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Speakers: Ankara and Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Protocols and Procedures When in Service in the Michael Mission
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria Australia
Date/Time: 17/09/2018 12.00pm-1.00pm (AEST)

[Sue:Thank you Ankara for your lessons, I continue in this vein in keeping the stamina and the drive to take more lessons as they arrive for me to write. So here we go again with another, if you will to share.]


Protocols and procedures when in service in the Michael Mission:

“There are a list for you to learn and follow in due process:
  • All who wish to so serve in the Michael Mission must pledge allegiance to Michael of Nebadon and declare the oath of service;
  • Dress requirements for staff is to be adhered to in relation to business attire and conduct;
  • The order of conduct is to be punctual, of good manners and reverence with respect to your superiors and to those you serve and attend to in what you are tasked to undertake;
  • Dinner or meal time etiquette is to be followed in the manner described previously as per good manners, small portion eating and good listening skills when discussions arise and realise that you are in the midst of esteemed beings of repute and responsibility;
  • All who are to take on the mantle of Michael must wear a badge at all times as to the bestowal of Michael in his endeavour to smooth out the rough feathers of Urantia, this is the authority badge you wear when working in the Team and in the world so that others recognise you are authorised in relation to a spiritual mission that Michael has opened upon Urantia;
  • Those who are fused and those who are to join in fusion, are to be on staff with their allegiance so pledged and approved to conjointly be tasked as to be on the Michael contingency team of service to humans on the planet;
  • A Supernaphim is assigned to oversee and protect each fused one who are on staff at York and elsewhere;
  • York is the headquarters of the Michael Mission and the Magisterial Foundation and is to be recognised as the location of revelatory work and dissemination;
  • Machiventia Melchizedek will materialise in human form to conduct the office at York and to institute the new teaching mission with those who can transmit the lessons and import to further the mission goals and purpose;
  • The Seven Fused, namely, Ron Besser, Lemuel, Larry Gossett, Amethyst, Sue Whiley, Wendy Winter and Steve Gitz are to be allocated the time and place for training and preparation for the work that is to be placed upon them as they are to face more challenges than it is and that will be made plain to each of them in turn, Ron as the main and foremost of the Seven is also placed to lead and instruct the human contingency group as to how best to run things under the jurisdiction of Pennsylvania’s State Government and its judiciary processes; Notwithstanding, Mantutia and Machiventia will guide and instruct the means of best practice and performance in relation to Lanaforge’s office on the planet;
  • Lanaforge is the Planetary Prince and is situated to get going with the issuance of planetary matters and to have the headquarters up and running well in York PA;
  • While Ron Besser is in charge of certain areas, it needs to be made clear that this is not a singular operation, rather it is a concerted effort of the Team to approach all levels of government to establish the mechanism whereby WE can operate and be depended upon when the dark transition becomes evident;
  • I am instructed by Michael of Nebadon to get Sue’s attention to type these points up and make it clear WE mean business very soon and things will emerge as it should as WE are very caring as to the plight of the world of Urantia at this time in the earth’s evolution;
  • Also, it is made abundantly clear, that the Mission will take on a more spiritual flavour and will be impressing upon the religions of the world, the political nature of governments and the science of the Ultimations that will be your world’s saving grace with the use of micronized coal for energy purposes to keep transport, food supply and things moving well as it should to avoid a massive shutdown of life as we know it;

“This is not the last of the protocols and procedures that is issued out from the Michael camp as much is to be stated and will handle the manners in which people must conduct themselves to one another. Be aware as of the first day of October this year, the Lucifer Rebellion is finished. The Michael Mission is officially inaugurated and established beyond any dispute. It is imperative that all who wish to so serve and make themselves known and presentable, the more willing ones among you we have, the easier the load of work for us to bear and work with. Remember, it is a Teamwork effort, the work of planetary peace is not done in one day, it is a labour of love by all who place themselves to task to see to it that it is seen and valued and cherished for years to come. I am Ankara, a specialist in working with Michael of Nebadon and Nebadonia as it is approved and ready to go by all accounts by the Ancients of Days. This is to be highly praised and respectively given due regard to the mighty efforts that your Creative Parents of Nebadon along with Gabriel of Salvington have establish the mechanisms that will work to ease out the pain of the Luciferian streak and to iron out the Urantian belligerence that needs to be put to bed once and for all.

“Michael wishes to speak and I hand it over here and thank you for sticking to your guns my dear one.”

Michael of Nebadon:

“This is Michael of Nebadon, the Creator Son of your Local Universe called Nebadon which is among many in the Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton. I have just returned from Uversa, the Capital of Orvonton, and have the delightful news that my plans are approved and ready to begin in earnest from the august group of the Ancient of Days.

“Certain things had to be addressed and iron out of the way for want of a better term. Now as it is, I have a million things to get under way and that has to be attended to in the month of October. Ron is already at task as I speak in writing and editing certain work I have for him to get up and running. The work will astound you. I have ordered that we require a teaching mission be organised and get functioning as this is a robust way to get the many areas of understanding to be placed for the people of Urantia to learn and grasp as it soon becomes evident that WE mean business in their lives.

“Here to, are the main points given by Ankara above that I am happy is settled in to get used to having as how to conduct yourselves when you have a spiritual mission in your midst and that is to be in ways that will permeate all areas of society as the earth begins to move on her axis.

“It is enough here to state that there is a long way to go yet and WE have to take one step at a time to go with the flow of the slowness of your people who are prone to be in grasping the concepts and meanings we impress upon for them to receive. We must respect the order of progression in evolution as it is and that will change as the revelatory work of the SER will permeate the minds and instil the great awakening that is well overdue to take place, be assured that great awakening is at your door and I am pleased WE have the Seven Fused ones well placed and more to join and be enthused as I am to have a working group in seeing the manner in which revelation can and will change many lives to come. I am Michael and wish all this to be placed before you to see that WE are a Team and are here to get started! Yes good Sue, I meant that as an excited exclamation mark as it is just that WE are all overjoyed to get going regardless of the challenges we face as you and I have come a long way in the journey so far and Jesus is happy to see something gets started and working as I am too. I close by saying that I permit this session to get up on the board as it is and would seek more to get on board too as the more hands on deck we have the merrier it will be for all involved. May my peace be with you all and do eat well and be well all of you! Domytia.”


[Sue: thank you Ankara and Michael of Nebadon for this astounding piece of news and the list of Protocols and Procedures are very helpful for us to get brushed up on and ready to address. My thoughts and prayers be with all the Team! Godspeed! Amen! Thank you Father!]


Have a look at this article placed on cnbc above. I am delighted to see this exercise will also involve  ".. to establish familiarity which helps to prevent conflict on the high seas and to co-ordinate disaster relief efforts.." .

