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Mission news
« on: October 29, 2017, 10:58:31 AM »
Another source of MM news.

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Re: Mission news
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2017, 01:08:17 PM »
Have we not been admonished multiple times on this very site over the last few months not to mix and match news sources from this site/TR?  We have as far as I recall and this is not Mission news, therefore, at least, in any sense to be associated on this site specifically, according to the leadership (Ron).

Dis or Dys-eugenics is the thought form(s) being laid waste in this transmission, as that was the intention of rebellion -- to intentionally lobotomize the TA out of our genetics.

Eugenics is an intentional practice by any an all races to improve the vessel-body of any human being.  For example, eating right, or not smoking during pregnancy; or consciously or unconsciously selecting a suitable mates to procreate with.  At a civilizational scale it would be policies like good, clean water and foods for our bodies and socially equitable access to such irrespective of race.

Epi-eugenics is the reality that genetics does not control us and our behavior, rather, we impact and influence our own genetics, etc.

Ron Besser

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Re: Mission news
« Reply #2 on: October 29, 2017, 01:36:13 PM »
This is not just to you Kurt, but everyone.  The subject of Mezza Verde  has come up at least 15 times on the web site this year alone.  Drop the word "Verde" in the Search Window and you can read them all as a good number of people do what you did Kurt, and to laud or show the site to be useful as an additional outlet with the work we do here.

However, I am not ever going to stop anyone from looking at independent sites for their own information, but please, I want you all to understand, I know Wivine Smets well enough to know of her way of doing  things and that harm she sustained a number of years ago in her quest to clear the Urantia grid and envoy a number of people with her in Europe and Russia to free the souls of children who died as long ago as 25,000 years ago.

Before I tell you more, the constant referencing of the Mezza Verde site just tells me that most of you are so willy nilly in your determination not to read what I say, that you keep pulling a disreputable pair of semi lucid transmitters out of  the bag and pronounce them as well issued as anyone on this web site.  In some cases that may well be, but I do resent that you avoid learning because of the moderator on this site is under the gun to do better than most of the news you give as good from others such as Mezza Verde.  Kurt we did discuss this site between ourselves on one or two occasions but I can't complain you remembered because I too suffer lapses of memory I rather not, but Mezza Verde is good for beginners but not for those who are fully partitioned to work for the Magisterial Mission that use this web site as their true north.

Now the point:  Wivine is a dear, dear lady and I love her for her dedication and work.  I know something of the Melchizedek corp that words with her and she also can read the Master Spirits of Aya and Ocilliaya and sometimes Seraya (Voice of the Father and MS #1).  I never want it to be known she is out of place, but I must remind you she does not transmit anything new that we here have not already transmitted and she is not fully attuned to her Thought Adjuster due to the terrible experience in Europe about or around 2010.  I used her material to help me get situated with the Master Spirits and the Father and she has a life long ambition to resurrect the Mayan Culture in Belize and other Central American Countries, but her primary task is to file for divorce from those around here and get going on the high regard she has for God without all the trappings she now surrounds herself with to feel better obligated in her service to God.

Let me be plainly spoken:  Wivine has an important part to play.  If you wish to read her for sense, you can get it, and she places the same information we do here only in Flemish or French or Wallon and sometimes in Dutch, and labors intensively to place the results into English, which is quite unnatural to her and while she does very well it misses the full transmission meaning.  She was born and raised in Belgium and speaks many languages fluently but reading here in English is only half passing what she receives in her native language of what I call Flemish as she calls something else.  This site of hers has been reference in all on this site about 26 times and in 2015, fifty-two (52) times.  It is not news; it is a result of bad memory and not understanding that while Mezza Verde is readable, it does not carry what we carry here for those who are serious about working for the Magisterial Mission. 

Stubborn men and women have come and gone on this web site and they all complain about me, and that I carry the brunt of the revelatory information but fail to carry all of you because I really do not care what you do with the information.  You Kurt are truly slow to recognize your attitude as wanting, but put yourself either in my shoes or the Creator Son's shoes and see how lean your return work really is and how it appears you seriously take this entire spiritual issue at the every best as in second place and an add on to your life otherwise that can be placed aside or removed entirely depending on how the wind blows.  Gone are the days that speaking well matters, and gone are the days when people could respect each other for what they said but not agreeable to them, but this business of constantly referencing other sources for information you do not remember being given here is a bit of a let down to me as one who does care that the Magisterial Mission has personnel it can truly work with with the assurance they are competent.

I do not doubt I will have to do this several more times until there is resolution with Mezza Verde and my friend Wivine Smets, but when it does, all are free in my own mind to use what they want to,  but you will neither have the Internet or email software to close over facts you really have no use for or want to use again and again when they become so outdated they pass no approval for use any longer.  For now I suggest you leave Mezza Verde alone except for a curiosity it can be for information correct and incorrect depending on the translation.

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