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Teacher: Ankara
Subject: Know the Earth’s way and Keep up the Stamina in Service
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria Australia
Date/Time: 17/09/2018 8.30am-9.30am (AEST)


“Everything comes to a point and here we have our tasks to get going with. Yes continue in your work as you are doing. The buck does not stop here in one session as Sept 15 presents itself. You realise the work is there and persistence is all that is required for you to take on in more frequency than the stops and starts, although you all live busy lives and working to live is paramount in your need to keep going and that is the normal process of worldly habitat. Here it is that, instead of doing other things and wile away that time, it can be better utilised to type or write or speak what is pressing in your thoughts in the quiet time you do have in your day, that is good to take note and let it be recorded in your notes. You all can do this, it just takes that recognition to stop and smell it for what it is and it happening for you to put it to good use.

“As it is, in all probability, there are some things that is good to know, yet there are things you need to receive and pass on as the point it is to others than for yourself to know about. The task of the transmitter is to receive the input and get it in writing for the purpose of illumination and education. The teaching mission is to be mostly on this task and to gather as many of you to be so tuned to receive these lessons and messages that will prove to be valuable for all others that find it most helpful in learning that Spirit learning is well and truly unlimited and splendid. There is far too much to know and not enough workers to get this to be painted for you to see it. So it is a call for the workers to roll up sleeve and take it to task not weekly, but daily in your sojourn with your divine and splendid Adjuster that tunes you to the tea on matters of truth.

“Stagnant, is a word I just got Sue to type and why I press that is because so many times this can be occurring in amongst you and that can be unhelpful as to the attitude and so we need the zeal to come back into the equation of your enthusiasm in the work of God.  Here, Sue even realises even as she works in the hospital that while she plans ahead of time, things always do not go as planned and she has to adapt and accommodate the necessity of what has to be prioritised on the go in order for things to be accomplished and completed as per what is required. That means there is no place for complacency and neither is stagnancy as one must be switched on to take the cues as it presents itself. The point here is to stand ready and take down what has to be and let it flow as it is presented. Transmission work is the same and that attitude is to be well placed in this endeavour in savouring the messages, lessons and import that WE allow it to be known to you all. Our presentations are well organised and timed and that is for you to receive and there you have a teacher on the go as we speak. WE are here and ready for you to take up the pen, the typewriter or the recorder and get it and share what it is that is given you. It is as natural as the wind blows in your hair and you know and sense the breeze and recognise it for what it is. You do not know from whence it came nor where it goes, but you felt it within you as I speak here with you.

“So as you all have the gitz of what is presented in future maps from a prophet that is well, but be aware the earth changes have its natural course to take and certain areas of tectonic upheaval can be so unpredictable that it is best to ascertain their likely outcome but not how it is to emerge to the extent of emergence that it is to take. That, as you all well know, when you sit on a beach and dig a hole and watch the wave come in onto the shore and washes in the hole and there you see how it transforms the sand mounds you created and how it reshapes everything in its wake. That is what can happen to the sea when it swamps large swathes of land and where it travels can transform so much if not swallow what cannot stand. You all know how this may be and for that to be, it is best to understand the nature of the forces at play and get out where you can to a safer location if you can.  Moving on, we are not going to predict with certainty due to the above reasons, and so we can only advise to you to be aware, vigilant and remain calm in yourself in the knowledge you have already and take necessary steps to move or relocate if at all possible.

“Moving or staying is entirely up to you. I cannot move a horse unless it is tethered and that can be pulled to where it has to go. When you have a voice in your mind that tells you to go, then it is time to listen, as that is your Adjuster prompting, urging you to take up what is impressing upon you. In all likelihood, there are certain impinging circumstances that will emerge and you will know what to do when that time comes. Be wise and listen well and do your best to keep well. For now we continue to flood you all with the lessons you all enjoy and that is growing among you and it is wonderful to see mushrooming is it not? The content is variable yet consistent in with what Michael wishes to have well placed. Certain of the wellness and the maturity of mind to be coming together in with the Team and its purpose in the reclamation work on Urantia.

