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URANTIA HISTORY & TIME LINES / New Time Line available thru 16 November 2017
« Last post by Ron Besser on November 20, 2017, 05:29:29 PM »
The new time line as revised recently is now available for download and reading at:


Collection of Various Teachers & Subjects:  Dates are when they first appeared to speak with new transmitters at the beginning of the Old Teaching Mission.  We think most of them will reappear for us to give transmissions and lessons in the coming Magisterial Mission.  Tarkas says not and so does Lorel and so does Vanessa and we are going to lose Ham toom but there will be added lots more as the years go by in the Mission years ahead.  Ron

MICHAEL (undated) - Why We Are Here
HAM (2/1/92)- Announcement to Los Angeles Fellowship Conference
ABRAHAM ( 7/23/92 Sarasota, Fl) - My Work Here
TARKAS (12/18/92) - Introduces Mission To Cincinnati
MACHIVENTA (undated) - Nature of Correcting Time
NORSON (undated)- Nature of Correcting Time
ARANDA (3/5/93 Burlington, IA) - Eternal Truth of The Message
AARON (6/29/93) - Mission Beginnings
LOREL, Will (6/19/92) - Scope of The Mission
LOREL (7-31-92)- Interaction With A transmitter
LOREL (12-17-92) - Bringing Light and Life
AFLANA (3-26-92) - Implanted Ideas
ORAN (undated) - Spiritualizing Our Thinking
TARKAS (undated) - Correcting Time Compared To Other Worlds
HAM (undated) - Bringing Unity Under Christ Michael’s Plans
LOREL (9/30/92) - Receiving A Personal Guide
VANESSA (5/14/92) - T/R via Computer
TARKAS (undated) - Pain and Suffering
HAM (undated) - Ending Isolation
MICHAEL (undated)- Choosing Humans To Help With The Second Coming
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ FINDHORN
« Last post by Ron Besser on November 20, 2017, 04:17:26 PM »
Lemuel, your information is right on as I get confirmation for you to me and for me as well,

While it does not explain what it does explain the buzz in my ear on this too.  I never quite know where to look either in Michael's place or in higher spheres or even the Supreme Being as they tell me I actively connected and I believe it, yet I do not easiluy differentiate sources either.

"I am intrigued that you two hear this through the speech of David Spangler as he has no idea what he is about in his recent death on Mansion World Three, as that is what just occurred and Ron is surprised because he feels that when we speak of death on a mansion world it is spiritual and final.  That is not longer true for good ascenders such as David was and is.  This death occurs because he was seized on Mansion World Three and died intestate to Mansion World Four and that Mansion World has not be converted to an estuary in time where we sort souls for their work fo God the Supreme in the next universe age.  the next universe age has to do with outer space level one but also the reorganization of time and space.  In that case the Vicegerents of the Supreme will take over all administrative positions on unformed worlds that have not reached Light and Life, and then become domains of God the Supreme as a nursery to complete the cycle of human soul growth before we open the outer space levels for new life out there.  I am God the Supreme speaking from Havona and I thank all of you for listening."

"Thank you Lemuel for speaking what you heard as it triggered the Supreme to speak to Ron who hears him fine.  You ought to understand this is not a secret but seldom shared with evolutionary worlds yet,  On Mansion World Three the ability for God the Supreme to seize people in the general population is unknown until now,  But on Novermber 10th, David S. was seized while working on another project he loved doing and found himself suddenly on Uversa and he made contact with Lemuel to also make contact with you Ron, and that was successful.  Much is to be revealed for this program which got tipped out to all of you forthrightly by Ron asking the right question, and it does pertain to human death on Urantia very soon but we wait for that explanation,  I am Michael and Mother Spirit with the Vicegerency of the Supreme sitting right next to me here as I make this speech for all of you.  Good day."

Ron - SO!  Now the mystery goes even deeper.  Does it not?  How shall we die on Urantia with God the Supreme actively searching for a few good workers to help with the Nebadon transition to the end of this universe age?

