mother Son, the Eternal Son with the Infinite and Universal Father.  Know that we are here with you. There is so much this planet will need to know and learn and we have a lot of many beings and orders coming to help in this Magisterial Mission, we approve it, we allow it, it will grow and mushroom into a wonderful place of learning. It will be an educational sphere, much like a university. Urantia will be one. More so to learn more about what has happened when a rebellion does arise such as to what has happened in the Lucifer Rebellion. This is not something we like to see crop up every once and a while as it has happened. It has happened and occurred in other Universes, but this one has really reached to a level that has affected a lot of orders of being.

“And so it is wise to have a sphere, such as Urantia, that has been so affected by this rebellion, so we can have a school of learning, to learn well the affects, the source, the ramifications of how the mind works such as it has happened with a High son as Lucifer and as well as the Lanonandek Sons, Caligastia, Daligastia, Satan and the many others who were working in with the former Universe Sovereign, Lucifer was in charge of doing. Those High Sons are no more. They are laid to rest.

“Now it is time to move on and take what we can learn from this for the mind and what it has for us to know.

“This is part of your journey, because you hail from a planet that has been affected by rebellion and your destiny is assured. You will have an amazing one in store. Because you will have so much more understanding in relation to how the mind works and how those thinking processes does affect your choices.

“When you are learning on the Mansion Worlds, you will have so much Mota going through your mind. Many who have passed on to those Mansion Worlds are learning. It takes time, it takes for the mind to grapple and to fathom the complexities that mind and Spirit creates.

“I am Ocilliaya, the Master Spirit Voice of the Father and the Eternal Son, speaking here to allow you that moment of peace and joy and your lives will take on a whole new meaning. You will learn well, because there is so much yet to understand. Not much has been revealed, the Urantia Book only has given you a portion, yes, a portion of what you all need to know at this point. There is more to come. You do not know the full story of what Michael, your Creative Parents, Michael and Nebadonia, have been able to endure and to persevere with such mercy and love. They have created a beautiful universe and seen through many of their creations to see through it they achieve what they were set out to do. To create the wonder of God. And that is God is the wonder and joy of exploration, of adventure, of creativity that engages our spirit and our mind in with the Infinite, the I Am.

“Thank you for this lesson.

“Thank you for this time.

“Stay in prayer with us and pray for the Magisterial Son, Serara, Monjoronson, Rayson, Dr.Mendoza, Prion, Scion and all those orders of beings who will be coming to assist in the work of uplifting, of redemption, of reassuring a great learning process for all those who inhabit this planet and all those other the apostate planets to come through and see the light. I am the Light of the world, your Jesus is coming soon and he will have that moment with all of you when the time is right to receive him. He is a High Son to bring light, to bring joy, to bring a moment of truth to steer your path in the light of God.

“Thank you and may you have a good day.”


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission/RELEVANCE
« on: November 13, 2017, 06:30:00 AM »
Audio Transmission Transcription/RELEVANCE:
“Audio Transmission 13th November 2017, 1.58pm Australian Daylight Saving Time.

“Pre’Mtor speaking.

“Relevance is the subject today.
“What is relevant to you?
“Think about it, it has got to have meaning and means well in what you think about that matters most.
“You come to me in prayer, and place your thoughts in with me. And this morning we did and we had lots to talk about, many things came to the front, to the fore, and to make a point. There are those personal, intimate moments we do share, you hold me well… do I.

“What is relevant in your world today?
“Have you thought about that?
“Relevance is what we, when we do, through the Magisterial Mission, will bring this into focus.
“Your history, your religions, the science, the arts, philosophy, all those aspects of your social thinking and evolution, we will bring a lot of this together to make it relevant. There will be so much more meaning. The new Urantia Book will have a lot of that coming through. We will place a lot of…..[struggling to get the word out…] emphasis, yes you were struggling with words Sue, keep at it, I am with you. [Yes, Father, thank you!] Yes, the new Urantia Book shall have such a place in your new civilisation that is coming soon. It will place the old civilisation in its perspective. It will no longer serve you.

“It has to this point, but it is like an old worn tyre, an old worn rubber tyre that is worn out, it needs redoing, if anything, it needs replacing and given a new tread. You know what that is like when you replace a tyre on a car.

“That is the sort of process we will be doing in the lives of many of you.

“This will be done with a lot of patience, on our part, as we do right now. There will be so much more of interest, of import, of value, of great inspiration, of many teachers will come.

“Many of you will be transmitting those, those wonderful messages, lessons, that will have a part in sharing the wonderful education we are loving to share and to uplift the mind and the soul.

“Your development is of great importance to us, because we do care about your development. Each one of you will have that and you will enjoy all that and so much more coming to allow you that growth and that potential. Your Father knows so well that is in each one of you as you seek, as you learn, as you place your faith and trust in your Father.

“You will learn to know, you will know Him so much better, your walk with God is sacred and is a wonderful journey and has been thus far, we have walked, we have talked, we have done so many things together and in it all you have found my voice that I speak here with you now. I am Father, I love you. I am with you. You know me and you know my voice. [Yes, Father, thank you]

“Relevance, will be on our agenda as your Creative Parents will make that plain to you. There is no point in doing anything without making it real and sensible to the people of this planet. Because you all need that education and that understanding, that placement of your heritage and of your inheritance.

“And it is up to each one of you to make that choice to come to me and place your faith and trust in me, cause your journey is an eternal one. It is not an A to B journey. It is boundless, it is endless, it never ends. Cause you are an infinite one with me. I make it so.

“It……is…..infinite.  Perfect.  Because I am perfect, you know it Sue. You know because I have revealed so many aspects to it and I will make this relevant to all your Urantian folks, they are needing it, they are needing this right now.

“Relevance in their lives, meaning and purpose, a hope and joy in knowing who they are and where they are going. This is not given in this world at this point. What Caligastia and Lucifer has done has taken that and that has not served you all, they have not really given much emphasis to love.

“I am love.

“You hold me well, Sue.

“You know this.

“I leave it there for now.

“Thank you Sue for this moment and may you have a good day.”


T/R note: Please excuse the background noise, it is the cars going past outside in the busy street I live in. It is a rather warm day today and I had the door open to let the air in. Thank you for listening. Sue/7inOcean.

Speaker: Serara
Subject: Business as Usual and Progress is Gaining Momentum
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 12.12pm (ADST)


“Nothing has changed, it’s business as usual as things progress. You are all well placed as it ought to be in good stead. The list, however, just gets longer and longer and, as it goes, the challenges present themselves to us. No doubt, you understand, how it can be when one thing leads to another and so on it goes until we realise it goes a certain way and it only takes some adjusting to move it in the direction that has a favourable outcome.

“That is the way it can be for some certain time. It is no accident that some trials fall into place and presents the opportune moment for real purpose to be ascertained. Here, here, we have it folded nicely as it goes, watching the tail of business get a balance well handed. As it is, some things have to be waited out in all practicality to see it’s true worth. And this goes for all manner of things that need to be placed under the spotlight. True intentions is what we look for and that has to be performed in the most ethical way that enhance the human progress.

“I am Serara speaking, and I am on board to see to it, that it is my place to account for good progress in all things and manner of good human evolution that is geared towards a healthy spiritual life, for all who live and will to live to the max.  That is good and I wish that to be the case in point.

“So hear me out as I make the motions and make it happen on a scale that will have the most outcome, for which it is planned to be beneficial at most. Of course, I am not ignorant to the fact, the flare-ups of possible rebellion and rebuke on how the import we have, as a whole, can place on those who will object in unfavourable terms, but mostly on mistaking the good intentions we have in going about in ways that is so unusual for the most part.