“The revelatory work through the fifth epochal revelation and the sixth epochal revelation is secondary to what is coming down the road for you to receive as these books have wrought the necessary awareness and profound insights that does its work in prompting the mind to think deeper into more meaningful pursuits, the furtherance of revelatory input is for the purpose of evolving your growth into the morontial mota and onwards to the advanced levels of absonity. If you are all so willing, you will all eventually attain finality and onto the levels of absolute mind capacities that will compel you into the realms of the Absolute. That is a long way off for most of you and that it is for you to begin in the lowest of evolutionary mind to grapple the infinite concepts to the scope of supreme understanding. This is the path of evolution you are on and are enjoying the incredible journey inwards and upwards with the divine Father fragment that conjoins you in unity and purpose within you as pure spirit and pure energy that drives you in with Him and in Him.

“As your teacher, I am beholden to your status as an evolutionary being of high potential and that is a most noble one for you to recognise and be endeared by and with the amazing way how the Father bestows Himself in the manner in which He does to all his lowly creatures of time and space. He makes it possible for you to embrace the possibility when your finite mind can only think how is it possible to grasp the infinite. That is God’s wonder and even the highest orders of beings, as I am, are still in wonder and awe as to how He does what He does in all time and space. It is truly an amazing journey for you all that the Universal Father has opened for you to take, it requires your willingness and perseverance and that faithfulness that you all have in spades out of the rebellion world that you have endured and still are enduring to this day. Nothing in all the universe compares to the endeavour of those who stick to the faith even without seeing and yet you know and see with other eyes and ears and heart. That is the Spirit that dwells in the heart of you. Stay firm, stay centred and be yourself for you know in Whom you exist.

“I am Ankara as I speak here with all of you and come to aid the process of learning and encouraging you dear ones to take on up the cause of transmitting and to learn well that the so-called “small voice” in you will grow in ever more certainty as you ply yourself to the task of recognising the wind that blows in your soul. Keep up the stamina and the pace my dear ones as we are well and truly under the gun to get under way in all that has to be for Urantia to be well again. I bid you all a good day, Domytia.”

Yes thank you Jerry, Steve, Ron and Machiventia for sharing this as I also saw this world map from Gordon Scallion some years ago and thought wow that is going to reduce some population and size of nations and states etc. Looking at the map you have up here Ron, I counted how many states are going to go under the water and from what I see some 10-13 states are gone under and who knows how many reside in these districts. Just a few days ago, I watched a program on National Geographic on Foxtel called Drain the Ocean and this is S1,Ep6 called Deadly Pacific: The Commentary on this is quoted here: "The Pacific Ring of Fire is an underwater hotbed of volcanoes, megaquakes and giant tsunamis, Now, we drain the ocean to reveal the catastrophic threats lying just off the coast of Seattle, Tokyo and New Zealand" (Sat 15/09/2018).  This was just gobsmacking to watch as the sea hides some hidden and lurking dangers of volcanisms that can be quite explosive when it gets in contact with water. New Zealand also sits on a dangerous line of fire as well and it has been revealed in this program how much land has slid not only on the surface, but also massively under the sea to the size of the Grand Canyon. I am appreciating how much the scientists are discovering and how this future map is presenting an interesting awareness for some to consider seriously. Thank you.

Threads for New Transmissions / Welmek – Looking Forward
« Last post by newstarsaphire on September 16, 2018, 05:41:03 PM »
Welmek – Looking Forward - 16-Sep-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:     Welmek
Subject:  Looking Forward
16-Sep-18 5:14 PM  EST   21:14 hrs GMT /Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA


“Well you finally made it and I am impressed that you did not lose my connection to speak with you throughout your day.  I sense you will not make a habit of putting spirit “on hold” because that just wouldn’t do but I understand in this case that you are expecting your loved ones in the next few hours and last minute preparations were necessary.  And that indeed is where we are in spirit in the countdown so to speak to putting in place the many plans that must be woven together to reveal the tapestry of Father’s will to the vision of the mortals of this planet.

“The Melchizedeks have been especially busy as governmental affairs on this planet in particular, are a tricky business.  A “sticky wicket” is an expression you have heard but are not sure of its particulars.  Well let’s leave that for not and just say nobody is pleased with such a situation.  You can look it up later and post its meaning at the end of this message if you like.