Discuss This Web Site / Re: Request for an Editor on PDF time line revisions
« Last post by newstarsaphire on November 20, 2017, 02:05:05 PM »
To avoid confusion over Ron Bessers Time Line 16 November 2017 I would like everyone to please note that yesterday Ron Besser reviewed the Time Line document I had edited for him and simply changed the link for it in his original post (here), which I give document link for below for your convenience.

This new link Ron provided of the version I edited for him included some changes to text in the first 16 pages of his originally posted document.

Please note that the version PaulG edited and provides a link for does not include the text Ron requested I replace and is therefore a much shorter document.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ FINDHORN
« Last post by Lemuel on November 20, 2017, 01:53:48 PM »
Ron, having just read your posting, to say I am intrigued, is putting it mildly.
Your last sentence, ie..  "barking up the wrong tree," produced a buzz in my head, from which, I received
the impulse to say the following. This is probably a 50/50 effort between me and my Beloved. I hardly know
the difference these days,  Anyway...
My transmission was/is about death, and we think we know all there is to know about death, but we do not.
It´s a total personality thing that brings to bear, on physical death or BEFORE physical death, that involves
the SUPREME BEING. I am trying to explain that there are occasions / circumstances where the SUPREME
chooses, for HIS own reasons, to change the rules of the game, so to speak. I also know that it was my fused
state that facilitated in bringing this to light.

I cannot comment on Michaels reasons for cutting you off  Ron, but I could make a guess, but I shall not.
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ FINDHORN
« Last post by Ron Besser on November 20, 2017, 12:28:03 PM »
Geoff606, and to all of you:
We have a genuine mystery.  Lemuel introduced it and it is not the words but the fact of what happened.

I do not intend to say much but to you Geoff606, the Creator Son along with the ID of Spangler dictated those words to Lemuel, and then to me when I inquired just what this was really about.  Spangler had no idea what I was asking but Michael did and deep sixed it before I got my answer.

Essentially: What was really transmitted to Lemuel?  The literal facts are hard to swallow and Geoff606 points out with what he knows, yet in the back of my mind I really think Michael of Nebadon was allowing us to hear something that will revolutionize the idea of death to a human forever more.  What???  I had no direct focus to go to the Michael transmission that followed my introduction to David Marshall Spangler, so my worry was vague over what to ask Michael to tell us.

In the final analysis do not dismiss this casual contact with Lemuel or with me as Spangler verified details of the Lemuel transmission to me in pictures I can received, even to the point of pointing out to me with a picture of his head that he was going, sadly, bald and truly did not like that aspect in his material life.  Is this silly to the rest of you?  Like Adolf Hitler created news who would have suspected that his seizure of Alsace-Loriane in the pre war Germany was not just the greed of an offended Germany, but the truance of murder Hitler meant to sign by doing that.  The same is said of this contact:

Lemuel and Ron and the rest of you see the material world through rose colored glasses while you are fed and warm, but you must be aware you will not always be well fed and no necessarily warm, and death and heartache come to friends and family and the idea of human death pervades our town halls and the choice of our Justice system to condemn good people just because they stole a loaf!

What is Ron telling you?  Our world views are shapped by our world mores and world traditions and not ever by spiritual insight as we learn to look here.  Lemuel jokes about his private messages about s e x and I get them too and get worried somebody heard me laugh at it too as there is a great deal of fun when dealing with Michael in personal lessons.  But the truth of Lemuel and Findhorn has layers and layers of meaning you see past, and I do not know what they are either, but I know they are there, and this strange reporting of recent deaths was something of an analogy Michael knows we do not.  Georff606 I agree, the dictations of dates probably does not match the fact of the time of death, but what of a death that transfigures you and me with the soul of David Spangler--  a common enough transition from death to life enough--  but it is not traditional and it is hardly normal and what does Michael wish to tell us about the death of normal humans on Urantia too soon enough?

