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We add two names to those who have fused with their Adjusters on Urantia as of today, the 18th of August, 2018.

Steve Gitz  70, fused at 10:34am 16 August 2018 and is now doing fine at his home in Lafayette. Louisiana.

Joylin, eighty three years old (83), living in Aspen Colorado, fused with her Adjuster while waiting in bed to be taken to see her doctor as she thought she had a stroke.  She did not. She fused with her Adjust August 15. 2018 at 1037 PM.  She has been informed by her spirit guide Ambrose Melchizedek. and sleeps peacefully still and will be awakened on the mansion worlds we believe in the near future.

Here are the names of those fused to this point on Urantia as of today, the 18th of August. year 2018.

Fusion Candidates in the Order of their fusion:
1  Ron Besser, #1, (December 25, 2014 at noon that day)
2  Larry Gossett #2  ( October 14 2016.  US time zone)
3  Lemuel #3  (730 PM Oct 16, 2016 Spain tine zone)
4  Sue Whiley #4 (December 31, 2017 6PM at Australian Time )
5  Amethyst #5 (January 04, 2018.)

6  Wendy Winter #6  ( July 16, 2018 at 10 AM Australian Time)
7  Joylin #7 (August 15, 2018 10:37 PM)
8  Steve Gitz #8 (August 16, 2018 1034 am)
** Please See additional remarks at the bottom added on 18 August here in York, PA
Can someone please fill your dates in beside your name above telling us the date of your fusion?
I am getting some variation in precise timing too but if you have something other than the date I do write of, please correct it here.  Post to this thread.

All listed here now enjoy the presence of a Supernaphim among their Guardian Angels.  Each fused individual still has work to be done to be fully fused in the brain stem.  I am completely finished being  the eldest as is Joylin.  Ambrose the Melchizedek Guide is ready to take Joylin to Salvington as she is too frail to last much longer on Urantia, and Joylin will be the first from Urantia to arrive on Salvington using the new method of fusion of this sphere.

I offer CONGRATULATIONS TO EAH AND ALL OF THESE BRAVE SOULS for the accomplishment.  I am also informed that there are three more candidates for fusion approaching the age of utter disposition unless they are brought before the Judges for adjudication and fusion is allowed to proceed.  I wish all a supremely happy moment in their career as those who fuse now before the advent of Jesus on Urantia, will be part of a special Commission set up on Salvington to do specialized work on Urantia when all is said and done, and before they graduate the Local Universe to the Minor Sector as a First Stage Spirit.  I am to be taken to Edentia though before I graduate the Local Universe for specialized training in government know how, and taken back to Urantia for additional study before I start my teaching career on Edentia or Mansion World Four.  They do not know what to do with all of us just yet.  
Ron Besser
Soul Helper (they say)

*** Additional Remarks added dated later than the date time stamp on this post from York USA.

I have written into the list of categorical sequencing of fusion candidates in the order they appeared on Urantia.  I tell you this because the actual dates are entered on Uversa and Salvington by Star Date.  For instance my date of fusion on Urantia is on Christmas Day of 2014.  My Star Date time of fusion is 12/15/13/27.  I do not know what the separators are so I use forward slashes which I am sure is not how the do it and perhaps this ways  or maybe 12151327.  1327 they tell me assigns the planet and the star-date meridian time.   Plus this:

Sue Whiley was on vacation when the actual event occurred.  I was told to announce it to her as noted in the list above which was the first, but she has a couple of dates noted that are germain too and that is because she was ill at times during the exposition of the fusion and as a result we have dates given in which some parts of the fusion were completed then or redone.  I have provided the date that correctly shows the numerical sequence of fusion sequence coming conscious to us on Urantia.  She is number four and to state a later date makes her number five and that is not true.  She was the fourth one to fuse on Urantia in this sequence of history.

