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February 21, 2018
York, PA 15:00 Local Time

I am of the opinion that silence on the discussion forum is good to view and hear for a change.  I am convinced all of you are more or less directed to stand back and not provide any more grist for the mill.  Why?

You are convincing me we are almost done with this phase of spiritual changes and then we have to wait for what will truly present it self to our view in the near future.

Almost anything I say in truth or speculation will fall back on me as either wrong of short sighted or both and I choose to stand away from getting sprayed with complaints and wrongdoing speeches that will not do for what is actually to be presented.

I know this and in a most painful instruction for the last forty eight hours when all this silence had its beginning:

✓    The Magisterial Mission as planned as late as seventy-two hours ago was rescinded fully lately.  There are reasons.  I am not going into them.

✓    The Magisterial Mission with the Jesus accompaniment is closed.  There are reasons.  I do not know them.

✓    The Father of us All on Paradise spoke to me as follows early this morning and I have held counsel until now:

FATHER  - “We are now in the final stand down and my Adjusters have been ordered in those who are attuned to them on this site to keep their Wards silent and prepared to sleep for as much as another seventy-two hours before we disclose the truth about what we are going to do about Urantia.  Ron has taken this hard and has remained quiet as we have asked him to do.  I leave some spirit light on the table for you to think about: Urantia is getting a Mission, but not quite like anyone has ever had a Mission like it before, and I and the Consummator of Universe Destiny, are prepared to share when we dare.  Thank you.  I am the Universal Father in spite of the Consummator of Universe Destiny being just another phase of myself I have never revealed.  Good day.”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON  - “I await the news from the Ancients of Days, and they have been directed to await decisions from Paradise–  why we do not know.  Ron is subject to the same orders I am from the Father and stands aside until we learn the fate of what is now to transpire on Urantia.  Michael.”

Ron Besser - Terse is the word from Michael and Mother alone seems to be able to glimmer what they are up to now.  Here speaks the Creative Spirit is:

MOTHER SPIRIT - “Ron is correct: Terse is what we hear from my Partner and Bag Collector from all that is going on on Urantia these days.  The Consummator of Universe Destiny is also the Consummator of Universe Justice in Time and we are invaded now with types of creations we have never met before.  They are beings of super-Infinite capacity and they permeate the stalls of time.  We are waiting to understand why Nebadon has been the place to visit from well over forty-seven of this secret personalizations. I am Mother Spirit noting that Ron has once again for the tenth time been removed from all appointments until there is a review by the forty-seven attached entities of the Consummator of Universe Justice,  and we may proceed with whatever direction we are ordered to take for and/or against Urantia to arrest its behvior.  Good day.”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “It is a shame the discussion forum does not have an all points bulletin to write this message on.  I as a super Creator Son should know all about this but I do not and caution all of you to hold your fire until we learn why the Consummator arrived to destroy all pretension Urantia is out of His jurisdiction, as this was totally unexpected.  I wish you all a good day.”
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / All is Quiet
« Last post by Lemuel on Today at 03:09:41 PM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: All is Quiet
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 21st Feb  2018   21:09 Local

Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission
Humility through service

Thought Adjuster : Good morning everyone, this is Lemuel’s Thought Adjuster and I would like to talk this morning about « Humility through service ». When one talks being humble or being humbled, this can lead to a misconception by other people, thinking perhaps that one is put down, so to speak. You are meant to be humbled before someone of higher authority or something like that.

But, my dear brothers and sisters, it is not like that. What is true humility ? Humility through service simply means, when you have been of service to someone and that someone appreciates it so much that of course they thank you, you have the feeling of humility at that moment, realizing that you have indeed been of true service to someone, this is true humility through service.

It gives you the most wonderful feeling of satisfaction, true satisfaction, job satisfaction if you prefer. A 100% job satisfaction can be had through this feeling of humility through service. You all know, I am sure, that from an early age when one was taught to do good things, good deeds, to love your neighbour and be kind and be generous and these are wonderful things.

When you look around the world to-day you can still see these things where people are indeed kind and generous and loving towards their neighbours, but you also know that the opposite is true. I will not venture to dwell on that this morning, you are all very much and fully aware of what is going on in the world.

But you here on the forum you can and you do and you are being of service to the Father, to Jesus, to Michael and Nebadonia, the Magisterial Mission, your brothers and sisters and of course yourself. When you are ever mindful of being of service to everyone, you are dedicated to be of service to Father.

When you decide or you have the oppotunity to serve someone, even the smallest thing, when someone needs your help, when you have given that help and they thank you for it, you have that feeling of satisfaction. When you are being made to feel humble, when someone puts you down and you think that you have to bent your knees to this person, that is something else.