"Well, well, well - Besser is at it again and again and again!  He is telling you that I have an unusual sentence to write to all of you someday regarding what you die from and how you die and what it means to your soul so soon?  Precisely and exactly - how he hears these overtones is unknown to me and to Mother Spirit, but you now have a human working with you that hears better than I do in certain quarters of the human genome.  It does have to do with the death of humans.  It does have a signal in David's appearance more than Uversa looking to remove the Lucifer Rebellion from Urantia through souls who carry the infection, and David does not carry that infection at all I report to you now, but we had to be sure as he will play a role with Ron more than you know and with Lemuel and with Larry Gossett and a few more of you when that time comes.

"Ron says to me now,  'Michael what can we leave with the readers of this startling view I hold?'  I as Michael report there is nothing now, but Sue Whiley, you carry the same ilk as Ron does and you often see through the glass darkly, and Ron remembers an early old Teaching Mission transmit that was abruptly cut off by me to keep it from saturating the newly commissioned Teaching Misson too young to hear it, but that Transmitter was none other than Mother Spirit pulling rank on a young transmitter who knew nothing but was fearful of the future and was told that 'looking through a glass darkly was an understatement for what is coming.'  She left the transmission and the Teaching Mission immediately out of fear and has passed on to the mansion worlds without a hiccup over what she did not hear.  But Ron heard it and wanted very much to know what it was about.  It is about what you now must learn:  DEATH is never  the arbiter of what happens next for humans raised on Urantia."

Ron - Michael breaks the transmission quickly as I am barking up a tree he does not want to advise further, and please hear me:  the Lemuel transmission is not Findhorn; or is it Spangler, as we see the truth implied, but it comes to your hears as normalcy not configured yet as  a whole new revelation for all of us.  We must wait for some help on this even more than what I just received from Michael too.


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: 11/20 Message from Michael
« Last post by Allie on November 20, 2017, 12:16:18 PM »
Transcription of Larry Gossett's message from Michael of Nebadon -  20 November 2017

"Good Morning!   This is MICHAEL of Nebadon, your Creator Son.   I come in response to your request to briefly discuss this technique, this ability, this skill to receive messages from spirit at any time.   It is excellent that you have cued in to the importance of this lesson.   Quite honestly, it pretty much speaks for itself.   I do want to say that I did notice yesterday, you attempted several times to just open your mind and open your spirit ears and receive messages.   It did work for you.   I encourage all of you to read these two paragraphs.    Understand that you can eventually get to this point.   But as with many aspects of receiving, this will not happen for you if you do not try.   So I encourage you to try.  Be open to spirit whenever you can.    For we are always with you.   If not me, then Mother Spirit.   If not Mother Spirit, your Thought Adjusters, which are with you at all times.   Whether you are standing in the shower;  whether you are doing yard work; whether you are walking down the street.  Regardless of what it is that you are doing, once you stop your activity of daily living and just turn your attention and your focus to hearing and listening, we are there instantaneously.   We are there with you.

"You have the ability.   If you don't have it now, you can certainly develop this skill and ability to receive messages, to receive thoughts, sentences, paragraphs.   Whatever it may be, my children.   Please know that if you put forth the effort, if you open your ears and are willing to receive whatever guidance there may be for you at the time, it is surely there.   So I can leave it at that.   For as I said, these two paragraphs that Ron was talking about, surely do speak for themselves.

"You can become much better at receiving once you realize and you start giving of yourself 24/7.   I know that it's very difficult for those that live on a world such as Urantia that takes so much energy, so much concentration and focus just to get through the day.   Just to do what you have to do to get your next paycheck and pay the bills.   To do all those little things that is required of humans in a mortal existence here on Urantia.    But I might also point out to you, my children, that this is about to change and it is about to change drastically!   Nothing on this world is going to remain as it is.   Some of it, as you have been told many times, is going to be severe.   Yet there is a way for you to do this work and to do it with joy and humor, as we talked about the other day.   To be of good cheer.   To find the joy and the service to the Father and to these Missions and to all those that come to bring these Missions to bear on Urantia and to the citizens on Urantia.   I can tell you truly, every man, woman, child, animal, plant, everything on this world is about to change!   Eventually it will be to those occurrences that will lead this planet to Light and Life.

