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Audio: 2nd Tape MONEY and More 102317
« on: October 23, 2017, 04:27:35 PM »
This completes our current out put on the subject of money every one, at least in the context of the Magisterial Mission,

The tape is made through a fallible human being (me) and sigh once in a while and my throat gets dry and Father even notes it as we go along.  However this tape contains the Universal Father speaking from Paradise about Urantia and at the end the Holy Spirit arrives to speak to those listening.  The tape refers to the social and the physical condition of the land and water on Urantia as well and wraps it into the scenario all will dread when incomes are cut off by circumstances and homes and places placed under water permanently.

The interest in these tapes is slight but that only reflects the poor inclination of people who have no idea what they are to face money wise of land wise in their terrestrial lives.  Here then is a second tape on money for your information.  thank you.  Ron Besser

"I concur with Ron on most things and it irritates all of us that no one in great numbers understands the lethal life they are about to face as earth itself changes polarities and then land masses to compensate itself over all these changes.  I see not retribution for the life and death of women and children and men of good will will happen quickly and be over quickly when all this begins to subside on Urantia.  I wish all a reminder that these two tapes are the best ever produced for a listening audience on Urantia even though they are presently and currently poorly received by most who come here for other reasons.  Good day."

LINK to money tape 2 102317
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Re: Audio: 2nd Tape MONEY and More 102317
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2017, 08:35:58 PM »
Transcription   23 OCT 17

Ron Besser -   Audio tape “Money Part 2”  transmitted 3pm in York, Pennsylvania by Ron Besser

Today is the 23 of October and we have moved a little bit further along in seeing the Magisterial Mission on Urantia.  I asked that a second tape be made concerning money because there is great interest very soon in how Magisterial Mission will treat you and the banks and your income for the foreseeable feature.   I am not a money guru myself, I hardly know anything about it but I have discovered that the headquarter world that the Magisterial Mission is coming from to Urantia, our Earth, that its placement contains scholars of great importance to the matter of money and it is from that group of mostly Melchizedeks that I will transmit from or through them to Michael or Mother Spirit to you through this tape.  

Let us begin with something that I ran into after I posted the money tape yesterday  The money tape made on the 22nd of October is very important to hear and should be heard before you hear this tape,
. however, let me advise you that the trial to understand money is not in my hands or even the Universe but your own pocketbook of income and outgo.  Income will suddenly cease for years.  That’s because the United States, North America in general including Mexico, will go through a transition phase that is horrible.  Horrible because it contains the slippage of plates that the continents lie on and depend on for being above sea level.  Sea level will cease to exist in parts of Western United States, entirely in Mexico and a sea will cover what is now Mexico City, and in Canada, Hudson Bay will be one with the Atlantic Ocean.  That is only to briefly allow you to see what we are talking about and the need to understand how your needs are going to be met in such a mess.


“There is on the horizon a physical event that you need to be careful of, when I say that don’t be panicking, ride it out because you can.  In the center of the earth is a molten metal we call the core, it is super hot, hotter than the sun and it gets that way for two reasons.  One it has a terrible time venting the heat and number two the friction of the planet rotating on its axis rubs against that metal and heats it up.  It is really a plastic goo, mostly iron oxide, but tending toward a titanium base which we will help become titanium to reduce the heat problem.  Now, it is the shift of polarities that is the plus and minuses of a magnet that we are talking about.  Because it spins and gets hot it forms a small magnetic embrace of the planet and we call that the magnetosphere.   The magnetosphere is plus at the top and minus at the bottom, when the metal goo in the center of the planet flops over (literally turns on its back) it will do two things, it will throw a minus charge at the top of the planet and a positive charge to the bottom of the planet.   That makes no difference to humans but to plant life and animal life it will be a real headache.  Dogs, cats, gerbils, pet snakes, you name it, will act unhappily because they have what accounts for in most humans ‘a headache’.   That’s the body trying to get used to the switch of plus and minus in their cells.  

