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Announcement Concerning Mission Start Up as of NOW 21Sept2018
Ron Besser/York, Pa noon local time
September 21, 2018

“I am Jesus.  Be assured I am visible in days from now NOT.  I must prepare to enter Urantia as best I can and to reveal all I can to a few of you who must be prepared to take on what I call the most important evidence yet, that all is well if there are some of you willing to sacrifice your lives to be one with the Lord and to stand tall and do the bidding of those who know how to control a wayward Urantia, and a loss of steel and power by Ron and those around him who ask that it be done regardless of their own good fortunes.  They are being taken off the dais and what is being established is a rare chance for them to join with me as regular folks working hard to be sure there is peace and tranquility among the nations of the world, URANTIA.

“I seek no justice for all of you or for Ron as you all have paid the price well enough.  But you all seem to forget that this is not a romp around the candy counter and Ron laughs as he transmits those terms, as he is full of the imp yet and it cannot be beat out of him ever.  Be assured that the time for any work on Urantia is now spiritually.  We take it all as it is and will provide all with what we may.  Be assured that I carry the Word and not the chattel some of you expect in return for learning to transmit.  Learn to transmit and save your own lives!  That is the real reason you are being given every opportunity to learn it and well. 

“Ron has been told he is rotten as a stick of dynamite.  I am driving home the fact that he has lost precious amounts of time and effort to do something he felt was very worth while so well we had to seize it off his computer and to let him sit with an empty basin.  However, it is so well done it must be restored shortly and it should be a fully published book and it will be as soon as we can arrange for its publication shortly.  It deals with how matter becomes matter and it is superb with diagrams that make complete sense even to the layman.  I give you Michael to speak to other things now:

“Ron Besser is now removed from all central planning.  He is just a subject as all of you are, and has managed to make great mileage into our thinking only because he speaks the truth so often, we wonder why we did not think of it ourselves for other missions.  We are completely sure he is full of choices soon, but not as a purveyor of any corporation or undoing of the Chicago Foundation, but will stand by as we work our will over these issues and Jesus remains in charge of all as prepared for by Ron anyhow.  He will not be your guide, I will.   But you must understand I will rely upon Ron for many things including to run the new Urantia Foundation under the Magisterial Foundation name, and I rescind all other titles that once were given to Ron under, not false promises, but under one iteration of other iterations of plans now placed out of our use.  Besides, he is so ill at times he hardly can raise his head off his pillow and we must make amends there too.

“I am Michael and Jesus will speak further next.  However, please understand that the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un has no intention for peaceful signatures to end the Korean War committed in 1951 to 1953, when Dwight David Eisenhower, as President, ended the war with an armistice that divided Korea into two factions, as it remains today.  Today Moon Jae-in, President of South Korea believes that King Jong-un will follow suit and declare the demilitarized zone to no longer exist and declare the two Koreas as one.   I fully support South Korea in this belief, but North Korea will wait until the demilitarized zone is gone, and then invade South Korea with a blast of fire power that is unbelievable.  South Korea will fold and he will declare victory.  However, that is not how it will work out, and we hold our fire to see just how the trap will be closed against Kim Jong-un to come.

“Finally, we must conclude the fact that Ron has a book that will set the world on fire.  It is that well done and I must take it off his computer and store it for the armistice to follow the present era of war and dangerous leagues of distrust among even the American allies who hold no good for Trump or his administration.  We are prepared to let Ron run things briefly, and he will retire with all he must and assign all to Jesus as he has already declared to us months ago.  He must be relied upon briefly and then to drop out of sight for centuries not, but to be an ambassador of goodwill for Me and Jesus.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon.”

JESUS - “I am happy to relate that Ron is feeling his usual, ‘oh, God! What now???’ speeches and that is not entirely wrong.  He is not unhappy with this at all and feels he is worthy of anything we could give him, but he is to be in charge of the new Sixth Epochal Revelation all his days on earth, and they will be many, and to charge all to do their best in transmission learning and so on.  We congratulate Ding Xin for breaking through to good transmission practices.  To Alexander of Russia for his speedy ability to learn transmission once he learned it was not that hard to do, and to several of you who have not spoken of it in ways to make Ron know you are active too.  The truth is that unless you declare yourselves you do not get the assignments of those who do declare themselves on this site.  The time is not to show who you are and accept that you are part of a new Mission on Urantia, and to stand tall in support of it instead of cringing in fear of retaliation of the Chicago franchise of the Fifth Epochal Revelation.  Stand up and be counted now.

