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This post from the 1111 Group today is from Monjoronson speaking and it really succinctly tells you the reader just what he intends to do.  If you are asked, what is a Magisterial Mission going to do on earth, remember this post as He tells you exactly what the Mission is going to do and put into effect on Urantia.

TEXT 1111 Group Transmission

São Carlos -- SP, Brazil, December 21, 2018.
Teacher: Avonal Son, Monjoronson.
Subject: “More on Urantia’s Magisterial Mission.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Monjonronson: “It is I, or as you call me, your Avonal Son of God, answering your concerns. One thing that many still do not realize is that I will not appear ‘in glory and power’. I will appear as a ‘male of your realm’ and in this condition during my mission to Urantia I will serve for about 1000 years. My Avonal identity will at first be known by comparatively few. The ministry of a Magisterial Son on a world such as yours is gradual and progressive. A Son of God coming to a world reveals Himself to those who believe. Even when Christ Michael returns to your world in power and glory, as He promised, many still will not believe it, but faith is never optional or unnecessary. The divine plan for your world will be fulfilled according to the will of the Father and as executed by Michael. However, it counts and depends on faith reception from the majority of its inhabitants, but not all.

“When soon I fully manifest, it will be more on the fashion of when Machiventa Melchizedek bestowed himself upon your world in Abraham’s days. His was a short mission to not let the truth about the true God ‘wither’ beyond recognition. Mine is an extensive project to continue the proclamation of the real Gospel of Jesus of Nazareth, restating it to another day and generation, mostly to strengthen the now embryonic Fraternity of Man and Women on Urantia, and to finally reverse the social and political effects of Lucifer Rebellion which installed such a detrimental and dangerous nationalism in the governmental system of your world.

“From the three-part aspects of my mission, the brotherhood of man and woman, the establishment of a global government, and the global ‘diffusion’ of one language, none is easier. The spiritual aspect (brotherhood) is the most challengeable, due the evil remnants of Lucifer’s folly. The political aspect (one government) already has its starting point on the inter-nations markets recently created, and the social aspect (one language) also is promising since the best candidate for that, the English tongue, is not linked to just one nation as happened to global languages in the past. None of this will be successful if there won’t be a methodic, efficient way to reduce the genetic maladies now encrusted into the Urantian races, with individuals wholly incapacitated for the expression of noble and spiritual values that really improve human civilization and boost it towards the ideal of the Kingdom of God.

“The fact that my ultimate presence here is already known and believed across the globe is, no doubt, an important help for when my full manifestation occurs. However, besides understanding the gradual and progressive aspect of my mission, it is important to know that, although my performance will be strictly according to the principles of a Magisterial Mission and to the mandate and wise directions of Michael, the diverse and even adverse reactions of people, institutions and religionists are not unexpected and certainly will generate problems for the course of my mission, especially in the beginning, while the brotherhood of man and women won’t assume major proportions and greater influence. One problematic assumption is to expect that I will be seen as the ‘Antichrist’ mentioned on your apocalyptic records. But do not worry, I have met similar difficulties in previous magisterial missions and the experience is, as you know, ‘the truth will liberate you’. As it was before with Jesus, it will be in my time too. Spiritual pressure, however, produces unexpected and progressive changes.

“Very well my child, it is important to emphasize these aspects of my mission because there are many, even among my students, who still do not realize that I am really a Son of God, but my manifestation will be as a male of the realm, and I will not linger on all kinds of mysticism, but I will work on teaching, leadership and action. Remember, my mission has three aspects: spiritual, social and political. You should expect I will be influential in these three areas.

“I am very happy for this renewed opportunity to interact with you. Again, I assure you that my full manifestation is ahead. I will start small and slow, but not unnoticed. Pay attention to the news.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Dear readers on this list.

You need to disregard the post by Prozonov from Margul.  It is a good transmission but it has nothing to do with the new style transmissions subject.  It got placed into the wrong thread.  We are not talking about angelic mischief here.  That is another thread entirely.

Second, Babette has posted a three tier message in three different languages.  That is three languages on something not introduced here in this thread at all and frankly is so confusing it is best to disregard it entirely.  Babette rightly claims using Wivine Smets to introduced the new style of transmission, but we have absolutely not introduced anything to do with the Aaron controversy or the Louja discussion either.  It has nothing to do with any of us and more it is a radish in the petunia patch.  I should just delete it but that would hurt Babette;s feelings and I do not want to do that.  Repeat: it is a Wivine Smets post that has nothing to do with this thread and it does not concern us even if you could figure out what is being talked about.

Third, let me restate the news and I would hope I am clear enough to dispel the confusion that must fully developed by this time from what has been posted above that has nothing to do with my first post in the thread:

Apparently the usual trial to transmit is made less difficult by those who cannot learn it because they won't deal themselves to sit still and learn it.  In its place is an emergency use of another style of transmission that does not use T/R.  It uses a method not discovered on earth since Adam and Eve, and it runs into the inner ear from an angelic force standing near you, and is present speaking without transmission using any of the brain parts to do it.  

1 - You can hear basic messages with it;
2 - It is not as accurate as T/R but most humans are happy with hello/goodbye anyhow;
3 - It carries the word of God without forcing the human to decide just what part of God is speaking.

All else is speculation at this point because we have not learned to use it.  My suggestion to you who can transmit is to trial it so you can feel what it feels like and teach it eventually if we need to.  I have asked Lemuel to trial it and all others who are having trouble learning the art of T/R.  I am not suggesting at this point you use it in place of T/R so long as they are keeping the T/R teams together the same way they did in the past.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron is right.  I never saw such a mishmash of total in comprehensible bother over something that is simple to state and use.  Clency you already use it and keep it quiet for now.  Babette you got it wrong by trusting that Wivine knows what she is talking about and she has it all confused herself and Ron rightly says to let the subject of Aaron alone.  Ron is spelling Aaron right and Wivine never does add the two AA''s as she is supposed to.  The subject of Aaron is so completely fouled up in Belize it must not be brought over to the forum until we straighten it out with others first.

"Third, we are seeing a mishmash of confusion here on Urantia on certain broadcasts made by you Mother Spirit to Larry Gossett.  It is not clear what you favor nor does Larry have the slightest idea what was introduced here last night by Ron when he read the original Wivine post produced by Babette.  Ron correctly assumed that Wivine was all confused with it but saw the germ of the truth in it and reported it simply as a new mode of angelic transmission for those who could not make T/R work and it is better than nothing.  I concur with you Ron that all responses should be taken down whether they make sense or not and just let the announcement stand as you first did it.   Be assured this teaches all of us to stop making sounds that no one can understand unless a good mind is applied to the subject.  I am asking the angelic forces to stand down once more over this entire matter until we can reintroduce this through a better agency and that is York, not Belize.  Michael of Nebadon. K"

MARGUL - "Ron please delete all messages including your first post too and let this stand in its place.  Let no one futher fold this and lock it.  K"


This from Greg Maurus of the 1111 Group and Uteah, the Trinity Teacher Son.

Uteah reports that many who transmit have the opinon they should not interfere with spirit to teach us how to improve Urantia, since they believe new revelation is interference!  Do you hear that incredible stiff? 
Read this transmission and weep.


Asheville, NC, US of A, January 13, 2019.
 Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
 Subject: “A Testament for Light and Life.”

 Message received by Chris Maurus.

 Teacher Uteah: “Greetings, my dear students,
 It remains to be seen whether or not a world in rebellion shall ever recover without having to go through some kind of redemption plan to move it through the threshold of its current state of repeatable dysfunction, delinquency, and war-like behavior. There are many of you within the community of spirit-led believers — agondonters and alike, that are firmly on the side of a ‘hands-off’ policy by the planetary managers and celestial administrators of the universe to see that Urantia ‘digs out’ of its problems without intervention by the Universal Father. You rightly believe that intervention is interference in the free-will prerogative in this age of the Supreme. None the less, we administrators and planetary managers have a duty to inform light workers (boots on the ground) and to keep the flow of revelation ongoing even in the face of skepticism and cynical opinions.

 “My presence here is a testament that Light and Life is coming to Urantia, for Trinity Teachers do speak to light workers in an age prior to Light and Life, but they often refrain from making public statements. If Urantia was going to ‘tough it out’ through the generations that would be needed to purge the stain of rebellion from its thinking (people), social systems, and governments, my colleagues and I would be on vacation for centuries more. We find it disturbing how much of your resources are used for the development of new and terrifying weapons systems that could utterly destroy Urantia many times over, yet you still have people uneducated and in want of basic needs — a shameful misuse of unbridled freedom and free-will driven by the profit motive of selfish vested interests — an iron-fist system that has no intention of ever letting go of its stronghold on power.