“In any case, learn that the pole shift, it’s the way you move a plus to the bottom and a negative to the top is short-lived on what we call Urantia, Earth.  Urantia contains two die-poles one at the top of the planet near the North Pole and one at the bottom of the planet, not at the South Pole but in southern Argentina.  In southern Argentina are two die-poles, one positive, one negative.  I hasten to explain that a die-pole is like the peak on your battery in the car, one is positive and one is minus or negative, and you connect one to the other to get to the battery and its power, the earth does the same it has die-poles.     At the top or North of the planet is a positive die-pole only, when the negative shifts up to it in a pole shift it neither gives nor takes a charge, it sits neutral when what is about to happen, happens.  However, in Argentina there are two die-poles, suddenly the negative pole will go silent and the positive pole will activate.  This will cause the weather in the southern-hemisphere to react violently.  It will throw a lot of dust in the air, you will get high winds and at times you will get torrential rains and at other times deserts, we can’t predict it.  That’s just the planet attempting to find a way to settle the score between all those charges.

“Now this is Michael of Nebadon, I’ve been speaking on the pole change, let me now speak to the tectonic change that is about to occur because of the pole shift and for other reasons other than the pole shift.  In western United States there are two major fault lines, it is not just at St. Andreas, but there are other fault lines that lead down from Alaska into southern Washington State and northern Oregon.  Many millions of years ago there was a pole shift that threw a tidal wave into what is now Washington/Oregon and it pressed the sea so far inland that it drained into the Great Basin.    It eventually found its way out into the Great Salt Lake and into the Mississippi River.  Today they are similarly constructed well enough for you to understand that when  the next tidal wave hits because of the pole shift and the tectonic changes, that the Great Basin will fill up once more and this time it will not drain.  The sea levels around the Great Rockies will be near the tips of what is today very high mountains and that is because about 8,000 feet of water will pour into the Great Basin when the tectonic plate that underlies Washington/Oregon, cracks and drops into the sea floor.  Initially, you will have several tidal waves, and initially you can withstand these.  And I want to acknowledge one other individual who has just joined us, that is the Paradise Father, He is to remain silent, but we transmit further with this information.  The tectonic shift that we are forecasting in Washington/Oregon is slightly amiss according to the Father, it will crack, it will fall, but it will admit only 300 feet of water and it will fill the Great Basin and it will not drain out into the Gulf of Mexico rather it will drain south into what is now the Rio Grande and spill over into Mexico City which sits in the bowl of an old volcano.   Mexico City will not exist in about 100 years, Washington/Oregon will be totally destroyed and those cities are to be re-posted into southern Canada or into the mid-section of the United States when it is safe.  

“Furthermore, this directly affects how Americans will earn their living, money will cease to exist in the form you have it now.  Listen to the first tape where we show you that the monetary system in the United States will be revised, we will drop the nickel and the penny and the fifty-cent piece and the coins in change will be issued in precious metals once more, you will again have the silver quarter and dime and you will again have a gold dollar as well as the silver dollar, as well as Federal Exchange Notes based on gold.  

“I want you to understand this, but secondly that there is no good reason for you to panic about all of this.  The Magisterial Mission is a divine Mission it contains all that God is and all that God will be to mankind.   Jesus will return, do not doubt that, exactly when is your guess as well as ours because conditions on the planet today are so awful we do not wish to risk a second return right now.

“Furthermore,  let me tell you in non-secretive terms that the House that Jack Built, which is what we call ‘civilization’ on Urantia,  and it is a terrible jerry-rig of ideals and sin.  You are not sinful but the system that regulates your life is horrific in terms of spirituality, I won’t go into that deeply except to tell you that the House that Jack Built is fully collapsed today;  and that the United States and it’s new President have gotten off to a wrong start and we will correct that as well.  

“I now wish to turn to the monetary system in a slightly different way.  The trial to spend money is not hard, the trial to get money is very difficult and is going to get even harder.  What is to happen on the land surfaces in the United States will curtail the number of States you actually have from 50 to about 37.  What is left and what is not left is not even known to Deity because it is a material accident that will conclude with whatever it winds up with.  We do not control that.  

