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Audio: The Magisterial Mission Incorporated 102417
« on: October 24, 2017, 10:07:42 PM »
Audio: The Magisterial Mission Incorporated 102417 
Universal Father
The Holy Spirit


This tape should explain itself and I am weary tonight due to lots of changes going on.  Our attempt to for a second tape tonight is fading but you may see it anyhow because I want this to be done, of possible, before they give me a good sleep in the coming days.  Wait it out and I will be back as a second tape tonight of later this week.  Thank you.  Ron Besser.
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Re: Audio: The Magisterial Mission Incorporated 102417
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2017, 02:37:58 AM »
TRANSCRIPT of Audio tape:

The Magisterial_Mission_Incorporated_102417_Michael-Father-Serara-Monjoronson-Holy Spirit
24th of October 2017 Ron Besser @8:30 pm  York


“Tonight’s talk is about the incorporation of the Magisterial Mission.  Never before on any planet in Nebadon have we attempted to form corporations around the business of what we call a Magisterial Mission.  It was Ron’s idea and we first thought it was a little silly, but we have discovered that Ron knows Urantia well enough to know that people understand and listen to corporations and use corporations to educate themselves.  We decided to try it.  Ron was given permission to form ten corporations, we will use about eight or nine of them and the tenth corporation was originally intended for Jesus to operate out of but we decided that to put a corporation around Jesus would result in a less favorable view because people are so suspicious of corporations that work with religion.

“Let me start with the Urantia Foundation in Chicago.  We have often said that that corporation, which it is, is falsely formed on many premises that have nothing to do with the Fifth Epochal Revelation.   We differ with Ron in one respect that is that they have managed to do evil where good should have been attempted.  The Father Himself concurs, I do not, I am Michael of Nebadon and I speak this portion of the tape so you all understand that the name of a corporation means a certain function that the Magisterial Mission will use and direct aid and comfort to Urantia.  Now let me say this, Ron’s voice is terrible and he knows it and prays for better vocal chords (chuckle…curves maybe?).   In any case we supply what we can through him tonight for your information and to make you feel better over what is to occur.  

“Now, the very first corporation  that we formed was the Starbridge Group, that goes back to 2003 and requires donations to operate the websites, the discussion forum and other miscellaneous things that have to be taken on like legal work, accounting work.  Those alone cost Starbridge Group well over $50,000 since 2004.  In the last analysis the cost to operate anything on Urantia is sky high and getting worse.   Urantia is overpopulated, too many people for too few dollars and too few jobs  and worse yet the corporations that produce the goods and the financial means to do this work are corrupt, not in the sense that they commit crime but commit the expenses to continuously rise beyond the means of most people.  

“Let us look at Starbridge Group first, you’re used to it you hear Ron talk about it, he receives donations from a few of you, and you actually keep it going with that help everyone.  He spends of his own money about $15,000 to keep it going and is the one who pays the bills if there is no money in the kitty.  Starbridge Group was originally made to fund the websites and to take care of expenses as they arose.  He knew that there would be legal expenses and accounting expenses just by the fact that we are a non-profit and that we allow you the donor to get noticed by the IRS not to tax that portion that you send to us.  

“You have to understand that Ron got into trouble with the local IRS called the Department of State here in Pennsylvania because he spent so much on a task we asked him to do that the Department of State here in Pennsylvania said was fraudulent.  The accounting firm, Stambaugh Ness, said to Ron ‘you did wrong you have to make restitution’.  Ron says to Stambaugh Ness ‘I can’t afford to, that was a huge chunk of money that went out the door and there is no way for me personally to make it up but I was told to do so and I didn’t question it’.  Lately, the Department of State has come back to Ron and Stambaugh Ness and said you give us a headache, you shouldn’t have done this but because of the circumstances, which we do not fully understand, we are going to close our eyes to it and you may operate as you were on the promise you never, never do this again.   Stambaugh Ness has written to the State Governor and told them that Starbridge Group is special in that it holds to the law for spending but has to spend for unusual items per the requirements for the reason and purpose Starbridge Group was formed.  This is Michael and I said to Ron ‘this is good news and bad news, I ask you Ron to change the status of Starbridge Group so that we are no longer a public charity or a charity of some sort of ilk or another where special rules must be followed on how much money you have received and how you spend it’.  