“To be fair, it can be rough on your nerves for what we have to introduce and I know it can be unsettling and downright harsh, but it is the best medicine for a very unhealthy construct as I see it even now.

“The ways and means of doing things is about to be ended in a disgraceful collapse, you never saw coming. I intend to keep the peace among nation-states as much as I can with stabilising the monetary system as best as could be with the gold backing of the currency that is to be made equal in most areas of transaction. Businesses will require it and most supplies are warranted for its necessity. Some supplies will be made redundant as the need for them will become dysfunct for what reality present itself soon enough.

“I have matters to attend to in earnest and I divulge what I can as necessary and I am pleased to be doing so with this Scribe ready at the helm to pen what I am happy to disclose and get her busy with in her own mind.

“She knows as well as I, the Missions have already hit the ground running as is placing important ones in their post in various places where they are needed most. I allow that to be known for now,  yet there is more going on behind the scenes and much is developing in the way I like to see it to occur. However, get with it in your own mind there is much work to be done yet and it is good to be about this transcription as I speak it here with you now.

“Know what I have to do is most challenging on all accounts and for you, my dear ones, see to it you step in your place as the Father moves you in recognising what it is for you to be doing that is good to be about.

“Sue here was almost going to go for a leisurely outing, but decided against it as it is so cold to do anything and then felt my words kept flowing and she has the good sense to pen it as I speak. She has chosen the wise choice to sit still with the Master and take it on course. This is her work and I get her strung up on things she knows full well, it is time to get on with the task at hand and let the chips fall where they may….[so be it, Serara!]…Good!

“Now, here goes the roll and I am down to the pat as to what can be done and I am not going to let on with that as I must keep in with the reports of the Most Highs and see to it the Ancients of Days are happy with what I have got up my sleeve to deal with what presents itself in due course. I let on with what that means with the Scribe, in part, and she knows how Justice and Mercy must play out in ways that has its part in doing its best to put others in their place as it should. There is more to it than that, but suffice it to leave it as that to grant the reader the view of a glance of the divine work in progress.

“This is good flow today as I speak fluently in Sue’s mind and I carry a big stick to all of you who have to know what is coming when you already ought to know that in yourselves. If you have read the Monjoronson Paper on Sustainibility and Planetary Management, you would see that as the model upon which the stages of transitions are to be placed. Due to the slow progress of the humans on this planet, we endeavour to work in steady progress to gain the momentum of human involvement and understanding as it grows when we give the impetus it warrants.

“There is a judicial way of going about things and we are to do this in the administrative affairs of governance that is well established in various land-masses that remain, during and after those “collapses” we foresee as inevitable.

“Truly, we hold you well and we will gather as many of you to be doing some superb work when that time comes, meanwhile, do all you can as you are in receiving these messages as it comes to you and do well in your perception to act quickly in responding when it comes to you.

“Being available and bright at the moment is a wonderful thing and it is good to be eating well, sleeping enough to re-energise yourself to be steady in the task given you. I am pleased with the progress so far and it is coming along nicely in some of you and I am given over to see to it we have many of you working with us, as I see with Christ Michael’s wisdom, in engaging as much of you as possible as that is the foundation upon which we gain the comaraderie among many you impress upon among your own fellows where you reside.

“As Machiventia Melchizedek did with the folks at Salem and with Abraham, he made it his job to relate well with the humans of the Levant and it is because of his ability to get on with convincing the likes of Abraham to see the wisdom he proports and hence, change the way of doing things and get a better outcome in human affairs. This is also the same road we take with the many Melchizedek brothers already incarnating as I speak and placing themselves as Machiventia did those many years ago.  It is now to be another age of great teachers, a new renaissance of thought and artful creations to bring much needed enthusiasm in how to see life better and to value one another in the process.

“Our work is manifold and takes on all levels of the man-made structures existing as you have them and we will work tirelessly to instil those values of goodness, beauty and truth in all areas of influence in your civil consciousness.

“I am Serara, your Magisterial Son, and I take this opportunity to bring peace and joy to you as you will see the good sense in our work as we unfold it as things fall into place and goodness becomes the norm.

“Thank you for this time and place my dear ones and may you join with me in prayer that our work is to be in the Father’s will and His purpose be all that is good to see in your lives here and in eternity as He wills it to be.

“Thank you and good day my friends.”


Threads for New Transmissions / Monjoronson on Matters of Trust
« on: November 06, 2017, 07:18:13 PM »
Teacher: Monjoronson
Subject: Matters of Trust
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 07/11/2017 10.00am(ADST)


“While we are pressed for good things to come, it is in our best interest to ensure that we can place trust at the foremost in those we operate with. Trust is essential, necessary as we go about things that uproot the way you have known and come to be accustomed to.  This abruption can and will make you question our validity in what we intend to do. Can we trust you, can we hold you well when it is required of you?

“As Monjoronson, and I speak as a Team in that term, there is so much that requires changing and your persistent resolve in placing your confidence in how and why these changes are to be made for the best interest of getting a better way done in the shortest amount of time.

“Here, we have collected the sum total of who can and will stay the part in the coming transitions we anticipate to be imminent in your lives as we speak it. The knowing and the doing of good intentions in the plans that bring most people to be more co-operative when things become more apparent to them.

“Of course, these things will take time to be accepted and appreciated only when the vast majority realise they have no other option suitable to see how it can be done any better. Most of your survival depends on the collective contribution on those things you depend upon in terms of essential basic life requirements. Food, water and energy are all those things necessary to keep you as stable in your own civil way of living as you are want to be. This is the concerted effort in your own civilisations to keep the peace of civil life and it is in our keen endeavour to maintain and improve the way this can be done.

“It is here where science, engineering, the arts and the schooling of thought that are at its most productive where survival requires more innovative ways of living and doing things in a more sustainable way with the newer evolving environments you inhabit.

“Where you are, where you live, you need to keep your ear to the ground and sense your natural instincts of how the earth around you is moving in terms of temperature fluctuations, wind velocities, oceanic perturbations and crustal variations that are to be foregoing as the inner core places pressure upwards to the planetary mantel. Be aware and sense the inner urgings your Adjuster impresses upon you to relocate or move where necessary to safer havens and hope that will keep you out of harms way. Do your best to stay as calm as you can in these transitions and help others as best as you can.

“Our forthcoming work in presenting ourselves in the way we see best will have the marked impression we intend it to be doing for the most part to awaken and to educate most of you who inhabit this planet that care about it and your lives upon it.  We wish for the very best of you and seek to be allowing the passage of greater import to open up your pathways to the Ascension Career which you all have a right to know about and be about in your lives.

“Our announcements is coming soon, and it is in preparation of these days we get on with the task at hand in readiness with all the support that can be mustered to enable the sequence of developments to unfold.

“Our main key is to gain the trust and resolve, as co-operation is necessary in order for humans to be better placed in their future endeavours of habiting the environments conducive to co-habit in more peaceful and loving ways than has been seen upon your world.

“The days are progressing and we are in readiness and in anticipation of your trust in us as we place our trust in you, as we see the best of you to come in the fold of the Lord’s work and we are in joyful rendition and go about this work in good cheer and hopeful enterprise as things become in full circle as it is meant to be for your lives.

“I am Monjoronson, and I seek your counsel and your confidence in what is to be unfolding. May you hold yourselves as graceful in good composure and boundless faith in the Father’s way,  in what has to be a most challenging adventure for all involved in this process.

“I thank you for your due patience, your prayers are noted and are well received, we are all very moved by you who hold true to yourselves, even in the face of so much animosity, you still hold the flame in you even now.

