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20/02/2018 9.17am(AEDT)

Hi Folks,

I have been thinking through this thread as to what is presented with the devastating earth changes. It has occurred to me, as bad as it is, the clean up will be really good in two ways.

Before I continue, let us pause and admit how difficult it is as our brother Lemuel in his recent post has hit it well with what a tough nut to crack when he says, “ is a Catholic country and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks…”, well that is the world’s population in a nutshell as to their probable mindset and to teach it a new way is no easy task. Now I continue.

Here we have presented above to us in this thread a great clean up of Urantia. 8/10ths of the world’s population may be decimated and that means a lot of those will go on to the Mansion Worlds and awaken to the reality faster than can be had if they remained on the earth. Those left behind will be faced with new leaders to learn “new tricks” of their new reality they are to accept as inevitable. Those ones remaining on the earth will have transitioned into a valuable experiential phase while those many billions who are on the Mansion Worlds will learn anew the truths they would otherwise be still objecting in ignorance and disbelief.

Hence, as it appears to evolve, many will be given a fresh start to go over anew things that is good for them to be growing in. And so it is very much a progressive ascension career activity and is actioned in a rather speedy process by this massive clean up intervention on a scale that would otherwise take longer to achieve in a stagnant backward backwater as it presently stands.

It is interesting to see this as a double action process, one that definitely is good for all involved. Whichever way any of us wind up - if some of us survive the physical changes it is a good transition and if some of us who perish in the disasters, we know we go on to the morontial learning spheres where life simply continues on in greater joy than we could ever have imagined.

Urantia, it appears, is already a done deal and needs to move on to being what Michael of Nebadon sees as an educational sphere. That is quite understandable, as the Lucifer Rebellion here needs to end and nipped in the bud by a massive scrub as the Universal Father deems is necessary anyway. What is happening here in the present “House That Jack Built” (old present civilisation) is suicidal. We see this everywhere and it needs to stop.

These are my thoughts on what is soon to be developing. It is severe to our sense of mentality to accept, but maybe this is a way that can work to truly correct the mess that Caligastia and Lucifer left behind. What do you all think? To me, I see a progressive ascension career program is being introduced, either way for all involved and it is this that we should have been on and about a long time ago and it is only now we are all going to get sort of fast-tracked into it. I see this as good. This is the sort of change we need right now.


Hahaha, You DaCandyMan make me laugh and smile here to here as I think you and I get on really well as I relate so well with your experience.  Thank you for sharing such a part of your life here with us and it is a joy to be so keen to be wherever Father sees best for us in outreach work if those plans are well placed in with what Father Michael and CoUD &J is permitting to be in the works hopefully soon before, (well what can I say, there is no other way to put it), TSHTF! I am both so excited and rather nervous too as it is going to be rather a challenge.

I got it put to me by my Adjuster today, that after those announcements to the public with Jesus and others, the Internet will crash, communications will be next to impossible and most of us if not all humans will go through a phase of internal searching and humility to what is said and presented to all to hear.  This is a time of telling of how the public reacts, responds and behaves. I think we will have to wait this out, take cover and pray for our safety when people can become quite erratic or just plain numbed with shock. Not only do we have the Universe Administrators come in to weigh in on some hard core truths, but also to be told the earth we walk on is about to disappear in various degrees and places. How we fit into an outreach post and what we do then is any one's guess as to how people take what is coming to be known to them.  It is a case of wait-and-see and hope for the best from people. Meanwhile we stand by and wait. It remains to be seen what becomes of it and pray people will come to their senses and rally themselves to prepare for some sensible emergency response. The Australian emergency authorities are pretty good at this in all areas of crisis, but what is presented may overwhelm them in all likelihood. We will definitely need a Melchizedek brother with us here and I hope that is in the plan too Father Michael.

Nice to hear from you dear brother and hope you are well and keeping well where you are.

Much love,

“...perhaps you Sue can state better than anyone your state of mind to take such an assignment on by yourself for a while..”

ASSIGNMENT: Run Outreach Office in Australia

My Adjuster is truthful in respecting what is happening when it comes to “immolation of myself with...relationships” between myself and my significant others. I am now going solo with this candy store I love and the others don’t get it at all, period. They have not woken up to the fact there is something very wrong with this world we live in. I see it and question it and so on to the point my loving Adjuster gave me those insights to allow me to see there is more in this picture we are living than what is.

