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Hi All,

The many points made on this topic are valid and pertinent. I think that it all boils down to one word; preparation.
Think, when Lord Michael came as Jesus, and forerunner was sent to prepare or open the way.
We do need to prepare the way, without knowing what preparations that Monjoronson will undertake. 
Those preparatory undertakings should personally speaking, include our hearts, and homes. Then our communities, and our spheres of influence. We can hope that using our technology, then, that the effects will become exponential, and spread across our globe like a seismic wave.
I leave this here for our consideration.
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Hepsibah - Your frustration is your freedom
« Last post by Ron Besser on February 15, 2019, 11:40:00 PM »
fyi Newstarsaphire, (From Wikipedia)
Hephzibah or Hepzibah (English: /ˈhɛpzɪbə/ or /ˈhɛfzɪbə/; Hebrew: חֶפְצִי־בָהּ, Modern: ḥefṣīva, Tiberian: ḥep̄ṣīḇā, my delight is in her) is a figure in the Books of Kings in the Bible. She was the wife of Hezekiah, King of Judah, and the mother of Manasseh. She is in 2 Kings 21:1.according to Rabbinic Literature Isaiah was the maternal grandfather of Manasseh.[1]

"This is Hepsibah, as you spelled it Phyllis; I am really of the old Biblical Kingdom of Judah, and I spelled more correctly as Ron found it in Wikipedia, and for all to assume I was a man is correctly wrong.  Female genders are not often cited in the Old Testament, but I was a Queen of the King of Judah, Hezekiah, and my grandfather was the Second Isaiah.

As Ron relates to me as he thinks to write this, the Second Isaiah is a great mystery to your Biblical scholars only because the fools at the Temple could not keep their archives straight and mixed my grandfather;s work up with an earlier prophet called the First Isaiah.   Ron has actually spoken with my maternal grandfather often enough in his early days learning to T/R.  He often learned strange facts of my grandfather's life and laughed with us when we told the story of my grandfather's wish to evade Judah as a subject at all.  Judah was to the East of the two named countries of what was once all of Israel in those days.  The southern kingdom was Israel and my husband ruled it.  The northern kingdom as Ron recalls was another name and that is not available to you from me.  I tell you this Ron: you are the scholar in these pages and few ever attempt to understand the two kingdoms of Israel, but if you would look closely at the scholarly work done to date, Israel itself was due east of the lands of Palestine today and never encroached on the great salt sea known as the Dead Sea.  Jesus fished the Sea of Galilee which is south of the Dead Sea and in those days the Sea of Galilee was huge and was double the size it is today. [Ron here: Hepsibah refers to that fact when she was living as the Queen of Israel of her day and Jesus saw only a slightly smaller Sea of Galilee.  The reasons are obscure, but I believe there was a great change of climate in the 5th century AD dues to a pole shift no one seems to recall but you Ron and that is also in the Book of Kings.  Yes, this is Ron, I first found the reference there and it is as vivid as the reference to the pole shift in Jehovah's Long Day.)

"I am Hepsibah, and I love matching wits with you Ron.  I am an ancient Queen of Sheba too but not the one written up by the Prophet of the Gorge, which is how Isaiah the First was called when they were contemporaries for about thirty years together.  My grandfather was older than the First Isaiah, but the scribes mixed them up so badly they cannot separate them in the works of scholarship today.   Bless you Ron for your writings too as we read them and wonder why you bother to speak so eloquently to those who pass through and wonder what you are talking about.

"My grand daughter never saw Judah as she was assassinated in the walls of a Temple not found yet in the desert of the Kings of Rosimunde (Roman) which has not be found yet, and in the wall is the bony remains of my grand daughter .  She got mixed up with the wrong crowd and dined with a potentate who never knew her except Biblically.  She holds well with her mother, the first Queen of Sheba, and works yet to amend the rift between her and another woman who caused so much jealousy and frustration in the palace which would have been my first cousin, the original Queen of Sheba.  Now this:  Michael assumes you are serious about writing this book about Isaiah and will make amends some day so you can sit down and write it out for about four hundred pages of literature that has never been seen.  The Prophet of the Gorge was a good man but not of the caliber of the Second Isaiah although he got to be called the First Isaiah due to the laxity of scribes at the time."

