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Ron Besser

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Mantutia -
Update on missions and Raphael etc
York PA
19 Oct 2017 at 830PM Local Time.


“Next year, 2018, is the best start dates available for almost everyone on the list; however, there will be startups in York and surrounding areas due to the density of population in the York area which is beginning to feel the pinch in highway design and services, York needs a by pass loop and it will get one since the State is never ready to tackle York County because of its grubby financial concerns and access to businesses; however, Ron proposed to several localities that they build a limited access road while they could and was cold shouldered by all for even suggesting it.  He also fees that to take land for highways is insulting to local people and their yards and proposes they give land to the Magisterial Mission so we can build the highway efficiently and correctly and assign all rights to the State.  That is of course that we need a new highway shortly as the time is coming when gas shortages and natural gas shortages will start to appear for lack of wells and transport nearby,

“We also suggest that the highway bypass follow the course of existing highways and that businesses be relocated to make use of the added traffic from Interstate travelers who will go through York just to see the buildings we erect to house the Magisterial Mission there.

“We also get written when I dictate the words Magisterial Mission, Ron almost always writes “Magisterial Missions,” plural, He asked me why and I tell him that he hears the truth first and what I say second and his mind uses the plural of Mission as Missions.  Why?  In truth there are three Magisterial Missions at once and they are totally infused with each other so then we just call it one Mission so as not to confuse the slow readers.  I leave it at that for now.

“Secondly, the House that Jack built is delivering awful smoke and wisps of dirty air over the Trump illusions he keeps fielding in order not to get tied down in agreements he cannot control.  He is close to losing the battle for health insurance and we ill propose the entire matter be dropped as the Magisterial Mission intends on providing the United States its health care facilities and we will leave it at that for now.

“Third, we write the next mostly in jest, and that is to tell the story of a broken bottle of pills we saw on the highway this morning as we passed by.  In the jar was a note with what pills were left, and it said, ‘Joy to the World, and I just go enough to last me a life time in the next prescription!’   N\My retort was to say ‘no way!’ and leave it alone, but I also heard the Creative Spirit say, ‘your next prescription will be in the mansion worlds lost soul, becasue we clean the place right up and forget the opiod investigation because the opiods will be banned by the Magistgerial Mission and other pain remedies will be found.’

“Fourth, I carry a big stick this year in order to curtail the rough shot ways Medicare and Medicaid operate in the United States, and that is to call them too expensive and too little as people cannot make out expenses when they have no idea what they are paid to remain well or get well.  Ron has never used his Medicare insurance and is proud to say as much if asked.

"Fifth, the trial we all go through to see a doctor is a waste of good time and we will see to it that home visits are done again.  Visiting offices all the time is hard on the office and almost impossible to go to when really sick.  I propose that Dr. Mendoza establish a clinic in accessible areas for smaller populations that will abound as we get int other Magisterial Mission later on.  In most case the trial to establish clinics is not hard but pesky due to orders of the State to keep clinics at least one mile away from population centers, Why?

“Sixth, the trial to be a source of goodness on Urantia is tough as there is entirely too much going on in personal lives to introduce a scolding score list and we will not do that. Gays, straights, and in-betweener’s will have their own momentum and so long as there is no harm done nothing will be made of these behaviors.  Spirit is not sexual, but mankind is nothing but, and we need to let the usual factions roll without undue candor and to test no one unless they have a rash.

“Seventh, I tell you all this.  We are not coming to Urantia to establish utopia.  We are coming to Urantia to kill off the sin bug and the hate bugs and so on down the line.  Mankind will flourish for some time before he begins to make progress with himself and to change the species well enough not to worry with what is left on Urantia to stop making intellectual and spiritual progress.

“Number Eight, we must take this stuff seriously although when Ron gets on these messages I tend to write with my hair down just enough to use slang more than I usually would, but he misses nothing and I go with it.  Be assured I will police many households and remove drugs and contraband weapons and guns will be controlled very well for a change.  I leave you all with this though for now:

“I am the Magisterial Son of record and I come in as Ron thinks he begins to finish the speech of Michael to all of you, and all of the above is Michael, but I am the seldom l\known, SERARA, and here is my two cents:

I carry a witch’s brew of harmony and disgust of life on Urantia.  Ron is a clear cut young man who I trust to lead the way, but he released a motley crew in many cases and I exclude most of you reading this.  Besides having no real reason to be of good cheer, the transmitter laughs with us when we get going in these messages that have such an informal flair, but you read them easier when they are such.  In any case, we need to tell you that the October 19th deadline has gone and passed and we have done as we promised for this date.  I let Gabriel speak now.

