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Teacher: Dr Mendoza
Subjects: Matters of Mind, Circuitry, Reflectivity, Cognition, Language and Conveyance of Conceptual Thought and More
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 21/11/2017 7.22pm(ADST)

[As I was walking about the house preparing dinner and so on a voice kept going on in my head and I quickly honed in to write as follows…I have no idea who was speaking…and I let it fly as it kept on talking…]

“….That you have mind capacity in that you relate to the sensitivities inbuilt in your core being. Now having said that, I make the assumption you already know of what to think on levels of skewed importance. Yes, you are wondering what I am getting at. That is o.k. And it goes something along the lines of ascertaining on how you arrive at in your thinking processes. This is in view of telling the difference between night and day as you have in your solar pattern of the earth rotation in motion.

“Now, it is pertinent to this point I make to see how you can distinguish the material mechanism and the spiritual derivative of thought. Here, you do not know still what I am grappling at, but here I give a coin on which there is two sides, and it is still a coin of notation to you.

“As it is, do you see the point I am driving at? One side of the coin is heads, the other is tails, and so with the coin it has two facets of your thought processes that is directly related to the mechanisms of the mind circuits in which is pulsating at the speed of light. To put it in your language, the cognitive and the language impetus has given way to accepting the new impulses of revelation you now receive with a speed unto for not known to you.

“As you progress in receiving spiritual dialogue such as this is, you gain the flow of recognition of the signature that runs akin in your mind circuitry. It is of a relectivity reception you allow it to bring it into your conscious attempt to write in a manner cognitive to your language input,  encircuited in your memory. This is, in turn, channelled into your vocabulary syntax as such as you speak it in your english tongue. However, the conceptual impetus that is herewith is far too grand to relay it in such limiting contextual language as you have in your store of words to date.

“Language is one thing, conceptual impetus is another, that has more angles to see than what the words can convey.

“No other way to put it than to say your language as you have it the world is far to short of expression to adequately convey what is of more depth to be made in that which is to be known to you.

“Just as you attempt to understand what it is I am saying, you on the one hand, know what is being conveyed, and on the other hand, you see the difficulty we on this side of the veil have in portraying such concepts of mind input as such is presented to you now.

“Just as you might say “ not let the food go to waste..”, so you use up every repository of your capacity to let it fly as is relayed here with you. I am an unknown voice to you, different in tone and speed and that is because you allow the circuitry in you to be open in any case for it to happen.

“Just as you attempt to pinpoint the name of my source, you know it to be important enough to recognise a download as it is to this lesson for you to take. I make no bones about it, as it is the case with you, to get on with the business at hand in letting things fly as it comes into your mind circuits.

“I am none other than the one who knows the mechanisms of mind as that is my study. Dr Mendoza is my name, my dear, as it is settled in your capacity to know this message is one of mind over matter in relation to attunement into the circuitry of spiritual knowledge now being opened for business in the reflectivity circuits.

“Yes, this is a rather surprising topic for you to touch on and I dare say, you take an interest in the way this is conferring as we speak it in a rather odd way as you normally go about receiving such import.

“Here you are walking and hearing me talking non-stop to berate you over the coals so-to-speak and you thought the better of it to start writing this as it is.

“So how goes this mangle for you and let’s see how best we can approach the subjects we have on offer to get out the many issues to do with the health of the human beings we have a lot to care about.

“And, no, you are not going nuts over this, and who says so anyways, whoever does is not aware of their own potential as it is to be fully made apparent as some of you can do what can be done here.

“More to be said later and I sign off for now, adieu!”