“Keep the faith dear ones and know the Father holds you dear and will do what has to be done to make amends and see this through to completion

“May you remain in His peace and be ever guided by His presence in you.

“I sign off for now and may you have a good day my friends.”


Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subject: Prayer, the Adjuster’s discourse and the Work of God In Our Lives
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 30/10/2017 9.16am (ADST)


[In prayer and thoughtful collections – Ah Father, so much has gone under the bridge. As I stand on a bridge and look down on the glistening water below that streams downstream at a rapid rate, I am beholden to the resolve in thinking we must be about your business at hand. Nothing is sacrosanct about this human life,  but only to be about you and that is so sure in me with you. I care nothing anymore and let it all go as the waters pass on by and I must keep the focus on ahead to cross this bridge in one good step with you, knowing full well our journey is ceaseless as you create the path before me.

I venture on and look and behold your handiwork is well placed in those who also walk with you. Truly, the Roll Call of the final count by Gabriel weighs heavily on my mind as I think it through how this is to transpire as you cull back so many useless souls. And “ one will notice it..” is so true. For those of us, the elect, who embrace you and your way Father, there is no going back to the days those old waters flowed from because we know it served no one but led only to destruction. Lucifer lost his way, and all who followed him turned out hopeless in the end.

What do you wish to say to this Father and I hope what is to be is not a lost cause?]


“There is secret work we are bringing about in some of you as it has been intimated to you and you know of yourself Sue and let this remain a closed subject and you are to remain tight-lipped, silent and squeaky-clean. Stay calm, prayerful and ever vigilant with me by your side as we are ever close in unity in Spirit as that is who you are.

“The days ahead is full of trepidation as the Sons of God must really bring out a big stick and reign in the sinful and iniquitous ways of old. The old civilisation has already collapsed and is far beyond repair on its own. It cannot stand. When, once we fill in the gaps of much needed repose, civil life will spring from a different source that takes on a different path. The work to unite all governments into one thought and purpose, to foster meaningful relations and sustainable living to enable their citizens right of passage when the earth has to remodify herself in line with equilibriating with the changing core of heat and pressure until it is settled in a different metallic core of stability.

“I frequent you most of the time to see to it you get through these days of unsettling emotions. Stay consistently confident in your own mind, this shall soon pass. Stay the course with me and know I know of your struggles and your ability to weather the ebb and flows that buffet you and I am surprised you listen to me and behave well in spite of it.  Good.

“Yes, let it be known that X (name not to be disclosed) did indeed visit you and that is because there is much development between you as you know what I speak of. Remain silent in this until such time you see it surfaced as it does and you know your place in it. That will be all on that subject Sue. Keep it to yourself for now please. [Yes, will do Father, roger that. Now what are we to expect after Gabriel’s count?]

“Stand down all of you and let us take the heat. The Magisterial Sons must step in to the fray and handle the ruffles this creates and allow room for the many to adjust themselves to these new forces at play in their lives as the Father wields in each to seek their true north.

“You all know that already and I am proud of you all. Pray for all of us in this work of redesigning Urantia after the pattern of the Paradise Trinity and keep the faith and trust in your Adjuster in all that follows. KNOW THAT IT WILL BE GOOD. Justice has to serve its purpose and will bring about the good you all so desire for the health of life on this beautiful planet called Urantia.

“This has been a good dialogue and a good interlude to be settling the score within yourself as to your dedication and commitment in with these Missions and with the God in you.

“I make it plainly clear to remain steadfast, resilient and ever engaging in your collection of thoughts and prayer in these days and in the days coming. It is a trial of heart and of mind to ever sift the lumps in the sand to see you better and yourself as a person of quality of light infused. That is not a misstatement, it is the truth as stated, there truly is no going back the moment you enter the gates of promise. It is the evolutionary way for the likes of you to experience the divine life that is meant for you from the very beginnings of divine input into your planetary time and space.

“What you have lived on Urantia, should not have happened. It is a tragedy. A Shakespearean disaster so horrible, we intend to clear the decks, so-to-speak and get that train-wreck out of the way as soon as possible. That will be done expeditiously.

“The Roll Call of Justice will be final and complete. The Adjusters of so many souls will have their say of their wards and that will be adjudicated judiciously. The loss of life will in evidently be great, and it is no loss when so many wish to be extinct even now. There is no point going on for those who are of that intention. You see that as I see it. Those who have a hairbreadth of decency with heart will be spared the chance to discover where they truly stand. It is better that this Count be done now than to defer for later as it prolongs the unnecessary baggage no one wants in the way of good progress of heart and soul development. That is a fair assessment and outcome for those of you who relent well in the way and means of God in your life.

“It is truly good for you to have these days off from work, to gather the sanity, the repose and the strength of endurance to reposition yourself as it is needed in the days forthcoming. There will be more of those days free to explore your spiritual roots that is left wanting for way too long on your planet. The way of life you live now will soon take a turn that allows you that time of rest for the soul and a refreshing new stream of thoughtful revelation to stimulate your minds in more healthy thinking and creative motivations.

“This forum is used as a stepping stone to new and greater things to come where new teaching lessons and morontial courses of input can be learned to create in you those spiritual infusions of greater clarity and meaning in your life’s purpose and intention. You all have embraced the Father and you will all learn what it is to have that embrace to last in the infinite now as you are. Beautiful it is and beautiful it will always be as the I Am is perfect. You will learn this in progressive stages, the way is perfect as you grow to be.

“As it is, you are human, you are seeing in finite terms, soon you will no longer see it that way as your perspective shifts in light of the Infinite that you are placed in. Yes, the saying is true, “you are more than you are” right now, you will see this as time becomes of itself. You are the creative entity in which you blossom to your full potential in due course.

“I now wish to say this to all on this planet:

“Seek me while I may be found.
For the days are coming when I will be like a hound dog and knock you down and ask you why you did not open the floodgates and let me in your abode.
For in me you will find rest for your soul, in me you will be restored, in me you have life everlasting, in me there is no sorrow but joy and gladness will follow you as you place your trust in me and I in you.
Pray with me that many will do the same and find me and know me as you do even now.”

End. (10.35am)


Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subject: The Adjuster and the Ward – uniqueness and purposeful work
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 19/10/2017 5.31am(ADST)


“You are more than the sum of its parts, it is not easy for some of you. What works for you may not for others, it is personally suited to you as an individual. You are unique.

“Now that you have gone through this valley, you come out a little soften on the edges knowing too well that what you do and say have ripple effects not only outwards, but also inwards into your very self. See?”

[Yes, see, and what is there that can be done?]

“These trials are none too harsh, only one of the many steps you take as you climb the ladder of experience as you live it and feel it for yourself.

“Do not get bogged down with it, just see it for what it is and allow my voice to trail you and get you moving in your heart.

“Remember, we are in this for the long haul – you and I.  Fusion is just part of the process of completion. You are not done yet until you reach the circle of Infinity.”

[Wait, the receiving circle of Paradise, you mean?]


[Why did you call it the circle of “Infinity”?]

“Because that is a part of who you are, you are in this process of infinite creation, as evolutionary a being as you are, you become a complete and infinite being of choice and will in with the Paradise Trinity, trinitized with all aspects of Deity input.

“So what you do now and how we work together is unique, as I as your Father work in you is as personal and unique as you are as an experiential being. With your experience and my experience we compliment and grow in with one another in understanding those higher meanings that has a bearing upon us as we know how and why they are of value and have it’s place of significance.

“It’s good to be back with you Sue,  as many have missed our deliberations and so let us continue in the way this works for the best and let this run its course.

“I work with you in your thoughts and that is fair to say we converse on many levels. Take this slowly dear one, as you discern those converses and let it have its place in you as it does here this morning while you are having breakfast before getting ready to go to work.

