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Thank you Sophia Veronica and Clency.
Clency--The synchronicity you mentioned was not lost on me either. And you Clency, I think, are a perfect example of what Dora was talking about.  You transcribe for Lemuel, and translate for others as well.  These "little" things can have a greater impact than you may realize.

Dear Antonio,
Did you realize that the right kind of music is very beneficial and rewarding when it comes to making a good connection with your Adjuster?  I often use music to help fortify this connection.

Topic:        Small Deeds Help Prepare For What Nystoria Will Become
Speakers:  Dora; Mother Nebadonia
Date:         Received June 13, 2018
T/R:          Amethyst

"Greetings to all on this forum, with guests and members, and thank you for your attention.

"I transmit with Amethyst again as we have the same passions.  We both come from Nysteria, and care deeply about its history, present, and future.  She is a very distant descendant of mine and I have been assigned to work with her while I am serving here as a Finialiter.

"Many of you are familiar with the term "correcting time."  It simply means this is a time when things are in preparation for the missions to come.  Much needs to be corrected before the general population can receive what the universe has to gift to them.  It is good that you study what you are able from this forum because it is the most significant pipeline from us to your minds at this time.

"Correction, however, takes place in many places and in many forms.  This is something Amethyst is learning and needs to be understood by all of you who want to help us.  Yes, correction is needed on a large scale, in many different areas of social, economic, religious, and governance on this planet.  But there are literally millions of small jobs needed to be done as well, and this is where many of you can help.

"Pay attention to those small but unexpected events, meetings, and encounters that may cross your path each day.  You may not recognize the significance at first, but many of these situations are for the healing, education, and edification of individuals in many walks and stages of life.  It could be that elderly person you see in a nursing home.  It could be the clerk at your grocery store.  It could be a re-connection with someone you have not seen in years.

"The conversations may take an unexpected turn.  New insights may be shared.  These encounters may turn out to last longer than you had anticipated or might resume again at a later time.  This is all part of the plan.  Teach yourselves to be on the lookout for experiences that come out of the blue and are truly not anticipated.

"Now, put your connection with your Indwelling Spirit into gear.  Let Him express through you.  The world needs to experience this correcting time as a planet, and also  one person at a time.  The group will accept more when the individuals have been duly prepared.

"This kind of work requires that you are in tune with your Indwelling Spirit and can recognize it as such.  Many of you do experience this, but fail to recognize it. When you speak, in your mind's eye, direct your comments to the Indwelling Spirit of the other person(s).  If they have a connection with their Spirit, the message will be received, understood, and remembered.  This simple exchange then puts one more individual into a receptive mindset to receive the coming changes.  First, one by one, then group by group, the population will, with time be eager to see what is happening, albeit unconsciously.

"It takes a long time to become a Finialter, and I have found that it is often the small deeds, the little events that are needed to grow and move forward.  It is the small things done on a regular basis that lead to large victories.  And every one of you are very capable of performing those small deeds that can lead to healing and growth of the larger community.  Do you understand what I am saying?  EACH of you can help; there is not one sincere and loving person who cannot be an instrument of change and be of help in this 'correcting time'.  As you work your way upward and inward you will discover that it is the small things repeated over and over that make a big difference.  Never feel that there is nothing you can do.  WE NEED EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.  Often you will not even realize what you did, but rest assured your angels will put you in circumstances where you are needed, and your Indwelling Spirit will guide your words and deeds.

"So you see my brothers and sisters, you need to take what you can out into the world and casually share it. BUT, I am not by any stretch suggesting, you blurt out all you know.  You have been told many times this is dangerous, and indeed it is.  I am talking about a small snippet here, and another one there, especially when very unexpected circumstances and people cross your path.  Learn from you Indwelling Adjuster to recognize these situations.  The 'correcting time' needs to take place in areas big and small, not just at the global level.

"I leave you now with this to ponder."


"I concur with much of what Dora has shared with you.  As a long-serving Finialiter she has just about seen it all, and she is well versed in the needs of Nystoria and knows well her travails.  That is why she is here.  Correction needs to be done on a micro as well as a macro level.  Let me only caution you again regarding the need for you to be discerning.  Your discernment in each situation is absolutely necessary.  Be at peace as I take my leave of you."

Amethyst:  Thank you Dora and Mother Nebadonia!

Dearest Michael and Sue,
Thank you so much for this!  Every new piece of the puzzle helps and the time is coming when all the pieces will be in place.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ THE OBSERVERS
« on: June 07, 2018, 09:33:58 PM »
Lemeul and Ron,
I have to take a medication at night that is particularly hard on my stomach, so for a few years now I always drink an Ensure or Glucerna or some other nutritious  drink that provides not only a coating to protect my stomach, but also gives me protein and some vitamins.  Just some food for thought. Pun intended. :)

I did receive an email about 3 weeks ago that was signed DA but was not from his email address. I just dismissed it and deleted it.  At the time something had already been mentioned here that he was causing problems, so I just assumed it was already known about.  If I get anything else I will report it to Ron asap.  It did not come from here, but was in my email.  My antenna is now up and  I'll be more alert and not just dismiss it.

