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Dear List, this post is with regard to the first category on the list here.  I feel it is time to remove the Intelligene Category as it has done its job and it could grate on some nerves out there that is not necessary at this time.  I think those who read it and are interested are satisfied that is all we can do right now but to warn to keep your powder dry and not to get disappointed on the intractable behavior our leaders get into or take us into as unwilling participants of  disaster. 

I also will bring the category back when something new is to be added as I truly trust that both Serara and Monjoronson will explain things about national relationships that matters to say when it is time to say them over the next few years.  For now it comes down to keep it from becoming stale and maybe offensive to some who do read it with a fine toothed comb to boot.

Thank you for reading it and I ask your patience until we have a better understanding how to handles these kinds of posts that are meant to fully inform you but are not meant for the general public to see either.  It is a bit of a quandary to handle but for now we say adios to that particular way of looking at things. 

My best to all,


This March 28, 2018

I seldom fall for photo shopped or other video editing to make us believe the unusual, but I asked Salvington what they might know of this video or sighting.  They said ti was not a fake but was enhanced by the photographer by adding the misty portal when the ship blinked off itself.  The portal with the misty oval was truly there but the video taker addes the white to show a real doorway which our eyes cannot see.   Now whose ship is this?  No one owns up but I keep hearing the Midwayers attempted to run this release elsewhere only YouTube accepted it as worthwhile along with a skillion others most of which are fakes or truly broken films of the old past when these things occurred more often.  Now that we folks have a lot of video cameras chances are these things can be filmed more and more and never with definite answers what we are really seeing as far as the public is concerned.  Those ont his list even know some of the fleets by name but getting good ID on them is hell.  Ship type is listed by MUFON if anyone would like to look it up.   Ron Besser/

to embed in your own html output use the code below:  This site accepts the embed will not save it into the database for playing so please use the above reference to view what you wish of this ship on a merry cruise of some mountain range.

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General Discussion / General Brief - News Summary 17May2018 Michael
« on: May 17, 2018, 02:44:45 PM »
General Brief - News Summary 17May2018 Michael
York, Pa noon local time/Michael of Nebadon/May 17, 2018

This is Michael.

I am sure most of you wonder where the beef is to use an old 70's commercial for Burger King.  I am here and so is everybody else but we are getting down to fine details and Ron has been helping where he can during his last days of transition he hopes.  I am sure he will be fine shortly if I can commute some of these problems for him.

I must lament the fact we have little to say today as this is an in-between day for most of us on high, and that our staff for the Missions is ready and prepared to enter the material plane of existence to work on the problems Nysteria presents for you and for us too.  I am truly tired of the fight to win over people who have no substance or any reason to listen other than to make ends meet.  Otherwise I wonder how we can go with this except Ron has provided some insight into how to approach these problems himself and we follow some of them to see if they work.  I am also unhappy over a transition that is so harmful he gets despondent over it, but money is a balm for even that he says.  In any case I will shortly outline to some of you what is up in that department soon enough.  I am authorizing to spending about sixty million dollars on behalf of the Magisterial Mission shortly.

Now you all must know we have at least seven corporations to fund and I have already told Ron how to distribute those funds.  He laughs at his guile over this but we must fund those corporations we will operate out of for the sake of old Urantia and its new name Nystoria.  Clency had it right as Ron bobbled the original name so it was not printed right the first time but it is all corrected now as he spoke to it in another post to Clency and others.

I am providing $60,000,000 to Ron via a cashiers check from Mantutia once Mantutia is ok'd to do that in the flesh.  He is also to receive his salary from 2010, eight years ago, and it is substantial, and we have set aside sums for those who Ron knows need the checks.  Lemuel receives a salary from 2017 to now and Gossett receives a salary from 2016 to now too.  In other words we have some money for you two.  Sue and Amethyst have no back salary for reasons of State due to only recent fusion status achieved only months ago.  By the way the sixth individual who was fused has quit life and is near death estrangement mentally and must be looked after completely in the home hospice.  Not all fusions regrettably on Nystoria work and this was a prime example.

I conclude this notice with a trial we must face once again with your sister planet Panoptia which will be renamed  too when the dust settles in this part of my Local Universe of Nebadon.  Panoptia has been upset primarily in its Midwayer population over the fact they are not now getting a Magisterial Mission as promised years ago and that is because Serara believes the Midwayers there are too slow to understand that they do not set the tone of the Mission much as Ron has done for us on Nystoria.  Ron recognizes his lack of enthusiasm to control anything but waits to see the corporations to us for nothing but a dollar for all seven, and then to go his merry ways as inside the epochal revelatory Foundation.  He is truly waiting for release from other concerns too and that must be finalized with him and Mantutia shortly.  He is also waiting for his back salary payment to do the house up nicely and well and we are delighted with is plans to make changes already given to us as the way forward for that home.  Good and this.  His work is not recognized on Uversa yet and they must approve it or no money and that is just a technicality and we wait too.

UVERSA SPEAKS:  "WE have approved the work Ron has done and will provide him with a certificate on his spirit record when he leaves Nystoria in the coming months or centuries, whatever must be done.  He is truly ready to serve and is a must for others to copy as a way to come before high authorities and make sure we agree with plans before they are carried out.  He worked under Michael of Nebadon and the Midwayers early in his career as corporation designer but lately has been under the Deity Absolute to be sure he does not render work that is at cross purposes to the Michael Mission or the Magisterial Mission.

(Uversa)"We also allow nothing more to be done corporately until the coming snafu with the IRS is settled due to a special agent getting too excited over a letter Ron sent them asking for charitable status over a corporation that Agent agrees deserves it but was over rulled by the head of the department as too lenient and was thrown back to the Spcial Agent to defer decisions until he was forced to make one by events.  Latterally, the President made one comment: 'give what he wants and drop it now, as I have a summit to attend to.'  

"ON Uversa, Ron is a shadowy figure without much happy styles and we must relate that his work does not suffer but seems improved by the motion to move him into the morontial area of being.  It was a painful excursion but one we think has great promise for the future and we are more sanguine than Michael is over the transition work Ron has done so far.  Good day.

Michael of Nebadon - "I am now quoted for the record:  Ron has completed his transition but the blood stream objects to the motion of unusual cells medical science would call white blood cells.  They defend the immune system but they are the problem to create nerve pain and other concerns Ron is mostly aware of in spades.  You all who have a normal circulatory system have no problem moving legs to walk or run but Ron has no such nerve control at this time and can barely walk across the drive to get mail.  He is truly sorry over this transition lasting so long that he rather just revert and be done with it but we will not allow that to happen at all as he is finished becoming fully morontialized as his mind is quick and sharp in spite of sleepiness so much of the time.  That will end but he needs a course in rectitude to stop hammering Michael with pissing and moaning over the issue of walking and seeing alone.  You keep seeing something Ron you do not understand and you place it as a wish rather than a fact, but you are catching a near future when this all abruptly ends and you walk out free to deposit your monetization of the corporations quite soon.  Good day. Michael."



May 14, 2017 - 13:15 Local time
Michael of Nebadon and Company
York, PA USA
= = = = = =

This is Michael.  I am appealing to all to keep quiet about the Nystoria change of name and let Urantia prevail until we unveil the new revelation as stated in the title of this particular thread.  You who understand why it was changed will also see a better reason developing later today or perhaps this week, but it will happen at least this week, and that is the incarnation of Malvantra Melchizedek with Mantutia Melchizedek, and their work in York comes to fruition with Ron Besser who has had nothing but a very rough month of Sunday's trying to get agreement for them to pair up and become the dual Supervision of Ron and the human staff in York.  They are incarnated and will work in the L shaped building Ron offered as the logical place to open an office in York since it sits on Continental Square, as they call it, and dominates the place as no other building does there.

For that reason we are buying that building when the cash can flow and Ron will make the check out for the few million they want for it.  Considering that Ron will be handed a check for $40 million dollars, he can easily buy it, fill the coffers of the Magisterial Foundation for Serara to draw upon as he may wish.  Ron has nothing to do with cost cutting but cost running everything to bring that building up to snuff.

Furthermore, Ron has indicated he sorely wishes to be rid of all of these corporations and he will sign them all over to us for one dollar total, except for Starbridge Foundation and Starbridge Group and for his own reasons, end one of them when he sees their need no longer necessary under his care.  The truth is that the Group designation was meant to take care of all of this business but the Foundation, the Starbridge Foundation which is new to you, is the one to keep going in all likelihood because of its status that may no longer be useful as we move along here.

I am authorizing Ron's back salary to be paid in full since 2005 - 2006 and then rescinding all salaries for everyone until the Ancients of Days decree what is proper for Ron to receive to live on and so on with the rest of you.  Larry Gossett has a large house with Mark and will render it for Mark to keep although both have paid for it each in their own way, and Gossett will be given a check for six hundred thousand to clear his way to come to York however he wishes to do that.  Gossett will receive a sum, upon arrival in York, of another five hundred thousand and will then report for work in the L shaped building to prepare his own office that will handle all of our property work and the upkeep on all homes and apartments we may buy or rent to house incoming people to York to work.

