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Hi All,
I note a post TO MAKE US THINK>and this one really does that and I also note not many has responded to it. Hmmm, I wonder why?

Well here goes my crazy mind back on 21/01/2018, in an instance after I read such a post and please see that this one is like I speak out aloud as I wash my hair under the shower! So take it as that, and what follows may not be all together factual or correct. I can get muddled with things like the Supreme-Ultimate-Absolute but at least I know these are Absolutes of Reality. The Supreme is tried and tested, the Ultimate is rerun to the extreme and the Absolute does Supreme and Ultimate to the max! Wow what a mix. I feel like Im the ingredients tossed in the bowl for the umpteenth time for the right mix. All this mixing is intriguing me to think - what on earth for?? Again it all comes back to the Reality test. In any case, here goes what I just span off with a few days ago.

A Post To Make Us Think.

This is what I am thinking prompted along with my Adjuster as it goes. I put it in point form to keep it concise.

What if it is along this line of thought as follows: -

1. U1, U2, and U3 sounds like Playground 1, Playground 2 and Playground 3, the kids in each differ in relation to the other as per the realities they are placed. Bearing in mind the following realities - Supreme reality is time sequenced, hence limited to a time linear fashion, hence our earth as it is now; the Ultimate reality is the reality dealing with the eventuates, remotion and so on and is also aided and abetted with the experiential Supreme; and the Absolute is of the absonite - the completed force of both the Supreme and the Ultimate Realities.
2.  So, in an instance, I see Urantia 1,2 & 3 in relation to being or in the precipice of the first Outer Space Zone(OSZ1) with the Supreme-Ultimate Deity. In other words, Urantia, our earth experience and the MSM with Serara and Team upon completion on MM and entering the early stages of Light and Life in 1,000 years will have been progressed far enough into those 1,2 & 3 realities. Recall, 1,000 years is a day and a day is 1,000 years, so is it not possible to foresee as in the Ultimate that our earth eventuates and is as I speak now in Light and Life - Fast Forward so-to-speak? Rewind, and we are in this present(2018AD) time sequence and in motion to become eventuate in a different alternate reality as Light and Life reality (say 3018AD).
3. Cosmology of personality and deitisation (hence, the Christ and our Michael Son) is actualised in the OSZ1 and onwards as increasing the realisations of the interrelationships of the Supreme-Ultimate takes its place in ever growing realities of the work of the Infinite I Am.
4. Human mind as it is now is challenged beyond its material stature to absorb the ever-increasing potentiality of ascending and becoming in completion as Finaliters and taking on the additional challenge of Deity realisations with Trinity implications.
5. Upon completion of our mortal work and upon ascending to the Finaliter status, could our future work be in working with the Universal Christ and with our super Michael Son in creative work with God the Supreme and God the Ultimate in the far flungs of OSZ creations.
6. Urantia 1, 2 & 3 to me speaks of varying degrees of eventual, eventuating and eventuate realities. Hence different playgrounds for creature development.
Here we have numbers for everything and runs on into an infinite count and is there a piece in the puzzle in this entire cosmic drama we are missing?

This is just a start. For now I see so many hints hidden in what is given so far and I hope I'm not going so far out, but I couldn't help it when I went for a nice shower and oomph all these thoughts rushed in and here I get down as quick as I can to get it all down. Keywords that jump out are - OSZ, Universal, Cosmology of Christ and Michael and so on got me going, in particular,  with the Supreme-Ultimate-Absolute etc. Geez, this post RonB is jammed packed so much I think it will require a thesis to explain it better. :)

Thanks for all the while to get thinking anyway.

Threads for New Transmissions / Change Is Difficult
« Last post by Lundco on January 22, 2018, 10:40:31 PM »
Speaker: Jack 0802AB B*
Subject: Change Is Difficult
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Roger Lund
Location: Wichita, KS
22 Jan 2018, 12:00 PM, CST
Jack 0802AB B*-
     Jack here, it is a fact of life at times you have a feeling of not being useful to yourself or to others around you. To help others is the most satisfying feeling one can have. However, young people listen little to loving advice or sentiments of concern about their actions or attitudes of life. Even adults evolve a sense of they know it all and need no advice from others, but with those who agree with them. Even specialists are doubted when it comes to health or welfare.
     For many the thought of changing their attitude and accept knowledge from others will not happen! Change of truth or attitude is unlikely, they are so ingrained and comfortable little else of truth, beauty and goodness can penetrate this vault of beliefs, no matter who tries.
   People must learn from experience be they mistakes or successes, there is always a lesson to be learned if you give thought to it. Many will doubt and fear the changes of the Magisterial Mission and what it represents to Urantia. Many will see the wisdom of co-operation and the good in the change that is needed to keep Urantia from destroying itself. You on the forum are the vanguard in the hope for so many who will seek truth, for you will be the small light the grows into a Beacon of Hope. Know your purpose and prepare with love and faith. Later, Jack

General Discussion / Re: ~ Unintended Encounters with Malice ~
« Last post by 7inOcean on January 22, 2018, 09:48:44 PM »
Hi Andi,

As I find time to catch up reading, I come across this one you posted here.

