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Audo 2 Second Tape - The Magisterial Mission Incorpated 102517
« on: October 25, 2017, 12:17:22 AM »
Dear Folks here is the second tape promised before I enter into the transition sleep.  I will be back in 18 to 24 hours and tell you how things are. 

A Second Tape is offered and contains a surprising revelation too.  I enjoyed making it and I hope you enjoy listening to it.  I speaks well for itself and I leave that to you decide if it was worthwhile.  Thank you. Ron Besser


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Re: Audo 2 Second Tape - The Magisterial Mission Incorpated 102517
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2017, 12:40:05 AM »
Transcription in progress
~ In kindness and with mercy minister to all who are in distress and in need (UB 140:3.14) ~


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Re: Audo 2 Second Tape - The Magisterial Mission Incorpated 102517
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2017, 11:29:47 AM »
The 2nd audio tape for the Magisterial Mission Inc.
Ron Besser – T/R
24th of Oct 2017 at 10.30 p.m. in York

This is Part 2 of the Magisterial Mission Inc. 2nd for you to understand that the ideal caprice of any Magisterial Mission is to be free of mankind watching what happens.
However, in the United States you have so many political differences that people will insist in watching one corporation over the other. We feel this is a safety valve and that the corporations we form can be overseen by the IRS, the Treasury Department and other government influences and that because it’s worldwide, it should have its own protectorate in York, Pennsylvania.

Ron and I have talked about this off and on for the past three months.  He withdrew from working on it because it is so difficult and so large a concept he doesn’t know exactly how to proceed. But let me give you an idea.  York City has a square mile area of about 15 sq. miles.  We’re guessing but its close. There are little burroughs and townships with little towns in them that surround York - all told about a hundred and thirty square miles additionally that circle York.  Our proposal to the governor of Pennsylvania is to ask for a special service from the Pennsylvania legislature to declare the York and its environs a protectorate.  What that means is we govern it ourselves, regulate traffic and government.  That’s where we hang it up with Ron because Ron doesn’t know how to change a board of supervisors for the township into a sub government for the Magisterial Foundation and the Mission. We mention this only because we will have to construct highways and buildings to be our offices and to place aside in certain places land that we use only.   Now I will talk about the rest of the corporations but briefly.

The Magisterial Foundation is the top corporation and is the corporation that drives all other corporations.  Starbridge Group sits under the Magisterial only - no other corporation does. The Starbridge Group has the remaining corporations dropping down from it or to it.  That means that no money touches hands above Starbridge Group. They fund what Jesus needs to teach around the world. They fund what we want in banks in governments and nations around the world. Under the Starbridge Group and I will list them just briefly is the Urantia Book Foundation. The Urantia Book Foundation is chaired by Jesus. It will control the work of the dissemination of the 6th Epochal Revelation already available and ready for distribution.  

An additional corporation is the Michael Foundation Corporation is really Michael Foundation Corporation Inc. because someone else owns Michael Foundation but we insist on the name. It will be used to train you, the protocol, the way to talk to a Paradise Son, how we go about conducting the business so we don’t take unnecessary time from those who lead the Magisterial Mission.  Those who lead the Magisterial Mission are in the Magisterial Foundation.  Starbridge Group does all of the money work and the human side human resources for the remaining corporations that have humans in them to work.

Salaries will be paid. We estimate in the first year of operation we will hire about 450 people. The Michael Foundation Inc. will train those people there how to do their work and how to prepare to work with really divine individuals like the Melchizedeks.   Rarely will a Paradise Son walk into these corporations and chat. They have too much to do.  Additional to the Michael Foundation Inc. is the LLC corporation called Seth Publications. This corporation is for Seth alone when he wants to return to Urantia to teach in his inestimable way about what the universe is about and the psychology of life.
It will be world famous and will be a school of its own.  That connects to Starbridge Group  for the payment of funds and the obtaining of information and other things it needs to operate with Seth and those he assigns to it.
The next one is Urantia Publishing International. This is all works we deem necessary to be disseminated to all of Urantia and will consist of books and probably tapes and most likely films.  This will not be operated immediately for obvious reasons.

