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Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Magisterial Mission
« Last post by Clency on Today at 03:39:20 AM »
Jesus : « Those who are addicted to drugs and those who deal with them will have a hard time finding them and will go through a cold turkey that they will not be able to support and will seek to end their lives. »

Just in a few years time, an island in the Indian Ocean, a paradise for tourists, has gone from the designation of the « Star and Key » in that part of the world to that of a hub for drugs. While many well-known personalities, at the helm in the governement of this country, are themselves implicated in dealing with drugs, many families are desperately crying for help because their kids are drug-addicts and commit suicides.

My dear Lord, you are welcome to take such radical measures. Domtia
The first thought that comes to mind after reading on this thread is about bible thumpers and their destiny if they don't open up and wake up and get out of their slumbered existence- I mean I worry about those individuals that have chosen to blind themselves thinking they know what Light or Life is. It hurts me because I personally will not be able to help any of them. I was shortly in their midst and I left them all behind.
Which brings me to ask about my own capacity to be receptive to higher energies, spiritual vibes if you want and that I am impressed by the work Ron Besser is doing. I could compare Ron to Peter or Andrew among the Apostles' body while I'd see myself as one of the Alpheus twins, if that at all or just a passer-by having my life transformed-

We all receive the Adjuster in our childhood and are worthy of the presence of God within.
What is the part of the Consummator in the manifestation of the pre-personal Mystery Monitors in humans..??
I'm impressed by my ability to understand, or at least to follow up closely, the matters and subjects revealed here but.. Is that quality of understanding mine only or should I say it is more imparted and willed by the Adjuster..??

Our T/A, being pre-personal as the Consummator seems to be, I believe is the one thing that makes us able to access and process the information given to us here and from higher spheres.. thus I suffer when I think of bible thumpers.
Do their Adjusters know something about their fate even before they die..?? Or of any of us for that matter..?? Can fate be called an 'uncertain projection' by the TAs ..?? Or else, no one knows that because of the free will factor that grossly implies we are all basically unpredictable in a positive way..??  --mmm, perhaps I go too far and say nothing--

Lucifer didn't do us any good. And Judas Iscariot by his treason, shortened the days and years that Jesus of Nazareth would have been in the flesh in Palestine.
Oh!! how my heart shrinks when I think of what Jesus had planned to show us then..!! Tears to my eyes when I imagine the suffering instead the joy of our Friend -who could have taught us who to make the bible thumpers understand.-

I'm in your Peace..
Threads for New Transmissions / Magisterial Mission
« Last post by Lemuel on Today at 02:00:20 AM »

Subject: Magisterial Mission
T/R: Lemuel
Girona, Catalunya, Spain
18th Feb.  06:00 local  05:00 Z

It has been said many times that you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.
Indeed! Throughout the world and even here on this illustrious forum there are those who have
been led to an everlasting fountain of living water and Truth and yet have not been able to bring
themselves to drink. 

The souvenirs from the Rebellion are many and varied but the hardest to rid oneself of is fear.
To be afraid of the unknown and untried is the main leftover and humanity has become paralysed
with fear. Knowledge and the understanding of anything must be approached with an open mind
that is willing to step out and see what it´s all about and there are very few who are able to bring
themselves to do this.

Time marches on, as they say, and we of the Celestial realms do not and cannot wait interminably
for humanity to come to terms with their situation and to do something about it. 
Throughout the universes, there have been many rebellions and it it is we Magisterial Sons who
have, down the ages, been sent to the affected planets and have brought them finally to Light
and Life.

As you know, this is the first time that we, Magisterial Sons, are having to attempt our mission
with human participation and it really is, for us, both exciting and challenging. Approximately
eleven of your years have passed since the first announcement that Magisterial Sons were
coming to Urantia and during this time it has been quite a merry-go-round of events that have
brought us to the brink of abandoning the whole idea of a mission.
If you can imagine a school that has welcomed pupils for millennium but now, not only does
it need a complete renovation but that it must take place with the pupils still in attendance.

