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Ocilliaya - Important message for members
« on: October 07, 2017, 09:07:01 PM »
Teacher: Ocilliaya
Subject: Important message for members
TR: Michel, Quebec, Canada
7 October 2017

Good evening to all of you,
I am Ocilliaya who wishes to share with you this message which I consider of the utmost importance for each of you who wish to be part of the Magisterial Mission and who have a real desire to receive the messages that we wish to transmit through you.

We know and are able to know the real desire of each one of you to want to communicate each of the messages that we transmit to you as T/R and know that through the help and by your thought adjusters, your fragments of the Father of all, you are able to receive any of our messages by the right way and truthfully. Your T/A are with you to help you receive these transmissions and they are behind you to ensure that they reflect the essence of these transmissions, know it my childrens.

Dear member of this forum, trust and have faith in your abilities because each of you are able to receive clearly our transmissions.
We are able to feel your anxiety and stress and you must now take the assurance that you are able to receive our messages and relay them in their essence to the public. Word-for- is not essential in our messages but the meaning and purpose of the message is important and your adjuster is your guide to help you with each message and  transmissions.

Know my children that you must still make the effort on a regular basis to receive our transmissions regardless of your feelings about the quality of your reception because each of you is able to receive what we wish to transmit through you and each of these messages are important in these times.

We remind you that your adjusters are with you to guide and assist you in this task.
So, dear friends, we tell you that you have to continue practicing several times a day if you can, and post on this forum each of your transmissions, because it is important to do so and they contain a great truth that you must transmit, know it.
We never transmit false messages and you are now in a position to fully understand it because your T/A are with you to guide and advise you in all time.

I am Ocilliaya who addresses this message of the utmost importance to you by this scribe. Good night.

Subject: Message important pour les membres
TR: Michel, Quebec, Canada
7 Octobre 2017

Bonsoir à vous tous, Je suis Ocilliaya qui désire partager avec vous ce message que je considère de la plus haute importance  pour chacun e vous qui désirez faire parti de la Mission  Magistrale et qui ont un réel désir de pouvoir recevoir les messages que nous désirons vous transmettre.

Nous savons et somme en mesure de connaître le réel désir de chacun de vous de vouloir communiquer chacun des messages que nous leur transmettons et sachez que par l’entremise et l’aide de vos ajusteurs de pensée, vos fragments du Père de tous, vous êtes en mesure de recevoir de chacun de nos messages de la bonne façon et de manière véridique. Vos ajusteurs sont avec vous pour vous aider à bien recevoir ces transmissions et ils sont derrière vous pour faire en sorte que ceux-ci reflètent l’essence de ceux-ci.
Chers membre de ce forum, ayez confiance et ayez foi  dans vos capacités car chacun de vous êtes en mesure de recevoir clairement nos transmissions.

Nous sommes en mesure se sentir votre anxiété et votre stress et vous devez maintenant prendre l’assurance que vous êtes en mesure de recevoir nos messages et les retransmettre dans leur essence au public. Le mot à mot n’est pas l’essence de nos messages mais le sens et le but du message est important et vos ajusteurs sont vos guides pour vous aider dans vos transmissions.
Sachez mes enfants que vous devez quand même faire l’effort sur une base régulière de recevoir nos transmissions peu importe vos sentiments sur la qualité de votre réception car chacun de vous est en mesure de recevoir ce que nous désirons transmettre par votre entremise et chacun de ces messages est important en ces temps.

Nous vous rappelons que vos ajusteurs sont avec vous pour vous guider et vous aider dans cette tâche.
Alors, mes chers amis, nous vous disons que vous devez continuer à pratiquer plusieurs fois par jour si cela vous est possible, et poster sur ce forum chacune de vos transmissions, car c’est important de le faire et ils contiennent une grande vérité que vous devez transmettre, sachez-le.

Nous ne transmettons pas de faux messages et vous êtes maintenant en mesure de bien le comprendre car vos ajusteurs sont avec vous pour vous guider et vous conseiller.

