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AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: 11/20 Message from Michael
« on: November 20, 2017, 08:49:24 PM »
I wanted to make a brief comment about Father Michael's message this morning.   He discussed the importance of Forgiveness.   I agree that it is not healthy for us to carry around the burden of emotional pain, sometimes for many years.   But while we are working on forgiving the other person,  may we not forget to also forgive ourselves.   Sometimes that is the last piece of the puzzle of why that pain will not go away.   Let us be kind to ourselves and accept the Father's Peace.


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: 11/20 Message from Michael
« on: November 20, 2017, 12:16:18 PM »
Transcription of Larry Gossett's message from Michael of Nebadon -  20 November 2017

"Good Morning!   This is MICHAEL of Nebadon, your Creator Son.   I come in response to your request to briefly discuss this technique, this ability, this skill to receive messages from spirit at any time.   It is excellent that you have cued in to the importance of this lesson.   Quite honestly, it pretty much speaks for itself.   I do want to say that I did notice yesterday, you attempted several times to just open your mind and open your spirit ears and receive messages.   It did work for you.   I encourage all of you to read these two paragraphs.    Understand that you can eventually get to this point.   But as with many aspects of receiving, this will not happen for you if you do not try.   So I encourage you to try.  Be open to spirit whenever you can.    For we are always with you.   If not me, then Mother Spirit.   If not Mother Spirit, your Thought Adjusters, which are with you at all times.   Whether you are standing in the shower;  whether you are doing yard work; whether you are walking down the street.  Regardless of what it is that you are doing, once you stop your activity of daily living and just turn your attention and your focus to hearing and listening, we are there instantaneously.   We are there with you.

"You have the ability.   If you don't have it now, you can certainly develop this skill and ability to receive messages, to receive thoughts, sentences, paragraphs.   Whatever it may be, my children.   Please know that if you put forth the effort, if you open your ears and are willing to receive whatever guidance there may be for you at the time, it is surely there.   So I can leave it at that.   For as I said, these two paragraphs that Ron was talking about, surely do speak for themselves.

"You can become much better at receiving once you realize and you start giving of yourself 24/7.   I know that it's very difficult for those that live on a world such as Urantia that takes so much energy, so much concentration and focus just to get through the day.   Just to do what you have to do to get your next paycheck and pay the bills.   To do all those little things that is required of humans in a mortal existence here on Urantia.    But I might also point out to you, my children, that this is about to change and it is about to change drastically!   Nothing on this world is going to remain as it is.   Some of it, as you have been told many times, is going to be severe.   Yet there is a way for you to do this work and to do it with joy and humor, as we talked about the other day.   To be of good cheer.   To find the joy and the service to the Father and to these Missions and to all those that come to bring these Missions to bear on Urantia and to the citizens on Urantia.   I can tell you truly, every man, woman, child, animal, plant, everything on this world is about to change!   Eventually it will be to those occurrences that will lead this planet to Light and Life.

"As you all read, if you have not gotten to it yet, you will.   In the Universe language, the new name for Urantia will be translated to "the Wonder of the Universe of Universes!"   Think, my children, what that means for this world!   This world that has been so brought down to its bare knees and through the Lucifer Rebellion and the Caligastia mess that happened to Urantia.    Those things are being corrected.   Urantia truly will become "the Wonder of the Universe of the Universes!"    How grand for all of you who have lived through this horrible world and have come to give their all to the Father and to the Missions.   It is a great day coming!   A long overdue day that will see Urantia become "the Wonder of the Universe of the Universes!"  

"I now want to switch subjects a bit and talk about caring, emotional, experiential and spiritual baggage with you.   To tell you it is time, my children, to get rid of all of that baggage.   It does not serve you well.    You have experienced something personally that has caused you great harm and great stress.    You had a conversation with Ron on the phone.   This conversation asked you to forgive.   My children, forgiveness is the most freeing experience that you can have.   You have now accomplished that.   This is a good thing, for you carried this particular pain and suffering and harm for over 30 years.   It did not serve you.    I encourage all of you in your moments when you take life reviews.   When you look back at your experiences and you find those things of pain and suffering.   Just release them for they do not serve you.   Take from them the good and let the bad go.   This is the best thing you can do.   For that baggage can so weigh you down that sometimes taking a step forward seems sluggish and hard to take.