“You recognize me as a teacher of some fame here on Urantia during what many thought were the “glory days of spirit contact”  but much went awry and we are here at it again to give it another shot.  There are indeed many orders of high beings here carrying out special missions to tie up so many loose ends that keep coming unraveled and yet why am I here once again for a second “go round”?   Quite frankly the population just didn’t ‘get it’ the first time round.  Such distractions, such waylaying of information and infighting confounded the best laid plans and, as you have all been so well informed on this Forum, several surprises were unable to be accounted for as well and it was best to let it rest until the “ducks were in a row” once again.  Perhaps I should refer to herding ‘cats’ as that is a more accurate metaphor to reveal the tasks that lay before us.

“Enough of looking back let’s look forward shall we to what is in store for the Michael Missions and Jesus return and so on and so forth, and there is a lot of so on and so forth to take in stride.  Meeting today are the planners and directors of such a diverse array of projects to be handled to launch so many interconnected field workers it would set your mortal heads spinning.  Communication and co-operation and (yes because you are a “time” actuated system) timing of each sector of responsibility needs to take place like the proverbial ‘clockwork’.  Now don’t despair for us as the running of a Universe is Michael’s forte and he does it very well and is an astonishing leader as well as a Super Creator Son.  I’m only mentioning this to you all today to get you to put your thinking caps on and consider your involvement in what will be taking place shortly.  

“How well do you handle a change of plans?  How open are you to doing whatever is necessary to get the job done, without checking your ‘job description’ first?  I think you are beginning to get the idea.  I’m telling you that whatever you have tackled in your life experience to date will have served as a needed learning experience for what is to come.  Now don’t forget as well that as you are doing, you will be learning, and you will be adapting and you will need to be listening and you will need to learn to reach out for what you will be required to say and do during a situation at hand; and that requires a higher degree of awareness and trust in your team and efforts that they all will be putting forth.

“You all will have your challenges along the way, and that is a given, but you also will acquire great opportunities for personal and spiritual growth and expansion of understanding on a very intimate level.  Your comfort zones will be invaded, your schedules turned upside down and the attitude you embrace as you move forward will have a direct bearing on your personal success.  We are here to help you and guide you, not pamper you, but guide you through your learning experiences and our mutual challenges we will face, and we will face them together.  

“You really have no idea of the hidden talents (each of) you already possess and those that will come to the fore when the occasion arises.  We, as your teachers, will be there to encourage and enable you to recognize your stages of growth that may at times seem they are exploding in your life.  All is well and the ‘suddenlies’ you perceive in yourself will soon be recognized as a new (skill) set of ‘support’ that you can depend  to be there as you have need of them.

“That is enough for now and this is Welmek, signing off for today sending you all a gift of encouragement and expectation.  Good day.”

[Thank you so much Welmek what an informative and eye opening missive and I receive your gifts of encouragement and expectation.  Domtia]

“Yes, this is Mother Spirit dropping by to let you all know that Welmek is likely to tap on your shoulder as well for a fireside chat, so be ready for him.  Good day!”

[We appreciate this news Mother Spirit and look forward to all Welmek has to offer us.]


"sticky wicket"  (according to Wikepedia): The phrase comes from the game of cricket. "Wicket" has several meanings in cricket: in this case it refers to the rectangular area, also known as the pitch, in the centre of the cricket field between the stumps. The wicket is usually covered in a much shorter grass than the rest of the field or entirely bare, making it susceptible to variations in weather, which in turn cause the ball to bounce differently.

If rain falls and the wicket becomes wet, the ball may not bounce predictably, making it very difficult for the batsman.  Furthermore, as the pitch dries, conditions can change swiftly, with spin bowling being especially devastating, as the ball can deviate laterally from straight by several feet. Once the wet surface begins to dry in a hot sun "the ball will rise sharply, steeply and erratically. A good length ball ... becomes a potential lethal delivery. Most batsmen on such wickets found it virtually impossible to survive let alone score."