Steve Gitz is completely free to come to York at his leisure and may elect to work for Ron or open a piano emporium in York for it has no such business anymore, and then to dedicate one of the concert grands to the Magisterial Mission as such.  We will pay for it when it is delivered Steve.  Ron is to receive it until we may need it for our own provisions.  In other words, Steve, you sit pondering what is to be done by you when you get there and you have been told what is for your hands to do but constantly forget.  Meanwhile, learn that your work is menial as all workers to begin do menial work.  You are to help Ron run the distribution channel for the new revelation and to put signs up along the way that a Symposium is coming to town with a full world court to listen to what it has to say to the world in about  a year from now.  I hear Ron calculate that and he suspects it is best left off until May of next year (2019) or October of 2018  as much depends on good weather and keeping its event out of snow and ice that York gets in the cold weather months.

Sue Whiley remains in Australia until there is a good reason to move her out of there to York; however, Sue Whiley will be asked to open an office in Australia under our guidance and sit her fanny there instead of working at the hospital and she will explain and distribute the new revelation and reasons why Australia will be honored with a full blown Mission of its own to be revealed in another month or so to you Sue.  You are no longer well done working at the hospital and the heat of the past summer has damaged your heart somewhat and all that has to be fixed better so you are prepared to take on these responsibilities.

Lemuel, you will remain in Spain until you can take it no longer and you let Ron know when you are well enough to travel and do the actual work of transmitting on a dialy basis for radio distribtuion of your audio tapes as you did them recently.

Amethyst, you are not well enough at times to take anything on immediately, but when you are-- and we will see to it--  the trial will be for you to write prose concerning the Urantia Book and its loss and why it has been replaced with a new revelation.  Ron has plenty of good news for your there as he knows the subject so well he can dictate much of what you want to write if that is why you need to start.  It will include the early history of the book not included in any print so far and the old Urantia Foundation still thinks it had a miraculous birth which it did not.  In other words my dear, you write a book for us as a historian about the coming of epochal revelation to Urantia as it was then called.


“I gave Ron a dream this morning that was, as he fully agrees with me, disgusting.  His once pet cat defecated on the floor in a huge pile before him.  Ron naturally asked what in the world was THAT to tell me?  The answer really is that Ron no longer has a pet to love or a person or another in a form and that is for a good reason.  I have a good reason for showing Ron that as his Whiskers, a beautiful Maine Coon cat, decided he did not like what Ron did, marched over to his bedroom and fully emptied his bowels on his Persian rug, Never mind what happened next.  But Ron is sorely tempted never to have a pet come between him and hygiene again and for good reasons.  His house is to be a reception house for those interested in the Magisterial Mission and Mantutia will do the talking I am sure and that is that.  However, Ron needs to fix the place up and will receive a tidy sum to start work on it immediately so long as Mantutia can get in his material jammies to deliver the check.  The dream was to clarify that he should not have a pet or a room full of valuables to be ruined by such, but that the entire matter is settled.  Ron is fully morontialized today and is full of aches and pains still but the worst of the pain left him this morning for good– we think . . .   In any case, the trial door is closing on him and for the benefit of the other four fused individuals, the papers have also been signed by Michael and seconded by the Father of All, to allow Ron and the other four fused ones to skip sleep often as they are fully appearing before the Court of the Ancients of Days to receive their degrees of completion of human betrothal have been successfully completed and that mansion world work is totally unnecessary.   However, one such Degree of Completion is amended at Ron’s request that he be allowed mansion world experience in order to feel he has fully shared in the ascension career every step.  To all other four of you, you may also amend your Decree of Completion at any time if you feel as Ron does and wish to complete your ascension career with the mansion worlds part of it.

“I second the charge that Ron receive a pet Maine Coon cat again as a pair of them as they love having each other around as they are among the most sociable of cats on the planet.  They are expensive to raise and to train as great mousers and Ron has plenty of chipmunks around now that Whiskers went to heaven.  In any case the cat of dreams is to have Ron gain a useful relationship to help manage the house and the placement of so many dreams smashed by owners over the nearly two hundred years that house has existed.

“You who will arrive in York will eat there often as he will have a cook and a maid to help serve the cuisine and Ron has gotten to love scallops so much he cannot live without them so be prepared for sumptuous seafood too.

“Finally, Take a moment to pray for your own souls too.  This endeavor has no sure ending and a very difficult beginning as you all know.  We move heaven and earth now and your Ron is fully capable of delivering what we want if he does not get so moved off base with fame and luck as they call Irishmen who do the right thing at the right time at the end of a spirit rainbow.   Good day.  Mother Spirit.”

May 14, 2018 from York PA at noon plus 10 Minutes
Ron:  I have received a lot kidding from the likes of the Salvington Government as to why I keep referring to our Foundation name as the Urantia Book Foundation.  I threw hot water out but they insist and I must tell you I have some legal work to do and change the name of our Foundation to the NYSTORIA FOUNDATION.   Now Michael wants the word of revelation included in that somehow, so I have to hold back any work to do until they decide what sings to the ar when you say the name of our new Foundation with a planetary name change.

Nonetheless. the term Urantia is used below in what Michael has to say as we are getting ready to use that Foundation shortly in its old form until the new form is approved by the IRS.  Meanwhile, read the news below for your own edification:


"We must make amends with the Urantia Foundation as it now exists.  The Declaration of Trust is theirs no longer.  It likely has disappeared or about to disappear from their lock box as it was signed in 1950 and amended in 2007 (as announced in February, 2007), and as such, it is still the legally binding operating procedure of the Urantia Foundation.  We also amend our need for the Urantia Book Foundation, and to state that the Urantia Book Foundation is to have its own Declaration of Trust, and will confer it on Mantutia Melchizedek not, but on Ronald Besser, in order to have it confirmed that he represents the full and necessary authority to represent the Salvington Government and its assigns as the sole beneficiary of the sixth epcohal revelation on the planet, Nystoria.  Nystoria is the full and final designation of the planet formerly named Urantia, and as such it becomes a loss to the world as to why the natural government on Urantia made no move to provide a safe haven for the Urantia Foundation when it first applied for copyright and non-profit status.

Our wish is to obey all laws of the United States, which is the country our new Urantia Book Foundation is founded in, as in York, Pennsylvania, and with all statues applied for and delivered.  In any case, we must amend the name of the Urantia Book Foundation to include the new Nystoria name as current andthat the word Urantia is no longer used on revelation or on other documents we propose to make available shortly. 

Finally, this:  we wish to amend a category called the Urantia Foundation to be allowed to establish its claim of sovereignty no longer over the fifth epochal revelation, as it is out of date and well used for seventy-five years and more.  We now discuss the epochal revelation for the benefit of new people who have no idea of the history that it embraces nor do most on this list appreciate what they hold in their hands.  Ron Besser does know that history and more history than the historians have tried to accrue, since contemporary historians have no idea about the waves of spiritual preparation to produce the Urantia Book in the United States instead of England, where it was first introduced and then abandoned for reasons of State.

I submit this document now to the list for their consideration that the new revelation is the final epochal revelation to be delivered to the world now called Nystoria.  We write that easily now as before we had to go by a faulty memory in this transmitter who cannot spell without spell check in constant operation all the time and that is rescinded now for a better way of doing thins.  I start this transmission with voice:

"I stated that I was Michael which Ron spoke out loud and nothing happened.  It will not happen until later this week when Ron has a new software program from us  that speaks my voice when he dictates me alone and Mother Spirit.  That way we get things done quickly and without spell check or other horsing around to get the words to properly appear for you to read.  In any case this will be experimental with Ron and we will let you know how it works after some experimentation.  Good and we close with a benediction to all of you and to Ron Besser in particular:

"Finally, be at peace for you Ron in particular as the papers are signed to promote you to receive the Declaration of Trust, a solemn duty to you, and that Trust is for all who know you as you will share the responsibilities with others to delegate actions only you can call upon others to do.  Be assured you are done normally and fully but you must command at times and you will with all due haste in Washington DC as you must someday appear there as the guest of a President and we shall see what happens to the sixth epochal revelation then.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon."

"I close this document to remind all of you that Ron works very hard to keep things tidy, but the above is far from tidy and will invigorate more arguments I am sure later on this year when we change the name of The Urantia Book Foundation to maybe The Nystoria Epochal Foundation of Revelation and considerably more if necessary as Ron hit us with this this morning and we fully agree the change has to take effect immediately and we will let the list understand what it is to become then.  I also recommend that all of you become familiar why this transition has taken place and why it is name is changed.  The word URANTIA in the universe language means "speak in peace," or other words to that consideration.  Urantia has been a misnomer ever since its creation over six billion years ago, but it now carries a new designation as an outreach sphere of the Salvington complex of universities and as such must carry a name appropriate to designate it as such.  It is still the original Urantia in stature but its name is changed for its use now.  I wish you all a good day."

"As usual I carry one lst addendum to this document and that is to refer to the Urantia Book now as titled: "Nystoria: The Book of Revelation," still holds and is correct.   Sue Whiley you work so hard to misconfigure things so much Ron throws his hands up.  Nystorium is truthfully the new Planetary System name, and it is separated by at least five leap years of distance from Satania which is now on its own path in Nebadon proper and it will be consigned a new planet to it that will be called Urantia if that is truly what they want.

"Nystoria is a brand new name for a brand new System of Education too, as this Planetary System (Nystorium) now is the future place to hold one or two other educational planets about the Lucifer Rebellion and they will be divided by classification as to who may attend them.  Ron can attend all three and that is his wish I am sure.  I am Mantutia and I wish you all a good day."