"One of the things that happened during that phone call, was you marveled at Ron's ability to receive the Father, Margul, Myself, and Jesus in such a short amount of time.   This is the result of what we were just talking about as far as giving your life to the Father 24/7.   Being able to hear messages that come through spirit at the drop of a hat.   You can do it but you must try.   As all of those messages were being given to you, not only were you receiving the messages, but you were taking a good look at the work that Ron is able to do.  Wanting to be able to learn this skill and to develop this ability to hear, receive, and respond in kind so very quickly.   I know that you were so impressed by it and so filled with anticipation in being able to continue on in your practice and in your reception.   I regret using the word "practice" because this is not practice for any of you now.   This is the real deal!    This is you receiving messages from spirit and having the confidence and trust in not only spirit but in yourselves to do this work.

"Finally, I want to talk just briefly about the fact that in the past few days there has been much that has been brought up, that has activated your thoughts and remembrances of your past learning.   What I want to say about that is this.   You should learn from looking at all that has been said, just how spirit uses as many avenues as we possibly can, to get the message out.   There are times and there are decades when this is put forth.   There are times and decades and years when something else may be put forth.   It may even be in a geographical area.   You think about the New Age movement.   You associate a lot of that with the West Coast because you lived on the West Coast during that time.   But when you stop and look at all of the avenues, that we do everything we can to enlighten mankind at the level where he is.   Many could not accept the information of the Urantia Book because they just were not in a position to accept that information as being true and real.   All of you here know that it is true and real.   It represents to you the purest information that has ever been shared with mankind.    I tell you, with the new Uranita Book it will be even more so.   It is going to be so exciting!   It is going to be so uplifting for the people on this planet!

"As you review much of the information that has come through in the past, recognize that even though some of it may have been incorrect.    Some of it may have been well-removed from what is correct.   Still yet, for the time and the age, that information served a purpose.   You call it "scaffolding" for indeed it is "scaffolding."   Because all of this will eventually lead to mankind being exposed to the truth.   Speaking of the truth.   One of the things that you have always searched for and have always longed for is to know the real truth.   That real truth is coming, my children.   It is coming to this world.   All will be corrected in the Father's way and in the Father's time and through the administrations of the Magisterial Mission, through Jesus, through Serara, and all those that are coming.   Through Mantutia and the Melchizedeks as they take their places around the world, to bring this world into the Heart of the Father.

"This is MICHAEL.   I give you my Peace.   I thank you for inviting me to make this short talk about things that are on your mind.   My children, I give you my Love.   Please know that we love you beyond what you can possibly imagine!   We will share this experience with you.   We will work together to bring Urantia to the truth of the Father and to make Urantia that "Wonder of the Universe of Universes!"   This is MICHAEL.   I bid you a Good Day!"

Bravo Ron!   I have been reviewing the Time Line you prepared for us.   I read most of it before when it was updated in March 2016 and I am still overwhelmed by all the detail that is provided.   What a wonderful reference book it will be for all of us!   You have done an outstanding job and I am sorry to see you go as Editor in Chief.  

Mach's gut!

Transcription of Larry Gossett's Message from Michael of Nebadon on 16 November 2017.

"Good Morning,  This is MICHAEL of Nebadon, your Creator Son.   I come this morning in response to your request to give you a lesson about humor and how important it is to cultivate a sense of humor.    You know, many times, my children, we have talked about being in good cheer.   Experiencing joy in service to the Father and in your coming service to the Missions.  

"I want to tell you this morning, just briefly, how important it is for you to have this sense of humor;  This good will and cheer in your work.   For the times that come to Urantia are indeed severe.   The trials and tribulations will, of course, take up a lot of your time and energy.   If you can develop and cultivate this sense of humor, it will not only be to your benefit.   It will also be to the benefit of those that you help.   There is a tendency that many of you have to be overly serious.   Not that this work is not serious.   It will be very important for you to have a good sense of humor to do this work.

"You have all seen this and heard Ron Besser come to the point of nearly "cracking up" sometimes during the course of a recording and even in his writing.   I will tell all of you that this type of sense of humor is vitally important to your well-being and to the well-being of those you will come to help.  

"There will always be a lighter side to the coin.   This is so very important to be in good will, to be of good cheer, to find joy in service to the Father and to the Missions and to your fellow citizens on Urantia    It will take every ounce of dedication and will that you can muster up.   Having this sense of humor, as I said, is vitally important to the overall work that you will be responsible to do.   See this lighter side, find it and use it!   Let it be your ally for indeed it is.