True humility is being of genuine service to someone, not bent down on your knees because someone puts you down and made you feel humble, no. Each and everyone of you here, my dear brothers and sisters on the forum, you are being of such service. You may not appreciate at this moment in time, how much your service to Father, to Michael and Nebadonia, to the Magisterial Mission.

You are not aware of the degree of service you are being and we do appreciate it so much. We know the problem you have to face everyday in your lives, we know the pressure and that is why evenmore we appreciate you so much, that you come here, you read the messages, you contribute to the forum with your ideas and your opinions.

You are binded together as a family and it is a wonderful thing to behold. Each and everyone of you are serving and you can rightly feel humility through this service because you are appreciated so much and we in spirit say each and everyone of you : thank you. Please keep up the good work, we know it is your desire to be of service.

So, humility through service is what we are able to see everyday through your dedication, your tenacity, your determination, your loyalty, your trust and your love to all of us, your Celestial family. You are indeed loved beyond mesure and we appreciate you so much, those of you who are dedicated to humility through service.

This is Lemuel’s Thought Adjuster, I thank you all very much, I bid you all a very good day. Domtia
Speaker: Thought Adjuster
Subject: Humility through Service
T/R: Lemuel
Place. Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time:  21st Feb. 2018   07:00 Local  06:00 Z
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit Nebadonia
Subject: A word from Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit Nebadonia!!!
 Category: Threads for New Transmissions
 T/R: NIANT2(Antonio), Stanstead(home) Qc Canada                                
Monday, February 20, 2018, 23:15 pm Canada

Good evening Father, this is your son, Antonio, to receive a message from your Celestial Family.
First of all,..., my beloved brother Jesus, I would like to thank you for your wonderful help last night, helping me to receive clearly your words, to hear you good and this was much appreciated!

Is there a message, anyone, that you would like me to transmit to the forum?,..., and, I will wait patiently and in stillness Father!

( Getting the names of Michael and Nebadonia in my mind )

Father Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit Nebadonia, are-you there at this moment to give me a message that you would like me to transmit to the members and guesses of the forum?

“My son Antonio,..., Michael of Nebadon here.
“First of all, I will like to encourage you to continue in your work and effort in your TRing session.

If I may Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia,..., I would like to take this moment to thank you and Mother, Father, my Personal Thought Adjuster, my beloved personal angel Thabita and many others Celestials how hare so close to me to make this append for me.

“You hare most welcome my son and you do realise this is only to train you in “transmitting and receiving” clearly our messages.
“Mother and I are very proud of you all, for your tenacity, for your time spent in studying many documents, many lessons, many “new revelation” and so on!

“Changes have to be made in your world my son and it cannot wait any longue.
“The best thing to do right now for all of you is to stay in peace, prepare yourself for what will be the greatest day of them all.
“Urantia, your planet, will change and Father will regain is beautiful greatness.

“And,..., Mother Nebadonia is beside me and she would like to give you words of comfort my son Antonio,..., Domtia!

“Antonio, my son, this is your Divine Mother Nebadonia tonight to encourage you to be perseverant and constance with your practice and training in your “transmission and reception” of our messages.
“Be assure my son, Michael and I are working constantly with you so you can progress in your work in TRing.
“And again,..., you must calm yourself, take the life as it is and without overstressing for no need my son.
“My son, we are here, “The Mission” will be going,..., just be alert and patient!
“I leave you know and it was grateful that you have reach me and Michael tonight.
“Be in our peace my son,..., Domtia!

Father Michael and Mother Nebadonia, ..., it is always an immense privilege for me to receive your heavenly words in my soul and in my spirit, ..., thank you very much for your visit tonight my very beloved "Celestial Parent" , ..., Domtia!
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Holding On
« Last post by Clency on February 20, 2018, 11:49:17 PM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission
Holding on

Thought Adjuster : Good evening everyone, this is Lemuel’s Thought Adjuster. I want to say a few words about « Holding on », holding on to that which you know is true and Truth. Was it just yesterday or the day before, I talked about the difference between true and Truth, and perhaps most of you don’t give it much of a thought. When I say most of you, in fact I am not referring to the members here on the forum, but to the general population.

Throughout the world everyday, with the mass media of television and radio, social network, internet, etc.., we are bombarded with falsehood and it is virtually impossible really to distinguish false news from real news or that is to say perhaps better false news from that which is true. In fact, it has become a way of life, the majority of people know instinctively of what they hear, of what they read is not really the truth.

It is what those in power want you to hear, want you to see, want you to beleive, in other words the system or in other words the « house that Jack built ». You are all aware of this, but at the same time the problem remains – how can one hold on and to what, in what can one put one’s trust wholeheartedly, 100%.