Hezekiah, King of Israel speaks:  "I am the once proud  King of Israel (circa 990 BC) and my wife, Hepzibah, was my favorite dish, and she was also my favorite girl too, but she was awful at hiding her jealousy over another woman in my Court, and ran around in rags looking for severe reproval and we never mentioned it.  Your life Ron is like mine, up one side and down the other with one disaster after another and believe me we had them in those days,. as they were full of murdering wives and kings who pretended thrones and awful works that never got published from Prophets that just did not quite make the grade, and so on.  I am published once in the Bible when I declare Hecuba an insane cryptographer of the Court and had him walk that line across the gorge.  Malachi, another you speak with frequently Ron, and Malachi here -  "I am truly sorry about this confusion Ron but you are not wrong to write I was in Kings in the Bible but I was a century earlier than Isaiah.  I also wake up soon as a Finaliter and you are among the first to welcome me to Urantia again soon enough.   Be aware that we cabal up here and you are often a subject of conjecture as to what you would have been in the old days of prophets, and we conclude you would have died young proving that France would be the place Jesus did not have children. (Ron: we smile with the ancient ones now too)

"I am Malachi, and I adore your usage of the Francophile King Louis XIV which we knew from our perspective on Salvington.  Louis XIV was a somnambulant and could not sleep if his life depended on it without a Pissoir nearby as he fancied them really because they knew exactly when to disappear.  I am truly delighted to know that you are not coy but fashioned after the great Maracaibo, who witted that man is fully dressed only when he makes love, and that to make love in France is a challenge beyond consideration because of the exaggerated costuming of the day and we leave laughing too as you are truly outsized in everything but luck.  Malachi for Hepsibah and Hecuba, and Hezekiah and all others that made this romp on Paradise possible.


Threads for New Transmissions / Hepsibah - Your frustration is your freedom
« Last post by newstarsaphire on February 15, 2019, 03:20:10 PM »
Hepsibah - Your frustration is your freedom - 15-Feb-19 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Hepsibah
Subject:  Your frustration is your freedom
15-Feb-19 1:39 PM  EST   18:39 GMT /Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

““There is this day, on the worlds of time, a spiritual awakening of progressive attainability working through the emissaries of truth, beauty and goodness.  The plight of mankind on Urantia, and throughout the galaxies of other troubled spheres, has a host of checks and balances in place to serve the purposes of progressive revelation to the hearts and minds of men.  True, ‘will’ is at play on both sides of the equation; and intents and purposes remain true from the heart of the Father and His pure-line representatives.

“The to-and-fro of ‘will’ exertion shall always exist as does the uniqueness of personality gifting and though, at times, these factors make it challenging to carry forward certain pre-requisites of universe laws of conduct, the ever-changing and always challenging interplay between the progressive evolutionary worlds and the systems and procedures of overcontrol administration will always result in experiential  attainment of truth within its current and even future reality.

“The inner and outer structure of universe proficiencies are tools put in place for the guidance of the administrators of time and space energies to allow for constant interpretation and integration of the new and the unexpected—for this in itself is evolution.  No imperfect being is prevented from the experiential path of Father attainment except by his/her own free-will choosing by their actions and personal belief systems and this is all part of the tensions existent between teacher and student; administrator and those who perform their administrative tasks.

“Attitude and perception are personal traits inherent in will-creatures at both ends of the reality spectrum and all things in between.  The interplay, the push and pull, the thought and the perception, the action and the reaction are all subject to a degree of unpredictability and a huge factor in the progression of all things evolutionary.  Parameters are set, guidelines are provided, governors are activitated and yet, there remains the unpredictability of ‘will’ to be reckoned with.  

“The frustration caused by irregular events pushes the boundaries of evolution and brings about creative resolutions beyond the predictability of its participants.  

“How are the many responsible to the few?  How are the few in control of the masses?  Where is enforcement of behavior and belief to be found?  

“Free-will is the irrevocable, unalterable factor at play within every scenario of the unfolding evolution of the universes and their inhabitants; the Father of All has declared it to be so and it is.

“I am here to tell you that your frustration is indeed your freedom, the tension-opportunity provided for you to move beyond your present self and into the realm of possibilities.  Your fears and your egos must give way to your free-will choice to pursue the paths of truth, beauty and goodness to their very Source.

“Place this in your memory banks as a guide to your future.“


[At the end of this transmission I still did not have a name and I kept asking and received “Hepsibah” but no identity. I was aware of Hepsibah of the Bible but was uncertain whether it was she.  Thank you Ron for the confirmation.]
Lying to people is very easy because you essentially tell them what they want to hear, convincing people they have been lied to since is very hard because you  tell them what they really need to hear.People feel betrayed because they wanted to believe what they believed in is trueand people don't let go of that easily.   
I think its important to explain difference between wants and needs. What people need is spiritual reeducation
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Had a good week?
« Last post by KIBET BRIAN on February 15, 2019, 02:39:25 PM »
If anyone gets too near the wall the ego has built ,it feels threatened and then thinks the only way to defend itself is to ward off the threat by showing an aggressive posture.
Sometimes I do make do make deliberate mistakes and when confronted about it I try to remain cool but only to loose my temper and try defending myself because I  often I do feel embarrassed.
The post serves as a good advise.
Both of you, my thanks for the question and answer.   It is my hope and prayer that SOMEDAY  mankind may receive an unadulterated and true history of this rebellion, it's causes, effects, reverberations, and consequences that so devastated Urantia and the 46 or is it 37(?) other apostate planets so affected for so long.