Now, after so many changes, things are finally settled, and even I say that with fingers crossed.
You have been informed, you have been advised, you have been educated with revelations that
many, even on Paradise, have raised eyebrows as to the wisdom in that.

No other planet anywhere in creation has experienced what Urantia is about to experience and
whilst we are fully confident, not only in our capabilities, with the experience of millions of years,
but also we are confident that you, who are still with us and have devoted your time and even 
your lives to the mission, Urantia will emerge anew and rise again as the Phoenix from its own

Lemuel. Jesus is here and wishes to say something.

I would like to remind all of you that what I intend to say to the world will have immediate
repercussions because my words will bring fear and dread to those dark ones who will be no more.
Those who are addicted to drugs and those who deal with them will have a hard time finding them
and will go through a cold turkey that they will not be able to support and will seek to end their lives.
So be it!  
Warmongerers will also disappear very quickly along with so many others who have wreaked 
havoc and the general populace will have a wake-up call that will shake them to the very core.

I leave it like that for the moment but I may have more to say later today. Gooday.

Those of you here on the forum are a precious few and we love you all for your tenacity and 
loyalty. Many have gone, we know, but they will return with many more when they see with
their own eyes that we mean business and that the Magisterial Mission is up and running.

I also, like my brother Jesus, will have something to say that will not go down very well with those
in power who will go running, looking for cover, will not find any and they will be exposed.
All in all, it will be a terrible time for the dark ones. Their time is up and they know it.

Time is now short with just a few weeks remaining and still, we know, that after all the preparation
during these past years, we doubt whether you are really prepared for what is to come. But we also
know that with your continued trust and faith in us and your beloved Thought Adjusters you will
go about doing Father´s business and helping to return Urantia into His loving hands.

Good day.
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: TRUTH
« Last post by niant2 on Today at 12:19:53 AM »
To Pray In Spirit And Truth

Heavenly Father we are told to pray in spirit and truth and I ask You to show me HOW to pray in spirit and truth – teach me Lord to pray as You would have me pray.

I pray that my human spirit may be led and guided by Your Holy Spirit, Who by faith in Christ is living in me, so that I may be directed to pray in accordance with Your will. I pray that my human spirit may be submitted to Your Spirit of Truth – for I know the He alone can guide me into all truth. 

As I bow before Your throne in humility and thankful praise for this privilege of prayer that has been bestowed on all Your children - I pray that You would guide my prayers by the truth of Your Word so that my prayers and supplications may be in accordance with Your will and in line with Your desires. 

Teach me Lord to pray in spirit and truth - so that my humble requests may become to You a sweet savour and glorify my Father Who is in heaven. – I ask this in Jesus name, 

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: TRUTH
« Last post by Clency on February 17, 2018, 10:51:32 PM »
Very well said Lemuel. However, I just want to add one more thing to your dissertation on Truth by giving my own experience.

When I first discover the Serara forum, I registered as a member under the nickname of « t4t » which stands for « thirst for truth ». As time goes by, I have the deep feeling that my quest to find truth has come to an end and that my thirst is quenched. At that very moment, without doing any action from my part, at my great surprise, my nickname was changed from « t4t » to my real first name, as if somebody was telling me : « There is no need to look further, you get it now ».

As Lemuel puts it, Truth is just what It is. Because of my upbringing and my long spiritual journey, I believed in many wrong teachings, but I was not satisfied with what was shown to me, until my encounter with the Urantia Book and my introduction to this forum. So, how does one know what is really Truth ? It happens when there is no more thirst for truth. Domtia
Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Just a Thought
« Last post by Dorian on February 17, 2018, 08:33:35 PM »
I know this is a little off from what is now rolling across our computer screens, however I wanted to give you a little poem I wrote a few years back that seems to me now to be "quasi relevant."

The mind of man
Can scarce conceive
The enormity of his Folly.

For in his quest
For immortality,
He has mocked his God.

He has taken on
The cloak of corruption,
And thereby discarded,
The mantel of Grace.

General Discussion / Re: Machiventa - Times to Come
« Last post by Michel on February 17, 2018, 07:19:15 PM »
All hands on deck are what is needed here.