“I am the Bright and Morningstar of Nebadon, and as such I command huge respect from all including ron, who enjoys my speeches since I tend to place the words precisely when I do speak:

“In six weeks from now, and that is the second week of this coming December, the trial to be on staff or not will be evident as we will be fully fledged at that point andall will make use of either the Magisterial Mission or drop it for future staff inclusion.  No one will be denied the art of staff working although only Ron, so far, makes full restitution of what and who will be on staff for our spiritual purposes.  Therefore, he will be accorded the honor of dealing with the likes of Jesus, and Serara, and Monjoronson, and Machiventa Melchizedek, and will represent humanity before us.  Thinking in this manner causes Ron to wonder how to behave so well he can represent the squeaky clean aspects and still be himself?  The answer is Ron is one of the best kept secrets on Urantia and will be kept that way until he is fully loaded into the spirit column at some point in the thousand-year Magisterial Mission.

“Next, I propose that each of you who are fused, and that will include some more who are not heard on this site for the most part, you too will be expanded into to make sure you are complying with the needs of the Mission and not just for yourself as loafers or go-getter's, whatever is the case.  I am trying to explain the need for complicit usages without going into great detail as we used to, but I will allow that the use of drugs of any kind except Alka Seltzer is prohibited and some minor cold medications and aspirin, which we consider harmless, Nonetheless the use of cocaine, barbiturates, marijuana, and poppers and inhaled substances, will not be tolerated.  You need not confess about their use as we know immediately through the Thought Adjuster it has been done.  The angels will secure a report and you will be notified as to the infraction.   Be assured the use of any barbiturates will be cause for immediate dismissal without good cause.  I conclude with the following:

“People who demand a lot give a lot.  I asked Ron what he wanted most and that he said a place to relax and let my hair down for a few weeks if possible, he loves the Adirondacks and we will supply a home there for his use alone and he will invite guests to fish and sail with him.  He will be glad to take orders for cooks and window washers too as he must staff his own home and the vacation spa with competent care takers and let it be known we will not accept anyone so long as there is mischief involved in caring for such properties for Ron or for ourselves.  Ron is studious and wants things spick and span and good meals with lots of creativity.  We will see how this goes when the time comes for all.  I thank you.  I am Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star of Nebadon.”

“Finally, we reach the end of a long message for your update as to what we will be doing in general terms.  In specific terms we know Larry had a good fall today and that is unfortunate as he will now be sore for his incursion into deeper spiritual messages very soon.  We congratulate him for his willingness to keep going even though he felt awful falling like that.  Ron fell seriously too and was sore for weeks and that is not fun when we have nothing to do with it at all except for Ron’s fall and that will not be discussed further.  Good.  And this: I conclude this to say:

“We need people who know how to cook, to make good presentations as teachers and lecturers and people who can transmit before a general audience with competence.  So far that includes Ron as our brightest star.  Lemuel does fine until tested and then he falls apart sometimes.  Larry does well and falls apart sometimes.  Sue cannot hold herself together yet.  Crownover you are budding and not part of it yet. Wendy Winter you do fine if you can control the mercy blush as Ron calles tearing up in the middle of a message, and so on.  Roger Lund you do well enough but are untested.  Dominick O. You have a way to go but are improving rapidly.  Phyllis, you can go with it when you are ready to as you behold yourself unkindly at times and we have to wait you out.   And so it goes.  Ron makes the grade because he finished his work to be on high with us as a registered spiritual asset.  We conclude that the following orders are now ready to assign each of you to a place on high, and that is not known to Ron at all so here it is:


“I Michael of Nebadon do hereby quite and let Gabriel take this section on.


“You all make the grade of believers in the Kingdom.