“This spring Ron went to an attorney in nearby Spring Grove and told that attorney that he had to have a status change with Starbridge Group so he wasn’t hurt or held accountable to spending rules he couldn’t follow, anymore anyhow.   I suspect that the attorney thought that he was trying to chisel either the attorney or the IRS or the State or whatever, so what that attorney did was send a private investigator to find out what they could on Ron.  They found nothing to their surprise, he is squeaky clean, I laughed.  But the consequences are that that attorney now has 9 corporations waiting for IRS approval who are trying to understand what Starbridge Group is doing that spends its money so funny or so unusually that no one can quite point to why it is spent that way.  I asked Ron to look at the attorneys name and discover who he is, but he finds nothing.  But as it turns out according to our angels that attorney belongs to a group near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that deals strictly with divorce cases and very little in corporate cases.   Ron chose that attorney not because of any special reason other than he was close to drive to and he had a corporate banner hanging out nearby.  

“In the last analysis, the IRS has approved these corporations and has given their blessings to them, Starbridge Group now becomes guess what, a church.  Now don’t laugh, Ron as pastor gets silly, he knows he is about as far away as the clergy as you can get yet the IRS has assigned him and designated him as a priest or pastor.  Ron wants you to know he is no such thing but he has to wear the title to spend money freely as a church.  If you go to church you know you can put a new roof on by collecting donations from the congregation or from the State or from some college and not have to report it to the IRS or to the Department of State in Pennsylvania for approval to continue as a church.  We don’t have to do that now either, Starbridge Group (give us organ music please!) is a church.  Ron promises that will change when he catches his breath but right now it works.  How does it work, you might ask and we do not know exactly how it will work.  The Father has beside us as we talk and The Father, the Universal Father, wishes to state this on the tape.”


“I am the Father, I speak eloquently now because I love the idea of Starbridge Group becoming a church, we will keep the name and we will keep Ron as clergy.  He smiles and wonders how he ever got into this fix, but the truth of the matter is he will do fine because Jesus will use him and Starbridge Group to be funded for his Teaching Mission around the world.  Starbridge Group will fund even the Magisterial Foundation and all other eight corporations through gold backing we will send to Urantia.  And we will hide it or store it or picture it in a Federal Reserve bank for all to see.  We do not hide our money we spend our money and we will make great use of our money for the poor and the (indigotin??) around the world.

“Now a corporation, and this is Father, is as I understand it on Paradise a non-personal entity that can stand before the law and plead guilty or not-guilty.  That’s all a corporation really is except there is a group of people behind it who run it and who are not liable for what the corporation does directly.  All of you remember ENRON I’m sure, where the top people deserved to go to jail but few did, and that’s because a corporation for the most part requires that any liabilities created, that is debts or injuries, is the fault of the corporation and not of the individuals that run it.  A public charity requires that no profit be made or within reason, and that a C3 or C5 or C2 corporation that makes profits is liable to the IRS and the State to pay taxes.  Starbridge Group is a non-profit because it’s a church, pastor Ron will pay the bills from the coffers of the church and therefore avoid what the government calls taxation of the heartless versions of money-making all over Urantia.  General Electric is not Starbridge, Starbridge doesn’t make a profit, it holds the Lord high;  General Electric holds radio and television mass high only.

