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New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: New member intro
« Last post by newstarsaphire on Today at 03:24:46 PM »
Welcome our brother in spirit and thank you for your contribution in doing the will of Our Father. :)
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: The One Step
« Last post by amethyst on Today at 02:00:09 PM »
SophiaVeronica--It is good to see that you are able to post so many good transmissions lately!  I thank you and our beloved Mother Spirit for this.
Thank you so much for this Jeremiah and Lemuel.  I have been so very tired and in pain the last few weeks that I feel somewhat guilty that I have not been able to contribute more to the forum.  This transmission really helps me put things in the right perspective!  
General Discussion / Re: spiritual learning
« Last post by amethyst on Today at 01:41:52 PM »
Wonderful post prozonov.  Thank you and keep them coming.  Good 'food for thought'.
Threads for New Transmissions / The One Step
« Last post by SophiaVeronica on Today at 12:35:02 PM »
Teacher: Mother Spirit
Receiver: SophiaVeronica
Subject: The One Step
Date: October 19, 2018   Local Time: 1:30 pm

This is your Mother from the Spirit World, trust my words. I am here to protect you and  to be of influence while you listen and open up your spiritual ears. Much of our blessings have come to you and you will go forward bringing our blessings to other souls who are hungry for the knowledge and guidance of God, your Father, who has made all things right for you. Now the time has come that the Father will be acknowledged by all of His children,  for this planet has such an overdue vision of God and His creation.
The Father has issued His mandates and He has clothed His Sons of Deity for high offices and so made ready for you the way to find Him, to live with Him and to follow the path that He has prepared for the inhabitants of this world.

The people of this world prefer to follow their own stubborn mind which up to these days has not led them to truth, beauty and goodness, nor are they willing to search for such divine qualities. Truly there are many ways to traverse, but there is just one way to the unfoldment of your soul and that starts with the acknowledgment of the Father, the First Source and Centre of all that is.  This is the great adventure the Father has given to His children of time and space to experience and to eventually lead you to Him, to accept you and to share in His glorious and divine nature.

Pray that humanity will discover and meet the Father, that each and everyone of His creatures may turn inside for direction and development of their souls for which the Father has bestowed upon you a real part of Himself to lead you in trust and confidence.
Receive this present and appreciate in full awareness what has been given to you to find Him and to walk your way up to Him.
May your day be blessed by the knowledge of your soul.  This is Mother Spirit.
New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: New member intro
« Last post by JuliodaLuz on Today at 12:30:09 PM »
Dear Kibet Brian. Welcome to the Serara Forum. After I found this site, I felt that this is a wonderful home. A house where we seek to advance spiritually. Be at home and participate whenever you wish to make a commentary on the numerous subjects that are dealt with here. A big brotherly hug. Julio.


Caro Kibet Brian. Seja muito bem-vindo ao Fórum Serara. Depois que eu encontrei este site, eu senti que esta é uma casa maravilhosa. Uma casa aonde buscamos avançar espiritualmente. Esteja em casa e participe sempre que desejar fazer um comentário nós inúmeros assuntos que são tratados aqui. Um grande abraço fraternal. Julio.
New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: New member intro
« Last post by TrinitiLuv on Today at 12:08:43 PM »
A warm and hearty welcome, Kibet Brian.  The Father has willed that the Serara forum find you - and, voila!  Here you are aboard our spiritual train on a wondrous journey to love and light.  Keep a grip on your ticket and stay on board to our destination, where Father will embrace and welcome us all to our glorious new spiritual abode.  Bon voyage!  Domtia!.....Note: As most on this site know, I write everything  in bold print because I'm older than thunder and these old eyes don't function like times ago
TrinitiLuv  //  Ray Borden  //  20Oct2018  //  Washington DC Metro Area  //

New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: New member intro
« Last post by occerpa on Today at 11:51:39 AM »
New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / New member intro
« Last post by KIBET BRIAN on Today at 05:02:53 AM »

Welcome Kibet to this FORUM, unique and original. A few words of welcome can never go wrong, especially on such a unique occasion to be a member of a type of spiritual club, which I do not think can be reached without being told the way. As you say, the effort, the patience, are fundamental to be able to advance in this path, but nevertheless, I am left with the words of my spiritual guide of many years SAI BABA (I have only one year in the forum), who teaches: "It is the heart that reaches the goal ". The goal will always be God. Success Kibet, and again my welcome.
TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on Today at 10:44:19 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku i po hiszpańsku :
Przekazał : Rene A Duran, starszy członek
Kategoria / Temat : Miejsce na nowe przekazy / "Pęta gospodarki"
« 11 października 2018 r., godz. 00:37:17 »

769)"Pęta gospodarki"

Nauczyciel : Ojciec wszechświata
Przedmiot : "Pęta gospodarki"
Przekazujący : René Durán
10 października 2018 r.
Phoenix, Arizona

769) "Pęta gospodarki"

Mój Ojcze, Ojcze wszeczświata, oto twój syn René de Nebadón, wyczuwam, że będzie mi przekazane coś wielkiego, bardzo wielkiego.

