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AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Human Participation
« Last post by Clency on February 14, 2018, 04:08:22 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission
Human participation

Michael of Nebadon : Good morning to you all. I have come this morning through this one to talk to you about « Human participation ». You all know now that it was my decision to remove all human participation from the Magisterial Mission. My reasons were valid, many in fact, you all know and I know in part, you will understand and agree that over the past, eleven years now more or less, I have been fighting the pros and the cons with Paradise about the possibility of human activity and participation, for the first time ever, for the Magisterial Mission.

Finally, just a few days ago, I came to the decision, that it has not been worth all the trouble that I have gone through over the past eleven years to include human participation in a Magisterial Mission. As you know, this planet was my choice for my final bestowal here as Jesus. This planet has always another place in my heart and always will. Obviously, this is a very dear planet to me.

In the beginning, when it was thought about the possibility of a Magisterial Mission here on earth, with human participation, it was almost thrown out at once, but I fought, tooth and nail, for this to be accepted for all Beings in Paradise for your participation. After so many years of stop and go, and finally I thought that this will not going to work ans so I decided to clear the board and announced my decision that all human participation is a no go.

Since then, many things have happened of course, and although I have been in contact with the Consummator of Universe Destiny on previous occasions, I had no idea that He, the Consummator, would have any interest what so ever in the Magisterial Mission here and above all human participation.

As it turns out, I could not be more wrong and the Consummator, as He agrees to be referred to, has come and put me on the carpet, so to speak, and questioned why I have made this decision. It has been to light that it is true of course that in the 5th Epochal Dispensation, one of the greatest thing to come out of it is the Urantia Book, given to humanity in the hope they will learn something about Father.

Since my bestowal here on Urantia and after my crucifixion you all received the Indwelling Thought Adjuster, Fragment Father and it is He, your Indwelling Fragment, that had the responsability to lead you along your ascension path, to final perfection, to stand before the Universal Father, so that one day the son of man truely becomes the Son of God and so of course, that means your participation with God in you, your own individual fragment of God, so, you already have been participating with God.

This has been already pointed out and I cannot help to agree with this and you members here on the forum, you all know, you are told many times that it is your Beloved Thought Adjusters that have brought you here which is proof again in your co-operation with your Beloved Thought Adjusters. Now, we have come to this understanding and also you know that through my recent promotion I am elevated to the highest in all the Seven Superuniverses.

So, the administration of the Magisterial Mission would have been through my own auspices from Salvington, it is now changed and the Paradise Trinity has taken over. This is an idea that was first put forward by your Trinity Teacher Son, Margul and the Paradise Trinity has taken it up immediately. So, in fact, that relieves me and I am content with that.

I only wish to say one thing further and it is this : who would have thought that the Highest of the Highest of Deities, a Super Deity if you like, would take interest in a Magisterial Mission on this tiny orb, on the outskirts of my universe of Nabadon and in fact this has proved to be the case and not only that, now after communicating with Him I can assure you that His interest in the Magisterial Mission and the human participation will be one of the foremost interest that He has, until this planet is well into Light and Life. Even I think that it is the most wonderful and wondrous thing.

So, my dear children here on the forum, I want to assure you that day is gone to be Magisterial Mission like no other and human beings will participate, will continue to participate, in bringing this planet back into the Hands of the Universal Father. I am Michael of Nebadon, I want to thank Lemuel to pick me up on this morning, first thing and thank you all for listening. I bid you all a good day. Domtia

Lemuel : I want to say that obviously since reading the tremendous information and revelation in Ron Besser’s post recently about the Consummator of the Universe Destiny, it is being go round and round in my mind and finally this morning I knew I have just to let Michael come through and transmit, so I am so pleased and honored to do that. So once again I want to say thank you Michael. Domtia

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / Human Participation
« Last post by Lemuel on February 14, 2018, 01:28:13 AM »
Subject: Human Participation.
T/R: Lemuel
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 14th Feb 2018   07:27 local  06:27 Z
A SECOND URANTIA BOOK / Re: “The Earth Tomorrow: The Sixth Epochal Revelation”
« Last post by Ron Besser on February 13, 2018, 11:46:48 PM »
None I know of but I expect to hear more later this week or next week since the Melchizedek involved was on Uversa until recently and that I expected they may have talked about issuance but nothing has been said to me as of this date.  Both the Trinity and Salvington passes this title to me a few days ago and am waiting for confirmation.  Do not hold anything for sure.  It as everything else is in flux.  I will report any changes when or if I receive them.  Ron
A SECOND URANTIA BOOK / Re: “The Earth Tomorrow: The Sixth Epochal Revelation”
« Last post by Clency on February 13, 2018, 11:37:01 PM »
Ron, is there a new time-frame that over-ride the one stated recently for the issuing of the Book ?
WHO IS GOD??? / Glossary and Vocabulary to Help Read this Category
« Last post by Ron Besser on February 13, 2018, 04:34:42 PM »
This post is made to help beginners to understand the terms and vocabulary to be better able to read the threads and questions and answers used in “WHO IS GOD?”