“You all make the grade as good persons and without the taint of rebellion in you.

“You all are worthy of consideration to be on Staff.  However only one person to begin with is on Staff: Ron Besser, and he is truly a miscreant in that he makes us laugh when we need to be about the business of the Father.  Therefore, he is restricted to no meetings at first and to be able to finish his corporate responsibilities quickly when all is in order.  Otherwise he is found everywhere not.

“No one else is considered on staff and Ron will use Mantutia and Malvantra Melchizedek as his immediate supervisors as one.  He is considered of such importance that we will hold court with him from time to time to make sure he understands what is asked of him and what he is to do immediately.  That done, he is considered free form, By way of exclusion we add that he said he rather be a bud vase, But we go on,

“No one is to worry about money and that includes Ron who will be wealthy by today’s standards, and that he will become very wealthy with all he has to do that is not supplied by us.

“Your work for Ron and for the Melchizedeks will be explained to you when Ron is in control of certain issues of money exchanges and so on, as he will control Starbridge Group, and SG will be in charge of human resources, salaries,m and payments and other monetary concerns.  Good. 

“Finally, the trial to run these missions in a material form is new to us too and we will set precedents with Ron in which you will participate and that requires extraordinary skill in tax matters and legislation concerning taxes and types of corporations we need in place above and beyond what Ron has placed on the table for us to use.  Good.  Now this:

“Be assured we need good people, and we will import foreign individuals to fill in places Ron or others here cannot fill in for us.  As a result we will have a language section on the new discussion forum which we have not mentioned yet due to demands on Ron to get the other web sites up and running which he has and is nearly ready to work on them himself.

“I am not sure why the type of typos Ron has to constantly correct are made so easily, but I recommend to Michael we place the typist in Ron on a new keyboard we designed for him, and that will be delivered to him soon enough.  I have spoken all I need to so far.  I am Gabriel of Salvington.  When I use “of Salvington: it measn I speak officially.  When I use “Michael of Nebadon,” I am speaking off the record. And so on and I wish all a good evening.”


“When I say, Michael of Nebadon, I speak fully for all of us here.  When I use “Christ Michael,” I use it pejoratively, and that means it is used with Christ or as you know him better as Jesus.  When I use the term “Michael of Salvington,” listen up as it is official and is policy.  I now speaks as

“Today marks the fifth time I had to remove pain so severe from Ron’s legs I said that is it and again it is ignored by those on high who project his transition work to be finished this week, so we let it go for the moment.  He had become so weakened this afternoon we had him sit down and pass out into a coma like sleep which he is quite used to but he awoke with a great deal of burning.  I asked Gabriel to examine his lower legs in particular and Gabriel reported they were solid flesh all of a sudden and were useful as legs again.  The feet still burn and hurt a great deal and the mind rings as Larry suggested his did today.  All of this is preliminary to returning Ron to somewhat of a normal state although he is today, blind in his left eye.  Why we are not sure but that is an ongoing challenge to Uversa and ourselves on Salvington.  Today we told Ron we will mitigate that pain and relieve him of coma-like sleep, but Uversa informs us that is not possible until tonight when the final touches will again be applied to his body.  He will be kept awake most of the night to finish the six year treatment and we will greet him tomorrow, the 20th of October, hopefully, mostly normal again.  That concludes what I have to say as Michael of Salvington and Ron we do not give pots of ivy to those who finish their transition.


“We all congratulate all of you for standing well and high in spite of years of bother in all of what we have to establish on Urantia. In most cases we are trialing the old and weak who have little to say about the whipping they took at home and abroad sometimes.  I also say this for the record:

“We attempted to clue Daniel Raphael into the course that is showing up now, and he reluctantly read what I had dictated to Ron, but finds nothing but shoals in his heart concerning cooperation with our Staff person, For this he has work remaining to do and the rest is up to him in the near future.  In many ways this represents what we all have to face on Urantia, and Ron looks at it as a “pass,” and that in bridge places a hand outside of control and gives it to others.  That is what will happen here unfortunately.  Good day.  Michael.”