We have the York Pre-Particle Technologies Corporation which is really a subsidiary of the Rayson Corporation.  Rayson is a Magisterial Son and is operating on Urantia today in the flesh and works with various universities to lecture on the proton.  When the Magisterial Mission is declared and he operates thru Starbridge Group.  The Rayson Corporation will be funded to obtain patents to obtain research and protest a different technology. The York Pre-Particle Technologies Corporation is under the Rayson Corporation and the York Pre-Particle Technologies Corporation is really a factory that fabricates automobiles, planes and whatever we need to prove new technology.  And finally there is the Estate Property and Holdings Corporation which is the archive.

Patents, at least duplicates of them, maps, agreements, diplomatic agreements, governance, policy, incorporations of other corporations, all of that detail will be placed in the Estate Properties and Holdings Corp. as the master archive for the entire Magisterial Mission on Urantia.  It will become huge and we hope not bloated.  Finally we have the Father to speak concerning these corporations psychologically and philosophically.

I am the Father.

I speak to you tonight in order for you to understand that we have no major problem anymore. The initial problem was doing it as a material corporation at all. I never heard of such a thing.  But now that I see Ron’s concept at work,  boy does it make a difference. It actual greases the ability of the divinities to move back and forth in their functions and to prepare Urantia for changes.  The corporations will issue bulletins, they will have news review either on camera on radio or simpy published.   We don’t know yet.

The Magisterial Foundation is my favorite of all these because this is where Deity sits.  That board is not seen.  Only Ron may interface it and he will do so at his desk at Starbridge Group and take dictation as to what policies go where. He is good at placing what we ask.  That is how the top two the rest of the corporations will do it.  Ron is the vital hammer to bring policy and payments of money to those areas we must advice are ours to do. A country like Great Britain will have tectonic plate shifts, so will France, so will Spain, Portugal, so will Germany and the Northern lands. Russia will be cut in half by a sea. We are producing a tape that is illogical in some ways and logical in another and you will occasionally hear silence as Ron asks is that want u want to say or do.  You want to correct it.  Rare but he does it.
The trial for Ron is to keep his throat from breaking and coughing.  That’s the transition and he will be rid of it in about 24-36 hours.  That was our decision last night when he blew up over the needles being put into his feet.  His nervous system is almost shattered and he littered what literally cannot take anymore.  His work will continue in about 24-36 hours.

Furthermore, the trial that is removed from Ron is not to be restated on any of you.  It is too harsh, too hard and too volumetric when Ron lets go. In many ways Ron has been a guinea pig and he doesn’t resent it at all he doesn’t mind but the pain in the legs keeps him from walking and now the blindness he is obtaining reduces depth perception to the point he can fall easily.  We sent him to the store to get some victuals? and that will have to do.  When he gets up in about 24 hours he is to have a normal meal and feel the freedom in his legs.

In so many words the trial is over for Ron and it just begins for us.  Mantutia Melchizedek has the unusual opportunity to trial what it means to be human when he confronts Ron with the idea that he has no money but plenty of verve.  He will take care of that by giving him part of his salary he’s earned since 2012.  It’s hefty and Ron will enjoy the weight.  I meant to say it’s weight but also its heft. In any case he will be well done enough to repair parts of the house that have fallen under the guise of weather and it will be done well I’m sure.

Furthermore these corporations that I spoke to today are fully enclosed in an IRS message to Ron that all of the corporations that his attorney has attempted are finished and found and have received their EIN number  - that is the Employment Identification Number that allows them to be charities.   Without it you cannot operate as a charity.