Put simply, has anyone stopped to think in their life journey here - what is going on here? The Bible is full of holes too numerous I grew suspicious of why that is so. When I studied basic theology and church history and so on, it became apparent to me something wasn’t adding up right. I subsequently, lost interest in this sort of theology as it was preached and I dropped out of pursuing further studies in an advanced course of study. I waned in the affair of so called “Christianity” as it was preached by my earthly parents and so on with emphasis on the Cross of Christ.

It wasn’t until I got a wake-up call from my loving Adjuster to see a different reality so vast and splendid and so on I realise, like a genie put back in a bottle experience, that this world (bottle) is truly like it is encased in its own little bubble and totally oblivious to the greater reality that exist beyond itself. Being led to the TUB and here on this site is the work of the Father Adjuster and my own inner search for the need to find answers to what I was given insight in being aware of the reality my Adjuster allowed me to see. Thank you Father.

Now, in answer to the quest above - I can state better on why I can be assigned in such a task in my own country is because I love the Father, I love all of you, all my loved ones and so on and I love God, Country and Queen. Loyalty and duty and doing good is what I do everyday. It is a service unsaid or noticed, and it is actioned by loving thought, consideration and determination to do what is right and good for the peace and tranquility of others.

My assignment is like the English people have as a sign made up that says quite emphatically and simply: STAY CALM AND CARRY ON with the Crown of England as a badge of duty and respect. And so I am no longer trapped in a bottle, I am understanding, good and compatible in abiding in the Father’s way as He unfolds it before us. He is Reality. I stand by and await my orders as I always do in my workplace, as I report to duty and get my marching orders to know it is business as usual to love and serve one another.

I would love to be working with Wendy and DaCandyMan and others if she and others are happy to be a nomad and I am nomadic already over the years of living in this big southern continent. I just hope we can survive what is coming as severe for this continent to suffer some harsh blows.

Pre’Mtor, my Adjuster wishes to speak here:
“I am happy you are cheerful this fine day in deciding the path with me; you see what I have done to clear your mind of baggage you no longer need to carry and that is so you can move on to greener pastures of thought to place your energy in with work I have lined up for you and others soon enough.

“Be assured plans are being drawn up and we have some surprises in store for you. That’s right I have your best interest at heart and know that you have it well in you. As you like the saying dear, “Stay Calm And Carry On”; abide in me as I do in you. Be well, eat well and do get that rest so you can be better functioned to the tasks ahead. Good day.”


9am(AEDT) 19/02/2018                 

Dear Ron Besser and any others who may help with the following question:

Do you know if Mother Spirit is working with some of us in image perception, that is, clairvoyant work?

To give you some background, last night as I slept, I had two things happen to me and this could be interpreted on different layers of meaning.

This first thing was as I heard someone or persons was banging violently outside on the front door and yelling to “open the door!” And I was inside hearing it and that, although it scared me, it got my attention. Then next this.

The second thing that happened was what appeared to be a screen before my eyes. At first, there was this fog that smothered the images on the screen. Slowly as I tried to concentrate, the fog gradually faded away and the images on the screen was getting clearer to see but it appeared to move so fast I could not make out what it was trying to convey.

The next thing I knew was that this is some sort of morontial input in my mind and I was sensing Mother Spirit in it and we communed about this. I felt this is a development Mother is working on and I assured her that it worked only that I didn’t get what was on the screen, although it is an improvement from previous attempts.

The other thing too was that I became aware that I was lying on my back breathing heavily and I turned on my side so as to breathe better than on my back and that is the last of the occurrence as I drifted off to a peaceful snooze.

As discussed in a recent private email with Ron,  regarding the subject of who and what is Valentine, martyrdom as St.Valentine (see link below)  and others suffered during the Roman persecution of the early Christians, it is one thing we are doing now in our lives here in Jack’s House and yet, we know that after this period will be the service-to-men activity. After the long post on those devastating earth changes(see above in this thread) and how many lives may not make it or survive on the earth, I think it is going to be truly more harsh on a lot of us. At least the martyrdom thing gets put in the dustbin of history and we can move on to either serve here on the planet (if some of us survive it here) or move on to the Mansion Worlds to get on with our careers and what our Father has in store for us.