“I seldom inject into personal situations, but the Raphael ball is done and we leave it for good as Ron did several months ago as an inconsequential placement of services to be no longer of any great use to Urantia.  Rayson would like to speak on the record to the Raphael crew as Rayson held years of work with Raphael in several groups composed by that individual.”

RAYSON - (On the matter of Raphael)

“I am Rayson and I know Raphael will read this as he never misses a missive from me when I need to report something quite seriously and forth rightfully

“Listen to this report from a Tertiary Supernaphim concerning your last transmission with Machiventa Melchizedek:

“‘We the undersigned do hereby give credence to Michael of Nebadon to establish a Team concept between Ron Besser and Daniel Raphael, and when that is established between those two humans, we will conduct an interview with Daniel Raphael, and Ron Besser to see where issues lie between these two personalities.  We do hereby make the following suggestions to make this work well:

    1) Ron is ready to go and he needs no upstaging to make him work better;
    2) Daniel Raphael has a repetitive heart problem necessitating medical attention;
    3) Daniel Raphael needs remedial work in the brain core and stem and must obey certain prerogatives and will not obey them unless he is corrected to some extent.  It is not rebellion genetics but a disposition rough with years of battles with those he trusted and found fault with to extremes.
    4) Raphael is not necessary if Ron objects to his presence but we have interviewed Ron on several occasions and he holds no grudge with the man whatsoever, He is free of the taint of the dislike of humans for their mistakes;
    5) We give no objection to Rayson finding other partners to work with, but Ron Besser has provided the Magisterial Son full credentials if Rayson wishes to use him for additional work.

RAYSON continues . . .

“As far as Daniel Raphael goes, we will square the wagons another time in his presence and let him know where he stands with most of us in the Magisterial Mission, as he alone has caused so much trouble with a few certain others that we will wash our hands of him to get rid of the negativity.  Thank you. Rayson”


“I finalize this report as it is and do not shorten it Ron as you do it to save us the trouble or explaining detail after detail, but we gave our best shot on a whole lot of things, and you are not wrong to hold back on certain issues that must be settled quickly including your heart and soul and people you need to meet very soon to get this thing out of t he dark ages and into the light of the current time, Good day. Michael.”

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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I am a trifle incapacitated today and tomorrow and only have my  small  annoying ipad  to type on but I just want to write that I have been hoping  the last three days for an update just as we have received through this reception that gives us such a "down to earth"  review and update in terms all can understand.   My deepest thanks and gratitude to all involved as they have given us so much clarity with this as we all continue on in our love and dedication, faith, trust, confidence with the Mission/Missions  in all it' forms and manifestations.     LarryG
"What you are today is not so important as what you are becoming day by day so Let us be about the Father's Business"

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Very interesting read Ron.

Thank you much for posting these transmissions of which I am not the least discontented. Not to any dates or any previous anticipations. I still see them, and always, if not by nightfall, then as tomorrow, still approaching, to soon be here. Each day is just another faith healing experience of sunshine. The days just continue to flow as normal towards the righteous timeline and directions of God as he does without a doubt know best exactly when to act for the good of all. However it sure is nice that we can now see the salvation "coming in the clouds of glory."

I was so happy to read that the tests to us all resulted as "without a taint of rebellion" in us. Such great news, as beautiful music to my ears!

Please take note; for yourself, brothers and sisters, and of all the spirit persons that may someday be of incarnation... I love to Cook! I like to cook and feed people. My hospitality manners are seldom seen in city life. I love to bring a smile of surprise and satisfaction to visitors of my home or at gatherings to enjoy my food and drink creations. So as I continue to "bud", remember; I can cook, clean, rearrange, organize, create and give quick response to calls for help. I am always ready with a sense of urgency to those I am near, to give my friendly helping hands to any task. I generally have no fear. And I do not procrastinate, but only for safety.

Later Bro, Don

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Hi Don. Just like you I also like to cook and would like to work with food. By the way I do my own healthy meal every day, independently. At the end of the week, I make a special meal with a family prayer, usually on Sunday night.
                 Who came to Brazil at the 2014 World Cup or at the 2016 Olympics has one of the best memories of Brazilian food, this was revealed through research with foreign people who were in Brazil.
                 Here in Brazil there are self-service restaurants where the people themselves serve and is paid per kilogram.
                 I love self service restaurant by kilogram for several reasons.
                                      First, you do not have to wait because the dishes are ready and you even choose your favorite foods within a significant amount of salads and various cooked and baked foods. So, the cuisine of several countries may be in the option of this menu, from the menu of the restaurant.