“I close with this and Michael may carry on then, the property called Starbridge Group will remain in Ron Besser’s hands, he will own it.  The other 8 or 9 corporations he will sell to us for $1 each.  We hold him well and ready to transact that business when Mantutia Melchizedek comes to his home, sits at his dining room table and hands him eight pieces of paper to sign and they will be transferred lock, no stock, and barrel to the Magisterial Mission and into Mantutia Melchizedek hands as the new owners.  He can do anything he wants with them Ron is free of them and kisses the earth to be rid of them.  We laugh up here because  it is quite a toil to watch 8 or 9 non-profits being hammered out by the accountants to report each one, each with a bunch of paper, each with a bunch of swearing and signing that they did not spend more money than they represent on the paper and that they have stayed within the law for the C3 designation.  501C3 is what all of the rest of them are and that refers to a document called IRS document #501 and you page back to the C section and look under 3 for the designation of how they can spend their money 501C3; doesn’t sound so bad when it’s told that way.   I am now going to turn this back to Michael for what he wants to say further.”

“This is Michael and I am now turning this over to the Magisterial Son, Serara.”


“I am Serara and I hold you all well and I wish you a good day today because it is the last day we are able to speak so freely as we have determined that Ron must sleep for about 12 to 24 hours to release the pain.  He has wobbled all over the place today, has had a stomach upset and can’t remember things very well, and has a chill.  In the old days that meant a virus, today that means a transition.  So, for a little while his voice is silent and he will sleep 12 to 24 hours, perhaps tonight, perhaps tomorrow night but it is coming.  

“I am Serara and I want to talk about the Magisterial Foundation, that is where I will sit.  The  Magisterial Foundation is the King Tut, the overlord, the boss for the Magisterial Foundation, anything we want humans to know and humans to figure out and humans to hear as far as information or technology and money will come to the  Magisterial Foundation down to Starbridge Group.  We are their boss we control them.  Ron will be ordered to pay your salaries, to pay your special offerings, if it costs us, and so on.  He will distribute the gold to countries around the world to pay their debts and to put their currencies into the U.S. dollar, we will call it the dollar and we will not use local names like the Real or the Sous or the Yuan or even the Australian dollar, they’ll get used to it real fast, as will New Zealand.  However, listen to this because the United States has such a huge Treasury, and I mean it is huge, we just ran some information to an individual about what gold reserves the United States holds, Rayson came in to tell that individual the United States, beginning before WWII, deposited little mounds of gold in many, many countries so that if the dollar had a run on it (that is collapsed) they had the gold to fix it in that country.  The man who wrote Ron said “well there is only half-a trillion-dollars in the bank that is truly gold reserves for the United States”. The truth of the matter is we hold so much gold in so many countries that the United States has for its own purposes if it wants to squeeze the trigger, about 32 trillion dollars when gold is worth $1,235 a troy ounce which we will set it as.  We don’t know if he believes us or not but it happens to be the truth.  However, we have another problem, the U.S. dollar is backed with so many French-like contrivances, as they are the kings of diplomacy, that we are not sure what we can retrieve as gold from all these countries and what we can spend with that gold reserve behind us, that is behind the United States and perhaps not Somalia.  I conserve myself mostly to the remarks about the Magisterial Foundation here but understand that gold will come into Starbridge Group in trucks.  Ron will get in the truck and count the bars and record the serial numbers, that’s called assaying.  Nonetheless, you get the point.

“I now turn to the Magisterial Foundation as the boss, the ruler, the overcontrol and we mentioned the Supreme Being has a place in it but He and the Planetary Supreme have not indicated how they wish to be noted and how they wish to dictate.  I also wish to make it clear that it is the Magisterial Foundation that decides to send the U.S. Navy into the seas, into the Pacific and into the Atlantic to disrupt invasions.  They will be attempted, they will be stopped.  The Magisterial Foundation will rule through the United States government in the executive offices as a 3-man Board or ‘Regency’ as Ron likes to call it, and we will rule over Congress, the Senate and the House by supplying Melchizedeks to represent the States, one each for each State that is in the House or the Senate.  This will confuse politics forever in the United States but it is essential if we are to control Urantia and to see good governance.  We will ask Great Britain and France and Germany and other countries around the world, who are willing to work with us, to come to Washington and see to good governance with us as we may construct a new way for the executive branch to operate for the United States and for the rest of the world.  The House of Representatives will be controlled by the Magisterial Foundation by reducing its size;  there are now 430 some odd members, we will reduce that to 200;  the U.S. Senate has 100 members, we will leave them at 100.  But remember, of the two representative members from each State, one will be a Melchizedek.  