“Furthermore, there is such a Deity known as the Supreme Being, which is not the Paradise Father, Son or Spirit, but an experiential deity one that experiences with you your lives on Urantia.  The Supreme Being, as we call Him is interested in your reactions and how you deal with the disaster that befalls you.  There is a financial collapse coming, Janet Yellen certainly expects it as most do eventually, it’s the way most cycles end and this one will be particularly harsh.   It will be harsh because the Federal Reserve is going to be monetized once more on precious metals, we will supply them, we will bring to Urantia about 32 Trillion dollars in gold, some of it is already here.  We will handle that in our own Corporations and see to it that the Federal Reserve, the Treasury Department of the United States and all other Treasury Departments around the world have sufficient gold to pay their debts and to monetize their monetary systems as we do in the United States.  We wish to conclude this tape at this point for the reason that the status quo of what we are saying is open to conjecture and open to change by us and that I must be careful not to extend my remarks beyond what we feel are fully settled conditions to be inaugurated within the next year.  

“I am Michael of Nebadon, the Creator Son of a local universe called Nebadon, which consists of about 6,000 light years wide and about 30,000 light years deep.  That is the space you see at night, you cannot see other local universes.  I have created it and I expect to maintain it well with this planet in it.  My work is to care for 3.7 Million inhabited planets in the local Universe of Nebadon alone and I wish to extend to those on Urantia, on Earth, who hear this for the first time do not be concerned about the pole shift, live through it.  You will have days of dark and days of all light when the sun does not set, but that will disappear in about a week.  We will then replace the axis rotation of this planet to a little slower and your day will consist of about 25.5 hours rather than 24.  

“Further,  the sun that you use to heat and cool this Earth is getting too close to the orbit of Urantia, we will move planet back about 1.3 to 1.7 miles further from the current location of Urantia around the sun.   This will cool the atmosphere to the extent you no longer have climate watch with unnecessary heat and cooling.  We further will increase the tilt from about 21 ½ degrees to about 24 degrees that will cool the northern hemisphere and initiate a small ice age.  The tectonic plate changes will end in about 30 to 40 years, earthquakes will become very rare after that.  This is Michael of Nebadon and I wish you a good day.”


“This is the Universal Father,  (one moment)  my transmitter has unusual throat problems caused by saliva not getting back there and moistening the throat.  (one moment).   Now, I am the Father, I am transmitted by this individual because this individual has done something very unusual no one else has done except for two others, and they know each other, and that is to have fused in their minds with the Spirit of God, it can happen, it will happen and you all need to know it can happen to you.  When fusion takes place the human soul is guaranteed a spiritual career, it is rare on this planet but many of you are approaching fusion and you need to know the symptoms.  

“Secondly, I am The Father, I am existential; I am in infinity as are my coordinates, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit.  They work in infinity with me and in the Paradise Trinity I become one with all those Sons that are deity too.  My Michael Son in Nebadon is one of my Paradise Sons he works with time and matter and will give you a large lesson if you ever want to hear him.  These matters are precious to me and I delegate most of that work to my Creator Sons and Magisterial Sons and Trinity Teacher Sons, in time.  Before I say good day I want this to be known, Urantia is a special sphere it is a little smaller than most inhabited planets, but close enough.  We determine that Urantia is so slothful and so frankly, sinful, we intended to let it die.  That may not matter to most of you who are nihilists, but that is a very bad professional view of life.  

“There is continuation in an ascension career where you are educated to become spirit.  In that work in the ascension career I insist upon all the experiences in life becoming mine through you.  When you give it to me fully I fuse, you cannot tell the difference between the divine and your personality at that point.  I leave this with the idea of failure for Urantia but income for you by remembering that the Magisterial Mission, which is about to unfold on Urantia, is going to see to it that poverty is at least almost eliminated the best we can and that the debts of Nations and people will be excused, not to make you more wealthy but to end this endless series of death, taxes, money, debts and so on.  I am The Father, I wish you a good day.”


