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Evolutionary Economics
« on: September 02, 2017, 04:26:38 PM »
Speaker: The Divine Minister
Subject: Evolutionary Economics
Category: FINANCIAL:  Money and Its Use By The MAGISTERIAL BANK
T/R: Michael S. Queen, Kasaan, Alaska USA  
Saturday, September 02, 2017  1800 UTC

My son, what a flurry in your mind this morning! Nevertheless, I will assist—smooth over the damaged neural connections, reduce the static and feedback for you—welcome to Our circle and be ready to write.

Among the myriad worlds of time and space there are myriad forms of economic enterprise. In general, few are ‘intrinsically’ evil… so long as they serve the Ultimate Will, allowing His children to pursue their mortality, provide sufficiently for needs and righteous desires; all the while enabling the individual to find, learn more about, and become more like the Paradise Father. Joshua ben Joseph, remember, had no quarrel with moneylenders, per se, but rather the location (and collusion with Temple leadership) of their disquieting activity within the sacred precincts of the Father’s Temple. There are ‘times and places’ for much enterprise under the suns, but the sacred venues of the Father are never one of them.

The economies of Urantia—apart from the political regimes—are all but, in fundamental principles of practice, more or less centrally controlled by organizations that, whatever their genesis, serve the few at the expense and exploitation of the many mortals and the air, earth, and waters of the world they are obligated to share. Instead of standardized trading and money exchange practices that promote intercourse between neighbors, the main thrust has become the cold-blooded exploitation of anyone, anything, and everything for the sake of short-term gain… creating debt slaves and subservient client-states instead of fostering and promoting the general welfare of all those whose fundamental task is to learn about the Father and become more like Him.

Rapidly approaches the moment of collapse economically upon your planet—nothing currently being done in any significant manner for the good will be able to prevent the toppling of the house of cards that Jack built. There is, simply stated, too much wealth in too few hands, are too many mouths to feed, too much exploited and polluted land, sea, and air, too great a demand for dwindling resources of pure water…human excesses that make humane, human survival a risky proposition at best. Any ‘tipping point’ you might have been able to counterbalance has already passed in pursuit of quarterly profit and facilitated resource exploitation. The consequences of unsustainable grasping after wealth are hard and inexorable indeed. Those consequences are of your own making, or acquiescence to and/or complicity with the making of those few who gain. The vast majority of mortals have had absolutely no say in the matters that become their economic destinies, being at the mercy of unrestrained greed. The will of the Father, in fact, has little to do with what Urantian mortals have wrought for themselves. 

Again, few systems of economy are inherently evil…there are many different paths that lead, ultimately, to realization of the ideals of truth, beauty, and goodness. Still, it is the responsibility of all evolving will creatures to ensure the fruits of their various economies lead forward to light and life rather than inexorable, unsustainable calamity, mortal misery, and spiritual death. Take the time, make the effort, to see ‘the ends from the middle.’ That, of course, can be used as the test for all your efforts to survive and evolve. Be open to new ideas, be courageous in efforts to change course, to undo the wreckage and reorient on mutually beneficial principles the institutions you have created. Ever move forward, serving all of the children of the Father, as well as your and their families, and yourself.

For evolving societies and institutions, checks and balances are to be desired, as they insulate against the precipitous acts of those individuals and institutions that forget or ignore their fellows and the general welfare in their own self-interest. There should always be a healthy, dynamic tension between differing, competing goals and desires; one that is elastic enough, self-balancing enough to prevent unrighteous hegemony of one sort or another—as happens from time to time in all evolutionary societies.  Eventually, all surviving systems come to the inevitability of living and organizing their enterprises with ‘an eye singled to the glory of the Father,’ to the establishment of Light and Life upon their world.

Each of you, Our children of normal and moral mind, are possessed of a Thought Adjuster, as well as enjoy the outpourings of the Spirit of Truth. Within each of you reside infallible guides to progress and growth in the perfection of the Father. When you are, truly, born of the Spirit—then your selfish aggrandizement quite naturally becomes anathema to you. When you, truly, begin to know the Father and do His will, you know there is no ‘us and them.’ You have been given a body and a planet, free will, and your inner guides. What are you doing with them this day? Let those with eyes see; those with ears, hear.

Enough for now, dear one. I am the Divine Minister, and co-regent with Michael of Nebadon. Go in Our love and peace. Adieu.

Receiver’s note: It is 11:11 a.m. AST as I finish this. 😊

michael s. queen
PO Box 19470
Thorne Bay, Alaska 99919-0470


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Re: Evolutionary Economics
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2017, 05:02:15 PM »
O Divine Mum of mine and Your servant and son Michael S. Queen, thanks for delivering this transmission that is in total line with what I've initiated on another thread. As I read these lines above, the only thing that matters to my eyes it to be socially just in the middle, not too high, not too low, just in the middle with the sole dream and goal to always go about Father's Business.

The whole picture is gloomy in terms of global money system, and we really appreciate Your intervention through Your Magisterial Sons' Mission.  I'm happy to be able to read the above transmission.

Michael S. Queen, what a great and splendid job! Thank you.

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Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.