What got my interest is that the number of countries participating and on co-ordination skills when this could actually come in useful in the times we know of great natural disasters that are imminent to occur. I can only hope this exercise would come in as invaluable to those participating and that Exercise Kakadu 2018 results with resounding success for all involved. Bearing in mind, how humid the climate is in the near equatorial areas of this part of the world. It is for most a sweaty ordeal to play in as the so-called "build-up" of heat ramps up in the far tropical north. When I lived there, August-November can be very humid and at times unbearable. I hope these guys and gals can handle it! The exercise sounds great but the heat can be testing in the extreme.

I thought to share this as it is good to see some efforts being made to undergo some sort of international "co-ordination" albeit even if it is on a military level. This could be a beginning of things to come.


GOD The SUPREME / Unknown Scribe - Time and its purpose
« on: August 28, 2018, 11:29:21 PM »
Speaker/Teacher: Unknown Scribe
Subject: Time and its purpose
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria AUS
Date/Time: 29/08/2018 12.00-1.00pm(AEST)

Speaker: Unknown Scribe
[I asked for a name, but cannot seem to hear any names so nothing is told to me who this is as it seems ultra secretive but very relatable in my mind as this unfolds..Sue.]

“This will come from the most unlikely source you know nothing about, but let this flow as it comes to you. No doubt as you all know certain missions are to take place in simultaneous fashion and that is to correlate in the plans your Creator Son has to go with in agreement with both the Ancient of Days and with God the Supreme. What it has to do is to bring a rebellion under control, to allow certain mitigating factors to play out to allow the fruits to be laid bare for others to see its true worth in all probability. The earth has to formulate its own stabilising mechanism in response to pressure and heat that has to be let release one way or another. That is certain to be unfolded in time.

“Now as you figure the issue of “time” in your  mind, it is a measure of all that is in your own conscious awareness and experience. It is a known parameter you see as a felt environment and adventure. Coupled with the maturation of understanding as you learn to appreciate certain life experiences, emotional outworkings and impressionable decisions that arise for you to make and live by what is in the best interest to move forward in time. Time is relative to your station in life, it is not only a teacher as such as it is,  it is also a momentum driving you onwards to a destiny that is built within you to seek. The Father has inserted that inward drive to look beyond the hill, to be curious of your natural instinct to wonder, to question, to look further and investigate all avenues of pursuit. That is a driven inertia, a force to improve, to develop and grow better than what has already been accomplished, the past is behind you, it is a felt accomplishment in your maturing circle of progression. The ‘present’ is your actual notable existence and life prerogative. You exist because you will to be alive. The ‘future’ is in relation to your present statement of willingness to live. That is your free will abiding and conscious choosing to co-exist in the present now as you are.

“Now how goes you see there are parallel interchanges of existence you are in relation to your development of spirit being with the universal spirit, the pure energy of the Source and Centre that permeates all space and time. That is the driving mechanism of the Supreme that lets out the time permutations that require maturation of mind and will. You see, you live it to grow and learn from an infant to a full grown maturing adult in human progress, here to you proceed in progressing through those aspects of recognising the spiritual circles you enter as you learn discernment, perception and wisdom parameters that is very much infused by your growing ability to relate mind with the spiritual heart of reasoning and deep thinking of mind with the heart.

“I am a being not known to you but is relatable to your kind in the experiential path you travel in time. The path you have is invaluable to adjourn with as it increases the felt parameters where intelligence do not have the capacity to realise it’s knowledge with the impact it has in real material terms. You have the ideal opportunity to know how it is to be felt -  pain, sickness, sadness, happiness, fear, anger, annoyance, frustration and loss are the few areas of human emotional outpouring that you do come into actual real physical contact with and thereby have the difficult task in coping mechanism that an otherwise intelligent angel would not have the ability to empathise with in any gratifying way. Words can convey but not feel. It is necessary for one to feel before they can truly understand the complexity of life’s challenges and the decisions that arise that make you the person you are today. You are a person of choices. You live by those choices and it is the parameter in which you go about your life. Although not perfect, it is enough for the moment to deal with in all good reasonableness.

“As it can be said, even the most intelligent of angelic beings or divine being, there can be no substitute for real raw experience and emotional maturity that can be derived from  it. It is the substance of your capacity as a person of free will to relate on levels with others of the same ilk who have also been down the road you know all too well. That is arrived at because you have also come to know what it is to be under the weather that belts you one way or the other to help you see not only your vulnerable side, but your  most noble side of human compassion and understanding. That is an everyday kind of experience you grapple with and is taken in your stride to deal with and this helps you to help others in their own struggles with oneself. This is a inter-personal interchange of understanding and maturing in relation to the day’s unfolding. How you see it, take it, respond with and cope with what is a raw and necessary reality to face. This is the crunch of the debate between experience and philosophy. One can know by how it is felt, the other can know by reasoning the unthinkable. These are two different time manifestations, one is in linear time progression of unfolding circumstances, the other is in an eternal space that has no bounds but has to make sense of its existence.

“Time to go, Sue is quickly waning in her concentration and I leave it here for now, more can be discussed as I have gotten her attention on this timely discussion about the issue of “time” and how it relates in your present journey in knowing and understanding the importance of your placement in the domains of God the Supreme.”

End. (1.07pm)

Teacher: Ankara
Subjects: Systems of Governance, Cooperation, Benevolence of Heart and Your Purpose in Life and More.
T/R: Sue Whiley
Location: Victoria AUS
Date/Time: 28/08/2018 3.00-4.00pm (AEST)

[Sue: Hello my dear friends,
I apologise for being so quiet here on the Forum for these past few or more days. Being hit with personal ups and downs and coming down with a common cold is one I have to deal with as best as I can and so I take rest to get well and recuperate. I hope to be back into the swing when my head is not so groggy and under the weather. I am sure you will all understand how this knocks the body out of sorts and that it takes time to heal. I thank you for your understanding. As always I maintain my efforts to receive the inputs our Divine Universe friends wish to share and I do so with Father’s help and in His grace. I have the following to share with you from Ankara. Thank you. Sue]


“Systems of governance will become, over time, a more holistic one in approach to meeting the needs of its inhabitants. This will become more of a priority in response to the changes that the earth permeates over the course of time. Your study (Sue) on the variance of political structures in terms of parliament; be it bicameral, unicameral or multicameral forms of parliament arrangement although interesting, how these structures serve certain functions of decision-making. They are to be viewed as the evolving transition of human progress. The political norms that exist in various Nation-States do set in place a form of stability and coherence in social values. It is one that you take interest in how these political arrangements take shape to enforce the necessary cooperation between various pressure groups and interest or concerns. These are dealt in the process of those represented to address the issues most pertinent to their respective constituents.