I thank Michael of Nebadon and the Consummator of Universe Destiny the benefit of the knowledge given in allowing us to be prepared for the worst. If anything, it is for us to take stock of ourselves, the earthly life and for what is so soon to end and to be ready for our eternal adventure. So few of us will make it here and I pray that those who do may be kept safe and well through the changes coming and Wow it will get rather busy upstairs Michael! I can see some of us members may be useful there too :)

Link about St Valentine:


Teacher: Monjoronson
Subject: The Divine Mission and the Evolutionary Motion
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 15/02/2018 6.29pm (AEDT)

“There is one thing that needs to be doing and that is to press on to the goal that is ahead of you.

“Yes continue, yes continue, yes continue...I need not emphasise any further what you already know in yourselves. As much as you like to take a step back to take a look at things, it is still a process in motion, it awaits for no one, but presses you to realise that nothing stops, all things are in motion.

“You only have to see that and move along with it. This is evolution, it is inevitable as time does that.  As we see it, the Missions will interject that at some point to include some aspect of motion that can be able to go in a different direction as it is trajecting now. Time is of the essence literally as we speak it now.

“There is no going back, no stopping, but one emphasis on moving forward to a level greater than the last one that you are on. I speak as a Team, I am Monjoronson. And so there is more in the works to better the motion to align in sinc, as it were, with a universal motion with the experiential Supreme Deity. And so our work is along with you, along with the evolutionary process where you are at and on to the levels that you can find attainable in your life-spans of learning anew at every turn.

“Not too little, not too much can we provide that is to sustain the very energy that you can absorb. As much as we can do, there is so much that can be done in relation to your time construct and your spatial changes you find yourselves in.

“As you find all this in the Monjoronson Paper on Planetary Management and Sustainability and not much has changed from those original plans. The only change that is made since that Paper is that there is now a direct influence by the Paradise Father as to the affairs of men and the work of a Divine Mission in their midst.

“Our work is in conjunction with and for the Father and for what He has in mind that is best suited to what has to run in traction with motion itself.

“I leave it there as this is meant to be a short snippet of import of the work to be done in earnest soon to bear witness by you all as it becomes evident in ways you will recognise well. I am Monjoronson, a Magisterial Son along with Serara to be working on these Divine Missions the Father has opened up to be busy in doing very shortly in your time.

“I wish you all a good day on this fine Valentine's Day. Domytia.”


What happens to some of the Mortals of this Local Universe that has a Super Creator Son as unique as we have with our Father Michael, do some ascenders get handpicked to work in the new areas in some future age with our Michael Son? This thread is turning out to be quite revelatory in nature and I wonder what import it has for those of us to learn of this new development and what implication it has to our future ascension careers?


Ron - Hi Sue and thanks for asking the question.  Mother Spirit has fused me and I know not of any direct intervention that does with me or for me, but surely those in the morontia and spirit world who have fused with Mother Spirit, have changes occurring to their minds or form or both.  Do not forget that Mother Spirit is God the Supreme where Gaia and the Havona Supreme cannot access certain kinds of information.  I think this will result in those beings fused with Mother Spirit somewhat clairvoyant in the material and in the morontia having minds more like the System or Local Universe Supreme which we have never really talked about before.

MOTHER SPIRIT - :That is a very insightful question my dear.  Eat well soon as you are going to need all the energy you can get because the weather is turning rancid hot over your area again and it is dangerous heat too.  Store vitamins and minerals in your hide and make sure you complete your decisions about your personal life before time runs out.  You also must learn to be aside of the issues you are contemplating as you will cause a serious disruption in our plans if you quite which you are working on right now.  It is dangerous and fool hearty to get involved again and you could be in danger of a grand fight that could harm your physically.  Ron looks at you incredulously for even contemplating what you think you have to do but then throws his hands up and says women! I can't get their priorities ever!

"Those who are fused with me will experience a change in mind sets and the mature who fused with me will become more Supreme like.  Ron addresses something more sophisticated to know, and that is how does my super personal extension by the Infinite Spirit to universe-wide service move me differently there rather than in the Local Universe of Nebadon?  The answer surprisingly is that it does not make any difference I know about now.  But this new status is truly untried right now,  We must go now and I thank you for your question.  Mother Spirit. "


Alright, I agree with your frank assessment and apologise for my lack of good sense of understanding. You are right, I am bent out of shape as you say!  My apologies for being so out, I hope I can find a way to get in shape but I'll need rest and time to do that.