Despite what Ron says about me, I am open to sharing with everyone the topics that lead to Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Doing good is my goal and all that I shared on this site is in this noble goal.

Love is powerful and I share my love with you all!

General Discussion / Re: Machiventa - Times to Come
« Last post by ur606 on February 17, 2018, 06:44:23 PM »
I would like to say that what ever information we can get is welcome in my opinion. So I welcome all input on these coming events...My thanks to you Ron and to you Michel. I believe we need all hands on deck for this...


Threads for New Transmissions / TRUTH
« Last post by Lemuel on February 17, 2018, 01:22:30 PM »
Speaker: Thought Adjuster
Subject: TRUTH
T/R: Lemuel
Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
18:00 Local

Whilst it has been demonstrated time and time again, that one man´s meat is another man´s poison, so the same can be said,
that one man´s truth is another man´s lie. Then how can any man, anywhere, come to terms with this conundrum? 
I think it would be a good idea to show the difference between what is true and Truth, with a capital "T" and also to come to
an acceptable definition of both.

Truth is that which can be observed as self- evident and therefore universally acknowledged as such.
What is true can be likened to the wind. It can and does change from moment to moment, depending on where you are, what
you are considering. Ten people can observe the same thing at the same time and yet they can produce ten variations of
what they have seen. This is a classic problem when witnesses are brought into a court of law and are sworn to tell the truth.
You all know there have been so many instances of miscarriage of  justice due to the fact that people see the same thing in
very different ways.

So, what is true, for each and every one of you?  You create your own truth from moment to moment, as you continue to
create your reality, from moment to moment. Think about it!
Throughout your lives, you have become accustomed to living within your own belief systems and they are always the
product of your upbringing, your education, your religion, your prejudices, likes and dislikes, etc and they change as you
go through the years. So perhaps you can now understand that none of it is Truth. You would call someone insane if he
were to tell you that he didn´t believe there was a moon above when it is quite obvious for those who have eyes to see.

All is relative, as aforementioned and so there is no point in trying to convince someone to accept your truth.

So now, it can be stated quite plainly and succinctly. Truth simply Is. It is unchanging, in a constantly changing world.
It needs no witnesses to come forward to uphold it. It is there for all to accept or reject. It stands alone, unaltered 
and unalterable.

It is indeed ironic that so many live the whole of their lives locked into their own system of truth which has absolutely
nothing to do with Truth.

How very blessed are you? You who have been led here to this forum. Led by a Truth that simply Is.
You are all to be congratulated for cooperating with your Indweller to the extent that you now have before you the everlasting
Truth of your reason for being. Yes, indeed my friends. And it only requires your continued cooperation to experience
the Truth of your Being.

It is indeed the only Truth.

Good evening.

Lemuel.  thank you Beloved. Domtia

General Discussion / Re: Machiventa - Times to Come
« Last post by Ron Besser on February 17, 2018, 01:19:41 PM »
Michele, realize by placing this important message on this forum it will be subject to its discussion here as well.  I am always concerned to see you to continually assert your independence from this forum and our efforts to help the mission and I do not intend to get into the politics who runs what and/or why.  I am perfectly able to read between the lines in this message just what is up in some of your plans for the future and I doubt we will work on them together.  End of Message.

Ron Besser/admin

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Michel, the admin on this site is not out of touch with your work, but is out of touch with your insistence on holding grudges unbecoming a servant to God.  I see Ron bristle at your PS at the end and if you wish good relations then give Ron good relations, but you win nothing by preparing independent sites we may take down if they conflict with our work here.  You fail to understand you broke your own back over these things and you cannot be made whole by doing things independently and replicate what Ron has started for your own satisfaction.  You have friends that press you to do just that but they have no say as to how we replicate our work, only that they provide you the reason you feel so sure this is the route to go.  I will advise Ron whether your independence is a help or a hindrance, and if a hindrance we will take care of that from our headquarters of the Magisteiral Mission when it materializes.  Good day. Michael."
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