 “We also find that there are ‘blockages’ in Christ Michael’s own receivers to bring through any kind of revelation for fear that the skeptics will devour them with scoffing and a litany of sanctioned references to make certain that their lips are sealed and to corral them into regurgitating the same warm and fuzzy baby food they are used to swallowing. These may sound like harsh words coming from a Trinity Teacher, but let me remind you — we (Trinity Teachers) are here to serve truths that reflect the policies of Christ Michael and the Triumvirate according to the special needs of their respective planet. Nothing about Urantia is ‘normal’ and it does require extraordinary countermeasures to move it past its delusions and inbred destructive self-fulfilling prophecies. Need I remind you what the fate of the prophets of old were and how the final bestowal of Michael turned out? Nothing much has changed in millenniums — the money changers are still in the temple.

 “There are events on the horizon that we want you to be aware of so you can be prepared. In any planet that has been settled in Light and Life — the planetary systems of those worlds have been ‘settled’ and you may look to your reference text and see that this is so. I am not here to frighten you or to be a sensationalizing fortune teller. We shall continue to teach those things that bring peace in a world at war with itself, but we shall also point the way to refuge when it concerns those that are destined to take part in the coming age. We shall not be silenced by fear and you can expect that we will ‘chime-in’ when needed.

 “In the coming weeks and months we (the celestial administration) will attempt to provide some level of coherence from Christ Michael’s receivers to keep revelation from being quelled. It is important that we stay connected to you in these extraordinary times.

 “Peace to you,
 “I AM Uteah.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Unknown - Free or Zero Energy - May 17, 2004 - Helen Whitworth; Illawaraa, AU
[Zero Energy]
Free Energy by Unknown
Guernsey, UK, May 17, 2004.
[An interrupted Transmission].
Received by Helen Whitworth.

"Feel and it will be moving the flow from one place to another, accelerating the molecules as they transmit the energy into matter allowing faster movement with loss of mass thus continuing the cycle forever. This is the basis of free energy and it can be used in myriad ways, from transport to computers, healing works, and many other devices of such nature.
"Gravity can also assist by bending the substrates of many areas of the space-time fabric. Again, there is (an) acceleration. This is done by increasing the density of the void areas and allowing movement through the grids.
"You must understand that this mechanism will only occur naturally in places with many positive ions and heavy metals, and whilst it is possible to replicate this on a small scale, the mining of such elements is not useful to assist humanity.
"Instead, concentrate on the free power available through the magnetic crust at any point on the Earth's surface, and utilize it for life-enhancing reasons.
"Without a spiritual aspect, the magnetic lines will not sustain the movement. They require less dense thought patterns in order to assist the acceleration patterns and ultimately allow the movement by easy travel off this earth plane, and physically through into other dimensions.
"The water cooler is a little device I never had a chance to make available. It requires an amount of ice remaining in ice (form) for many moons by the use of a magnetic cooling plate.
"The plate is a series of concentric circles of aluminum oxide and potassium oxide, forming a grid pattern by the use of a diagonal through the circles. These elements are combined with a small initial charge, which continues to build as it circles the system, interacting with chemicals to form more free ions and perpetuating the magnetic field.
"These hold in crystalline form the water, which, trapped in an insulating layer, will maintain low temperature over time with minimal fuss.
"The oxides will become metals, and then (go) back (to oxides) as they oscillate through cycles of . . . [abrupt break to the transmission].
Receiver's note: This information about how to harness the Earth itself to create free energy came somewhat out of the blue. The details on the water cooler advice mean little to me, though I have some feelings towards it. Accompanying the transmission was a diagram of concentric circles with a line through it, and seeing the directions of magnetic field through each section of 'wire' changing direction in a regular manner. This would indicate that the reaction could somehow instigate an e-m oscillating field.
How the chemistry works, and why this would be endothermic, I have much less idea.
If anyone has any thoughts on this subject, please do contact us. As often stated, where a receiver has little knowledge of a subject, it is much more likely that human error will creep in, but there is often still an essence of truth, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated—Helen.


Here are great transmissions on help to get you transmitting for your self and the idea of the love bug catching one for good and turning one;s life around from the great Abraham with Machiventa Melchizedek.

This is a transmission form our friend Machiventa Melchizedek near the end of our Teaching Mission which closed permanently in 2011.  In it he finds people being slow and lackluster and just giving up without really trying.  Does that sound familiar???  Abraham followed suit in the same class period in Indianapolis, Indiana, where a scant 8 years before that, the leader of the group was greatly chastised for bringing unrewarding commentary to the group.  HE was replaced by his wife and left for parts unknown, until lat in 2009 he showed again and took control and nearly everyboyd letf after that.  Just goes to show you that a bad apple can keeps showing up without pretense they did anything wrong at all.  Ron

Machiventa022802WelmekGrp- Abraham_Your Help_Become Magnets Of Love

Welmek Group (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Machiventa Melchizedek - Your Help

Abraham - Magnets Of Love

February 28, 2002

Machiventa: This is Machiventa Melchizedek who addresses you this evening. Your teacher, Welmek, has graciously afforded me this opportunity to address you now. And he will not be joining you this evening so I may speak a few words to you, and then teacher Abraham will be here for the lesson.

You have made a bold decision to be here this evening and to hear the words we impart to you. The methods of truth have long been subverted on Urantia. And now with the spiritual currents opened and available to all, the upreach by humans and the down grasp of spirit is complete. It is a time of great triumph and joy as we watch events unfold on this strife-filled world. But that time is limited. And as we boldly move forward into a new era, the dawn of truth, the era of light and life, it gives me great pleasure to address you personally, for each of you has chosen to be an instrumental piece in the healing of your world. We commend you for this, for it is your faith that is now setting the stage for this planetary transformation. And the more public you make your faith proclaimed to your brothers and sisters, the greater the healing and transformative effect it will have on the collective consciousness, social environment and physical structure of this world. Will this be an easy undertaking? It will have its challenges and it will have its triumphs, but I say to you there is no other opportunity like this now, and I encourage you to find those deep recesses within your being that call you forth into action now, and let them overtake you and move you more assuredly in this brave direction. What greater service can you offer your brothers and sisters than this, your walk of faith, your proclamation of faith by your everyday moment to moment actions? You are the brave ones my friends, you are the true heroes of your world. Step proudly into this awareness. Serve Michael! Serve one another! Love one another and transform this world! I take my leave. Good evening.

Abraham: Good evening, my dear brothers and sisters of this planet. This is your brother once in the flesh, Abraham, who is now addressing you. While I am no longer in the form in which you inhabit, I do have many memories of that time in my life. And I tell you now, as one who was once like you, to cherish these moments of being human. For once you have passed from the form of the flesh, those opportunities that you now have placed before you to minister to your brothers and sisters as humans will no longer exist. Each person you encounter is a tiny helpless babe, who is yearning for your loving touch, for your kind words of encouragement, for your gentle ministrations. This is what each person on this world now needs massive doses of. As you open your hearts and allow more of the Father's love to flow through you, will you let this love penetrate deeply into your brothers and sisters, by your hands, by your arms, by your words, through your eyes? These are your methods of conveyance of the Father's love. And I say to you now, as wide as you can make them, let Him pour through each cell of your being the most concentrated and purest form of love, as you minister to your brothers and sisters.

Your bodies are being attuned to sense, open, receive, and administer this love. You may not be fully aware of all of the vibrational attunements that are happening within you. But I do say to you, when you are in your times of stillness, it is most propitious for you if you were to tell your body now to receive this massive outpouring of love in through you. By its very nature then you will no longer be able to contain it, and its outpouring into the people you encounter will be palpable. They will feel it. They will know you are the very minister of the Father's love. They will come to you. You will have that magnetic pull that will draw them to you. But what I am suggesting tonight is to be consciously aware of now of being this magnet - of consciously saying within your heart , within your mind, "yes, I am the Father's magnet. I pull everyone within my sphere of influence to me, so that they can know of the Father." There is nothing quite like this happening here and now that has happened before on this planet.

As we watch you rise to these challenges, to these opportunities of service, of loving ministry; we are filled with such hope, such anticipation and expectation of the unfolding of Michael's plan. I daresay that you can, from your perspective at this point, be able to fully understand and comprehend the enormity of what you do. But I know your hearts, I know your willingness, and I know you will rise to meet this new life that now awaits you. I would be willing to hear your comments on this, if you have any to share and then we can move on to your questions.