"With our work with Ron, we so often just laugh, even to the point of a little silliness.   There is absolutely nothing wrong in that.   Because it will, without doubt, dispel much of the frustration, much of the problem and much of those things that can deplete your energies.   For there is nothing like a good laugh to uplift your spirits and Heart and Soul.  

"So I encourage you, my children, to cultivate a good balanced sense of humor, good will, and cheer and joy.   These are all positive things that you can use as you do this work yourself.   So I encourage you to develop this very valuable asset. For it is indeed an asset to you, to us, and to all of those that you will come to help on Urantia.

"This is MICHAEL.   I give you my Peace.   I give you my Love.   I invite you to be ever watchful.   Let joy and humor and good will be always at your side.   I bid you Good Day."

(Transcribed by Mother Hen, herself)

General Discussion / Re: Reach Beyond Your Grasp/ Voice Recording
« on: November 10, 2017, 08:51:34 AM »
Transcription of Larry Gossett's voice recording on 10 November 2017.    Michael of Nebadon.

"This is MICHAEL.   I come this morning to be with you.   I know that you are hard pressed to come to do this.   I am pleased that you have made the time to come this morning.   I know that you feel absolutely gobsmacked from the information that was shared with you by Ron last night about Spiritual Diplomacy.   About the need for transmitters and the possibility that some of you in the distant future and certainly for Ron in the near future, to be involved at the United Nations in transmitting.   The picture that you had of Jesus as he will be introduced to the General Assembly, however that works out, is one that you find terribly exciting.    

"I briefly, this morning, just want to talk to all of you here on the Forum and those that are Guests, reading.   What I want to tell you is to make sure that you leave yourselves open.   Look beyond your current grasp of knowledge of possibilities and of opportunities.   Just as when you began reading the Urantia Book, you felt that you would never be the same.   How could you be because of the information in the Urantia Book.   This will also be true of the new Urantia Book when it is released.   This information expands your knowledge, your view of life, your view of the universe, your view of the spirit administration and of the Father Himself   It is so expanded that truly you will never be the same.

"I always want you, my children, to look beyond your grasp.   Reach beyond your grasp.   Leave yourselves open for all that is to come.   Even though we have given you much information, it will even be beyond all of this.   What we have planned for Urantia will truly make her the jewel of all Nebadon!   Each of you will share in this great opportunity in the joy of service to the Father and to Serara, to the Melchizedeks, and all of the beings that will come together with all of you to make this work a success.  

"So, open your hearts and open your minds.   Be ready to take giant steps forward in your understanding.   This is why we tell you to be of good cheer.   Do this work in joy, for it is indeed a joyful experience even though the trials and tribulations to come will be immense.   Still yet, my children, the joy of service is the greatest joy you may ever know!

"This is MICHAEL.   I give you my Peace.   I wish you all a Good Day."

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: New Voice Recording/ 11/9/17
« on: November 09, 2017, 02:17:16 PM »
Transcription of Larry  Gossett's audio recording of 9 November 2017.   Mother Spirit.  Madam Blavatsky.  Father Michael.

"This is MOTHER SPIRIT.  You have been thinking in the last few days of once again being involved with these voice recordings.   I come with you as do many who are around you, around all of you, as you do this work;   As you further prepare for the Missions that are soon to come to Urantia in the flesh.   For all to see, for all to witness and to become involved with the Missions each in your own way.

"It has indeed been a quiet time on the Forum the last few days.   As you can imagine, work continues on the spirit side to bring these Missions to Urantia.   We are never quiet.   We are never not busy.   We are never not involved with so many on Urantia as these Missions come to be.   But today, let us do something different.   I know you have been thinking a lot about Madam Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and all those other writers and beings that worked in the  late 1890's into the 20th and 21st century.   To establish new thinking and new ways of being that were foundational.   To expand the knowledge of those on Urantia and those that deal with spirit.   So this morning, as you have requested, I give you Madam Blavatsky."

"This is MADAM BLAVATSKY speaking to you from the Mansion Worlds.   I tell you how charmed we are that any of you in this day and age would still find interest in the work that we did in the late 1890's.   There was much given to us and much shared with us.   We did, in our own way, much to expand the knowledge and the approach to Deity and Divinity in our work together.