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ FINDHORN
« on: November 20, 2017, 11:20:23 PM »
Ok I get that we can be seized which ever way is relevant and am I to not take things so seriously as Ron is in Walmart and just go with a bit of fun, and bluff our way through some stints we work with daily? Ron you make me laugh silly, gosh a "gollywag", but I'll calm down and know the Supreme is actively at work in observing us and sorting us appropriately. I need to correct the Lysol thing. Matter of fact, my workplace relies heavily on the Tuffie 5 Hospital Grade Disinfectant Wipes. After a bit of google search, both the Lysol and Tuffie do contain, among other things, an active ingredient of the substance Benzalkonium chloride in small %w/w amounts. I'm no chemist, but I do recognise it's effective use in reducing the risk of infection while these cloths or products, are effective against a broad spectrum of known pathogens. I just follow the protocols of my superiors and do what is asked of me in effective cleaning procedures. You are right. I will need to broaden my social interaction and it is difficult to do that when I spend so much of my energy here with all of you! I love you all so much! In any case if I buddy up with others, how are they to understand what I am talking about if these people have no clue to the language and vocabulary we are on about here. Way too advanced for most, I admit,  and yet it is a challenge to go down to the level of where these minds are at at any given moment. There are those occasions, I may perchance to converse with other staff and listen to their story. One on his country of origin and his pursuit in learning a new language, skills and placement. A real interest in how others have chosen such a path and how they live it out in real time.  I gain insight in getting to know others better when I listen and take in where they are at. As to doctors, fat chance! As we are all too busy to do that, and besides I learn so much from my son who is in his third year of his degree in medical imaging. A lot of jargon and terminology and very interesting cases, some severe and others terminal, and it is up to the Specialist Medical Officer to determine and make that known to the patient in question and discuss the treatment options.

Speaking of medical stuff, I have been watching a program in the Discovery Channel offered by Foxtel called First In Human. This is recently screened and I have been watching how these medical professionals are faced with untreatable cases too hard basket for normal hospitals to take on. Google First In Human.
Anyhow, it is good to know work is in progress to find cures and treatments that work for bettering health in most cases who are victims of rare diseases and cancers and so on. And I am sure Dr Mendoza and the Mentori  are busy to be in all of this as it is so needed. I care much about this as German measles have affected me with rubella and hence being born half-deaf. The more that can be learned in improving in areas of health issues the better we are to nip these terrible things in the bud, that happen to cause so much unnecessary impediments in the health and well-being of so many humans today. I pray I may be useful in this area in some way, if not,  then maybe have some transmitting input in guiding the political mentality towards making decisions in relation to how we can address pressing health issues. It remains to be seen where some of us can be of good use in the near future. I am sure the Supreme knows us well and will place us appropriately.

I will look into this more and take in what is revealed to us in regards to how much God the Supreme will have such a part in with us. I and so many of us have so much to learn and fathom. It is truly wonderful to know these things, especially about the natural death processes that happen to some in such a manner and are given over for other purposes. At least I know that whatever happens, we are taken care of one way or another and we are surely placed well in our ascension careers in the most appropriate way that is best for the human to grow.

Thank you Ron, Father Michael and God the Supreme.


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ FINDHORN
« on: November 20, 2017, 07:40:27 PM »
Wait what???

Quote: "DEATH is never  the arbiter of what happens next for humans raised on Urantia." Unquote.

If not DEATH then what is the ARBITER for humans?  How are humans who are raised here assessed? Is there something we are missing here!??! Is the Supreme Court of Urantia going to be the institute of assessment as to how entrenched the vial of rebellion is in humans here? How do those of us here who trail the MSM fair in this? The list of questions pile up and it remains as to how Urantians are screened as to their purity of intentions. I guess time will tell....


P.s oh I just read Ron's next post re God the Supreme. Wow really can that happen! Well it makes a lot of sense that some of us may be sort of snatched away for higher purposes and I see that as a probable case when some individuals have those qualities so needed for work elsewhere. I get it now, thanks.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ FINDHORN
« on: November 20, 2017, 05:24:18 AM »
Could it be that upon transference to the Mansion worlds that person may have the chance to be given a life review, a correction of import and thereby given, perchance, to reconsider one's own thought to what has been a travesty of human evolution on this planet so marred by rebellion and defaults and thereby make its own decision on the offer placed before them?

Speakers: Michael of Nebadon and Jesus
Subjects: Michael on Ascension Career, the New Planetary System and Jesus on the Good Work We will be doing with Him in the Brotherhood of Man.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 20/11/2017 2.25pm (ADST)

Father Michael:

“……Now this, when you are ready….we have spoken on the ascension careers that is to be for you and others, it is my hope that you understand your place in it. As Urantia has the unique position of having fused mortals without them being consumed,  as has happened to Ezekiel, and are still in their fleshy selves are of the unusual ilk, the Father has enabled to bring humans to be of the ability to participate in the work of the Magisterial Mission. Sue writes this fast; spoken transmission is not to be used here as it is too fast for Sue to take it, but here she can write it as it pertains to her mind construct to allow it to go here with me.