What jumps out to me as my Adjuster often does on occasions is two things.

Firstly, the word you placed here, namely, "agondontors" and its meaning.

Secondly, the malice event described in the first paragraph in the lesson, brought up a memory of an incident that occurred to me many years ago. As hard as I tried to concentrate on the lesson (which is a good one btw), always does the memory flash before me and I am prompted to see the correlation of the lesson with the incident that happened to me.

I could go into this event with many words to that effect, but the meaning of this event would be lost and the main thing to emphasise here is the true meaning of the agondontor who encounters such a thing that crosses his/her path along the way.

It is true, what happened to me, malice can happen, if we are not cautious and take reckless ventures. How it happened and how I got out of it without too much harm is ever so impressed upon my memory to this day. Reading this post has brought it back in a flash. It is interesting to look back at it with understanding eyes. Had I have done it differently? No. Would I have avoided it? Maybe or no. Can it happen again? Possibly yes. Whatever happens to cross my path, I just look straight ahead.

I did that same thing in the incident and survived that way by prayer and seeking heartfelt help from the Lord Jesus himself. It is this personal faith that helps one to get through something that could have been a lot worse and I was lucky it ended the way it did. On many counts, it is a miracle I survive even up to now, purely because with the Ministering Spirits that work (thanks to Mother Spirit) mightily to keep such things as Discernment, Perception, Understanding and Wisdom, as well as (importantly to me) Worship, active in all my years as I walk on pure faith in a Deity that cannot be seen, but is heard and known internally on levels of mind and heart.

Today, as I see with the help of the knowledge gained from reading TUB, we know that our planetary history has inherited such a terrible blow of events due to such a thing as evil, sin and iniquity as has been through those fallen Sons, namely, Lucifer, Caligastia and others who followed the path of rebelling the righteous path of God. We also know what happens to those who choose the path of evil, sin and iniquity and what happens to those who choose the path of righteousness(i.e. justice and truth). One leads to destruction, the other leads to life purely by their fruits.

It is no brainer to anyone to know that on this planet that has had such momentous trials of experience to discover that for themselves over and over and over again to see such a reality for themselves and for others.

Certainly, our Creative Parents, Michael and Nebadonia has been exposed (hence, "exposure") to what has been and still remains quite an awful experience to endure and persevere through and we only know half the story. This tells us so much of the quality of their heart in matters to do with their creative mandates to this day.

In all, we humans have much to gain in our years upon this earth unlike anywhere else can we learn and experience so so so much that renders faith such has been for those who know it and walk it even now.

The new dispensation (i.e.SER), I hope, will set straight a very crooked path that has been for over 250,000 years on this planet. Imagine a world without malice, without that intention to do evil and harm, when so much of the "namaste" is realised, we as a human specie will no longer see with foggy eyes, but with loving due regard to the life that is given to each one of us in turn. For in each one of us, the Father has given a fragment of Himself to indwell us in our walking life to this day (see Papers 107, 108). The wonder of God is begun when we acknowledge His presence within.

Namaste, meaning in effect, "I bow to the Divine that is in you", what we need to learn more of is REVERENCE and that my friends is a far better lesson here than what malice does in all its forms of ugly expression.

Thank you.

General Discussion / Re: Football - A Religion or a Cult?
« Last post by 7inOcean on January 22, 2018, 08:58:08 PM »
Hi Allie,
I can see that sport and church-going can be seen as both. However, in my view, as I used to surf a lot in my younger years, I was pressed to pursue professional surfing by my elder brother and I, after some thought, declined to do that. The reason is two things. One, surfing is a pure enjoyment activity. Two, competitive surfing becomes overdone, exertive and repetitive, it becomes a chore rather than an enjoyment.

Don't get me wrong, sport has its place in physical exercise, team-building and social bonding skills and it ought to be a fun way to go about it. However, when it becomes so cult-heavy, it loses its true essence of true sportsmanship.