Student: Just a comment, Abraham. I was watching a video about an Indian enlightened teacher, a Ramana Maharishi. He sure was a magnet for the Father's love the way you put it. In the video there's all these people trailing behind him, walking. Wherever he walks, they walk. It's just pitiful. Sometimes there's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people just sitting in his front yard, basically, wanting to be near him. And, what you said, made me think of his example of magnetizing people, through the Father's, through this love. Anyway, I just wanted to throw that out, because that was the image that came to mind.

Abraham: Human love magnets are still quite the anomaly, are they not?

Student: They really are. I mean there are celebrities that attract people, but that's not the same, of course. It seems to be a rarity.

Abraham: And when people are in the presence, a soul hunger is touched, and the people crave this or they instinctively and intuitively know that this is what they need as their spiritual sustenance. And so, like the child, who clings to his mother's breast, these people cling to this teacher for they get their very souls' nourishment from him. But I say to you, in being a love magnet, this does not mean that you must have this ground-swelling entourage follow you throughout your day. For we encourage each of you, if you rise to this challenge to become this love magnet, to actually allow your brothers and sisters to find the independence that they need to stand on their own feet and become children of the Father in their own right. And so you help them find the source that is within them. You help them to find that. You help them stay anchored in that. You help them to stay confident in their own ability to connect with that on a practical and consistent basis. Do you see the distinction between the two dynamics here?

Student: One being a guru making people dependent on him and the other being a teacher who's giving people tools to take on their own, to do, to use without the guru's presence.

Abraham: Yes, exactly.

Student: To his credit, this teacher did not permit people to make him into a guru and he was one of the first in the century to really turn that away. But certainly your point is well taken.

Abraham: The true love magnet has no need for self-aggrandizement. The true love magnet will allow those individuals to become magnetized in their own right and to spread the love as they go by. But there is something inherent in human nature that cultivates this dependence. And it is within the humans as a bond that exists between the divine parent and the human child that is natural and that is one that will endure as the individual progresses through their universe up until the time when they leave for their spirit career in the greater superuniverse.

And so there is this somewhat of an artificial bond that the humans may attach themselves to the human love magnet instead of attaching themselves to the divine love source. And so it will be incumbent upon you to help the individual to expand their cosmology and to know who and where and what is the divine source, so that these individuals will be attached to the true source at all times. Do you see the distinction here?

Student: I do. And I have a follow-up question. A practical question about that, because you mentioned expanding the cosmology. Many of my friends follow this teacher that I mentioned and his tradition and as you may know I'm publishing a book about that as well. And all of these people are aware, through this teacher and through his lineage, of the indwelling spirit. But they don't have a cosmology, like you were saying, that includes the Paradise Father and Christ Michael and the Mother. And, I would just love to have your guidance on how to work with those people to expand their cosmology. And short of giving them a Urantia Book, I mean, how do you, how would you go about expanding their cosmology for those who already understand the indwelling spirit teaching, what Ramana Marharishi calls, "The Witness", the "Divine Witness within".

Abraham: I would emphasize the relationship that exists between divine parent and human child. Within these religious philosophies is a sense of self autonomy, is there not? (Byron - Yes.) And self-autonomy indicates a posture of independence. That I say to you, this sense of independence is illusory for in as much as you are children within a segmented section of the universe, you have obligations and responsibilities toward your divine parents. And they have responsibilities and obligations to help you mature, help you to grow in understanding of the environment of the universe, just as the human parents have the responsibility to teach their children about the ways of the physical world.

And so, if you were to use this simple analogy and say, in the universe there are many levels of worlds and experiences to come to understand and you live in a vast universe, teaming with life, awash in ideas and facts to learn. And you have these wonderful parents who want to teach you and help you to grow and to learn the ways of the universe. You have reached an age of maturity in your physical being, but have you truly reached a spiritual maturity that would allow you to know all of these things and to experience everything that you could possibly imagine? And so if a person is truly honest and sincerely seeking, they will answer, "no, I would like to learn more." And then you can introduce the idea of the analogy of the spiritual parents and help them to understand that there is no reason for them to be autonomous now and to be independent, but to go to their spiritual parents for their needs and to help them foster this relationship of being small children still of the spirit with tremendous potential and capacity to learn. Let that be the posture that will most serve them or best serve them at this time - one of spiritual dependence on their divine parents. Is this helpful to you?

Student: Yeah, it sure is. Thank you, Abraham. I'll be able to use that. And now I will yield the floor to others, unless you have any more to say on that.

Abraham: The eastern religions have fostered a great understanding of the nature of consciousness, but it has reached its zenith in that regard and now it is time for an expanded awareness of the intrinsic nature and the relationship between spirit child and divine parents. And this is one that will trigger great amazement, conversation, and interest when it is presented with love and with the true intention to serve

Abraham: I will be most happy to entertain your questions.

Student: Abraham, I would first like to express my gratitude for your teaching and your wisdom. I'm just coming into an understanding of my own faith and beliefs and feeling called to speak it and not knowing quite how. I'm having some fear about how it will be received and so any guidance you can give me in that regard would be appreciated.

Abraham: My dear sister, how well I understand your reservations. How well I understand human ego resistance to hearing the truth, to being aware enough in one's own mind to embrace the light that another shares. I encourage your efforts to speak out and to minister to others. And as you find your confidence within yourself building, you will find your reservations diminishing about how the words you speak are perceived. For you will find that in connecting with your spirit and allowing those impulses you sense within you to grow stronger, they will begin to formulate ideas and words within you that will seem to be naturally spoken. This will unfold in time. This will take time for you to feel the faith pull so strongly in you that you can speak your truth with confidence. I am encouraging you to think about what it is that you would like to convey to people as you minister to them. What is it that your spirit is communicating to you that is something that would be naturally received by them. When you enter into a conversation with another person, take a few a moments to compose your mind, to open the spiritual current and to say, "Not my words Father, but yours." This is always the most effective posture that you can take in dealing with another human. For any communicating from the spirit, you will instinctively be addressing their spirit and their spirit will have an opportunity to communicate to them in their own time and at their level of receptivity. And one other communication skill or secret which I would like to share with you is to open your heart and draw a line from your heart to theirs' and say: "Father let your love flow from me into them so they can feel my sincerity, they can feel Your presence in me and know that I am representing you in speaking to them. Does this help? (Student: Yes. Thank you very much.) You will also have these words in written form to help you remember at a future date. It would be advisable to read this answer to you several times so that it allows the words to permeated and penetrate deep within your being.

Are there other questions I may address for you this evening?

Student: Yes, Abraham. This is D. I'm not sure if this is a question or not but over the past three or four months, I have been tested in my faith in deepening by connection and communion with God, my Father. And I feel like I have been succeeding in opening up myself to the love and to the excellent being, that love made. And it seems that over the last couple days, in fact, when I was at the stillness with D, It's like my whole being is opening up, but at the same time I feel very

(Tape ends and a portion of the conversation was not recorded. Tape picked up at the point where a student was asking a question about why a family member was having headaches.

Abraham: Answer continuing. It appears as if there is some incompleteness in some of the neuron connections and there are pockets of gray matter or shadows that are not allowing the neurotransmitters to complete their job and at times there are certain physiological conditions fostered by certain foods. This can trigger the incompletion of exchange and create pressure and headache. I encourage you to look at those healing modalities that help to re-electrify and re-encircuit the neurotransmitters. There are certain homeopathic and aroma therapeutic substances that will be beneficial. But I feet that this would be better addressed in another setting at a later date. For there is other information that would be helpful for you to hear and learn, but I believe for right now, this will help you in your ministration to her. Is this acceptable to you? (Yes, it is. Thank you.)

I perceive there is a natural shift in the attention span now in the transmitter so I deem it best to conclude, and to say that I have enjoyed my time with you this evening for I rarely do speak to this group. And so I send you my prayers for you continued growth and revealing of the Father's love in your life. Shalom.


Aaron was a popular and long lasting teacher during the heyday of the Teaching Mission that Michael started on Urantia soon after the Lucifer Rebellion  which was adjudicated by announcement there in March of 1986 by our Urantia calendar.  '
Aaron worked mostly in Washington State and this transcription was about human ascension and what he had to say about it.  It is reproduced here in loving memory of Aaron who departed Urantia in 2005 and never returned.  But he is scheduled for return probably in a few years for a new Teaching Mission on Urantia at that time.  We do look forward toward his new syllabus then.   Ron

Aaron; Unknown - Enjoy Your Humanity - Jan 14, 1994 - Spokane, WA
Unidentified Female
Enjoy Your Humanity
January 14. 1994

* My wish is to impart to you to be as human as you can, to experience this side, to feel yourself grounded. Lavish in the human things that bring you pleasure, such as going for a walk in the snow and feeling it crunch under your feet. To not let these things pass you by while you are concerning yourself with flying, for there are so many things of this nature to be experienced while you are on your planet that you will never have the opportunity to do again. This is in short saying to live life to its fullest and enjoy all as you pass through and to not have it pass you by.

