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About a Call to Action
« on: October 15, 2017, 02:49:23 PM »
I received the following message this morning, upon reading it again and going within to determine if it should be posted, decided to share it with all of you:

10-15-2017 - 4:50 am – 12:45 PM Z

Thank you Licha for answering my prompt.

This is SERARA-

The Magisterial Mission has just begun to mobilize some of the Serara Forum transmitters to take down important messages that give instruction on how to proceed in the coming months and years. The house that Jack built seems ready to implode on itself due to the careless and selfish ambitions of men in power.

The stupidity of that man that thinks is leading the United States is at it again, utilizing his tweets to rouse emotions of discord among nations and peoples he so much likes to bully. Right now he’s itching to send explosive bombs to North Korea to test his powerful authority.  He refuses to listen to the advice of his staff and advisers.

This is SERARA –

“The North Koreans are testing again their missiles in defiance to the world’s powers and the ignition of hostility is eminent at this moment. We have activated the Melchizedeks to intervene in making sure no nuclear weapons are activated.

MICHAEL here –

Dear Licha, my child, you are being called to announce a call to action of  the transmitters ready to receive voice messages to be on stand-by.  [pause]

[All the above information is of a political nature and I think my subconscious is acting here—waking me up with the house phone ring to take a message my prayer is that only true messages from Celestials be given me.]

Licha, this has been a small test to you for readiness checking. Much has been given to you lately that is conflictive in your life and you are struggling valiantly to deal with these situations in accordance to the will of the Father. Bravo! You are doing fine; it is quite noticeable how much you are progressing. We have been giving you messages that have been verbally transmitted to your friends in church gatherings.  This was not impinging on your free will, by as an answer to your prayer to speak truth and instruction through you.

This is all for right now. Please go back to sleep.



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Re: About a Call to Action
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2017, 04:28:48 PM »
As this gets closer, I am thinking how lucky and blessed we all are to participate in one of the most monumental happenings in the history of Urantia! I am so blessed to be a part of it and serving is an even greater blessing! What a day to be here!