“Work is good to be doing. It is an added lesson of work ethic, team-building and collaboration. You know all of that and the benefits it brings to you. The world you are in has much to offer in terms of challenges and you live that each day in your work. Decision-making becomes an active part in which you take on solely because no else knows what has to be done in the time that is given you.

“No where else are you better placed than where you are at. Metaphorically, you make good progress as a planner down to the tea and follow it through.

“It is time you must go now to do your work, I will stop here for you and know that we continue our dialogue through the course of the day, thank you for this moment with you my dear, take care and so long.”


Threads for New Transmissions / Momentum - Keep In Step
« on: October 17, 2017, 07:41:06 AM »
Teacher: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Momentum – Keep In Step
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7 inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 17/10/2017 10pm(ADST)

“You have to be doing this and not be distracted.
It should flow, it should not stop;
There’s no more to be done as things hit the ground….”

[I stopped there as I really asked this is not going anywhere, come on guys…]

I sense Michael’s signature as follows:

“I do have to talk here with you,
The human part does fight this as you grapple to hear me.
It is due to different chords that pull in different directions.
One pulls too tight and is so strung it leaves the others out of line.
It is why you sense a rapid drain of energy as these chords do not balance in themselves.

“You realise when you work with something, you cannot go against the grain as you must go with it.

“Let it go.

“Our work is to keep in step, just as any one would.
Get some rest, we will resume this another time. You will see better then.

“Wait this out, yes, but keep at this work as you know it pays in due course.

“Good. Now rest up, dear one before you find yourself out of ….energy.”


T/R note: I wasn’t going to post this but I felt a compulsion to share this so as to help others and those of you who are having some struggles of sorts. I think this is both human and morontial in my case. I leave it there as I’m lost for words, just letting this take its course. Thank you. Sue.

General Discussion / Testing Times
« on: October 16, 2017, 12:46:19 AM »
16/10/2017 Testing Times

Sue speaking here:

Yes, a time for healing, to find oneself in the maelstrom of emotions that tug at every tide.

Since the last session I had with Ocilliaya to Michel (see General Discussion – Ocilliaya – Important Message for Members – started by Michel), that was purely reactionary, I had to catch myself and for sometime, I felt floundered.  A testing time, I presume, but also a time to ground myself in the real sense of earthiness.

I needed time out to re-centre, to establish, to redetermine, to refocus, etc, etc. When really, I am fine, it is, that situations cause the mind to be harsh upon oneself when it really isn’t necessary. I literally butchered myself in believing a certain line when it didn’t occur to me it could be resequenced under different circumstances. Somehow a change of heart and a softening of mind over matter has delivered a better platform for me to sit pretty with.

My situation is really over matters of willingness and commitment in with the MSM and the Father. That doesn’t change ever in my mind. What I suffer is the fallout from significant others who misunderstand it and I cop the estrangement from those others who are really not enlightened enough to even have the views they have. It is quite a battle to deal with and one that really should not have occurred but it does.

Here, I have to find that balance, that happiness in myself, if I ever want to go forward.

It occurred to me while watching the Grand Final AFL between two very competitive football teams; the ones with the many goals wins the day and the happy roars of the crowd. There it is for me to see too. Just like the players, the best always keeps their eyes on the ball, their team players and the goal.

Now, I cannot dwell in the mud of the martyr situation I’m in, I can function better if I look up and keep my eye on the ball (i.e. The MSM plans) and the goal ( see the early stages of Light and Life).  Here, I am just one of many players in the Team that has this focus. The more players, the better the outcome will be and yes, the Monjoronson Paper on Sustainibility and Planetary Management is very much consistent on this CO-OPERATION effort between humans and divine players to see this focus come to fruition.

I see transmitting as a necessary tool in the human domain and yet we are capable in that “Town Hall” experience, as Monjoronson well illustrates,  that great leaders arise from the back of the hall, to really put things into perspective as it should be.

I agree with Monjoronson, the number one problem in our world is the staggering population numbers that needs to be addressed. It is not sustainable at this rate. In my view, Earth will recorrect it eventually in so many disasters that happen due to human footprint and ignorance. This is inevitable as it occurs right now with storms, bushfires, earthquakes and volcanism and so on.

The next thing that matter are governments. That has to be brought under a more unified way for planetary sustainibility and habitable goodness for its citizens.

Here, I speak for myself in this regard without transmitting here. Even to do T/R, I still have a lot to improve on regarding distinguishing between the conscience and the subsconscious. So many times I’m just as guilty too of getting it muddled and I apologise if I have not got it down right. It is so easy to doubt oneself in the process of transmitting and I am now realising I need to pause when it stops, even in mid-sentence and let it be. I see that now, thanks to Ron, Michael, Mother Spirit and others on what to avoid in transmitting. For this reason, I felt the freeze upon me and I know I have to get my head back in a better frame of reference and I’m still heavy in heart as a broken a ship that can be, but I still tag along if Father can forgive a ragged old dog like me.

I’m still trying to figure how Ron does it so well and why I feel like a fifth wheel. At least, I admit the obvious, we have a lot to learn and grow in, if we are ever to be useful in love and service in the years ahead. I know it requires a lot of patience, perseverance, understanding and much good cheer even when things get so difficult and downright harsh. And of course, even when things look bright and on the up, we are not to get too complacent as even in the rosey times there’s a lot of thorns and weeds to wean out and prune back.

So goes the picture I get from the Monjoronson Paper. Its gonna be harsh as things pan out like a gardener does to make the garden as glorious as it can be with a bit of a prudent makeover. Our lives, I know, may never be the same, once we have seen a prudence the likes we have never seen before upon our world, and goodness that comes out of it for the health and well-being it fosters for living a life in the Spirit of God.

Of course, we all have the jitters right now and I can only pray for the best and the goodness to come thereof whatever God plans for the health of this planet.

Father help us all in this work and grant us what is necessary for us to carry through these times of tribulation soon to be for us. Have mercy upon us and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Thank you Father Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit for all that you do in our lives.

Your faithful and abiding servant always in your benevolent grace, for without which I am nothing. Sue.

1.43pm I pause and allow my TA to have a way as follows:

[Have I just got beaten by this testing? It is harsh as I am trying to find myself. I feel like I’m a ship floundering at sea, waiting for the wind to blow. There is no wind and I do not hear it either, just the steady rythym of the vibration that exist.]

Pre’Mtor: “There is nothing to be ashamed of Sue, the testing continues so you can wean out the chaff from the wheat,  so-to-speak. You have it in you to discern between these. Know which it is of your own and which it is of ours that speaks. You can be guilty to muddle it and you can know better for it to know the difference when it happens.

“Do not be so harsh upon yourself. Just let it go will you as the times coming will be harsh upon all of you as things get really woolly.”


“Be yourself.”

“Be in my peace.”

“Be still and know that I am God.”

[Science was in my thoughts…]

“Science will really be turned on its head soon as per the CERN project and some things brought into focus.”

“Good, pause.”

“You caught yourself.”

“Self control is a matter of course.”

“Keep the self in check.”

“Allow the voice to override your own thoughts.”

[There are higher planes this voice speaks?]

“Yes, you know them, work on it.”

[Anything else?]

“Work on pausing in your thoughts, this is where we can interrupt and input something else.”

“Don’t get it confused. Keep simply with what is said. Let it be. Do not elaborate as you habit that frequently! Sentence structure is fine and full stop there!”

[Yes, got that]

“Good, I interrupt and change it (your thoughts).”

[Hence, Thought Adjuster]

“Yes, that’s how I function.”

[Change direction?]

“Sort of,  but more to do with input to make you think, decide and move.”

