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Threads for New Transmissions / Re: A word from Master Spirit Ocilliaya!!!
« on: February 19, 2018, 09:37:23 AM »
Hello my friend Antonio,

First I need to thank Ocilliaya for answering your prayer to transmit a message from the Celestials.  Like Clency said, you have a wonderful backer right there with you to let you know you are special and you are needed.  It is like we have been told so many times, "We all have a special place in this Mission because we are all different,"  which is a quality we each carry that makes us that unique person we are.  Your continuing courage to keep on keeping on is a fine example for the rest of us as well.  You are a great standard bearer my friend.

Thank you for sharing with us.
Your brother wishing you continued success,

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Lemuel
« on: February 19, 2018, 09:21:39 AM »
Just a short note to say thank you Lemuel for sharing yourself with those of us who have never met you in the flesh, but none the less love you for what and who you are.

Your brother in Christ Michael,

Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Just a Thought
« on: February 17, 2018, 08:33:35 PM »
I know this is a little off from what is now rolling across our computer screens, however I wanted to give you a little poem I wrote a few years back that seems to me now to be "quasi relevant."

The mind of man
Can scarce conceive
The enormity of his Folly.

For in his quest
For immortality,
He has mocked his God.

He has taken on
The cloak of corruption,
And thereby discarded,
The mantel of Grace.


Thank you Walt for your question #4 and thank you Ron for your answer.  I believe that is what I was trying to ask in my previous post and question.  Walt just puts it together better than I.  

Thanks again to both of you.

Thank you Ron and Michael for answering my question that I didn't realize I was asking.  At any rate Michael was right on when he said I could repair things.  My wife used to call me Mr Fix it.  As there aren't many things I can't figure out.  My dad was a mechanic and could fix anything he worked on.  I guess I have a little grease and sawdust in my veins.

I am what you would call, "A work in progress,"  or "Still under construction."  Glad I gave you a chortle as you often do that for all of us.  I am also SUPER GLAD that Michael has a sense of humor.  I can't imagine what it would be like if he didn't.


I have a question for you Ron.  After reading all of these new revelations I started to ask you about Mother Nebadonia's position and if it changed along with Michael's but Allies question got that one answered pretty good.

My question is:  Assuming we reach the final stage as Finaliters, will these new revelations change that status in anyway?  What I think I am trying to say is, will we have a different or more major role in the formation of the administration of the OSZ's as Finaliters post Michael's new standing?   I hope I am making sense.  My old brain is trying to absorb all of these new revelations and I wish I could ask deeper questions like our brother Walt.  But I am who I am.

Thank you for any light you can shed on my question.

Thank you Larry for doing the leg work on this one.  Sometimes I forget that my UB is right there and allows me access to so much more information if I just get off my duff and research.  You are a fine example to follow.

And thank you Ron for not giving up on your fellow forum members.  I can tell by some of your retorts that your patience wears as thin as gossamer at times.  I salute your steadfastness my friend and if there was a medal to award for this your chest would be too heavy for you to sit up straight.

I look forward to your next message and I am sure many others here do as well.  Please don't worry about how long it is as the more information we can  have to assimilate, the better.  We are kind of like that seed that fell into a deep crack in a rock and have to continue to grow, until we crack that rock wide open because of our growing so much, the rock simply cannot contain us any more as we sprout and reach out and up to our Heavenly Father.  Don't take this wrong Ron, but you are the fertilizer that feeds us the right stuff that promotes this growth.  Thank you for not giving up.

Love you my brother and mentor,

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audiio Transmission / Being a Mother
« on: February 10, 2018, 02:43:42 AM »
Thank you so much Lemuel for this beautiful message from Mary.  It is 1:30 AM here in Oklahoma and I couldn't sleep tonight so here I am enjoying listening to your message in the middle of the night.  It was so sincere and full of love that I felt compelled to send a copy of it to my daughter who lost her son last year and constantly wonders why it happened the way it did.  I hope this audio from you gives her some comfort.

Love to you my brother,

Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Re: Overture/Anthem
« on: February 09, 2018, 07:55:33 PM »
From my heart to yours Steve, thanks for the walk through paradise.  It was Baroque at it's finest. Loved it my friend. Congratulations to you.


General Discussion / Re: Understanding and Prayer Request
« on: February 08, 2018, 11:49:49 AM »
I can't give you any advice on quitting since I was never a smoker.  However my wife Shirley smoked up to 4 packs a day and always wanted to quit but just couldn't do it.  When she was hit by a truck and had to go into rehab due to her legs and arm injury, she was not allowed to smoke and so decided to use the fact that she couldn't smoke as the perfect time to quit.  So she just went cold turkey and did not smoke ever again.  I don't recommend getting hit by a truck and going into rehab but you can do it.  It now seems like you are going into Spiritual rehab.  I will surely pray for your success my friend.  By the way, those Fishermen's Friends that Lemuel spoke about are super strong and when I lived in Nashville and had to sing even with a sore throat I used them all of the time.  I just suggested breaking them in half or in 4 pieces as they are that strong.