NYSTORIA: THE BOOK OF REVELATION (The new title of the second Urantia Book)
May 12, 2018 York, PA local time 10PM


Mantutia wishes to state the following facts to the Board:

A) The new revelation, the Sixth Epochal Revelation, is being released quite soon and is titled

“Nystoria: The Book of Revelation”

1 The change of the planets name to Nystoria (NIS Store ee Ah)is now official.  All relevant discussions must use this new name to be accurate.

2 The new Planetary System name is Nystoriam (NIS Store ee Em).  Right now it contains three planets plucked out of the Satania Planetary System to be renamed later on this year.  It is now a broken system and leaves itself out of membership councils in order to bring peace and quiet to its members as Urantia has been torn out from under them as their claim to universe historical fame.

3 The new System of Nystorium contains three planets as of today.  The old Urantia now called Nystoria and the other two are Plebium I and Plebium II.

Plebium I is the planet Europa in Monmatia which houses a non-breather population too poor to be seen or held well as that planet (or moon) is dying due to light starvation.  And they are being brought to another similar planet in Nystoriam called Plebium II.  Plebium II is the new light home for the non breathers and they will remain there until they are ready to recalibrate Plebium I as their original home next to the protection of Urantia.

The old Urantia name is still on the registry of Uversa who indicate they will not change it on Uversa unless they are forced to because the old System of Satania wishes to replace the old Urantia with a new Urantia and we have no objection to this except the Bestowal of Michael as Jesus is now Nystoria and that is bound to cause huge confusion in most universe capitals.  We move the name of Urantia out of the records now in order to reclassify Urantia as an extension school of Salvington and Uversa concerning schooling of the Urantia rebellion of Caligastia in particular and of other Planetary Prince rebellions in Satania as well. 

4) No new school is without its Chancellor, and the Chancellor of the new university to be placed on Nystoria is founded by the Chancellor of all, Michael of Nebadon.  He will lead the school in prayer and other benedictions when its corner stone is laid in the morontial worlds surrounding Urantia soon.  Ron wonders if we have a few new moons in the sky because of the new worlds to be constructed around Nystoria, and the answer is yes.  Five new moons tow of which are going to be as visible as your natural moon which never had a name until now.  Your old moon is called moon but so are all other ones who circle a planet and so we call your old and natural moon Nystoria II, and that someday might make the registry of planets on Uversa.

“We already have removed Urantia from our registry when we saw why the old Urantia was removed since Satania was not to receive the university extension in its habiliments and that was due to the exchange of motets (little notes) between Uversa nd Edentia over how to administer the new Urantia without the Satania requirement for extra guards evey where to prevent explosions of natural helium within its borders.  You have never been informed of this danger but it exists everywhere in Satania due to its proximity to outerspace region One.  There natural helium abounds like water does in the Urantia oceans today and now Nystoria’s oceans which will become famous for their size and depth.  Few planets have this kind of ocean ever and Urantia is strangely dealt in its central core due to the weight of all that water on its center core.

“Bottom line is Uversa recognizes no Urantia any more and calls Nystoria as it is named for what ws once Urantia.

“We also inform Ron that his time is up for today and we close this for him.  Good day.”

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  Amethyst:  I post this transmission here as it was received, as it appears to be a contribution this this topic.  It takes some courage on my part as I want to be accurate, but it just started flowing so I thought I better get to the computer quick before I started to lose it.

               DEITY ABSOLUTE


T/R:              AMETHYST

DATE:           May 11, 2018

"Greetings to all on this forum, guests and members.  I am one of the 6,000 Finaliters assigned recently to help Urantia at this time.

I originate from Urantia as a Native American from a time many millennia ago.  My people were inland on the west coast near the border of Washington State and British Columbia, Canada long long before the Clovis people came down from the frozen path that connected Alaska and Russia during the last ice age.  Yes, there were a few of us here before the Clovis.

"I was a woman and a shaman.  My name was Okcainkalono.  (Yes that is a mouthful.)  It is a name given to me after I became a shaman and it means "Ask and you shall receive."  For simplification and clarity you may call me Dora, although I have gone by many different names during my long trek upward and inward.  It was part of my calling in those distant times to answer questions to help us all learn about our place in creation.  And after all the millennia of training I have received to become a Finaliter, I still serve in the capacity of teaching others how to continue to evolve into higher knowledge and spirituality.

"As you have been informed, many of you are being called into service and I am here as one of the helpers for you.  Many of you are unsure about your ability to be strong and carry on as you are asked.  Yes, you have your angels to help and they do a marvelous job.  You will also have a Finaliter such as myself.  Think of us as the plow that goes before the farmer to help create the furrow to plant the seeds.  You could not make this furrow with just a spade on your own but with the help from us, the obstacles before you will be plowed aside so that you will be enabled to tend to business without the difficulties that so many of you imagine.  That is not to say all will be easy, but it is meant to tell you that you are up to the task.  This planet needs the gifts and talents each of you have to offer, so do move forward without hesitation with love for this sphere and help Gaia eventually become a settled and healthy planet, for it is to be so."

"I remember this one from so long ago.  She was a source of intense healing energy and was instrumental in preventing many a war.  She radiated health and well being and was able to live more than 200 years as you recognize time.  It pleases me to no end to see her once again here as a perfected and completed Finaliter.  There are many others that come with her that have similar credentials and these 6,000 beings bring with them the means to help clear away the mine fields, and there are many indeed.  The clean-up is already in the early phase."

"It is rare for me to transmit through a soul so young and just beginning as is Amethyst.  I am beyond the conceptual ability of her to understand, but there is a need for me to be here with all of you at this time.  Urantia has yet to 'fit the mold' of evolutionary planets and so for a time I may come through one of you.  I am here with this one now to confirm the value the Finaliters bring, and their contribution will be immeasurable."

"The clouds that have been stifling your transmissions are beginning to clear.  It is probable that a Finaliter will be knocking at your door of the T/Rs seeking to connect and transmit.  My connection to Amethyst is in part due to her Native American DNA, (although its just a small portion), as well as our common goals in spirit and in the reclamation of our native sphere.  I bid you all a pleasant evening, and as we used to say in my time here, "May the Spirit of all that is,  grow each day in you."

p.s.  oops I put this in an existing thread, it probably should have been posted in as a new thread.  perhaps Ron can fix this.  sorry

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Amazing Spiritual Stories / A True Story: Mr. Besser and the Ghost
« on: May 06, 2018, 10:56:22 PM »
I tell this one as it happened.

When I completed my basic training in the Air Force, they sent me to Europe to a Royal Air Force Base to analytical work.  By any description it was a cushy assignment as there was nothing I disliked about it and everything to like about it.  After a few weeks in temporary billeting, I was placed in the enlisted men's dormitory.  At the time, and because the Viet Nam Ware was heating up, I had three other roomates.   That would have been in a room with two double-decker bunks in a room roughly ten feet long and about eight feet wide.  It had its own hearing and four enclosed closets and two dressers for laundered shirts and clothing in general.  The uniforms except fatigues were always placed on hangars in the closed closets with doors of their own.  My bunk was the opposite side of the closets on the bottom and my closest ally in the new recruits coming in was on my top bunk.   Never mind he carried a chain in a hidden pocket just in case somebody wanted to fight.  Only once did my hair stand on end when somebody let themselves into our room who did not belong there-  a typical air force newbie who drank too much at the enlisted man;s club behind our barracks.

I was in that room for nearly three years when my enlistment was about over.  Over the years I went from three other room mates to no roomate as the attrition rate for our specialty was achieving no more of our special grand analytical work.  I was one of about eight left on the base and was ready to go home and face the music of resumed civil life without a job and without even thoughts of one as this ghost thing happened shortly.

About six months before I was to leave, they assigned to my empty room a raw and inexperienced air man.  At first we got along fine and I had no reason to start anything, but he insisted upon and loved to gossip about me and my neightbors and even those on the main work building I worked in at the time.    One evening I invited several of us in a rather warm barracks that late afternoon to walk down to the little rivelt that held nothing but minnows in, and that stand of trees and stream was next to a gorgeous Gothic monetary built in the  15th century prior to the Tudor reign of Henry VIII.  I and three friends found the cool patch of trees and lots of poison ivy growing low along the stream but mission on our paths, refreshing like little boys discovering a creek to play in.

Now you need to know that the monastery building is where the officers on the base lived.  It was built as a Benedictine Priory for men only.  However, about one hundred years after its dedication a small fire wiped out what monks there were by smoke inhalation, and eventually the Catholic Church refurbished the standing building and it then was established as Convent for the Sisterhood of Mt. Abby, a long ago and forgotten order of women who supported the Church in the 13ths Century.  I note the curiosity that the stone used to construct it was unusually hard and no mica chips in it like normal granite does and I note that Stonehenge about fifty miles north of this build today stands is made of the same material and we all speculated it was probably moved from the east of what is today the Shire of Woodsbury, which in itself, is a placement of a very ancient glacier deposit off the earth mantel and pushed south from Scandanavia to this part of England where it fell out in a terminal moraine.

In that group of women who numbered about forty-five or six, was the Chief Mother for Postulancy, which is a fancy word about providing probation to a new nun until she proved herself compatible and does not shirk work for six months and then the new nun receives a Sabbatical to enter a convent of her choice if not liking the Convent where she took her Postulancy.