                                     Second, you only pay for what you eat and thus avoid waste.

                                     Third, there is usually an expressive amount of food available in self-service restaurants per kilogram, thus supplying a healthy diet with nutrients of all kinds that are needed for the full development of the healthy physical body.
                 My dream is that it becomes popular in the United States and, perhaps, in the world, the self-service restaurants per kilogram that are already available, practically, in all regions of Brazil.

                  I myself would like to have my own restaurant "self-service per kilogram".
                   The greatest lack that Brazilians feel abroad, when traveling to the various countries of the world is the lack of Brazilian food, with traditional rice made in different ways (rice, white rice, etc.) and beans, as well as meats and salads cassava, fried manioc.

                   There are also traditional salads in Brazil, such as meat pies, cheese pastries, pastries of various types of flavors, with prawn pastes, etc. The chicken "coxinha". The cheese loaves that are made with the manioc starch.
                   There is the traditional gaucho barbecue. I am gaucho and I know how to make a good barbecue gaucho (even being vegetarian) with different meats. In my case, I usually make fish grills
                   There are typical foods from Brazil that are very nutritious and represent healthy food. Among the fruits I can speak of some Chestnuts:
                                   - The Chestnut of Pará that, at the moment, changed of name for Chestnut of Brazil.
                                   - The Cashew Nut.
                           Other fruits from the Amazon rainforest:
                                            - Acerola (red corolation fruit), very high in vitamin C;
                                            - Acai (fruit purple or black and "Anthocyanins") is also very rich in vitamins rich in vitamins E, B1, B2, B3 and C, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, minerals and potassium
                   - Manioc comes from Brazil. Cassava (which has no gluten) can be eaten in a variety of ways. Cassava is known by several names, among them as "Aipim". In the northeast region, a separation of the types of cassava by the name is made. The cassava that can be cooked call by the name of macaxeira. The cassava that can not be cooked (because it is poisonous) simply calls by the name cassava itself. This cassava (with poison) must be processed to remove the toxic material and then transformed into manioc flour or manioc starch.
                     This message is important because I learned that they took the cassava (with poison) to Asia and people became intoxicated by having fed the cassava in natura, that is, cooked, without processing to remove the toxins.
                     The difference of the cassava is in the coloring of the leaves. Unless mistaken, "wild" (toxic) cassava, which must be processed before it becomes food, has leaves with a few shades of red.
                     I have now researched the internet about cassava "braba": - Drying (by heat from the sun or dryers) eliminates poison by volatilization. The hydrocyanic acid is volatile at a temperature of 26 ° C.
                     From the manioc flour is made the farofa. The farofa can be made with several ingredients. Examples: - Farofa with eggs; Farofa with beans; Farofa with meat; Farofa with nuts.
                     The cassava or aipim, in natura (that is to say cooked), as well as the other dishes with cassava are a very good and delicious food.
                    You can also make the fried manioc, that is, first the cassava is cooked and then it is fried, as is done with the french fries.
                    There is another meal known in Brazil, the base of cooked cassava that is called "escondidinho". The name is why the cooked cassava, actually a manioc puree is on top, hiding the main dish below. Usually the special dish is some kind of meat. It can be beef, chicken, and even a fish sauce, for example, tuna sauce.
                    I, from time to time, make a "hidden" tuna at home.

Oi Don. Da mesma maneira que você eu também gosto de cozinhar e gostaria de trabalhar com alimentos. Aliás eu faço a minha própria refeição saudável todos os dias, de forma independente. No final de semana, eu faço uma refeição especial, com uma oração em família, normalmente, no domingo de noite.
              Quem veio ao Brasil na Copa do Mundo de 2014 ou nas Olimpíadas de 2016 tem como uma das melhores recordações a comida brasileira, isto foi revelado através de pesquisas com as pessoas estrangeiras que estiveram no Brasil.
              Aqui no Brasil existe os restaurantes "self-service" em que as próprias pessoas se servem e é pago por kilograma.
              Eu adoro restaurante self-service por quilograma por vários motivos.