I don't know how your sense of mortality has anything to do with your perception on things like sport, but when you are seeing things become irrelevant, then you are seeing what is of value and what is not. I'm a bit of a free spirit, I'd rather see a horse run free and wild than tied up to run the umpteenth race for what? Man and animal are, to me, one thing and that is they are free spirit to run, to live and let live.

To make a cult thing out of something that is fun, becomes an artificial practice to me. Surfing a wave is a pure thing and I'd rather leave it at that. The same thing with our faith; it is a personal venture with the Divine within and, although sharing that in fellowship with others is enhancing, it should not at all become an end in itself as a social norm to the point of being cystallised and static in idolatry, sensationalism and greed and so on. When it does that it becomes a cult. It has a fanatic following of things and loses its point of what sport is. Matter of fact, I can get so bored watching sport as opposed to actually playing it. Watching things like tennis, cricket, football, surfing, golf and many others on television can be so tedious, I tend to turn off and go watch something else other than such. Same goes for so called "church", I see "same old, same old" happen and nothing seems to change!

I'd rather take a walk on the beach, through the bush, a forest of trees or whatever and breathe fresh air, hear the birds sing and take in the beauty of the sunrise/sunset than seeing a sport or a church played out like a killing field of dreams.

I feel sport ought to be played for the fun it brings and not to be taken to the extreme it has. "Church"-going is a personal preference. And worship is something done in harmony and not in pretence or erroneous intention and so on.

I think I'll stop there as I take this issue to task, because I grew up with a lot of this and found myself divorcing from it a lot as I grew to dislike what I see for the most part. I rather like doing meditation and prayer in a quiet place like Jesus did too and take nice walks along the beach to appreciate nature in all its glory. After a while, you soon realise this world is such a noisy place.

Allie, there is no controversy in this; rather it is for you to put it into perspective better for your own sense of what matters to you at this point in your life now.

General Discussion / Football - A Religion or a Cult?
« Last post by Allie on January 22, 2018, 07:14:14 PM »
I'm not trying to start a controversy or be forced to get an unlisted phone number.  But since facing my mortality recently, I'm seeing so many things from a different perspective.

I have never been a football fan although I do attend my grandsons games.   Both of them are blessed to have coaches who believe in good sportsmanship and having fun without the emphasis on winning.

During yesterday's Championship game on TV, I was struck by how much the high emotion and behavior of the crowd reminded me of the church revival services of my childhood.   In both of them, the people are cheering and crying.  They are praying for their "team."  The players in the game are also held up high and worshiped.  We attended church wearing our Sunday best and the crowd in the stadium covered themselves with the colors of their team.

The coaches were yelling and exhorting them to greater exploits.  The preacher must have thought that God was deaf because he prayed loud enough to be heard in Paradise!   While watching the game, I felt like I should be holding a Bible and saying a prayer!

I know people who have traveled the country stopping at every sports stadium and baseball park.  They were on a sacred pilgrimage!   I had a co-worker who wore his Brooklyn Dodger cap and a #42 Jersey every April 15th.   That was the day that Jackie Robinson signed his first contract with the Dodgers.   It was my co-worker's way of showing respect and gratitude for Jackie's bravery.

RELIGION  - A particular system of faith and worship;  A pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.

CULT - A social group defined by its religious, spiritual or philosophic beliefs or its common interest in a particular personality, object or goal.
Editorials From Man & Spirit / Re: CERTITUDE: ITS GIFT
« Last post by 7inOcean on January 22, 2018, 06:48:39 PM »
I join with Krista on her comment and agree. This is an astonishing piece of revelation and gives such insightful glances to what we are enduring even now. Thank you so much for sharing and uplifting our hearts to see above and beyond what is a rather dull happening all around us in this instance of time.

Threads for New Transmissions / One Loyalty, One Love
« Last post by Michael S Queen on January 22, 2018, 02:55:45 PM »
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: One Loyalty, One Love
Category: Threads for New Transmission
T/R: Michael S. Queen, Kasaan, Alaska USA  
Monday, January 22, 2018   1728 UTC

My son — you allowed yourself to step away from receiving for a few days… but let us begin this day.

Better it is that you and yours step away from the machinations and intrigues of your various governances about the planet. The Most Highs and their cohort labor among those ranks – working among all of them, with whom they may, to foster the will and way of Paradise. Of course, be of assistance where you are led from within to do so; but the overarching perspective of each of you should be, and then remain, focused upon individually and collectively learning more about the Father of All and putting that knowledge into practice by more nearly becoming more like Him each day.

