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General Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday/ Gift of Nystoria Book
« on: June 11, 2018, 10:41:55 AM »
That man's name is Courtney Brown, Ph. D.


Sue can you edit this so you can combine this part with part I thank you.

To continue our discussion the world is at the cross roads of war and peace. While the White House is trying to establish a peace accord with North Korea one of our ex-mayor of one of our largest cities makes a statement that Kim Jung Un was on his hands and knees begging for a meeting. Now I'm no politician but I do know that diplomacy is to achieve maximum results in minimum conflict, somebody put a muzzle on him please. Until we as a people know our origins our history and our destiny are all the same. Brotherhood of Man and the Fatherhood of God.

Our world is suffering from pollution of her land, air and her waters, one major producer of these pollutants is Monsanto who will change their name and hide under the shadow of the Bayor Corp. Yes the ones who make aspirin.

As the world turns we have in our midst unbeknown to the world five individuals who are fused. Whom I choose to call the 'Hand of God' to help usher in the knowledge of man's relationship with his indwelling spirit.

During these times man is unaware of the impending gifts God has in store for the future for all mankind: The 6th epochal revelation 'Nystoria: The Book Of Revelations , The Micheal Mission, The Magisterial Son Mission, The Advent of Jesus, The Incarnation of the Planetary Prince, The Incarnation of Adam & Eve and the schools they bring teaching 'The Rights of Man' and other things.  Oh the middle of 2018 had great promise. I'm sure others have something to add so I will end with my prayer during that time.

After the Lord's Prayer I continue with:

Lead us into the Light of your Divine Will and Love,
Lead us into the Light of your truth, beauty and goodness
the Brotherhood of Man  and the Fatherhood of God
Lead us into Light of the fruits of the spirits , and lead us Heavenly Father
Into the Light and Life of worlds to come.
Deliver us Father
Deliver us from ourselves
    our sinful transgression,
Deliver us from the evils of war and man's inhumanity to man
Deliver us form the evils from gangster and terrorist groups that are a plague in our communities
Deliver us from the evils of rapist, murderer, robbers and crimes against children
Deliver us from the evils slavery, bondage and human trafficking of our men, women and children
Deliver us from the evils of hate and all it degrees
Deliver us from the evils of  alcoholism and drug addiction
Deliver us from the evils of blood sacrifice, cannibalism, satanic cults,witchcraft
     sorcerer & black magic all of which are practice in some parts of the world
Deliver us from the evils we create on our home world by polluting her land  water  and  air
Deliver us from the evils of those who try to bend our will to their will by feeding us lies and false flags
    through their mass media
Oh Father through your Grace & your Mercy Bless this Planet, All that's on it,
All that's in it And All that's Above it
Bless the Animal Kingdom
Bless the Bird Kingdom
Bless the Insect Kingdom
Bless the Fish Kingdom
Bless the Plant Kingdom
Bless the Mineral Kingdom
Bless the Devic  Kingdom
Bless our Elements
Bless the Kingdom of Man
May Your Kingdom Come And Your Will Be Done
Bless the Homeless and those Who are in Need
Bless our Leaders that they will make decisions for the betterment of all mankind
Bless those who are suffering throughout the world
And may the mist of Mercy be made manifest on Nystoria's earth plane with defection emerge from
Mercy so that all mankind may reject and defect from the Luciferian  culture
And by the powers invested in me through the glorious indwelling and everlasting power of my Thought Adjuster
I activate the energy of the Trinity upon Urantia/Nystoria earth plane.

That my friends are the prays for that time place the others are personal.
I leave you now for another time and place in history.  Thank you Sue/7inOcean


General Discussion / Re: BOMBSHELL! Big GREAT News!
« on: June 06, 2018, 11:10:16 AM »
Hmmm, I like the titles of the different chapters and it appears to be very interesting. I'll hold off any statements or questions until I've had a chance to read it. Thanks Waforbes.