Je suis Ocilliaya qui vous adresse ce message de la plus haute importance par ce scribe. Bonne soirée.

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WE who believe in the divine, WE will live to see. 
WE who have stood strong in the name of the Father will be the pillars of the New World to come.


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Re: Ocilliaya - Important message for members
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2017, 02:51:30 PM »
Allow me to publish this in order to help, if possible, with a view of mine, in what we all have the ability to receive communications from the Spirit.

This is my very personal understanding of T / R and the art of communicating with the Celestials should be done quite naturally in my opinion. We all have this ability to T / R as it was granted to us by Michael.
I feel strongly that we do not receive communications of words and sentences but we receive ideas and concepts and that we translate these ideas and concepts into words. How?

I believe that the vast majority of these transmissions are done through our Adjuster who acts to translate these ideas and concepts into phrases and words in the case of audio messages.

I know that all my communications with the Spirit that I have had for more than 18 months have all been received in very subtle ways at the beginning and I would even say difficult to perceive because this approach to communicate is not innate for any of us .
My early approach was to take sheets of paper with a pen and make a request to receive any Celestial who wished to communicate with me. Without knowing or know what happened, I just put writing whatever came to mind, all ideas that were going on in the head. I will admit that what I wrote seemed ridiculous and full of nonsense and after 5 to 10 minutes, I stopped writing and reread myself. From the first time I started this process, I saw that what I wrote could not come totally from me and what I found to be nonsense still had a certain meaning.

I continued this practice every day at regular times with a process I had previously established (I lay down on the couch to relax for about 15 minutes and try to empty my mind the most possible).

In the days that followed, I persevered with the same process and it allowed me to gain confidence and the content of my messages became more and more structured and meaningful, Over time and persevering, I learned to receive more naturally as if it had become second nature and I confess that now I am able to communicate with the Spirit almost instantaneously and quite naturally. Occasionally, I have to do T / R sessions that take between 1h30 and 2h00 to do some work to produce the documents that are required of me.

Finally, there are no secrets, we must practice every day between 15 and 20 minutes and persevere without ever giving up because we are all (and without exception) able to communicate with the Celestials, they are waiting for us.
WE who believe in the divine, WE will live to see. 
WE who have stood strong in the name of the Father will be the pillars of the New World to come.


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Re: Ocilliaya - Important message for members
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2017, 01:23:04 AM »
T/R: Sue Whiley/7inOcean, Geelong VIC Australia
10th October, 2017, 1.50pm(ADST)


“This is Ocilliaya, the Voice of God the Universal Father and the Eternal Son in union and allow me to speak as I do now.

“Michel, you bring up alarm bells of discontent. Reception of revelation is a gift of Spiritual input and comes in many expressions as I am not limited to the base of human endowment. It is the power of God working in the lives of those of you who hear and respond to the heartstrings I pull in you.

“The heartstrings is tenable and relays in the many expressions that flow and ring true in your collective consciousness. That said, understand revelation comes in different forms of expression and is received as your willingness and intent in aligning your sensory cues and talents in with the energy frequency that runs so easily in your awareness.

“Do not get mixed up with concepts and ideas, they are only part of the whole matrix of revelation that is sure to astound you if you ever get hold of so much that is yet to unfold for you to know. I hold back enough so as not to overwhelm your tenable grip on reality that is more vast that you even realise exist.

“Truly, I speak on what needs to be learned as you gather yourself in with me and allow my voice to run as it is done here without holding back. This one lets it run no matter what and I send it to the wall if I have to in order to get the truth of the matter well done in your minds that how revelation is revealed is of my ordainment.

“Know that and hold it with the reverence it is due. As you see it as the will of God outpouring in the minds of men and hence, as a voice that is to be heard above and beyond the clamour of material vanity as it is the very bread of God. It is everything or nothing at all. I make it so.  I am the Voice of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son, be sure to recognise my tone and my signature as high and enduring as the ages go with me.