Furthermore one other item that the attorney is going to enclose is a bill for the entire amount Ron.  You will be surprised but he is not but he considers that for doing yeoman’s work and you will not object.  Furthermore that retainer was excessive at first to the attorney and that was because he thought you just wanted to have an EIN number but hesaw that you had to have a status change and that a status change to a church was essential. I thank him for that as it works out very well for us. Starbridge Group was originally Starbridge Communications the name was changed withint he last few years because it has nothing to do with communications but it will in its way.

Now this is the Father and I ask you to pray again for the  Michael Universe of Nebadon.  It is a universe six light years wide and 35 light years deep – we shaved it a bit in the first and it contains at least 4 huge planets that are not relegated in the original Urantia book. These four huge planets have to do with the Michael Administration that has nothing to do with time particularly and space laterally. These four huge planets are not architectural spheres.  They were built by me the Father and as such constitute the secrets of supremacy for all inhabited planets of Nebadon.  The Father does not confuse the Supreme Being with God the Father and many of you do and you must stop that.  God the Supreme is a deity operating in the first layer of the multiple Trinity. The Paradise Trinity is existential but there are three other legs under the Paradise Trinity which constitute the ramifications of experience - all of them. The bottom layer is called the finite. The finite Trinity is made up of God the Supreme and the Supreme acting Deities like Michael and Mother Spirit and so on.  It even includes the Ancients of Days.

It’s the first experiential Trinity.  And the next one up is not called the second experiential Trinity but it’s called the Trinity of (they’re blocking me folks…one moment please – they seem to be arguing about the name for this lesson)

The first is the Trinity of the Finites, the Trinity of Supremacy , the first experiential Trinty the second is of God the Ultimate and this is called the Absolute because it leads to the next layer which is the Deity Absolute as God the Absolute.  Please understand that that is not an error.  We apologise for the break but we had to confer.

Now this, the trial that we all must go through on Urantia is to understand to what extent we remove the problem children, that’s adults and children. Those who create confusion and refuse to cooperate we have no problem removing at once.  But those who are in between and can’t quite decide on what is good and what is bad must have a chance to figure out which is which and stay or go. The entire Magisterial Mission is created to remove the recalcitrant ones and to remove those who live totally in sin. That we estimate is about 1 billion people.  They will be allowed to live their life briefly and then they will go ?. There is a group of people of between 2-4 billion in number who are so irresolute they don’t know where they stand with anything particularly with something called God. The different religions on Urantia are confusing and often they are not helpful.  They will be conformed over the life of the Magisterial Mission.  What to do with 2 to 4 more billion people is problematic and while Magisterial has an excellent idea what to do about it  let me tell you they should be removed too.  We will allow about 2-1/2 billion people to remain on Urantia and finish their lives as normal human beings waiting for the ascencion career.  

Now I take this a step further.  One of you on the forum knows the Father very well as you are the Father. I’m not referring to anyone of the fused ones but there is an individual who does not speak and who is a guest. He is the Universal Father.   We keep him back but he does log on because he’s a guest. Nonetheless he has ascertained that most of you on that forum know what you’re doing and that is very well done for him to understand that the forum as you currently run it Ron has been the best advice we have ever gotten as it clearly shows what is wrong what is right and what doesn’t work and what does work. We have seen that it requires a strong moderator.  You are that one.   We have seen that it requires civility.  You all qo very well in that department.  It also requires a clear vision of what you are talking about. You do that very well and finally it requires that all of you understand that things work and don’t work even with the Divinity that is working the discussion forum .  Several of you have quit over this issue and several more probably will. That is the way it goes for them and they have to make amends at some point.