“As it is, it stands the test of service of one’s own in a land they pledge allegiance to uphold the best interest of national responsibility at heart. That is the nobilist of efforts made by those charged with trust to work in the interest of good intentions. As does the Universe at large in their many systems of operation, an orderly hierarchy of personnel and delegates well trained, well experienced and highly intelligent can place such responsibilities in the duty of care and management such impressions as they deserve.

“It is here, we, as in the Michael Missions, impose on the necessary areas to allow the cooperation needed in the impinging crises that will inevitably emerge as forces far beyond any one Nation-State to cope with single-handedly. It will require the mandate of co-operative allegiance of Nation-States to see a concerted effort of emergency response to prevail if it desires to benefit and improve life for its inhabitants even across borders as it will require it.

“Resource sharing, personnel teamwork and collaboration, technological innovation across boundaries and universal education that teaches singular language, oneness of co-operation on all levels of governance, tolerance toward the universal faith of the child of God and of humanity; these abounding potentials will arise as man gathers the sense of worth in himself and with his fellows, to see it can be better done than what has prevailingly failed him in years past.

“It is truly akin to the times of the ancient days of old wherein you realise the essentials of life is very much the simple life of basic necessities and being immersed in a rich time of learning and growing in becoming the aspiring ascendant being of light and life.

“Now then, do we continue to avail ourselves to doing good work and teachings of this nature to enable you to reach those levels you as humans of an ancient earth are so ready to take in your wings the capacity of ever growing morontial blending that creates in you the mind of God. The inward advance from the evolutionary progression of experience coupled with the inertia of Godward march to bond with the eternal source of your being. This is the meanings of your quest to further in life’s purpose. It is really in your willingness to seek the longings that tugs at your deepest heart within. That is the pure essence of spirit that calls you to find oneself with the I Am who is your Source and Centre.

“As I am Ankara, I am as one known as a teacher of renown, yet always do I learn the intricacies that goes on in the traveller who admires the views along the way and is immersed in wonder all the same as to the splendour and majesty of the Divine Father who makes all things possible with such truth, beauty and goodness to behold and adore for many ages to come into infinity.

“These are the many exigencies now being placed and to be realised by all who have an ear and an eye to see the finer print of the the “Unknown God” that dwells in the hearts of men. The lowly of low, yet of the highest potential to come are those of you to attain the greatest of benevolence that you are to become in eternity. I am beholden to you and am very much enlightened by your ever present persistence of faithfulness, perseverance, long suffering and true grit through the worst of the worst that has ever been seen on any planet this side of Orvonton, if not, in all of the seven Super-Universes of time and space. You are to be well studied, well deserving of due regard in your harsh adventure on such a challenging sphere of horrors, it is with all these and many more adversity, you stand the gales of much and still you amaze us with your dexterity of die-hard determination to survive against all odds.

“I am Ankara, and leave you with a short few more words to say. Stand well, as you are loved. Know that your Father Michael has your best interest at heart and will see to it this world will be turned into the splendour of joy so overdue, it is now in your making, as you join with us to see its true worth for the ages to see it in times to come. I bid you all well and a good day.”


Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subject: Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 22/08/2018 5.30pm(AEST) 3.30am (GMT)


“Where there is a will there is a way, you all know these words as the practical outworking of what your intention is. Things get done and accomplished when you put your mind to it and get it achieved. The feeling of accomplishment is good as it paves the way for other things to do. The next step in the course of a day’s worth of work and seeing things you set out to do is well and truly done and out of the way. So whatever it is that has to be placed, let it be the very thing to see to it, it gets the attention it deserves. Otherwise, it sits there and becomes void and useless.

“However it is to be dealt, it requires your attention as those things will just not go away unless attended to. Inattention will lead to neglect and therefore the intended-for-thing becomes one that goes into disrepair, a mishap to the eye of the beholder.

“So there, as often as does happen, things do not go away unless you pay the attention to it to remedy it. It is always a case of where there is a will, there is a way in seeing it paid attention, worked upon, toiled upon until it is surely given a way in what you would hope to achieve as its end result. It takes your participation, your consideration, your mindfulness and your willingness to really get a class act of sorts to the final glory of satisfaction of achievement.

“No one else is expected to fill that place, but you who sees the need to get something done and in a way that is as expedient and as professionally that can be done in all you can muster. Do not expect others to fill your shoes, where you see a need, fill it; where you doubt, remember you once were a baby that needed milk and it was not refrained from you, you are loved beyond measure; you know there is an abiding maternal trust to do the right thing, for you take it to heart the things that do matter in the day. Do not grow weary in doing good and be of good cheer as best as you can be.”


Threads for New Transmissions / Ankara on Certainty of Progression
« on: August 20, 2018, 10:14:49 PM »
Teacher: Ankara
Subject: Certainty of Progression
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 21/08/2018 12.00pm(AEST) 10.00pm(GMT)


“Certainty of progression, that is the lesson for today. Let it become of you to stand the task as it is presented to you. There are many. It takes for you to sit and listen to what it is to hear and take on the thoughts we impress upon you. We begin a process of assimilating your minds with us to receive the inputs so to place in your awareness.

“You are to be aware of your placement with your growing appreciation of service in with your Father Fragment that is within. Your service with and to others and with the Father in His domain is in your willingness to so serve as He so gives unto Himself as it is in you to so serve and give. It is a natural progression of your divine being as a child of God. Your faith in the Father is all that is required and your willingness gants you the certainty of your adventure in walking with Him who loves you.

“As is so many lessons given in numerous transmissions, the time is to further place yourself in the Father’s work of maintaining the flow of what is to be known and understood as things on the earth become out of place. It is here you are to seek the Father within and know of His presence within and have this assurance of His abiding love and understanding that you are only a prayer away in His Spirit.

“Seek Him, Find Him, Know Him as He is Spirit, He is Love, the Source of your being. Oh little children, do come to see that you are well loved and cared for as Father embraces you in His tender care with bestowing a fragment of Himself within all of you who are to receive His gift of grace in you. You are to learn and grow in the space of time to experience the ever tenderness of His guidance as you develop in spiritual insight and understanding. The years you live are indeed the growth circles you acquire in knowing the deep yearnings and callings that lay deep within your very soul. It is here you recognise your own light and being in with the Source and Centre, that pilot light that leads all men unto the great Unknown God. Deep down, you know Him, you hear Him, you speak with Him, He hears you and knows you well. Seek Him and Know Him who is all-present within and seeks for you to discover who you are as a child of the universe.