Hopefully the New Urantia Book, whatever it is finally decided to be called  and released , will provide some of this accurate history that awaits to be told and disclosed.   I am sure that when the Schools of Adam and Eve, and the Melchizedeks are opened and underway that this history will be studied for millennia by many in  the 7 SuperUniverses.

We are more than fortunate that Ron, through his years of connections and invaluable revelations received from Spirit and from "those that were there", has been able to provide many details that have never before been known or available.

Surely Mantutia since He has co-authored so much of the New Revelation to Urantia, and through  Michael as Creator Son and through Mother Spirit's endless efforts that have been both acknowledged and impressively rewarded by the Highest Courts and the Ancient of Days, can one day bring all to a better understanding of the terrible costs and evil machinations of this rebellion.   Still yet are there, as we have recently learned, a few remaining pocket of beings still loyal to such  Universal treason and the greatest  acts of  iniquitous treachery ever carried out against Michael and the Father Himself.     LarryG
Weydevu, I take it you just looked at this quickly.  Truman saw something and said so to Eisenhower after they got into the car for the inaugural.  At that moment I doubt Eisenhower understood the significance as he did not understand the significance of the apparition appearing to him seven years earlier in Germany.

Christ Michael more or less had his hands tied.  People forget that the Ancients of Days more or less sealed Urantia off while they collected forensic evidence.  Michael was told to keep his hands off and while he often appealed to the Ancients of Days to do something, they rebuffed him time and again and he could not get to Urantia to remedy the horrors Caligastia was still perpetuating.  Remember that: Michaels hands were tied until he finally got through in the early 70's to at least get a word or two to the planet.

Caligastia knew very well that Michael had a ban on his interference with evidence gathering and made the most of it.  He was remanded into custody in 1975.

In 1975, coincidentally with the resignation of Nixon in August of that year, Caligastia was unceremoniously removed from the planet by the Wards of Justice as they are called--  a special division of the Trinity who can apprehend criminals and rebels simply by telling them they had to go with the Wards of Justice.  Caligastia thought he was being rewarded for his service, not to Urantia, but to Lucifer and went easily.  He was imprisoned on a Uversa satellite.  It is the prison world for high crimes and misdemeanors.

Maybe you can remember this history because most read and forget, but there is it well stated and I thank Michael of Nebadon for making this history available.  If you do remember it, God bless you for being an archive that has some pertinent information to leave on Urantia.  Thanks for your post.
Hey Ron, I'm very interested in what happen with President Truman in his encounter with Caligastia in trying to turn the Allied Forces away from Germany.That is If Christ Michael approves it. Thank you.


General Discussion / Re: Donation
« Last post by LarryG on February 15, 2019, 10:00:49 AM »
Ron, it is an honor and privilege for  me in the three years that I have been donating.  It has always made me feel closer and more a part  of the Missions  to consistently donate.
When I was growing up (and I am still, any way) it  was always an inspiration to watch my parents put in their little tithing envelope in the church "offering plate" every Sunday.   I always felt really proud and  "special" when  my Dad let me put the envelope in myself!.... Amazing  the little things that we remember and still cherish from our pasts, isn't it?     Larry
General Discussion / Re: Donation
« Last post by Ron Besser on February 15, 2019, 09:41:17 AM »
Most helpful Larry.  This is the time of the year we must file the organizational upkeep for this site and a few more, and we got hit hard.  Members should know we spend thousands on legal work and filing reports to the government just to maintain services and to make sure we have something ready to use by the Magisterial Mission/Other Missions. 
2018 Financial
Donations - $5,709
Expenses = $8711.23
We had a slight surplus for 2017 and that covered the extra expenses for 2018 which included a new printer to replace the one that could no longer print without jamming and ink smears when it had one of its attacks.  What we need is a knight in shining armor to provide a substantial increase to the bottom line to make it this year as the bill alone for audit account filing is $4,000 (rounded) so far.  Maintenance of the site if nothing goes wrong is about $2,000 per year.  Ink supplies and postage and paper and you name it stuff, runs us about $600/ year.  I estimate expenses this year are at least $8,500.  So I plead our case to help if you can.  The bottom category on the site allows you to donate.  I know most of the members are strapped too and I do not want to see anyone give more than they can sustain ever and thank you all who do help however you can.

So Larry thank you very much for pressing the blood out of your turnip to give so generously.

Ron Besser
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