There is but one loyalty in all the Grand Universe — and that is loyalty to the First Source and Center, the Paradise Father. As a mortal-animal of evolutionary origin, the course of your ascendant spiritual path, should you so choose, will be a path upon which is revealed that the allegiances of your mortality were but glimpses, echoes, testbeds for the One Loyalty that overarches all.

As you advance, grow in strength of spiritual connection, and further your abilities of discernment, cleave to those eternally-linked virtues of truth, beauty, and goodness. Doing so, with faithful perseverance, you shall be unlikely to stray far afield. Your planet is that place in the universes wherein you have opportunity to blossom and grow into greater maturity, to discover your Father Fragment within, cultivate, and increasingly identify with Him; and then to progress to the Mansion Worlds of your local universe in preparation for further ascendance, should you so choose. It is of lesser import where, when, and with whom you serve Father each day; but important that each day is consciously connected to serving Him in the service of your fellows among whom you find yourself… whatever that service may entail. Engage in those activities that bring man closer to God and God closer to man. Feed, teach, house, employ, nourish, comfort, heal, uphold… "Even as you minister unto the least of these, your brethren, you have done it unto Me."

Do not let yourself be troubled about your place or position in the soon starting Missions. There will be much more than enough to engage your energies and to do wherever you live or travel. As Father has need of certain mortals to undertake certain tasks, He will make the arrangements and provide all the resources you or yours might require. Your willingness, your preparations, your readiness, all are blessings to those of us on high and we are grateful for each and every one of you. If only your animal-delimited minds could glimpse the depth and breadth of our love for you!