General Discussion / Re: What Next? Pay Attention.
« on: June 04, 2018, 11:31:17 AM »
The one thing we all know is that the universe is constant change. I believe The Father wont leave us hanging out to dry. I feel something is coming but without a clue of what it is, June 9th sounds like a good day. Oh and happy coming birthday Ron I think I told you my mother was born on that day too in 1925, God bless and we shall see.


Teleportation & time travel are science fiction today & science fact tomorrow. I believe man has no original thoughts when it comes to the advancement of man into light & life.  All such thoughts proceed from the Creative Spirit. I for one whenever I see the t.v. series Stargate and watch them go through the water like circle I get chills because something inside me tells me this is for real somewhere in the universe of time & space. And if the past, present and future is now then why not. I can't get into the intellectual conversation to explain it but thats how I feel.


Thank you Pliktarious, my time at the library ran out due to my slow typing skills. When I have more time I will add more.

I would love to 7inOcean, thank you. Now gather around everybody it was during the end of the 20th century and the dawning times of the 21st century. Religion was a mess mostly blind faith and ignorance. There were hundreds of different sects in Christianity alone. Islam was at war with its self and everybody else such as the
Christians, the Jews, and Hindus too.  False prophets roam the land leading God's children astray, people like Heaven's Gate, Jim Jones, David Koresh and others. As with anything we had our good, bad and ugly.

Politics had its good, bad and ugly as well, you could toss

all the politicians up and count the good in one hand and let the rest fall where they may. Many are bought and paid for by mega establishments. They did just enough to keep you humble. Politics was mostly a mask of deceptions. They take one subject and argue over it for years. I'm seventy years old and I can't tell you how long they been debating abortions rights I think I was in Jr. High school. If you keep talking about one thing all the time you don't have time to talk about other things that are important, pretty good uh. What you call a person with 20/20 vision and still can't see.
Before I go any farther let me remind you that during this time Lucifer and Caligastia are no longer with us. They have been judged by the higher spiritual courts of time and space. Its their legacy of corruption, deception, sin and iniquity they left on this world that has been devastating to every man, woman and child. We must remember they were Local Universe Sons who were highly gifted to rule this world, instead they ruin this world to it's core. They were good at dismantling a Divine Plan. So we are now living in a Luciferian culture from the time of The Rebellion over 200,00 years ago until now.

We had plenty of schools but what were they teaching? Science and Religion were like oil and water its just not going to happen. They  lied to us about our origins, we were lied to about our history it became His-Story, didn't have a clue about our destiny. Technology was good but advance technology without spiritual wisdom is global suicide.

Money was the God of the land. Sports and sports figures were a lesser God as was movie actors/actress were also worshiped as Gods

Our whole infrastructure was base on the dollar bill. Those who had bright minds and wanted to serve the people like Tesla and others were moved aside or killed so they could serve self.
Yes these are the times before the Micheal Mission, The Masgisterial Son Mission and the Advent of Jesus. But all is not lost because the Father has sent to Urantia/Nystoria millions of celestial beings to be apart of this great epochol moment of world affairs and with that I leave you inMicheal's peace.  Thank you Father for your Master Plan.


One question Ron what about those of us who don't transmit, will we be able to come to York and contribute and participate in one these Missions or attend the schools of the Material Son & Daughter? Thank you.



Dear Ron you have been in my prays daily and it feels so good to see a prayer answer. For the rest of the T/R crew you have been in my prays also. Even my prays that some part of one of these Divine Missions will begin soon seems to becoming a reality, praise God in Heaven, Christ Michael, Mother Nebadonia, the Melchizedeks and all the celestials who are here on Nystoria's earth plane. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  May the Father's Will be Done one step at a time.



Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Lanaforge on Perseverance
« on: April 02, 2018, 03:07:31 PM »
Dear Sue 7inOcean you've been here for quite some time, I don't say much as I should, I've read so much of your spirit works and your personal feelings as well. You remind me of that old proverb that says "to stumble is not to fall but to go forward faster." I can identify with you because sometimes I want togive it up and persue  something else. And then I tell myself like what? Do what? Go where?  We all know that this site is the most spiritual advance site on the planet. Christ Micheal rules this universe so what ever we do in life we still got to go through Him. Its our destiny. You're like a little cute pit bull you want give up. So I say thank you for not falling by the wayside. You are a true Daughter of God. Not just you but everyone who refuse to give up.


General Discussion / His Will by US
« on: April 02, 2018, 02:36:10 PM »
Ron in our prays we say, "May your Will be done. Christ Micheal added,  "In Us---By Us and Through Us."   I've been wanted to ask this question  for sometime. Would you care to elaborate that saying for me/us?


Thanks & honor goes to the Father and all others who brought these revelations to our attention. And thank you  Ron for being a Master Transmitter of Spirit. I always said to myself when I first read  TUB that whoever brought these revelations into being others should be able to do the same thing.
The papers of Infinity are mind blowing to say the least.  I read a little handbook on George Washington Carver some years ago. In it he ask God how the universe was made during his prayer and meditation period.  God answer him saying it was too complex for him, ask another question. He then ask God how the earth was made? God said his question was still to heavy  for him to understand. Ask a more simple question. So GWC thought about it for some time and he said; Lord how is the peanut made.  Well you know the rest of the story. George Washington Carver went on to discover 300 or more patents for the peanut.  I may have lost my thought here but just when I thought I had some kind of understanding of infinity.(A teaspoon full, that is) You go and throw a monkey wrench in the machine.(smile) Then you speak of Infinity as a Person. I must have miss something there. I'm not surprise about other Deities seeing that our Father gives so much of Himself to rule the Grand and Master Universe. We have Havona Supreme, God the Supreme, Planetary Supreme, what do we call the dark gravity bodies that control systems, constellations, local universes, minor & major sectors & superuniverses? 
Infinitude- well I think you gave me something to grab hold of with my bicameral mind, if I got that right. You say that Infinitude is nothing but again its a construction of infinitesimal molecular codes or algorithms.  Is that like the genetic code of the human body times a billion trillion trillion in the makings of the universe? 

Most people always ask how did God began? Where He come from? Or who created God?

Your papers on Original Will, I Am, and The Consummator of Universe Destiny explains a lot for me, except I get mix up on what order these events happen but that's minor, M' Pytoria will explain it in due time.

As a child of God as so many of us are here, one day a real bright person will come along and take all these revelations and put them together and write a children story so I/We  can all understand. 8)  for real.
In Micheal's Light

Dear forum members, I've seen more changes on this forum than the degrees in the weather. From the beginning of the announcement of the MSM in early 2000. Who knew that when a Divine Son would be introduce into our society, a society where the world is so dark in spiritual poverty that the powers that be can't predict the behavior pattern of the people of Urantia. How sad it is for the people of this world and yet how great for the people who still have the light of God in their heart. But to endanger the life of another Divine Son is unthinkable and Woe unto Us if it did.

I can't speak for everybody but I no longer get butterflies in my stomach when an announcement is made and then postpone again and again. I stop telling people about these announcements some time ago, not that I don't believe, I believe but I've learned that Spirit moves at the pace of our  Father's Will. (So may His Will be Done)  All I can do now is pray  and do what the celestial do in TUB and that is to speculate, that sounds like fun ;D we use to do it on the forum many times. I speculate a Divine Son will introduce Himself to the world after some major catastrophe. I say that because in TUB it said when a major part of the population calls on God, He will respond and send Divine help. [Sorry I don't recall what part of the book it was in] In the condition our world is in, He may go for 50 percent.

Glory to God for all the revelations He has sent to you Ron and the rest of the fuse ones and may He bless each and everyone of you, as well as the Serara forum.                             

Sorry, never mind I found it in The Reclamation of Urantia.  I kind of lost it for a minute. Thank You anyway.

Ron when I highlight - copy-and  go to W  Document1, all I get is one to four or five letters down the left hand side of the page.

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