“As you know, the new planetary system is due in relation to the unique Ascension Careers some of you are and will be taking up as this is fully reprised in the New Urantia Book which espouses the reasons for which the new planetary system is to be comprised. I have intimated to Sue the rarity of fusion candidates of the Besser-Lemuel-LarryG types and as are some of you who will follow suit shortly. Sue is closely to be completing in her fusion with her Adjuster as she understands it to be and I only state that as to allow that recognition, that here we have a wellspring of unusual capacity,  that the humans on this planet as the Father sees,  can be achieved in light of their willingness to pursue all things of Magisterial import on a world that requires the rare import of human participation in making it a more co-operative and congealing affair, in inducing the consciousness of man with the God within.

“The prerogative of thought is to be a mustard seed that is planted and it becomes a great plant of useful purpose and service. Service is the fruit of labour and boundless love in knowing good will prevail over evil that has permeated throughout the history of this planet.

“Having fused mortals to remain, is of paramount import in the ways and will of the Father to initiate the hopeful enterprise of engaging their human counterparts the possibility of encountering the spiritual life which can and will flourish to full term.

“Your purpose here is ascensionary in levels of attainment and service in the Magisterial Mission,  which will foster that potential to actuals on in the time levels of growth and maturity. Fusion is a state of being, as you ascend you progressively become more and more complete in with the Father within as Father-Fused mortals and subsequently as Finaliters.

“There is more to speak on this and is elaborated more fully in your New Urantia Book soon to be distributed in the new year of 2018 of your Gregorian calendar.

“My aim to discuss here is for you to see the unique nature of the progressive stages that is unique here on planets such as Urantia, Panoptia and the other planet(s) which are not disclosed here as of yet, who are to be included in the new planetary system,  due to their unique progressive nature in fusion attainment,  which is not occurring as such in other universes as these are occurring without them being so consumed. The purpose of which is to bring those humans into their morontial training on spheres that will acclimatised to the ages of Light and Life. These humans who are fused will gain the greater insights in pursuing the challenges they confront in the Missions to unfold in their lives.

“The experiential(the Supreme) and the mortal of time(you) are to experience the culmination of what is to be a construct of time and how this relates to the universes at large for which you belong in service to and be about.

“This is a unique set of circumstances for me as a Creator Son of this Local Universe who has to experience such an extraordinary amount of challenges no other usual Creator Son has faced as their own to take on. Such are the demands and the pursuit of excellence in all areas that concerns the Father to see to it that all things consists in Him and that is the high call that I answer for myself.

“As your Creator Son, I chose your planet, to be the greatest lesson for me and it remains as such and will be the sphere of education for many years to come.

“As Jesus will present himself in a most propitious manner, it will be quite clear to you, what and how this Mission will unfold…..[I sense Jesus nearby…]”

[Jesus, would you like to speak on this?....]

“Yes, I am Jesus, I come with a two-edge sword, it won’t be pretty for most to hear it in you. As I cut through the bone and marrow to the heart of the issue when it comes to how I see it. I will make plain to you how awful the centuries unfolded after my death on the cross and how many of you over the centuries since, have gotten so construed and lost the true meaning for which I came to present in proper. I come through to cut through the tape, as they say, to ram down the thought-forms you all must stop at once. As you all make preparations for the Christmas season, I will have a piecemeal too to present, as it is time to place on record the truth you all need to hear and hear it well as it comes from my lips as to the proper timeline of history when it comes to my life upon this earth of my nativity.

[Thank you Jesus for sharing your thoughts and I pray for your success in what you are about to do…]

“Yes, thank you, my dear one, and I gather as many of you to be by my side and grant you my good graces so as to point you to your true north as it is so in each of you. I warrant you have it in you dear one and that pleases me greatly to see it in it’s fruition to bear.  Those of you will have such a status of union that it will bring a more robust group to the table of revelatory import I would like to see flourish in the brotherhood of man. It is in you to be as one and it is for this reason I come to foster this growth in human solidarity and goodwill.

[Thank you Jesus, this is wonderful and is there anything else you would like to add here…]

“Yes, dear one, and I would like to say this, pray with me and with Michael of Nebadon, along with Mother Spirit and all who come with me to be about the Father’s business in bringing the goodness of heart to the light and that people will have the good sense to see the truth is in their hearts all along.