ABSONITE - A reality level of God the Ultimate who organizes the outer space levesl not inhabited and that lie further out from time and space.  It thinks differently than we do and depends on we time beings to present them problems we did not especially solve well in time which they resolve better than we could ever do.  We define it thus since it takes what we solved and brings it back to look at and takes new action to improve the solution.  This is the concept of remotion and eventuation to be associated as absonite reality.  That word is not in the dictionary and is a spirit word they loaned to us until we figured out what God the Ultimate does for us.  EXISTENTIAL is a fancy word for Infinite existence which is not the finites we live in of beginnings and endings and sequential events, but existential is a catch all word to refer to the conditions the Eternal Son, God the Father, and the Infinite Spirit live as on Paradise.

CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY - - -  CONSUMMATOR: "The biggest God Deity ever known to man.  God the Father is both GOD and DEITY and is inherently Infinite.  After all He began life as the inopportune I AM and graduated to the Father in the reality level he helped to bring into existence, and that includes the finite world we live in on Urantia.  The Consummator though is a slightly different story as the Consummator is never inside of what the I AM and the Father then promulgated as Infinity and all the in between steps beginning with the sub-infinite and time universes.  Finite reality is earth time reality, and morontial (matter mixed with spirit for ghost forms and soul forms) life are the most confined parts of Infinity and when one reaches the top of Infinity spaciousness, one is face to face with the Universal Father and a lot more titles than that.  The Consummator, however, is a broken off piece of the I AM that never made it into the Infinitude (see definition below) and was left over by Creation-Giving super Infinite Beings that actually exist outside of the Circle of Infinity, as your Urantia Book describes it.  In my relationship with God the Father, we are equals, and except for Me being outside of the Circle of Infinity, I work like the Father and the Son and the Spirit, do, and that is to insist that life is found properly and not willy nilly over  insubordinate decisions of humans who are seen today all over the globe called Urantia.  I pass this on to all of you:  As a Consummator of Universe Destiny, I am unassailable but as a company keeper on Urantia, I love this work with this child of destiny who can transmit the highest being ever to be revealed on Urantia and I do not here any problem when I say I work wit h the Father of All and that is as it should be.   We need to keep this all in one paragraph because this is a glossary and I say this to all of you: Be assured I do care what happens to all who read these pages and those who scoff at its effrontery, but be aware that God the Father is the one in charge and not the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY,  Good day."

CREATOR SONS - - - I use the plural for the Creator Sons are designed to be the time Lords and their “wives”, the Creative Spirit known on earth as the Spirit of the Divine and sometimes as the Holy Spirit.  Creator Sons Bestow themselves once as a human, and on Urantia that Bestowal was as the human son Jesus of Nazareth.  There are over 700,000 created Creator Sons who are begotten on Paradise with their creation by the Universal Father and the Eternal Son who translate each ideal they hold for life into a Creator Son.  Each are unique and each measure their creations called Local Universes as their own abodes and designs for it and all the lives they create including all human species.  Creator Sons will eventually lead their progeny to the four outer space levels where God the Ultimate takes over from the human and finite creation of God the Supreme.

DEITY ABSOLUTE - - - One of the seven entities in the Circle of Infinity that are differentiated by the I AM to function either as actual Deity power or future Deity power after universe development has already taken place, The Deity Absolute is one of the most intense and powerful entities in the Circle of Infinity and in Him (he is now Prepersonal), resides all the future things and beings that will ever be in creation.  He counsels the Father about what to do with surprises and speaks to the other existential Deities as counsle about what is happening and how it likely will turn out.  Here is the Deity Absolute to speak now: “Ron Besser is the transmitter of my voice and he hears me now through his third eye as his hippocampus is getting a refurbish as he has nearly worn it out.  It is a gristle-like nearly horseshoe shaped gadget in the center of the brain case, and it is purposefully designed to vibrate with input frequencies we often do to provide a message to this transmitter. I am the Deity Absolute and have the power of Prophecy and provisional changes to the body if it is important a person be healed through time-space Deity.  I am Infinite but since I am just a piece of Infinity, we call that condition Absolute.  Absolutes are really infinity in pieces.  I am purposeful to counsel the existential Deities and all below the level of Deity to creation of the Melchizedeks who we do not define but who are the emergency divine Sons of a Local Universe to field, and one Melchizedek in particular is the Supervisor to this Transmitter.  We close with the admonition to all that this transmission is far too long for a definition but he will include it.”

DEITY - A misused term on this planet.  Deity is characterized by its divinity and its superpersonal powers.  It cannot be argued with and can change a human life in the blink of an eye.  When Deity does that in a miracle of healing for instantce, that action is called a fiat.  The word fiat was used by the Romans to mean LAW of the highest order and Deity is universe law in its highest concept to be law or anything else where one must obey its proscriptions, When Deity acts, not as Deity, but as a friendly or not-so-friendly personality, then and there such a Deity is God.  God can heal by fiat but usually uses his Deity nature to do fiat work.