Go now this day, consciously connected with Father, and proceed in the way of righteous practice and service. Good day.
Editorials From Man & Spirit / Re: CERTITUDE: ITS GIFT
« Last post by Zao on January 22, 2018, 11:00:30 AM »
From the Desk of George Barnard.
(or The Bigger Picture for P. P. Mentori).
Toormina, Australia, July 6, 2001
Re-edited, Illawarra, Australia, September 22, 2002.
He is a newly appointed Planetary Prince by the name of Mentori. Almost at the very time of his seemingly overdue arrival on the evolutionary world of his promotion, there arrives to greet him an old Ascended Master, now re-descended into the space/time realms. She is a former mortal, from a small planet in Satania that we on Urantia all know about. Our “Woman on the Job” rightly calls herself, “Urantja.”
She is a Paradise Ambassador, and she is of our races.
The Former Mortal
“The rules are still the same, Brother Mentori. The decrees from on High will always remain unchanged,” speaks the ancient Paradise Citizen by the name of Urantja. “None of the eternal, hard and fast Paradise laws have been altered in the Universe of Time/Space Universes, even before or since I was the offspring of animal parents on the planet I still happily call my treasured home.”
The white-haired Paradise Citizen – a newly appointed Paradise Ambassador and Advisor to the Planetary Prince of this experimental planet number 411 of Outer Universe 1807 – pauses. It seems she needs to draw a deep breath before going on, despite there being no need for her to breathe at all. She seems to sigh, although the heart-breaking traumas of her earthly existence are now far behind her.
She carries on with the conversation, calmly, or seemingly so, but she is deeply stressed and greatly apprehensive. She is here on 411 to complete the most important mission of her eternal life, and she knows it. These are the occult animal fears, long thought to have been dismissed.
“I urge you, my Prince, to reconsider your proposal of fast-tracking the abolition of slavery of the Secondary Sangiks. I submit my presence here may solely be for the purpose of adding my empiric/grasp to the vast amount of create/judiciousness you bring to the office of Planetary Sovereign. But my appointment to your staff may well be to timely/circumvent prospective, and innate evolution-based difficulties.”
“Tell us of your planet,” the Prince responded.
“She is but small, blue, brown, white and green – experimental 606 of a once deeply troubled system in the Seventh Inner Trial Universe that directly skirts Paradise. Her name is Urantia. There was a rebellion in the System. Then, our Planetary Prince was one of many who betrayed their mortal and existential charges. On top of all that, our Adamic pair found themselves in a near-hopeless situation, and they defaulted. But the System Sovereign/Creator made our world the venue for his final bestowal, and thereby we of that blue planet, Brother Mentori, truly were the most honored of all subjects/brothers/sisters of his 10,000,000 worlds.”
“How long ago, Sister Urantja, was your animal life. And, pray tell, what was the cause of the system rebellion? Even more so do I need to know about your world’s betrayal.”
“Pride, Brother Mentori. Pride was the reason for the rebellion in the first place. Impatience was the cause of our Planetary Prince’s betrayal of office, and thus of the mortal and celestial masses. I will now answer your first question. It is a mere fourteen billion years of my planet’s time since Adjuster fusion and further progress made me a Paradise Citizen.”
“And the aftermath of the betrayal…?” Mentori enquires.
“Wholesale retardation for all the planetary programs. Wholesale retardation of intellect, moral values, and spirituality, it was for the animal faith-sons and daughters of those planets troubled by the Planetary Princes’ disloyalties. Their names -- those of the Planetary Princes -- are no longer known. Most lower-ranked Celestials fared a little better, but not by much. Some steadfast personalities are almost venerated today.”
The Eminent Prince
Mentori shudders. “There were more than ten thousand of my order who applied for the office I now hold,” he answers. I was judged to be the most suited, most knowledgeable, and eloquent, teacher of them all. And here I am, scarcely settled in at my new task, and I sense I quickly meet a better teacher than I may ever be.”
“Favored are the mortals, my dear Brother,” Urantja replied. “We suffered from hunger and poverty, the list goes on, discrimination of all kinds -- even on the Mansion Worlds, still -- but we are so very lucky. We learned a lot on the way. The disasters that befell our little planet, Urantia, have, one could rightly say, paid for themselves many times over in that we have become His most trusted servants.”
“Sister Urantja, in confidence now,” a seemingly troubled Mentori suggests, “be aware of my great appreciation for you and your timely mission, my dear friend. Although I supposedly outclassed ten thousand of my spiritual family, I perceive in you a teacher unequalled in my realm, in my order, among my acquaintances of countless millions of years. You have conveyed to me the message that I have become too proud, but you did not say so. You have informed me I am impatient, but you hurt not my feelings. We of our created order are truly well informed, but we lack almost all space/time experience. I thank you, Urantja, with all my heart, and I would be most honored if you would consider me to be your ever-grateful friend, and be with me this evening in worship.”
Mentori hesitates, but just momentarily, then seems to assure himself the former mortal could be trusted, and explicitly so. “We labor, Urantja, for millennia upon millennia in order to receive our Mother’s supreme mind bestowal. Again, we labor for eons to earn our Paradise Father’s Gift. I was impatient, yes, impatient, I confess, and selfish, and this before all else. I thank you for bringing this great character deficiency I have to my attention.”
“What will you do about the Secondary Sangiks’ plight?” she asks.
“See to it that they are fairly treated,” Mentori answers. “I was so concerned about their being mistreated. Concerned about the best of their races being claimed by the Primary Sangiks, and some others… well… simply being slaughtered.”
“What about abolishing slavery, Mentori?”
“I will let evolution decide. But I shall teach love and mercy.”
“My dear friend,” Urantja answers, “you just gave me your word. And in giving me your word I can now inform you of what is already known on Paradise. Your decision to let evolution run its course, coupled with your decision to not have your name struck of the Paradise register has already made up as much as one-hundredfold for all the difficulties my home planet ever suffered so long, long ago.”
“Urantja, I find that very hard to…”
“Believe? My visit to your shores has been the single, most important task of my entire universe career. The difficulties -- according to calculated Paradise potentials -- stemming from the premature release from slavery of your Secondary Sangiks would have persisted for almost four million years of your planet’s time. I can safely tell you this, for it won’t happen now. You’ll be pleased to know that the records show, that in the remainder of your planetary career, you will not again be tempted to stray from the clearly outlined Paradise curriculum. Mentori, my dear, dear brother, your name has now been entered in Paradise records. You are Mentori the Steadfast, and it is known by all on Paradise that you wavered but once in instigating on this planet the Father’s great universal business plans.”
“I thank you dear Sister for so informing me.”
“It was my task and pleasure, Brother Mentori. The Paradise records show that you will be, that you are, and that you always were, a wise teacher all throughout your lengthy tour of duty on this number 411 of Outer Universe 1807. Records show you received your Mother’s mindal Gift, and fusion with the Father’s Gift was accomplished. I can tell you no more. You must have faith about the timing of these events, Mentori.”
The two now spend an hour in worship and meditation. Mentori learns a great deal about the Urantian betrayal. He is also most eager to learn more about his eternal future. Urantja is also eager about telling him all she knows, but the last word has been spoken on the subject. The Urantia ex-mortal had been briefed in great detail about what could be passed on, and what had to remain a Paradise secret. There would always be the danger of Mentori becoming complacent, and sabotaging himself. She is a rebellion tested, ascended mortal who is entrusted with the important task. Urantja has succeeded in carrying out this task, as her Paradise Superiors already knew she would.
“Tell me about experimental 606 of Satania, my Sister,” Mentori suggests.
“There were great losses on our world. For some, the existence on such a backward planet became too much to bear. Yes, there were many, many losses among the backward mortals.”
For a time the white-haired Urantja falls silent, then she speaks up again. “In those fourteen billion years the majority of our Michael’s 10,000,000 worlds have become veritable showpieces of Light and Life. His bestowal world has become an inter-galactic tourist venue for all imaginable species. But its fused mortal citizens range far and wide in your myriad outer-space universes. Urantians are Ambassadors, Teachers, Planners, and because they have had such a tough start in life, they are valued hard nuts to crack in critical, crucial, and controversial circumstances. Urantians are eminently trusted.”
“I grasped from an early age,” Urantja goes on, “that all of God’s children are each other at their spiritual Root Source. The things one learns the hard way are of value to all. The greatest rewards come to those who trust and believe no matter how tough things become.”
Mentori sighs. “Those of my order could easily become jealous of the great advantages you ex-mortals now enjoy. We don’t have these advantages, but we quite often wish to be in your places of trial and tribulation to enjoy the wondrous Gift of guaranteed eternal life you are so swiftly awarded. Yet, so few of you accept the phenomenal chances you are given, time and again. I just don’t get it.”
“I did accept the chance,” Urantja assures him with a smile.
“How great were the repercussions of the Prince’s betrayal?” Mentori asks. “Perhaps I should rephrase that. How long until the Prince’s mistakes were totally rectified?”
“A mere two million years of our Urantia time. That is only about a million of your time. A mere bagatelle of damage was done, compared to all the good it did, and will still be doing, for untold thousands of universes still to be born. Paradise has already counted up the past and future gains, Mentori.”
“Well? What does it add up to, Urantja?”
“An incomprehensible amount of love, beauty and goodness was unwittingly generated as a by-product of those acts of duplicity… incomprehensible, my Brother. Only the Father knows how much. We, on our part – on the part of the ex-mortals – know that the Urantia Planetary Child of the Supreme has, and through our contributions alone, become one of the greatest Contributors in all of the Seven Trial Universes. Such experience! Such knowledge! Such wisdom! Such great ability to forestall, to anticipate and block, future unwanted happenings. And all this is for the betterment of the Trial Universes, and even more so for all the tens of thousands of outlying, organizing universes of your deep space.”
“It was a contentious issue for me,” Mentori sighs, “in that there seemed to have been so little progress on this huge world, and for countless, endless centuries. But I grasp that guided evolution, not forced evolution, must be my way. Tell my Superiors that I shall have faith in the outworkings of the seemly desperate situation on my planet, Sister Urantja.”
“I bid you “fare thee well”, Brother Mentori,” Urantja replies. “I must learn of what, and where, my next project will be.”
July 6, 2001 notes:
This is George Barnard. Ordinarily, I am disinterested in fiction. There are, in my view, enough ‘wondrously weird and way-out happenings’ in our universes for us to not need to concern ourselves with fiction. Personally, I innately dislike fiction. And yet…
The attached writing was begun at around 8 PM on July 5, 2001. It was completed on July 6, 2001. And for each hour I worked on it, edited it, and re-edited it, one of the 11.11 Progress Platoon was by my side, prompting me. It seems they wanted it, and volunteered my services.
Possibly, it is the time delay between Michael’s seventh bestowal, and the “2000 year later” Correcting Time that is “the Contentious Issue” with some, still. As well, perhaps, our unwillingness to be led by our Adjusters is here touched upon.
I, personally, reserve my opinion on all of this. I did as I was told -- simply that, no more. "
September 22, 2002 notes:
I was notified that the “A Contentious Issue” was very much intuited by a Celestial Artisan, and despite my dislike of fiction, there is deemed to be an important message in there. Midwayer Mathew and I have just re-edited it all. It’s almost all present tense now.
God bless you and yours… George.