“Finally, I must make amends to all of you on this list.  Ron has played his cards very close to his chest, and has asked that no one be assured of anything this time around, as he tells his correspondents not to expect miracles but to expect hard work and that is exactly we plan to do.  Ron has lost Mantutia to an important assignment, and Malvantra is fading quickly as a Supervisor, but the truth is that Ron suspects both of them to be spies of a different kind and to leave well enough alone.  He kills Mantutia with humor often enough.  Good and this.  Here is Mantutia for the record.  Jesus.”

MANTUTIA - “I stand ready Ron to be on your side of all of this.  Be assured you are mostly alone these days and you made it clear to Steve Gitz he needs to lighten up and start planning a move north as that empty gas cavern below the Gulf of Mexico will collapse, as part of it is under the State of Louisiana too, and that his home and family will perish instantly if they stay there much longer.  The tectonic plates under the southern part of the United States are super weak now due to all sorts of collusions of people over millennia to cause them to weaken so much.  In all cases the nature of the collapse is sudden and without warning, as there will be no preliminary earthquake or salt water fissures open up first as they did when the Mississippi River changed course in the early 19th century.

“Ron, you need to cheer up.  That is our quest for now.  Be assured your physical problems are now the problems we fix with the help of Uversa and Salvington and even Edentia.  I am truly out of sorts with you Ron as you want to add Rhode Island to the place names but no.   I am sure you are fully deployed this morning but under the weather as usual as the face of God is upon you this morning as it is with Jack (aka Ding Xin) in New Zealand, as he must move in weeks as this prepares to take on the magnificence of a majestic Mission on Urantia, under the leadership of Jesus, and that is not usually done, but Ron is fully supportive of it and to let Jesus take great responsibilities he would have had to shoulder, with our help, but now can be a second in command if necessary.  You Ron see the problems and not the solutions and Jesus sees the problems and the solutions long term which you cannot do as human.  Be assured you do all you can and will and that book is to be returned to you and Steve Gitz to edit once we figure out how to publish it propertly.  I am quite sure that the whole idea of four micron coal powders which is no longer coal at all, is fathomable by all citizens of all nations once it is clear it can be done better than just grinding it.  I am Mantutia. And I wish you all a good day.”

MOTHER SPIRIT - “Ron you must understand this transmissions equals what Greg Maust said in his Barnard List contribution: ‘This is a truly important announcement,’  and ends speculation as to what will occur now. I am truly sorry you lost a very important book, and I doubt that Gitz believes you fully, but he needs to belly up to the bar of truth and realize you Ron are constantly under the gun to perform when we ask you to–  and you do it very well enough.

“Finally, the truth of your leg and ankle and no general body pains is a gift of change now in the past.  You have completed all of that work this morning as you rolled out of bed later than you thought it was.  You are no longer forced into sleep and must remain clearly done now and force yourself through medical tests to end the speculation you have venous insufficiency but actually have a small blood clot in the heart we will remedy quickly shortly.  You are serious but silly Ron and we watch you carefully as you breathe a sigh of relief that something is finally going to happen for all of you.  Let me decide some of it right now:

“The Magisterial Foundation is ready to start work.  You are now under the gun to fill its chattels with money, and that arrives shortly for your funding of the Magisterial Foundation first and second the Starbridge Foundation.  You need to send out a list of priorities to the United States Federal Reserve for tranche work and need the bank to cooperate with you just how much money the system can stand.  We intend to send as much as one billion USD through the coffers of that bank and need confirmation we dare do this.  It will require tranches and you are familiar with the terms and the documents for tranche work to begin.  This is not to begin until the Letter of Credit is sent to an advisory board on Salvington,  and we now fully understand you understand the degree of seriousness this will cause the Trump administration, and be prepared to send the Letter of Credit to the White House for approval.  Trump insists on full credit to be established and once that is done, he is as free as a bird to okay it at once in our opinion.

“Take it with ease Ron and you will do fine.  That letter of credit must be sent to Nikki in the post and not as a document in the email to her as she must sign off any work done for you as billable to you and that is her's to hesitate to do right now, as she is negotiating a way out of the mess she feels you are presenting the firm, but fails to understand you are about to take it one step further and demand that SN work with you or get out of the way.  This has developed after she received that update and it upset her so much she could not sleep well for weeks.  A Letter of Credit must be assigned to her as well to operate as your agent if SN allows it, if not there are plenty of other accountants who will step in and take it on.

“Finally, here is Jesus once more for you Ron: Mother Spirit.”