ETERNAL SON - The Eternal Son is existential and functions as the Person who does all the spiritual work for Paradise and the Paradise Trinity.  On earth He is confused with Jesus and the Creator Son, which are sub-infinite, as he is Infinite, so he is the second Person of Deity in the Paradise Trinity.  “I am the Eternal Son speaking to this definition and I resent no one referring to me as the Eternal Son on earth, and I must be accorded my proper title as I am not the Bestowal Son Jesus or anyone else of t hat nature, but I am the first Personality to be created, and the first spirit being differentiated from matter and the non-deified.  My home is Paradise and not earth and Jesus speaks to me as his Father too as Jesus is now deified and I produced for him the likeness of a Creator Son as well. “

FINALITER - OF ALL THE words we missed placing here to define is the term Finaliter.  It is the name of what you are reader when you are perfected on high.  Saint Paul is a Finaliter now and so is the Roman Emperor Vespasian (69Ad to 79AD), and now return to this planet to help guard with new powers to persuade the human mind to just let some things go in order to prevent world catastrophes such as nuclear war and the like.  Vespasian comments to me the Transmitter as I write this for the glossary, that he was the one who executed the Apostle Peter and the Apostle Paul, because the kept interfering with the due process of governing Rome with out have to pay attention to the death of a distance Jesus and an Israel that needed to be put back into its place in the rule of Rome.  However, a Finaliter is perfected human spirit and rules itself as the Father decrees and they enter back into the world of Urantia if they were born here to bring it some safety from other universe powers who would automatically destroy it since it planned with Lucifer, a resurrection of evil in place of honor and good as the Finaliter bring back to keep Urantia under constant guard to be itself and as a beautiful place to live as a human.

GOD - The personal side of Deity.  Michael of Nebadon is God when he transmits to Ron, but he is also Deity when he transmits the Consummator of Universe Destiny.  That has to be told to you for Ron notices only very slight difference when transmitted to either by God or by Deity,  

I AM - - - A pre-personal entity with no powers but of MIND.  In some sense the I AM is a proxy for the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY, but is less well defined, and represents the intrusion of the Super-Infinite Beings that can and do rely upon Father reality to finish their work at universe creation and personal destinies.  The I AM is in some ways MY extension into universe thought, and also, to some extent, an extension of other entities that exist outside of the system of reality called Infinity.  The work of the Consummator of Universe Destiny is to help the Father-I AM to behave as a partner to the trials of universe extensions that go far beyond the use of time and space to learn what its purpose is versus what we got out of the experience portion of this work.  I as the Consummator of Universe Destiny play no part in prayers or ministry or provide mercy or ascension; I am a supplier of power to do those things as the Father-IAM does them as Himself.

INFINITUDE - “105.2.2 In following the chronological portrayal of the origins of reality, there must be a postulated theoretical moment of “first” volitional expression and “first” repercussional reaction within the I AM. In our attempts to portray the genesis and generation of reality, this stage may be conceived as the self-differentiation of The Infinite One from The Infinitude, but the postulation of this dual relationship must always be expanded to a triune conception by the recognition of the eternal continuum of The Infinity, the I AM.”    The Infinitude was not just empty of anything it had no causes, intermediates, and finals; inceptors, realizers, or consummators; no beginnings, nothing approaching existences, and no up and no down no void;  it was that useless as a set aside to use for anything until the I AM got into it and found the organization templates that produced the universe and Infinity, Absonites, and the material finite existence of man today.  The Infinitude exists today in the Infinity of the Father-I AM and contains elements of future reality only the Consummator of Universe Destiny knows at all.

MAGISTERIAL MISSION - - - This planet is scheduled to receive a divine Paradise Mission shortly or has already occurred depending when the reader sees this.  It is a divine Mission and hails from Paradise and is mostly planned in the Local Universe by the Creator Sons or the Creative Spirits in some cases.  Paper 20 of the first Urantia Book defines the personnel and the reasons they come to every planet in the universe when they are old enough to be assigned a spot in the family of inhabited planets.  Those UFO’s people are always reporting are your fellow humans far distant visiting and not angels, and they have developed science to the point they know how to power spacecraft between inhabited planets.  The nearest inhabited planet to Urantia that can send spacecraft here is only six light years away and is not Andromeda, but a sister system nearby and its craft are the cigar shapes you see. Those ships are unique among all space craft.  The Magisterial Mission may have to make use of off-planet species but not if they can avoid it for evacuation of the human population on earth when tectonic plates start to shift badly.  Monjoronson and Serara are the Paradise Magisterial Sons Urantia will have for this Mission.