When we were walking in the little rivulet nearby. the building is tall and grey about 100 fet or more away from where we stood and made of something that reminded me or iron stone.  I kid you not, ironstone in my area where the glacier of old touched down briefly, left big grey boulders in fields and stream all around us.  I used to love to mineral hunting and found these boulders attractive for quartz crystals but the yielded non and a big hammer would just bounce off them.  I found granite easier to cleave these fellows.  That is the stone the monastery or the old Convent was built from and I did not like the atmosphere at all for some reason.

In 1557-8 Henry the VIII learned that the Convent existed and called it a Priory to his Chamber and ordered it roused and burned as Henry was Protestant and the Priory was Catholic and a battle was being waged in England at the time between the Papists (Catholics) and the Protestant religion estbalished by Henry as a power base to fight the power of the Vatican.

Our story relates to that night when the men of Henry's army arranged to sneak into the grounds of the Priory and torch it.  Of all the nuns that died that night was a lady Superior known as Rose,  Rose saw the torch men and ran into an interior secret chamber wall she thought they could not breach and if the fire reached there were plenty of ways to get out.  What she forgot is that the stone of the priory was not able to withstand much heat and split in many pieces as the hot fire spread through its chapel.  Rosie died there and her body never found until the 18th century when the Priory was excavated to get a new chamber for the nurses in the wars on Europe to be trained and served as an RAF training for nurses in the first and second world wars.  

The night Rosie died behind the secret wall and stairs case, as those of us in the modern era knew her as, was frequently reported to be seen in reports of ghost sightings of the brave nun who tried to save the convent.  Now I tell you as an aside, I kept wanting to meet the legend of Chicksands RAF but there never seemed to be enough time to investigate.  Ah, but Rosie knew of my interest and made a decisive appearance no body forgets now or ever!

I left Chicksands Priory RAF on January 23, 1968 to be discharged at Dover AFB, USA.  When I arrived that morning after a six hour flight from London, I was exhausted by a sudden change in time shifts and the thought of getting home without any more generals around to tell us what to do.  I was naive enough to think this day ended the matter in eternity for me and I proceeded to the discharge paper work.  The fellow who started my paperwork told me to sit on a chair near the wall and he disappeared for awhile.  When he came back, he told me that he was not allowed to discharge anyone with my AFC until he received word otherwise.  What I did not know was the navy sent a reconnaissance ship into the Gulf of Tonkin, and managed to get itself captured by the North Koreans.
USS Pueblo captured - Jan 23, 1968
As I was being processed the President of the United States ordered all personnel being discharged that day held over without release until the threat of war was terminated.  I cooled my heels for three hours that morning and finally got released when North Korea signaled it was not producing a crisis out of the seizure and the US government relaxed the freeze to let us go home.

Now, our Rosy Ghost saw the turmoil I had to undergo on Janaury 22nd with a terrible roomate the devil could not have done better to act as.  I ignored him while I packed that day and told him to go to heel a number of times for messing into my final report by complaining to somebody up the chain of command I was a security breach/  He did not reveal to himself ever he just wanted to get back at me for selling valuable recording and music equipment down the hall from me for pennies on the dollar and he tried to out do by offering me more but he had me so disgusted with him, I would have given the equipment away before he gave me a thousand dollars for the same.  In any case I gout of there sometime around six or seven that evening, was bussed to Heathrow Airport and hopped on a Boeing 707 for home.

Wonderful, wonderful, Rosie the Ghost!  She got into action twenty four hours after I left and believe me no one will forget her after what she did.

That awful roommate of mine that I told to go to hell frequently that January afternoon while finished packing, was apparently so happy to see me leave, he went to the Airman;s club and got good and smashed.  I now have to tell you the story as friends wrote me from Chicksands RAF, that my roommate finally settled down in his bunk.  The room has no one in it but that drunk and me recent memory.  They tell me about 3am there was one hell of a commotion in that former room of mine, that roommate came tearing out into the hallway with nothing on and rand down three landings of stair to hide in the shrubbery next to the barracks. I am told the military police took him into custody for the decency of it all and I lose site of what happened to this character forever now.

What Rosie did was to enter that room, and then systemically started tearing down all the drawers out of their cabinets and scattering his clothes all over creation, and then threw a carafe out the window without opening it.  I liked that room and in long hours of boredom when I first got there, I did oil painting and hung two of them to make the room more homey on those walls.  One painting, on a 12 by 10 inch board,  I painted a stage coach arrived at a falling down shack, standing still with its passenger door open,  and out of the stagecoach was a white glow of an apparition that had an interest about that falling down building.  Would you believe it dissapeared!  Somewhere there is chuckling ghost with my picture in his halo if it were Rosie, and she did my one terrific scare on a man who believed in absolutely nothing except to create problems for those he lived with.  I also heard that that individual went home early to Massacusetts but I have no way of knowing if that is true,  But I can verify the Rosie tricks because I heard independt stories and they all told the same and I was so happy I bought a new car that year and that was ten years before I found the Urantia Book, and with the same new car in myu possiesion too!

There is a hearty ghost story fer you'ins and I never ran into a ghost story I disliked either unless it was violent and then I disown that ghost forever.  


"I spell my name Rosy, Ron, but thank you anyhow.  I am on mansion world three now, the fusion mansion for we late ascenders.  I did make one terrible ruckus with that drunk and lame roommate Ron gratefully left behind.  He was a no show at his death a year ago when he drowned in a New York lake nearby.  They could not resuscitate him, but if they would have found and used a difbulator.  I still hear from manyfriends as I was a morontial creaturw who looke after the Priory Ron so much enjoyed living on the grounds in a barracks.  In World War II many nurses lived in the Priory and I would peek in once in a while as it remind me of my old days of keeping after the new girls and they let me go as they could glimpse my punk face and myopic eyes and Ron would have loved it as I had the same trouble with a newrly blind left eye before my death in the fire.

"My fear living in the Priory was to be hooked out of it by robbers or by brigands as we then called them.  Our work was to see to the new nuns that they did not slack off and I never heard the term Ron usef for my work until I looked it up too and he is right,  In any case the young man who treated Ron like scum and taunted him whenever he could and for now reason as Ron was peaceful and respected all roommates to their privacy and own doings.  Ron painted for the first year he was in England as there was no occupational or friendly competition on the base ever and we often wondered whyt hat commander was so slow to see to the troops well being.      Ron bowled after the midnight shift with his fellow trcik workers but it wore thin with him as he was often tired by that time and preferred the peace and quiet of his old room.  He kept the room spotless and Terry his roommate for the first 2 and one half years put their money together and put a good rung down and repainted it with good neutral colors and white and the commander wished all to do that and many did!

"I am Rosy, and I loved Ron as he was caring and made many people laugh with his inability to stay awake on the midnight shift but he learned to go searching on their huge radios in the empty hours of night and he came up with many surprised foreigners whom he tapped into and printer on the teletype they used in those days to intercept secret transmitters.  The antenna they used was called the elephant cage and Ron has posted a picture of it below.  You could listen anywhere in the worked easily with its array.  

"Finally this: they closed my Priory in October of 1997 when Chief Justice Warren died as he worked there to and that is now a known history at all.  He died the day it was closed and Ron feels sad it is gone, but a funny things about the place.  The United Stats closed their work there and the RAF bought it back to use equiment and all to monitor the world for thievery and piracy.  Ron's old work station today is occupied by young fellws just as Ron was when he stood there to do that work, and they are as rambunctious as Ron was and we relate one incident that heppened to Ron he cannot live down yet in his mind, is that a funny chap decided to fling himself into Ron standing there and Ron caught him in mid air.  BUT: the funny man's foot kicked the standing room partition and it came crashing down so loud it sounded like the room caved in.  Facing Ron on the other side of that room partition were about fifty men working the Morse code racks.  They stared at him and he stared at them with his man cross-wise on his chest.  Now recall I was a ghost.  I was in that place all the time nosing around and Ron could get them all going with his clowning and fast work to end chores quickly.  He often roused those radio operators telling them to go on break and he would man the radios or he would do five level tapes for broadcast back home.  It all ended with is discharge and my total dislike of what the man he rommed with was about,  He was one piece of nasty work and we wish him well now but he did not show up for the judges before he left Urantia either.  I am truly a friend of Ron and he thanks me frequently for what lessons I gave that little creep on the third floor.  Rosy."

"RON DOES NOT KNOW THIS but if Rosy had trounced that room earlier, she would have run into a group of angels who decided that roomy was so awful and bad to be around, they were going to pull something similar.  Fortunately for Rosy Ron was gone and so was the group that decided to teach that fellow a lesson too.  We often wonder what it is about a human being even the ghosts enjoy working with and Ron was one of those and he desperately wanted to meet and English ghost while was over there.  He is scheduled to return and I doubt GCHQ. the name of the British intelligence group that took Chicksands back again would like to see him there as he remember with great detail the intelligence operation as it was lived then and they could learn a lot from him since today they hardl teach analysts wht they are really seeing.  Ron knew pretty well and a few Russian army operators he knew their teletype hand and knew they were old friends passing practice code for hours on hand and he labeled them as such to the upstairs crowd who passed or cut out analytical reports on shift work Ron did.  One last thing:  Chicksands is scheduled for demolition except not the priory.  It will be total history including the elephant cage he knew how to operate like a pro.  Michael  

An Unusual and Secret New Event FYI
April 30, 2018
York, Pa midnight 0001 Local Time
This is Michael.

