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AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Keep T/Ring
« Last post by Clency on February 19, 2018, 07:26:03 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission
Keep T/Ring

Lemuel : I am actually in the countryside, but sat in my car park in a shady place. I sense the name of Jesus and I sense that Jesus is here too to give me a message

Jesus : Yes, Lemuel, this is Jesus and I have come this morning, first of all to thank you for permitting your Thought Adjuster to say what He wants you to say about your life to post to the forum so that members can learn something about you and your life.

Now, as you well know, members of the forum, there has been so much informations and revelations recently, specially from the Consummator of Universe Destiny and Justice and there is such a lot to assimilate for all of you.

Obviously,  you have not become aware, the day in fact is so much informations that is needed to be shared with you members here on the forum, but the problem is there are so few of you who are able to do what Lemuel is just doing by practicing your T/Ring on a regular basis everyday and not just once a day.

If you are to any degree in tune with your Beloved Thought Adjuster, you will become more aware of the moments when He taps you on the shoulders, so to speak, which means, please go into silence and stillness and receive what He has to say.

So this is my message this morning for all of you members to keep practicing, because you are needed. Don’t worry to make a mistake, offer a quick pay of thanks to your Beloved, state your intention and go into the silence. That is all that is needed.

Your Thought Adjuster or other Celestials can take it from there and give you the message. Don’t need edited or change anything, just take it as it comes and posted. I thank you for that and that is all Lemuel. I really just wanted to come and give some encouragement to the members to keep practicing because they are needed so much.

As I said before, also to thank you for your courage and allowing your Beloved to do what is done this morning and so thank you everyone for listening and I bid you a very good day. This is Jesus and I say to all of you Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / Keep T/Ring
« Last post by Lemuel on February 19, 2018, 05:14:20 AM »
Speaker: JESUS
Subject: Keep T/Ring
T/R: Lemuel
Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
19th Feb. 2018  11:11
Threads for New Transmissions / A word from Master Spirit Ocilliaya!!!
« Last post by niant2 on February 19, 2018, 02:24:09 AM »
Good evening, my friends and distinguished guests.

Speaker: Master Spirit Ocilliaya
Subject: A word from Master Spirit Ocilliaya!!!
Category: Threads for New Transmissions
T/R: NIANT2(Antonio), Stanstead(home) Qc Canada                                
Monday, February 19, 2018, 01:45 am Canada

Hello Father, this is your son, Antonio, here to receive a message from your Celestial Family.
Are-you their Master Spirit number 4, Ocilliaya, voice of the Father, the Son and de Spirit?

     “Antonio, this is Master Spirit Ocilliaya with you at this moment and I been hoping for you to call on me, and you did and I am happy and grateful that you take the time this evening to reach me my son.

     “As I stated last time Antonio for you from Lemuel receiving, you are capable to receive messages from our Celestial Family and you receiving tonight is perfect and you seem calm and ready do receive what heaver will be given to you to transmit to your brother, sisters and guesses of the forums.

It is my pleasure Master Spirit Ocilliaya to be attention to what your message will be given.

     “I have notice that you have restarted your practice in TRing and this is fin and will be greatly needed when "the show will go"  and this much closer then you think my son.

     “I encourage you to continue your session of Stillness and TRing and pray for the success of this "grand adventure" ho his at at your door steps.

     “Many revelation have been giving for you and for the members and the guesses of the forum and I know those revelation are not so easy to comprehend, specially for you my son, you are a French speaking person, but I know that you are doing your best to try to learn the much that you can and you are doing fin right know.

     “Antonio, don’t discourage yourself, we know that you have a great mind and we know that you are capable to comprehend what we, the Celestials, want you to learn and to be capable to advance in your spirituality.

     “As I said earlier my son, your faith is simple and it is perfect like it is for you, frankly, you are doing great progress my son despite what other seem to demonist your self esteem.

     “This is Master Spirit Ocilliaya and I tell you this know, be yourself, you are unique, Father have giving you a special gift in this live and it has been giving only to you for what will be needed when the Father will ask for you help with the missions that will unfold shortly my son Antonio.