Mantutia I did not mean it that way but of course there is some well placed words you and other brilliant writers have placed I uphold and admire very well, thank you all so much.  Your work is highly regarded and adored and I thank you for being so considerate.

Your advice is to take some rest and I will do that and use some time to study the Urantia Papers and learn to appreciate what you have given here, can you point to which Papers that is appropriate to study in this regard? Thank you to the Consummator of Universe Destiny, Mantutia, Michael and Ron for your wise counsel.  Thank you.


Who is God? (Continued here with my thoughts and numerous inquiring questions):-

What if it is all just an elaborate form of expression? Could it not be put in more simpler terms for comprehension without exhausting terminology?

Why is it in depth and as elaborate as it is?
Why go to the lengths of a flower, a bee and a frog?
Does creation have to take on ever-expanding and diverse forms, to the point of exhausting all potentials?
Does potentials and actualities have an interchange of existence?
How does personality get expressed? Is it through a combination of thought processes or through attainment of experience?
What is the purpose of time universes, of time creatures that arise out of nothing and become slowly evolved, slowly acquiring thought processors?

Why from mere nothing to a mere something that absorbs everything like an advancing PAC-man gobbling up everything that lies in its wake?

Why develop such an inexhaustible creature? Where does this inexhaustion end?
Does the Finite put into perspective the Infinite better than the other way around? Is it to do with appreciation of what is existing and what is to be gained?

Who is God? A good question to ask, a fair question and one that is captivating to last eternity to find who is Deity and who is Divine, does deity and divine earn the status of greatness? Or is it pre-existing, replete and perfect in its own identity that requires nothing more than to burst its shell?
Could this all be a figment of the imagination, a speck in the eye of the Beholder?
The Torus in the distance to the Beholder who is both distant yet is consistent in it at the same time as energy/force - then, if God is energy, then is it an all pervading force of intention and, if so, how infinite is post-infinite and therefore how is it for pre-infinite and so on?
This goes back to what is existential, and what is the term referring to when it says, “He simply IS”? What is it that we consist of if “He simply IS”?
Is it Ultimatons? Or is it of spiritual realities we are only just scraping the tip of a giant proverbial iceberg of infinite scope we dare not even try to fathom yet?

What is all this infinite creation doing anyhow? And what is its purpose inside of the Circle of Infinity?
This perpetual wheel of creation, potentials and actuals must have a finality of completeness, but why the motion now? What is going on? Why us, why them, why “IS”, why this forever motion, why so many versions of realities? What is the intention and the purpose of all that “IS”? This now turns attention to the Will of God. Hence, the “Inventor” (as RonB likes to use that term to put it in perspective) with the “machine” - this is where I need to think as an inventor does here.

This is where it gets interesting…

Not only do we get to see the “machine”, but that it reflects upon the “Inventor”. How it operates, it functions, it works. How the “machine” is only as good as the “Inventor” makes it to be. Is the “machine” autonomous or is it dependable? How involved is the “Inventor”? Like any created thing, we humans know it requires support, maintenance, supervision and service, The “machine” is only as good as its maker/supplier to do a certain task or fulfill a certain function for what it is created for. In this case, it is one giant social service wheel on a galactic scale. But then, it takes on different dimensions between lateral service and vertical service in relation to its functional input by the “Inventor”. So everything is directly functional in relation to the Source input. So whoever has to put the hand on the wheel has to ensure it turns well and moves well in the direction it wishes it to go and so on until it meets the desired outcome it was intended to do in the first place.

So all this comes back to the Source as to its first thought, intention and or figment of its own imagination to prove something beyond doubt that it is more than the sum of its parts. It is like it wants to pinch itself to know it is there and gets enough “ouch” moments and praises to know it well. So it is one giant infinite wheel to pinch itself to know itself for real. How many times we all do that?! Too many to count. Hence, as infinite as it can be. This is one infinite pinch and a funny one that makes humour more enjoyable to experience.