                                 Primeiro, você não precisa esperar, pois os pratos estão prontos e você mesmo escolhe seus alimentos preferidos dentro de uma quantidade significativa de opções de saladas e alimentos diversos cozidos e assados. Então, a culinária de diversos países pode estar na opção deste cardápio, do menu do restaurante.

                                Segundo, você paga apenas pelo que come e assim evita o desperdício.

                                Terceiro, normalmente existe uma quantidade expressiva de alimentos disponíveis, nos restaurantes self-service por kilograma, suprindo assim uma dieta saudável com nutrientes de todos os tipos que são necessários para o pleno desenvolvimento do corpo físico com saúde.

                               O meu sonho é que se torne popular nos Estados Unidos e, quem sabe, no mundo os restaurantes self-service por quilograma que já estão disponíveis, praticamente, em todas as regiões do Brasil.

                               Eu mesmo gostaria de ter o meu próprio restaurante "self-service por kilograma".
                               A maior falta que os brasileiros sentem no exterior, quando viajam para os diversos países do mundo é a falta da comida brasileira, com o tradicional arroz feito de diversas maneiras (arroz carreteiro, arroz branco, etc) e feijão, além de carnes e saladas diversas, além da mandioca cozida, mandioca frita.
                              Existem também salgados tradicionais no Brasil, como pastéis de carne, pastéis de queijo, pastéis de vários tipos de sabores, com pastéis de camarão,  etc. A "coxinha" de frango. Os pãos-de-queijo que são feito com a fécula da mandioca.
                              Existe o tradicional churrasco gaúcho. Eu sou gaúcho e eu sei fazer um bom churrasco gaúcho (mesmo sendo vegetariano) com diversas carnes. No meu caso eu, normalmente, faço churrasco de peixe
                              Existem alimentos típicos do Brasil que são bem nutritivos e que representam uma comida saudável. Entre as frutas posso falar de algumas Castanhas:
                                                            - A Castanha do Pará que, atualmente, mudou de nome para Castanha do Brasil.
                                                            -  A Castanha de Caju.
                               Outras frutas provenientes da floresta amazônica:
                                           - Acerola (fruta de corolação vermelha), ríquissima em vitamina C;
                                          - Açaí, (fruta de coloração roxa ou preta e de "Antocianinas") também é muito rica em vitamina, rica em vitaminas E, B1, B2, B3 e C, fibras, cálcio, fósforo, ferro, minerais e potássio
                                - A mandioca é proveniente do Brasil. A Mandioca (que não tem glútem) pode ser comida de várias maneiras. A mandioca é conhecida com vários nomes, entre eles como "Aipim". Na região nordeste, é feito uma separação dos tipos de mandioca pelo nome. A mandioca que pode ser cozida chamam pelo nome de macaxeira. A mandioca que não pode ser cozida (pois é venenosa) chamam simplesmente pelo próprio nome de mandioca. Esta mandioca (com veneno), deve ser processada para retirar o material tóxico e transformar, então, em farinha de mandioca ou fécula de mandioca.
                                Este recado é importante, pois eu soube que levaram a mandioca (com veneno) para Ásia e pessoas ficaram intoxicadas por ter alimentado da mandioca in natura, ou seja, cozida, sem processamento para retirar as toxinas.
                               A diferença das mandiocas está na coloração das folhas. Salvo engano, a mandioca "braba" (tóxica) e que deve ser processada antes de se tornar alimento, tem folhas com alguns tons de vermelho.
                               Pesquisei agora na internet sobre a mandioca "braba": - A secagem (pelo calor do sol ou de secadores) elimina veneno por volatilização. O ácido cianídrico é volátil a temperatura de 26 ºC.
                              Da farinha de mandioca se faz a farofa. A farofa pode ser feita com vários ingredientes. Exemplos: - Farofa com ovos; Farofa com feijão; Farofa com carne; Farofa com castanhas.
                             A mandioca ou aipim, in natura (ou seja cozida), bem como os demais pratos com mandioca são uma comida muito boa e gostosa.
                             Também pode ser feita a mandioca frita, ou seja, primeiro é cozida a mandioca e depois é frita, assim como se faz com a batata-frita.
                            Existe outra refeição conhecida no Brasil, a base de mandioca cozida que se chama "escondidinho". O nome é por que a mandioca cozida, na verdade um purê de mandioca fica na parte de cima, escondendo o prato principal que fica em baixo. Normalmente o prato especial é algum tipo de carne. Pode ser carne bovina, carne de frango, e até um molho de peixe, por exemplo, molho de atum.
                             Eu, de vez em quando, faço em casa um "escondidinho" de atum.