Allow yourselves to be the human that you were born into. As always the timing of what everyone is working on is usually what the messages are about, and they coincide with the inner feelings that need to be worked through and understood, liked, and accepted.

Remind yourselves that you are human with the potential to be perfect at one time in your ascension. For now, always focus upon the Father, Michael, doing the will of the Father, and know that your soul growth,--spiritual ascension, starts now.

However, you are within the confines of your human structure and even though the light is imparted upon you every day you cannot yet see its brightness, see its sheer truth and understand it, but know that it is your right and your gift to enjoy the human part of you to the extent of its fullness. As you continue on your journey on your planet, soften the blows of growth experiences and lessons by always pulling into yourself the goodness and the beauty of the planet on which you live and the people on which she is inhabited. To know that all are bound for the same goal if they choose.

All have desires. All have strengths and weaknesses. To flourish in your humanness, to flourish in what you call the animalistic behaviors. Sometimes you may feel that you would like to not allow this happening. With the consciousness and the Godmindness that you desire and bestow upon yourselves, the materialistic part of you will begin to also flourish and enjoy life more and not be so ready to pounce and protect.

Through the more minimal things that happen in your life, know that there are times when you will need to protect or pounce in order to protect yourselves, your family, etc. To find balance in all things, to know that you are with spirit, are with ego at this time, and to learn to live with that in harmony. Enjoy them. Yes you can enjoy your ego, for it can also have a desire to grow and do what's right. It's intent can be positive, though sometimes it seems not.

To look at yourselves in a different light and know that with each moment soul growth is available. Possibly hugging a tree for a day would give you the soul growth and the love and abundance that you would need to carry you through the day in order to portray this love out to another and give and share.

My light shines to you all. I will say I am female and have been with your group, have not been assigned to anyone, and thank this opportunity to come through and share some of my [thoughts].

* Aaron: Open into the being of this present day. As you look behind you to see where you have been, as you look ahead of you to see where you may go, always ground yourself into the fact of where you are. This is the realm of action.

Forward is the realm of dreams. Behind is the realm of remembrance. If your mind is in either the forward or backward mode, you cannot be in the realm of action. It is important in all that you do to keep that focus towards the attainment, the progression.

What can you do today? As you write your thoughts, or share your feelings, as you communicate with those near and far, you perpetuate all that you are becoming.

This is a sincere wish from myself and Elyon, that always you keep to your steps of progression, daily living, the now. No room lies for embarrassment in taking care of a young one, or routine tasks, for it is the engagement of your nature to manifest what you are into your human tasks.

As you prepare, be careful not to bog down your motion by focusing too far. Keep sight on what needs to be done and deliver upon that.

Hello, I am Aaron. It is a simple message today, going hand in hand with your human nature. Aim for the highest and work in the level on which you are at. These are my comments.

(Pause, switches T/R's)

* Aaron: Go deep within yourselves and pull out a positive quality that you see in yourself and share this quality. Begin with B.

B: I guess a quality that I find admirable is that I care. Beyond everything else, in my thoughts and actions I truly care to make things right. To find the truth. To share that with others. That would be my quality that I would share.

D: A quality of myself that I wish to share with the world? That I'm very honest, and that I sincerely do seek the Father with all my heart. I have a deep love for Michael, our Creator Father. But I could say nothing more of myself than that.

G: I feel that a quality I have is sensitivity. I have hidden it and blocked it and didn't use it. It made it real hard for a long time because I couldn't look at the world. It made me sick.
But now I'm starting to realize that it is a gift that I have and I am very sensitive to other's needs. The more I develop that, it will become a great gift for me.

* Aaron: I would like to give you a lesson to do this often.

Make it a daily procedure to find a positive quality about yourself and write these down. If you can't immediately come up with something, go back through your day, your actions, and see the positive things that you did that day. Begin to realize the efforts you put forth, the things that you do in the line of the will of the Father. You will start to see more and more qualities come up that have been there that you were not aware of. This will help to build your confidence and help to build your foundations, for you will be looking at your positive qualities rather than looking at what you did wrong that day.

Start to project out those qualities as you feel them. Feel their existence within you, then you can start to mold them, and bring them to greater value in helping your brothers and sisters. Thank you for exercising this lesson today.

My love. There are further messages .


IT HAS been a busy period and for that reason the Contact Commissioners held a Conference call on 31 January 2019.  Most of it could be played to the public meaning the discussion forum if you would like to listen to it.  The tape is partially loud and part soft due to volume differences in settings on our phones,  Mine was turned down and Larry had a high volume and Gitz was just right so you will hear them variously in volume.  

We had a lot of visitors on this tape and some of it was funny, at least to me, so you hear me laughing.  it is also a serious reminder of what gets done in Commissioner meetings.  The Meeting lasted well over an hour but we release this 54 minutes of it as you hear some speaking you may well know from the past.

Ron Besser
MICHAEL OF NEBADON - " I am sure this tape will clue you in on the ability Ron has to talk to the universe.  He and Chevy Chase, that is on the tape that did not get recorded, mixed it up and it is funny as Chase learns his madness in his lats movie was well noted and made a different for the whole rest of the movie as to its enjoyment.  Chase never thought of it but a grimace, but Ron reminded him it changed the movie.  Chase and Radner are determined to do bifurcation and that is what Ron means getting married up there.  Anyhow this tape should reset the schedule for some of you as you learn to search the universe for lab partners to hear familiar faces and voices you can transmit.  Michael of Nebadon."



Notice to the List:
#1 Statement for you: Resignation

It has become quite obvious to me there is a resignation of spirit for Urantia workers and while I think it is a terrible thing to have harassed mortals with it just continues to happen.  Consequently some of us must get out of the way of direct line shots against us.  

We have ourselves a little crisis now, and I say little because I do not know the extent of it or do I particularly care to know. Because of it, I have resigned all titles and assignments as of early this morning.

We are now without a Contact Commission.  Myself, and the other two also have resigned formally as well.   That leaves us vulnerable to no updates and any ideas of what we may do to be providing some support for the process the Missions wish to portray.  I also see it as a victory to all the wrong things being promoted on Urantia which have to do with readers who have no clue about what is working and what should never work.

Consequently, your Contact Commission has all resigned because of difficulties with working with certain personnel of Nebadon.  We leave it to the ownership of these programs to decide what they have managed to do and how they can figure out why we were not in the way at all.  To this forum:  We probably will have something for all of you later in the week when we have a chance to confer over the issue and/or to gain understanding just what the universe may wish to remark to.  We are not angry but we are very unsure why we are forced to resign or how we got in the way of things, making it most unpleasant to deal with in our daily lives.

#2 Statement for you:
“You are correct Ron, and you took the right action.  You told the others no conference calls until Tuesday so you had a chance to look at this some more.  Wisely done.  Ron has also suggested they reform their group pf of three under the title of Reform Commission.  I entirely support that idea and let is settle for now until Ron and company come to grips with an unusual event over the weekend where the SOP for actions to come was completed in Draft 3, and suddenly disappeared from sight.  Ron had his files riffled and Gitz is sitting pretty since he had nothing to lose.  Sue that spider is your own doing since it has nothing to do with you and the Contact Commission at all.  It is a lousy house partner and its bite can be lethas to a child.  You would get good and sick from it but no curtains.  Lstly this:

“Ron has suggested to Gitz and Gossett to form a Reform Commission.  They have to decide if that is in the cards for them.  I, though, think it is idea for your first conference call this comming week we believe.  Ron has been too busy to look at it again, but Ron put up the call numbers and then let them know it is on and when.  Michael of Nebadon.”


K am astounded what came through to me tonight from the universe as I had no name attached to the broadcast for completing Part IV of the Autism Paper.  Austism has no direct link to the autoimmune disease we have called Aides.  But it has a lateral link in that that the immune system hates the virus as much as we do and if the brain stem is damaged in the aides patient, he or she will have additional problems of removing autism and changing their life history to be without the aides virus.

I am tellin the list of this breakthrough just because I now have to make sure we publish this as aquickly as possible since it has the potential of life saving for aides victims who are infected within the past ten years.  I have been instructed that if an aides victim has had the infection for more than sixteen years,  the serum does him or her no good.  However that is rarely the cause for fear since the auto immune systems in those who have had the disease for sixteen or more years, have the immune system already protecting them from fatality over this awful disease.