     “This is Master Spirit Ocilliaya and I am asking you to pray for the success of these missions to unfold shortly and try to be aware at what our Thought Adjuster will give you instruction to what to do when many changes will be going one.  Just remember that you will be helping many people how will not have any idea of what is happening to them.

     “that's all for now my son Antonio, it is very late and exceed your bed time.

     “I leave you all this for your meditation, I thank you for having appealed to me, Domtia my son Antonio.

Thank you so much Master Ocilliaya for your presence and for your words of encouragement, Domtia!!!

Threads for New Transmissions / Lemuel
« Last post by Lemuel on February 19, 2018, 02:10:37 AM »
Speaker: Thought Adjuster
Subject: Lemuel
T/R: Lemuel
Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
19th Feb. 2018  06:00 Local

This is Lemuel´s Thought Adjuster. Good morning to you all.
You may be surprised to see that my subject this morning is my beloved ward Lemuel.
The reason being that after waiting in stillness for a while and realizing  that no one was coming
with a message, he turned to Me and asked if I had something to say this morning and as you know,
I generally do, but this morning I turn the table on Lemuel, although I know he cringes at the idea
of me talking about him, but in any case, I will.

I feel the time is right now that you should learn more about this man with whom I have recently
fused. You will understand from reading the Urantia Book, that we Adjusters volunteer to indwell
a human after We have carried out extensive research into their family background to ascertain the
possibilities of successfully leading them along their ascension path which also leads to Fusion
and My attaining Personality.

Lemuel was born of humble parents in the small mining town of Tredegar, in south Wales.
Just five days before his birth on the 8th September 1939, war was declared and for the first six
years of his life, was subjected to the effects of the war with the absence of his father who served
in Burma, fighting the Japanese.

Many times his mother took Lemuel to stay with his grandmother who lived a short distance
away in the same town. Lemuel always enjoyed his time at his grandmother´s house because it
was close to the railway station where he used to go to meet his grandfather coming home from
his work in the coal mine. Lemuel was only four years of age when he did this. It was quite safe,
there was very little traffic in those days and children played in the street, the only place they could

It was on one of those occasions whilst staying at his grandmother´s that I indwelt him.
He had made his first moral decision at the age of six years.
In the bedroom where he slept was a small wooden chest where his grandmother kept some books
and Lemuel, being curious, one night decided to investigate and on opening the chest was happy
to find an old book for boys. Although it smelled damp and fusty he took it and jumped into the
big feather, four-posted bed, upon which, he enjoyed jumping up and down so much.

Lemuel could read at an early age and on perusing the book he found a picture of a small boy
standing alone in a darkened place with cloudy skies and windblown trees. The sun´s beams were
breaking through the clouds and spreading its light on the scene. The picture had a caption underneath
that read;  "Nearer my God to Thee, Nearer to Thee."   Although of tender age, that picture touched
him and to this day he remembers it well and the time with deep affection. What he didn´t know
until now is that it was Me who led him to that book to see how he would react to seeing that photo
and his reaction pleased Me greatly.

Lemuel loved his school years, which passed without too many mishaps. Although not being
scholarly he loved music and sport. He started having piano lessons at the age of twelve when he
attended the local Grammar school. After just three years he could not continue with his piano
classes as his parents could no longer afford to pay the fees.

At fifteen years of age, Lemuel left school on a Friday and started work the following Monday.
There was full employment in those days and Lemuel went to work in a shop where today you
would call it a small supermarket, and this is where it got very interesting for Me as it was there
at his workplace that he met the first love of his life and the poor boy fell for her hook, line 
and sinker.

Fast forward to 1958 when Lemuel joined the army as a professional for six years, with the idea
that he and his girlfriend would get married and live in army married quarters. Well, it didn´t work
out as planned because just three months later Lemuel receive a letter, known as a Dear John,
which put an end to their relationship after three years of courtship. He was devastated of course
but could do nothing about it. He was stuck in the army for six years and had to put up with it.

After basic training, Lemuel decided to have a go at becoming a parachutist with Airborne Forces
and he duly put himself to the task. He enjoyed it all, even the most grueling of tasks that he was 
asked to perform. I couldn´t have been more pleased with him. My plans for him were proceeding
well, yes, even the break-up of his love affair, which would never have worked out well for him.