“Furthermore, the Magisterial Foundation will default to the United States Supreme Court no longer, it has become, unfortunately, political.  The United States Supreme Court will take its place, that is me as the Chief Magistrate, Monjoronson as the Chief Legal Aid.  This will take some doing and it cannot be installed day one, but watch it we will show you how good justice is determined.  I am now going to allow Monjoronson to speak to the Magisterial Foundation as He sees it.  Thank you.”


“I am Monjoronson, and I know Ron inside and out and he already has determined that I am going to speak about Jesus and how he will use the Magisterial Foundation to provide the solace, the problem free use of words and help to those populations on Urantia who desperately need him.  I will say this, we had a corporation all set to do the work for Jesus, Jesus came to me one day and said ‘this is no good you put the money too close to me’.  We told Ron and Ron immediately agreed, so that is why Starbridge Group handles the money far away from Jesus and his work.  The Jesus, the Second Return of Jesus Foundation, or corporation was advertised but not incorporated.  We see Father attend once more and ask Him if He wishes to advise us?”


“I am the Universal Father and I thank you.  Only this ‘The Second Return of Jesus Foundation’, or whatever you call it Ron is not to be used at all.  It is too close with the problems of handling money and influence and the Starbridge Group is plenty good to handle all those concerns, even outside the Magisterial Foundation, that’s why you own it and the Melchizedeks don’t.  This entire operation is set up so that anybody in any country can look at the record and see what arm of the Magisterial Foundation is doing what.  

“We are going to conclude this tape because of its length, we will have a second tape that follows this one and before we close I ask that you pray, pray for us the Divine.  When we set time loose it has its own way of flowing and doing and exacting tribute we don’t necessarily mean to exact.  Ron is a good example, he must sleep for about 12 to 24 hours and he will do that beginning tonight.  I also say this, Ron has a need for super-intelligence to be near him, he sees and knows almost everything that goes by him, but the secrets of Supremacy and the secrets of Paradise are not relevant to his placement but he needs some of it to be known to him and he will be sworn to secrecy, and if you ask him a question too direct you may simply be referred to our legal office and to transmit the legal office.

“To Lemuel, I appreciate your efforts you are doing great work, keep going.  To Sue Whiley, you dear are up one tree and down another and you can hardly keep your food down, don’t worry it will end.  To Larry Gossett, you managed to really hurt yourself and this time good.  You must learn not to flip around and not look at what you are doing.  Ron even counts the steps he walks on because this evening he missed the bottom cellar step and fell flat, no harm done.  That is not carelessness in him that is a problem with depth perception for one eye is blind and the other one is clouded.  

“All the rest of you who are attempting transmissions are fallow fields just yet, you all want to do it, some of you are doing beautifully, like Amethyst, some of you are doing extraordinarily well with little practice.  Dorian you can do it but you are silly you forget what you’re doing and fall asleep.  And Newstarsaphire, you are doing exceedingly well as long as you have your own perception of where to place your emphasis.  You are doing well, keep doing it.  All in all we have about 10 good transmitters coming out of the discussion group and that is mighty important to The Father, to me.  Don’t be afraid to learn, but do learn, it is of tremendous help to us.  People like Dominick are learning very well, Ron is very proud of Dominick for his efforts and what he gets.  Those like Ron Hammar get off track and stay off track too long you need better discipline, but you will do it.  And there are others who are attempting it like Don Crownover, he is doing well but falls back, and that’s ok.  I see several others of you attempting it offline, please continue.  