Comment from a Subscriber - 9/22/2002
WOW!! George and Matthew - what a piece!
Messages like this are SO important for us to hear and ponder. Many of us cosmic contemplatives think a lot about the Lucifer Rebellion, talk about it, wonder about it, and sometimes complain that the UB has given us too little information about what exactly happened and what the full spectrum of the consequences were/are.
And, as Urantija in the story mentioned, for many "the existence on such a backward planet became too much to bear" - many souls were lost and even now, I hear, many continue to choose extinction rather than go on. The disappointments, discouragement and hopelessness run too deep for faith to survive. And there is a lot of anger still on this world.... anger toward God for allowing such intolerable conditions to prevail upon this world. Millions of hearts have borne deep grievances against God for his seeming indifference and passivity in the face of so much terrible, undeserved suffering.
Many of us have found it difficult to forgive God because we don't truly grasp the highest perspective. In the darkness our vision fails us. Stories such as this help bridge the misunderstanding and lack of trust that has grown between us and God as a result of the Rebellion. They help heal the gap between God and our world.
Thank you for delivering this, and thank you to the Celestial Muse who inspired it.
love and light to all always,
© 11:11 Progress Group.
 Toujours au Service de Michael.
General Discussion / Re: ~ Unintended Encounters with Malice ~
« Last post by andi on January 22, 2018, 10:50:18 AM »
Nice to hear you've been well Evan! :)

