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Testing Times
« on: October 16, 2017, 12:46:19 AM »
16/10/2017 Testing Times

Sue speaking here:

Yes, a time for healing, to find oneself in the maelstrom of emotions that tug at every tide.

Since the last session I had with Ocilliaya to Michel (see General Discussion – Ocilliaya – Important Message for Members – started by Michel), that was purely reactionary, I had to catch myself and for sometime, I felt floundered.  A testing time, I presume, but also a time to ground myself in the real sense of earthiness.

I needed time out to re-centre, to establish, to redetermine, to refocus, etc, etc. When really, I am fine, it is, that situations cause the mind to be harsh upon oneself when it really isn’t necessary. I literally butchered myself in believing a certain line when it didn’t occur to me it could be resequenced under different circumstances. Somehow a change of heart and a softening of mind over matter has delivered a better platform for me to sit pretty with.

My situation is really over matters of willingness and commitment in with the MSM and the Father. That doesn’t change ever in my mind. What I suffer is the fallout from significant others who misunderstand it and I cop the estrangement from those others who are really not enlightened enough to even have the views they have. It is quite a battle to deal with and one that really should not have occurred but it does.

Here, I have to find that balance, that happiness in myself, if I ever want to go forward.

It occurred to me while watching the Grand Final AFL between two very competitive football teams; the ones with the many goals wins the day and the happy roars of the crowd. There it is for me to see too. Just like the players, the best always keeps their eyes on the ball, their team players and the goal.

Now, I cannot dwell in the mud of the martyr situation I’m in, I can function better if I look up and keep my eye on the ball (i.e. The MSM plans) and the goal ( see the early stages of Light and Life).  Here, I am just one of many players in the Team that has this focus. The more players, the better the outcome will be and yes, the Monjoronson Paper on Sustainibility and Planetary Management is very much consistent on this CO-OPERATION effort between humans and divine players to see this focus come to fruition.

I see transmitting as a necessary tool in the human domain and yet we are capable in that “Town Hall” experience, as Monjoronson well illustrates,  that great leaders arise from the back of the hall, to really put things into perspective as it should be.

I agree with Monjoronson, the number one problem in our world is the staggering population numbers that needs to be addressed. It is not sustainable at this rate. In my view, Earth will recorrect it eventually in so many disasters that happen due to human footprint and ignorance. This is inevitable as it occurs right now with storms, bushfires, earthquakes and volcanism and so on.

The next thing that matter are governments. That has to be brought under a more unified way for planetary sustainibility and habitable goodness for its citizens.

Here, I speak for myself in this regard without transmitting here. Even to do T/R, I still have a lot to improve on regarding distinguishing between the conscience and the subsconscious. So many times I’m just as guilty too of getting it muddled and I apologise if I have not got it down right. It is so easy to doubt oneself in the process of transmitting and I am now realising I need to pause when it stops, even in mid-sentence and let it be. I see that now, thanks to Ron, Michael, Mother Spirit and others on what to avoid in transmitting. For this reason, I felt the freeze upon me and I know I have to get my head back in a better frame of reference and I’m still heavy in heart as a broken a ship that can be, but I still tag along if Father can forgive a ragged old dog like me.

I’m still trying to figure how Ron does it so well and why I feel like a fifth wheel. At least, I admit the obvious, we have a lot to learn and grow in, if we are ever to be useful in love and service in the years ahead. I know it requires a lot of patience, perseverance, understanding and much good cheer even when things get so difficult and downright harsh. And of course, even when things look bright and on the up, we are not to get too complacent as even in the rosey times there’s a lot of thorns and weeds to wean out and prune back.

So goes the picture I get from the Monjoronson Paper. Its gonna be harsh as things pan out like a gardener does to make the garden as glorious as it can be with a bit of a prudent makeover. Our lives, I know, may never be the same, once we have seen a prudence the likes we have never seen before upon our world, and goodness that comes out of it for the health and well-being it fosters for living a life in the Spirit of God.

Of course, we all have the jitters right now and I can only pray for the best and the goodness to come thereof whatever God plans for the health of this planet.

Father help us all in this work and grant us what is necessary for us to carry through these times of tribulation soon to be for us. Have mercy upon us and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Thank you Father Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit for all that you do in our lives.

Your faithful and abiding servant always in your benevolent grace, for without which I am nothing. Sue.

1.43pm I pause and allow my TA to have a way as follows:

[Have I just got beaten by this testing? It is harsh as I am trying to find myself. I feel like I’m a ship floundering at sea, waiting for the wind to blow. There is no wind and I do not hear it either, just the steady rythym of the vibration that exist.]

Pre’Mtor: “There is nothing to be ashamed of Sue, the testing continues so you can wean out the chaff from the wheat,  so-to-speak. You have it in you to discern between these. Know which it is of your own and which it is of ours that speaks. You can be guilty to muddle it and you can know better for it to know the difference when it happens.

“Do not be so harsh upon yourself. Just let it go will you as the times coming will be harsh upon all of you as things get really woolly.”


“Be yourself.”

“Be in my peace.”

“Be still and know that I am God.”

[Science was in my thoughts…]

“Science will really be turned on its head soon as per the CERN project and some things brought into focus.”

“Good, pause.”

“You caught yourself.”

“Self control is a matter of course.”

“Keep the self in check.”

“Allow the voice to override your own thoughts.”

[There are higher planes this voice speaks?]

“Yes, you know them, work on it.”

[Anything else?]

“Work on pausing in your thoughts, this is where we can interrupt and input something else.”

“Don’t get it confused. Keep simply with what is said. Let it be. Do not elaborate as you habit that frequently! Sentence structure is fine and full stop there!”

[Yes, got that]

“Good, I interrupt and change it (your thoughts).”

[Hence, Thought Adjuster]

“Yes, that’s how I function.”

[Change direction?]

“Sort of,  but more to do with input to make you think, decide and move.”

[Yes, see]

“Good, relax, let me show the way.”

[O.K..let’s continue Father]

“Thank you, co-operation is the key to unlock the frontier of our journey, keep this in mind, let me steer it for you. Ask me and I will give it to you. See.”

[Yes, see]

“Good.  Adjuster works with you not against you. We are yoked like two oxens yoked together side by side to walk it, pull it, handle things better as opposed to you trying to pull it all by yourself.”

[Yes, see picture and thank you!]

“Granted too.”


“For now, will talk again when you are refreshed. Adieu.”

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