On occasions in the history of cricket unusual tactics have been employed to extract the best use of a sticky wicket. One example is the First Test in the 1950–51 Ashes series. As recorded in The Ashes' Strangest Moments, as the pitch at the Gabba began to dry, England declared their first innings at just 68/7, in order to exploit the conditions. Australia were even more extreme, declaring at 32/7.  "...the ball proceeded to perform capers all against the laws of gravitation, and there came the craziest day's cricket imaginable, with twenty wickets falling for 130 runs and two declarations that must surely be unique in the annals of Test cricket."

The Language of Cricket (1934) defines a sticky wicket as "when its surface is in a glutinous condition".

Hence a "sticky wicket" refers to a difficult situation.

For your information it is Machiventa Melchizedek who taught Major Ed Dames concerning the map you linked to Jerry. 

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK -  "I worked with Major Ed Dames for years before he believed he could hear me and the staff I employed then to get this map information out to him.  He was an avid Urantia Book reader back in the 1980's and I had it all well set up.  But the change in plans from a Magisterial Mission to a Michael Mission changed our contact plans and we are now using mostly those who congregate on this web site as our main contacts for now to get this kind of information out to the public.  I just gave Ron a description for him to draw on a map what the new inland sea will look like for where you live Steve Gitz.  Where your home is located now will be over 7000 feet of water on top of you quickly, as the bottom will fall out of a creek you have nearby.  That is a fault line that falls about to 10,000 feet and now has a large pool of petroleum in it because the United States has a leaking petroleum reserve tank underground and it has loast about six hundred thousand gallons of crude into that crevice.  I asked Ron to draw the map and color in where we think the sea will cover and you will see the entire State of Louisiana is underwater to at least a depth of one mile and more.  I am Machiventa and wish all a good day too."

Ron - I have drawn the map according to the specs Machiventa indicated the water's wedge will come to.  In Chicago the water will end about six miles south of the Chicago River.  It splits Lake Michigan and inundates most of Lake Superior.  It comes east to where I worked in Pittsburgh as surveying the Brady Street Bridge which prepared for replacement at that time over the Monongahela River and just before it joins the Youghiogheny  River where they jointly flow by the Golden Triangle with the stadium and what not built on it.   From there where I worked it goes west up the Lake district into Canada, down into Nebraska through the panhandle of Texas and out into the Gulf again.

The map is attached below for your viewing.   RON
Threads for New Transmissions / Basic information.
« Last post by Rene A Duran on September 16, 2018, 03:29:05 PM »
741) Basic information.

Teacher: The Universal Father.
Topic: Basic information.
T / R: René Durán.
September 16 2018. Time 5:38 AM.
Phoenix AZ.

I enjoy these connections now and I bring some notes for the readers here the message of the Universal Father.

   "I am your Universal Father in a display of symphonies for transmitters who have acute hearing and very well tuned to the One Source.

   "I am his Universal Father expanding concepts that have been forgotten in time, such as 'duality', an old hermit concept of the initiates, which today serves as the basis for other, deeper definitions.

   "The duality, the eternal struggle between light and shadow, without one the other would not exist, they are imperishably eternal, it is the anchor where the Ascension begins.

  "Today's instructors must recognize the bliss of the auditory consciousness that raises the greatest connection from materiality, our contacts are always the most developed in those faculties that are eternal, once they develop they continue beyond in the Worlds Mansions in others more subtle realities of the Spirit, as a gift learned in physicality.

  "The instructors of today are Blessed to enjoy all the protection of the bodies of Seraphim, the Intermediaries, etc., etc., etc., they provide protection to their guards.

  "I am your Universal Father in a display of basic information for all readers of any intellectual range with the ease of simplicity of character, accessible content. Do not worry about the disparity in the lexicon, because we naturally begin the enumeration of each of the concepts of intelligence in its minimum stages of evolution.

    "Do not be surprised at these assertions, for they are sustained in earlier revelations like The Urantia Book that states that material life on the planet as the beginning of the ascending experience in such a way concludes that 'the evolutionary states have a beginning but that they continue infinitely '".

  "I am your Universal Father leaving this note here"

René- Thank you Universal Father for transmitting this note.