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I'd like to add my ha'pennies worth to this discussion.   I enjoy cooking and baking.   It's one of the ways that I show my love.   Unfortunately, Ron is looking for "lots of creativity" in his food.   That certainly leaves me out.   I am not a gourmet cook.   You will not find a cornucopeia of perfectly designed fruit in the centerpiece.    I am a Pennsylvania Dutch cook.   That means that I do comfort food.   I don't do low calorie or low fat unless I'm threatened!   You will not lose weight with me.   I see there are several others who have offered to cook.   Don't worry, Ron, you won't have to call for take-out!

Happy Trails everyone!
"Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words."  - St. Francis of Assisi

Ron Besser

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Allie, this is off subject, but when I say creative cooking, I mean do not cook a roast beef until it is a piece of tasteless cardboard as mother always did.  Just a little pink or blush in the center helps a lot and preserves at least a few of those precious B vitamins we all need to keep emotionally fit and boisterous in our approach to the opposite sex.  Cook needs to understand you need not bleed all good things out to be free of viruses and bacteria harmful and otherwise, as science will have to learn that certain cooking temperatures recommended in restaurants is actually harmful to the gut in some cases.  I wont get into that here, but I am sure you would fit the bill as someone who likes to cook as many of the ladies and gents out there can probably do as well, but having that kind of staff is years off anyway so let us not worry it yet.  Thank you.  Ron
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I'm beginning to feel too bad with deadlines. I would just like to know if we can on a personal level begin the promotion of the Magisterial Sons Mission on the ground (a mission of information across populations), we've been around for some years now. Speaking one's mind when things do not unfold as transmitted is not a conduct of rebellion.



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I feel your frustration.  I am a newbie as compared to a lot of members here having discovered TUB only about 4 years ago. The only thing I can add is whatever is happening here and most of the world is really not within our control. Our destiny as a planet if left alone is already a given.  I have learned much from all the lessons from the Teaching Mission especially those special ones that Michael together with Nebadonia have relayed.  I am eternally grateful to Ron and all the rest of the T/Rs from 1974 down to today.  It would have been impossible for me to meet many new friends who share the same love of God.  What I am today is so totally different from what I was 4 years ago and I feel so blessed and so privileged.

I sometimes think too that if only we could flood the whole world with these loving messages things would change fast but it is not so because even in Jesus' time when He Himself was here and tried to make people see how wrong was their way of thinking, it didn't happen.  Yes 'it will take millenia'.  

We can still do a lot of things on our own.  One is to focus on our soul growth with our TA, prepare ourselves for what will be coming in the days ahead.  Does it really matter when the Magisterial Mission will take place? Isn't it already a given because our Divine Parents have said it many many times before.  No one is constrained not to start anything that will alleviate any evil condition in our lives.  We are free to start anything you can think of that will bring some hope and light to our neighbors in need.  If you think there are things we can do now we would gladly hear it.

~ In kindness and with mercy minister to all who are in distress and in need (UB 140:3.14) ~


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Pronto- I agree with Evan. You can make a difference in your community today by simply spreading the word of the Fatherhood of God to those around you wherever that may be. There is Forumite living and spreading the Word of God today in Africa who has done incredible things! Anyone can if they want to. My peace I send to you.


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Kurt, if you're talking about Forumite ASSALE, he's still sending me his Father's Paradise Press Review Lessons via private emails. He says he keeps visiting the forum as a guest but is very busy on the ground doing what he enjoys best: Spreading the news about Father via wonderful teaching innovations. I'm looking forward to reading his posts again.