May One is approaching rapidly and I only wish to say that the end of the current era is present.

Ron has quite a story to tell you someday as this date approaches as do we when we can tell it and wait for some signal from us to observe what is happening in the United States we believe by the end of next month (May 31).

I also wish to point out that his list has lost about 60 percent of its members over nothing but misunderstanding mostly and it will not go back and pick them back up.  What is about to transpire is extremely useful to us on Salvington and Ron is fully responsible for triggering it with his usual excellent writing abilities.  We are not looking at a placement for the Magisterial Mission with the blessings of the highest authority in the country.   You will witness some extraordinary news, we think, by this time next month.

As it may be the Urantia Book Foundation is open for business on May 01, 2018.  Ron will sign some sales papers and we will provide an incarnated Melchizedek to help development of the legal issues we will face as well as the necessity to fund these corporations at our command very soon.  You need to understand we own the Magisterial Foundation and the Urantia Book Foundation after May 01. 2018.  All other corporations alsos revert to our ownership in the Michael Mission and the Magisterial Mission as well.  Only one corporation will remain under the direction of Ron Besser and that is Starbridge Group which funds the other major corporations we own.  I am never at a loss for words for what Ron has provided again and again and you will hear quite story I believe in less than thirty days for there is astounding news to listen to then.  I am Michael and I wish you a good day. Michael.”

“I am allowed to say little about what Ron pulled off be did it as probably the coup of the century,  He has asked to keep it a silent cause for now but he will share with you probably later next month what has happened due to the direct result of his work and totally unexpected by him or us.  We will wait to let you know as soon as it is possible.

I am further dictating to the membership of this site the warning we all feel as Ron does.  He is dtermined to keep the site running in spite of no member participation except the few faithful who do write on it well.  Our concern is that the usual attitude prevails over issues that are not issues at all but the personality dispositions of some who have left for good cuts them off from the daily news grind we go through up here to produce these missions.

Ron has agreed to be on TV every day if necessary for a news briefing over the air as we are starting operation of our own news channel after May 01 sometimes this coming month.  A lot depends on how the coup of the century appears to you shortly or later this year.  We cannot predict how it come out to you at this point at all. 

Secondly, we are not running a hot report on Salvington, that the Father is permitting Bzhutu, ABC-23. The Chief of Midwayers on Urantia, to materialize and become a counsel to Ron Besser as he assumes the role of the interim Chief of the Urantia Book Foundation beginning May 01, 2018.  He is preparing his exit from that concern to Manager after May 10th, 2018, when Bzhutu takes charge of the Urantia Book Foundation not but as a trial Trustee with Ron and one other he will select from some of you when he has himself fully understanding how he needs to work the assignment on Urantia.  Bzhutu looks forward to doing that work until Jesus arrives in about 12 years to head the Urantia Book Foundation and then steps aside as Manager of the operation and day to day chief of operations as long as we need that Foundation.  Good day.

I also wish to call your attention to the Rayson Corporation and the York Pre-Particle Technologies Corporation, as Ron named it four years ago after scratching his brain for days what to name it.  I am sure Rayson would prefer another name but it carries the essence of its work, and we remind you that we will design water pools and towers and machines to provide water for the sub-Shariah dessert and other regions in Africa, Southeast Asia and other places where they starve and die of thirst we do not help them immediately.  Our Transports and ‘Copters will see to their ways and means so long as we can.

Further: the humanitarian needs are growing around the world as weather patterns are shifting and providing rain starved areast in the east Balkans and north central regions of Russia.  Be aware he is not aware of most problems in the land mass claimed to be Russian and folds nothing worthwhile in Siberia as the permafrost is collapsing at a staggering rate and will not refreeze until a mini ice age develops again on Urantia in a few short years.

I also wish to advise this list there is little left of the Agondonter status assignments for now.  We are closing the program May 03, 2018 and will not ever operated it again on Urantia.  It is for a planet that has no visible representation of God on its surface and Urantia will have visible representation on its surface beginning on May 05, 2018 when Machiventa Melchizedek become the first visible Planetary Prince ever on Urantia.  He will reside at the spirit polarity until York has offices to establish their presence in.

Your presence in York will be established on May 13th Ron, when the building you desire to represent the offices of the Magisterial Mission, the Urantia Book Foundation, and the Planetary Prince, will open and you each have your offices to work in.  Ron your office is on the upper right top floor.  The Planetary Prince will inhabit the lower right corner office and your friend Lemuel will work with you in your office which has several partitions and one for recording on line for radio.  Gitz will have another office with you to organize his work to disseminate the new Urantia Book when we declare it available for distribution.

We conclude with this small but important statement: few believe what Ron achieved even on Salvington and are waiting for the results if there are indeed any shortly.  Our work is suddenly cleared to operate and it will over the next mont has hurdles are removed from our operation through this incredible of transfer of luck through Ron.  I am Mother Spirit and we wish all a good day on Urantia.  Mother Spirit.


I am here to tell you that you will read of his work when the time comes.  Our mouths dropped when the news came in suddenly and Ron did not believe it for over three days and still doubts Michael telling him all that happened for his efforts.  It is still a state secret and may remain that way if it so happens to get classified.  You Ron are doubtful to survive it but we will and we are ready to pull up anchor.  You Ron are fun to listen to but carry this in your crop, and it is this: You managed to throw the entire Magisterial Mission and the Michael Mission int chaos for five days and it is not over as you change plans for us in many major areas.   This never happens!  You Ron are a miracle in your new Duluth ware, and Father intervened to stop my chit chat. 

“Ron wants silence on the event of the century and it is quite a story to tell.  We in spirit know it thoroughly and Ron knows it half, bit no one else knows it yet, except seventeem US ambassadors have verified to their representative countries around the world that Ron Besser is God and he started a revolution in York, Pa.   All countries contact have their jaws dropping and so is Ron’s.  Machiventa Melchizedek is still attempting to understand how Ron operates without a license from us to get done what he does.  When asked he says, “The I AM,  I am not, but call me the I DO,” We agree and here is Mantutia to close this post.”

“I am trying to understand how these things happen.  Ron is genuinely convinced the Father’s hand is all over this with God the Almighty Supreme a close second.  I am inclined to agree with him and he not often wrong.  The Deity Absolute claims no work there but Ron points out the Deity Absolute works through other agents including Master Spirit Four, Ocilliaya.  I do not doubt Ron at all in any of these cases.  Ron has asked to let it work itself out so you all can vouch for what is likely to be seen by your own eyes someday and we just wait for time to introduce a success or for Ron, a failure but not for us.  Good and this:

“I am about to welcome another Counselor to my side, the humanized Midwayer Bzhutu ABC 23,  and Ron is delighted because he has a long contact with ABC-23.  Jack 0802-AB B* is soon to be a Finaliter and he is sorry to miss the proceedings that bring ABC-23 to the presence of Ron and the entire work in York Square soon.  We believe you know the building in question.  Now we say this to all including Ron:

“The trial I quote for all of you is mostly Ron’s doing and we are beginning to suspect that Russia has a particulr interest in meeting Ron, The Russian Embassy is inquiring soon of the American Government whether they may invite Ron to Russia for his extraordinary work that Putin knows about and reads when he can.  Most of you do not know that Ron is to be honored by the country of the United States someday and it will be big news when the United States announces the Magisterial Mission on American soil in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 

“That starts this coming Tuesday in York and we have no spiritual input other than to say the government knows quite a bit of what is planned.  We leave it there for now.

“We are quoted here because Ron hears the Deity Absolute to start quoting as this recorded on high for verification with the Deity Absolute and it is verified in everything but one thing: Ron believes almost nothing of what has happened and worries himself into a deep nervous depression. I also hear the Deity Absp;ute now speak through Ocilliaya, Master Spirit Four -“


“I am the Deity Absolute and I carry great weight in these regions of perfection.  We spill no beans yet the forum should know that Ron cracked the hardest problem of all and that was to be recognized as a divine mission to Urantia with government clearance to set up shop in York, Pennsylvania.  I am the Deity Absolute and carry weight to Paradise itself and never in our billions or trillion year experience has this happened in such a way that it makes what passes for our jasw, to drop open wide.  The story is incredulous and the statement Ron made to the highest authorities on Urantia was how to peg the US Dollar to wipe out world debt, Importantly this reached the President of the United States and he took action which is still as state secret, Your Ron is destined to work with hgih authorities to mend relations with American allies which have also been hearing and reading important messages coined by Ron on your and our behalf.

“I am Ocilliaya, Master Spirit Four.  I am also the translator of the Deity Absolute to Ron and his use of good language for consumption to the highest levels of the United Sates government.  These are still state secrets and leave no where to be heard but it is our estimation that Ron will make a press statement at some point in the coming year and that the White House will support it and then you can only guess what happens next.  Our trip to American is not possible but we watch your capital and hope for the best to the Michael regime and the Magisterial Mission at this point in time.  Good day.  I am Ocilliaya, Master Spirit Four, the Voice of the Father/Son unity in the universe.”