"There were, of course, times of slight dissention.  That's the way groups grow.   Our goals were to establish on Urantia, new thinking, new ways of being, as we attempted to include sprit in the very workings of mankind.   We made our mistakes but we did make great strides in the thinking and the ways of being for all of mankind.   To approach spirit with a new reality and new thinking was our goal.   To establish a feeling of brotherhood where all of the  dissention and all of the things that separate man from man.   Things that separate religion from religions.   We attempted to bring people together in new ways.   We did have our successes.   We did have our failures.   But I believe that  we set some foundations anew that helped to bring mankind into what was then called a New Age.   It was almost a Golden Age of religious thought for many.

"We from the Mansion Worlds are so pleased to watch to see how humanity grows day by day in sprit and in love.   There are many more that can be brought to this way of thinking.   We applaud you all for the work that you do.   For the courage you have to think anew.   To look beyond what you have known in the past to the new visions and horizons that are just ahead for Urantia.    We are pleased that you still think of us and remember us.   A few of you continue to study and contemplate the things that were presented to this world.

"I thank you for thinking of me.   Please know that we stand by and watch and pray for the success of these Missions.   We do this with you.   As each of you grow in your own ways, you grow in spirit and you grow in wisdom.   As these Missions come to Urantia, we all still work together to bring the glory of the Father, knowledge of His great love to this world.   This is Madam Blavatsky and I bid you a good day."

"To all of you, this is MICHAEL, speaking.   It has been this quiet time on the Forum, but I tell you assuredly that these quiet times are coming to an end.   The testing will continue.   The culling will continue.   But we know that all of you that remain on the Forum will do your best to work with us to bring these Missions to bear on Urantia.   There is much work to do.   There is a place for each and every one of you.   Fear not, for we are with you always!   The great work that lies ahead is so stupendous that none of you can fully realize the great potential, the great opportunities, that lie ahead for each and every one of you.   We remind you all to be of good cheer, for there is much to cheer about.   Fear not, for fear is never constructive.  

"I ask you to pray for the Missions and to pray for your brothers and sisters.   For this world will soon see the arrival in the flesh with your own eyes as these Missions come to Urantia.   Keep up your work.  Keep up your study.  Keep your thoughts and your nose clean!   As we have said many a time,  Be with us!   Keep your powder dry!   There will be times of great confusion and great fear.   For these things, you will be a great help to the Missions as you are able to maintain your peace.   Maintain your calm.   For the first days and weeks on Urantia will be trying, to say the least.   I encourage you all to keep your study.   Keep your work.   Keep reading the Urantia Book.   As all of you, I know, await the new Urantia Book.   It will come.

"This is Michael.   I give you my peace.   I give you my love.  Stand ready and be prepared!   The time runs  short that this world will have a new course and a new direction.   All of spirit will work hard with all of you to bring the Father's plans to Urantia.   I bid you good day.   I bid you peace!"

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Sustain the Connection
« on: October 26, 2017, 10:56:52 AM »
Transcription of Larry G's message from Mother Spirit, Master Spirit Ocilliaya, and Father Michael on 26 October 2017.

"I give you Mother Spirit, as I have invited her in along with Ocilliaya and any other Spirit Being that is in or around me this morning."


""Well, indeed, my son, we are here, Ocilliaya and I, as you work to better yourself, to better your abilities in receiving our recordings of our thoughts and our words of encouragement.   One of the things that has been on your mind, especially in the last couple of days, is to improve your ability to sustain the connection that is needed in order to do these voice recordings.   We are delighted that you have these thoughts and that you have these desires because you realize just how important these messages are going to be in the very near future for you, for your growth, and for the Missions and for humanity in general.

"So let us work on this together.   It will serve all of you to also realize the importance of being able to sustain the connection that we have.   It is so easy to get sidetracked.   It is so easy to let your  own human thoughts filter in.  I know you try very hard, all of you, to guard against this and to receive as pure a reception as you can.   This will come, fear not.   Don't get yourself all in a twitter about it.   Just continue on in your practice.   Continue on in your confidence in us to help you and in your confidence in yourself.   For this can only come, as you know, with practice, practice, practice!    I give you now, Ocilliaya who has just a few words to help you as you receive our thoughts."


"This is Ocilliaya.   I too am delighted that you have come and asked me to be a part of your reception this morning.   As you all know and have been told a few times, I have been given special abilities and powers to make it easier for you to connect with me and quite frankly, with other Spirit Beings who have the great pleasure to work with each and every one of you as you do this work.   There is so much to become.   We are here to help you do that.