In 1964, Lemuel married the girl he had met four years previously, four girls and two boys appeared
within a few years and Lemuel was also successful in his army carreer, having changed from
parachuting to playing clarinet in the army band. Within just nine years he passed from bandsman
to bandmaster, having graduating  from the prestigious military school of music at Kneller Hall.

Lemuel was now 27 years of age and it was at this time that he found what I helped put before him
and he entered into a period of extensive spiritual experiencing which brought him to the point of
wanting to leave the army and so, after just two years as bandmaster of a Scottish regiment he gave it
all up. When he left Scotland he had a wife, six children, a car, a couple of suitcases, little money,
and nothing else. All was working to plan and I was very pleased with my ward.

Since that time in 1974, Lemuel has become so spiritually evolved, that even I was taken aback by
his progress and his only wish to serve Father.

He continues to serve Father well and I am pleased with him.

Good day.

Lemuel here.  There is nothing for me to say. I knew this was coming and I could have said no, but
who wants to say no to their Beloved? Not I.

Hahaha, You DaCandyMan make me laugh and smile here to here as I think you and I get on really well as I relate so well with your experience.  Thank you for sharing such a part of your life here with us and it is a joy to be so keen to be wherever Father sees best for us in outreach work if those plans are well placed in with what Father Michael and CoUD &J is permitting to be in the works hopefully soon before, (well what can I say, there is no other way to put it), TSHTF! I am both so excited and rather nervous too as it is going to be rather a challenge.

I got it put to me by my Adjuster today, that after those announcements to the public with Jesus and others, the Internet will crash, communications will be next to impossible and most of us if not all humans will go through a phase of internal searching and humility to what is said and presented to all to hear.  This is a time of telling of how the public reacts, responds and behaves. I think we will have to wait this out, take cover and pray for our safety when people can become quite erratic or just plain numbed with shock. Not only do we have the Universe Administrators come in to weigh in on some hard core truths, but also to be told the earth we walk on is about to disappear in various degrees and places. How we fit into an outreach post and what we do then is any one's guess as to how people take what is coming to be known to them.  It is a case of wait-and-see and hope for the best from people. Meanwhile we stand by and wait. It remains to be seen what becomes of it and pray people will come to their senses and rally themselves to prepare for some sensible emergency response. The Australian emergency authorities are pretty good at this in all areas of crisis, but what is presented may overwhelm them in all likelihood. We will definitely need a Melchizedek brother with us here and I hope that is in the plan too Father Michael.

Nice to hear from you dear brother and hope you are well and keeping well where you are.

Much love,
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Magisterial Mission
« Last post by Clency on February 18, 2018, 11:13:27 PM »
Pliktarious, Goa is well-known for what you mention, but this is an old history. The place I am referring to is the country of « Paul et Virginie », a novel of Bernandin de St Pierre and famous for its extinct Dodo, a bird of heavy imposure. Mauritius, the « Star and Key » of long ago, is where I was borned, a country of different racial colors who were used to live in harmony with each others and is now tainted with drugs, stealing, murder, corruption in all levels of governance ; the list goes on, what a pity ! Time to clean all these malfeasances. Domtia
Hi 7inOcean, I totally agree with what you say about church in general.  I was brought to the church when I was about 13-14 years old by my grandma and at that time I was clueless like any other kid at that age.  Over the years I continued to attend church on Sundays and also bible study groups.  As I became older and more knowledgeable I began to question a lot of things.  The more I understood about the bible the more I question why a lot scriptures just doesn't make sense, I tried to ask the pastor and peers about my questions, but every time I happen get an unsatisfactory answer.  When I was about 20 years old my thirst for truth and knowledge just grew exponentially, no longer can I be satisfied with church preachers that just repeat the sermons over and over again without answering my inner conflicts.  It is so true how Machiventa Melchizedek said that every time you question them these bible thumpers just bombard you with scriptures without really answering the question.  I eventually got tired of it and had to search for my own truth.  Over the years I have read countless books on spirituality but never really found that one book that answers all my questions.  To this day I'm still glad I found TUB and believe this is the best book I've ever read.   
I got to say this to you and wendy, you girls are the most spiritually mature and awesome people I've ever met(sorry to call you girls, I know you two are old enough to even be my mom lol!).  I'm definitely keen to be working with you guys in Australia or wherever(getting some goosebumps just thinking about it).  
When I read these things I felt like I had to respond to it and I believe it's my Adjuster urging me to reply.  But yea what do I know i'm just a kid who is sometimes a bit lost.
Thumpers, NovaPrime, are the ancient equivalent to the wise men of led who many were priests.  Priests are well described in the Urantia Book and it helps to reader some of those descriptions which I did to beef up my knowledge base to respond to you.