Pre’Mtor speaks: “This is the Father. I am the Father, I am the bread of life. Remember the bread you butter on, you can pinch it and know this too, there is more dough where that comes from….. I am existent in you as you know me well. The Missions is around the corner, it is within days if not weeks for you to see and you are becoming more and more morontial as you progress in thoughts beyond the scope you already have attained in this instance of time….share your thoughts my dear as it presents thought processes to put out there and it also presents the way in which the mind works in the way it does here…”


I need not say anymore as the above is sort of self explanatory and explorative at the same time. I hope it is a harmless sort of excercise for the mind to get going with what is presented in this thread.


Allow me to run a train of many thoughts, my Adjuster and I get going with in thinking out aloud in response without getting bogged down with finer details.  I probably should wait to read the new UBook (FER) and when can we see this Ron? Anyhow, let my thoughts run and allow it air to breathe as it goes...

I think the problem is that we humans have been left alone in isolation upon Urantia for so so so long now it allows us to go figure it out on our own. Hence, this is why people like Ron take a view that he does.  So often we can easily fall into the trap of thinking or putting God or Deity in a box and think that is all to it or we can even look at a bottomless pit and want to know how far is it to the bottom.  In many cases, so often humans don't stop to consider the possibly of the 'what if' God is outside the box or is not as such as the bottom of the pit we originally had thought it to be.  Ron has hit it well to analogise it in a way as an 'inventor with his project' type of thing, but always the project is just that and the inventor has so much more to place than what already is presented so far both in the infinite past, the eternal now and in the infinite future. What is intriguing is the thought, for us inquisitive creatures on this Godforsaken world, is how big is God, where do we go and where does it end, if that is the appropriate way to look at it in our finite capacity. However, what intrigues me is that we have (if I may call it in simpler terms) the God of Experience(God the Supreme), the God of both Experience and Eventuate Experience (God the Ultimate) and then comes into it, God the Folder of all Experience (Consummator of Universe Destiny) and therein do we now see a 'project' of what exists and what is to be experienced in all that is.  Creation by the Inventor is a funny business and a curious one when Ron hits the wall and tries to break it or crack it to release more revelation to find there is so much more behind the wall to go figure! 

The question I have is this, is there a point to all this totality of experience (hence all the Absolutes) and does this all tie into the existential nature of all experience contained in the I Am? I recall the Paper to do with the Totality of Reality (Papers 104,105 & 106) and is to be studied again to see what Ron has stretched in his thinking here with the Consummator. It is harmless to be thinking outside known conjectures of thought and see the possibilities far exceeding even our own expectations as presently perceived. Indeed we have much to learn yet to gain the momentum of intelligence, yet nothing beats an inquisitive mind to go further into the blank space of a bottomless pit and to the thin air outside the box we so inherently get ourselves blind sighted to see.

Much is hinted at, poked at and given, to even make us consider there is much more we do not know of and still there are humans such as Ron and others such as scientists like Albert Einstein who took a stab at thinking 'what if' it is more than we thought it to be.  At this present age we reside in what is to appear and is a real existent reality in time and space, the Master Universe as a trial project along with the OSZ as an infinite array of experience we can all relate well in with the Source and Centre: It is true, in God all things consists, without which there would be no project, none of this and us either! This begs me to ask, what happens to those who choose extinction? Knowing their experience is retained by the Adjusters and albeit the Supreme as well, and so goes the knowledge obtained, so seeing this is absorbed then just what is extinct of such a personality when Will is put aside?  Just what is retained and what is lost gets me wondering what happens there and how can we as fully functioning faith Sons and Daughters become more than seeds and then suddenly grow into variable fusion capabilities?  Are we on to the cusp of newer trials never before done in the Master Universe in getting mere mortal to the umpteenth stage of trinity embracing experience, as is happening such to the three fused ones? It explains why we have the Consummator present here as his name suggest a reality of extreme potential is at our doorstep to realise for ourselves to embrace. 

Many thoughts run here and much to contemplate and to consider the implications of what is revealed here for us to absorb. Gosh this all reminds of that game where someone puts a blindfold upon your eyes and you walk around in the dark to try to figure your way into pinning the tail on the donkey on the wall.  I would like to know where I ended up pinning that tail!?!  LOL!  I should probably be grateful and just admit to the Father Inventor of All that you are amazing!  Not a bad donkey after all!  Thank you Father!