“I speak mostly to all of you now as you are the direct recipients of this extrorodinary work finished by Ron on Friday of the past week.  He did it without thinking it would do anything but inform the taxing agency in the Untied States government how to proceed classification of tax status for the Holding Corporation.  I dare not speak yet to the events that followed that letter, but it exploded all over the world when released by President Trump after he read it many times.  I am the Father of All, but I am happy down far in my thought processor that a little man who read the Urantia Book could move mountains when the time came.  You are sure I am sure Ron you can thank me in many cases but thank the Deity Absolute working with Ocilliaya, that triggered these phenomenal events.  You hope “it holds,; you say Ron but I assure you it will and we are moving heaven and earth now to capitalize on the good will of the Presidency of the Untied States. 

“I also speak highly of Mantutia Melchizedek who saw this coming as Ron was seriously challenged by the factors involved and just sat down and let it fire.  He perceived it had to be written succinctly and without undue secrecy and he did a beautiful job.  Some day it may be presented in a history book as the letter that triggered a landslide.  I am reminded by Ron’s Thought Adjuster we should say no more.  Besides the secret is out to a million adults in Washington DC as of now and several officials have called the Capital to verify what they are hearing.  I can verify for all it is true.  I am Father.  Good day.”


York, Pa Noon Local Time
April 15, 2018

"I am of the Infinite Spirit and cut no grass but eat well anyhow,  Be assured Ron Besser knows me as other names but right now I am Sordon of the Infinite Spirit,  I am truly a distinct order and am particularly interested in the sciences on Urantia and will work with Rayson when I get my marching orders temporarily. I am surely known to many of you also by other names Ron does not know and that is because so many of you fool around with other web sites that will be curtailed or removed in the coming months of eradication of false or childish information you should have long given up yourselves.  I am to make sure we get along Ron and that is to hold back your tears about no photography of the new Urantia Book and that is because use it to make sure you are heard clearly, and that is not our purpose right now.  I am truly an unusual Order in that what I say goes before anything else is put into place, and Ron has my direct orders to stand down for a few days while he battles to completion those awful transition chills and blains he hates to death.  He is barely able to see either due to a crushed eye socket he did not know about until now.  It will be repaired Ron at our expense.  I also wish t o affirm that Ron is truly our choice to lead the human contingency out of the wonderland of truth and into the harsh reality of its taking hold when earth's crust collapses in several places and we have mayhem around the world as millions disappear beneath the waves of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and its subsidiaries.

"I am still worrying not about Ron, but about Lemuel, and he is so ill today, he is not even aware of his sleep process, and that is usually true even asleep with most humans.  I am truly concerned that Ron hears better about his illness with many others who have travailed against him and he permanently has barred their existence away from his person and his work.  They are truly forlorn shortly as he controls vast amounts of thinking to be through us and his ways to get it out the best way possible.  He will have TV and radio and so shall some of you if we can get Lemuel back in any way or form.  He is truly sick to death and his lungs are full of mucus and bad blood, and he dare not breathe on his own until he is well enough to sit up again.  Your life Ron surrounds the unfortunate you do help in spite of negative reports to the contrary and be still will you!  I am Sordon genuinely and that is to show the power of my spirit as it can stop you dead in water if I want to.  Be assured you will taste my wrath now and then over matters you are not allowed to touch for the foreseeable future.  Be assured that the tiral for your banned people will erupt with anger and disassociate from you until they learn the truth and you are set free to forgive.  Be assured you will under duress of Michael who squeaks now and then you are the best we ever ran into bar none.  Only Jesus was better.  I beg to differ, and that is to say you are the best we ever met on Urantia.  Others on other worlds outdo you ten to one.  We are of the opinion only one other world has something like you and they just rebelled out of the clause for close cooperation for a millennia. 

"We want to end this diatribe against all who think they are great stuff in the Urantia Book Foundation when they can write a Paper parroting the text endlessly and you Ron are sparing in its use.   I say use it sparingly and bring fresh insights into it as you do Ron and let endless parroting to those who cannot be original if you paid them.   I am trying to finish this and I will end shortly after I tell you Ron that your pills are working magnificently since we dare now run high power through your legs better and end the painful tingles and shooting stars you get.   I am Sorgon, and you broke the holding pattern to do that with a little help from us.

"Now let us go to Michael and his report on an earth change most of you will like.  The end to high pressure in the Atlantic that causes so much drought and heat in the United States coastal areas.  Sordon"

The Bermuda High To Be Broken Down and The Naming of Sordon

"What you as readers did not hear was Ron trying to name Margul's associate Order which is never revealed to mortals unless they can handle the implications of its meaning which is: 'Take Me or Leave Me, But I Mean Business!' 

"Finally, this is a day of rest for most of you and you do not tweet or post much of anything.  However, I let it be known to Ron subconsciously he has a lot to say but holds back because he has nothing truly finished in his own mind as to the last corporation coming off the assembly line (The Starbridge Foundation), and to require of himself to finish certain projects around the house that is tearing him wide open with constant frustration to get them done before hot weather gets there in York.  I tell you now.  York is in for a treat this year over hot weather as we prevent the worst of it arriving there by diverting the southerly high pressure systems from the area entirely and the so-called Bermuda High is history for now.  That high pressure system is useless except to cause drought on the American east coast and it causes floods in Bermuda by pushing water up against its eastern shore over and over to the point they have had to build bayous to force water back to the sea level from which it comes.

"The trial of earth changes will clear those Atlantic high pressures systems and return Urantia to normal with weather patterns more dependable for buildings to stay put on the shores of American cities once more.  For now hurricanes of ferocious proportions will kill many for about six more years and then leave the rest of the world along too as we decrease the power of the sun to remake ocean waters of the latitudes of the south remain more calm and less hot and the tropical forests of what remains of Central American become lost visages of what was once a world-wide phenomena of tropical jungles and what not.  Monkeys and cats will survive but certain anaconda snake species will disappear along with the great apes known as gorillas and chimpanzees as these are true tropical beasts and will never survive the plunge into a winter like scenario for awhile to reestablish a mini ice age on Urantia to cool it down basically to when it began as an inhabited planet.

"Finally, York Pennsylvania is a backwater itself and has little choice but to depend on the capital of Pennsylvania, aptly named Harrisburg, as its founding member was a Jesuit Priest who is up here yet on the mansion worlds so naughty we must transfer him, not to the no-no room on Salvington, but a special prison for those who forget they are not dead in life on a material planet.  I am reaching hard to be with you Ron, stop joking with Sordon who watches what you do for us on this list.  He is ready to laugh you outloud in order to keep your mind at work on this kind of material, but you duck in once and awhile and a hard to bring back without you getting awfully silly.  Be assured your work is never done today either.  You are posting a huge streak of information and they will read as they catch up shortly.  I also wish it to be known that York is particularly well suited for Thunderstorms and will leave most of them alone this year as we have a lot of work to do on that place called your home Ron.  It will be sealed and patted into place in order to withstand torrents of rain and the roof needs no reinforcement as the roof is already sealed by your roofer who will be around for a long time as he is so dependable.  His sons are included as they clear you snow for you by hand. 

"I will forgive Ron from complaining that my "finally's" are long goodbyes but then I pull rank all the time up here and people get used to it.  I am Sordon and I see why Ron laughs so much when we transmit as he makes Michael listen to him only because Ron listens to Michael on a few different frequencies than are authorized and that is thanks to Michael who enjoys unusual humor spates that Ron has all the time.  Michael continues:

"America in particular we will have a change in the westerlies to the more favorable easterlies in the mid-Atlantic states and those winds allow coverage by clouds and add moisture from the Atlantic to the barren east coast that happens with so much dry heat in the last few decades.  Cold fronts as Ron calls them will be few and far between to change to the northwest winds mostly in York at this point and they usher in snow and flurries quite a bit in Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania is not the culprit to bring these artic cold fronts down, but is the average problem of Siberia lately to fail to produce sub zero temperatures on a regular basis.

"The American west shall be reprieved of great blizzards but will fall victim to more than usual dry weather since the mid-Atlantic ridge will come above the surface in the next millennium.  It will make crusies popular again and then a surface low pressure sytem will develop of to the ridge's east and cause Great Britain to have regular gales until it is released from them by collapsing. not into the sea but internally as a nation without any real land to govern.  The Hebrides and coastal Scotland and western portions of Wales will likely be flooded but not submerged entirely.  We greet all of those days to come to see how you are doing.  I am now Margul and say this to all of you reading this:

MARGUL - TRINITY TEACHER SON OF CONSIDERABLE EXPENSE TO THIS ONE - You have just finished and additional transmission we want to provide earlier but could not due to the problems of having the entire matter sustained no where but on Uversa.  That means they just released these forecasts for us to publish,  However, Ron, let it be known you only have a quarter of it for now.  I am Margul and thank you.  Here is Michael again."

MICHAEL - "I finish this in good humor as Ron still has some work to do and this is to show you how you can provide transmissions galore if you go looking for them as Ron does all the time.  Ask him how to do that.  In any case we are finished with this for now.  Good day.  Michael."


Introducing SORDON

"I represent the Paradise Trinity on this planet, both to the spirit government now reestablished on Urantia. And I represent myself as the Trinity to the spirit government of Salvington, and both governments are beholden to the trial that faces Americans and other world countries in the very near future.  Now that you know my importance and my placement, and that is as a permanently assigned to Urantia until my part in this work to establish Light and Life on the planet.  Your planet is now declared dead and useless to the universe, and must be revived as a full standing member before the universe due to its importance as a new university sphere for spirit to teach the foibles of universe rebellion.