Today we do not have village or tribal counsels where the fate of the people in the tribe is talked about in particular.  In those very old days ago, the elders of a tribe or even of the city or town would holistically look at their shared problems and determine how best to take care of them.  Frequently in those councils there were medicine men and priests sometimes combined in one, and these individuals who fought to keep things much the same as they were for generations of known stability.  Bible thumpers can memorize but they cannot legitimize the past but to enforce it through group pressure.  If they are lucky they can do it through government; if they are priests too they can enforce it through scripture regardless of how well scripture says it, as long as it is old and embraced by a lot of people.  Here is a quite from the Urantia bout the problem though the thumpers present to modern civilization,  This quote says priests, but the modern equvilent without license is the born again who insists he is authority on how to deal with personal religion to the point of interfering with you and me and how we educate ourselves in life.

Urantia Quote:  90.5.7 "The priesthoods have done much to delay scientific development and to hinder spiritual progress, but they have contributed to the stabilization of civilization and to the enhancement of certain kinds of culture. But many modern priests have ceased to function as directors of the ritual of the worship of God, having turned their attention to theology - the attempt to define God."
On this site we have learned to socialize our interest in a primary revelation--  the fifth epochal revelation.  Our approach is relatively unique though in that we tend to look at the work of God as a way to understand ourselves and we personalize the revelation here as the theology of the transmission.  Some day we will be looked at as quaint as the Quakers and their down home participation in everybody learning to somehow do tongues.  But someday too many who join a list like this will also be fused and that will change the nature of a portending priest, not as born again through Scripture, but through the ideals of God centeredness.  The main difference between born-agains today and the tongue-practioners of the Quakers and of now the Baptists who predominate among those called born again, is that these things happen in slight remembrance of the Last Supper and its quality of celebration of contacting the law of spirit.  On this site and how we learn Who Is God is through no law but through the patience of the Deities of the Universe to speak directly to our souls and mind without reference to Scripture at all.

That will always separate the born-agains from the God Centered Man or Woman who shares the inner life with God and not the congregation and the peculiar celebration of life that the Church gets into today.

I leave it to all of you to decide the difference too between a radical born again chief who won't shut up about their spiritual experience through personality assimilation God therein, and the one like we have here on this list that is quietly learning to touch the Voice of Go with the inner being they will truly represent on high when they go from the flesh to the soul experience on the mansion worlds today.

MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK  - "I remember when Machiventa Melchizedek wrote Papers 90 through 95 and asking me where to limit his criticism of the Priest.  I told him the exact line Ron chose to quote for you above.  Priests are so self satisfied they are fully aware of what rewards the Lord abides in every many who comes to him and leaves a place of worship with good intentions bt fails to follow though very well at all.  In fact we all do it, but the born-again Christian is a holier than thou personality that brooks no opposition and that is far from being a God-centered man or woman who can tell right from wrong easily and who can be a friend at the drop of a hat too.

