Author Topic: Complaints Issued and Spirit's View of the Complaints 102517  (Read 154 times)

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Complaints Issued and Spirit's View of the Complaints 102517
« on: October 25, 2017, 10:41:21 PM »
Ron Notes - David Chuhran is a professional working in the finance industry.  In the past few days he has made it clear that either the tapes are fraudulent or that spirit is totally unifmormed about the gold reserve problem for the Untied States.  David gets angry when I point out to him that there are two different systems: one he works in as a financial person, and one spirit works in that uses a different process to obtain the numbers they report out in my audio tapes of recent days past.

First I want it known this is an unusual step to take with anyone who calls out errors in my work.  I accept I do make errors and that I correct them if I know about them soon enough.  However, the tapes represent the truth of the matter and David takes serious issue with them.  I am not angry by that but he cannot be convinced why there is such a difference between what he knows and what spirit knows.  Michael asked me to speak to the issue by transmitting him on the subject of gold reserves and David's problem in accepting them.  I also know that some financial persons also look and hear the tapes and they too wonder where those big numbers come from.  Michael wishes to address that problem now not just with David Chuhran but with the questions we have before us.  Thank you.  ron

"I direct my remarks now to David Chuhran.  For some reason you do not take kindly to the views that Ron holds on many subjects and I regret you have such a hard time doing so since you alone are full of competent information is you would allow your tempter to reflect and read better what Ron sends you.  He does not disagree with your statements and points out to you that the process of spirit alone is so different that you cannot rely on your onw knowledge or the way you do things.  I see Ron work between the world of regulation and the world of spirit quite well and it does not confuse him as it confuses you to work between the two.  I am sending an angel to your side to ascertain if this is a mental problem or a emotional problem, because Ron notes to me you have an exceedingly difficult time figuring out how to follow orders or as Ron puts it, recipes, as you do not listen and often do as you please.  We are hostile to that type of personality David, ad we doubt that in spite of all this good information you have in your own mind that it will sit there without ous using it unless you find a less breastful way of remarking on what Ron does.  I leave this to all of you then:

"I am not unkind to David Chuhran, but Ron has washed his hands of communication with him several times do to the recalcitrant and unkind remarks that come back from David.  David you cannot be reasoned with and we wish it were otherwise, but you must understand we are in the throes of making the mission work in York and we will do so with or without you or Ron if it comes to that.  We mean what we say and Ron laughs becasue he knows it can be done easily.  We further report that all things cohere in the Father and the Father sees to it that you David have a chance but not when you blow so much heat over and issue that you do not fully comprehend as it clearly shows here.  I leave Serara to finis this post."

"I doubt we shall ever have a meeting of minds with David or Ron on issues dear to our hearts but we are sure Ron is ready to compromise when he has to meet our standards and has already done so in many important areas of life.  We adjust with him and we speak to David in tones of a warning: You will fall by the way side if you do not come to terms with your dislike for anything that Ron proposes, but he is sure of his game and you are not yet.  Let things settle between you and see what happens."

"I am just informed that Ron knows all about the boogeyman and I did not until now. We are referring to a barking dog outside his window he has prayed to have killed and we gasp at the mere idea, but you see that is the difference between man and spirit.  We compromised on using a boogeyman to settle the issue.

"The truth about David is that he is ready to move on but is stuck as Ron would call it.  He is ready to go on to the mansion worlds yet he is so stubborn that he cannot find the time to settle the issues he finds with Ron at all.  Therefore, ron says to the Magisterial Sons, if this is the best we can do in consultation then we are not doing so well.  I recommend David you hold your fire until you know the facts although what you did was to inspire the need for this post to this forum over the issue of the tapes and the gold available to the US if it needed it. Good day."

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Re: Complaints Issued and Spirit's View of the Complaints 102517
« Reply #1 on: October 26, 2017, 03:29:48 AM »
I take no issue with this. I am just so grateful that gold is aplenty when it is necessary, if not essential, for so much that even man takes for granted. I watch a show provided by Foxtel,  with the Discovery channel, a show called Aussie Gold Hunters and to put it in perspective: finding and getting gold is both time-consuming, capital-intensive, requires intuitive geologic know-how and downright dusty and dirty hard work and for Father Michael to ship in the extra gold from off-world is even a greater wonder and so much of it is beyond me. Certainly way beyond my pay-grade!  So many of us need to know the difference between man and spirit, and that I agree and understand. In this case, with Ron's recent audio tapes here on Money, it is made clear and even more clear who calls the shots when our mess gets worse as Earth does the unthinkable. It is Father's planet and we are His children. I'm in it and so are we all whether we like it or not!

Certainly, the other thing to learn is to take orders and follow it. I learn it everyday at work and it makes sense to me when Spirit says something I know it is far greater than what man can see in finite terms. This is faith. So be it, the wisdom is in the age to come. Thank you Ron, Father Michael, Serara and Monjoronson.

Your servant,