You will understand and remember, I am sure, from the previous conversation, Truth is always from within and what is true or truth, with a small « t », is always from without. So the point being, for those of you here on the forum and others from throughout the world that have been so blessed, to have been so successfully led by their Beloved Indwelling God Fragment to the understanding, to the realization, to the acceptance, that reality of Truth is within themselves.

So, perhaps it is much better dealing with things of external influence, to take them all with a pinch of salt or at least keep an open mind on everything. Many times, as you go through life, you see something, you hear something, and you want it so much to be true, because it resonates with you, it is something perhaps beautiful, something you think perhaps the world needs, perhaps something you personally think you need it, because it is beautiful and aluring, shall I say, you want it so much, and you begin to beleive in certain things as true.

Because, why can’t it be true, something so beautiful, so aluring, something so needed in this world, that captivates your feelings and your desires and your wishes, but it is true and it all remains to be seen, because what you think is true, wants you to desire perhaps above all else to be true, but turn out to be false and this approach can be very disheartening to those of you or to anyone who really desire something so much, beleiving with all their heart that it is true and perhaps it turns out to be false.

So, we come back to my opening statement – what can you hold on to, and I repeat again, you can only hold on to that which you know is true, what is Truth with a capital « T ». You already have within your Beloved Indwelling Fragment of God is your only Truth, it is only your Beloved Father indwelling you from early childhood, it is only Him that you can accept 100% as being the Truth. This is the only thing that you really need to hold on to and everything else, take it all with a pinch of salt and keep an open mind on everything.

You do not know whether it is a « yes » or a « no » and there is no point in your ego to try to decide one way or the other, because as I mentioned many times before, your ego knows nothing. It thinks it does, but it does not. So, the better way to go through your life on a day to day basis is to look around you 360° and taking the beauty of nature that you see and the beauty that you see in your brothers and sisters, and recognize in them what you recognize yourself is the God Fragment in all and everybody.

This is what you hold on to, this is true, this is Truth, and as you keep an open mind on everything, you should never experience terrible hurt or devastating disappointment, because that only means that you have put your trust into something that you desire so much but it has no come to fruition. So, don’t commit yourself to be hurt and disappointed, keep an open mind on everthing, on whatever you hear or you see, just take it with a pinch of salt, until and only until something happens that you hang your hat on and you know with 100% certainty, yes in fact this is True, with a capital « T ».

So, my friends, as privileged as you all are, each and everyone of you, members here to be led so successfully to this website, to this forum, at the same time you are all to be congratulated because through your co-operation your Beloveds have successfully bring you here. So, this is true, this is Truth, this is something you can definitely hang your hat on, yes 100%. As for all else, just keep an open mind. If something happens, it happens, if something does not happen, it does not happen, but it should be equal in your sight.

As they say, just keep an open mind and take everything with a pinch of salt. Hold on to that which you know is true. I cannot emphasize this enough, my dear brothers and sisters, hold on to that which you know is true and that relationship you are continuing to develop in yourself and your Beloved God Fragment that has been with you since your infancy. This is all I need to say about this. I know you understand. I thank you all for listening and until next time I bid you all a very good evening. Domtia
Speakers: Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit
Subject: The Newly Creation
Category: The Magisterial Mission Restart
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 21/02/2018 9.30am(AEDT)


“There is a time soon that all things will be made anew, you all know the old empire you live in no longer serves you, you are all unhappy in it and it is falling, falling, falling, and you know it, you sense it, it is due for change.
Stay focussed, stay tuned, be ready, take the time now to be quiet and still, reflect on all that has been. Imagine stillness in time. Your earth is a very noisy place, it knows not how to pause and take in the moment you exist.

Often, I would go to a quiet place to pray, often I would take in the moment in humility to and with the Father of All. It is something that needs to be done often in your soon to be new existence.

“Look at the birds, as it is true as I say, they neither sow nor reap, yet how I, as the Creative Son, care for them and how much more I care for each of you my children of this beautiful earth. It is time now to begin in earnest the Missions in which you will see a material presence of the Father’s intentions with you all. It is ever so you may learn your place with Him and all reality that is in store for you to discover.

[Thank you Michael] “Thank you my dear, I have Mother Spirit here as she wishes to speak with you.”


“Yes dear, I am here and am willing to partake in the newly creation that awaits you. I am enamoured and very much heartened by the commitment you place yourself in, despite the difficulties this has been for some of you to be so doing. It is very difficult for humans to be so involving in something that is not of material manifestations, yet you persist in a realm of ulterior possibilities that will be made manifest in time. These are not easy processes for you humans to do in the face of abject adversity and so on, yet there is that esoteric insistent faith in each of you of the certainty of God’s way of making Himself known in the material worlds of time and space.

“As you know there is more in this as your destiny is intertwined in with the I AM….