Steven Gitz you are helping me put this volume up on Kindle and I hope paperback to publish soon.  I still need some few days to shake this book into a good organization of its parts.  I may have to rewrite a Part or two  and I am getting the impression of more material coming perhaps as a Part V.  I do not know yet.   Do you know anyone who can take a draft of a book and edit it into good order without rewriting the book?  It is very late at night as I write this as I have been in transmission mode for over six hours straight now and am in need of a good lie down soon.  If not info no need to respond but let me know if you have some thoughts without killing our pocketbooks.  Many thanks   Ron

General Discussion / Web Site Updates Daily Earth Changes fyi
« on: January 21, 2019, 10:29:23 AM »
This site seems to think the pole shift is underway.  News items on the site this morning are:

You have to go there to read the titles listed here.
Earth News for 21 January 2019

1    Strong explosive eruption at Bezymianny, ash to 10 km (32 800 feet) a.s.l., Aviation Color Code Red
2  Total lunar eclipse of January 21, 2019

3  Two dead after very strong and shallow M6.7 earthquake hits Coquimbo, Chile

4    Asteroid 2019 BO flew past Earth at 0.18 lunar distances

5   Earth Catastrophe Cycle: Pole shift

6   New lava dome observed in the summit crater of Cleveland volcano, alerts raised
    Boiling mud pot opens at Ixpaco lagoon, Tecuamburoo volcano, Guatemala


See Part II Link in post below

January 19, 2019
York, Pa
Transmitter: Ronald Besser


Permit me to explain something before I get into what is truly a break through in the view of what causes it and how it is naturally grown out of if we stop fooling around with expensive but useless treatments in some of the medical view which provide cures that are temporary but so often revert back almost to a state of idiocy in the patient.

Most people view spirit as an afterlife.  To humans that is what it is mostly.  However, understand that spirit has an active role in all designs of the mind and the brain stem in the human from infancy to the maturity and finally the passing of life to the next worlds of education and dependency of intellectual development from that point on from the ministry of the Spirit of God.  I am not going to get too far into any of this, but for you who are deeply concerned about the condition called AUTISM, it is vital for you to know that the problem that becomes autism begins in the fetus of the child to be.

I will return to that view in a few moments, but also let me explain to those who know nothing about spiritual contact, you have a lifetime of learning to know what that is and how it happens and how that impact can be actually heard in writing the dictation down of spirit so that one gets to see what spirit sees when it comes to the condition called AUTISM.

First one has to learn that actual communication of spirit can result in published books.  I am not referring to the Bible, as that is more a compilation of God seeking individuals or the Rabbinical writings known to some of you called Saints (such as Paul of Tarsus) or poets (such as the Second Isaiah), or what Israel established as the Prophets (Micah and Malachi just to name two).  The modern era has its clerics and its priests and its holy men and gurus, and all are more or less in some sort of contact with spiritual reality' however, there is a more organized department for direct spirit contact and that through the direct contact with spiritual agencies which are there to transfer vital information to a culture and society, which has finally reached the point of development that such a culture can work in the presence of actual spirit personalities and take down the information for publication.

I am one of those individuals through many circumstances I never planned for who can sit with spirit personalities and receive what spirit wants published, especially when it comes to diseases.  Autism is not a disease though for it is a brain stem condition that needs to be explained what that condition is and why it is important to know what it is and how to treat it.  Most autistic children are frightfully absolved of any social grace, and can be quite embarrassing in some cases to have them openly in the family presence.  This is not the child's fault, but it comes about due to a nasty biological condition that spirit has resolved to finally tell us about.

I feel I need to tell you the scene about how we learned this about AUTISM, so you understand it was not magical or spoken to our ears in a fashion that comes close to Moses on the Mount.  Far from it ladies and gentlemen, it came about this way"

I, and two other colleagues, were in the process of holding a meeting concerning the probability of a coming of intervention of spirit forces so powerful it would reshape the world.  We are scientists in most respect and do not view the rapture with any kind of reality, but those of the Baptist reality, and even the Rabbinical conservatives found exclusively in Israel, hold that Moses would return and prepare a new set of proscriptions for a new state of being on earth.   That is beside the idea of the Messiah still held by many around the world.  We do not ascribe to these views as the practical way to go about changing culture through spirit intervention. but we do not argue with them since perception is mostly the law of what you explain why something happens.   We agree from full evidence presented to us through direct spirit intervention that the civilizations on earth have reached their zenith of development for now and that spirit must intervene to prevent self destruction of a very complex ecosystem call ed a living planet.

On the 18th of January, (yesterday as I put this down to read), three of us were asked by spirit to sit around my dining room table and finish what turned out to be a four day meeting on the subject of just how we can help the spirit intervention we have been warned about, each so independently to us, and prepare the resources monetary and corporately, to make the probability of intervention to be so thoroughly astounding, even grade schoolers would notice how they have to go about certain routine habits of normal habitation in the community.

This group that sat around my table which I came to chair due to long experience contacting the input agencies of formal spirit to provide information to mankind, is formally called a Contact Commission.

A Contact Commission is a title to indicate to spirit that the persons so assigned to a Contact Commission are completely vetted in their life situation that they are acceptable to epochal revelation input from the highest spirit sources possible.  For myself I have had this experience in training for the past sixteen months specifically as a Contact Commissioner and my fellow Commissioners have had similar work experience in the same spirit training through seraphic  teachers and mind indwelling agencies as well.

The last day of these Contact Commission meetings was wrapping up, and since I receive much of this publication usages from spirit, I was approached by the Chief of Seraphim who runs and administers the entire angelic realm from a capital sphere from which all angels are dispatched for ministry to our planet and millions of inhabited planets beyond our earth's influence.   The name of this individual Chief of Seraphim is Luminaya, and they as all angels and high spirit beings are friendly to talk to and bursting with information if they are allowed to give it to us.  

Luminaya spoke candidly to me:  the wife who departed earth about three years ago now is being educated on one of the resurrection worlds called a mansion world.  Luminaya asked one of the Commissioners around sitting with me around my table, would he permit a contact with his wife Jane who is being taught to be a doctor on the spirit spheres.  Steven Gitz was delighted to hear his wife again and said so, and we then were connected to the university on mansion world two with Jane Gitz, as she used to be known.

Jane Gitz relayed the fact that her actual detailed work was to learn how she would work with the life giving spiritual agencies through her when she learned the technique, to resurrected from  the nursery those children who had been aborted on earth.

Jane Gitz in her earth life worked with Foundations and doctors to learn how to deal with children who had autism and spent her final days worrying about the fact she had accumulated so much information with her husband Steven Gitz, she feared all of her efforts to lean what she did would be lost.   Jane relates that upon her resurrection, the Father of all Spirit interviewed her and asked if she would be interested in working with an unfortunate group of fetus personalities who never had a chance to live an earth life since they were aborted.  An earth life is essential for people to receive normal resurrection (same personality but new body and a superb education to follow).  Jane agreed and our contact with her yesterday found her in her third year at a special university that worked exclusively to bring new life aborted back to life and give them the childhood they missed due to the miscontent of a parent who had no use for them on earth.

Our resurrected Jane, told her earth husband, that in bringing aborted children back to life, that about ten percent of them arrived with AUTISM.  The University elders teach that this condition is actually a natural condition due to the fact that the brain stem of homo sapiens is sometimes attacked by the pattern designs of intellect to be, to cause the result of what on earth we call autism.  For you who are reading this you note I sometimes capitalize the word autism and I do that to emphasize we are on subject and to notice it from the jumble of all these words and letters in small case letters.  That is all it is.  It is my habit to do that because people with short attention spans do not expect that to happen, but I do to get them awake and ready to assimilate the teaching.  Now this:

In our interview with the mansion world Jane Gitz, she relates how they are instructed to deal with autism so that it is a passing phase of child development and only a passing phase.  It is not a brain malformation but a brain malfunction, that if left alone would grow out of and the child becomes quite normal as itself.

On earth, the phase would normally, if left alone to correct itself, would do so in a span of years estimated for earth to be when the child was six and on half to eight and one half.  Thereafter the child is totally normal, speaks, and proceeds to develop what we call IQ at a normal developmental rate.

I am now going to do something a little unusual, and to break this narrative off at this point,  I am going to explain the science of the condition on the brain stem that is actual autism in scientific views as it was described to us in the same way, but readers needed this introduction to that science view to understand how we got it and will see it introduces a new concept that is part psychological and part medical.  Look for my next post below which is really Part II of this post.

Thank you

Ron Besser,
Contact Commission Chair

General Discussion / Explosion of the Light of God
« on: January 11, 2019, 11:54:24 AM »
Explosion of the Light of God
•        The Infinite Spirit
•        Michael of Nebadon
•        The Creative Spirit
•        Mantutia Melchizedek
•        Others unnamed

York, Pa 10am Local Time
January 11, 2019

[Ron notes: I had to edit down an extremely long explanation of what happened to me in the past of what is one event over three days starting January 9th late at night here in York. I also have gathered a lot of future work that remains secret and had to take it out as it is premature to talk about it now. I am using their voices but condensing with my voice so the reader can get to the point without having to redact a lot of other detail unnecessary to the narrative in many cases.