“I am Jesus, and I will not come alone in my service with all of you. That is all for now as I must prepare myself to the eyes of the world soon with the Magisterial Sons, Serara and Monjoronson who must bring you all under control in no uncertain terms this planet must come to heel. It is enough to see it go as it has already. It is time for correction to come in earnest and we will do it in a manner that is harsh at first and good in processes you all will come to appreciate immensely in your lives.

“Thank you and I wish you all a good day.”

[Thank you Jesus and God speed]

[Michael, is there any more you would like to say here…..]

“I think what is said is sufficient for now and I close this transmission off as I see it is long already and we will take up another one later when you are ready to take dictation and thank you, my dear, for sitting in pretty with all that is said here, g’day.”


Thank you. I have tried to give it another go just then and it is downloaded into my Box app successfully. So I am happy to report a successful outcome. Ron you are so funny with gremlins, LOL!
Many regards,

This document won't download, it comes as blank saying "no document set". The link is in red which I find unusual to be that colour?? Anyway, thank you for this work, this is and will be a very useful piece of historical recordings of what has been transpiring in the interim between then-and-now sort of thing. Hope the link above gets better. I have only just sat down now after work to read the document you posted earlier and am perusing it carefully as I feel it helps us get a good overview of how things have changed. Very much appreciated and adore your tremendous talent in getting this all together. I look forward to Father Michael's version and yes it remains to be seen how things pan out soon enough. Thank you and Father Michael so much for this invaluable document and soon to be a journal as to the unfolding of the divine Missions to come.

Thank you Ron, Serara and Michael for giving us the chance to prepare ourselves in the likelihood of such scenarios that may play out for us. This is a generous one and it sobers us to the cold hard world we face when things get presented to it so glaringly. For some time I have thought about this playing out and how people can be so pedantic on 'what's happening?!' When really we all ought to be on our knees praying in humility. This life is a gift and I am so grateful to the Father for the experience. Obviously, that is probably not going to occur for most people, and I consider Ron's scenario as to hiding in the house as much as possible, a sensible thing to do. I can do that easily; the only problem is, my workplace, and I'm going to have to watch it and stay super calm and quiet as best as I could as I usually do. I'm in the convenient position of having to live a nomadic life that I do not have any friends, hostile family members living near me nor do I have to contend with 'Jesus freaks' as I'm no longer one. I can only tell them, if I ever have to give an answer with reluctance, to say only these words, 'I only know as much as you do and I'll leave it there.'

I appreciate the frank and honest situations we may all be facing one way or the other and I sure hope, if we can help it, to keep our nose clean in all that mud we will have to wait and wade through. The only problem I have is if the iPhone and Apple devices are off the radar that will put me out of business online, it is the only devices I have and use here right now. I have thought heavily, a while back, that may be the case and that there may be a time of peace from the "World-Wide-Web" and grant us that time to receive from High, in the quiet serenity that no internet brings for us for a change. Remember folks, there was a time long ago we did not have mobile phones, internet or computers, I used to only have to worry about three things. My wallet, keys and sunglasses. Ahhhh, when was the last time I saw those days! I can't wait for the 1970's nostalgia to come flashing back! I take it, we will need to be of good cheer, the best way we can, while holding back ourselves from getting into unnecessary controversy. The best advice is to stay silent and wait it out until things settle down. I've intuitively known this to be playing in my mind too in what the Magisterial Mission will present in its initial stages. I pray that the Magisterial Mission will go well in what it has to do and I pray we can ride the harshness of it as we have been well warned about for so many times here in the years past.

Thank you,


Editorials From Man & Spirit / Re: CERTITUDE: ITS GIFT
« on: November 15, 2017, 03:53:27 AM »
Thank you Ron, Wendy and all. You have given me much to peruse and think about. I have had a full on day and only catching up now.
Much love,

Editorials From Man & Spirit / Re: CERTITUDE: ITS GIFT
« on: November 14, 2017, 03:29:14 AM »
Wow Ron! This is a fantastic paper and much needed discourse. I love the intelligent maneuvering in dealing with internal conflicts I'm sure we all get. This is a paper I'm sure is going to be of great interest. It is also a subject floating around in the back of my mind but couldn't quite put a finger on it. You nailed it brother! There are so many aspects to the point of certitude you have brought out and put it in a better perspective mainly due to your experience and how it can make sense with how God moves in mysterious ways. I'll have to reread this again to really let it sink in. The quotes from TUB you point out I recall had me stumped and you have managed a stellar expansion on what those words mean. I wish to thank you, the Deities, Ocilliaya, the Supreme, Michael and oh you mentioned Aya, and I quote:
"AYA (Master Spirit Seven and the Voice of the Trinity and of the Supreme and of the Differential of All Spirit to Human Minds)". Unquote.