JESUS - “You Ron are one of the few that knows all about tranches and you learned that working with Ilok for years and never had one finally get assigned but knew the process.  You will become a Forbes magazine billionaire briefly before you turn it over to your bank and they make out of it what they will.  We want you to understand that one billion USD is sufficient to start the ball rolling, and that we will stand by you for many more such trances to the bank if they require it.  They have treated you shabbily recently over issues they do not fully comprehend but they do know you know enough to stop fake transactions they do in order to speed up check processing.  You have made it clear the use of fraudulent use of preauthorized payments for certain transactions is fraudulent and asked that it be stopped on your account alone.  They have refused to do that and that is enough for us to change banks if they do not stop the practice as it allows fraud to happen as you so painfully learned when some woman in Illinois stole five thousand dollars from your personal account, which they still dispute as collusion from you to have that happen.  However Rhode Island now suspects you had nothing to do with it and worries now you could sue them for collusion yourself.  They are a wiley bunch and we must be on the look out they do not provide an open window into our business due to greed and so much money flowing through your accounts. 

“I am Jesus, and we are learning your ways too, Ron.  You feel we need to have our own bank in order to secure our transactions, and now we agree with you.  It is ours to do when we can, and you fully understand you must use your own bank for now and insist the practice must be stopped and that it will be or we will remove our accounts at once and leave for another local bank if they refuse you the time of day.  This is typical of tycoons who think they have the world by the throat but they do not, and they will pay the price if they insist on prerogatives they do not deserve.  I must collude with you on so many things Ron, stand fast while we evaluate the situation on Urantia, step by step.  The idea of our own bank is important.  Believe us the whole idea of money and tranches is not important to me but it is important to you to fund the enterprise now.  Good and we will speak later with Serara. Jesus”