The Recent Event:
This morning at 1:14am a brilliant light lit up my property so brightly it woke me. It might be a meteorite that is just coincidental over me after I had an interview with a transmission from the Infinite Spirit. It was, from its beginning. a fairly long interview., but I remember no detail now. Fully done, they just left and I fell quickly to sleep. Then after one this morning when a light occurred outside of the house so brilliant it startled me awake inside in my bed. It made no sound but the sense was that the electrical current in the house was shut off and I at first thought it could be a transformer fire as one is near to the house. But it was not a fire,, and I have no explanation other than to tell you I am terribly uneasy this morning as I feel it does have something to do with what we are all deeply interested in happening and happening soon.


Event Explained from Spirit Perspective
“Ron tells the truth and has no recollection of what he witnessed. It is connected to something he saw 24 hours before that. At 3am the morning of the 9th of January, he turned his flood lights on to light the back of his yard. When he did, smoke curled around the northwest corner of his home in heavy streams. He at first thought his neighbors had a wood fire in their fireplace next door, or that his furnace was exhausting warm air into a very cold and damp night. Neither was true. What he saw was a ghostly white vortex form at the northwest corner and the floods illuminated a white vapor so strange he unlocked the backdoor of his house and walked outside to watch the phenomena. It was a stream of smokey looking fog that curled all around the back corner almost tornadic in its curling twists and evaporated afterwards many feet toward the east. He determined it was just a weather phenomena he never saw before.

“This morning at 1:14am, (the digital clock was seen as he awoke to the light), the brilliance of the light was so intense it woke him out of a deep sleep. That was the Spirit of God learning and signing that he was acceptable at last to take on what he wanted to very much.”


MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK - [Ron here I summarize his speech for length]
“You are being raised out of your work as a Contact Commissioner now. The Infinite Spirit finally understands that the interview conducted about and hour earlier finally settled the issue you were acceptable to Him.

“He also removed all equipment from your home that was installed by the Salvington orders to place it there. Michael has since then this morning put it back because he cannot operated without it in your home.

“We are also recommending you hold this section aback as it deals with momentary secrets concerning the coming meetings in York starting January 15th as next week for you.

“We also recommend that all who can possibly attend this meeting do so, as we now must reset our course as finalizing of all Mission plans through for the next five hundred years or so. Those plans include:

Quotes now:
“ 1 - The house at 2709 Sunset Lane to be repaired and spruced up;
          2 - No one living now will see Ron in four hundred years or so as he will be removed and placed on high for further ascension work;

          3 - No one except the existing Contact Commissioners will take orders from the Infinite Spirit or the Deity Absolute from here on. Ron is still connected to the Deity Absolute, but will not hear messaging from the Deity Absolute except through Master Spirit Four and Master Spirit Seven;

          4 - Ron has now received four Supernaphim and his Guardians of Destiny have been temporatily removed until his new Commission is acceptable to Michael of Nebadon who may object to these rulings if He so desires;

          5 - The temporary quarters for Jesus are not disclosed, but we are planning to have Jesus appear on Urantia much earlier than stated earlier;

          6 - No house other than 2709 Sunset Lane is so poorly described since it must house equipment that is secret and used only at 2709 Sunset Lane;

          7 - Loss of firmament for Ron is reestablished so long as it is aceeptable ti Michael of Nebadon.


“I am Mantutia Melchizedek, and I decree the following for the coming 15 January meetings.

“1 - It will be decorous but very busy;
          2 - It contains enough information to fill a new book of revelation and will be held mostly secret and Ron may report what we tell him to report. There are good Reasons of State developing, and he must take them on one at a time, and he will be afforded all that is necessary to clear health issues for good. He is being treated to a life extension lasting at least four hundred years at this point;
          3 - These meetings constitute a new beginning for the Contact Commission and a brand new Commission for all three of the existing Commissioners to be announced;
          4 - No man will ever understand the events of this morning as Ron is still blinking over the intense brilliance of light he experienced. No one else in the neighborhood would have seen it unless looking directly at the property. Ron was under the light and saw all of it;
          5 - Long ago we decreed that Ron would hail to Urantia as a new word of God for those who would listen and he sees nothing new but we do. His life is circumscribed under duress no longer and he may live as he pleases but that is always to present his life and his representations in the highest dignity as possible.

“I lament we may say no more and leave this exist as it is for now. Michael of Nebadon spoke earlier and confirmed all of these changes were satisfactory to Him.”


General Discussion / Michael and a Written Test For You
« on: January 10, 2019, 05:35:57 PM »

This is Michael and quote me please

“I am about to start a campaign on your discussion list to break you out of your lethargy here as Ron rightly comments to me they just do not bother and that kills the site. But you are all working hard on your bits and pieces you assimilated here and he cannot here that part of your make up. Therefore let me try this.

I am going to ask a few questions I would like answered on the board here. Paraphrase the questions or copy them over to your text window editor in the discussion forum. It does not matter what you do so long as we know what questions you are answering.

1 - Who should you trust most to relive what Jesus did on Urantia over two thousand years ago?

Multiple Choice:
□        Dale Carnegie
□        Bill Kemper
□        Cyril Richards
□        Jesus Himself

Write a small essay on who you would choose and why.

2 - Who should look after the entire matter of an 8th Bestowal?

Multiple Choice:
□        Dale Carnegie
□        Bill Kemper
□        Cyril Richards
□        The Archangel Michael, aka Lord Michael better used than not.

3 - Who do you think should parade around with Jesus and Melchizedeks attendant to the Bestowal Son?

Multiple Choice:
□        Dale Carnegie
□        Bill Kemper
□        Cyril Richards
□        An Apostle
Right down your choice and let us know which Apostle among the living on earth right now.

4 - Who is the best suited to run this web site if you think it should be kept running when Jesus appears? That is really two questions and answer both from your own mind selection.

“I am Michael of Nebadon and these are a tad silly but you need to write your answers just to cement in your mind your thoughts when this comes to fruition very soon now.”

“I wish you a very good day to all. Michael.”


Chatting with Michael
Coming January Meeting and Health Advice
Contact Commission Work
Urantia Sixth Epochal Revelation
The might of the Magisterial Foundation to be Understood to all later
And just casual tidbits of info not important either
York, PA half past midnight local time.
January 10, 2019

This is Michael.  Quote me.

“We are entering the last soliloquoy of the month already as I must make ready to present myself to Father for a final examination of where we go to Urantia to make our Missions ready to go.

"Ron has seen to the material side if we want them.  He is correct for the most part and I agree that he needs to carry it just a little further with Stambaugh Ness and to figure out our proposed use of the Magisterial Foundation.  The tax expert there confides in Ron he has it exactly right.  She is excellent but we doubt we can afford her now as she is now a principal Vice President and Ron knew she belonged way up there.  I

"However, for the last four days I have indwelt Ron through sorrowful episodes of his past.  Of interest to report, I healed a set of tubes in the brain that had been clogged with stainless steel of hearless versions he had to endure over and over and now is quite safely out of the trouble that cause them to clog.  He awoke yesterday morning with water in his ears!  The right ear bled salt water and the right ear became itchy and damp way in.  He could not explain it but cleaned it up as best he could and I told him what I did and he was delighted to learn his hearing was now improved about ten percent better and that the Rh factor in his blood was returned to normal.

"Meanwhile, this morning the body threw all my work out and the heart began pumping the wrong Rh factor again and scalded him badly.  Sleep ended quickly and a difficult day has ensued.  I am not returning to an indwelling to him but to see him through yet another crisis of dependency on Me over having a body that refuses to be changed back to its normal way of living.  Instead it insists on redeeming his cells as though he is morontial and that is dangerous to his life as it causes extreme bleeding in his abdomen and he cannot control functions very well at all.  He is truly a mess as they say, or as in the Life of Riley old comedy episode (William Bendix), ‘What a revoltin’ development this is!’

"What has to be done for Ron is to tear his DNA down briefly and reuse what we saved long ago when we first started working on him in 2010 and in 2014 and in 2018, as recently as this past year.  In any case he has more misery coming for a brief period and then we will restart him again shortly.  The January 15th set of meetings to come is a rest for him if he can stand to get through the next five days at all.  The pain is brutal and no one should underestimate his anger over it happening time and again.  But the time is approaching when peace returns as the 15 January meetings will end this current set up all have used so far on this discussion forum.