“As Ankara, I tell of lessons to impart the seeds of growth to allow you, the servants of God to grow into mature and able workers in His vast domain that stretches from here to eternity. You are to be assured in your faithfulness that the road is ahead, walk in it and your path will be made straight. Acknowledge Him who is your light and your spiritual compass as it is becoming in you. This is your statement of certainty in the progression of being the sons of light. Stand well and be well, I bid you well as you walk with Him who is within.”


General Discussion / Vision of Patterns on Seafloor
« on: August 17, 2018, 10:47:05 PM »
Hello my friends,
I have something to share. This morning as I was semi-awake and snoozing before getting out of bed, I saw very well, what appeared to be patterns on sediment, it looked murky so I assume it is the seafloor that I was seeing. As I watched intently, the patterns, shifted to different ones on the same sedimentary background in slightly blurry waters(?). I watched as intently and as much as I could and then the vision faded out into a black blob. I spoke in the mind, “is this a seafloor I am seeing?”. I heard voices that got muffled and I did not get what they were trying to say and it got me thinking what and why did I see what I saw in the first place.

As I thought about it, I concentrated on the patterns I saw. Although, I can be forgiven for seeing them as sort of like a hieroglyphic pattern, they really did not show any significant image to make of it. The patterns look very much what would appear as outcrops of rocky terrain in a mozzly array of sorts as they can do on the sea floor as it turned out in the vision. What is the meaning of this? So I go fetch and ask in prayer about it...

I got the sense, it was like someone or team of specialists with equipment who are scanning the seafloor in search of something useful. That’s fine if that is what I saw, but why this and what does that have to do with me seeing it? While I got the vision, I note a lot of pressure and ringing going on and I understand there is something important about this vision I am not getting clearly. It’s a mystery to me. All I know is that I saw it for some reason without explanation and I saw lots of outcrops that is evident and real to pursue. What that is I do not know. It’s almost as if it could be in search for some material or is it evidence of a long ago civilisation buried under water (future? Due to the Tectonic Plate movements or is it some long ago past?). I am little confused with the timeline but the evidence of a seafloor(?) search is seen in my vision and it may be that I have something to do with that search or whatever?!

I leave it there for now and I will sit and pray about this further and if I get anything, I will share it if appropriate. I thought to share this as it is interesting how these images keep propping up for some reason and it sure puzzles me. I wonder if any one else is getting this sort of thing happening. Anyway, let’s see where this takes me…..


Teacher: Ankara
Subject: Assimilation and Voice-Type Method of Transmitting
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 17/08/2018 4.21pm(AEST) 2.21am(GMT)


“Now let’s go on with the next session on a series of lessons to do with assimilation.  Yes, that is right, no punctuations as you touch type this out, let this flow and allow the fingers to float over the keys as memory allows in a simple flow, you can edit later when this is typed up. Eyes closed and let this go shall we go. Assimilation is a word you seem to be stuck with. It is to do with absorption of all that is for you to to accept, appreciate and acknowledge as very much the very makeup of what and who you are as a being with your divine Thought Adjuster. I have three simple points to make for you to study and understand:
  • Know yourself
  • Abide with me
  • Seek and always seek and do not give up

“As Ankara with you, I am deeply involved in your spiritual development and see to it you have what it takes to be a fully fledged transmitter, we need more of you to take on the work we have going in volumes as the people of Urantia are soon going to be needing all the help and information they will need to get through the malaise of changes soon to swamp them. I think you know what is inferred in the above three points mentioned, and it is not too hard for you to figure how to apply these in your ability to keep with the determination and commitment in with the Adjuster and with the Michael Mission. It is your call. Yes you are here at this very moment to be of tremendous use in with all of us in doing good for the Urantian people. It is in your heart to see this through and be at the mercy of Father’s good pleasure to have you and many to place yourselves in service and in great heart for the good of humanity. Be not worried about the catastrophes and the loss of life, that is not yours to handle, but it is for you to be available to so inform and be of help to those in authorities and in many places of need to know what to do and where to go and so on. This is a preparatory session to get you to type as I speak, as you usually like to hand write and this method is rather raw for you, but you will catch on as you warm to the convenience this brings to time managing these transmissions. There will become a time when it is imperative to let this flow and get it done expediently as possible as time is of the essence, so it is said.

“Now this is going well as you are warming up to this process and memory is tuning in to how your fingers cross on the keyboard. Let it flow as it does now. You are going well.”

[Sue: Is there any more important points or other to make  here Ankara?]

“This will suffice for now, I would like you to think on these three points and come back later and ask me questions on them if you like when you are ready to do so. For now let this be a practice run on the voice-type method as you do here to get it done to a tee and I think you will appreciate how it speeds up the workload nicely for you to do this type of method. Good.

“I am now going to finish it off here and allow you to take a rest, you have been at it with lots to do and I am very pleased with your willingness to be here with me in this, more is coming and it will be good, I assure you. May you rest well, Domytia.”

End. (4.47pm)

[Sue T/R Note: I admit this is far easier to be doing then my usual handwriting method although I will need a few goes at this to get the hang of it, I love how I do not need to double handle the work and it speeds up when I’m done with dictation, all I have to do is edit it, make corrections and so on then it is done to post, a much better way for me to get going with, thanks to Ankara’s patience and forbearance as I fumble over the keyboard as she speaks. Thank you Ankara! Sue]

Teachers: Sue Whiley, Ankara, Pre’Mtor and Lanaforge
Subjects: New Assistance, Preparation for the Fused Ones, Communication Grid and the Coming Trials and Financial Woes
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 16/08/2018 4.00pm (AEST) 2.00am(GMT)

[Sue: This afternoon, I was minding my own business, having a cup of tea with chocolate and sitting down to relax after some spring cleaning of the garage, the wardrobe and so on. Now as I was sipping tea, I caught someone talking and it started abruptly: I picked up pen to catch on, here it goes…]

“Is it because you lose heart, is it because you doubt or is it because you grow weary and not at all confident this is real?”

[Sue: Wait a minute! This is not me you are talking about is it?]

“No, but it does pose a punch to those of you who sit on your laurels to expect things to move for you…”

[Sue: Can you please be nice?]

“Alright, I’ll put in milder tones, but it is not a pretty one to paint anyway. You get the drift?”

[Sue: Who is this!!?? Father, who is it that likes to prod and poke where no one else dares?]

“Ah, yes that’s not revealed as I am of an Order unrevealed to you as of yet, but let me tell you it is true ain’t it?”

[Sue: Well, it is a human proneness to falter in what you speak of, but what is it that you wish to make of this, Sir?]

“Ah, yes, Sir it is indeed, and I am of a High Order much the same as the Circle of Seven and the Mentori you have almost missed the beat in why they are here at this corner of the universe. I make a point of it because I and my Order are here to ensure the success of the Adjusters with those who are fused such as yourself and the other four who are in our care as well. You may not know me, but you are fast becoming aware it is time to put the foot to the metal and garner yourself in readiness for the looming work that is to be placed before you. Like Probius is to you, I am Ankara to you, to get the wheel in motion in you to help you find traction in what can be known and understood.