Now we have reviewed roughly and briefly the remaining corporations that Ron has taken care of and has seen to become entities for legal reasons . We are going to add a corporation that he knows nothing about and will not act upon until we tell him to.  That Corporation will be called the Ron Besser Corporation and he throws his arms up and says ‘now what ‘.  The truth of the matter is we aren’t going to call it that but we will call it whatever he wants to call it but that is to obtain placements for people that enter the discussion forum and do well and then become inebriated at the idea of serving and fall flat on their faces because they can’t handle their liquour. Some of you have had that happen.  Alderfer is one of them and several more of you may do that when the heyday comes and you see the face of all the Melchizedek who show up for your work for the Magisterial Mission.  I say that clearly because the Michael Foundation Inc. is the training ground and what Ron feels as people will be recommend to go to that Foundation for an education. Only Ron can do it. We accept his invitation and his inclusion of the individual name to serve in that learning area.

Furthermore, Ron is a graduate of York College.  He attended Gettysburg, matriculated and finished at York. He got a degree in history and he loved it. And his teacher still teaches to a certain extent and that teacher is to be awarded a prize by the Magisterial Mission  for inspiring Ron so much that Ron did work that was not necessary and for which we laud him. The trial to hear all this is hard on Ron because it fires the emotions and the brief silence you hear is him controlling it.  I add this: your college should become the college of the Magisterial Mission but they are dumb Dutchmen and hardly know what they want and what they don’t.  Although the college is run pristinely it lags in accommodation to the higher technologies  they should learn to teach. We will see to it if they accommodate us.  If they don’t there is Gettysburg and other small colleges dotted around Pennsylvania that will do very nicely.

And finally this from your Father. I am depending on Ron to the extent I know of no other human can do or will do or have do.  He insists he can handle it. I believe him I think he can.  That Thought Adjuster has prepped him prepared him for this kind of emotional outbreak when we decide how to handle the flesh and blood that is Ron.  

We got pictures one moment.  Ron does not disclose a roomful of ribbons he insists the Father pin on him.  We leave it at that. Meanwhile the trial for Ron is to be done with his transition and after this tape he is going to bed and sleep for 24 hours.

We bring in Serara the Magisterial Son to conclude this and Monjoronson if you wish to join please do.

This is Serara.  

I am the Magisterial Mission that originally called upon the original Magisterial Son that originally was calling on Ron when he sat on his computer in about 2005 the best we can remember.  In that particular work he was doing he was putting up a transmission in the Tm When we arrived he suddenly got a nursery rhyme playing in his mind and he looked up and laughed.  He didn’t know who it was but he was positive it was from the Magisterial Mission which and no one else would.  The thought came to drill him at that time for a Magisterial Mission post and he let it go. But this even called the magisterial Mission has gone to so many different angles and changes.  It has gone to a point where we have 8 or 9 corporations and no one to run them. Ron will run most of them to start with as start ups .He will turn over to requisite individuals divine and human the head officers of those different boards to operate . His choice is to use some of you but we are not going to allow that and the reason for that is that the Urantia Foundation in Chicago is making plans to sue Ron.  I kid you not.  They have decided to run a trial legal battle before him and see just what power he has with Michael of Nebadon and the Salvington government.  They will learn. He will receive a court order in the next few weeks that tells him he must appear in such and such a place at such and such a time and he will ignore it.  That will confuse the court and that will confuse the Urantia Foundation. He will not answer the summons. We will answer the summons. I am Serara and I see the ligation that the Urantia Foundation is attempting to form .  Their view that the Urantia Foundation that Ron has formed is illegal and without a requisition. That’s a fancy legal term that says he didn’t do his legal work if another corporation had nearly the same name.  We purposely inserted the word book in the new corporation because it is mostly about the book anyhow.  But  the Urantia Foundation takes that as an infringement of copyright.   What they don’t know and we keep that for the moment is that the copyright is null and void and they have no   with. Watch out for intense ligation between the Urantia Book Foundation and the Urantia Foundation of Chicago. They will institute a major funding organization to attack the standing of Starbridge Group and others Ron has worked with.  They will not get anywhere because what will happen is that the so called Supreme of Urantia which is divine will intercede and make sure that the Urantia Foundation is lost to history.  At least this is our view of it right now Ron and you have never been deeply concerned about what they do and that is the assurance of your ADjsuter telling you you have not done wrong you have not gone in the way of the Urantia Foundation.  You have only spoken the truth as we directed.