Jerry,  I think it was about 1996 or so when I tuned in to his predictions.  In 2015 about six months before I found the forum I drove from Louisiana to Orlando, Florida to attend one of Major Ed Dames' seminars on his Remote Viewing.  It wasn't a smaller "learn how"practice session, it was a large ballroom with about 300 attendees.  I purchased some products he offered including his mapping of the USA along similar lines that Scallion developed.  We broke for lunch and continued afterwards with a question and answer period.  Ed just walked all around the ballroom and stood before the questioners and gave his best answers.  Now comes the interesting part.  He announced at the dinner time hour that if anyone wanted to return after dinner, that there would be an informal evening session.  Naturally, I didn't drive all the way to Orlando to miss that session.  About 50 of us returned and pulled up chairs , some sat on the floor sort of in a half circle around Ed.  More questions and answered ensued.  It was fascinating, and every now and then 4 or 5 people would get up, say goodnight, and exit.  Now the time is around 3:30 am in the morning of the next day and about 20 to 25 of us still remain and Ed, who likes to drink wine at the informal part of the event, is still going strong.  At this point I'm now on the floor next to people when he announces that he wanted to say something he's never said before at any of the conferences.  Everyone's attention was fixed upon him, including mine.  He looked at us, paused, and said, "The Urantia Book."  I just reacted without thinking yelling out about 10 feet from him, "Hallelujah!"  I'm hearing everyone around me asking loudly, "What's the Urantia Book?"  Ed looked at the voiceful exclamatory person--me, as if looking for help.  I answered, "A Book of Revelation." Before you could say"boiled crawfish" I'm up on my feet standing with Ed answering questions about the Revelation till 4 or 5 in the morning.  One thing I remember about that part of the discussion is that Ed was endearing to the Midwayers.  He liked them a lot.  Jerry, that's a story I've wanted to have the opportunity to tell to everyone here on the forum.  Thanks for bringing up the subject of future mapping for the USA. 

Another subject I'd like to talk about.  This morning at daybreak I drove to my building to do some gardening on my building's fountain area.  I've got an appraiser coming next week for a bank appraisal and I wanted to spruce up the area.  It had gotten a bit weedy and I couldn't sleep much last night after reading Ron's post on the 15th.  So I'm weeding with a cup of coffee and having a Lemuelian thought about how I'm actually feeding my soil.  I laughed at myself thinking how selfish I was working for hours and not leaving any weeds for another to feed their soul, weeding out the uglies and creating a beautiful landscape.  Then while thinking of Ron's post from Michael, Margul, and Father,  received a lesson from perhaps my TA or Michael saying, " There have been many starts and stops over the years concerning the Teaching Mission, the Magisterial Mission, the return of Jesus and more.  Now you realize why these things must had been delayed.  Father, in his perfect ways, has had to see certain things settled first.  We can now move forward without delay.  All of your trials develop the patience necessary to wait for the right time to act."  There was more but with muddy hands I had no way to record the whole conversation.  Well,  I hereby finish my typing in my office with my somewhat washed hands and say good day to all.  Back to eliminate the botanic miscreants in my Master's garden area!


I thought this may be of interest to all since some of this was talked about here before on the forum pages.
Thank You    Jerry
This thread is so full of good news that it takes me some time to digest, particular this one which took my breath away :

« As your Father on high, make sure you understand that all of you, including the gobsmacked Clency, are part of this Mission and will be attired properly and fully in a jacket and a tie for men and appropriate dress for women, and that all are part of the headquarters fully established now in York, Pennsylvania »

Dear Father, despite the weaknesses of your ‘gobsmacked son’, in Your Compassion and Love, You have fixed your choice on me and I thank You with all my heart, hoping not to deceive You. Amen
Dear Newstarfire:

Thank you, Phyllis, for the heads up on Ron's post at the beginning of the Broadcast thread.  I missed it; a most important and revealing post to date in my opinion.  Enjoy the read everyone.  As noted in her post:

Michael of Nebadon; Father; Margul
Setting the Bestowal Record Straight Again of Urantia
York, PA Noon Local Time
September 15, 2018
In case anyone else missed it ...I would like to mention Ron's post

Michael of Nebadon; Father; Margul
Setting the Bestowal Record Straight Again on Urantia
York, PA Noon Local Time
September 15, 2018

..made after the Broadcast today in the begining post of this thread
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