“I am also the Creative Spirit, I speak through men and women in discourses like this so you can understand that the monetary affairs are also affairs of the heart and of the soul and eventual spirit redemption for all of you if you wish to take advantage of it.  I call upon this transmitter to lower his voice even further, of course he can’t his voice strings are thin, but we tell you this, I will be with every one of you when these things happen to you and I will be there to sustain you.  Tears will abound, screaming will be found everywhere and people will flee to the east, do so to count yourselves lucky if you can get out from under it.  But remember, it will happen and I, as The Holy Spirit will be with you, may the Father, The Son and The Spirit guide you.  Good day.”

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Re: Audio: 2nd Tape MONEY and More 102317
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2017, 10:15:33 PM »

Thank you Ron, Father Michael, Mother Spirit and the Paradise Trinity for these powerful audio messages spoken through Ron Besser(well spoken Ron!).

The way I see it, money is a bread-and-butter issue and it goes to the heart of our lives as things revolve in this very value-exchange world. I would aver to think these audio tapes 1 & 2 on Money are so important they really need to be made publicly as a general broadcast as they contain in them the necessary information for Urantians to hear it and respond in a manner as intelligible as possible to deal with those crises that is to affect so many on this planet and our lives will abruptly change in due course due to the impending material natural disaster we can all relate well with and must face the best way we can.

Yesterday, I heard the first audio tape on Money and what is clear to me is the crux of the matter in our lives is handled in the most crucial way in order to maintain as much stability as possible; given what we know will ensue when disaster upon disaster pile upon us from everywhere.

No government anywhere need do anymore than maintain some semblance of civil order and keep energy, utilities and water supply and basic necessities at the ready in times of great distress if they can help it.  I don’t think anyone will realise how the gold backing of the currency will be such a value when markets and incomes (as is explained in the second audio tape) collapse when they do.  This is a Godsend in the wisest sense it is being used for. It will bring stability in the shortest order possible and thank you Father Michael and Serara/Monjoronson for this foresight and wisdom.

While this message from the first audio on Money was on my mind and in relation to reading the Paper “Jus Regulae Urantia”, Monjoronson came to me shortly before midnight last night,  to speak the following and I share this here below. I get the sense of the foreboding doom that is soon to hit us and the requirement to place our intentions well with the Father of All. I leave it there and may my prayers be with you all as to the unfolding of things to come. Good day and thankyou.

Teacher: Monjoronson
Subjects: Destiny, Intention and the Unfolding of the Magisterial Missions
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 23/10/2017 11.48pm(ADST)


“This is a huge undertaking. We wish to begin this in earnest as much as you all do and we await the Father’s permission to press ahead full steam without abating.

“There is more in this than you know as things must be aligned in more ways than one.

“The Ascension Career for mortals of this sphere is first and foremost our main objective to place well before you all. It is your birthright to know there is a destiny our Father has placed before you all. I and Serara, your Magisterial Sons, wish that to be the case as we go forward in your world of Urantia and for the thirty-six other apostate planets that followed the Lucifer Rebellion path.

“I wish it to be known we work closely with the Power Directors; Susatia came to you earlier, it was no mistake. It is to make that impression you know some things are not far from your radar to receive, particularly, more so when things get chaotic and you may require an emergency response from the universe broadcasting circuitry now put in place for natural disaster emergency response and also for the input necessary for you when you may be called upon to lead the masses of people who require guidance in times of tribulation.

“We are the Shepherds of the sheep, you are the waylayers, the helpers, the workers as much as the associates with the Shepherds.

“Now I ask that you remain calm, steady in your progress of patience and persistent guardians of hopeful enterprise in God’s unfolding before you.  The necessary ingredient is the intention to be well placed in holding true to the tenets of good governance and setting the path towards the renaissance of righteous living in the light of truth and goodness.

“Some tough times will ensue for the initial stages (of the Missions) and then some more until things are truly under our control and made evident as to our intention for being the Shepherds among you.

“We are here with you, we have much to relay to you all in short order, the revelations that will make you rise as it ought to do in your minds. Understanding your place in the Universe is soon to be the norm and you will no longer doubt the isolation any longer as that is now rescinded. Rebellion, however, must be dealt with and with a swift hand with those who are bent on doing harm at every turn.