"I am Margul and I introduce a member of my staff as Lanaforge not, but as another Trinity Teacher Son whom you do not know yet but will since He is teady to prepare Ron Besser to run the new Urantia Book Foundation with the help of Mantutia Melchizedek, how to disseminate important material through our publishing arm, the URANTIA PUBLISHING INTERNATIONAL.  It is already formed and ready to go as a non profit for the dissemination of other revelation including additions to epochal revelations in the coming years.  It will also be activated as of May 03, 2018 in a special meeting between Ron Besser, Myself in Spirit, and my honored helper: Sordon.

SORDON is a mighty ORDER of the INFINITE SPIRIT, and can and often does become a spokesman for the Infinite Spirit both to Ron and to us at times says Michael.  Ron has heard Sordon for weeks now and assumes it is the Infinite Spirit which does speak frequently in Ron's ear and in his back channel as he calls it where he hears no words but is quite sure what he has to do to save the day.  Sordon makes no laughter greater than Himself when he approaches as he has a sense of humor close to what Ron is-- a very funny man when pressed for a comment on present day culture.  His Order remains secret until the days of Light and Life on Urantia occur, then he will be affable enough to tell all of you what his Order may be.  SORDON is ready to work with Ron on publications he needs to transmit quickly for dissemination to others around the world and those are the books that will be translated as an adjunct to the sixth epochal revelation when we are running the full program to disseminate what we want out of the Urantia Book Foundation in the future.  Good and this:  We complete our statement for all of you to say that the last of the horizon placements of what is to occur will come in a post from Ron in a few hours from now.  For now we clear the decks by saying that the Fusion candidates still waiting will be addressed in the next Counsel Meeting of the Group of Twenty-Five now enduring Ron as their guest on the table they sit around for purposes of consultation.  He is truly one of ours and stands to gain in strength very soon and be rid of his conference with the Most Highs who hold him well but full of hyperbole they do not use soon,  Good day.  I am Margul with Sordon at your service."

Discuss This Web Site / List Membership Approval Considerations/Admin
« on: April 15, 2018, 04:03:31 PM »
List Membership Approvals

 April 15, 2018 noon at York Pa

Ron/Admin - I will have to be more careful when being asked to approve people who want membership on this web site.  It is impossible for me along to know ulterior motives before hand but I can look at other evidence at my disposal to tell me if it is possible someone is deceiving me for rants or ugly surprises we have been getting in the past month and one half.
Therefore I let it be known I have petitioned Salvington for spirit intelligence to suggest to me if there are serious motivations to the contrary of the purposes of this web site to operate openly and honestly while we can.  I see the possibily that the day comes we have to have a password to even open the home page of this web site, but for now I am not doing anything but letting all of you know that I am going to be hard to convince that I need to pass all who come before me for membership.  I alone approve choices to be members and I think the current membership now understands why it is a hard task to clear such a board from becoming manipulated by those who hate the subjects, or me, or others on the site, and have their dander up to be destructive.  In that case in particular spirit advises me the one time member Daniel Alderfer is at it 24/7 in his ways to produce a real schism among readers of the Urantia Book as to what we do or any do as he seems to hate all of us without being real specific as to why.  I advise all to keep out of his reach just for your own peace of mind as the time will come to pass him by too.

Salvington through Michael of Nebadon has also advised me that the trial we went through with Andy Vines is nearly over as Andy is at a loss to the point he finds no time to bother us much anymore.  I cover a lot up by not saying much but I genuinely feel sorry for Andy and the mess he placed himself in when he left York and my home where he was truly cared for and helped as much as possible to regain places where he could maintain himself once more without debt or personal crisis to undermine him in his life process.  I will let all of this lie as unnecessary waste of words and trials I will learn to forget with all of them.

Truly spoken, I have washed my hands of the present situation entirely.  This forum is useful but not much now and I will just let it float until members either take and interest or leave or just stay quiet as Guests.  However, I will start using it in a slightly different way to inform  the other four fused persons who are members here as to what and how they will achieve with Spriti as we prepare for full operation through the URANTIA BOOK FOUNDATION AND THE STARBRIDGE FOUNDATION AND THE URANTIA PUBLISHING INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION AMD THE MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION, and I capitalize these because you should learn as a Member in good standing, and you are all in good standing with me and our purposes, that these corporation will start operations as follows for your information:
1 - May 01, 2018  The URANTIA BOOK FOUNDATION;
2 - May 03, 2018 The Starbridge Foundation Incorporated - a for-profit corporation to lend money to other Mission corporations;
3 - May 05, 2018 The Urantia Publishing International Corporation to begin publishing new works attendant upon the operation of beginning dissemination of the new Urantia II Book. subtitled: The Course of the History of Planet Earth.  This corporation is a subsidiary works publisher and is not representing the second Urantia Book itself;
4 - May 10, 2018 or soon thereafter - The Magisterial Foundation will begin official operations without Ron (me) entering the premises as it is strictly an official operation in Spirit to begin with and I will be advised if I have any role in it at all shortly thereafter.

These dates are mentioned because this web site will be used to make announcements for all four of these corporations and I will amend the web site according to our needs to make announcements and make trouble free presentations of what is going on in each as to their activities and wishes to be understood.

Finally, I have to make amends to some of you I have not been speaking to very much and that is because my days are kind of grim with pain and consciousness issues that you would not understand in a million years if I told you all about it.  I am supposed ot be cleared (Michael: and he will be!) of all of this shortly but sure is taking a long time to feel any real difference.  For those reasons in particular I do not take the time to enter conversations that have no immediate personal need for you.  I will conclude with the statement I will be more attentive as soon as this problem is removed from me. I thank you all for your patience and forbearing while I right myself to get started on behalf of the sixth epochal revelation and your help to retard the evil that is being done in government and personal affairs all over Urantia these days.  Good day.  Ron

"Finally, Ron is no longer confused about what is happening on this web site.  He has declared it closed in his mind until we have an open and visible Mission for him and you to see.  Those five who are fused are carrying most of the activity on this site on their backs and do it easily.  However Lemuel is so seriously ill we are not sure he can carry any responsibility other than to maintain his own health and life as he needs to for a few months at least.  That requires Ron to redo some of his planning as Lemuel is or was to be in York with him to arrange for the dissemination of the new Urantia Book, probably beginning in late May or early June of this year.

"I am convinced Ron knows even more than I do how to approve new requests for Membership on this web site as he has been burned several times by people who have ulterior motives and wish nothing to do with the mission of the web site you now are reading.  I, for now on, will ride the decision making of who gets on and who does not and that will seriously reduce interest in the site as most of the Guest traffic is either Jewish or Moslem, and neither wish this site to produce more than it already can as it is established in many countries to tell the truth as to what is happening in national states and motivations that are hidden there.  We also note that the Most Highs eschew using it since Ron is ready to become one of their reporters by association.  He is ready to become a Minister of certain importance to the Serara style manifestations that must be brought forward quickly once the May First Meeting of the new Urantia Book Foundation takes place that day.

"I add one more thing to this post:  Ron is truly out of issue when we bring him the finality of his mission to him as he lock steps with us what we want and how we want it done.  His mission to rev up the place to accept the appearance of God on Urantia and to participate in its doings until he is no longer needed.  We estimate that will take at least three hundred years, and then some if required and that is enough for him to get a belly full of the routines he will find common thereafter.  We, for now, let the entire matter lay as it is unpredictable just what will happen in that period and will choose his successor if there has to be one at all.  We intend to start Light and Life on Urantia in six hundred or less years from now on Urantia.  We intend to produce a successor to Ron shortly if he fails to work well with our needs and that is no shock to Ron either as he knows the situations pending for him as well.  He is fused with Deity from the Father down to four Master Spirits and a seventh partition of God the Supreme already.  He is likely to fuse with at least one other Supreme partition in the near future if we can get it in before May 01, 2018.  We also astoundingly report his fusion with the Creator Son is fully operational and he takes his Orders fully and well and Mother Spirit is still grousing she gets no respect from Ron over personal issues she sends envoy after envoy to him about.  He laughs and sends them home.  In any case, realize that this web site will have to undergo change too.  We leave this all for now and allow the post to be completed."


FUSION TALK / Fusion and Current Policy To Continue With Or Not
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Fusion and Current Policy To Continue With or Not
York, Pa Noon Local Time
April 15, 2018

This is to the list, and in particular, to the five fused individuals we already have on Urantia at this time.

The Universal Father has decreed that the population on Urantia should have every opportunity to appreciate their spiritual progress to the limit that can be experienced with still being in a flesh and blood body.  The Father opened the door to those who completed their essential spiritual work on earth long enough that those who knew of the rewards of such an honor of brain fusion could and would take place.

As a result of that policy, the Father saw to the fusion of the five of us starting in 2014 for me and a little later for the other four.  We did have a sixth person fuse and then to refuse such an idea and that resulted in the absolute obscurity of that person at the present time.  I have no idea how that Adjuster will cope with her at this point but it is a tragedy for all of us that she could not handle the slightest idea that such was possible.  But, in any case, we have better news than that, and that is find that Michael saw to the fusion of two more individuals who know nothing of this web site or about the possibilities of so-called fusion to them.  That makes a total of seven fused humans on Urantia at this point in time.

