Author Topic: question about coordination between this forum and the new teaching mission  (Read 1406 times)

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Hi Ron and forum members,
I'm still unclear about if, when we post a lesson on the Teaching Mission website, we are expected to post it on this forum as well?  I have not been doing that but I see that most of you are.  Is it optional?  I do apologize  if this is a silly question, but sometimes I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  I have been including the link to this website there.

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Just posting Teaching Mission material (eyes only) on the other website is fine, and probably preferable.
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Yes Amethyst, and we have had a problem since day one about how to use the Teaching Mission site correctly.

First, I congratulate Overmind for his good statement above.  He is right--  for now.

Our problem has been that while we have a new Teaching Mission, no one on either side of the veil has been good at demarcation of what or which is what.  I am as guilty as the rest of you and have frankly given up on using the Teaching Mission site until I know what is what.

Shortly, we have THE announcement coming.  The Bell will be seen your own minds for those who are about the third circle in their psychic circle tests.  After the Bell is seen and the announcement given, I have a lot of work to do and among those things I have to do is redistribute the work of Information Technology (IT) into a department of the confirmed use of the Magisterial Foundation.  It will have a real office and in it will be a department that manages our web sites and properties which I frankly have lost count of.  We currently have over 33 domain names to track and I keep losing which is which.  Nonetheless, the IT department will formalize my eyes and ears for what all has been done before and we will clean things up.

This brings me to the subject of the Teaching Mission list next door to this web site in practical terms.  It has to be changed and realigned with the wishes of Jesus and Serara and Monjoronson and we will have to do a better job in archiving and so on.  I will delegate all of that to the new IT department when the time comes.

Meanwhile, feel free to post to TML and duplicate it on the discussion forum if you think it should be duplicated.  I am letting this entire matter drift until I have a better understanding just how we will operate as a department than using just myself to obtain what we wanted in these sites and lists.  I also expect to learn who will head that IT department as we dare not use an outside source any longer but that is between Power Services of NE Inc. and myself shortly.

I now call your attention to another matter that has been brewing for months and I cannot seem to be able to resolve it myself.  We have two different versions of this web site running.  One is what you see, and one is duplicated on Uversa to watch what comes across on the discussion forum we have going here.

They are excellent purveyors of truth, but we can confuse them with humor and mirth,  I suggest that if they read this message shortly that you let this one stand and recourse to your own views as to what you will do with your site that is a duplicate of this one.  I am truly happy for you to watch and wonder about us, and will redouble my efforts to do better with my version of who is what when the time comes.  Thank you Uversa.

Califax - "I am the Representative of the Most Highs as well as the Ancients of Days, as I duplicate all hardware and software Ron uses so they can see what he does with his time.  For the most part he carries exactly what we want to these forums, and when he gets silly, which he does sometimes, we cut it off on high.  The reason we duplicate is to get some idea of what all of you think and feel and you are correct in thinking that Ron uses you as well in this way.  He has a mind that can figure out what you are doing collectively but in a gentle human way.  Therefore, it is my decision to remain using this web site in duplication for the time being and perhaps as long as their is a Magisterial Mission.  I cannot predict what is to happen either.

"Your work for all of humanity is recognized in spite of the fact that most of you only use the discussion forum to keep yourselves informed or to find a way to understand what you do not.   In reviewing Ron; work, we find he has troubled so many over so many years, he is ruined in their eyes, but the truth is, he will be reconditioned before your eyes in order to have him continue to explain things his way.  His explanations are marvelous and we enjoy his versions and he is careful not to overstate anything.  Nevertheless, he will now have a lot of help to work this site as he is to be revived in a way few humans will ever experience, and that is to use his mind as a vacuum cleaner to find facts and correlate them to his responses to questions as was asked that started this response.  I conclude that he must be sure he has all the facts before he answers deep questions many of you ask all the time and he will have them if possible.  Good day.


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