"It may come as a surprise to some of you to fully realize just how much we love you.   How much we watch and guide you.   Your Thought Adjusters  work long and hard to do everything they can to press upon your minds the abilities that you need to gather.   The abilities that will continually guide you on your path, on your Ascension career, the work that is forthcoming.

"As you have learned through the last few tapes Ron has delivered, they have moved many of you into a place where you feel unqualified or uncomfortable and has been said, above your pay grade.   While these things may be true now, your futures, whether your immediate future or far into the future, will include all of these aspects of finance, all of these aspects of diplomacy that, for you, is a very interesting topic and something you wish to aspire to.   Believe me, when any of you have these great desires, we will do all in our power to help you confront and learn and achieve all that you wish to be. There are many areas of education that you will find available to you as you are going along in your path.   Some of you don't even know it yet.   I know some of you find science to be a bit beyond your experience.    But you are still as babes in the woods taking your first steps on your journey before the vast creation that is spread before you.

"As we begin the Missions and so soon the opportunities that you will all have to grow into.   Areas that are so vast.   You will learn so much.   As the Missions are made on Urantia, these opportunities will come fast and furious, as they say on your world.   We are always with you.   We are always pointing you in the right direction.   We are always doing everything that we can to encourage you, to give you strength and confidence and trust.   For all of these things go into making what you are becoming.   What is that, my children?   Budding Spirits!   You are losing your humanity and gaining Spirit status ever so slowly but certainly every so surely.   So take these opportunities and let them work for you.   Let your wings open and fly!   Learn and become all that you can be, for the doors are wide open for all of you.   You should take these opportunities and let them be what they are.   For as you grow in Spirit, as you grow in wisdom, and you will all do that in your own levels and at your own speed.   But compare yourselves not with others for your journey is your journey.   You will learn in the ways that you learn best.   Spirit will present you with the best ways to learn all that you desire to be and know.

"We are with you.   We are ever at your side closer than you can possibly even believe.   This is Ocilliaya.   I thank you for inviting me in this session in this continued effort on your part and on ours.   For you to become more efficient at hearing and receiving."


"This is Michael.   I have just a few words to add to all of this.   Before you continue on, I want to say this.   The truth of the matter is that as you all, all of you, learn to be more sustaining in your connection with Spirit, whether that be in voice recordings or whether it be in written receptions.   It is all good!   It is all for your own growth and for the good of humanity.   We are together with you.   We find a sense of glee when you put forth the effort.   When you put forth the desire and make your journey as much as it can possibly be.   We are with you to help you do that.   Invite us all into your lives.  Become One with us.   For these things that you do now, even though they may seem unimportant;  Even though they may seem lacking, they are not!

"This is Michael.   I give you my Peace.   I thank you for your practice.   I thank you for your desire to be able to sustain the connections that we have together.   I give you my Peace.   I give you my Love.   I bid you Good Day."

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Message from Mother Spirit
« on: October 25, 2017, 11:50:31 AM »
Transcription of Message from Mother Spirit to Larry Gosset on 25 October 2017.

"I've asked Mother Spirit if she might come and review with me a lesson that got lost and she has agreed."

"So relax, this is Mother Spirit.   Take a few deep breaths.   You have asked that I come and so I do to give you a review, a short restatement of the lesson that I shared with you a few days ago.   You lost this on your computer because you tried to clean it up and mistakenly deleted it from Box.   Which for you is a good lesson.  One that I'm sure that you will keep in mind.

"This lesson which we're in reference to is about how all of you, each in your own way, as you read messages.  As you read missives and responses from the membership, both in the way that you do that.   What I'm talking about is when you are reading and you cue into a phrase, a sentence, a paragraph or whatever it is that grabs your attention.   Take note of this.  Even write it down.   For there is something in that for you to think about and to learn.   This is done through me, through Michael, or any of the other spirit beings that work through each of you as you learn and progress along your path to Ascension.

"My Spirit Ministries and your Thought Adjusters work long and hard with you.   Each of them is deared especially to you.   So when you read these messages and you find things in them that draw your attention, then think on them!   For there is great value in what you are drawn to.   It will guide you to something that you need to learn.   Some direction that you need to take.   Something very specific especially for you that needs your attention.   So this, dear ones, was the crux of the message that was given.   I can only emphasize how important it is for you to be able to focus and put your attention on things that are meant for you!