"As you all read, if you have not gotten to it yet, you will.   In the Universe language, the new name for Urantia will be translated to "the Wonder of the Universe of Universes!"   Think, my children, what that means for this world!   This world that has been so brought down to its bare knees and through the Lucifer Rebellion and the Caligastia mess that happened to Urantia.    Those things are being corrected.   Urantia truly will become "the Wonder of the Universe of the Universes!"    How grand for all of you who have lived through this horrible world and have come to give their all to the Father and to the Missions.   It is a great day coming!   A long overdue day that will see Urantia become "the Wonder of the Universe of the Universes!"  

"I now want to switch subjects a bit and talk about caring, emotional, experiential and spiritual baggage with you.   To tell you it is time, my children, to get rid of all of that baggage.   It does not serve you well.    You have experienced something personally that has caused you great harm and great stress.    You had a conversation with Ron on the phone.   This conversation asked you to forgive.   My children, forgiveness is the most freeing experience that you can have.   You have now accomplished that.   This is a good thing, for you carried this particular pain and suffering and harm for over 30 years.   It did not serve you.    I encourage all of you in your moments when you take life reviews.   When you look back at your experiences and you find those things of pain and suffering.   Just release them for they do not serve you.   Take from them the good and let the bad go.   This is the best thing you can do.   For that baggage can so weigh you down that sometimes taking a step forward seems sluggish and hard to take.

"One of the things that happened during that phone call, was you marveled at Ron's ability to receive the Father, Margul, Myself, and Jesus in such a short amount of time.   This is the result of what we were just talking about as far as giving your life to the Father 24/7.   Being able to hear messages that come through spirit at the drop of a hat.   You can do it but you must try.   As all of those messages were being given to you, not only were you receiving the messages, but you were taking a good look at the work that Ron is able to do.  Wanting to be able to learn this skill and to develop this ability to hear, receive, and respond in kind so very quickly.   I know that you were so impressed by it and so filled with anticipation in being able to continue on in your practice and in your reception.   I regret using the word "practice" because this is not practice for any of you now.   This is the real deal!    This is you receiving messages from spirit and having the confidence and trust in not only spirit but in yourselves to do this work.

"Finally, I want to talk just briefly about the fact that in the past few days there has been much that has been brought up, that has activated your thoughts and remembrances of your past learning.   What I want to say about that is this.   You should learn from looking at all that has been said, just how spirit uses as many avenues as we possibly can, to get the message out.   There are times and there are decades when this is put forth.   There are times and decades and years when something else may be put forth.   It may even be in a geographical area.   You think about the New Age movement.   You associate a lot of that with the West Coast because you lived on the West Coast during that time.   But when you stop and look at all of the avenues, that we do everything we can to enlighten mankind at the level where he is.   Many could not accept the information of the Urantia Book because they just were not in a position to accept that information as being true and real.   All of you here know that it is true and real.   It represents to you the purest information that has ever been shared with mankind.    I tell you, with the new Uranita Book it will be even more so.   It is going to be so exciting!   It is going to be so uplifting for the people on this planet!

"As you review much of the information that has come through in the past, recognize that even though some of it may have been incorrect.    Some of it may have been well-removed from what is correct.   Still yet, for the time and the age, that information served a purpose.   You call it "scaffolding" for indeed it is "scaffolding."   Because all of this will eventually lead to mankind being exposed to the truth.   Speaking of the truth.   One of the things that you have always searched for and have always longed for is to know the real truth.   That real truth is coming, my children.   It is coming to this world.   All will be corrected in the Father's way and in the Father's time and through the administrations of the Magisterial Mission, through Jesus, through Serara, and all those that are coming.   Through Mantutia and the Melchizedeks as they take their places around the world, to bring this world into the Heart of the Father.

"This is MICHAEL.   I give you my Peace.   I thank you for inviting me to make this short talk about things that are on your mind.   My children, I give you my Love.   Please know that we love you beyond what you can possibly imagine!   We will share this experience with you.   We will work together to bring Urantia to the truth of the Father and to make Urantia that "Wonder of the Universe of Universes!"   This is MICHAEL.   I bid you a Good Day!"
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: 11/20 Message from Michael
« Last post by Lemuel on November 20, 2017, 10:29:29 AM »
Hi Larry.  Thank you so much for this.

