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Gabriel Over the White House A Movie
« on: November 03, 2016, 10:21:21 AM »
A couple of weeks ago as I was looking through what was playing on TMC  since I sometimes enjoy  watching the old classics.,  I noticed  the title "Gabriel Over The White House" which, considering all that is going on and will soon go on, it naturally grabbed my attention.

I discovered that it was  released in 1933 just before Roosevelt's Inauguration, who had seen the film and even had sent in several suggested script changes.   The basic plot of this very controversial film in short is that When the film opens, U.S. President Judson C. 'Judd' Hammond, played by John Houston, basically a do-nothing crook  suffers a near-fatal automobile accident and goes into a coma. Through  "possible divine intervention, Hammond (an "FDR lookalike") miraculously recovers, emerging "a changed man, an activist politician, a Roosevelt."  President Hammond makes "a political U-turn," purging his entire cabinet of "big-business lackeys." When Congress impeaches him, he responds by dissolving the legislative branch, assuming the “temporary” power to make laws as he "transforms himself into an all-powerful dictator."  Hammond then blackmails the world into disarmament, ushering in global peace.

The film is unique in that, by revoking the Constitution, etc., President Hammond does not become a villain, but a hero who "solves all of the nation's problems, "bringing peace to the country and the world," and is universally acclaimed “one of the greatest presidents who ever lived".

The Library of Congress commented: "The good news: he reduces unemployment, lifts the country out of the Depression, battles gangsters and Congress, and brings about world peace. The bad news: he's Mussolini."
I have recorded this movie but have not completed watching it but I was so drawn to the title,  the idea of it, and the subject matter.   So I just thought I might share this little "coincidence" with you. The movie of course did create an uproar at the time and would again were it remade during this historic time frame.    Gabriel Over The White  House indeed!!!!   LarryG 

Much of this synopsis comes from original reviews.    I should have put those sections Iin quotes.....
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