Anyway buddy, you can do it.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Taking Up The Slack
« on: February 07, 2018, 10:00:08 AM »
Well, well my friend Larry.  I listened to your impassioned message and was very moved by your sincerity.  Lemuel also put forth the same type of message as yours and of course Ron has alluded many times recently to the fact that many have fallen away and/or just become ambivalent about the whole process and what it entails to not only keep the Mission alive but to nourish it so that it continues to grow in a healthy way.  Yes we have problems, but what family doesn't.  We all need to remember that we are human and are prone to error.  On the other hand it is said that to forgive is divine.  That does not mean that only a Divine being can forgive, it means that we can be Divine by forgiving.  We need to build up and not tear down.

Larry, I tell you true, that before I found or was led to this forum I thought I was on a raft at sea and that I would just spend what years I have left with just letting the seas currents take me from place to place, from idea to idea, from heights of happiness to depths of despair.  Then my faithful Thought Adjuster asked me if I had had enough of foolishly searching in the dark without a light to guide me.  He knew I needed help because I was going down for the third and last time.  He led me here and to tell you the truth, for the life of me I can't remember how it happened.  I just opened up my computer and the rest is history for me.  

My life has changed so many ways that I would have to type for days to list all of them.  The main thing I feel it has shown me is that I am not alone and that I do matter.  My life matters, what I do matters, how I am perceived by others matters, and most importantly, how my Father in Heaven LOVES ME matters.  You and Ron and Daniel and Wendy and so many others here have become more than my extended family, you have become my reason for not giving up. For wanting with all my heart to grow as much in Spirit as I can while still within the envelope of flesh and blood.  If we, all of us, just stop to realize what a wonderful opportunity we have been given to actually become a part of something so grand and important for all beings in all universes.  We are being asked by our God to help him.  Just stop for a minute and think about that statement.  God wants our help.  Thank you Heavenly Father for deeming me worthy to join in your amazing reclamation enterprise.  Can you imagine how many of the people that Jesus invited to join him but for some reason, "Failed to step up to the plate," felt afterwards when it was to late to accept the invitation.  I will not be that person.  I pray to God that I see all of you that are members on this forum at the feast when we can finally celebrate the age of Light and Life.

I remain your brother in Christ Michael,

First let me say to you Ron, that I am glad that you brought up the name of Edgar Cayce as I found his life story in a book in the 60's titled "There is a River".  I found it fascinating and it was my first inclination to start trying to understand the world we lived in as I had always believed in God and the world of Spirit.  No need to explain why I knew these things.  But Ron was right on when he said a lot of people were understandably thrown into a kilter about things predicted that did not occur as stated.  I was one of those who went around telling people about these changes that were coming.  I of course had to eat a lot of crow when the time passed.  As a matter of fact I still cough up black feathers once in awhile.

I had an article printed in a newspaper a few years later where I was explaining the "Jupiter Effect" and all of it's repercussions.  Again the timing was off.  I still believe these things will occur as I have vivid dreams of these things once in awhile.  I agree with you Ron where you say that the maps are out there as I have seen them and it was said at the time that the Great Lakes will drain through the Mississippi Valley which coincides with what Michael and our other Celestial family members have alluded to.

This is why it is so important that those of us who believe we are being warned need to take the information very seriously.  Make sure that you have all the food and fuel preparations made well ahead of time.  You can't help others if you can't help yourselves.  Thank you Ron for assisting Michael and Susatia  along with Mantutia in getting this very important information out to us.  We can't cry later saying, "Why weren't we warned?"  WE WERE.


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ JESUS
« on: February 01, 2018, 07:47:37 AM »
I also thank you Ron for it lets me know that I was on the right path.  I think that when my wife passed it was at that time that I TRULY realized that I didn't understand what a part of my life Shirley was.  I know I am off subject but her passing was such a moment of clarification to me.  It is almost like Lemuel's message this morning.  It is a memory that I will always have and whenever I want to, I can revisit the memory, but, I must not live in the memory.  I need to live for today as I plan for tomorrow.  I believe so strongly in that saying that Larry and Michael reminded me of yesterday.  "Let Go and Let God."  My mother taught me that little saying so many years ago and I let it help me when I am at my wits end about what to do.  It is like you told me awhile back Ron, ask God, "Where do I go now?"   Thanks to you I ask everyday and it is like my own psychic GPS, I just need to "Re-calculate" more often.

Thanks and Love to all of my friends, both human and Celestial (and my Midwayers that are around me all of the time.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ JESUS
« on: January 31, 2018, 07:53:02 PM »
If my memory serves me well, I think that Joseph was working on a scaffold while on contract to build a structure for Herod.  In those days most buildings were built of stone.  Try to picture a brick layer with a load of bricks up on the scaffold when the scaffold collapses, the bricks are bound to fall on him and injure or kill him.  I believe that is why the stones came into play as that is more than likely what Joseph was incorporating in the building.  Not sure if I am correct but it seems to me that the weight of something caused the scaffolding to collapse on Joseph.  Maybe the fall didn't actually kill him but the debris falling contributed to his death.

Just my take based on buildings of the time period.

My congratulations to you as well Ron.  I know that you will wear your new honer with humbleness as you seem to do all the time whenever you are singled out for either some sort of praise or thank you from our Celestial Parents.  We are all here for you if you find the need to call on us.  Just dile 1-900-HELP- ME.  
Love to you my friend,

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