[Yes, see]

“Good, relax, let me show the way.”

[O.K..let’s continue Father]

“Thank you, co-operation is the key to unlock the frontier of our journey, keep this in mind, let me steer it for you. Ask me and I will give it to you. See.”

[Yes, see]

“Good.  Adjuster works with you not against you. We are yoked like two oxens yoked together side by side to walk it, pull it, handle things better as opposed to you trying to pull it all by yourself.”

[Yes, see picture and thank you!]

“Granted too.”


“For now, will talk again when you are refreshed. Adieu.”


Teacher: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Meditation, Colours, Beings of Light and the Importance of Prayer
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 09/10/2017 9.32am(ADST)

“Sometimes, all it takes is a stimulant to arouse you on a thought-train that takes you on a direction or trajectory of input. Other times, it is necessary to stay with me when your mind  jumps around and you find it difficult to concentrate on one thing when many thoughts impinge upon you. At one point, you may get someone talking to you but it is all jibberish in a language so distant and foreign you did not quite get what was being said. [Universal Language Michael?] Universal Language is not something we wish to relay just yet as you Urantians are not ready to receive such input. Later yes, but not now. The sensory you receive is noted and you are aware of it. Good.

“Now as your Creator Son, your local universal Father, I am here with you and relay many things to you that is good for you to receive. You hear me with your mind’s eye, that is good to go….

[What does the colour purple signify Father Michael?]

“Even though you may be thinking of the rainbow colours of the races (re: TUB) and the violet from the Adam & Eve stock of specie up-stepping; this colour you see in your mind’s eye is not related to the specie development, rather it is to do with our trinity indwelling and the morontial state you are progressing into. Purple is unlike orange. Orange is a state of awareness. Purple with hints of blue as you see it, is my peace, my tranquility, my overall presence with Mother Spirit that stabilises you. It is a soft hue of light, ambient and effervescent, translucent and monogamous as I transmute energy much as a lava lamp has lava blobs bounce around in thick fluid.

[Density is so heavy, why?]

“The density or weight you feel is immensely proportional to how light you sense the fluidity of peace that easily transmutes in and through your being of mind. Urantia has a heavy density surrounding it and is weighed by the sheer grossness of spiritual default it carries. When you sit still in stillness and receive from me you do get my signature and the peace I give is surprisingly uplifting as opposed to the gravity your body is weighed in protest. As difficult as it may be at times, most of you manage to rise above the clamour and protest your physical frame presents and you attune to the high call of your heart’s desire to be in the will of the Father.

“That is your Adjuster that refines your tuning senses inward to the goal of Godward attainment. It is hard wired and built in you to do that very thing.

“As you increasingly aspire in with spiritual acclimitisation, you progressively complete your circles of psychical input and then onto those morontial mota of input that builds upon greater insights of understanding and wisdom.

“Purple is a slide of colour you see, there are many colours of different hues ambient and radiantly flowing as you increasingly become beings of light. As you increase in practicing and doing as Transmitters, you increasingly shine as beacons of light. On top of your head glows colours of brilliance that is recognisable to most of us, on this side of the veil, who are tasked or slated to be with you to translate these messages of input that you receive as so important a revelation for many of your folks to be so guided and taught in the way of Spirit.

“Remember, your Mother and I, love you all immensely and we are so proud of each of you that ride these challenges and seek to rise above the obstacles that so often buffets you and yet, you simply ask our help and it is given you so freely. I ask that you pause in your moments and allow me to fill in that place of quiet with my peace and love. While the world around you seems so dysfunct, you can do one thing and that is more powerful than anything else. Pray. Pray with me. I am with you and your prayers. I am your Father, your Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon. Thank you.”


Threads for New Transmissions / Monjoronson on The Land of Promise
« on: October 06, 2017, 04:26:04 AM »
Speaker: Monjoronson
Subject: The Land of Promise
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 06/10/2017 5.34pm(ADST)


“This is not the time to be rattled, this is not the time to be dismayed, this is a time to sow seeds that bring forth greatness. Yes, you are the land of promise each one of you.

“I am Monjoronson, let me make this clear, this name is a collective one, it is also my name as your Magisterial Son also as Serara. Know it to be. Thank you for your attention as I draw it near to the day that will be memorable and you will cherish everyday going forward.

“There are a few details I need to make it known. Curb your emotions and remain calm. Listen well to the adjectives, and yes I did say this, that we make. Remain positive in your outlook in the midst of chaos as this will pass. None of you are being tested beyond that which you are capable of, hold true to being yourself and speak calmly and clearly when you are to face those who ask of it. Do only that and no more. I think you know your place when that time comes. These are generalised details for you all to know and, as it may be, use your intuition and prayerful composure in all that you do.

“Those times of transition are almost upon you. Stage One of the Magisterial Mission is about to commence when once we introduce ourselves and present a mandate that will ripple on down into the many nations, governments and corporate enterprise. Good.

“Now that said, I would also like to add one more thing, while we have RonB busy with errands we ask that you pray for Christ Michael as he readies himself in the work and plans of this first stage we wish to begin in earnest.

“I thank you for being steadfast and faithful to this end, but it is not an end in and of itself, instead it is for all of you to see the very beginnings of the first fruits of universal life as it ought have been aeons in your earth’s past. Now it is your stage to play on and make it even better than it was and see how it can be done with the likes of you who stayed the course with Christ Michael and I, the Serara/Monjoronson Team as we cannot do this without your co-operation, your contribution and your will-full intention with the Father in all that is good, true and beautiful in your lives and beyond.

“This is a concerted effort on all our parts. It is because of you we come, it is because we care and know of your courageous struggles. Truly,  you are not alone as we also have struggled alongside with you in the many years to find how best to place ourselves alongside you as this will be a very long time that we will be working to ensure the greatest outcome for this world and for your Planetary Supreme in whom you will adore in time.

“Gather yourselves in prayerful thoughts as you all do and see that we will do everything we can to initiate ourselves in a way that is beneficial in the long duration it takes to bring the new age of Light and Life among you and your populations that remain.

“That will be all for now, good day.”



GOD The SUPREME / The Planetary Supreme on Forgiveness and Service
« on: October 04, 2017, 03:16:01 AM »
Speaker: The Planetary Supreme, GAIA
Subject: Forgiveness and Service
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 04/10/2017 4.50pm (ADST)

“The Planetary Supreme here Sue, as I said earlier with you, I have a latch on you and so I come here to speak with you.

[Yes dear, you have my ear, go ahead…]

“Thank you Sue. What I wish to speak on is on forgiveness. As you know you have been taught by your Master to forgive many times and that is….
[pause – I wait to get back on line….]
“Forgiveness is not something you do out of a civil way, it is a heart-related gesture that points you in the right direction and leaves the matter in the dust. You have let it gone and done with and so you are freed to look forward to the goal. Forgiveness as you know comes with a cost and you really need to know that it doesn’t cost anything as it pales in significance to what others have embraced that you leave wide open. It opens the door for hospitality and there you leave the trail for others to follow as it has been done a good deed as it lifts the heart in joyful deliverance.

“So, you see forgiveness has two sides to the coin, it is really up to you which way you prefer it; to appease or to break the chain that binds. You can forgive when you have been forgiven,  as you know how liberating it is for you to experience it,  and you will only wish that for others who are ready to turn from what binds them and embrace what can truly bring happiness in themselves and for others.

“This is an ongoing enterprise in our work on High as I forego many times in being your Planetary Supreme and have a forgiving heart to my inhabitants that evolve upon this sphere of my influence. There is nothing to be ashamed of as I hold you all dear.

