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2 - Ocilliaya - Why Should A Transmitter Transmit His Voice?
« on: September 17, 2017, 07:47:21 PM »
Speakers: Ocilliaya, Master Spirit Four; Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Why Is It Necessary for Transmitters to Transmit Master Spirit Four, Ocilliaya?
T/R: Ron Besser
York, Pa 1400 Local Time
September 17, 2017

OCILLIAYA, MASTER SPIRIT FOUR (Voice of the Father-Son Attributes on Urantia)

"We need to see to it that Urantia Transmitters have a good place on Paradise after this is over on Urantia for you and done, and that is because the planet is still in default even though it was announced earlier the Father had removed it from such a position of ignominity, and while Ron searches how to spell that word, I say also that he is ready to become one of the first humans ever to listen to me so rapt that he hears me cough if I could cough.  Now listen and listen carefully:

“Wendy Winter and the rest of you off-hand citizens of the universe fail to understand that what you are preparing for now is final business in your lives!  Be assured you Wendy are included but you make the mistake of wondering why when something like this is stated and no one tells you why.  Why do you ask at all?  You fail to understand that your life is being dedicated to the Father and his Service through the Paradise Trinity, and that requires not your permission but your total dedication to do the will of the Father.  Ron has often told you to stop worrying about the family in ALL maters but to worry not especially about your own role and how that changes your family by you being included.  I must make your realize that the House that Jack built is old and rotten and so are a lot of homes you dwell in around the world, but the truth is that the House that Jack cannot guarantee you life in the hereafter but we can.  That House that Jack built is useless yet you work all day to maintain it at home.  You need to reevaluate yourself and your dedication and learn which side your life depends on.  As Ron says, which side of the toast is buttered between the two sided choice?  Life and ascension promotion lie with Ocilliaya, not as the one who makes such guarantees, but is the Deity that makes your ascension to perfection possible.  It resides in Him!  You must understand that you no longer call the shots!  You do not own unfettered free will any more, and we let that stand for all of you to see what I mean in a moment.

“Be assured we speak completely and candidly to your habits young lady and they are, as Ron contemplates, full of insight and choices to examine by him and the Father as he contemplates your ability to see in so well into complicated relationships.  You must reserve the last part of your life on earth with me, Ocilliaya, due to the fact I prepare you for ascension without the need to bypass Michael on Salvington, but directly into the Minor Sector of Orvonton.  I see to your Adjuster to speak better.  I see to your soul to find lessons fully.  I see to your ascension completely as I speak to God the Supreme for final absolution of your ways on Urantia.  If you do not speak with me you forgo the easy way to perfect you quickly and instantly, almost!  Good.

See to transmitting me Wendy and you will not regret it.  And that goes for the rest of all of you as well!  I am Ocilliaya, and I quit Ron as he gets me indwelling him for accuracy and you made it just fine, Ron.  Good day."

“I am Master Spirit four when the Trinity Sons of Attainment are not available for the Master Spirits to speak to Urantia transmitters.

“I am also other things you learn about in the third part Ron has cleverly reserved to keep them together.  You will learn great things in Part 4 about infinity as well.

We continue on to Part 3 next.

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