“There is no time to waste on clueing the methodologies, it is time to be about the work of hearing better than you already do as Spirit is ever-present in each of you and does what I intend it to do. I know you and I work it in many expressions that has its effect that holds you well in heart and mind.

“Revelation is a constant living enterprise. It is not to be crystallised, fragmented, stagnant nor left as dry bread. It is my intention of being in you as a living, energetic and thriving entity that uplifts, empowers and enobles the heart and folds you unto me your Father and friend, in companion, in union of Spirit and Will.

“See to it you allow Spirit to speak, and let it flow as I am caused to do so in each of you who are faithful and true in abiding in with me and the Adjuster I have bestowed within you.

“I am existent and absolute and you have a fragment of me in you as I Am. It is with this unfolding of myself, I allow the supreme choice of creatures to be so endowed and have the audacity to find me and know me and see how you exist as you do.

“I am Father, I am the Eternal Son and it is through this Master Spirit Ocilliaya that bespeaks and makes these corrections and admonitions you need to know and understand the heart of me is in you and always holds you as my own. I leave it there and wish you well in understanding as you grow to abide in me as I abide in you. Good day.”


T/R note: Phew! That was intense and it flowed without a breath, I let it run as it is so fast this frequency. I let it stand as received as it speaks for itself. Thank you Ocilliaya and Father Michael. Sue.
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Re: Ocilliaya - Important message for members
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2017, 10:20:56 AM »
Sue, you were flipping high spirit speakers at an alarming rate, and hope you can cool down your head with a cloth full of cold sweet water (or lemonade if you prefer   ;) )

The highest authorities point out to all of us that transmitting is a great deal more than Michel allows and you Sue either do not understand or you rather not get all down right now.  That is me too in one of the most difficult periods I have ever spent learning to work with spirit as the holy grail of Michael and Mother Spirit are enviably cocooned on high and we have their reps speaking as them.

In any case Michel, I took your message as an explanation of "how you do it," and how "you persevere."  I went to some trouble recently to write out how the transmissions work in different minds, and that is something you should related to yourself quite well.   Some facts to expound on:

1) How many different kinds of mind are on Urantia today?

All seven are compatible with each other,k but Asian mind types are FOUR.  Caucasian mind types are TWO.  Chinese mind types are ONE - the get along so well together within themselves they tend to stagnate culture.  True indigo mind types are not classified separated on Urantia from the Caucasian.  But recent developments are placing Indigo mind types as a sub-type of the Eur-Asian Four as mentioned above.

2) What type of mind category do minds have when they fuse with their Adjusters on Urantia?
A: No difference as they still remain in one the SEVEN mind types now living on Urantia
However: let it be known that Michael of Nebadon sees great differences in those minds already which are fused including the transmitter and two others you know.  It may come to pass that the fused minds on Urantia in the future will be classified separately either as an EIGHTH type or a sub-categroy of one of the already mention SEVEN now living on Urantia..

3) What type of mind do we behold with Jesus?
A: Ron says it probably has no mind definition at all as it is pure spirit as far as former human can go.  We leave it that as it is as good as I wanted to say, and that was, it has no comparison whatsoever to mind types on Urantia anymore.

In conclusion, Michel, your take and your process is mostly uniquely yours and it might help for you to read how transmissions take place with an email posted I know not where that explains the process and e\also explains the new types of transmissions coming to people like me and perhaps yourself in the near future,  Can someone dig that post out on new transmissions and how transmissions are made and post a link in your reply to this thread?  If not- okay- but I do not have time to search it out right now. Many thanks to all.  Ron

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Re: Ocilliaya - Important message for members
« Reply #4 on: October 10, 2017, 01:29:33 PM »

MICHAEL REPORTS PHASE I > New Kinds of Transmissions Coming - Interventions - Ultimaton Lectures