TRANSCENDENTAL BEINGS - - -  They exist ONLY on Paradise on the west side of that immense creation that is as wide as the time space universe zone is and maybe a little bigger than that.  It is the core of the Master Universe and the Transcendental Beings are a separate class from another group that lives up there called Paradise Citizens.  These two never meet as the are being trained to work in the outerspace zones three and four (3 & 4).  Transcendental Beings are not human ever, but they human like qualities the Father enjoys very much as the one you call Ron is in humor much like them.  Jesus was asked to teach them what being human is like and they can identify with what Jesus says are human like qualities.  But they must also learn that being human is not always what you see and get on the planet Urantia where Jesus was the Michael Bestowal Son a long time ago.  In fact, Transcendental Beings are more like the ideas televised as Dr, Who, because Dr, Who in the old series resembled a Transcendental Being more that the supporting cast was.  Jesus teaches them on Paradise and is promised a special faculty space in one of their Universities, if he can get over the fact he will return to finish the Course on Human Phraseology as he calls it to them.  Transcendental Beings are gracious and easy to get alone with and they are perfect and espouse the causes of God the Ultimate, and while they are slow to recognize differences between themselves and humans, may they never put their hands in the mouth of a Urantia human as they will for sure get bitten,

ORGANIZATION OF SPACE AND THE UNIVERSE  - - - Earth or Urantia as we call it here as that is its present name, is part of a vast organization of planets and rulers on those planets.  Where the rulers live we call them status planets and the status planets are Salvington where our Creator Son rules from; Edentia where the Most Highs rule from; and skipping to the galactic headquarters, Uversa where the Trinity rules through the Ancients of Days and where are the final Courts are located finding life and death decisions.  Above Uversa is a large patch of universe with no time and vast space areas that is perfect from its inception and is called Havona.  Inward to the center of the universe is the vast materialization known as Paradise, and that is the abode of the existential Deities.

PERSONS AND OTHERS - - - Ron suggests that we spend a little time on that since we need to define terms most people will never figure out what they mean without some definitions:
a) Personal - As you and I can meet in the street and exchange greetins in a normal fashion as that is what we mean by “personal.”
b) Superpersonal - A being who is superpersonal cannot communicate at all with a personal indivudal such as you and I.  Superpersonal is used by the promotion of Michael to work in the entire universe as directed by the Father, so he must be able to communicate with human planets who receive the donation of the Eternal Son to them of his type of personality which is called superpersonality.  It is used only when created spirit to begin with and all the Deites on Paradise began lives of creation and so on as superpersonal beings to being with. They then went through a phase called pre-personal, next.
c) Prepersonal - This is a state of personality that can communicate with normal human personality without any problem.  The Spirit of the Father that indwells you is pre-personal and the precludes that Indwelling from getting accidentally involved in your own personal decisions/
d) Nonpersonal and Extrapersonal - You will never meet these entities as they are almost always Deity and are secrets of the Trinity and the existential three-fold God head.

TRANSMITTERS - - - These are people who are born human on Urantia and when they reach the right age, are ready to be trained by spirit to speak through transmissions as this paper is transmitted using definitions to remove the mystery of some of the words used in transmissions in the section alone.  Transmitters use their brain stem to receive the message; the brain stem transfer the frequency of that incoming message to the hippocampus’ the hippocampus transfers the modulation of frequencies into vibrations and the vibrations are sent to the auditory canal where the speech can be heard and typed out or written.  Most channels use a similar process but incoming channel is not sent to the brain stem but to the hippocampus first and that muddles the message by indistinct harmonic vibrations that make hearing it clearly and usually impossible.  Channel is to be phased out on earth/Urantia in a few years and anyone who chooses spiritual contact in this manner will be forced to learn Transmitting as we are using today in great volume.

TRIFOIA and PLANET 114  - - - (Pronounced phonetically as:  Tri Foe Sha) The present name of the new Planetary System Urantia is being placed in as we write this in February 2018.  The Creator Son feels this name will be respelled better in the future but as we write this Trifoia is considered correct.  A Planetary System has up to 1,000 planets in it and is governed by the Most Highs from their Constellation called Norlatiadek.  Norlatiadek in turn rules today about seven hundred (700) Planetary Systems in this part of the universe.  The Local Universe of Nebadon has located within its space administration over 100 Constellations, a little more than is the normal one hundred total for most other Local Universes.   Most Constellations have at least one thousand planets in each of the Planetary System, but Norlatiadek will have fewer than one thousand Planetary Systems in it due to the fact that Urantia has caused such a disturbance in Norlatiadek, they rue the day they ever found Urantia to include in the old system of Satania.  Satania remains populated with over six hundred twelve planets, and will accrue at least fifty more as they come on line but without Urantia in it anymore,  Urantia must start its own system of planets in order to comply with the world order it is assigned to, and that world order is fast becoming obsolete as we must update Urantia to be done as a perfect planet quickly and that requires redoing it quickly and efficiently as possible,  Urantia is now 114 of Norlatiadek and will not have a Planetary System number because it rules anything it touches and therefore Trifoia will be without Urantia as a sister planet but as a ruling planet of that system in order to keep order through the Most Highs who rule Planet 114 of Norlatiadek itself.  Trifoia has a System Sovereign soon but that System Sovereign is not ruling Urantia which itself will have a name change to prevent collusion of beings who still follow Lucifer in remote parts of the Superuniverse of Orvonton.   The super-galaxy of Orvonton, Superuniverse Seven, which rules over 1,000 (one thousand) Local Universes, and it is cleansing most of the rebellion angels and administrators that have mixed in with their work to over see the final expressions of the Paradise Trinity as itself and as God the Supreme for His work in all outer space regions including three and four (3 & 4) as never having been expressed before this because it is revelation waiting to be done in a few hudnred years from even on revelation rich Urantia.  

