Author Topic: Edit of Category on the Magisterial Mission is Harmless information  (Read 489 times)

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Just so everyone knows why some minor revisions to the present first category on this discussion forum about the Magisterial Mission being harmless and your views about the statement -  I have edited it because it was not working for guests and that is because we went about it in a way that was too complicated to get that to work.  Consequently I did the following:

1) Take down the url for the posting by guests on a blog like web site.  It just did not work as promised.

2) I Modified the title to say only members as we currently have no easy way for Guests to post into the Category.  I lament not know their views too but we are not using a user friendly software that allows us to go that far to include guests.

So this may be why you see the first Category look a little bit lighter than originally prepared for.  Meanwhile your views are still solicited on the sbject and so help yourself to the post text box to let us know.

Thank you
Ron Besser
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