“This is a time for full attention and not the half-hearted attempt to receive transmission. We need your full attention and to be alert as to what is spoken in your ear now to bother with what is now yours to be mattered with.

“No, what I have said in the beginning is to grab your attention to the fact that does occur in some of you and you can easily fall in the rut of despair if you allow that to take on. This is where I come in to muster the energy and drive that lies dormant and requires the spark to get going with once more. Here you all are in the moment where you need to be, to expect the motion of transition to be installed. That is now driven well. I ask that you take notice of the motion now passed from the morontial to the material realisation that is now present in the Michael Missions. It is everywhere presently placed. You just don’t see it, but it is there.

“Now I come to you to jolt to your senses and be aware of  the presence of my being here with you to ready you, like horses groomed for the march.”

[Sue: My fingers went stone cold and I could not hold the pen as the fingers went purple, so I quickly withdrew writing to try to get warmth back into my fingers….Pause…..While I paused and warmed my hands, I ask Pre’Mtor as to what is going on and do you have Ankara here to speak with me?]


“Yes Sue, I am here your Adjuster. This is my invitation to have Ankara here with us. Ankara is a highly esteemed one of an Order you do not know of yet, but it is one with high skills to assert the means of reason and encouragement to spark the good sense and grace in all that require it. Ankara comes from an Order well renowned for their ability to work with those who are fused with their Adjuster. You Sue are with me and I have Ankara to embolden us in the work of assimilation as that is what our main task will be about in many ways as we are very good at doing the work of assimilation. Ankara is ready now to speak with you if your fingers are good for a little longer.”

[Sue: Yes thank you Father and do speak Ankara, what do you have to say here as I am honoured to have you here with me?]


“Yes, this is Ankara Sue, your Adjuster is good to address me in such high regard, I am most pleased to be here by his invitation. As it is my work to assure a successful motivation, I have for the moment three areas of concern for you to be working on.

“The first one, is the sense of well being. Keep your head up high in knowing you are well loved by all of us up here and that you have all that it takes to weather the throngs that you face.

“The second one, is persistence. Keep your eyes on the goal. Just as footballers do in a game, they all keep their eyes on the ball and the goal. Do the same, my dear, and you will not stumble.

“The third one, is prayer and humility. Always seek the Father’s hand and know your place in service in the Father’s missions. Michael has many helpers and much work to handle and it is wise to so place yourself in readiness of duty and respect for those who are so tasked and do so well. You do well to give honour where honour is due. And you are to learn to step back when it is time to do so and allow others to take on more.

“Everyone works according to their skills and capacity, some more than others, but it is all to do with understanding and in the wisdom of the experience that you all have in knowing when to hold back and when to give. You know that already and that is well and good to have in those of you who are fused and still in the mortal flesh upon Urantia. It is a blessing to have such unique individuals who are so well attuned in Spirit that you are indeed well loved by your loving and abiding Adjuster. The father-fused mortals are a rare sight for me to witness at this time and it is for this reason, I am called by the Paradise Trinity to be here among you to so assist you in your commitment in service and love in the work of God here upon Urantia.

“This is all for now and more is coming as I acclimitise to the spiritual energy surrounding the planet Urantia as it is now well placed in preparation for impending transitions you will all be experiencing in a few short months from now.

“I am Ankara and I abide here with Pre’Mtor and Sue at this time to assist the fused ones to be as stable in their composure as can be possible to be. I count this transmission as a most fruitful one to commence with and am so grateful Sue is able to sit and take this dictation. I shall commence again with another session as is expedient to do so. I bid you well and goodness of heart. Good day.”

[Sue: I pause to ask for any one else that wishes to speak…(5.01pm)...]


“This is Lanaforge Sue.”   [Yes Lanaforge, go ahead speak]

“Yes, Sue, we have installed a new power grid around the planet in order to enable communication to be better placed and to have the frequency channels open to receive what we must get heard well in the times of emergency on the planet. You have been visited by a High Order being, Ankara is one among several others who come to assist in the mission and are mainly tasked with the fusion candidates such as you are and the four or more others who are to be assisted as well shortly. This is so to enable a strengthening of your connection with Spirit as things get wild and woolly for a while until it settles down. You are connected via the new circuitry that is placed and it is why you get frequent ringings in your mind/ears that tells you that you have the Adjuster priority of input that is encircuited to those who are highly attuned in the morontial circuit as you are. Stay tuned and recognise that Ankara will frequent you in the coming days to impart preparatory lessons to get you upskilled in the communication standard we have going.

“I am pleased this is now getting the attention it deserves and you have somehow gotten the attention Ankara was hoping from you. Good.

“Now this to all of you. Stand by and await for a long transmission we have that must be forwarded to you soon as the world is about to feel the woes of a nasty financial collapse and you will barely get out of it as it affects every man, woman and child on the planet.

“I am Lanaforge, your Planetary Prince, that is to be among you in visible form shortly as the world is in need of planetary leadership in a way they never saw coming. End of transmission.”

End. (5.15pm)

[Sue: I asked if there is anyone else to speak - “No Sue, type this up and get it up for all to read, Adjuster.”]

Threads for New Transmissions / Pre'Mtor - Listen and Let Us Get To Work
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Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subject: Listen and Let Us Get To Work
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 15/08/2018 8.49am(AEST) 6.49pm(GMT)


“It is difficult for you to lie in wait, wondering on what is to be when we, on this side of the veil, are in preparation busily putting together the schools of thought with the Melchizedeks to apply minds to collaborate, we seek doctors, teachers, mathematicians; although all are of scientific minds, we seek to bring these minds to see the esoteric nature of service in their respective fields of expertise.

“You who are here, fused and fusing-to-be are in wait for the material manifestations to be applying yourselves in more usefulness than in the present esoteric nature that you do here. This is a training for the stages of work that is to be made manifest in time.

“As you are in wait, in prayer and supplication with your Lord, it is a time of real perseverance to sow the seeds of greater potential in you. It will blossom into its own as the sun rises, so does a flower open and bloom its beautiful colours. So do not worry thereof what is presently a gaping nothingness, it will soon be filled with lots of things you will be busy with before long.

“As you rest in your time of leisure, you collect in your mind all that has been and see how it is an evolving process of ever changing directions to enable us to better the transition a planet and its inhabitants are to endure. Your lives are assured in eternity when you are in realisation of your inheritance that is in you to receive wholeheartedly with your Father Fragments. It is with the Father you venture on into the unknown with faith and with certainty of His ever present and all-powerful Spirit that is within you if you are so willing to abide in with.