Hi Wendy--I hate to show my ignorance, but how else will I learn?  I did a search of the UB, the forum, and the tm archives, and I could find no reference to the Secumbalin or Felicity.  Where can I find more information on this?  It sounds important and I should learn about this.  Is there a short section in the UB about this that I missed?

Zao-Its really good to find you participating more.  You usually have good things to contribute.


New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: Happy new member
« on: June 03, 2018, 09:49:20 PM »
Welcome Dove.  Happy to have you here and I hope you find your experience with us beneficial.   :)

WoW!  my Mac computer goes belly up for a couple of days and look at how much I missed.  It has taken me over an hour to read this thread and I will need to go over it much more to digest all that is here.  My beloved brothers and sisters,  we are a devoted and loving group standing at the ready to do God's Will, in spite of all of our uniqueness and individual quirks.  I feel our bond and know that all will work to the glory of God in spite of our inability to understand.  I guess that is why we are called Agondonders.

I have had computer problems for the past couple of days and this is this first opportunity to log in for a while so I have not yet had a chance to read of the latest changes, but your message is so important!  Nothing should ever take precedence over one's relationship with our very beloved Adjusters.  They are the link to all that is real and true and the only way to find the Father.  What a precious gift they are.

Now with that said, I guess I had better look through the forum and see what I have missed.
Get better and be strong and robust!  We need you.  Thank you so much.

I would like to respond to DaCandyMan's post for Dorian.  First I want to say that I am saddened to see Dorian go--truly.  But as I see it DaCandyMan makes a really good point.  If you read the section in the UB about the time Jesus spent in Gethsemane, you will read how irritated Jesus became with his disciples because he had to wake them up three times to ask that they be with Him as he prayed.  He was none too please with them and let them know it.  We don't always get to hear what we want to hear, but sometimes we have to hear what we need to hear.  I have no idea how smart Dorian is, or how many books he has read, but I do know that we are all going to have to move beyond our comfort zone if we are to be able to gain fortitude, and I ask our Divine Parents to help me with this.  I know that in the last few months I have been aware that I am being tested a lot and I'm not sure I always pass.  But we all need mettle and it is no easy road.  

Best wishes to you Brother Dorian!  You will be missed.
Blessings, Amethyst

Good Sue!  I would add in the 'bad old days' there was so much mistrust in every part of life.  People were often being audited, investigated, and under surveillance, and it was considered just a normal part of life.  So much mistrust.
I too, see myself in the future as a teacher, especially teaching about the rebellion, so we do everything we can to prevent this from ever happening again, after I have learned much more than I know now.

Dear Lemuel,

Its so good to see your transmissions back on a regular basis.

You touch on a very interesting point here.  I spent years and years, reading all kinds of books that I hoped would help me gain more spiritual joy and knowledge. The only one that really helped me was The Urantia Book.  But I have to say, I noticed that since I have been a part of this forum, I have had the most spiritual growth.  First by reading the transmissions of others, then starting to write my own thoughts that eventually led to doing transmissions myself.  It was a slow but solid progress.  

Thanks for your insights and again, it so good to have you back.  I hope you are feeling stronger.

Clency--Your transcriptions are very helpful, and I want you to know they are appreciated!

Topic:  More about Nystoria's name change, function, and the sixth epochal revelation
T/R:    Amethyst
Date:   May 23, 2018

Amethyst:  I humbly ask for more information on Nystoria, the reason for the change in name, and the sixth epochal revelation, that I and  my brothers and sisters can get  clearer understanding of our situation and status.  Is there any for us?  I ask my Adjuster to bring to me the personalities to best help us. Thank you.

"Yes Amethyst there is. I am the The Supreme Being and I am the one who incorporates all of your experiences into Myself as you experience your lives.  

"This is a fair question especially as it is a very rare thing for any created planet to experience.  There are basically two reasons why this was done.  
1.  There has been a change in the function of Nystoria.  It is to become an extension school for in-depth education and schooling regarding the rebellion and default.  This was touched on in a previous message.
2.  As you are aware, we are now to receive the sixth epochal revelation on this planet.  You will note from reading your Urantia text, that each revelation had a clear line of demarkation separating them from one another."

Amethyst:  I list them here for review.
 1.  The Dalamantan teachings by the Prince and his staff were introduced and taught for about 300,000 years.
 2.  Edemic teachings started about 14,000 years ago.  
 3.  Melchizedek of Salem teachings came about 4,000 years ago, 1973 years before the birth of Jesus.
 4.  The teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were introduced about 2,000 years ago.
 5.  The Urantia Papers were given to Urantia about 85 years ago and first published about 63 years ago.
  6.  The current epochal revelation, Nystoria: The Book of Revelation.