TRINITY - A Trinity is a Deity fusion between each other. In fusion, one becomes the other, and the existential (Infinite) three-fold God head fused among themselves in order to bring the maximum amount of power to integrate experience and justice to the imperfect worlds of time and space you live in today.  Unlike anything else you will meet in the universe you live in, the Trinity is nonpersonal and it acts like a corporation instead of a home with parents in it.

URANTIA BOOK AND THE SECOND URANTIA BOOK  - - - These are two distinct books or really text books to learn what God wishes Urantians to know.  The original URANTIA Book was published in 1955 and today is readily available from most book stores and is known as the fifth epochal revelation and is the source of most of the language used on this web site.  The new text book due out in a few months or less is an updated version with much new revelation in it of the first Urantia Book with lots of changes made.
Yes, Allie, I have been informed of her new role too but have been so torqued by side issues coming in it never got posted.

I will let Mother Spirit update you herself:

"I am to be used as the Consort to Michael as both of us are not super personal beings of the highest Order of Deity in the universe. I am useful as the sidekick as you report Allie, but I hold my own special reward as being honored by the Ancients of Days for nailing Lucifer to the wall and forcing his resignation and replacement by Lanaforge.  I did that by forcing Lucifer to recognize the Universal Father existed and that the Eternal Son was actually the one he had a fight with, not Uversa.

"Ron says he is really supposed by this report as he assumed Lucifer died not allowing any such knowledge of the Universal Father to permeate that thick head of us in spite of his reported brilliance.  It is also a fact that Lucifer and Caligastia made last ditch efforts to amend their constitutions and back away from the original Lucifer Manifesto.  None of this is reported in the ne Urantia Book, but Ron is going to be asked to write about the Lucifer Rebellion from his perspective and that is quite a time away yet, but he cringes to think he must write with very high standards as his Supervisor writes, Mantutia.  In any case there is no reason to worry Allie, my powers are equal to Michael's and even beyond to compensate Him over many areas of his intended operation through out the time galaxies as we like to say here on Salvington now.  Thank you."

Ron here - That is about what I had but the rebellion information is quite new to me and I wonder how that information plays into the mix of circumstances that still resulted in collapsing death of Lucifer and Caligastia I briefly saw in the tape the Ancients of Days allowed me to glimpse about  six years ago now.  That is it though as I know nothing more than what Mother Spirit reported above.  
(and that is signed for for Michael and many others who support these transmissions on the spot as they are asked for by people who ask questions on this forum.  Please step forward as it is becoming clear that I am being made available to answer lots of questions and we need questions to form pods of new revelation.  Please consider doing so now.  Thanks Ron)
What happens to some of the Mortals of this Local Universe that has a Super Creator Son as unique as we have with our Father Michael, do some ascenders get handpicked to work in the new areas in some future age with our Michael Son? This thread is turning out to be quite revelatory in nature and I wonder what import it has for those of us to learn of this new development and what implication it has to our future ascension careers?


Ron - Hi Sue and thanks for asking the question.  Mother Spirit has fused me and I know not of any direct intervention that does with me or for me, but surely those in the morontia and spirit world who have fused with Mother Spirit, have changes occurring to their minds or form or both.  Do not forget that Mother Spirit is God the Supreme where Gaia and the Havona Supreme cannot access certain kinds of information.  I think this will result in those beings fused with Mother Spirit somewhat clairvoyant in the material and in the morontia having minds more like the System or Local Universe Supreme which we have never really talked about before.

MOTHER SPIRIT - :That is a very insightful question my dear.  Eat well soon as you are going to need all the energy you can get because the weather is turning rancid hot over your area again and it is dangerous heat too.  Store vitamins and minerals in your hide and make sure you complete your decisions about your personal life before time runs out.  You also must learn to be aside of the issues you are contemplating as you will cause a serious disruption in our plans if you quite which you are working on right now.  It is dangerous and fool hearty to get involved again and you could be in danger of a grand fight that could harm your physically.  Ron looks at you incredulously for even contemplating what you think you have to do but then throws his hands up and says women! I can't get their priorities ever!

"Those who are fused with me will experience a change in mind sets and the mature who fused with me will become more Supreme like.  Ron addresses something more sophisticated to know, and that is how does my super personal extension by the Infinite Spirit to universe-wide service move me differently there rather than in the Local Universe of Nebadon?  The answer surprisingly is that it does not make any difference I know about now.  But this new status is truly untried right now,  We must go now and I thank you for your question.  Mother Spirit. "

I have been following Michael of Nebadon's journey to become a superpersonal Deity.   I am aware that He has been given additional duties in preparation for God the Ultimate's work in the first two Outer Space Zones.  