Ojciec Wszechświata - "Rzeczywiście jestem waszym Ojcem Wszechświata, czekającym na godzinę, w której rozpoczniecie waszą pracę, ale jednak okazało się, że wszystko idzie lepiej, niż się spodziewałem w tych dniach przemian, w których Duch raduje się widząc swoich strażników w usposobionych do całkowitej uległości. Mamy rzyjemność ogłosić pożegnanie z bardzo ważnym elementem, który był obecny od tysiącleci na lądach Urantii i teraz jest awangarda obecnych systemów gospodarczych lub modyfikacja, która wprowadzi moich Synów, ekspertów w gospodarce planet.

 "Jestem waszym Ojcem Wszechświata i mówię konkretnie o kajdanach amerykańskiej gospodarki.

Rene - Jakie są te kajdany więżą gospodarkę tego kraju ?

Ojciec Wszechświata - "W rzeczywistości istnieje ich sporo, ale są mocniejsze od innych, jak autorytarne opodatkowanie dostaw towarów zagranicznych". Ten kierunekek lub sposób zostanie usunięty za jakiś czas umożliwiając powrót przepływu handlu. Rzeczone cła powodują ograniczenia w obu kierunkach.

 "Tu wasz Ojciec Wszechświata śledzący jasny i ostateczny tok negocjacji krajów i narodów. Bądźcie świadomi realizacji tych ważnych punktów w życiu narodów.

 "Tu wasz Ojciec Wszechświata, ... znajdujemy się w czasach ktytycznych dla gosodarki, o wielkiej wadze, które znajdą rozwiązanie dzięki pomocy moich Magisterskich Synów i Syna Stwórcy, o których właśnie czytacie na forum.

 "Tu Ojciec Wszechświata. Konsoliduję nasze stanowiska wobec gospodarek Urantii.

"To wszystko na dzisiaj."

General Discussion / spiritual learning
« Last post by prozonov on Today at 10:39:06 AM »
October 20, 2018 at 18.00. local time.
Theme: spiritual learning.
- I am ready to accept the message. Is there anyone who came for this?
Yes. No matter who write.
Today's message will be devoted to your spiritual training.
All our messages are aimed at ensuring that everyone who reads them knows the simple truth: first of all, we care about your spiritual growth. The last thing we think about is material. The development, expansion of the knowledge of the spiritual world in your hearts with the help of the tuners of thought is the main goal. Without developing your own spirit, you will not know the divine purpose, you will not understand why you came to earth. And if the Lord chose you, if you responded to his request to open your heart, learn to live according to his commandments and according to his will, you should feel and responsibility for your deeds and actions.
First of all, caring about your spiritual development, you must sow the spiritual and among relatives, friends, acquaintances. Of course, the majority do not understand you, reject and even consider, to put it mildly, not from this world. That is why you must teach people by your personal example of wisdom, humility, piety, and the fulfillment of the will of the Father.
Difficulties on this path will not be enough. Especially in the days of trouble. But this time is a great chance for you to test your will, your spiritual qualities among people who are in grief and confusion. The Spirit of the Father, the Spirit of the Divine Guardian will always be with you, if you only want this, if you faithfully fulfill the will of the Father, in spite of any difficulties and persecutions. And persecution will certainly be. Not everyone is able to receive the word of God when he is left with nothing ...
But you still have time to prepare. Learn how Jesus was taught by the apostles, how he insisted on preaching. You, as the apostles in this world, as his faithful disciples, as fireflies in the dark world of chaos and unbelief.
I wish you success.
20 октября 2018 года 18.00. местного времени.
Тема: духовное обучение.
- Я готов принять сообщение. Есть кто пришел для этого?
Да. Неважно кто, пиши.
Сегодняшнее послание будет посвящено вашему духовному обучению.
Все наши послания направлены на то, чтобы все, кто их читает, познали простую истину: прежде всего мы заботимся о вашем духовном росте. Меньше всего мы думаем о материальном. Развитие, расширение познаний духовного мира в ваших сердцах с помощи настройщиков мысли – вот главная цель. Без развития собственного духа вы не познаете божественного предназначения, не поймете, для чего пришли на землю. И если Господь выбрал вас, если вы откликнулись на его просьбу открыть свое сердце, учиться жить по его заповедям и по его воли, вы должны чувствовать и ответственность за свои дела и поступки.
Прежде всего заботясь о своем духовном развитии, вы должны сеять духовное и среди родных, близких, знакомых. Конечно, большинство вас не понимают, отвергают и даже считают, мягко говоря, не от мира сего. Вот почему вы должны учить людей личным примером мудрости, смирения, благочестия и исполнения воли Отца.
Трудностей на этом пути будет не мало. Особенно в дни скорби. Но это время для вас великий шанс испытать свою волю, свои духовные качества среди людей, находящихся в горе и смятении. Дух Отца, Дух Божественно Попечительницы будет всегда с вами, если вы только этого захотите, если преданно будете выполнять волю Отца, несмотря ни на какие трудности и гонения. А гонения непременно будут. Не каждый способен принять слово Божье, когда он остался ни с чем…
Но у вас есть еще время подготовиться. Изучайте, как Иису учил апостолов, как насталял их к проповеднической деятельности. Вы, как апостолы в этом мире, как его верные ученики, как светлячки в темном мире хаоса и безверия.
Успехов вам.
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