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Audio: MONEY 102217 - Michael and Magisterial Sons Transmission
« on: October 22, 2017, 08:17:44 PM »
Dear List,
You have received a concise discussion on MONEY and how it will be handled in the Magisterial Mission in the grandest of terms and some other information as well.

I want you to understand that this transmission is the second of two as they transmitted to me more the first time and did not like it and asked to redo it.  Redo it they did as this audio product linked below.  Thank you.

(PS - A dog started barking in our ears near the end of the tape.  Serara heard it and prayed for it to shut up and I wanted it dead.  There is a comment near the end of the tape about the dog so please ignore it as the tape recorder never picked it up.  Go figure.  Thank you     Ron Besser/ Transmitter

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Re: Audio: MONEY 102217 - Michael and Magisterial Sons Transmission
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Deleted as duplication
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Re: Audio: MONEY 102217 - Michael and Magisterial Sons Transmission
« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2017, 11:32:22 PM »
MONEY 102217 - Michael and Magisterial Sons Transmission
Transcript of above audio by Ron Besser 22/10/17:

This is Ron Besser, audio tape recorded 22 October a little before 8pm in York Pennsylvania.  Today’s subject is money; I’m going to ask Christ Michael to emcee the program for us.  You’re on Michael, thank you.


“This is Michael of Nebadon, not Christ Michael, but both of us are here.  I am Christ Michael when I speak for Jesus.  I am Michael of Nebadon when I have policy to discuss with you.  Today’s tape is about money.  

“The United States Treasury holds in its vaults about $65 Billion in gold to mint.  In Fort Knox, Kentucky it holds about $16 Trillion in gold under the current valuation.  We intend to bring gold to Urantia to the United States and to Starbridge Group for distribution.  Starbridge Group  will move the gold from its reception to a Federal Reserve bank, most likely New York,  to do that we are going to ask Ron to assay the gold, ride with the truck to New York if that’s where we put it, and then assay it once more as it is unloaded into the Federal Reserve vault.  

“We are going to value gold and set a firm price, it will not fluctuate on a market any longer, the value of the gold being  $1,235.00  a troy ounce.  This will establish a currency around the world that is so stable there is no longer any chance of runs that is speculators forcing the value up or down, and that the accounting will be done by a 'Board' in the United  States that is attached to the Federal Reserve composed of four Melchizedeks  who will transfer the information from Ron’s assay to the Federal Reserve Board itself.    We will retain the United States Federal Reserve and all central banks around the world, however we will insist that they deal only in the dollar, all other currencies including the Yen, the British Pound Sterling and the European Union currency; there will no longer be a conversion; it will all be worth $1.04.  That amount is established to provide the income to move the gold around and to provide the Federal Reserve a full accounting at all times for the length of the Magisterial Mission.  

“The Magisterial Mission will be composed of Serara, a Magisterial Son, Monjoronson, a Magisterial Son, both from Paradise, and a third Magisterial Son we call Rayson.  Rayson is the Scientific Officer and proposes that all energy systems converge into one type of electrical system, the reason for that is that we wish to convert the world electrical grid into one serving unit that the Magisterial Mission runs.  Individual electric companies will be required to make sure that individual localities are served well and that the equipment is functioning properly and that individual households are served.  

“Furthermore, I as Michael of Nebadon insist that the United States revert to value metal,  you will have a gold dollar, you will have a silver quarter, you will have a silver dime, we will eliminate the cent and the nickel and the 50 cent piece.  Those who sell retail must convert their prices so that they are in increments that can be handled by this kind of change.  Cents and nickels will be necessary for odd taxes by the States and other governments.  In Pennsylvania there is a 6% sales tax, constantly prices are a dollar amount plus .03.  We will avoid that by insisting that anything above a nickel be rounded off to 10 cents and anything less than a nickel down to an even cost.  States will have to understand how to handle that for tax purposes.  