Can you tell us what is meant by the words,  "the Differential of All Spirit to Human Minds" is? The word "Differential" stood out to me for some reason and I don't know why? How big is this differential of ALL SPIRIT to human minds? No matter what, I find something new that gets my mind ticking!! Wow! This is an amazing piece of paper and I know it has that underlying current that weaves in our human mind, God is amazing!  Thank you for spelling out the difference between certainty and certitude, as well as the several types of certitude you have elaborated on, these are two very varying words and are placed in better light when it has a lot to do with how God sees the person and its capacity of inner knowing and more. I admit when reading through this paper, I can relate to what you are explaining with better clarity of thought. I even can had some 'ah-ha' moments as they have occurred to me too in my experiences, I knew that but couldn't quite put it into a proper consensus or was it a paradox in one's own thought processes? Very intriguing what is touched on with the word, "compossibility", this is good to get this cleared up.

In appreciation of a good intelligent discourse on something so difficult to even explain and probably comprehend in most instances. Thank you for this as it explains why you are given this gift as Father deems fit. I can see why and I smile with Father too and thank you.


Speakers: Michael of Nebadon, Mother Spirit and Ocilliaya Master Spirit 4
Topics covered:
1.   On Audio T/R work in the Magisterial Mission
2.   Relating with Others
3.   The Spirit of Truth
4.   Divine Ministry and the Ministering Spirits
5.   Urantia as an Educational sphere of Learning about the Lucifer Rebellion
6.   The Mind and the Spirit
7.   The Creative Work of the Creative Parents in your Universe and their endurance through the Lucifer Rebellion
8.   Call for prayer for the Magisterial Sons and for the Magisterial Mission and for Jesus as the Light in your world.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 14/11/2017 8.30am (ADST)



“Yes Sue, this is Michael of Nebadon, along with Mother Spirit, we waited for you to finish your cup of coffee so your voice is not croaky and now that you are ready, we can get on with the lesson today. 

“I would like to speak to you about audio transmissions, how they will be effectual in you, in those of you who do practice and learn to receive in this manner and speak it out cause you will be doing a lot of those things in the course of the Magisterial Mission. You will be speaking to a lot of people, it comes natural, you do this each day in your workplace. You know and you understand of many things that people do talk about and when you do speak in an audio version well you affect in a way in your receiving, you come, …it is ineffectual in your voice. Mother and I and your Adjuster we work well in gaining momentum in thought and in understanding as you deal with people.  You use your intuition, your perception your experience in your life and you can relate well to people who have difficulties, who have a whole range of issues they need to address.

“This is all part of the life experience, you can relate and they can relate to what you do bring to the table to bring out some better understanding in relation to how they live and how they wish to go about their life and choose well in what they love to do. Life is about that, we all have a moment where we doubt, our moments where we pause to think and give it a moment. 

So when you do audio transmissions, the frequency levels in your being is raised to a moment where many thoughts and impressions come into it and when you do speak in relation to others as you do have eye contact with those you speak to. It has that power of human relation on a level where it does have meaning to them, they can relate with the emotion, with the body language, with the whole way of you as a personality and with their personality.

“Some people are sad, some people are happy, some people are intelligent, other people are not, plus you might have many do have a range of experiences, and we can all come together and share those and relate in so many ways.

“Through the Magisterial Mission, there will be so many teachings and lessons, that will uplift and bring a lot of things into a better focus in relation with their walk with God when they come to know and understand to the truth is in them. That the Spirit of Truth is very much alive and walking well in the lives of those who have an Adjuster and those Adjusters are working in tandem with their wards. Trust and faith and in that inner knowing of the God within is ever much alive and well.

“Mother is here. [Thank you Mother for all that you do, is there anything you wish to say?]