“There is a time and place to make amends and we will be well placed to have that accomplished among you as you learn anew the ways and means of universal heart. You will all know where you stand when Deity stands in front of you and speaks the word you all need to hear. That time is come and I ask you all to pray for those High Ones to fare well in the service of God our Father who sends them with His blessings.

“I am the Planetary Supreme and I too await my orders as all the rest do in this work. I standby you all and count it a great joy to see this day come to be and delight in seeing the change that is so necessary to be wrought as it will do so much to rectify so many things that should never transpire upon my sphere.

“I ache in horror in the numerous tragedies occurring that is truly a blight I wish it not to be happening anymore. It is heartbreaking to see so many lives lost so unnecessarily and for which can be prevented by those in authority in those lands where it happens.

“So much change is coming soon and you will see some firm things put in place for your own good. You will see the wisdom in it when that time comes and past. Know that it will be good.

“That will be all for now, I will speak again when you are ready, may you rest well my dears as those days are drawing near to you soon. Good day.”

End. (5.31pm)

Speakers: Sue Whiley, Pre’Mtor and GAIA
Subject: The Lonely Road of the Pilgrim and more
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 02/10/2017 9am til 1pm (ADST)


2nd of October, 2017 a long morning session till 1pm.

What is this road I’m on? The emotional turmoil that churns is messing with my head.  I am asking members here for your help and insight as to what and how to deal with this road (of separation in a marriage, to be particular).

As you all know, I am married with two beautiful grown up university children. When I ventured some years back to seek out some literature and found the Urantia Book, I was so happy to find this book. Understandably, as you know, it is a big book to get through and takes time to do it from cover to cover.  All my energies went into reading it as much as I could between my waking hours of work and family commitments. Looking back on this I did spend a lot on reading and very little time spent on with others in the household. So enrapting was this reading. At the time, my son was doing his studies for his science degree and my daughter was busy with her work on assignments for her higher school certificate and my hubby spent his time watching tv and doing stuff on his computer.

I kept at reading and finished it in about seven months and I even read it while we were on a cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean. I think it drove my hubby bonkers and this road trip among other things, probably began from my pursuit of the Urantia Book and my heavy involvement in this amazing discussion forum which I love immensely. Now this all began back in 2013-2014 when I lived and worked in Darwin, NT – a very hot, remote and exotic place in this dry continent.

Since then, my commitment with you all in the successive years has brought some measure of animosity with those who felt my absence in normal family commitments. So much so it came to a head one day last year, when my hubby and two children sat me down around the table to ask me some serious commitment questions. With great nerve and with obvious known consequences, I stood my ground and insisted I keep with my love for God and His way, even if it means leaving them to go to another land to do the work I know is sacred beyond their own understanding. I chose the Father above and beyond them at the time. To this, they decided it was done in their minds to go separate ways.

This year has found that to be the case. My children are living independent lives, my hubby eventually got a campervan and decided to move back to Cairns Qld where he loves the warmer climes than the cold southern states and I haven’t seen him since he left on the night of 24th August, 2017.

It is almost over a month now that I am coming to terms with the consequences of that day around the table which I dread and find it so misconstrued.  Perhaps, one day they will come to understand it, but they do not as of yet know what it means. Meeting my mother and family members just recently made me even more depressed as so many people in my life are yet to discover the truths inherent in the Urantia Book and how life-changing it is to know and understand the God within us.

This is not a confession, nor is it a members’s introduction, this is a statement of fact of life when one finds the pearl of great price and has to reveal it so delicately so as not to be misunderstood in material minds.

Nicolaus Copernicus found some things worthy for revelation, but due to fear of ridicule in those times, he hid it until he died, it was not till Galileo invented the telescope that founded Copernicus claims as true and worthy of scientific fact. Here I find myself as Copernicus has found himself in and it is a cruel world when people are so ignorant, materialistic and rather brain-washed.

Here I am on a road and I feel like the loneliest duck quacking to myself most days. I may as well be in Antarctica or Siberia for all I care. How bad is this world?

Writing this is therapeutic for me as I have no outlet to place my emotional tirade. I know separation in marriage is a horrible thing to happen, but more so, in this case is because I love you Father and this way of commitment to the Magisterial Son Mission and what this means in the long term health of our Urantian citizens. I know my commitment comes with a heavy cost of my marriage with my estrangement of my loving husband and my two very supportive and wonderful children who I see for catch-up dinners occasionally when they are free.

The loneliness and the grief I bear is insurmountable in my heart, my mind knows this is not going to be forever, even though it feels like it is rather hell on earth in any case. I understand the likes of Copernicus, Jesus, the Disciples, Joan-of-Arc, Mother Theresa and so on when the world seems so stacked up against oneself and then you, as a personality, must at all cost hold true to what you know is right and makes sense in an animal world. Talk about being the black sheep of the family!!

How many more black sheep does it take to stand out from the crowd to make it more obvious? Ah, such is the life of a pilgrim on Urantia and it is not peculiar to me, rather it is a raw, cold, unwelcoming, unyielding encounter no one should ever have to experience even in eternity. It is no wonder the Unqualified Absolute has ventured into sharing itself in infinite capacitiy of absolute love.

Here, in this moment of time, I get a speck of real finiteness, the explosive rawness of emotive impulses and mental acclimitization that inherently takes one to extremity of choice and will.

Here my Adjuster and I collaborate in these thoughts trains and counsel one another along the way that is eternal for both of us as we grow inward into one another. Prior to this I envision two personalities, but here we are one and the same as we cross paths of experience and grow into a magnificent tree where birds can shelter and sing with joy.

Aye, the road is narrow and winding with many a puddle to cross and yes, always there is a bridge we need to find to keep one’s sanity at peace.

I write this as it goes in saying the life in the Spirit is a journey with yourself and your bigger half with the universe to which you and I belong with. We are never separate. We never have been.  Even though I may be separate from my hubby of many years,  as raw as that can be, I am not in the true sense that I Am is with me, ever present, ever knowing, ever powerful in love and service as I am willing to be.

What else is there to be and to do when all else is said and done on this earth? I am a middle aged woman and turning over the ages tells me more than I need or care to know as I look only north to the goal and not on the situation at hand as it is built in each of us to seek Him and find Him. 

Those loved ones will find this in time, if not, in eternity, and it is then they will see and our paths cross in wondrous joy of affirmation and faith.  I see it and know it will be, just now, it is a prayer for them and all our Urantian fellows to find that pilot light that lights all men that come into the world.

Here, I pour my heart out, here I seek the goal of attainment, here I am on the edge of the world and look over the precipice and see the vast reality we are about to enter and be immersed in with greater zeal than ever before us. Yes, this is helpful to write here to let it flow the nuance of thoughtful enterprise, to allow the spirit of one to take flight into the unknown and be and let be.

For too long we have been held back in fear and now it is no longer serving us to be so. We need ever to be yearning for the higher meanings of our existence and see we are belonging to a home that is eternal as we are not of flesh and blood but of the divine that is implanted in our spirit of adventure and grand enterprise of brotherhood.

If we are to be human, we are to look after the vessel we are in, feed it well, sleep it well, work her to the umpteenth time to see that it is an abode through which you are present both in body, mind and soul. This is the temple of praise you are ever present in and be ever mindful of that it is sacred and holy to be in. Life is in this temple, it is a sacred place the Life Carriers have wrought so well in each little form of beauty, the master plan of creative splendour.