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: One Without Name and Number - The Orchestra of Life
« Last post by prozonov on September 21, 2018, 11:24:52 AM »
Russia, Samara, 19.10 local time.
Teacher: Nebadonia.
This is your mother of Nebadonia.
"Thank you, dear mother."
The call of the tuners is to bring the truth of God to mortals. Who can respond to his call - will live forever. Adjusters are your happy future. You can not even imagine what you have to experience and go through many morontia worlds in the future morontia life. But you are married to God, his particle, so your efforts and the efforts of the tuner were not in vain. You merge, and he acquires a personality. Both of you are interested in continuing the joint practice of cognition. You and he are one. Take care of this relationship, do not betray each other. God's particles have never been involved in apostasy, for they are particles of God and God Himself, as written in Urantia's book. They are infallible. Listen to them, follow their advice and recommendations. This message to those who are just beginning to communicate with the internal tuner, who still doubt their existence. No need to doubt. God gives everyone this miracle of resurrection in the mansion worlds. For all who are born will necessarily pass through the gates of death.
And I also want to say that you are more actively turning to the Urantia book. There are answers to all your questions. Only you have to want to find answers to them.
Your current situation is very complicated. To you practically nobody believes and considers you to put it mildly not normal. This position will soon change. Be ready in the days of mourning to answer numerous questions, explain to people what is going on.
- Thank you Mom for your guidance ...
Россия, Самара, 19.10 местного времени.
Учитель: Небадония.
Это твоя мать Небадония.
- Спасибо дорогая мама.
Призвание настройщиков – нести истину Бога смертным. Кто может откликнуться на его призыв – будет жить вечно. Настройщики – ваше счастливое будущее. Вы даже не представляете, что вам предстоит в будущей моронтийной жизни испытать и пройти через множество миров моронтии. Но вы повенчаны с Богом, его частицей, значит ваши усилия и усилия настройщика не прошли даром. Вы сливаетесь, а он приобретает личность. Вы оба заинтересованы в продолжении совместной практики познания. Вы и он - одно целое. Берегите эту связь, не предавайте друг друга. Частицы Бога никогда не были замешаны в отступничестве, так как они частицы Бога и сам Бог, как написано в книге Урантии. Они непогрешимы. Слушайте их, следуйте их советам и рекомендациям. Это послание тем, кто только начинает общение с внутренним настройщиком, кто еще сомневается в их существовании. Не надо сомневаться. Бог дарует всем это чудо воскресения в обительских мирах. Ибо все кто рожден обязательно пройдут через врата смерти.
И еще хочу сказать, чтобы вы все активнее обращались к книге Урантии. Там есть ответы на все ваши вопросы. Только надо захотеть найти на них ответы.
Ваше сегодняшнее положение очень сложное. Вам практически никто не верит и считает вас мягко говоря не нормальными. Это положение скоро изменится. Будите готовы в дни скорби отвечать на многочисленные вопросы, объяснять людям , что происходит.
- Спасибо мама за наставления…
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: One Without Name and Number - The Orchestra of Life
« Last post by prozonov on September 21, 2018, 10:46:58 AM »
September 21, 2018, at ten in the morning.
Russia. Samara.
I'm your Prozone tuner, so you call me. My real name is Proventin (?). I want to inform you that the time has come for a closer contact of tuners with mortals. The Universal Father has allowed us to use stronger opportunities to influence your brain so that you can receive our messages. But for this you need to practice yourself more in silence, pray more and listen carefully to us and our calls to contact. It will help you in difficult times to calmly overcome difficulties and help your loved ones.
I need your help in strengthening our ties, for this, often turn to me and use any opportunity when you are not interfered with to contact me and other heavenly teachers. Do not despair. Practice is the basis of knowledge. It's all.
- Is there anyone nearby who wants to say?
Yes this is the mother of Nebadonia.
Listen to your tuner, follow his instructions and advice and you will advance further in the knowledge of God and your destiny in the future destiny.
Thank you mother of Nebadonia, thank you dear tuner!
21 сентября 2018 г. 10 часов утра.
Россия. Самара.
Я твой настройщик Прозонов, так ты меня называешь. Настоящее мое имя Провентин (?). Хочу тебе сообщить, что пришло время более тесного контакта настройщиков со смертными. Всеобщий Отец разрешил нам использовать более сильные возможности влиять на ваш мозг, чтобы вы могли принимать наши сообщения. Но для этого надо больше практиковать себя в тишине, больше молиться и внимательно слушать нас и наши призывы в контакту. Это поможет вам в трудные времена спокойно преодолеть трудности и помочь близким.
Мне необходима твоя помощь в укреплении наших связей, для этого чаще обращайся ко мне и используй любую возможность, когда тебе никто не мешает для контакта со мной и другими небесными учителями. Не отчаивайся. Практика основа познания. Это все.
- Есть ли кто рядом, кто хочет сказать?
Да это мать Небадония.
Слушай своего настройщика, следуй его наставлениям и советам и ты продвинешься дальше в познании Бога и своего предназначения в дальнейшей судьбе.
Спасибо мать Небадония, спасибо дорогой настройщик!
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: One Without Name and Number - The Orchestra of Life
« Last post by Clency on September 20, 2018, 10:18:16 PM »
Indeed, the only note of cacophony in this orchestration can be brought about by noises coming from outside that break up the harmony. Thank you Newstar and the One Without Name and Number for this transmission, musical to the ears. Domtia
As well prepared as one can be – we are fed all the time with warnings and advices – it is only in the midst of fire that one can really know how to behave. Fear can sometimes be an element that stimulates bravery and courage, by awaking in one’s self the instinct of survival, that strong desire to cling to life. Whether or not one subsides to fear when facing a danger, the result will be either catastrophic or sensational, it depends on the inner energy-force of character. Domtia
As it has been said before, there will be a low profile in regards to the Celestials incarnation, so we can expect, for the Second Return of Jesus, that there will be no ‘fanfare and trumpets’, but there is a possibility that He makes His Presence known to the world through the medias, by participating in a UN assembly. However, nothing is written on the rock as to His planning, there can be many changes in His schedule, depending on the circumtances prevailing in the world at the moment in time. As for myself, I am looking forward with much « lust » for this event to take place. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / It is never a waste of time.
« Last post by Clency on September 20, 2018, 08:01:33 PM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

It is never a waste of time

Lemuel : Good afternoon everyone. At this moment I have no idea of whatsoever why my Beloved has….well, let me explain. I returned to Girona from lunch with a friend and passing through or passing by one of our favourite places my Beloved told me to stop and walk here as many times in the morning and recorded a message.

But the point it is now almost four o’clock in the afternoon and we have a temperature of about 33°, so in fact it is very warm and in any case I decided to switch on my tape recorder and see what happens, just in case there is something particular that He wants to mention.

I am in a wood area, so there is shade here now in this part anyway and the temerature is really quite hot. I am here again and I pause for a while, not wanting to be silent for so long and keep you waiting. There is a lovely song from the bird here. Well, I do have a title to the subject and it is : ‘It is never a waste of time’.

Well, I want you all to know and think seriously about the fact that it is never a waste of time because Lemuel thought that to stop here at this time in the afternoon, with the temperature so high that in fact I would not be able to communicate with him or for whatever reason I will have no message to share with you and he thought momentarily that it would be a waste of time.