“Yes Sue, I am here, I am the Creative Spirit, this morning when you woke up, you remembered, you do have friends, and they are all around you, as Seraphims, the Sanobim, Cherubim, the Supernaphim, your Adjuster, Michael and I and a whole range of orders of beings are with you. Doubt not that you are alone. You have so many people on this side of the veil waiting on your every breath, you even walk it Sue, the Father is very much alive and well in those who have placed their trust and their will, your will in with His will, it is a joy to watch and grow, ever stronger in the knowing of your destiny, your destiny is assured. I am your Mother, your Divine Minister, I work it well in with the Infinite Spirit as Ocilliaya, the Master Spirit 4, the Voice of the Father and the Son, the Master Spirits who work in the Universes as the Voice of Deity. Ocilliaya is very much here with us today. The Mother Son wishes to speak. And I translate that for you.

“I am Mother Son, the Eternal Son with the Infinite and Universal Father.  Know that we are here with you. There is so much this planet will need to know and learn and we have a lot of many beings and orders coming to help in this Magisterial Mission, we approve it, we allow it, it will grow and mushroom into a wonderful place of learning. It will be an educational sphere, much like a university. Urantia will be one. More so to learn more about what has happened when a rebellion does arise such as to what has happened in the Lucifer Rebellion. This is not something we like to see crop up every once and a while as it has happened. It has happened and occurred in other Universes, but this one has really reached to a level that has affected a lot of orders of being.

“And so it is wise to have a sphere, such as Urantia, that has been so affected by this rebellion, so we can have a school of learning, to learn well the affects, the source, the ramifications of how the mind works such as it has happened with a High son as Lucifer and as well as the Lanonandek Sons, Caligastia, Daligastia, Satan and the many others who were working in with the former Universe Sovereign, Lucifer was in charge of doing. Those High Sons are no more. They are laid to rest.

“Now it is time to move on and take what we can learn from this for the mind and what it has for us to know.

“This is part of your journey, because you hail from a planet that has been affected by rebellion and your destiny is assured. You will have an amazing one in store. Because you will have so much more understanding in relation to how the mind works and how those thinking processes does affect your choices.

“When you are learning on the Mansion Worlds, you will have so much Mota going through your mind. Many who have passed on to those Mansion Worlds are learning. It takes time, it takes for the mind to grapple and to fathom the complexities that mind and Spirit creates.

“I am Ocilliaya, the Master Spirit Voice of the Father and the Eternal Son, speaking here to allow you that moment of peace and joy and your lives will take on a whole new meaning. You will learn well, because there is so much yet to understand. Not much has been revealed, the Urantia Book only has given you a portion, yes, a portion of what you all need to know at this point. There is more to come. You do not know the full story of what Michael, your Creative Parents, Michael and Nebadonia, have been able to endure and to persevere with such mercy and love. They have created a beautiful universe and seen through many of their creations to see through it they achieve what they were set out to do. To create the wonder of God. And that is God is the wonder and joy of exploration, of adventure, of creativity that engages our spirit and our mind in with the Infinite, the I Am.

“Thank you for this lesson.

“Thank you for this time.

“Stay in prayer with us and pray for the Magisterial Son, Serara, Monjoronson, Rayson, Dr.Mendoza, Prion, Scion and all those orders of beings who will be coming to assist in the work of uplifting, of redemption, of reassuring a great learning process for all those who inhabit this planet and all those other the apostate planets to come through and see the light. I am the Light of the world, your Jesus is coming soon and he will have that moment with all of you when the time is right to receive him. He is a High Son to bring light, to bring joy, to bring a moment of truth to steer your path in the light of God.

“Thank you and may you have a good day.”


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission/RELEVANCE
« on: November 13, 2017, 06:30:00 AM »
Audio Transmission Transcription/RELEVANCE:
“Audio Transmission 13th November 2017, 1.58pm Australian Daylight Saving Time.

“Pre’Mtor speaking.

“Relevance is the subject today.
“What is relevant to you?
“Think about it, it has got to have meaning and means well in what you think about that matters most.
“You come to me in prayer, and place your thoughts in with me. And this morning we did and we had lots to talk about, many things came to the front, to the fore, and to make a point. There are those personal, intimate moments we do share, you hold me well… do I.