“The worlds of time are training grounds of evolutionary experience and growth of mind. Your minds are ever attuning with Spirit and with the spiritual input of the Adjutant Mind Spirits the Creative Spirit and her Ministering Spirits inspire in you to recognise as the brilliant lights that shine on your soul.

“So it goes on, you never give up on the hope that is within you as you begin to know this earth is just a stepping stone among many stepping stones yet to leap and abound in joyful learning and growing. There is no end to growth nor no end to joyful service as you are naturally attuned with me to be so doing. You are here with me to grow as I am with you to steer you on the path of righteousness and goodness.

“You seek the happiness of life to flourish and to be rightfully existent even when a world is slipping in its own mud. Nevertheless, it will soon become a flower blossoming beautifully and you are one that is pretty already before all else cotton on. That is a sure sign of a faith son and daughter that you are. The Agondonter that so sees before it is seen by material eyes alone. Blessed are you that see the throne of God in you and believe that I am in you as you are in me.

“As an Adjuster of my Ward, I hold it well what has to be held well and keep her from stumbling and maintain the momentum to keep on continuing in graceful determination to stay the course, no matter what the obstacles that may be presented to her. The decisions are many, but the desire to hold fast to what is most pressing on her heart to seek the will of the Father in her life. Her life is mine now and she follows the lead to get on with the task. The work is plentiful, but the workers are so few and I hold her together in one piece as she is vitally needed and so are all of you with your loving Adjusters by your side to see to it the Michael Missions have its way in the lives and affairs of men at this present time.

“The Michael Mission is present and is working with many influential minds on the planet to steer ahead the improvements that can be made in the field of health, science and philosophy. It is far more involved in the reaching out to those who are seeking to better the situation at hand and we who are mindful do interact with those minds who seek the higher good and betterment of humanity. It is our goal to reach as many as can be and we do so more actively in participating with the most excellent of minds that race to get things done better and with those who seek to overcome the harshness of a world gone mad.

“So arise, my dear ones, see the higher ground of hopeful enterprise as we work tirelessly to bring good out nothing and joy out of sorrow and peace out of turmoil. It is soon your worldview and that is truly a greater way forward to see hearts for God than for the spoils of the earth that turns into mould.

“So as I beckon Sue on, I beckon you on to get with your Beloved and seek the good that you are in yourselves and with your willingness to so serve in the capacity that you are with skillful mind and beneficial hearts to toil over doing the work of God that is inspired in you to be about.

“Whether it is transmitting, praying, studying or doing good in practical ways with others, you are all capable one way or another to apply yourselves where you are. So be about the work of uplifting the heart of man to ensure the hope is alive and is truly worth pursuing. Let your light so shine before men and be of good cheer as you so live each day. Be your jolly selves as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves with all men you deal with. Your Adjuster is with you to steer you on the path of your eternal destiny before you, be aware of your eternal life is before you and your ever present need to assure others it is theirs also if they so choose to follow the Father who so calls them to Himself.

“I am Pre’Mtor, as Sue’s Adjuster, I speak as one with her as her mind is resolved to care less about the earthy struggle and move on to be about the work that she cares more about than all the years put together before her. She is resigned into me to get going with the life of the Spirit and to put to bed the issues of the past and see it for what it is.

“It is now time to row together in a boat, the size of pea in a great ocean and truly be amazed at all the work that is before us to ply our oars to get going with. It is immense and yet surpassable as we attune to understand each other that the saying, “..better a bird in the hand, than two in the bush..” and so we are grateful for each other and are pleased to be rowing as one now more than ever.

“Let us see how many more of you boats are rowing nicely with us in this big ocean we swim in and it is far better to have you here with us than two in the bush, so it goes. Come now, won’t you join me as one and apply yourselves to hear what the spirit is saying and allow the lessons to flow as this one does in your hearing. There are many more lessons and news coming and we require the transmitters to get up and with what has to be heard and imparted. Do not wait for tomorrow for someone to do it for you, start now in prayer and ask what is for you to hear and take dictation. It is there, and it awaits for you to receive it and share it. Come now, do not be afraid, my children, I am Father and I seek you to hear me and let the bells ring in you to get excited about as I bring it to you to know and be busy about.

“This is a lesson in “Listen and Let Us Get To Work” and I ask Sue to make that the subject for today as we get to work in earnest in your midst. I bid you all a good day and I pray you to heed the call to get to work all of you to take dictation and share it as it is time to work and be joyful in it.”


Teachers: Sue Whiley and Pre’Mtor
Subject: Responsibility and Being True To Yourself
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 13/08/2018 8.06am(AEST) 6.06pm(GMT)

Greetings my dear friends, last night I received a very good dream. One that I saw my future self as the Sue Whiley personality. It is one I was a teacher of import, and one I learned in it how important it is to be true to yourself and to be responsible for the role a teacher plays. Although fame comes with those who are highly impressionable it does have the realisation to stay to true to yourself before others with such critical appraisal.

In the dream, there was what appeared to be colourful knobs on a sort of like a rock climbing wall or ceiling upon which I was to grab hold on to proceed to the next, to aim for another part of the adventure course I was taking part in. At the same time, I was talking out numbers and other details of import, I think was probably scientific in nature(?). In the other part of the course, I found myself appraised by others and my name “Sue Whiley” was spoken to and I realise how the fame got around and my reputation was certainly there as it goes. It was certainly an eye-opening experience for me to see. As incredible as some of the information I imparted, I still have to come to grips with how many I affect and I realise it comes with responsibility, accountability and being true to who and what I am with others, even those who look up to me and those who are yet to take what it is to be said.

Although our far future work is varied and many, I venture to sense it is nice to have this foresight to prepare me for what I may be facing when I am fully applying all my capacities in the spiritual mission and also upon my travails upon Mansonia. This is all I have to say for now. I thought to share a little snippet of the experience I received from such a vivid dream, I see my Adjuster, Pre’Mtor is working well to train me alongside all those who come to assist me. Thank you Father! I have a week off from my hospital work, let us see where this wonderful leisure time takes me as I take the time to rest, to recoup and to refresh all that I am with the Father.

My thoughts and prayers are always with you and although there are times we feel so under the weather with terrible old Urantia, we are ever abiding in trusting that our Father will bring all things together for good in His good purposes. I know it will be good as He is in His divine way. God bless you and keep you in His truth and love always and I will share what comes during this reprieve and may it also be good.