“And now this, I am the Universal Father and you need to understand the difference of titles, when I say I am the Paradise Father, I love you and that’s all it means.  When I say the Universal Father, I speak for the Son and the Spirit as well as for myself, we are not the Trinity this way, but close enough for you to listen.  When I say “I AM” watch out I’ve got something to get off my chest and I do not do so now.  The Magisterial Mission is my Mission everyone, The Father’s Magisterial Mission, I belong to you as well as all inhabited planets, but Urantia has my ‘Only Begotten Son, Jesus’ whom I love tremendously.  I will say goodbye now but there is another tape coming, and we will take up the corporations and whatever else we have to say because this is important.  I close with the beloved Holy Spirit.”


“I am the Holy Spirit, I love you all.   The voice is giving out but it conveys beautifully what I have to say.  Sleep well my children, sleep well.  I am God, you are my children, good night!”

Time is a currency we can use to invest in our eternal future. 
The riches of the possible are never fully mined.


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Re: Audio: The Magisterial Mission Incorporated 102417
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2017, 09:09:14 AM »
These past 4 tapes, are for  me, and I would venture to say for all here who have followed  this forum and these coming Missions, what we have all been waiting for.   The details, the specifics of the Missions that Spirit have tireless worked out to bring Urantia and all who who live upon Her,  finally, to  that place in time where the "corrections" can be begun and accomplished to right Her and us.   Let us all pray, as requested by the Father Himself, for  these vast and prodigious Administration and other support Beings and Personalities that have been assigned to take on such a monumental undertaking.

As I listened to these specifics and detailed plans I am and was overcome with such humbleness to even be included in the release of this information.   It has certainly been made clear just why there have been so many changes and it is no wonder there have been so many temporary delays to meet all of the requirements that must be made in order for  Spirit to work within a material world.   It also is no wonder why most  Magisterial Missions choose not to work in concert with the local and native humans to  exact and administer the plans that are formulated

Considering the complexities that are involved in working with a world such as Urantia in that it contains so many different forms of  Governments, so many religions, most of which are so lacking in any real knowledge of truth and  actual reality of the Universe as it really exists, and the many languages, and cultures that are so different from one another,  vast differnces in levels of mind and experience, not to mention the many defaults of Urantia and the results of a rebellion that caused the planet to go into a lengthy quarantine
All of this now comes together for us in theses past 4 recordings
There is so much we could individually respond to from this information but for now I am still  absorbing it and appreciating every moment of it!

It has become abundantly clear, through these tapes, not there there was any doubt of his expertise and incomparable love and commitment to and for the Father,   just how much work Ron does and will continue to do throughout his tenure  and duration with these Missions.  He stated his great admiration for  Elizabeth  and Victoria, and in kind, for many of us, he is similarly a  human role model for us.  I look at just some of the work he does that I know about and the work  he will do and I have nothing but love,respect and admiration for him.

I will leave this as it is for now.   I want to listen again to both tapes again and read along thanks to those who have transcribed these recordings for us.

In closing this for now, I do want to wish and pray Ron well and it is my fervent prayer and hope that he awakens  to a body free from  6 years of transition pain and suffering and a restored vitality of body, mind and spirit  and eyes that can see well once again.  Sleep and heal well my dear dear friend and compatriot.

In worship, love, and service to the Father and in trust and commitment to all the Spirit Personalities and Beings involved with these Missions, and especially to our Thought Adjusters and Michael and Nebadonia, our Creator  Parents without whose unconditional love and guidance we would not be here.   LarryG

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"What you are today is not so important as what you are becoming day by day so Let us be about the Father's Business"


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Re: Audio: The Magisterial Mission Incorporated 102417
« Reply #3 on: October 25, 2017, 09:16:00 AM »
What I immediately heard as I posted this is:

"The task is at hand, the time has now come!"

"What you are today is not so important as what you are becoming day by day so Let us be about the Father's Business"