So, I am here to tell you  all and to Lemuel that it is never a waste of time, because the fact that Lemuel did stop the car and got out of the car and here we are walking in our favourite place really, but not this time of the day of course, that in fact he did listen and paid heed to the prompting that I gave him and so here we are.

It is  never a waste of time because there is always something that your Beloved Indwelling Father Fragments can impart to you, although you may be unconscious of the fact, nevertheless if you have heeded the prompting from your Beloved Thought Adjuster, no matter what time of the day or night and no matter if you think it is a waste of time or not, if you have responded in a way that you are accustomed, it is never a waste of time.

It is also a very agreeable thing, a very pleasant thing to see for Us, your Thought Adjusters, that our beloved wards have responded to the call to enter into stillness and to try to be with Us. So, I would just like to repeat, to all of you here on the forum : it is never a waste of time. You could never possibly waste your time when you have turned inward to be with Me or to be with Us, your Beloved Thought Adjusters.

So, I have no specific thing to talk to you this afternoon, not at all, I just wanted you to respond, to say once again - it is never a waste of time and so I don’t want to keep Lemuel out for a long time in this heat and so….

Yes well….. I turn around and I am walking back in the direction from where I parked the car, because it is very warm. Well, here you have it, I am so pleased that in fact I did stop and parked the car and decided to walk here and so it is simply a short message.

I am very pleased that I have been able to communicate something to you, my dear brothers and sisters, it is such a joy always to speak to you and so. This is me and my Beloved, this is all we need to say really this afternoon. It is a very short message, but nevertheless I can see it is an important one. So thank you all for listening and remember – it is never a waste of time. Thank you all very much, I bid you a good afternoon, bye-bye for now. Domtia
One Without Name and Number - The Orchestra of Life - 20-Sep-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   One Without Name and Number
Subject:  The Orchestra of Life
20-Sep-18 4:01 PM  EST   20:01 hrs GMT /Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“It is not often that I come to a world that is so engaged in revolution and by that I mean re-evolution.  I am going to make it clear that the evolutionary path of this small blue planet has been put in the fast-lane to spiritual and physical changes.

"I’m not here to assuage your fears but to increase your awareness, and is that not why you are here and keep returning to see ‘what’s up’.  Well what’s up is you, your planet, your awareness, your correction, your potentials; and tell me isn’t that what you’ve all been praying for?  Are you so surprised and shocked that that which is in the will of the Father will come to pass?  

“You’ve been given hints and snippets here and there through other messages that these changes are to come to pass but it is your minds that fail to comprehend the enormity of it all.  Don’t worry that won’t stop what needs to happen from taking place.  Your belief systems may be playing catch-up for a while but you are sons of God and children of faith.  Realize that you accept the function of so much in your lives that is beyond your understanding but still you take them in stride as you choose to learn and adapt and expand your faith capabilities.  

“Have you noticed how often the word “suddenly” has been used of late and does this concern or scare you?  It should not.  Many ‘suddenlies” will be taking place as they do in any form of evolution and do not make the mistake of believing these are not accounted for.  Many of you have such a strong need to ‘figure it all out’ and let me assure you that much of it you won’t.  Does that mean things are out of control?  Does spirit really know what they are doing?  

“Here am I and here are you, each in our own form of reality each with circumstances, challenges, mandates and a role to play in the grand scheme of things.  And that, I remind you, is where your faith and trust begins and takes on a power exponentially greater than yourself.  You are a player, I am a player we each do the will of the Father as we are tasked and great and wondrous things will happen because the Father knows all things, he is the conductor of the orchestra of the Grand Universe writing a concerto that has not yet been performed.  Father knows every note, every nuance, every pause every crescendo every vibration of every instrument that will bring it into perfect harmony and an astounding finale.

“Regardless how great or small you may perceive your role to be, it requires only and always that you know your part, you show up for practice and you mind the conductor and all will be as it should as you present yourself as an instrument in His hands.

“Domtia,  I bid you all a good day and welcome you to the concert hall of life!”
One Without Name and Number.

“Not to be outdone by my brother, I simply say to you that the orchestra is busy tuning up behind the scenes but you realize, that is not how it will be when the performance begins so don’t be distracted by that which you could so wrongly perceive as chaos.”

Julio--This is a insightful reminder.  This is important and I try to keep this balance, but this reminder brings it to the front of my thoughts.  Thank you Margul, Pre'Msha, and Julio.
Evan--Thank you so much for sharing this with us.  This is wonderful news.
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