The SUPREME BEING continues:
"Note that each new revelation arrives in a much shorter time period than the preceding one.  This is because dispensations and epochal revelations are not necessarily related to time, but to the change that has taken place in humanity and how much benefit trevelations can potentially provide if they are accepted by the populations. The people who lived on Urantia in 1933 experienced a far different reality than those in 2018.  This was before WWII and televisions were a very rare thing for a family to own at that time.  In many poorer rural areas, many did not yet own automobiles or have electricity, or indoor plumbing.  (Amethyst:  I remember in third grade in about 1952, I attended a one room schoolhouse and had to use an outhouse.)  And of course, those alive in 1933 had a very different world than those at the time of Jesus.

"Now, and this is key, Nystoria has had too many bumps in the road already, and it was felt that it is very important the  the fifth and sixth epochal revelations be clearly separated.  We need to do all that is possible to prevent another default and this new start in name as well as function of Nystoria is designed to do that.  It is also designed a much needed place for advanced studies on the cause, prevention, and healing of any future defaults and rebellions.  After all, where has there been as much pain caused by these travesties than on the planet formerly know as Urantia.  This new organization will help Me, the Supreme Being to more fully encapsulate all that has taken place, both on the micro and personal level of all my children affected, and on a macro level as it pertains to the larger creation.

"There are many in the Urantia community who will squawk and say that this new revelation is a fraud and meant to confuse those who accept the Urantia Book as the ultimate revelation at this time.  This is why the sixth epochal revelation must be completely disconnected from the fifth, and not a continuation of it.  (Of course just as the Bible contains some truth, so does the Urantia Book have much spiritual food for thought.). There will be many that will continue to follow only the fifth, and that is fine, just as there are many who have continued in only the fourth.  Each soul will gravitate to the revelation that is best suited to their spiritual needs and spiritual courage.  As a new epochal revelation comes forward, those who remain in the earlier ones generally create their particular set of beliefs into a dogma that  will remain unquestionable to them.  It is only those who have the curiosity, and courage to constantly scan the spiritual horizons and pioneer forward with faith and fortitude that will keep the wheels of revelation turning."

"I wish to add a few words regarding new revelation here, be they received personally through a transmission, or part of a epochal revelation as the Nystoria book soon to be released.  True truth seekers such as many on this forum, have an edge because they are always willing to at least consider and evaluate new information and put it before their Adjusters for either confirmation or for dismissal.  It can be a real struggle; discernment is not as easy as it sounds."

Amethyst: Pause in reception--Transmission resumes in about three minutes.

OCILLIAYA continues:
"There are many who simply assume that their dogma will forever be all they need and they cling to it as a security blanket.  Even on the Mansion Worlds it is often difficult to put more Light into their awareness.  They do not understand that this is a reluctance to grow and is holding them back, even when they are encouraged by their Adjusters and angels.  Some languish on the Mansion Worlds for hundreds of years and don't understand why they are not moving forward like so many of their family and friends.  They see themselves as being the only 'true' ones who are loyal to what they perceive as the complete truth.

"This is a time to remind all of the importance of spiritual courage, as you are now about to be given another epochal revelation to consider.  Nystoria is changing and you are changing with her.  You will be adding more to the Supreme Being as you do so.  You are the pilgrims holding the torches so others can see, as the planet changes her continued movement inward and upward and eventually into Light and Life.  Go with her with resolve if that is how you are led, our precious ascenders."

"Your Mother and I are very much at peace with these changes.  It is our hope that each of you will follow your Indwelling Spirit as not all will be led to the same ventures and assignments.  Nebadon is vast and many, many different concerns, subject matters, and priorities will need attention.  We encourage each of you to spend a few minutes with us daily and feel our presence and commune with us.  We love you all so dearly."

General Discussion / change in energy?
« on: May 21, 2018, 11:50:45 PM »
hi all,
OK, am I losing my marbles or do any of you sense a change of energy in the air since the name Urantia has been changed to Nystoria? Even when I speak the word 'Urantia' and then the word 'Nystoria', I feel a softer, gentler energy with Nystoria.  I wonder if there is more to the name change than we currently realize.  I am going back and re-read the post that informed us of the name change and see if I can find more specific info on the exact reason for the change.  I wish I could put into words better what I feel.  I feel its a softer energy where some of the rougher edges are being filed off.
Did any of you see on the news how a computer says the same word, but it is heard as a different word by about half of those who heard it.  One word heard was 'laurel', and the other was 'yanny', yet the SAME word was being said.   How could that be?  When I listened I heard yanny, but after hearing it a few times, I heard laurel. I did a search on line and found  that at some frequency or waveband, it sounded more like laurel, while others heard it on another frequency. It just depended on which frequency was heard by the listener, even though the frequency at which it was broadcast was the same.  I found that fascinating.   Are some humans experiencing reality itself differently from others?

Amethyst: I just read in the post that Nystoria was to be an "..extension school of Salvington and Uversa concerning schooling of the Urantia rebellion...".  Could it be there are also some more subtle changes occurring?  Just a thought.

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