I was looking at some sales copy for an ebook in PDF format promoting a make money system.  It was plagiarized, dated material no longer viable with googles current algorithm.  Bad enough when innocent, naive people are spending $40 but then I looked at the refund policy.  Talk about deep deception.  Making it look rosy and virtuous on the surface but underlining it was complete falsehood.  Impossible that a buyer of the product would wait 8 months before initiating the refund process.  If you bought with paypal you're given 6 months and these people know that.  Then you're asked to prove you really tried the system. Yet, with current google algorithm you cannot even begin without trouble occurring.  

Thus malice in another form and it's rampant to such a point people almost expect and brace for it.  So we must look at the standards of living wherever that is and increase discernment.  

Evan - I think one problem is peoples complacency in life.  Being so happy with little trinkets here and there whether it be physical, social or mental.  Shiny object syndrome can be easily applied in a humans physical, social or mental makeup on this planet.  See it everywhere.  Also being spoon fed what they want or hope to hear especially if it's false.  The great tempter at work. 

Seems to be about distracting people with the external environment and preventing, discouraging and distracting them from going within and spending time with their Beloved Indwelling.  

Evan you brought up the word dread (anticipate with great apprehension or fear).  What does the UB say about this:

The angels really find it hard to understand why you will so persistently allow your higher intellectual powers, even your religious faith, to be so dominated by fear, so thoroughly demoralized by the thoughtless panic of dread and anxiety.

There is never conflict between true knowledge and truth. There may be conflict between knowledge and human beliefs, beliefs colored with prejudice, distorted by fear, and dominated by the dread of facing new facts of material discovery or spiritual progress.

I ask you Evan or anyone - If a person willingly instills dread in others is that not a form of deception, manipulation, control,coercion, etc ?  Think about attempting to get a refund and discovering the process has been carefully crafted to virtually nullify it all the while appearing legitimate.  

As is often said, "Read carefully the fine print".  Thus in the UB it's said:

As mortal and material men, you are indeed citizens of the earthly kingdoms, and you should be good citizens, all the better for having become reborn spirit sons of the heavenly kingdom. As faith-enlightened and spirit-liberated sons of the kingdom of heaven, you face a double responsibility of duty to man and duty to God while you voluntarily assume a third and sacred obligation: service to the brotherhood of God-knowing believers.

You should be made all the better citizens of the secular government as a result of becoming enlightened sons of the kingdom; so should the rulers of earthly governments become all the better rulers in civil affairs as a result of believing this gospel of the heavenly kingdom. The attitude of unselfish service of man and intelligent worship of God should make all kingdom believers better world citizens, while the attitude of honest citizenship and sincere devotion to one’s temporal duty should help to make such a citizen the more easily reached by the spirit call to sonship in the heavenly kingdom.

Spirit does help but it isn't always a comfortable learning process:

Tempt not the angels of your supervision to lead you in troublous ways as a loving discipline designed to save your ease-drifting souls.

"The Discourse on Spiritual Freedom" opens the doors to an enriched learning experience.  Yes with free-will comes evil and good, and again and again we're remind that God is not the source of this conflict but exists on our planet as we all interact in life.  For one thing, these deceptions rob people of their precious time leading them down roads of false hope and often increasing life's difficulties.  Confusing and isolating people leaving them thus more exposed to the errant dark ways.  

Thus we are introduced to the Insidious -  intending to entrap or beguile.  All in all it's a darkly convoluted path to nothingness but more pain.  The illusions are total opposites to our Father's true nature and the reality.  