“Now, we must come to terms with a shallow grave Ron has in his heart for others long ago departed.  He folds them well and without rancor but they hold him bitterly contesting their right to even take part in these Missions at all.  Actually Ron has logically stated to Me and to the Creative Spirit and the Trinity; if it is our will they participate he would create a place for them and then let us take responsibility for them as he has no intention of administering their presence on his own.  However, the Father has made it clear that Ron has no real prejudice except the lack of cooperation almost everyone has shown him to get important work done.

“People just do not understand what Ron does, and that we are looking for a few good men to help administer the material portions of the Magisterial Mission and the Michael Mission and the Paradise Trinity Mission.  All three are concurrent and all three need his attention to help teach on Urantia what Ron already knows and demonstrates daily to all of you.  All of you mostly could care less and all of you carry so much fetid brain material over past Missions it truly gets inthe way of these new Missions.

“Therefore, Ron is going to be allowed to heal for a few weeks after all those goes down, and he will be bright and shiny as a new penny, the Brits used to say, and then go back to square one and right side the work of the Magisterial Son, Monjoronson, and then Serara, and then others as they become available and help to rewrite the government of the United States constitution as we would have it done on high either on Edentia or Salvington.  Believe it or not Ron rewrote portions of the constitution over a year ago and got such high marks he is now ready to take it on again.  He will retain the office of chairman of the Contact Commission, and will lead the Starbridge Foundation and Starbridge Group to their reward later on these coming years of travail and exercise to get things well done for people who really need help to keep living in the material flesh,

“I am therefore going to say this.  The mid January meetings at York this time will be really hard work.  Ron is a spectacle all of his own as he knows how to handle people and their needs and gives a good glance at all of the problems we have to face with Contact Commissioners who do not know, truly, the guard they have to keep up, to stay out of the way of the press and the Urantia Foundation most likely, as they will be empowered to rewrite Periodic Revelation and to begin the dispensation for the epochal revelation under our direct supervision at that time.  It is already to go, and Ron will have a copy shortly to photograph for all of you to see it, and he has asked to photograph either the List of Papers and some of the Foreward for some of you.  I dare not give such permissions until the Father allows it to be so advertised.

“Finally, I must aver to the fact that Ron has harmed himself by falling sometimes and it has created a welt at the back of his neck we will heal for him.  He has fallen mostly because of the wreck of his hips with arthritis and then the bone illness we call militis up here.  He has a severe twist to the spine do to a fall from a cherry tree when he was about fifteen that left him laying in a cow pasture with no wind to move and a lady cow came over and licked his face before running when she saw his eyes flicker.  He remembers it vividly as I would too.

“I wish to make amends to the Commissioners too, as they will have a lady guest with them this time we feel sure.  She is asked to write to the forum of her impressions and we wait until then for that to be fulfilled.  He is also to speak eloquently to another visitor but it is so unsure they will really bet here we hold back from further telling.  In most cases the Commissioners meet in secrecy but this time they are allowed to entertain invited guests, as Ron must expand the Contact Commission to five and he prefers that it be filled with two women.

“To date this entire matter is not taken seriously, and Ron looks grudgingly at Dr. Sadler’s work with his wife Dr. Lena and his son Bill, Jr., and the in laws of the Wilbur Kellog( sic: one "g") and his wife who was such an immense help in keeping us friendly when things got a little rowdy on what was being transmitted.  I also make amends to Dr. Sadler himself who was forced to move out of his office briefly when Ron stumbled a bit and brewed a cup of teac for Gossett that held our manuscript for a meeting later that day as it was tucked inside the tea pot and Ron burned it heating it which he was not supposed to do but now learns why not.  In any case we had to reorder the third day of meetings from scratch and Ron wondered why the proceedings slowed down so much!  Dr. Sadler told us to use the tea pot as Ron would never use it while they were there.  Well guess what?  Ron burned it up good.  Sadler also bet us he could figure out Ron’s reaction to a dream he had two mornings ago that ws so poignant to him he slept hardly at all after he had it.   I must say I never took so much out of one gesture as Ron did as the individual came to him with a Flicker perched on his index finger, and Ron immediately understood its meaning to both of them and could not figure all of it out at the time.  True love was there in volumes and it left Ron bereft when the youngster fled for a life in secret far away.  Not until the dream did Ron remember the child and how much he cared for

“The January 15th meeting will be full with people around the baronial table bought from a furniture store that se’ls them like candy, but they do not recognize that the wood used in them is from the Brazil rain forest.  It is so hard they did not put a shiny finish on it and Ron buffs it with a waxy oil and gets slightly dark rags off it which is a sign the table top was quite dirty in manufacture and the furniture store that it was part of the finish.  Go figure.

“I close this talk with the idea I doubt I will have any more for you, but Ron is such an interesting chap he insists we figure on another person who thoroughly dislikes his work only because he has no idea why the work is the way it is.  I am re instituting a pleasant talk with that chap soon and to see if there is any chance to influence him in our future work for the Magisterial Mission already in progress for Ron knows SERARA and MONJORONSON quite well and they both adore his work for them as they always run into some of his work wherever they go.  Tonight Ron did a Google search on the name Ron Besser and found six hundred references.  He knew some were different people with the same name but most referenced him.  He also found a full publication using his visit to the Ancients of Days and the trial of Lucifer and Caligastia, as Google reprinted a part of John Thwaytes book around about 2013.  It truly is worthy a read and he had mostly forgotten about that defrocked Priest’s work years ago when John questioned Ron about spirit quite often.

“Intermittently, Ron is just fine and lets things happen as they have to,m but lately he is greatly saddened over his health condition since it can be so demeaning to any work he has to do.  He has reported now for the tax year to the accountants to report ten corporations to the IRS and stands well with the lady he admires so much.  She is too well paid for us to get her for ourselves and that is the way it is.  We still need an accountant in the States for all of this and we still need an IT section that is totally independent of any firm doing any other work.  We learned a bitter lesson twice on that score.  I close now and wish all a happy January week.  Michael of Nebadon.”


The Urantia Foundation vs Millennium III & The Matter of False Revelation
York, PA
January 07, 2019

I have, in part, excerpted a post from another Category to bring this announcement to the fullest attention I can for all parties concerned.

The Urantia Foundation (UF) is now asked to respond in some manner to the allegation they have defaulted in their fiduciary responsibility to provide protection against the misuse of the fifth epochal revelation.  This fiduciary responsibility includes not making false statements or providing fail safe publication rights of others who purport the reception of revelations other than the fifth epochal revelation. 

Please read the following reactions among the Deities over what is now appearing on Amazon.Com and the sale and distribution of a false revelation in part titled: 

In discussion with Michael and his Staff recently, the Archangel Michael instructed that they now hold that: MILLENNIUM-III-URANTIA, . . . is an apostate act.  That it was meant to confuse and divide the readership much as Lucifer traded barbs with Caligastia in his famous defense to kill Urantians first and ask questions later. Caligastia responded with the death of many individuals on Urantia and refused all to go over for resurrection based on the Lucifer Manifesto, to divide and conqueror all opposition to Lucifer’s belief that he alone ruled who would or would not criticize him or his administration.  It may taken  the high Court of a Gabriel vs Urantia, to permanently assign removing this false document from Urantia and to restate that the purity of the divine revelation delivered to Urantia through the Sadler Contact Commission (1934-1935), was protected and protecting further revelation appearing without approval of the Ancients of Days first.  We may establish a Supreme Court hearing on the case of Gabriel vs Urantia Foundation as a basis to clean up with a further adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion.

This creates a serious pall over the goodwill of the Urantia Foundation which has not litigated the inappropriate appearance of afore mention title for distribution through Amazon.Com and I speak fully no more other than to state that the Deity Absolute, speaks cautiously about what was not done bu the Urantia Foundation for not litigating against such false and intrusive document known as  MILLENNIUM-III-URANTIA-.

I want you all to know that until my dying day, I will never tolerate this kind of joke on the faithful.  I hold the Urantia Foundation harmless in producing it hopefully, but where is the litigation now?  when a false revelation is presented as a similar book to the Urantia Book and that they do not deny that it is not theirs?  No Contact Commission was established by the Urantia Foundation.  Nor do they deny that this volume is not theirs and that no litigation is forthcoming to protect the true fifth epochal revelation from revisionists who published surreptitiously Millennium III.