“Furthermore, Income Tax, today your President Trump insists on tax reform but he isn’t reforming the tax system he is reforming what he pays.  We do not resent this, we just will change it.   There will be a three-tier tax system that we will ask Congress to institute, we will talk about that in another tape.  

“Furthermore, the United States owes the world about $32 Trillion.  The Federal Reserve pays off in Federal Reserve notes or, if someone insists, in gold for $4 and some odd cents, less than $5 an ounce, this is the law.  Congress has never changed the law and doesn’t understand the law and is woefully out of date.

“Furthermore, the tax system in the United States is so unfair that we believe it needs resolved in the Supreme Court and that we will challenge the administration and Congress to make sure they know what they want to argue before that Court.  We will insist that the change that we bring to the United States government, through its Federal Reserve  and through other  institutions, will make sense to the rest of the world and we will ask Congress to invite representatives from Great Britain, from Canada, from the  European Union and other countries we deem essentially the experts in governance.  They will abide with the President of the United States in a 10 Member Board that decides what issues are to be addressed at that time and what we want as a Magisterial Mission to benefit the world with the benefits of the United States and its vast military.

“Furthermore, we wish also to include the following information, all of you who join the Magisterial Mission by invitation will be paid a salary.  Ron is on actual staff, the three associates he has will be paid monthly a salary that is worth their trouble.  We also are including Starbridge Group as part of our administration in spite  of the fact that that is the only Corporation Ron will own for he will sell to us the six other corporations for a dollar.  We will institute what we want done in them and he will pay the salaries and see to their well being.  The Magisterial Foundation will have money supplied to it through Starbridge Group.  Starbridge Group will initiate the first payment of about $35 Million ; Starbridge Group will retain $10 Million and thereby fund the other six corporations including the Magisterial Foundation.

“We now come to idea of money as a transient commodity, it isn’t and we intend to pull back what Wall Street keeps doing for its own benefit.  The markets for gold will be closed; the markets for platinum will be closed.  We will initiate platinum reserves for China if they wish it and for the European Union if they wish it,  otherwise all other countries, bona fide countries, will be backed in gold which we will supply.  The $1,235.00 a troy ounce is sufficient to make sure that the gold that backs all currencies on Urantia has a fair hearing; yes gold has a tendency to go beyond that, gold also has a tendency to fall much further down.   We therefore ask Serara for his opinion.”


“I am Serara and I hold this transmitter marvelous, he is catching all that we want to say.  Let us look at the Federal Reserve from the Magisterial Missions perspective.  It is too little, too late, too small, it carries enormous responsibilities and it cannot find the manpower to launch investigations where they should be launched.  Once we are in control and working with the Federal Reserve which we will keep, they will come to us with their ideas of how to monetize the debt and to monetize other concerns that a Federal Reserve has for the country they are in and in the case of the United States Federal Reserve the world it will oversee.  We now are going to ask the listener to provide his own reason why that dog should not be throttled.  

“Furthermore, we are going to remove all potential accidents from the aircraft industry by insisting they contain nothing more than passengers and that the idea of carrying various kinds of commodities and other luggage besides personal luggage, no longer be allowed.  This will end, unless someone personally is a bomber, the blowing up of aircraft by laptops and other devices being designed today mostly in the Middle East.  

“I further am going to stipulate that Saudi Arabia be found on its own currency for the time being because of the Aramco deal we will allow that to go through as they plan it.  We also will allow that Iran will become a normal nation and remove the Ayatollah.   Those are 15th century ideas attempting to build a relationship with a world that long left the 15th century.   We further relate that the Donald Trump Presidency is to be waylaid into 3 man Regency.  The elected President Trump and two Magisterial Sons, and they will have to agree on policy before it goes as a request to Congress or approve what Congress attempts to do.

“ I am asking this transmitter to end this tape at this point and we will come back to the idea of money in a later tape.  I thank you.  I am Serara.”


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