[Energy dropping - and communication is waning, that right Mother?]

“Yes, you are doing well considering your state, we will end it here, get some rest and we can come back another time, good day.”

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / Holding On
« Last post by Lemuel on February 20, 2018, 01:00:53 PM »
Speaker: Thought Adjuster
Subject: Holding On
T/R: Lemuel
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time:  20th Feb. 2018  19:00 Local  18:00 Z
TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on February 20, 2018, 10:43:25 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekazał : Lemuel, członek-bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Miejsce na nowe przekazy / PRAWDA
« 17 lutego 2018, godz. 01:22:30 »

Mówca : Dostrajacz Myśli
Temat : PRAWDA
Przekazujący : Lemuel
Girona, Katalonia, Hiszpania.
18:00 czasu miejscowego

Podczas gdy wielokrotnie wykazywano, że mięso jednego człowieka jest trucizną innego, to samo można powiedzieć, że prawda jednego człowieka jest kłamstwem innego człowieka. Jak zatem jakikolwiek człowiek gdziekolwiek może dojść do ładu z taką zagadką ?
Myślę, że dobrym pomysłem byłoby pokazanie różnicy między tym, co jest prawdziwe, a Prawdą, przez duże "T", a także dojście do zadawalającej definicji obu.

Prawda jest tym, co można zaobserwować jako oczywiste i dlatego powszechnie uznane za takie.
To, co jest prawdziwe, można porównać do wiatru. To może się zmieniać i zmienia się z chwili na chwilę, w zależności od tego, gdzie jesteś i co sądzisz. Dziesięć osób może obserwować to samo w tym samym czasie, a mimo to może wytworzyć dziesięć odmian tego, co widzieli. Jest to klasyczny problem, gdy świadkowie są sprowadzani do sądu i przysięgają mówić prawdę.
Wszyscy wiecie, że było tak wiele przypadków pomyłki sądowej ze względu na to, że ludzie widzą to samo na bardzo różne sposoby.

A więc, co jest prawdziwe, dla każdego z was ? Tworzycie swoją własną prawdę z chwili na chwilę, tak jak tworzycie swoją rzeczywistość z chwili na chwilę. Pomyślcie o tym!
Przez całe życie przyzwyczailiście się do życia w ramach własnych systemów wierzeń, które są zawsze wytworem wychowania, wykształcenia, religii, uprzedzeń, sympatii, niechęci, itp. i zmieniają się z biegiem lat. Być może teraz zrozumiecie, że nic z tego nie jest Prawdą. Nazwalibyście obłąkanym kogoś, gdyby powiedział, że on nie wierzy, że nad nami krąży księżyc, gdy jest to zupełnie oczywiste dla tych, którzy mają oczy do widzenia.

Wszystko jest względne, jak już wspomniano, więc nie ma sensu przekonywać kogoś, by zgodził się z twoją prawdę.

Więc teraz można stwierdzić zupełnie jasno i zwięźle : Prawda po prostu jest i ona się nie zmienia w ciągle zmieniającym się świecie.
Nie potrzeba żadnych świadków, którzy wystąpiliby w celu jej podtrzymania. Ona jest dla wszystkich, żeby ją przyjąć lub odrzucić. Stoi sobie sama, niezmienna i ostateczna.

Jest prawdziwą ironią, że tak wielu przeżywa całe życie zamknięci na klucz w swoim systemie prawdy, który nie ma absolutnie nic wspólnego z Prawdą.

Jak bardzo jesteście błogosławieni ? Wy, którzy zostaliście doprowadzeni na to forum, prowadzeni przez Prawdę, która po prostu jest.
Wszyscy powinniście dostać gratulacje za współpracę z waszym Zamieszkującym w takim stopniu, że macie teraz przed sobą wieczną Prawdę o przyczynie waszego istnienia. Tak, naprawdę moi przyjaciele. I wymaga to tylko waszej stałej współpracy, aby doświadczać Prawdy waszego Bytu.

Jest to zaiste jedyna prawda.

Dobrego wieczoru.

Lemuel : Dziękuję Ci Ukochany. Domszia
I agree with you Clency and it is strange that you mention evacuation because I have been thinking about this for quite a while. The other day a thought came to me and it is this. There has been numerous posts on this forum over the last year or so about Urantia being moved to another system with another name. I find this hard to fathom because of  gravity and the such but not something that cant be done by Gods power and means. We live in a delicate balance here on this planet and to move it physically would disrupt life here more than can be imagined. What if when the celestial s talk about moving the planet itself to a new system, they are really inferring to the surviving population instead of the planet itself. I have had this impressing for over 30 years because this planet is so so messed up and dont see how the pieces will be put back together here.  Just a thought brothers and sisters. Would love to hear your thoughts.

With the father Love

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