Hi folks,
Adjuster says," lay it on the floor, let others know how this is for you"

For the past few weeks, it has been a time of decision, one for which I must follow my heart to what is right and good to be so doing.  For some time I have felt the MSM is going to be taking on a multifaceted nature. This is not for humans to do but one that humans can be a PART of in some small way wherever they are in what unfolds. I am happy to tag along and wait my orders and I very much agree with LarryG's sentiment as he clearly puts it. To me it's a case of whatever will be, will be. Father knows what is best to get the job done.

Now as for my life, I couldn't bring myself to a divorce with my loving husband who just so happens to be an amazing personality and a very good man, he deserves better than what I have felt like an idiot to him. My time here on this forum over the years, has been the culprit and I need to back off a bit and live out the life our Father gives to each to enjoy to the fullest.  After all, the earth is going to do its dance in whatever shape it is going to do it, is making life look so precarious and it would be best to spend this time to be with our loved ones and see them through as it goes. What am I if I can't be the joyful woman, the wife, the mother, the daughter and the sister to all that is in my existence in this extraordinary evolutionary short life? I am going back to redo and enjoy the future with a man I love very much. I am lost without him and I can't see myself go the other way as it is so morose. My Adjuster is both supportive and guiding me to follow what is both good and joyful to be so doing in the mortal life considering now I know my eternal destiny is assured and it is with understanding I am to be there for the others to be aware of this in some way with a little help I can throw in for them to know about, when the opportunity arises.

Isn't this what can be done in our small way to reach out, to be with and to be that light among our own folks we so love? Jesus did the same, I follow in His practical footsteps in walking with our siblings that I see as an extension of myself. To love and be loved, to love one another as he first loved us, is the goal of living in the moment each day. I intend to follow and be that as it may with the Father with me, His grace is indeed sufficient for me.

These past few weeks have been a time to put it in perspective. Indeed, does the Ecclesiastes writer saying is so true for all of us to so live it, "There is a time for everything under heaven, and a season for every activity under heaven..."(Eccles 3:1-8). And so may I just so live out my days in joy and gladness with my loved ones and with what God may unfold as time goes by, ever watchful and prayerful that His will is known to be perfect as He is perfect.

And so let the perfecting continue on...and we have so much to learn, to experience and to grow in in all our days that our Father so graciously bestows upon us to so live it to the fullest. Praise be to the Father for life is a wonder to behold!

For now I remain calm, quiet and faithfully resilient in these tribulations we all go through as it shapes and forms our very natures to be as refined as gold in both heart and mind in the work of love with all men.

Father, I seek your mercy for all of us upon this wrecked earth, we are not much, but we can be so enamoured, Rebellion-tested and sure-tracked to be your destiny children if you are so game to take us on with the might of your own Sons to bring us into your trust.

Thank you Father, and Godspeed with the work of God in many ways a Mission can unfold for the best outcome that it can bring. Ron, I wager that to Margul that I do think I may be best placed to remain in Australia as I know my own turf and folks better to be about it as it relates better for me to work with. As much as I love to be with you guys in York, it still freaks me out to be in a foreign country when I can do a better job close at home with my own folks with the help of a materialised Melchizedek as Abraham had in his day in the Levant. So be it, let it be done as Father Michael sees fit for what can be better done in all of this, with or without humans, I am willing to just go back to a normalised mortal life and live out my existence in the flesh and be done with it when my time is up and then be busy in the morontial worlds for what Michael has in store for some of us. Whatever will be, will be. God is amazing in it all.


In all, I remain steadfast, steady, necessarily quiet and calm to let what has happen (I.e with Andi and now being removed as a Member on this site) settle down.  I am sure this is bound to crop up over time and again. My response is to watch and pray, as does dear brother Niant2 has shared as well, to be ever offered to the Father to seek His mercy and understanding of our messed up world.  To me, what some Members here who have voiced their viewpoint, while they have a right to have their say, yet, again I find it contentious, rather unkind and a little nasty towards another brother. It is best to have this done in private than to be so doing here in public. Of course, as such that is espoused, so many times doubt, reservations, caution can weave into our pattern of thought. I however, take the view to step back, assess, take it as it is and overcome some ill-feelings and let that pass and move on with hope that God who knows all things and who will see the day through to the end as it is His good pleasure. I am, and all of us are, but a small child to trust in His gracious outworking as He does allow so much to go by and while we can only see one quartzite grain, Our Father in His Infinite way, can see the entire beach full of sand and all where that came from too. He even knows how many strands of hair is on our head. Our dear brother, friend and Master, Jesus, or known as Joshua Ben Joseph, knew the Father and knows that to be true in all good faith.