162:7.1 (1796.3)
I perceive that some among you are determined to do the works of the evil one. If God were your Father, you would know me and love the truth which I reveal. Will you not see that I come forth from the Father, that I am sent by God, that I am not doing this work of myself? Why do you not understand my words? Is it because you have chosen to become the children of evil? If you are the children of darkness, you will hardly walk in the light of the truth which I reveal. The children of evil follow only in the ways of their father, who was a deceiver and stood not for the truth because there came to be no truth in him. But now comes the Son of Man speaking and living the truth, and many of you refuse to believe.

163:2.11 (1803.2)
But there was one economic abuse which he many times condemned, and that was the unfair exploitation of the weak, unlearned, and less fortunate of men by their strong, keen, and more intelligent fellows. Jesus declared that such inhuman treatment of men, women, and children was incompatible with the ideals of the brotherhood of the kingdom of heaven.

Forget not, every one who exalts himself shall be humbled, while he who truly humbles himself shall be exalted.

Men you may deceive by your outward service, but God looks into your souls. What I am telling you is well illustrated by two men who went into the temple to pray, the one a Pharisee and the other a publican. The Pharisee stood and prayed to himself: ‘O God, I thank you that I am not like the rest of men, extortioners, unlearned, unjust, adulterers, or even like this publican. I fast twice a week; I give tithes of all that I get.’ But the publican, standing afar off, would not so much as lift his eyes to heaven but smote his breast, saying, ‘God be merciful to me a sinner.’ I tell you that the publican went home with God’s approval rather than the Pharisee, for every one who exalts himself shall be humbled, but he who humbles himself shall be exalted.”

Evan you wrote here - "I would think so because that would mean we have taken the road of goodness, truth and beauty, and that 'response-ability' proves that we have gone through a serious self-evaluation, learning from our mistakes, striving to do better and arrive at a decision to sign up with Father, to do his will."

I like it because you're talking about people that not only have a relationship with God but are taking action.  Getting out and about in our communities, being involved by being divinely lead by our TA and Angels among other celestial's.  Think being lead by us giving a personal invitation.  You go out the door and stand still for a moment going within and invite Father to lead you.  The you begin walking, biking, driving and what a thrill this can be.  

It takes effort and active participation on our part to grow and help feed our souls.  A living, breathing working relationship with our Beloved Indwelling, built on a sincere foundation of Trust and Faith.  

When there exists this living connection between divinity and humanity, if humanity should thoughtlessly and ignorantly pray for selfish ease and vainglorious accomplishments, there could be only one divine answer: more and increased bearing of the fruits of the spirit on the stems of the living branches. When the branch of the vine is alive, there can be only one answer to all its petitions: increased grape bearing. In fact, the branch exists only for, and can do nothing except, fruit bearing, yielding grapes. So does the true believer exist only for the purpose of bearing the fruits of the spirit: to love man as he himself has been loved by God—that we should love one another, even as Jesus has loved us.

Again Evan how we are helped to learn as we proceed through this one mortal life. Yes.?.  

And when the Father's hand of discipline is laid upon the vine, it is done in love, in order that the branches may bear much fruit. And a wise husbandman cuts away only the dead and fruitless branches.

In closing with Jesus:

In a religious genius, strong spiritual faith so many times leads directly to disastrous fanaticism, to exaggeration of the religious ego, but it was not so with Jesus. He was not unfavorably affected in his practical life by his extraordinary faith and spirit attainment because this spiritual exaltation was a wholly unconscious and spontaneous soul expression of his personal experience with God.

The all-consuming and indomitable spiritual faith of Jesus never became fanatical, for it never attempted to run away with his well-balanced intellectual judgments concerning the proportional values of practical and commonplace social, economic, and moral life situations. The Son of Man was a splendidly unified human personality; he was a perfectly endowed divine being; he was also magnificently co-ordinated as a combined human and divine being functioning on earth as a single personality. Always did the Master co-ordinate the faith of the soul with the wisdom-appraisals of seasoned experience. Personal faith, spiritual hope, and moral devotion were always correlated in a matchless religious unity of harmonious association with the keen realization of the reality and sacredness of all human loyalties — personal honor, family love, religious obligation, social duty, and economic necessity.

The faith of Jesus visualized all spirit values as being found in the kingdom of God; therefore he said, “Seek first the kingdom of heaven.” Jesus saw in the advanced and ideal fellowship of the kingdom the achievement and fulfillment of the “will of God.” The very heart of the prayer which he taught his disciples was, “Your kingdom come; your will be done.” Having thus conceived of the kingdom as comprising the will of God, he devoted himself to the cause of its realization with amazing self-forgetfulness and unbounded enthusiasm. But in all his intense mission and throughout his extraordinary life there never appeared the fury of the fanatic nor the superficial frothiness of the religious egotist

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