"Let this shift around in your minds.   For your lessons, each and every one of you, have been designed for you and with you.   We all work hard to teach you what you need to know, what you want to know, and what will serve you best as you come in service to the Missions.

"This is Mother Spirit.   I thank you for coming.   I bid you Good Day."

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Practice with Michael/ Goodness
« on: October 24, 2017, 03:07:10 PM »
Transcription of Larry G's message from Michael - 24 October 2017

"This is Michael.   I come again to continue our practice session from last night about goodness.   I have this to say about it.   Goodness in humanity, for there are many on Urantia who have good Hearts and good intentions, not near enough but there are many.   We should not discount the goodness in the Heart of man.

"What I want to talk about today is the repository of goodness that is within all of you.   Levels of goodness that you may not be aware that you have.  For there is the possibility that your goodness may be in a state of quintessence of dormancy.   For many on Urantia, this goodness is many times shown in times of great distress during experiences with global disasters localized in their area through hurricanes, earthquakes, and the like.   The times are indeed coming when this type of situation will be at the forefront in thought and experience of most of humanity for quite some time.  

"What I want to talk about is how many times this goodness in the Heart of man is brought forth through times of this stress.   It has been said that the true measure of man really comes to the forefront during these times when he is challenged.   Great leaders come forth in these times.   You will find, I think, for all of you as these experiences are so soon to come to Urantia that you will inevitably experience these times when your goodness will come to the forefront.   For this repository that exists within you will be called upon and put to great use for not only yourselves and for those around you, but indeed for the success of the Missions as they come to Urantia.

"There is never actually a time when your goodness is totally dormant.   But many times it takes a particular situation for your goodness to be activated; to come to the forefront to be used for the good of others.   This will become more apparent as time goes by as the situations on Urantia are drastically changed.   My children, they are going to change and you need to do what you can to prepare yourself.   You need not fear these.   You need not look toward them with dread.   For as the Holy Spirit mentioned, he will always be with you during these times of testing; during these times of great trials and tribulation on Urantia.

"I want you to think in the next few days about goodness.   How this goodness can now be expressed and how possibly your goodness can be expressed in the upcoming days as the Missions come to Urantia.   There will be great opportunities for all of you to become leaders.   To give direction and love and great empathy for your brothers and sisters.   For there will be great fear.   But you who are becoming spirit more and more each day and on through your journey, the spirit can exercise the goodness within you that will be called upon in the days ahead.   So just think about your goodness.  Think about the goodness that is shown through acts of kindness by so many people on Urantia.   If your news media spent as much time talking about the goodness of man , the goodness that is shown forth by so many people, it would promote more goodness.   For that is the way that it works.

"This is Michael.   I thank you for coming and practicing again.   I know you have been a bit under the weather with your hospitalization from the terrible fall that you took which punctured your kidney, among other things you really don't know about yet.   I know it will take some time.   I know that your third day was your roughest when your whole body just seemed like it was hurting.   But this will pass.   Follow the instructions that you have been given.   Keep your faith and your confidence and your trust in the Missions, all of you.   For this will see you through times of great stress, trauma and trial.   I bid you good day."

When I heard that the subject of the tapes was going to be "Money,"  I thought it would be difficult for me to understand.   I was mistaken!   After listening to both of them, I was surprised by how clear they were and how much sense they made to me.   The speed of the delivery of each of the speakers was perfect! 

I am grateful to receive so much information about our future.   We have been reassured by Father Michael that there is no need to panic.   While listening to the words and also reading Phyllis's transcription, I felt comforted in knowing how much we are loved by our Celestial family.

We were honored by the presence of the Universal Father who came to us with further instruction.   The love of the Holy Spirit was very apparent in her words.   I want to thank everyone who visited us, via Ron, to give us so much information and encouragement.    I hope that these tapes are able to be heard and the words read by many people.  They are indeed a gift to the people of Urantia!


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« on: October 23, 2017, 12:20:17 PM »
As a woman, I wish to speak on the subject of the role of women and our rightful place today and in the future.   We need look no farther for a role model then to our own Mother Spirit, Nebadonia.    Through our transmitters, we are receiving her love, support and encouragement.   But I do not see her making cookies.   Although there is nothing wrong with that and I am sure she could do that if she wanted.   I believe she can do anything!

We must remember that she is not an after-thought to Michael.   She is the Co-Sovereign of Nebadon!   And she is our Mother!   Because of her work in the prosecution of Lucifer and others, she has received further honors and awards.   I won't go into details but it is a fascinating read to go back over previous posts.