Today,  I caught up with news and there is an interesting article that caught my attention as it relates to what is told here about pole shifts. The link below is of an article dated today 1st of February, 2018, stating that the earth's magnetic poles are well over due for a flip and also mentions some aspects of chaos this may create.
Link here:

What strikes me is this comes out now when we are told of an imminent change is coming here through our celestial teachers. I think it best to take this with the import that it presents. That 'what if?' question is not IF but WHEN doesn't escape my thoughts. Soberingly, planetary human survival is weighed very heavily in view of this and it could happen any time as the core is weakening and our Tectonic Plates may be more than compromised.

What this tells me is that at some point, we all need to stop and think. For some of us it could be over and we wind up on the Mansion Worlds or very few of us may somehow survive such harsh nature attacks and remain, but it will be both tough and rather hellish to go through. For these ones, they will require a lot of ingenuity, inventiveness, tenacity, resilience and good temperance to weather through a new wake of reality. Does watching Bear Grylls in unforgiving environments give you unsettling goosebumps? Well I think what is coming will leave that in the dust and it will take quite a lot of effort on the part of co-operative types of people to survive better. It's not possible to be a lone survivor in what is coming. Given the severity, it remains to be seen how, if anything, anyone can survive this catastrophic onslaught as portrayed above as we are mostly so softened and cushioned by the creature comforts of our modern civilised life as we have it right now.  When most of that is gone, there is only Mother Earth to deal with. And living is probably stepped back into an ancient past to start over again. I picture the worse here and let's hope I am wrong and it is just a mild hiccup at best.

Hence, it is so vital to be prepared, watchful, prayerful, enjoy life as you have it and hope for the best. This is the Father's planet, may His will be done.


JESUS - The WHOLE SUBJECT / The Master - The Riddle of Return
« on: January 31, 2018, 05:03:35 AM »
Teacher: The Master
Subject: The Riddle of Return
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 31/01/2018 8.04pm (AEDT)

The Riddle of Return

“Ah well must we press on to the goal of attainment, never err from your convictions of the light that is in you.

The lessons today shall become tomorrow’s gain, it is always to err on the side of caution, when you see an obvious flaw.

How you perceive it is your brew to sift, no one knows until the hour has come that renders much recompense.

A riddle in the middle and then suddenly disappears as quickly as it came.

When once upon a time you gave your all and then some more; where did the sparrow go when you laid out the bread before it? And what do you do when it turns its head and seeks the bush for comfort over the bread that is given?

And so the time is ripe, the time to reap what is sown, it is grown over too long.  It is soon or it is not, the sun has come up, it never goes down, it is time to finish the riddle long done and plow through the reeds that time took away.”


GENERAL INTEREST INFORMATION / Re: Response to Rayson's hopping neutron
« on: January 30, 2018, 05:55:25 AM »
Oh classic, I'm following this post closely,  I wrote up something related to what Brett started with as it got me thinking, and all this is telling me something is missing, Rayson points out the other elements that is helpful. What I wrote is, to put it simply, is that how can one element jump from no charge to be charged then jump back to neutral and still be existing in this structure? There had to be some sort of mc2 to be making it move so fast at velocities to do that, hence what makes it go from one to the other without being so absorbed by the activity of those elements that exist as proton and whatever the name is for the other types that behave in the atomic structure?

I'm interested in this because when I look at rocks when I did Geology 101 in my Uni studies, I know there is more in a rock that tells us so much of the history, the elements, the metamorphosis, the state of play in volcanism or sedimentary cohesion to make it what it is that I hold in my hand to look at under a magnifying lens. Hence, the same goes for the minute structure of material substance that behave in a manner very intrinsic of its elemental structure and I do not even know about the nano or near-impossible to see pre-matter/particles to even speak about here, pretty phenomenal to even have more elements in this structure to be added as Rayson has done so above. I count six I did not know or heard of. That Rayson spells out. That means there are multiple elements in this structure that are doing something to make the neutron do what it does.  Astonishing. Thanks Brett for the start up, and Geoff you are just classic! LOL! Rayson I think your simple steps of the eight elements gave me a buzz on why on earth the neutron can go from one to the other in a speed of light. Does Einstein's equation E=mc2 make a cut in what I see c2 as a critical factor in the atomic structural behaviour? Just pondering...hmm...