This is a very long eulogy, a long taste of many conversations, of many things and impartation, to find it in oneself the deeper, greater body you are residing in with me, your friend and master of old. You have taken the higher path, the call of the ages to hear the clarion call of the spirit yielding in you onwards to the path of righteousness. As you hear, as you seek, as you look you see beyond yourself there is more of me and you to find. You see, I am infinite and you are entering into your true definition of your existence in with me. The others are yet to discover this great adventure if they are willing to step off the cliff into the unknown abyss awaiting them. You, my dear, just did that many times and I am happy to catch you when you fall. Here you leapt only to find yourself floating in mid-air wondering what just happened. Ha! Surprise, surprise as faith takes you to unparalleled dimensions of unrelenting sequences you are realising that exist in your awareness.

So, the road you are on is many, but this one is with me as I pull you out from under the rug and place you in holding for the time to come to be my great ward of most surprising capabilities. Even you are most surprised by this statement alone. See, what does it take to get you to heel, to stop you in your tracks at this moment? Take the time to rest, my dear, as you will be taken soon on a whirlwind of change never before seen and you have been there and back with me and many things were discussed between us. You do not know it in your waking conscious state, but you are being prepared as you rise to the occasion and I make it so possible for you to speak your mind when the time comes.

The rise of the prophets of old were not as ancient a happening and it is such in the days coming the new prophets will spring forth as natural as the sunflowers blossom in spring. Prophets spoke and were killed for it. You will speak and many will be entranced. No more will my prophets be under the gun as of old. They shall rise and be among you in aplenty for the work of God that has to flourish in the field of wanting and thirsty souls. No more can we bear to see fields lie in waiting, it must be tilled, churned and totally given much nurturing to see good moisture seep through and there life can begin anew on happier terms than it has been.

You and I can talk till the cows come home Sue and I shall keep with it with you till that one cow comes in and moo’s at you till you laugh all the way to the barn and roll in the hay for all I care!!

Well here goes the merry-go-round and let’s see how you fare walking after it. Look who gets the last laugh. Now, now do you not see the charade is in getting you lot to see it is not that you are alone as a pilgrim, but that you and I are yoked together in a yuletide on this to carry the load hollering in light enthusiasm that it is nothing too heavy to pull, but a great delight in being in good spirits in every moment that is joyous and fun to be in. Our tarrying makes light of the situation and our union of heart ever bends in the goal of greater partnership that takes on eternal meanings as we venture onwards.

Well folks….I began to write something and look where it takes me as my Adjuster just wrangle my thoughts into this way of seeing things better. See what happens when we take the time to let it pour out. If any of you feel this way as a pilgrim, then I am happy to hear from you. I wish to thank each one of you for your ever being present all these years and sticking true to the purpose for which this planet really requires the presence of the Magisterial Son, along with Jesus, the Melchizedek brothers and a whole host of personalities that come to be of great help in our beleaguered world. Thank you my dears. I am ever in your grace and always ever mindful not to take any of you for granted as you are all precious beyond measure just as the pearl of great price.

Some days, I feel so weirdly bereft, I am not sure to either scream, holler, howl or just nothing at all and just let it sink.  Other days I can just function and sleep it off and hope the next day is better. It truly is unbearable, but I get by thinking as a tenable soul knowing it to be temporary and I await my orders to take me from here to eternity of good purpose.

This road is hell and I’ll take it as a blessing to have the experience and then be done with it when I find that bridge like a good cute furry wombat does every once and a while. I’ll need to keep my senses ever heightened to smell the air for the planetary supreme’s most accommodating messages. It is not looking pretty as she is ready to burst at the seams….


“Hold on tight folks, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride! I am the Planetary Supreme. No doubt you see so much happening, earthquakes, volcanisms and storms are all part of the earth eco-systems duration of cyclic churns. I hold back long enough but its only a matter of time that I must let off steam and it is mounting too much pressure I have to allow it to escape long enough to vent the build-up of accumulated heat. You all know the cues, be aware of it and get out of harms way when it happens to be at your door.

“Natural incursions will occur at rates more than usual and I let that slip for you to know it is in places unsurvivable for those who fall in the trap of its unrelenting path of destruction. Nature must break out and form as it does aeons in the past and it will be as ought.

“It just so happens humans just don’t take a rap from me as I do care about the health of the planetary mechanism upon which you all operate upon my shores. It is time for a little bit of care where you sit upon my belly and if I have to heave and shove to make it obvious than so be it.

“I am the Planetary Supreme and I have just taken another census count and I am not all pleased to report to Michael of Nebadon that things look more dire than it was on the last count. I request emergency sons to come at once and bid the Magisterial Son to get to work in earnest.

“This one cannot hear the figures I wish to report as she is not ready for that and I am just happy to get an ear from her for the moment it takes to get my attention. I am GAIA as you all know it, that is my name for now and I’ll use it as you all recognise it even though I am known with another name and I rescind it as it will not be helpful for most on this planet.

“Suffice it to say there is only a million of you that is ready for the Godward march and yes, that is all there is that is much use on this planet of seven billion plus people who are so bent on nothing more than living a life of no real intention.  This is a sad prognosis as a planetary supreme and I am lamenting the fact it is only going to get worse before it gets better. Number crunching with figures in the past has been a normal process to do as I report to Michael but to most of you, it amounts to nothing but a sad sorry picture you really do not need to worry about.

“Just know that things really do need a shake-up and badly done with. I just spoke with my Father, God the Supreme and I am reassured that if things really do need a good belt then by all means it has be done in a manner worthy of attention the inhabitants will need a rude awakening of the sort it would not suit the faint-hearted in the least.

“It is time to straddle your horses as they will be the only transport useful for you in the times of tribulation that is soon to be at your door. Some of you may not survive this onslaught, some of you may get out alive if you have your wits about you. This one has no clue as to the danger she is in but I shall report to Michael to save those ones if he could get to them in time. Once I bellow and heave, there is no time to do anything else but to take flight wherever is safe for you to do so.

“I am GAIA and know this is not good news for you to hear, my dear, but take heart and pray for me as I must do the unthinkable.  Give an ear to me as I need you now to relay what is best for you to know how to survive as best as you could in the times coming. Food will be short in supply and you will be living off the fat of the wild animals, birds and insects to even get by. Water is hid in underground table, seek those as they are purified naturally for you to drink it. Keep warm, as it is going to get colder in those polar parts where you are in and hotter in those parts closer to the equator. There is no time to waste, keep well, eat well and get as much rest as you can because the days coming will be the most testing on your stamina, health and well-being as survival takes on a more austere momentum in those times of natural upheaval.

“Those who can transmit must give an ear to the planetary supreme as I do all the earth movements in various places that are out of my control to stop it.

“Take care my love, let not your heart or mind be so troubled by this insidious situation you are in, instead look ahead for the road you are on is going to get a lot bumpier and more fun for you as you realise you will have the hay to rollick in instead of the hospital ward to clean. Imagine the surprise you get when the nurses have no one to tend to and the place is deserted due to the mass exodus of people fleeing in fear. Ha! And you wonder where to go to ride this out. Not to worry, you will know when that time comes dearest as it is in your senses to pick it up, I grant that you have it well in you.

“Today, you let your hair down literally and I have come into your thoughts right now as your Adjuster is lamenting to me to scream to you to get my attention. I am GAIA my dear and I will be working closely with you as you are an ambassador for this unique parcel of land you are on. It will become a food bowl for many nations as food becomes so scarce to grow in other lands hampered by so much upheaval and inundation to the extreme.

“No doubt you will be the food ambassador to make sure this is well done and managed by your governments or what is left of it. You will be needed and required to rally the remaining stock of good people to see to it that things get well done in food supply. You come from a long line of organisers who had dallied one way or another in these samples of production and unbeknownst to you it is in you to be of recourse in things once more that matter to people as life sustaining as it ought to be. (Pause…..)

[Why such drastic changes?]