“What is relevant in your world today?
“Have you thought about that?
“Relevance is what we, when we do, through the Magisterial Mission, will bring this into focus.
“Your history, your religions, the science, the arts, philosophy, all those aspects of your social thinking and evolution, we will bring a lot of this together to make it relevant. There will be so much more meaning. The new Urantia Book will have a lot of that coming through. We will place a lot of…..[struggling to get the word out…] emphasis, yes you were struggling with words Sue, keep at it, I am with you. [Yes, Father, thank you!] Yes, the new Urantia Book shall have such a place in your new civilisation that is coming soon. It will place the old civilisation in its perspective. It will no longer serve you.

“It has to this point, but it is like an old worn tyre, an old worn rubber tyre that is worn out, it needs redoing, if anything, it needs replacing and given a new tread. You know what that is like when you replace a tyre on a car.

“That is the sort of process we will be doing in the lives of many of you.

“This will be done with a lot of patience, on our part, as we do right now. There will be so much more of interest, of import, of value, of great inspiration, of many teachers will come.

“Many of you will be transmitting those, those wonderful messages, lessons, that will have a part in sharing the wonderful education we are loving to share and to uplift the mind and the soul.

“Your development is of great importance to us, because we do care about your development. Each one of you will have that and you will enjoy all that and so much more coming to allow you that growth and that potential. Your Father knows so well that is in each one of you as you seek, as you learn, as you place your faith and trust in your Father.

“You will learn to know, you will know Him so much better, your walk with God is sacred and is a wonderful journey and has been thus far, we have walked, we have talked, we have done so many things together and in it all you have found my voice that I speak here with you now. I am Father, I love you. I am with you. You know me and you know my voice. [Yes, Father, thank you]

“Relevance, will be on our agenda as your Creative Parents will make that plain to you. There is no point in doing anything without making it real and sensible to the people of this planet. Because you all need that education and that understanding, that placement of your heritage and of your inheritance.

“And it is up to each one of you to make that choice to come to me and place your faith and trust in me, cause your journey is an eternal one. It is not an A to B journey. It is boundless, it is endless, it never ends. Cause you are an infinite one with me. I make it so.

“It……is…..infinite.  Perfect.  Because I am perfect, you know it Sue. You know because I have revealed so many aspects to it and I will make this relevant to all your Urantian folks, they are needing it, they are needing this right now.

“Relevance in their lives, meaning and purpose, a hope and joy in knowing who they are and where they are going. This is not given in this world at this point. What Caligastia and Lucifer has done has taken that and that has not served you all, they have not really given much emphasis to love.

“I am love.

“You hold me well, Sue.

“You know this.

“I leave it there for now.

“Thank you Sue for this moment and may you have a good day.”


T/R note: Please excuse the background noise, it is the cars going past outside in the busy street I live in. It is a rather warm day today and I had the door open to let the air in. Thank you for listening. Sue/7inOcean.

General Discussion / Re: Current and Future Diplomacy
« on: November 11, 2017, 03:58:28 AM »
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: A List To Remember When Transmitting
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 11/11/2017 6.10pm (ADST)

“This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaking:

“Get ready to go with what I have to be speaking on. I have a number of things to let you in on. I list them in order so it is easy for you to remember:

1.   Sit still in your mind.
2.   Pray with me.
3.   Listen.
4.   Take it as it comes and let it flow.
5.   When I speak as Michael, listen carefully as it pertains to important information for all to hear well.
6.   When I speak as Jesus, when that time comes as I do among you, learn that I speak for the Father and for you. I teach and I also correct many minds to think better.
7.   Know that you do hear me, have confidence in this with me.
8.   Mother Spirit and I are the working bees for the 1st Phase of the Magisterial Mission. We will work hard with each one of you and get used to our insistence in you.
9.   Approach this work with joy as you will find it will be rather comical as you see the way we can turn the tide by saying politely, ‘How can I be of help to you?’, when there is no need as so many are so eager to help in so many ways.
10.   Have faith in your government institutions, they are set up for a crash course to do better than they are and be a strong force for good.
11.   No amount of time is wasted when you abide your time with me and the Creative Spirit who is happy to impart all that can and will be good to hear. You learn well when you do.
12.   The Magisterial Mission is on course and it will be supported by humans such as yourselves. Co-operation is the main focus of approach and will be the keyword in our inaugural speech in the United Nation’s hall of assembled dignitaries. You Sue, will be speaking, be assured you will be hearing and speaking me, your Local Universe Father to the letter as I give it. Let it fly when it comes to you at that moment. I grant that confidence you have it in you to do a superb job and have most listening on the edge of their seat. You will, however, be so calm that you do not know what all the fuss was about.
13.   I do not have one as it is not an unlucky number, but a happenstance I see you can laugh about as.  Remember, it is just another digit in a long list of digits I care about as are all of you. I am Father and I love all of you and there is a day coming you can enjoy the soliquay I grant for your own peace of mind.
14.   This list can go longer and I have decided it is best to leave the last ones for later as I decide what is on my list to what can stay and what must go. Kind of like you do in a camping trip and you all know what that is like. Fun times are ahead, the tough part is the initial stages of planning and packing it right so it can get off to a good start for all involved.
15.   I have 20 items on this list. Sue has been good to allow it to flow and it stops here. The other remaining five I withhold for now as that is something I am still wading through as of yet.