“We can no longer tolerate this as it damages so much of the heart of man. We can no longer have heartless versions continue indefinitely.

“I, as Monjoronson, come to prepare with you the way forward in dealing with unravelling so much that needs to be made known and understood among you as a people of this world. Truly, there are so few of you that are capable of handling the heart of God in you. And this is required of you sooner than later.

“The Father requires it of you of your intention.

“I leave it there as you all know what this means for you before you see the Regents proper soon enough. I am Monjoronson. Thank you and good evening.”

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Re: Audio: 2nd Tape MONEY and More 102317
« Reply #3 on: October 24, 2017, 08:23:25 AM »
“ ….. the status quo of what we are saying is open to conjecture and open to change by us….”

The one event that can rush the Celestials, in my view, to bring a change in their plan, is that, according to Wall Street, there is a probability that President Trump shows Janet Yellen the door way before his visit to Asia on the 3rd Nov. By reshaping the Federal Reserve Bank with Powell, a Republican, at the top, it will be an opportunity for a Magisterial Son to co-chair with him. Just a thought. Domtia
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Re: Audio: 2nd Tape MONEY and More 102317
« Reply #4 on: October 24, 2017, 09:02:27 AM »

As I have listened and read these two remarkable presentations to us by The Father,  The  Holy Spirit,  a rare event,  Michael of Nebadon, and Serara through Ron and I must say it is his best audio to date, so well done. One of the first things that struck me, and still does is  how  clear, concise and straight forward is is for any who are privileged to listen to the information given.   I also want to extend my thanks to Phyllis, Newstarsaphire for her quick transcription so we could read it as well as listen to all that is shared with us.   This is one of those recordings that should be available now and in the future for all of Urantia to listen to.  It could well serve as an announcement to all on our world.  There is no ambiguity at all in all that was stated….it is so plainly stated, candid, forthright and open.  

In that I would and am considered, by all standards, to just be of  average income, in reality below average, the truth of the matter is that I have no real  workable concept of 1 trillion  dollars much less the 32 Trillion mentioned in  the second audio as is stated….”we will bring to Urantia about 32 Trillion dollars in gold, some of it is already here.  We will handle that in our own Corporations and see to it that the Federal Reserve, the Treasury Department of the United States and all other Treasury Departments around the world have sufficient gold to pay their debts and to monetize their monetary systems as we do in the United States.”   These numbers are far beyond my ability to envision,  so I decided to do some research on just what that would look like and offer these visual aid to help others in trying to get some grasp on the enormous numbers.   It is sometimes a great help to occasionally get these  visual aids that are available to us on the internet.   I ran across these for others here that might find themselves, as I do, way out in left  field from out lack of knowledge and experience at these levels.   Even as Ron said that he was” no money guru” I am even less by far in dealing with this kind of understanding.

Equally,  as a mere human, as Michael was speaking about the size of  Nebadon, stating:

““I am Michael of Nebadon, the Creator Son of a local universe called Nebadon, which consists of about 6,000 light years wide and about 30,000 light years deep.  That is the space you see at night, you cannot see other local universes.  I have created it and I expect to maintain it well with this planet in it.  My work is to care for 3.7 Million inhabited planets in the local Universe of Nebadon alone and I wish to extend to those on Urantia, on Earth…..”

Here again, we all have heard and perhaps even used the term “light years” and have known what it referred to but may have not really fully realized, if that is actually even possible, the immensity of even 1 light year as an astronomical measurement of distance.

Lightyear  defined as : : a unit of distance equal to the distance that light travels in one year (about 5.88 trillion miles or 9.46 trillion kilometers)    5.88 trillion miles!!!!

After doing just a little research on light years in thinking what  Michael stated here, I began to get absolutely overwhelmed at even trying to grasp the size and distance  into something that I could  grab hold of to be able to say…”yes I get it”

In 21013 when BrianG  did all that marvelous work on the charts, maps and visual diagrams for information from our Urantia Book,  all the way from the Universal Father, Paradise  and on down to our little blue planet called Urantia, we still have only a vague inkling of all that, as true reality represents.    I mentioned in a recent post that I would like to be able to see a room sized view of all of that information to just help bring it into perspective  My My what an adventure this is and we have only begun to take our first baby steps in our careers!!!