The Second Contact Commission was established in York, PA on or after November 16, 2018.  As a member of that Contact Commission, I asked the Magisterial Son to speak and add his weight to what I see is the true need for litigation over this matter and to whom it falls to litigate on behalf of the Salvington Government.  SERARA. The Magisterial Son of record to Urantia, to speak:

SERARA = "Until Ron showed me a picture of this book on sale on Amazon, I did fully appreciate what has been done.  Ron does not have the language to pursue what needs to be done here and I am immediately institution litigation against the Urantia Book interests to remove the tyranny of a lie about epochal revelation they allow to continue as a farce against criticism over their lack of standing firm in the face of great evil on Urantia.  Mo Siegle is responsible as the litigant with the universe as the person specifically to bring suit against the Foundation for failing his fiduciary responsibility  for failure to advise the fiduciary responsibilities of the Urantia Foundation to prevent serious copying or changing of the will of the Father to be the only one to provide epochal or periodic revelation to Urantia.

"Further, let it be known, that as of today, the 7th of January 2019, I am taking immediate action to fully declare the Urantia Foundation null and void until they show how this book is allowed to prevail while they litigate minor infringements of a once proud copyright of the English epochal revelation known as the fifth epochal revelation.  Their failure to step in and stop this publication from appearing is a full statement as to their intent to run things as they choose and refuse to protect the ideals of epochal or even periodic revelation as they are mandated to do by their Declaration of Trust.  I am incensed over this as Ron was months ago, and we should have payed attention to it then but cause and effect bury these issues on Salvington at times, and I am asking Michael to act as he feels as he should at this point on this matter and quickly if he can.  I am SERARA and I have spoken as the Magisterial Son of record on Urantia, and that I am on Urantia today and for the foreseeable future as of now."

MONJORONSON, MAGISTERIAL SON CO-DIRECTOR of the Magisterial Mission on Urantia.

"I am Monjoronson, and I was aware of this document but let it slide as we had some other business to contend with the Urantia Foundation, which is now, in my view, finished as an organization of trust to obtain the fiduciary requirements to protect the fifth epochal revelation from such false and spurious publications.  I am truly and seriously upset with the appearance allowed by the Urantia Foundation to so appear at all and that the guilty party or parties must be rooted out and deployed forever and after never to work in the world of revelation again.  I sign this with my Brother, SERARA, and beseech Michael of Nebadon to look at this and take appropriate action. K"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON AS SPOKEN BY GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON, the Bright and Morning Star of the Local Universe of Nebadon.

"Well they did it again, did they not!  This is the second volume to make this grad of false and gratuitous misbehavior that rises to the level of rebellion by a person or persons who know better than to ever perpetrate this kind of hoax on the faithful of Urantia.

"I stand ready to take what action I should according the direction of our mutual Deity defenses on Salvington, to either remove it ourselves or to remove it through the litigation of the Urantia Foundation recent of Chicago, Illinois."

Ron here -  As the Chair for the Contact Commission established through the Magisterial Foundation, I am bound by my oath to serve to the Paradise Trinity and to Michael and the Creative Spirit of Nebadon, to pursue the policies of the Creator Son in this matter, and I will do so.

I also conclude this short response to the assessment of January 4th by my own hand to all on this forum, and declare myself mobilized to take care of the first order of business to bring suit against the appropriate litigant under the direction of the Melchizedek Corp on Urantia and in the common care of the Local Universes of Sensalon, Avalon, Wolvering, and four others not revealed at this point.

While this alliance or amalgamation of seven Local Universes in this area of space has nothing directly to do with this particular case of malfeasance, I draw your attention to the fact that all seven Local Universes have amalgamated the entire creation of the Melchizedek Order to the brief attention for them as a total group to advise Urantia, and its Supreme Court of which Machiventa Melchizedek remains as its Chief Justice with seven or more other Justices to attend the bench, as how to approach any universe litigation against Mo Siegel and/or the Urantia Foundation.

They all recognize a mutual interest in this case, and advise Michael on the proper procedure to use to remove the offending book published as an addendum to the fifth epochal revelation in most cases.  I hold further that Machiventa Melchizedek knows of this breach now for at least two years, and that I brought it to the attention of authorities a little less than a year ago when I finally realized nothing to remove it was done by anyone or the Foundation itself as based in Chicago on Diversey Parkway. 

“Ron is properly incensed over this lack of faith by the Urantia Foundation and a leader known to us as  Mo Siegel, yet Ron is aware that some compromise could be reached without litigation if the Urantia Foundation simply had it removed and never to see the light of day again.  Mo Siegel has purposefully confused the laity over this matter but yet is held responsible by Ron Besser as head of a new Contact Commission established on Urantia this past November for purposes of raising the funds and the wherewithal to produce a new sixth epochal revelation.  It is to be done in accordance with the Sadler style Contact Commission, with the proviso Ron can figure out how to expand its numbers to at least five, but now finds every road leading to appropriate individuals is blocked.  No more is it blocked as it is now renewed to see to things like this that raise up and may not be aborted because of the lack of funds to prosecute wrongdoers such Mo Siegel and certain Trustees who aver this is a proper response to Ron and his ABC Summaries.  Ron never represented it as anything transmission contact for the purpose attempting new revelation to see how those who read it reacted.  We must say he did his job well and fully and we have proceeded with the sixth epochal revelation in revision as of today.  We amend any subject discussed on this amendment except to the now fully operating Contact Commission established on Urantia with Ron Besser as its chairman elect, as simply no one else can do it at this point anywhere on Urantia.

“As Machiventa Melchizedek, I established the authority of the First Contact Commission, and it is with my authority for the Second Contact Commission to have its operation in York, Pennsylvania at 2709 Sunset Lane.  I further stipulate that Steven Gitz and Larry Gossett are the other two on the Commission and they have a load of work to do to establish it fully under my authority on January 15, of this year.  I conclude my stating that this Millennium III book is an abomination, and if it is not removed from all distributors at once, consequences are looming for Mo Siegle and the other Trustees of that Urantia Foundation institution we were once so proud of.  I rest my case for further instructions to all of you later on Ron.”

“Unknown to the readers of the fifth epochal revelation, there has been an amalgamation of seven Local Universe organizations to share administrative  peculiarities coming out of the dire consequences of the Lucifer Rebellion, instigated over 250,000 years ago and not adjudicated by the Ancients of Days until March 16, 1986, that being the date of the announcement to Michael of Nebadon on Salvington at that time.  This pertains directly to the false publication now appearing on Amazon.Com and other distributers of this false book as we still have an open court case of Lucifer vs Gabriel of Salvington, and this fits perfectly well what we must contend with to end the influence of the rebellion instigated by Lucifer long ago.

Ron Besser - In accordance with this amalgamation of Local Universe, I also prepare my fellow Commissioners to bring this disagreement with Siegel and the Foundation, first, and if necessary, to bring the restraining force of an injunction advising Amazon.Com it is no longer is legal to continue to sell the offensive book noted above any longer, and to advise the Urantia Foundation of its fiduciary responsibilities.  Much could be saved in time and money if the Urantia Foundation found it motivational enough to advise Amazon.Com and any other distributor of the offensive publication and as it may be extant to other distributors, that it is no longer legal to sell or distribute false revelation that comports itself as an addendum or update to the fifth epochal revelation whatsoever.

We also must avoid making inflammatory statements further if the Urantia Foundation complies with the Salvington request and demands the false revelation as noted by title above is to be removed.  I also stipulate we have our charge to undo what the Urantia Foundation allows to pervade the readership through distribution of the false revelation, and no amount of careful wording or unusual means to legally protect the sale of this false revelation will undo a court case against the existence of the Urantia Foundation, until at least, this matter is settled to our satisfaction.

Further, I am a Contact Commission member, and I am charged with the idea that no one may either be or call themselves a Commissioner of this status without first offering proof they have taken an Oath of Service to the Paradise Trinity, and that a secondary Oath of Compound Service is already taken to the Sovereign Head of the Local Universe, Michael of Nebadon and the Creative Spirit, together.  All of these things have been done and categorized on the Salvington spirit records.

We also claim the right to change our minds and our intentions if there are subsequent actions by either the Urantia Foundation or its subsidiary in fact, the Urantia Book Fellowship, to mitigate the anger and confusion these publications can do to an unsuspecting readership now or in the future.

For the preceding, I sign this announcement off on behalf of the Magisterial Sons of Record on Urantia; the Lord Michael, chief of Staff for the various missions now coming to Urantia and in some cases, already in place for service; for Margul the Trinity Teacher Son and who stands with this surprising and revolting development against true epochal revelation; and for all others who chance to stand with the Melchizedeks and for myself, against what has occurred now far too long to distribute this publication with a straight face, or a dirty face for sure, to perpetrate this disharmony on an already seriously disturbed world we all call Urantia from the genuine epochal revelation published first in 1955.

Ron Besser
Chairman of the Second Revelatory Commission
York, PA

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