[T/R Note: Although this is mostly not a transmission as I usually receive, however, the dreams are and I share what is conveyed in my words here as best as I could. As dreams go, they are difficult to put into words as there are so much in them to get it down on paper. I think you know what I mean by that. Fortunately, I am able to remember what I see and get the sense of what it conveys to me to share with you. Thank you. Sue]

General Discussion / The Dream of Loss
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The Dream of Loss

I am not sure how to word this vivid dream I had. To ensure a better perspective, one has to know the circumstances that led up to it as to why such a dream came at all. There were some impending decisions that, although it was for a better outcome, it still posed a few problems and creates many undesirable things to live with. As you all know when one makes and decides to be with the Father, all else fades in comparison even your loved ones in your life.  To separate from such is a difficult thing to do and not nice to be left to follow the long winding path alone when others take the wide highway to nowhere. To make matters worse, when decisions of import come to a head in the mind, one has found some obstacles, difficulties as to getting something accomplished when it turns out someone upstairs is trying to make it quite clear that is not the way to go for now.

So, after a few obstacles to get what I want done, along comes a dream that puts things into a sobering perspective and I realise, I must make a turn to appease not only myself but for those I care about too. The Dream of Loss is as follows and it comes to tell me and those of you to consider how important it means to have those people of familiarity in your life. Here it goes:

As I slept last night, there I was in a scene where there was a social venue or place, with people, and while I looked, there were those familiar people I knew in my time with my significant others, and surprisingly, people that go a long way back were there too. Now we were all having a nice time, a friendly, happy gathering and then all of a sudden, they all walked out. No matter how hard I looked and where, even out in the street at night, they were nowhere to be seen. I went back inside the venue to search for them again, but all I could see were unfamiliar faces, I did not know them, and it was not the same with the ones I knew so well,  for I could not connect with them. It soon became a scary prospect that I was left alone and no one I knew was there anymore. I realise I was alone, sad and felt lost. I suddenly woke up at 2.00am in the morning in the dark room. I rolled over on the bed and contemplated on the meaning of this very vivid and awful scene I just witnessed. It occurred to me it related very well how the Adjuster is bringing up something I need to know and be aware that this can be a reality if I choose a certain path I know can be very unpleasant for me to live with.

During the day at work, as I went about my usual chores, I sat down in my break and soon came to the conclusion I must not go down the path that I was going to take which was not working out as I would hope for, for some reason. Now I see that with all the prompts, and now the dream, I see where I should be placing my energy to be with and help my significant others as I know life is very short indeed pretty soon for so many of us. It is like in that dream, they may well be gone before I knew it, but I know now because I saw it in this dream. So I must be of good cheer and help them when it is time for them to know what it is they will need to know when they are ready. I feel now our lives are so precious, yet we have an eternity ahead of us, but these, our loved ones, are not fully aware of the knowledge that is theirs to know and it is time for us who do have the insights of the gift of revelation given in the Urantia Book to assure them of the Father’s way and of His great love for all those who seek Him.

This is a dream to make me and you aware that those around us, we know from years of being with them, growing with them and living with them, have angels among them. I see that our purpose, as angels in their midst, is to be there for them and to live and enjoy their lives as they experience it so well. As the dream was a wake up call for me, although shockingly sad with the loss, I now can understand how important they are and to be with them, to enjoy and to value all that they are as they have contributed so much to me in my mortal life too. Without them, I would not be the person I am today. I wish to share this with you, my friends, and hope it is a help to you to know that dreams do have an important role to play to provoke us to think and see things in a different light than before.

Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean


Speakers: Eva, Michael and Mother Spirit
Subjects: Varied regarding the discussion upon the Tesla Coil Receiving Device, Remaining Calm during the coming Transition Period and the Role Transmitters have during this phase
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date: 31/07/2018 5.54pm (AEST)

[Sue: The discussion around the Tesla coil device to hear spirit voices, the vox box, other related videos seen to be receiving sounds/voices on youtube etc. So I am not sure whether to have one of those devices and listen or just sit and listen without such and ask for anyone who wishes to speak to me in relation to what I just witnessed. I’ll keep writing until I get something/one come through to speak - pause to listen…..]

The Grid (morontial) came into my mind/thoughts and someone or persons as a singular group speaks: “..they are around but not for long as they are moved on to the Mansion Worlds..”

[There is the distant sounds and audible noises, a slight humming vibration, nothing out of the ordinary as I sit quietly to hear what may come…]

“...You are trying too hard, relax those muscles and ease up, that’s it, let this flow. At the most, you will get is slight message and that is what is permitted from us who are moving on. It is surreal, but we are not alone as we see the light to take us to where we know is a way forward. There is a group of us here, wandering in the grid and now it is soon time for us to move on. The grid is being cleared of traffic as the gravitational forces are moving in to support the planetary shift that is about to occur. Many of you will be cleared to move on as the shift transpires. It is so that there is a smoother transition for those who depart the life in the flesh and awake in the Mansion Worlds where we are to be placed in to get on with moving forward as life is to be and always is as known to us.”

[Now is there anyone in the Mansion Worlds that wish to speak in regards to this?]


“...Yes, this is, Eva, I am also one that was taken abruptly long ago and now I am on Mansion World two, it is a long story, but suffice to say I count my blessings that I am o.k. Now. It was not so when I was in the halls of Morover(?) at Chesapeake in the late (circa)1880s. It was a tragic circumstance during those times of western expansion. So often than not, the buildings built then were made of wood and it can easily burn when the candle gets knocked over and starts a blaze. I got caught in a fire and couldn’t get out in time. Being such a large structure with many rooms and much debris falling, it soon became dangerous, and the timbers were falling all around me and one fell on me and that was that. It knocked me out and I was burned in the ensuing flames that engulfed the building so quickly. I am alright now, building upon my lessons here on the Mansion Worlds and it is to this that I can say that to assure you, that many of you who may find the perils before you, know that you will be taken care of as they did to me.

“Do not be so concerned; but be wary and vigilant as things become so out of place for you to see that you need to, if at all possible, to get out of harm's way; if not, you know your next stage is to join us in the classes here on Mansonia. This is all I can say for now as our Guides instructs to end it here. I bid you well and thank you for your time here to listen.”

[Thank you Eva and Godspeed in your journey and may you be well too. And now I ask Michael, is that all you have Michael and Mother Spirit?]


“Put that up Sue, this is a trial run to say it is verily the time that Transmitters can and will get the gist of the gab, as it is called, to cotton on to the tail end of what is happening where we are clearing the grid due to the impending energy surfacing, mainly due to the gravitational forces compounded by the work of the Power Directors at this time. I make way for all to have the chance of life in Mansonia in this regard to what is to be a planetary emergency in all likelihood for the populations that are to experience loss of life upon Urantia.

“Those of you who remain will indeed experience some changes that will be imminent and circumvent in your area of static happenstance. Stay calm and go about your living as you would. It is a case of what ever may be, may be, so let that be as it may. I am Michael of Nebadon and I allow this transmission to be placed for your consumption as it pertains to prepare you to the oncoming spirit guidance that is really being swung in full capacity at this time of planetary exchange.”