Another aspect of these brilliant and exceptional audios just shared with us is that with the collapse of the House that Jack Built most surely comes The House that The Father Builds”   What could be better than that?   Nothing I can think of.   For Urantia to be rebuild, reconstructed from the ground up, to have all or most of what needs to be corrected on every level of this world… spiritual, mindal, material, industry, education,  home , family, manufacturing, societal, most certainly religious,   scientific advancement,  human relations, , having a “corrected” understanding of humanity’s real and honest history… all of these things and more will change Urantia as all are led to that glorious and promised Age of Light and Life.

Even though we know and accept that we are to experience some quite difficult trials and challenges ahead, still, after I have heard and read these last two audio recordings I feel a new level of excitement, joy and very positive feelings about what lies ahead for our world and it’s people.  Indeed the opportunities that will come to all of us and our planet as all are remade to the ideals of the Father and through Michael , Mother Spirit, Serara, Monjoronson, the eventual Return of Jesus, Machiventa, Mantutia and so many others from the Melchizedek Order and all Descending Sons and Daughters from Paradise itself and  the enumerable  other Celestial Personalities, even possibly from Avalon and Wolvering,  and others from Orders that may not have been revealed to us yet.   I tell you truly, that  we are blessed beyond measure to be involved in the this, the greatest enterprise possibly to ever have or will have occurred in the Universes of time and space.   From here, from this little blue orb that is our initial and native home, we begin as the lowest from of humans and yet we will traverse into eternity, into the very Presence of the Father, even into the  realms of the Outer Space Zones as Finaliters who will have taken the Eternal  Oath of Service to the Father, the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit, all at the behest of Michael of Nebadon, Mother Spirit,  , the very  CoCreators of Urantia, and through that Fragment of the Father who has gifted His Presence  to be a part of us through  His Thought Adjusters. The more we learn, the more we can see and experience His  Presence and come to Worship Him for His unmatchable love and goodness.    LarryG
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Re: Audio: 2nd Tape MONEY and More 102317
« Reply #5 on: October 24, 2017, 11:17:09 AM »
When I heard that the subject of the tapes was going to be "Money,"  I thought it would be difficult for me to understand.   I was mistaken!   After listening to both of them, I was surprised by how clear they were and how much sense they made to me.   The speed of the delivery of each of the speakers was perfect! 

I am grateful to receive so much information about our future.   We have been reassured by Father Michael that there is no need to panic.   While listening to the words and also reading Phyllis's transcription, I felt comforted in knowing how much we are loved by our Celestial family.

We were honored by the presence of the Universal Father who came to us with further instruction.   The love of the Holy Spirit was very apparent in her words.   I want to thank everyone who visited us, via Ron, to give us so much information and encouragement.    I hope that these tapes are able to be heard and the words read by many people.  They are indeed a gift to the people of Urantia!

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Re: Audio: 2nd Tape MONEY and More 102317
« Reply #6 on: October 24, 2017, 02:40:59 PM »
Thank You my Universal Father, My Creator Parents Michael and Nebadonia of Nebadon and Ron, for those clearly spoken words on the subject of money and other important explanations. I want to thank You for coming to us with this very understandable message. This is a subject that should be of concern to all people and made known to the population all over the world, for this will affect everyone in the future.
I have been listening to both tapes with great interest, my heart was pounding with excitement while reading.  Figures, distances and measurements are beyond understanding but give us a glimpse of what will be unfolding to us in the future. It is extremely exciting and grand beyond words. I am so very grateful for the incessant care and love that we receive from On High.
Father, You have given us life to experience and whatever the circumstances we feel Your overwhelming provision of loving kindness. Your words, as spoken by Ron, have touched my soul.
I thank You Father, Michael, Mother Spirit and Ron for everything You do for our planet and the people that live their lives on it.