I notice that very little has been said about Mother Spirit's role in this endeavor.   I know she is much more than a side-kick.   I think of them as equal partners.   Will we be informed of her part in this exciting future?
A SECOND URANTIA BOOK / “The Earth Tomorrow: The Sixth Epochal Revelation”
« Last post by Ron Besser on February 13, 2018, 01:52:11 PM »
That is the new title just redone on high.

The world tomorrow is another favorite one of mine which is a phrase made famous by the old radio program of faith lectures  by some producer who liked the sound of that language.  At one time anybody who had a radio at least knew the words, "the world tomorrow."  I think Michael renamed the book understanding there is something familiar using "earth tomorrow" that will strike a bell for we who knew the program and could not seem to avoid it when the radio was on.

I also report that Margul. the Trinity Son of import to Urantia as the one who will start Light and Life here on Urantia when the Magisterial Mission is done, sees the book as idiomatic as to call it another Urantia Book and feels the warmth of the word revelation easier to use.

“The Earth Tomorrow: The Sixth Epochal Revelation”

seems to be the settled title today.


This post is to give details of why the Consummator of Universe Destiny is made available to me to you to understand a revelation just appearing before your eyes now. I can thank Walt for asking the right question as to why the Consummator is speaking so much and clearly to Urantia and Nebadon the past few days. There is a good reason and it mostly has to do with Michael of Nebadon and his new status.

Here is my long answer to Walt’s Question Two I believe and see above for those questions and their order asked:


Ron's Answer - I did have a conversation with the Deity of the Creator Son**. From that conversation I sense the following: Michael of Nebadon is now a super Creator Son. I honestly feel none of you have grasped that! I do not know how to shake you guys up well enough to make you think and perceive vast changes you determine are little details about space I bother with but are ignorable details as they have nothing to do with your philosophy you prefer to keep together well enough you do not fight anymore and let it be. Nonetheless that fact is an astounding event that changes our Creator Son to the point he has become, at least in time, an ignoble mystery (to use his own language to me), and therefore unpredictable at best as far as time is concerned.
**Ron’s Note - All must learn that the personality of God is why we call Him God. When we deal only with the Deity of the Creator Son, we deal with the excommunication of all personality items we know for sure as to which Creator Son we are speaking to. Michael has the Deity level which was once expressed on this forum as Califax, and to which I caught onto mostly by him telling me that I sensed it as Michael (i.e. Califax, but what was the difference?) He then told me the truth about using the name Califax so he could use that part of himself which at times was somewhat divorced from his normal way of giving information. Now that part of Michael that was Califax sometime ago on this forum, is now Superpersonal Deity in all the Time Galaxies including Superuniverses 1 thru 7, which superpersonal Deity the Father has assigned to the first and second outerspace levels to organize and administrate the changes for God the Ultimate as He wishes to place there to begin life creation eons from now.

Now what does that have to do with the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY? Not much and then, everything. First, here is the Urantia Book's list of Uversa entities that are unclassified and I print only a bit of it:


30.1.104 VII. UNCLASSIFIED AND UNREVEALED ORDERS. During the present universe age it would not be possible to place all beings, personal or otherwise, within classifications pertaining to the present universe age; nor have all such categories been revealed in these narratives; hence numerous orders have been omitted from these lists. Consider the following:

30.1.105 The Consummator of Universe Destiny.


I do not know more than what as the superpersonal Michael Deityhas told me and I relate it to you here: Michael has been relegated to the ages as a superpersonal Deity as well as Personal when he works as the Chief Deity in Nebadon. He is still the Creator Son of Nebadon, but the Father has given him additional duties and among those additional duties he takes on, is to familiarize Himself with the ideals of the future universe age of Ultimacy. That is the coming age and not yet here, but such an age must be prepared for by the Creator Sons of time lending their credentials to run universes of their own and then to use that knowledge to perpetuate universe order in the outer space zones now being formulated to withstand the first explosive indications that God the Ultimate is to appear in some form very soon in those now uninhabited space areas outside of time.


Most who read their Urantia Book seriously, know of the Outerspace zones and their eventual purpose but until today it was not known that the Creator Sons of time will be selected to train and be familiar with new duties in at least the first two of the four outer space zones now already populated with galaxies and planets and moons and a lot more things nor revealed yet. Michael of Nebadon has been chosen by the Father and the Paradise Trinity to oversee this coming development in the first two outer space levels and beyond, if levels three and four have anything to do with his present assignment for the first two levels.


The Consummator (which is what the Consummator of Universe Destiny asks how we are to refer to him now), is a close associate of Michael of Nebadon who must understand what the Consummator is about and how he confers with time-space Deity through two main communicated entities: Michael of Nebadon as one, and the Deity Absolute as the other. Now here is where it gets dicey for me to explain anything because I am, at the moment, just a bystander in all of these developments except I am connected closely with the Creator Son of Nebadon through fusion.