"Man is too shallow to understand the forces that permeate him unless he is educated in epochal revelation.  But the man who follows the Priest without an epochal revelation to guide him, is bound to mislead the flock entirely into the dangers of authoritarianism and the like and that ends any sense of being an independent thinker and takes one into the abyss of personality faults described as a psychosis or a fetish and sometimes both.  I wish you all a good day.  Mantutia,"

"I speal lowly of the born again because they refuse to hear what is being said and counter every remark with a Scriptural quote and they need severe discipline to stop that and actually listen to what is said.  We are now given every indication that the mind of this transmitter is being pushed by the Thought Adjuster to remove it from the discipline of transmission to the heart of God in prayer.   I am Machiventa and Ron asked me to finish this in spite of the anomaly of mind he experiences right now and I shall.  We are deep in the woods of thought with this Transmitter and he feels heavy spritiaul pressure to leave me and hear what it is but let me finish this for NovaPrime, which is simply to say the time is here to remove all Baptist and others who espouse the born again tradition and learn from the hand of Jesus.  Thank you."

“...perhaps you Sue can state better than anyone your state of mind to take such an assignment on by yourself for a while..”

ASSIGNMENT: Run Outreach Office in Australia

My Adjuster is truthful in respecting what is happening when it comes to “immolation of myself with...relationships” between myself and my significant others. I am now going solo with this candy store I love and the others don’t get it at all, period. They have not woken up to the fact there is something very wrong with this world we live in. I see it and question it and so on to the point my loving Adjuster gave me those insights to allow me to see there is more in this picture we are living than what is.

Put simply, has anyone stopped to think in their life journey here - what is going on here? The Bible is full of holes too numerous I grew suspicious of why that is so. When I studied basic theology and church history and so on, it became apparent to me something wasn’t adding up right. I subsequently, lost interest in this sort of theology as it was preached and I dropped out of pursuing further studies in an advanced course of study. I waned in the affair of so called “Christianity” as it was preached by my earthly parents and so on with emphasis on the Cross of Christ.

It wasn’t until I got a wake-up call from my loving Adjuster to see a different reality so vast and splendid and so on I realise, like a genie put back in a bottle experience, that this world (bottle) is truly like it is encased in its own little bubble and totally oblivious to the greater reality that exist beyond itself. Being led to the TUB and here on this site is the work of the Father Adjuster and my own inner search for the need to find answers to what I was given insight in being aware of the reality my Adjuster allowed me to see. Thank you Father.

Now, in answer to the quest above - I can state better on why I can be assigned in such a task in my own country is because I love the Father, I love all of you, all my loved ones and so on and I love God, Country and Queen. Loyalty and duty and doing good is what I do everyday. It is a service unsaid or noticed, and it is actioned by loving thought, consideration and determination to do what is right and good for the peace and tranquility of others.

My assignment is like the English people have as a sign made up that says quite emphatically and simply: STAY CALM AND CARRY ON with the Crown of England as a badge of duty and respect. And so I am no longer trapped in a bottle, I am understanding, good and compatible in abiding in the Father’s way as He unfolds it before us. He is Reality. I stand by and await my orders as I always do in my workplace, as I report to duty and get my marching orders to know it is business as usual to love and serve one another.

I would love to be working with Wendy and DaCandyMan and others if she and others are happy to be a nomad and I am nomadic already over the years of living in this big southern continent. I just hope we can survive what is coming as severe for this continent to suffer some harsh blows.

Pre’Mtor, my Adjuster wishes to speak here:
“I am happy you are cheerful this fine day in deciding the path with me; you see what I have done to clear your mind of baggage you no longer need to carry and that is so you can move on to greener pastures of thought to place your energy in with work I have lined up for you and others soon enough.

“Be assured plans are being drawn up and we have some surprises in store for you. That’s right I have your best interest at heart and know that you have it well in you. As you like the saying dear, “Stay Calm And Carry On”; abide in me as I do in you. Be well, eat well and do get that rest so you can be better functioned to the tasks ahead. Good day.”


9am(AEDT) 19/02/2018                 
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Magisterial Mission
« Last post by Pliktarious on February 18, 2018, 05:15:13 PM »
Hi Clency, were you referring to a place on the west coast of India called Goa.In the ninteenseventies  a lot of young people from the USA and Europe went on vacation there and never came back because they got addicted  on cheap heroin.When their money ran out they sold their passports, many of them died of overdoses. I'm not sure if you are talking about the same place. In anyway it will be a great thing if the MM clean up the drugs , since they have destroyed a lot of lives. Domtia. 
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