For those who were disappointed in Jesus not appearing at the United Nations on the 19th of October, please read Mother's message via Ron of the 7th of October 2017:  "There is no reason to believe much of anything anymore as to how Jesus will appear on Urantia;  including the UN story....................It may not be factual anymore because of the Urantia situation..........."

I also include beloved Mother Mary as another of my role models.   I have known her all of my life.   She is also deserving of honor and respect.

Women are needed for their love and devotion, for their steadfastness in the face of sometimes insurmountable challenges, and for their intelligence and intuition which is so very much needed at this time.    Let us be about our Father's business and our Mother's ministry.


I'd like to add my ha'pennies worth to this discussion.   I enjoy cooking and baking.   It's one of the ways that I show my love.   Unfortunately, Ron is looking for "lots of creativity" in his food.   That certainly leaves me out.   I am not a gourmet cook.   You will not find a cornucopeia of perfectly designed fruit in the centerpiece.    I am a Pennsylvania Dutch cook.   That means that I do comfort food.   I don't do low calorie or low fat unless I'm threatened!   You will not lose weight with me.   I see there are several others who have offered to cook.   Don't worry, Ron, you won't have to call for take-out!

Happy Trails everyone!

Greetings Geoff (gmanpat),

I see that you registered as a member of the Forum on April 29, 2014, but have only submitted two posts.  Your name is familiar to me since you are frequently listed as an online user.  

I am glad you have finally "come out" to us.   But perhaps you really were not looking for an answer to your question.  Whatever the reason, we are your family and are here for you.

Have a good day, Geoff...........................Allie

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I hope that everyone is aware of the great honor we have been shown with this message from Andromadeus.   He is the Chief of the Most Highs of Edentia.    While typing his message, I was almost overwhelmed with the loving energy that comes from listening to his words.    We have been blessed indeed by his presence among us this morning.

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Transcription of LarryG's Message from Andromadeus:

"Good Morning.  This is Larry Gossett.  It is 6:43AM on 17th October 2017.   This is my practice session for today."

"Good Morning!  This is Andromadeus.   I am delighted and a bit surprised that last night as you went to bed you thought of me and invited me in for a short message.   This message is about the desires and interests that some of you are having in this whole part and task and assignment of diplomacy.   Albeit, it may be well in the future that you may qualify for such a position for you have much to learn.   It is only in the last couple of years that you have actually started paying attention to governmental work and diplomacy around the world.   But this is vitally important.   As you learn and experience and are exposed to the many aspects of this type of position, you may rest assured that if you sustain this interest and you work towards that goal, it can be yours.   The opportunities that are available to all of you are only conditioned by your interest and by the energy that you are willing to spend.   The places that you are willing to go in your work with us and the Missions.

"As I said, it is a bit surprising and it is a little difficult sometimes for humans to receive me.   Especially in this type of recording.   I am very happy that I am included in your interest and in your thought process.   Much can be learned from Ron Besser for he has such a great interest in government work.   Albeit it is not official but you can all learn a great deal from him for he is more than willing to teach you what he knows.

"What comes to Urantia is without doubt unprecedented.   Although few people know the work that is done by the Most Highs, it is available to you if you show that interest and invite us into your lives.   I thank you for coming.   I thank you for the invitation to be a part of your life.   I am more than willing to work with any of you that have this great interest in the way the governments around your world work.

"As the Melchizedeks will be working in their assigned sections, it may take a bit of a process before all of this comes together, but your world will be brought together.   For this is the Father's Will.    That is the Will of Michael and all of the other organizations that will be bringing these Missions forth to Urantia.   So keep your work up.   If you are interested in this type of work, it is certainly available to all of you and any of you who have this great desire to learn and be a part of this aspect of the Missions.

"This is Andromadeus.   I bid you Good Day.   Invite me into your thoughts for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you.   This is a great work that you are all involved in.   Probably more than you can possibly imagine.   It has been said, a few times, that this is the first time that humans will be working in concert and in cooperation and coordination with spirit on a Magisterial Mission.    These are great opportunities for all of you to learn and become involved in one of the greatest adventures that you will ever encounter in your career in your path to the perfection of the Father.   For the Father is now in charge of Urantia;  Also an unprecedented event.   So take these opportunities.   There is so much available for you.   For together we will all make Urantia what she is intended to be.  This is Andromadeus."

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