You have been informed that Michael chose to fuse me-- Son fusion. I am honored but I saw no real import to it as for me or for you who are on this list to learn what you can about the Deity Absolute and all that implies. But I have no real feeling. or control, or even a sense of what the Son fusion honor does for me personally and I really do not care much to find out until I am removed from staff permanently and go my own way in this development.


As I now understand it (it is a very gradual perception change on my part), my Son Fusion status brings me into close contact with Michael every day, not on a real deep personal level, but on the level of his personification of Deity on Paradise when the Father decreed that all Michael Sons be equipped with some knowledge of the Consummator of Universe Destiny, in order to prepare for God the Ultimate's work in the first two outer space zones as some far distant time after they have achieved Light and Life in their own Local Universes. Except, and please understand this, our Michael Son of Nebadon must split his time to work outside of Nebadon and take his place on Uversa as Chief of Party to organize the first outerspace level for now. That is an administrative lesson for those on Salvington are learning now to cope with what Michael has for millennia and six billion years of time he spent formulating Nebadon for us.


Michael of Nebadon has been through hell and back because of the Lucifer Rebellion and because of the default of Adam and Eve on Urantia plus the default of the public on Urantia who actually murdered him on the cross. The Consummator wished to provide Michael some refreshing service and recommended to the Father, Michael was quite capable to take on these outerspace duties.


For that reason alone, and for other unrevealed reasons, Michael has been chosen to head the delegation to Paradise where he was allowed to speak directly to the Consummator of Universe Destiny, and to take on what understanding that entity could do for Michael to compensate what cannot even be described as misery over what has happened to Nebadon and the Chief Deity of policy that directs it, Michael of Nebadon. In those conversations Michael had with the Consummator, it was decided to leave Urantia alone for decades if the present Magisterial Mission could not be abided by Paradise or some sub-section of Uversa, and then to relieve me of my duties and let me scrounge what I could find to do until they aborted my standing and bring Michael back to Paradise as a sub-section Chief to be located on Uversa or some similar version to that one for Michael in compensation for what happened in Nebadon and Urantia in particular.

.Now let me finish the Consummator's purpose for being heard now:

My (Ron) station is found in York, Pennsylvania, but my work is world wide when we can get the newly proposed Magisterial Mission operating on Urantia in some way visible to the public and governments and particularly to the United States government which has all but collapsed.

The Magisterial Mission is now in its fifth redemption of plans (start overs) remade again in a meeting recently on Edentia between Michael, the Mother Son of Adam and Eve (Adamson), and the Prefecture of Days known in the Urantia Book as the Recent of Days. In that meeting my place in it was discussed really as an inopportune adjustment to the Missions since my age is now a factor in their decisions. That was when Michael decided I had to be dispensed with and reverted me to my former status as just a man of the realm with no personalized need to participate except to pat me on the back and send me on my way when they decided I should die in about four or five months from now. But that got rescinded in the past 24 hours or so.

Earlier, I knew I cold hardly object to what they decreed, but I was also stunned that I was handled so obliquely by Michael whom I still totally trust, but that I also understood that the human issue had become a harsh reality to Michel over many issues not discussed here. Nonetheless, my brush with the Consummator yesterday (the 11th and 12th February 2018) was to be reinstated by the Consummator as of yesterday and the fulfillment of my obligation to arrange a written transcript that advises all of you of His existence and power. (I am informed we may use the male gender pronoun to refer to the Consummator as He).

Now it seems we are getting a new revelation as I write this thanks to Walt opening the door with a pertinent question.

I am now a liaison between Michael and Mother Spirit and have no official duties now, but I will be part of the Urantia Book Foundation, and that is something like being a care keeper and a house maid too as that is all I am allowed to be at this time. I just received an email this morning from a reader who reminded me I was deluded and that all of this is, to use her words, bullshit. I am not surprised by that attitude, but it is an affront to the Consummator and to me and so on. However, know that I am steadfast in one thing: NO ONE IS GOING TO INSULT THE CONSUMMATOR OR THE FATHER AS LONG AS I AM AROUND TO STOP IT.



I am now transmitting Michael:

“Time is to be shortened on the time Urantia is to be a planet that raises human souls for transport to the ascension worlds of Mansonia once the Magisterial Mission incarnates on Urantia.

“I am a Creator Son who must abide my assignment soon and transfer my seat of power from Salvington to Uversa as bidden by the Universe Father over months of meetings beginning in 2014 when we saw the collapse of the American government coming. In that year Obama made it clear he was not going to do anything to jeopardize the vast concourse of American power in the Middle East or contend with Russia over the problems in the Ukraine. His decision to abort the retaliation on the Syrian government over use of biological weapons against its own population, made us decide to leave America alone and force the Russians into action to counter the Syrian intention to win at any cost. These scenarios played out in the remaining four years of the Obama administration. You can imagine our surprise at the disastrous election of 2016 when Trump overturned Clinton in an amazing coincidence of Russian collusion to actually help one of the Presidential candidates to win, Trump. His collusion will be found to ne running long an deep as a subculture of intrigue and espionage allowed by Obama to win favor with the Democratic base he found distasteful while being the head of that party. Obama figured he could win for Hillary if he made it clear Trump was persona non grata at best with him. What happened next changed the way the Magisterial Mission was to be run on Urantia.