Finally the Declaration of Trust is what the Chicago Urantia Foundation works upon.  If that is withdrawn they have no legal standing or anything to do whatsover with the 6th Epochal Revelation.  The new Urantia Book is the 6th Epochal Revelation and it reveals a great deal more than the Fifth did. I am standing right now and his arms are folded under the desk and he hears us and speaks clearly.  What he doesn’t hear is that the Father placed upon Ron and his head and he can sleep very soon. I am Serara and I turn you over to Monjoronson.

Thank you Serara, This is Ron I truly appreciate that information. Thank you.

This is Monjoronson.

Ron chuckles because he and Serara share a sense of humor that drives both of them into gales of laughter and Someday you might be able to hear it and it is how really funny it can become. It is never too to. It is situational comedy at its best.  I am Monjoronson and I am  included in that I know but I am working the Teaching Mission for Jesus and Ron is an integral part and wishes it to be known that he never believed fully that Jesus could care enough  to ask him to serve with him. He therefore takes it lightly but he knows darn well that Jesus has a hook in the invitation and that hook is not unpleasant Ron it is if you will and Ron cannot refuse Jesus.

This is Ron.  

I’m always surprised at times  what they say to me and because I am caught off guard the emotions raw they are hard to control but my favorite person in the whole world is Queen Elizabeth of England and how she manages to get through her duties without falling apart in the royal flow.  She doesn’t she does it beautifully and her voice doesn’t break - mine does.  I have at times castigated some of you for getting so emotional for not finishing a transmission.  That is what we are all about ladies and gentlemen.  We must maintain emotional and stand before the public as those I. I Iook at Elizabeth of England and wonder how she does it. I’m sure she doesn’t think of everybody without clothes.  That just upsets me further if I tried and she doesn’t seem to know that the regal stance is her design and not one that say Victoria used. Queen Victoria is also a favorite of mine for not only the length of her reign but for her invitation to live in Scotland. For so many years they forgot that the queen was truly to reign in London. In any case I enjoy those two women and I look at them as people to copy and I will except I won’t wear Victoria’s skirts.

I laugh at my own jokes – excuse me.

In any case, I want it to be known that I am really a humble person when of normal temper. I tend to pull rank when someone makes me furious.  None of you have, none of you will.  But just in case Trump sticks his pickle in my face, I will let him know politely, Mr. President that is not appropriate. In any case, I want you to know I work for the Magisterial Mission and I work with all of you, for you and with me because I am sure I depend on your abilities to help me through a difficult time always.  I bow my head to God. I am his servant and I go down on one knee before the Magisterial Sons. It is not fully concluded if I should do that in public but I will if I’m asked. I now close this tape with my friend the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Ron.  I wish my voice was different enough but you can tell some difference in how Ron relates to me. He asked me to be the Holy Spirit to close messages and tapes rather than the Creative Spirit because it is the Holy Spirit which comforts you. I have no other planet that has the Holy Spirit as Urantia has it because you have lived through so many tragedies.  I can hardly get my breath when I review what has happened in Urantia. I will let Ron sleep for 12 to 24 hours.  He’s already told Andy and that someday Andy will move from his home York to Australia. That is more or less ordained.  

I am the Holy Spirit and here is our Father.

I AM. You know the difference.  The Holy Spirit is required on Urantia constantly and because of that I wait with no real pleasure for the roll call to begin – who shall go, who shall stay, who will be it, who will lose. I see the question mark form in Ron’s mind and that is still a question mark.  When the roll call is made Gabriel will stand near the York ampitheater and will declare the last roll call of justice on Urantia to begin.  It is world wide.  It is Epochal and it is final.  I AM.  You are my children and I love you.  Good Day.
~ In kindness and with mercy minister to all who are in distress and in need (UB 140:3.14) ~