“My last words here to say is to keep with me in prayer, eat well and get as much rest as you can as your Mother and I have much to impart and getting you working to prime you to be ready for the work that you will see will become a necessity. It is already. Sue is at work, she has not drained yet, but she will sleep well tonight, I guarantee a good horse working when the rider knows how to hitch a ride. Thank you for listening, this is Michael and I sign off for now. Good day.”


T/R note: I wish to say thank you to Ron Besser and Father Michael as well as Mother Spirit for such an inspiring and liberating post as given above in response to mine this morning. It somehow got me going hip to go and let it fly as I let it this afternoon. I realise I just have to let it all go and let what comes “fly”! I even practiced on audio and I’ll keep at it till I get better, I need to keep going with it and get a handle with this form of work, I know it will come naturally as I do speak in so many instances daily. Thank you Father and Mother and Ron – love your charm! I place this transmission here in this thread as it is relative to what is discussed here.  Many regards to you all and thank you, Sue.

General Discussion / Re: Current and Future Diplomacy
« on: November 10, 2017, 02:06:14 PM »
I have given it some thought, my first reaction is that it makes a lot of sense, but it places a lot of pressure on humans tasked for something that is beyond their abilities at this stage. I feel the Melchizedek brothers will be the ones to be step in to do this. With the planetary changes, I think these nation-state figures will probably dwindle down in numbers. I really think it is rather premature to put human transmitters in the hot seat, unless they are credited, vetted and so on to be capable of handling the heat from those who represent their nations. And you are right, hopefully this is discussed well upstairs as I get the feeling we are not ready for this work. As much as I am, and I am sure most of the members here too,  are struggling to juggle daily life and tire easily to the point some of us cannot function to t/r, how are we to function when we are caught up with surviving at this point?  Given, if some of us are freed up, paid some due and have that time, I am sure so many of us can function better than it is.  I have to go to work shortly and I'd rather be free for the day to catch up on reading all the posts, my it suddenly got busy! My prayers be with Father Michael in what appears to be some work cut out for all involved.

Thank you,

Hello and greetings to you, I am thinking hard on your allowance to share with us what is let on. Is it that Urantia and the two other planets are moved as training spheres for those who enter into the first Outer Space Zone?  When you speak of the term "literal",  when these planets are to be moved, does that mean a material movement of space bodies such as "planets" into a whole new space area for some unknown development (hence the reference "secret mission and destiny") and so I push the envelope of thought that this as you said on the outset is all to do with the legend of rebellion these planets have been so tainted with? I get the impression we are being removed in more isolation if not quarantined further, in order to keep the health of Nebadon intact and not influenced by those planets considered the "worse of the worst" (ours included)  with rebellion still running in the veins of those who inhabit it.  It is an interesting development and one that has been hinted on some time ago that Urantia will be sheared off at some point due to being so close to the first Outer Space Zone. Does this have anything to do with this new shift in stabilising what is a difficult planet or planets that may be too hard-basket to keep in with the Satania system which have plenty of good healthy ones that obviously are advancing on in the Universal career progression. There are many ways in looking at this, but I understand, the rebellion has certainly gotten so entrenched in our world that I fear it will take an equal amount of time to drain the swamp so-to-speak before we see it squeaky clean and we have not even seen what that is, because we haven't had that before!

Riveting to say the least and thank you Ron, Father Michael and Mother Spirit!

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