“It is that I am being prepared for planetary movements in the Monmatia System. The Monmatia System is undergoing some reversal mechanisms. My planet is undergoing changes to accommodate a different status that is being bestowed her and I will be removed in another planetary system newly formed in outer space zone one near the end of the Magisterial Mission that is to begin in a few short weeks.

“The upheavals you will experience are sequential in manner over time and these adjustments are to be in good measure by the inhabitants that learn well to live more favourably with the planetary supreme’s inauguration of natural inclusion with taking on the Father’s injunction of perfecting material in time and space.

“There you have it dear in a nutshell but do take care to endeavour to see that this is to occur over some many Urantian years and your life is only to be existent on my soil for as long as it takes to see a better way of life inhabitating in peace with my well-being in mind. It goes hand in hand, as you humans know well enough, to treat others as you would to yourself and so on it goes for the earth you walk on. I am that earth and you are to see me in a different light as you once did. See me as your life-source, your very beginnings, began here with me. You will know the significance of this when you have reached the heights of attainment and look back in the halls of records and see you did have a “beginning” and it is with me, even in all eternity, you will remember the times you cherish upon the earth of your travail.

“I cherish the moments here with you too and it has been some time that I was not ever picked up by you transmitters as you are so busy in your lives and so caught up in receiving from the many others who come to speak such worthy import but to no avail, no one but you have I been able to get through to allow my voice to be heard in the maelstrom of matters that attend you. It is not until you notice some real physical precipice about to unfold that you take an earful from me. Here, Sue is taking dictation like a seasoned pro-surfer on a wave, not that she does that as it is far too cold and besides she is over that sport anyway to take it on, nonetheless,  she hears me and takes these notes for me for you to see how it is done and she is not leaving my side now as I have gotten a good latch on with her attention in spades.

“She hears me loud and clear as a bell rings the cows in. She sees the planet about to do a dance and she holds back enough in her mind to know I know what I am doing!! She is ever mindful to take a back door whenever it is necessary as that is how I do things and you all should see it as she does. Sue is the rare kind that sees the truth in how things will play out in multiple formats and that is not an easy process to absorb in any amounts she fathoms. No other way is going to flatten the curve of exposure than to ride it full-on and tackle it the best way you know how.  Use your wit, and your sense of good-will and I could not stress that any more than it is said here.

“I do not care how long this missive is as Sue is coming to terms with the reality before her and moving on to something so alien she finds it rather daunting yet fascinating at the same time. Just dealing with the emotive upheavel is one thing to cure over and then some more when things really hit the fan and you come out like a chicken that lost all its feathers!! What do you do when that happens to you?

“This is a question I leave with you as so much depends on how you find your feathers in the times ahead. I am GAIA, your Mother Earth, your Planetary Supreme and I speak it through this scribe Sue Whiley and I will have close association with her in the days ahead as she gets her head sunk in well with her Adjuster and with me her maiden consierge that takes her to the hills and back. Be well and eat well my dears and I will speak more when Sue is able with time and soon she will have all the time in the world for me. Thank you and I will sign off to say, “When I move, hear me grumble and I will hear your prayers and relent.”


T/R note:
To my dear readers, this missive is 18 pages long in my notebook. Whilst writing I was sure I was a bit crazy in my head until the Planetary Supreme got my attention and I sobered to her awakening me to realisation of her presence. There is more coming, that is the sense I got from her. I started off writing my mind only to find how it trails in waiting that someone entered the room like a big elephant I cannot ignore. It became clear to me she is a big player and we will not be able to ignore her for much longer. The chicken feathers says a lot and we all need to let that sink in what she has to say. Endnote and thank you, SueW.

A SECOND URANTIA BOOK / Mantutia on New Styles of Teaching and More
« on: September 26, 2017, 02:20:57 AM »
Teacher: Mantutia Melchizedek
Subject: New Styles of Teaching With the New Urantia Book and More
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 26/09/2017 2.34pm(AEST) 1.34am(GMT)


“There is so much that can be assuaged, your language is so poorly constructed, but what we have we make the best of a bad situation into manageable pieces for you to digest at a time.

“As you know, I write fluently and candidly as I mostly did in those Urantia Book Papers I had much to do with in the first TUB. I am Mantutia here, to relay some dabble here for you to take an interest in.

“As you soon will see there will be a lot of new ground to cover in new material we have written on in the new second Urantia Book we will have to dispense with soon. What will come to a shock to most of you is the style of language we use in the new text. It comes with a more simplified context and essentially addressing key areas of revelation that requires humans to readily absorb for their own edification.

“Our conceptual language in the old text is downgraded and, if anything, minimised to mere picture language regression in order to get people from differing languages and culture to assimilate in their reading and comprehension. Bear in mind, we have to cater for a wide range of ages in the readership, from the young at mind to the more mature and progressive thinkers of this age.

“I say this as it goes in tandem with our work as Melchizedek teachers when we are placed in many places to relate those teachings in a manner acceptable to most on Urantia.

“Why I tell you all this is because it is part of the crucial element of education and enlightenment,  that we come to be as relatable and to engender better understanding with the natives of this sphere. We can only step in where you are at in your evolutionary progress and it is not wise to overstep the mark to stretch it beyond the human capacity of reasoning and logic or we run the risk of burning out the energy of enthusiasm in the first place.

“It is important to not overwhelm others with too much material, but to allow ones to take steps of learning and foster that area of interest as it matures.

“As it is, you and I,  must always be mindful of the fellows here who are still in their infancy of comprehending even the basic values of their existence. Like babes in the water trying to to learn to paddle, so too are so many still trying to come to grips with the new waters that will soon be for most. It is wise to be as persevering, patient, as well as pro-active in the engagement of enlightenment and forward-thinking logic to enable humans the hope of greater and better things to come. It is truly up to each individual to desire a good and productive life and we wish to enhance that and more.

“As Melchizedeks, like your Machiventia before with Abraham in ancient times, we come to teach and steer the program of evolution in better ways than what has previously prevailed in your world. Our task is multi-faceted and challenging to the extreme and I think it best we take this as it comes with our collaboration with the humans under our charge.

“No doubt, there will be occasions of progression and regression, and so on it goes until we do aspire to see the overall trend to be an ever progressive, upward curve of growth in understanding and spiritual appreciation of all things to do with theirs and your Ascension Career and the journey inwards to the Source and Centre of your Being.

“You all here have progressed to know enough of what I speak of here, but there are so many yet to fully grasp what it is we speak of in these terms of endearment to you all.  You members and guests that follow this most august discussion group to the letter have been blessed with many an insight that has forwarded you on farther in advancing your own spiritual journey the Father has for each of you.

“I speak here to relay the import of our imminent work before you and your fellows,  and it is with great pleasure we come to materialize our forms to so be about the work Machiventia has begun so long ago, and we along with Christ Jesus,  be among you in ever diplomatic ways that can be best for the well-being of governments and their important administrative functions for their peoples.

“I close this discussion off for now as Sue can take more down as she has a good run with me as this is going well.  Please be aware we need to be tactful, with those we deal with in those initial stages and as things and time unfold, we can better associate with the human administration when it soon becomes apparent we speak the truth and they have no one else to turn to for guidance in the midst of so much confusion.

“Be assured you are not alone when things hit the fan soon as we will be present to calm it as much as we can under the circumstances. Eat well my friends and take care to stay away from riots and rowdy crowds that are of no use to you at all. Stay safe and be ever on guard and have your wits about you in the coming days of tribulation which will lasts for only a sequence of time. When the dust settles, then it will become clearer as to who is King on the hill.

“This is Mantutia and I am happy to be making these remarks with you all and thank you.”


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