[Is that all you would like to say?]

“Yes, close this off for now as we are at the gates ready to take charge of the impending pressure now mounting upon your world. Remain with me and stay connected in the circuit I have going for all who can hear. Roger Out.”

Mother Spirit:

“Stay grounded as the circuits become online for you. For a while it does get stir crazy as you have experienced lately [Sue: yes and the other night,I got Code Red and the prompt to get ready for evac etc], as the mind jumps around in many areas of thought and you find it disconcerting and  makes you feel dismay in all the gloom it portrays, but let that pass and come to centre yourself, grounded in with the depth of your core being as you will find it helps to gravitate you to the centre, the point of zero. Where nothing will sway you or divert you off course from the nerve centre of communication you will need to have going in all that is transpiring around you.

“Calm yourself and let me take the reins and lead you to that static response you require to sit well with what is to be received very well. I am the Divine Minister as I speak it here and make this clear in your mind, I indwell those who are fused to make it a working party of transference of information as you are in the receiving circle of Spirit broadcasting communications. I make this connection and direct all forms of messages, direct or indirect, as the case may arise, and be of use in the coming transition times.

“This is all for now and I bid you a good night.”


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / A Reconnaissance
« on: July 29, 2018, 07:34:31 AM »
A Reconnaissance

Spending a little time to catchup on my university children. These recollections, observance and thoughts of past experiences come to bear.

It goes without saying, it's nice to smell the roses. To take that time to do that is precious. So many times we can and have so many thoughts running through that words are not enough to express it as it happens in the mind it crosses so fast. Life experiences just there lived and known and how to relate that to our young ones, our growing up children,  that is truly so much for them to learn really. It takes for us, for me to know so much that I know now, how so for the young to come through that realisation in themselves. I as a mother know. It is true to be said of our divine parents too. It is good to have that little time we may have to show them, to tell them of what is of value, that you see in yourself.

Be good, be yourself, and be kind. Our lives are so intertwined, we get to see life flash so fast in the young, that I realise when I look at a catalogue from a department store, viewing all the different TVs, sorts, sizes and prices, I can't keep up with the fast changing technologies that's seems to get so crowded for consumers to decide which one is better. I soon get the idea I too am getting older and fast joining the ranks of the grey nomads! Not that I am but I can most probably be if it is going to be keeping at this pace.

However, I am staying put and am with my Beloved too and we are on a path straight to Paradise for all I care for now. Here we are, we are here to play our part to the best that is forged in us to be about our Beloveds to the glory of our Father indeed! So let's get on, continue the path of righteousness and let's sing all the way to the gates of the inner receiving circle of Infinity Himself. I am Sue Whiley, also known as 7inOcean here,  and as a Sister to all of you and as a mother to my two beautiful growing children. Their life is so ahead of them and so is mine! God is truly amazing!

Much love and good night everyone!

Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subject: Fear and Response in the Coming Transition
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 24/07/2018 11.04am(AEST) 9.04pm(GMT)

[Sue: I have to admit I am scared of this coming catastrophe the Pole Shift will present to us humans. I won’t lie, this is really something to fear and loathe especially to the unpredictability as to even if we can survive this. So with a heavy heart, I converse with my Adjuster about this: Being scared, Father, is a fear mechanism that is built into our psychic makeup. Is it right for us to be so when news of impending catastrophe is in our knowledge and it triggers a response such as fear?]


“Yes, fear is a natural retreat and flee response, it triggers in you alertness, awareness as well as the need to seek shelter or security from an alarming arousal. It also enables a heightened sense of being vulnerable in the face of danger or inadequacy of stability. Upon hearing the news of the Pole Shift pronouncements, this inevitably produces this fear mechanism and arousal of preparing yourself for the worse possible scenario or outcome. Survival of such disasters is an unknown, as the circumstances prove to be unpredictable.

“Whilst fear is normal for you to feel, there are some measures you can take to feel better in yourself. Prayer with the Father helps you to focus on the eternal path before  you and it is this measure that enables you to look beyond the temporal maladies to the assurance of the care of your survival after your life in the flesh is finished. You know you will eventually move on into the Mansion Worlds, regardless of your stage in life. Most who do perish will be taken well care of in this respect in the coming population decimation that may well result in the planetary shift.

“You, however, as a fused one with me, I am with you and consolidate your well-being and know you are in safe-keeping in my embrace with you. This is so you have the confidence in your eternal path before you with me and, so, we get on with the task at hand to issue those areas of messages, lessons of assurance, encouragement and preparedness to ride out a very rough time you will experience very much so imminent the earth, as you understand it, has to be attended to in order to stabilise her metabolic behaviour of late. You understand the geologic process of high pressure and temperatures and so, the same process of metamorphosis will be reinvigorated to produce a change in metallic state from the heating core to the crustal release of pressure.

“In all probability, coastal towns, settlements along rivers and lakes will suffer immense inundations and volcanisms will be an active event to release the heat from the already over-extended hot core. The plates (tectonic) along the ridges and valley/rift zones will be under immense pressure to fracture, to buckle and move in response to the inertia of pressure built up in the core’s elements. This will be further extended when the earth’s sphere is tilted to the level in order to prove a cooling to occur as it moves on its axis away from the bursts of harmful solar energy from the Sun’s erratic atomic bursts.

“Fear is a response mechanism. It is for you to act upon something deemed too much to be complacent to a threat to your own survival. When it is that time, when fear is very real, that is the time you will know in yourself how to act, how to deal with and how to, if at all, where to turn to gain a confidence of safer reference to sit well with. I leave it there for you to dwell on as to your placement in circumstances that will soon be beyond your control to handle. This will in turn produce the awareness of co-operation between like minds to see through the dilemma you are to face.

“I am Pre’Mtor and am in charge of my ward to see to it that she remains constant in hearing what needs to be heard and heard well. She senses the problems and the fear that this produces and is naturally understanding of the challenges the dark transition may present to all concerned in her immediate environment. It is not easy to absorb, yet confronting it is. It is important to listen to our messages we send out to you in these times as your life may depend upon it as things transpire and your electrical devices and communications are in shutdown for some extended period of time. So do listen up and take it well as good advice is worth its weight in gold.

“I am Pre’Mtor and relate this in consort with Sue’s thinking on the matter she feels very imminent and “fear”, while loathsome, it is a very natural and incurring strength built in you to respond in a manner appropriate to your sense of being. I wish it well with you, wherever you are and pray you have the good sense to look deeply to the Father in these times of fear. I am with you as Father and know you all very well. Call upon me and seek me. I bid you a good day. Domytia.”


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