I remember, when first reading those paragraphs from Ron, how much I identified with all he said.  In my case,
I spend so much time "inside", if I may use the word, that it is for me my natural state of being. The problem,
for me, has been to recognise, that my daily habit of being in the same place at the same time to practice the
same thing, became something of a burden instead of joy. I still transmit in the morning, but with a joyful   
heart.  I love walking in the countryside and I am always in conversation with my Beloved, but it is not always
a conversation to be made public on the forum.

This mornings chat with Him was about sex and I was left in hysterics by what was being said and in fact I
asked Him if I could post it and He, "better not, perhaps later".

I am sure there are others here who are receiving all the time but think it can only be receiving if one is
sitting comfortably and entered in stillness.  This is no longer the case, at least, for those who have already
developed, to a degree, T/Ring.

Well Larry, I like you, will certainly take this wonderful message from Michael very much to heart and pray
that I will always have the courage to publish.



AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / 11/20 Message from Michael
« Last post by LarryG on November 20, 2017, 08:22:08 AM »
For the past couple of days the following two paragraphs, taken from the thread, “Current and Future Diplomacy” have been resurfacing in my thoughts several times for they seem so vitally important and quite timely and relevant   to all of us who have the desire to do this work with Spirit.  While this was initially a response to Sue, I think it includes information and advice for the membership at large and all of the guests who follow in the wings.

Last night, as I lay in bed, doing my nightly prayers, I ask and invited Michael to talk with me and us on this subject during this recording session.   Below  are the two paragraphs and then today’s recording…..   I have learned so much from this message and from the past few days.   LarryG

...Sue, I will only say that if we humans can't handle this aspect of our work, we will not serve well at all, as basically, this is what we do best for the spirit missions whatever they may be.  What you and Larry and Lemuel and maybe Dominick have to do is get strong.  I am very strong because I transmit daily in bed, in front of the computer, in my TV chair, eating and half sleeping, and many time mowing the grass.  It never ceases that I am on 24/7.  Now compare this to the rest of you who take specific times to transmit.  Your work is sporadic compared to what I do, and believe me I am not bragging, but I have an audible frequency I hear 24/7 and it is constantly repeating and contacting with me.  You, none of you, can stand that yet and you do not have to, but you have to understand that transmissions are so natural to me I cannot tell them different from my normal and accompanied consciousness.
 I am giving you hints about why you can transmit, all mentioned above can, if you hone your personal decisions to be open to transmissions whenever they happen!  That is waking hours. sleeping hours, entertainment hours, eating, working, and so on.  Most transmissions in a fully open mode do not have to be written down because the brain-mind picks them up including the prompt, and all you need do if you want a record of them is sit down and type it out by merely asking for the download.  I can through this method report maybe six or seven tapes a day or five or fifteen pages every morning afternoon and night this way when things are busy, and it does not distract me in the slightest since I know I have access to them if I wish to record them.  Most I do not and cannot figure out all the time what they wanted, but that is not the point of me writing this.  The point is I am open 24/7 and pick up 85% of what I should know daily.  The other 15% comes in formally to all of you via the discussion forum as a formal writing or tape...".
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Good choices strengthen the personality
« Last post by JuliodaLuz on November 20, 2017, 07:20:35 AM »
                             - - My Thought Adjuster: - Thank you so much for the message about good choices that strengthen personality. Yes, there are opportunities and willingness for people to follow different paths. Yet good choices make all the difference to spiritual advancement.
JDL - 
                        - Meu Ajustador do Pensamento: - Muito obrigado pela mensagem sobre as boas escolhas fortalecem a personalidade. Sim, existem oportunidades e disponibilidade para as pessoas seguirem diversos caminhos. Mesmo assim as boas escolhas fazem toda diferença para o avanço espiritual.

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