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My Experience With Irma
« on: September 16, 2017, 07:25:17 AM »
Power on, internet restored....This is my first official message with restored power and it naturally is to all of you.   
Yesterday, Sept. 15th  I decided to check in to a Hotel  to have some peace and a hot shower and a good notghts sleep.   I checked in at 4 PM and within 15 minutes I received a text from my next door neighbor that the power was back on!!!    go figure!!!  Actually I thought that  that might happen... but had a somewhat restful sleep..... Just got home and wanted to get this out to all of you.   I also want to happily rteport that as I was driving the 30 miles to the hotel which had a hurricane special for  Florida residents who wanted a break, and as I drove and looked around there was very little visual evidence that we had even had a hurrican.... I was pleasantly surprised.... any way... for any of you who might be interested in my experience Iam posting the narrative I wrote yesterday... lots of work to get back to normal today... Hope to be fully back with you tomorrow.   can hardly wait!!!!... love and have missed you all.   Ever are you in my thoughts sand prayers.....LarryG

My Experience With Irma:
As of this morning I still have no power , nor internet and don’t expect to until Sunday,  September 17th,  so I am able to write this on Micorsoft word… I have plugged in my computer to my generator  just long enough to write this and then will send it out whenever I can.
I also want to say that most of you know more about the horrible devastating effects of the storm that I since I have not seen any coverage of it since my power went out early Sunday evening.
This little narrative has nothing to do with our forum and I am only writing it for those of you who may be interested.  First of all, by comparison with those places like the Bahamas, Cuba, other Islands in the Carribean,  Key West and all along the Western Coast of Florida, my experience  pales from the tremendous destruction that they  endured and will continue to face in the coming months and possibly even years for some whose lives will be forever changed.   I am also quite aware that this equally pales what is coming to Urantia as the tectonic plates begin to  have major shifts all around the globe.
 Michael had advised me to evacuate especially since at that moment Irma’s track was right up the center of Florida and I would have been right dead center of the storm.   I was planning to go to Atlanta, which also inevitably received strong gusts from Irma later in the week as Irma made her way up into Georgia. I was unable to get a flight out at that late date and driving my 1997 Ford Tarus didn’t seem like a wise thing to do since I lacked the confidence in my car to  maintain itself driving in the conditions of bumper to bumper crazed traffic out of Florida…then the track was changed and  moved along the western coast taking Orlando out of the cone and the expected winds were forecasted to be “only” about  100.
In 1992, on September 15th, I lived  on Kauai and we had a direct  hit from Hurricane Iniki…a category 5 with sustain winds of 165 and clocked winds right after the eye passed at gusts up to 225.    That experience let me know from personal experience what to expect and how best to prepare for Irma.
After I decided to stick it out here in Winter Park, I  began doing all of the necessary prepwork for Irma.   I live in a neighborhood where 90 % of the homes are concrete block and I felt that the structure would be sound enough to withstand 100 or even a little stronger.   My real concern  was for the roof and tree damage…trees being uprooted and crashing into the roof…especially a large, wide majestic Oak that is right in the center of the front yard and a very large, wide and tall Camphor tree that sits right at the property line of my neighbor directly behind me…a tree tall enough to take down the fence, the wooden Gazebo and crash into the roof.
One  thing I know from my Iniki experience is that once the wind can get inside your home, then you may just kiss everything goodbye!
All of the windows in the house were replaced with storm windows and few years ago and all of the  wooden posts and rafters on the Gazebo when  built were fitted with hurricane straps deep into the concrete floor so that saved the Gazebo and all of the beautiful stained glass we had were taken down.  Naturally anything that could be a “projectile” was laid down to ground level.
As for the storm itself:
The winds began gusting at around 50 at about 4 PM Sunday…..steadily increased to 100 at about 2 AM Monday morning… then began to slowly decrease… but still raged on at about 60 for several more hours.   The winds gusted in total for about 24 hours straight!...from Sunday 4 PM until Monday 4 PM.  The storm was so massive in the scope of the land masses in included and effected and was only moving at about 9 or 10 miles in an hour. 
The majority of the time was spent in the screen room that  sits in  a u-shape between opposite bedrooms so was able to watch things from a front row seat… How the tress stayed  rooted in the ground was amazing to witness… iot was truly a bit harrowing to watch them being blown almost to their breaking point.
Speaking of the incredible trees…before the storm arrived I decided to go have a little chat with  the two trees that  put the house and roof in such jeopardy!    I relayed to them as much as a human can do in talking to the trees just how important it was for  them  to do their best to stay rooted and in the ground!   As I was talking with my Guardian Angels and Supernaphim asking the same of them if at all possible, and I could , in my mind’s eye,  envision them anchoring the trees.    This was something I also envisioned while going through Iniki in 1992 as it felt that they were posted on all for corners of my apartment during the heights of that hurricane.  I am not saying thst this indeed happened but that it felt that way.
Another notable  aspect of Irma was the incredible, loud, constant and near overwhelming sound  she made!
And now that all of that is over , we have the constant sound of  generators… everyone , me included has them running 24 hours a day.  It is like listening to a dozen Hendrix stratocasters, all set and playing  electrical feedback simultaneously at the highest and loudest levels!!!!…probably an odd anology!   Everyone around me has generators and ther is no escape from them!!!!!.....
A HOT shower would be absolutely a little slice of heaven!
Now that Irma has left her aftermath, it is just massive cleanup… I have already bagged 30 55 gallon bags of leaves, tree limbs and branches and that is just from the front yard.   The trees certainly have received a “natural” pruning and thinning from Ms. Irma.

 The limited structural damage and about 76 feet of lost fencing will be replaced as soon as workers can get to it.   But others in great need will rightfully come first.    Larry  
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Re: My Experience With Irma
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2017, 11:22:24 AM »
Dear Larry,   I just read your posting about the storm.   What an experience you went through and are still going through with the aftermath!   My family members in Florida have told me of all the snakes that the flooding brought into their yards and the alligators they see walking down the street!   Alligators out on the town is a new one for me!

I can confirm that you were heard by the trees in your warning about the approaching storm.   It is always a good thing to include them in your preparation.   They are sentient beings and appreciate the kindness shown to them by us.   Indeed, the Angels were also present and watching over you and the others who were affected by the storm.

I am so glad you are part of our family, Larry.   You are a blessing to all of us..........................Allie
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Re: My Experience With Irma
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2017, 11:24:05 AM »
So very thankful Larry that you and your trees and your home have survived that ordeal,  I can't really imagine how.  What a great idea to have that chat with your I'm sure they appreciate your care and I can just picture tree roots curling like toes in the soil to get a better grip in it.  

I pray you and everyone who has to clean up and repair from the aftermath will have the strength and resources you require to do so and be energized from the very source of all energy. (and I don't mean the energized  Your guardian angels keep you  safe from all harm and from overdoing it.
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Re: My Experience With Irma
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2017, 10:38:51 PM »
I like all the friendly comments, I am very happy.