Amazing. Beautiful. Wondrous....

Yes Ron, I remember well the story of Paul on the road to Damascus.
In this space I have learned more than in any other. If the reports of what happened to Paul on that road got so wrong, it begs me to ask how many other reports and dictations in the New Testament and for that matter, the Old Testament as well, got so wrong or twisted. How badly done was the old book that even I find hard to pick up anymore. You are right in what the 21 Century scholars are doing is so off-track, that it makes their work rather pointless.  Thank you Paul for bringing the truth of what occurred as you walked that road many years ago. It explains a lot. For years before I came across TUB, I, grew over time, more distant to most of its contents as it posed so many holes and contradictions, I found it became nonsensical in all honesty. In any case the bible served its purpose, that "still small voice" is the truest of all words that is worth more than any other and the story of Jesus is unforgettable. The TUB instead, answered all my enquiries satisfactorily like no other written work could, and many thanks to the authors who wrote so touchingly beautifully!

I am speechless, yet taking in what is a beautiful thing to learn about Paul and Abraham's status and more. It is very touching of the Father to have such familiar Finaliters to be so placed here with us.  How appropriate, how splendid, how superb God is in this.

I am moved deeply by what this means for us. Thank you Father, thank you Father Michael and Mother Spirit as well as to Paul and Abraham who have a very special place in my heart as truly great men of their time and now I can see why.

I love this post Ron, I will read it over again to let this sink in, it is so good to know the Father is very active with us as is so clearly placed here for us to see. Thank you Father for all that you.


This is very informative. So much so, I happen to be reading, at this stage Papers109-110, although I just recently went through the previous Papers, I admit this revelation occurring with Ron is new to me, and I am refreshing my memory and rereading these beautiful Papers. It feels like my memory went blank over time and going through these Papers is very helpful to me.  I am humble to admit I am learning again things I read years ago that I am now grasping in a better light. I am particularly appreciating the marvelous work of our trusting and faithful Adjusters, the author is so gracious to describe their work and presence as "sublime" and I agree. Now as for Ron's experience here, this is a valuable lesson for what can happen to some of us too when this may come up for us to receive.  Ron you are so fortunate to not be in more serious harm than what could have been in such an accident.  I praise those who were with you and kept you safe.  As for the Planetary Supreme fusion, well I'll have to read about that too, it seems to me for any one such as our fused Ron to receive such indwelling will most likely be raised in consciousness of both experience and understanding.  What this does to the mind of Ron remains to be seen. And to have fusion with Mother Spirit is another one for us to fathom as she is the Creative Spirit, the daughter of the Conjoint Actor, the Infinite Spirit. My what a crowded and powerful entity Ron is becoming, and all within an in-flesh human Father-fused ascender! I hope I said that right.

If any one can point me to appropriate references in the TUB regarding these rare Fusion types I am most appreciative to learn more of the import of what is happening with Ron Besser in this instance. Today, I put my Adjuster through some paces as I wrestled with personal thoughts to do with temporal choices and spiritual decisions. When I read through Paper 109, Lo and behold, the author gave me the answer right there for me to stop and realise what I must decide for myself. I know what I have to do and gratefully, make that a direction to take with my loving Father Adjuster that guides so supremely. (See for an example, 109:5.4"The great problem of life is the adjustment of the ancestral tendencies of living to the demands of the spiritual urges initiated by the divine presence of the Mystery Monitor. While in the universe and superuniverse careers no man can serve two masters, in the life you now live on Urantia every man must perforce serve two masters. He must become adept in the art of a continuous human temporal compromise while he yields spiritual allegiance to but one master; and this is why so many falter and fail, grow weary and succumb to the stress of the evolutionary struggle.")

Ron, my prayers be with you and may you get better and I hope your eyes are on the mend to see this, I understand and know how difficult this must be for you.  These fusions are so unique and I thank Father Michael, Mother Spirit and Margul for the insights given here, thank you, and I will do my best to look up TUB and try to fathom this important event.


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