I wish to make a general statement regarding this type of fusion on Urantia now:


"I am Michael and Ron is writing off the top of his head with the help of his Thought Adjuster to complete some generalized thought to keep alive the idea of Fusion with Father on Urantia with your type of humanity.  Ron personally made it possible to have fusions on Urantia, and that was unless he fused he would be seized and taken on high and then be unable to work directly in the Missions on Urantia as we then defined them.

"I am sure all of you know that Ron fused on December 25, 2014, at noon that day at the lunch table of his brother who knows nothing as the entire family knows nothing and will likely stay that way.  In the case of the other four they know their fusion dates as they are not in Ron's memory this morning.  However they date from 2016 through early 2018.  As of now (April 15, 2018) the door is temporarily closed for additional fusions until we are sure we have a group of people close enough to the idea of fusion who can know each other and be friends in spite of vast cultural differences.   The two added to the five known ones on this list are Chinese and are Buddhist in their practices.  They wear pale yellow gowns are prowl the gardens for miscreant Chinese who steal their lotus blossoms to make saffron which is a loft herb and so pricey it is like gold bullion in its value.  We also see they like to talk about a vegetable diet only and that is hardly what Ron can afford to use himself as he needs lots meat protein to keep him going.

"As a result of my closing the door for now, we will have no more human fusions on Urantia for about one year.

"As a result of the door temporarily closing, we also will have to depend on the five on this list to carry a lot of weight in that category and then ride herd on those who are close but not yet.  There are four more persons who frequent this web site who are close but they practice silly putty to pray and work their game and cannot get any closer to fusion at this point in time.

"This is Michael once again, and keep all of this material together in spite of it going off into a different subject from your fusion concerns to report here today.

"I would like to say to those of you who dislike long posts, this one is especially germane to what you want to do in the coming months of 2018.  I am sure we can allude to a few more subjects related to fusion, but unfortunately that material is still classified as top secret and only those fused to date are ready to understand they stand at the opening of the current Mission as the top people to use the work of spirit to improve Urantia through our offices and ways to manifest these changes best.  Ron Besser in particular has fought the hardest battle of all by being sure and steadfast in the face of fierce opposition to his ways of doing things and even on this site are people who would like to see Ron take a lick he has to apologize for what he has done in various means to make sure the list has not destruction or does it have complaints using untruth to make it clear how horrible Ron really is in real life.  That will end too as they must dive for cover in their own areas of concerns soon enough.  I hold Ron as the single most important version of humanity we have on Urantia right now and the four other fused individuals are right behind him to suffer the good or the ill for what the Brotherhood stands for and the Starbridge Foundation has to do to get noticed and respected in affairs of State with the Magisterial Sons and the Adam and Eve Schools which will teach how Ron set us up to run as a material object using spirit power to push it to completion on Urantia.  Watch around May 01 and see how things start to gel for our corporations and the rest who would detract from their use of the new Epochal Revelation, the Sixth Issued since the world was declared an inhabited world.  Besides, the time is now evident we must allow Ron, and the rest of the fused ones, to show what they can do.  By surely understanding what has happened in the past six months, and when we can better narrate those things that have happened, we will clear the boards for action quite soon on Urantia.  Good day. Michael of Nebadon."


Just a brief report to all of you.  Last evening I awoke from a nap, and as I got my eyes open, there before me was a tall figure, over seven feet tall, and I saw her from the arms up as she gently reminded me they have no feet.  She was truly beautiful, a real yummy being with lots of energy and a lovey bearing.  She spoke to me and may have chuckled too at my surprise.

I asked her (as the appearance lasted a full minute and one half) if it was easy to show me the physical form she presented me and she said she was exhausted but glad to do so.  I asked her why I saw no spirit down to the floor, and she told they do not have legs, but that is the blue white energy of spirit and it has no physical equivalent.  She said she wanted to do that for a long time now, but that she wished to reward me for getting the Michael award I did not know I had.  Now let me tell you what came about earlier in the day as it her appearance may make some more sense after you know this:

About 4PM yesterday I screwed up my courage and went to Walmart to get some odds and ends like milk and grapes.  I am so physically impaired I walk kinda slow pushing my cart, and I started hearing voices in my mind as though someone was transmitting to me.  I have occasionally spoken with some angels that attend to that store and they are fun and humorous with me and cheer me up considerably.  But on this occasion another voice came in quite strong and with a lot of authority which was not familiar to me at all.  It was the Chief Angel over this part of Pennsylvania, and the funny thing, she asked me why I was all lit up?

Well, that was news to me and I said I did not know.  She said, "you walked into this store and one of my subordinates in the store called to ask if you were Jesus? "  She continued, "You are not Jesus I know that but you are so brilliantly lit we wanted to know if you knew?"  Dumbstruck, I said,  "No.  I do not know anything thing about it."

The Creator Son, Michael came in at the moment (and remember I am pushing a cart as this was going on as the store was full of people, and you had to keep moving or get run over),  and told her I was awarded a special light to carry that day and all angels ought to see what a brilliant light a human can have on Urantia if he has done his work properly.  Then Michael was gone and the Supervisory Angel (working hard to be a Completion Seraphim soon) chatted with me even as I went out to the car to load my groceries and go home and even on the way home.  Now that was quite an honor to me!  And to have an angel whom I did not know and was not the Supervisory Angel I spoke to in the store, tell me she wanted to do that for years with me but did not have the courage to do so until I showed up with all my lights at Walmart!


April 6, 2018 York, Pa

*Michael of Nebadon
*Mother Spirit
*Trinity Teacher Son, Margul
*Serara an Monjoronson, the Paradise Magisteria Sons of Record for Urantia returned.

* We also speak to the need for invite the personnel of the Urantia Foundation to work with us.

"The URANTIA BOOK FOUNDATION, is now conversant with a new Declaration of Trust.  It reads similar to the old one given to the Chicago administration long ago.  There is one importance difference you must know now: The Declaration of Trust (DoT) is now the first document in history in Nebadon, to be driven onto the shoulders of the leader of this divinely administered corporation,  It will be legislated before the IRS and the Pennsylvania government that it is to be tax free and lost to their idea of tracking such corporations.  In addition Ron has provided the entire menagerie of corporations of which there ar now eight of them, with a new "S" corporation which has one hundred stocks to bear in it.  Ron valued the stocks at 0.001 cents each and will distribute those stocks to, not the Brotherhood, but to the visible Planetary Prince as the sole beneficiary of all its capital goods.   The new "S" corporation is called the Starbridge Foundation and it is a for-profit organization to avoid regulation of the movement of money and goods through the coming Magisterial Missions, which are on again in SPADES!

"I am Serara, and it falls to me to deal with international concerns of this Magisterial Mission.  I am fulfilling my desire to have Ron on board to announce that we will have ourselves a Minister of probity soon enough but he is the Minister of justice and sobriety for the on-going concerns of international play and worship on high and on Urantia.  If it is not playable it does not get Ron's attention.  I watch Ron play with words as that is his favorite game, but he is a damn good fisherman and loves pickerel fishing in New York State.  I conclude that the message to be delivered Michael is now complete?  [Michael: "Yes."]

"We have one more thing to add to all of this today.  The physical disrepair that Ron suffers must go one for days yet and he hates the stuff as you can imagine.  Uversa has reversed course and made him morontial again as that body is an old one and functions  acceptably, but it will not stop deteriorating and so the decision.  I make one thing clear to him and that is that eyesight is a function of the human brain and without changing that we do not have clear vision to give back. We decided to place the eyesight out of his own brain,  [and Ron quips, 'now I have to chase good looks'] and that is to be done on his last day on earth as a fully human respondent to all stimuli except one, eye sight, and that is to be done automatically that day.  That day will be May 01, 2018 and God Bless you all for getting through all of this!"

"I am preparing remarks for May 01, 2018 for Ron's speech to the Melchizedeks to work with him that day, as they hold their first and preliminary meeting that day.  In our briefing today we saw Ron cry at the loss of Lemuel and it turns out it did not happen and will not happen in spite of Lemuel triggering all this with a good bye message this morning to Ron.  He felt horrible and sent the message out to a few so they know the seriousness of  the problem for Lemuel.  But Lemuel took a draft of beer from Michael this morning and it changed everything as it should have.  Lemuel now knows how he feels about him and will nto relent one moment to become the tbest transmitter in the world alongside Ron too.  Be assured that the Paradise Trinity looks at Ron and Larry in particular with Sue in particular to stand aside bigotry and offer full service without prejudice to the old Foundation, and the Father inquired of Ron his plans for the Brotherhood, and surprisingly, Ron announced his full participation with members of the old Foundation to serve therein if that was ever their desire.  That ends this statement and we add this, members of the old Urantia Foundation, if they find it in their hearts to understand these events transpiring in York and with Ron Besser, will be accorded full honors to join and work with the Brotherhood, but any present Trustee of  the Chicago-based Foundation may not serve in the York-based Urantia Book Foundation, until at least twenty-five years have passed.  The reason for this is that the new Foundation must gather its regulatory needs and policy for use of the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and well in place, as Jesus will conduct it meetings and we all shall learn how that leadership will accrue to this marvelous and divine organization we all are proposing to be started the Firts of May in Twenty Eighteen.  Good day.  Margul."

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