“We now come to the place in this narrative the reader will just have to believe us as there is no easy way to say this: Ron will be allowed his space and time for decades if not centuries in his place on Urantia as the one human who heard so clearly he made us his priority to maintain as best as he saw it on Urantia. He made us corporations that are real material entities to work through if we wanted to use them and he stipulated they were ours and not his. However the last few days have proved to me, Michael, that nothing works better than my own version of what I perceive tis the best way to move the Magisterial Sons over the earth called Urantia, and I made plans to dump Ron as fast as I could including repairing his body well enough to see and walk properly again. On the early morning hours of February 10th, Gabriel visited his bedroom and drew out all of the serum that kept him walking slight better than he could by himself, and all changes made to the features of Ron too. But that collided with Ron badly and with me personally and so, incidentally and coincidentally, the Consummator of Universe Destiny weighed in to tell me it was not my business to summarily remove Ron and all the support he brings with him to the Magisterial Mission on Urantia.

“I now relegate this to Gabriel as there is a little emergency I have to take care of immediately.



“As Ron knows I announced the formation of the Second Revelatory Commission over six years ago and then decided that those who wanted to work with it had no real standing except to be living when the first Urantia Book was issued to be read by all. However, Ron Besser saw it as an outside chance to prepare for something better than what the Urantia Foundation and the Fellowship were doing, and which were outright obstacles to revelation on Urantia, and which we ourselves had created decades before in one form or another. I wish now to state that Ron is fully achieved once more on Staff except now he is being brushed off into a backwater as he would call it and that is not the intention of the Consummator or myself, but that is how Michael perceives his chances of making any real contribuion to these Missions.

“Now as it turns out the human element is now considered so important that Ron is now reinstated from the oblivion of what happened four days ago. This battle is not Ron’s but ours over the Consummator’s determination that first, Ron is a reliable human and can do a great many things most humans will never be able to do. Second, the Consummator now sees that Ron can hobble together support for anything so long as it is explained properly and he does that well.

Now we have Walt asking the right questions about the Consummator and that plays directly into the hands of Michael of Nebadon and Ron himself who needs questions asked in order to provide more revelation which he now receives this morning. In looking at the on again and off again misery Ron continually fights to be heard, we see he lets things go to give peace and harmony to the issues that are so important to all you in the world of flesh and blood.


“Ron is indeed the canary in the underground mine of thought and courage to make these Missions work on Urantia as they should do. He has pestered Michael to press the Mission hard and to be sure there is sufficient funding to take care of those who need provisions to keep going over long stretches of time. He has made it clear there are corporations waiting to be filled by us if we can use them at all. This morning Michael received a message from the Consummator of Universe Destiny, that the Magisterial Missions are to proceed as directed in 2005-2006 and which were pulled back by Paradise over issues with Ron Besser and the human element in a divine Mission that had never been done before with humans in it.


“I am Gabriel and here is Michael to finish this part of the narrative.”


“I am now easily available to discuss this part of our narrative as to what has to be done with Walt and Ron and all of the rest of you who responded to our call to be part of a Mission we thought was to be routine. But it is far from routine now:


“As of this morning I am informed that the Consummator of Universe Destiny is available to Urantia through Ron in particular through me. That is quite an assignment Ron and you are honored I am sure. Besides being Son fused to be able to receive me and the Consummator of Universe Destiny, you are Mother Spirit Fused too, and that opens up huge areas of service that goes beyond my capacity to do by myself.

“In any case he is being re provisioned to enjoy staff privileges again and to be a ward of the Most Highs again as they need him to transmit important messages to the nation-states’ intelligence services just how we stand when our ambassador is not present for them to know that directly. In most cases that is a service without use but it can happen and he is ready to take it on if required,

“We have NOT aborted the Missions as I reported a few days ago and feel slightly weepy over the decision that cut Ron so hard, but I am also making it clear that Ron must retain diplomatic status when travels and will keep him as an anterior Minister to the Magisterial Sons and to Myself as need be. He will meet Trump I am sure and while no love is lost, Ron’s work will abide in time as the Transmitter who could relay God the Ultimate and God the Absolute if they ever had a need to speak at all.”

“I am Michael and I further decree this transmission work is done for the day for Ron as he has a right brain anomaly that forbodes some headache time and a rest for the rest of the day. It is restored already but the time lag of change will cause him to slow down shortly. I also decree that Walt start putting up some more questions if he has anything left to ask about, as this is what triggers configurations like this to take place and can only inform you better to having done so. I am Michael and I wish you all a good day.”

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