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Teacher: Mother Nebadonia
Subject: Preparation for the Missions on various levels
Category: Teaching Mission Skills including Transmitting
TR: Brad Cooke, Namur, Quebec, Canada
August 1, 2016 2250hrs EST

Is there anything that you have for me that needs to be communicated to the forum at this time?
Yes there is Brad. Remember we talked about being prepared and knowing what to do or how to act in certain situations if and when they come up, well this is important, and cannot be overstressed at this time and more so in the coming weeks.

In what way should I or anyone else be prepared?

At many levels. The basics are a good place to start: food, shelter, water. This is something that we shoulds all practise: it's called provident living, and it can be used for you, your family, your extended family, your friends, your neighbours. Just stock what is needed...remember, this is not hoarding in times of shortage or panic or fear. This is something we should always case of unemployement, sickness, financial issues, etc...better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Ok, that's a given, guess we can swing some if not all of these.

Don't forget to make, plan, disscuss with friends and family what to do, where to meet, who to call, whenever the need should arise. You should be a solid and solvent person, or work towards becoming one.

Any other thing to prepare?

Yes, financially. We live in an age of wonderful technology, but what do you do if the ATM at your neighbourhood stops functionning, for example. It's good to always keep some emergency funds on hand, and stored in a safe, convinient place. You may or may not share this info with others. Also, strive to live with a debt load that is as small as possible. Being debt free is always a goal to keep in mind...this way you are not subservient needlessly.

Ok, well, that's a big one. Is there anything else to prep?

Yes, the most imporant relating to the mental, spiritual and emotional side. There is going to be a lot of events going on around you locally, regionally, all the way up on a global level. That is going to be alot to deal with from all points. You need to learn to relax, be calm, take decisions, act upon them, become a leader in your entourage, and a follower of Jesus, more than you have ever thought possible.
You will be asked in this Mission to do much. Many will question your abilities, and even your sanity at times. The appearance of Jesus and otheres will do much to lend credibility, but you also must so to say, grow up and take the reins.
That is why the time is now to take up your daily rituals to pray, meditate, reach out to those that are around you.
Learn to practice the fine art of charity of Jesus: his love was the definition of charity.

Start to temper your thoughts, words, and acts.

That's alot to take in!

There is is your reading of TUB proceeding? If you are to be part of this Mission, than you need to up your knowledge of this. Make it a daily ritual to read, and digest TUB.

How mobile are you? Is transport available in your area. You have emergency fuel, bus tickets, a friend you can count on for transport, train schedules, etc. This may be important, or not depending as to where you are.

Is ytour home a place of knowledge and skill? Now is a good time to brush up on language skills in whatever language you use...even a 2nd or 3rd language. The Missions will need persons that are able to speak publicly, inpire calm, and promote peace. Mastering yourself is how to do it. Many disciplines are available that can help you in those areas: tai-chi, yoga, etc and many more.
This leads to health and fitness. Your body, it has been said over and over is a temple for you and for you to host your order to get the most out of this life, you must aim to get the best health you can through proper diet, exercise, and when needed, medications. Due to many reasons, many of your do not enjoy perfect health, you can however, strive to maintain good health. A sound mind can also be included in this. Many things can be done to occupy your minf to keep sharp: games, learning new skills, etc. And yes, this important...too much of your time may be spoent on items that will nnot always contribute to your well being.
Music and the arts are another way to improve your outlook, and create joy and satisfaction....learn to paint, sing, play an instrument. All that your have in this was created beforehand for your enjoyment and edification.

This is alot to go with!

We can go on for alot about clothing? Some of you will require clothing for colder climes...York does get cold in the winter! That aside, a change of clothes is needed at times, good to have spares around. This goes for shoes, boots, and such as well.

As you can tell. There is much to be done. One more item I want to cover, and that is TR. This is one area that needs to be addressed. Many of your are progressing rapidly, and others will get there also. The method comes from stillness. You are not all the same, so your way of listening and deciphering what is transmitted may vary slightly from one to another...the important thing is to keep at it. Make that a daily ritual. Find a good place, quiet, where you are at ease, and will not be disturbed....and listen...just listen...stillness will get you there. When we speak with you, you will find that the words will suddenly start to pour forth. I think that is all for now. I sense you are tired after a long day's work.
Good night Brad.

Mother Nebadonia, thank you so much for the love and importance you have pointed out in the message. I will post this. Thank-you, my love goes out to you dear Mother.

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