As far as to the rest of it, this is an unfinished list and we expect at least two more or more to be added at some point but since I do not know them they must be brought to my attention to list them at all.  I thank you all for resupplying these dates to me since I have no memory at this point to help out there.  My best to all.  Ron Besser

MOTHER SPIRIT - Ron is almost delirious this morning over events to list these fusion dates as we do not recognize them because they took place in transcendental circumstances.  They are portended on high immediately upon assignment of the soul to Uversa as a developing embryo and the forecast for fusion is entered at that time.  Ron's forecast for fusion was December 15, 2013, but it was delayed over the death of his mother on August 21, 2012 and was replaced by the actual date recorded above.  In fact the entire matter of fusion was predicated on Uversa as showers of sparks on Urantia when the soul was released to the Father for comparison of newly wed souls to the Father's purpose.  In Ron's case the fusion was determined to be fortuitous as he was in such grief he could not hear for about a month afterwards well enough to determine who was what here on Salvington.  They corrected this problem easily and he became what he is today in hearing ability.  For the rest on this list we are noting there continuing problems of satisfaction.  Larry Gossett has lost his temperament and flown the coop, and Lemuel is fasting on grief of the past, and needs a lesson to keep him running currently much better than he is.  Finally, Wendy Winter is passing all of her tests well, but has issues that refuse to signal compliance and hurts her chances for assignment to York only because she is so pressed on other things she is not paying close attention to circumstances inside her that need better resolution.  These are typical usages of humans on an evolving sphere and only Ron seems to be content with the fusion and works it so well he can speak for Michael at times.  This is a rare privilege and he nearly lost that privilege with candidate number nine who braved the patches of perfidy by challenging Ron's right to say anything and Ron let him have it good.  We lament the incident but it is essentially covered over by number nine being at least temporarily lost to our administration of help to his cause.  Good day. Mother Spirit."

General Discussion / Vision of Patterns on Seafloor
« Last post by 7inOcean on August 17, 2018, 10:47:05 PM »
Hello my friends,
I have something to share. This morning as I was semi-awake and snoozing before getting out of bed, I saw very well, what appeared to be patterns on sediment, it looked murky so I assume it is the seafloor that I was seeing. As I watched intently, the patterns, shifted to different ones on the same sedimentary background in slightly blurry waters(?). I watched as intently and as much as I could and then the vision faded out into a black blob. I spoke in the mind, “is this a seafloor I am seeing?”. I heard voices that got muffled and I did not get what they were trying to say and it got me thinking what and why did I see what I saw in the first place.

As I thought about it, I concentrated on the patterns I saw. Although, I can be forgiven for seeing them as sort of like a hieroglyphic pattern, they really did not show any significant image to make of it. The patterns look very much what would appear as outcrops of rocky terrain in a mozzly array of sorts as they can do on the sea floor as it turned out in the vision. What is the meaning of this? So I go fetch and ask in prayer about it...

I got the sense, it was like someone or team of specialists with equipment who are scanning the seafloor in search of something useful. That’s fine if that is what I saw, but why this and what does that have to do with me seeing it? While I got the vision, I note a lot of pressure and ringing going on and I understand there is something important about this vision I am not getting clearly. It’s a mystery to me. All I know is that I saw it for some reason without explanation and I saw lots of outcrops that is evident and real to pursue. What that is I do not know. It’s almost as if it could be in search for some material or is it evidence of a long ago civilisation buried under water (future? Due to the Tectonic Plate movements or is it some long ago past?). I am little confused with the timeline but the evidence of a seafloor(?) search is seen in my vision and it may be that I have something to do with that search or whatever?!

I leave it there for now and I will sit and pray about this further and if I get anything, I will share it if appropriate. I thought to share this as it is interesting how these images keep propping up for some reason and it sure puzzles me. I wonder if any one else is getting this sort of thing happening. Anyway, let’s see where this takes me…..

Know yourself -

While I get thinking on this in relation with my Adjuster, I realise I am me, my personality as the Sue Whiley I grew up as and am now what I am over so many years of experience, challenges, ups and downs, with relationships, nurturing children and working in challenging environments, I am what I am and have over the years known the Father is very real in my consciousness. As a child I knew Him. I even said then, “If God is my Father then you are my brothers and sisters, we are family.” That truth stays with me all the way to now and I know who I am with the Father. I know myself as one with Him.

Abide with me -

This is very much flows from the first point made and is simultaneously what I do as a faith child of God. Abide is like what Jesus expressed as he puts it He is the Vine and we are the branches, we are to abide in Him. The lifeblood of communion is faith and willingness and love.

Seek and always seek and do not give up -

Ah yes when does a child stop looking to know its steps? I must always look, seek for the way, and then walk in it and not lose heart when things go so hard. As that is the gift of experience that tempers, shapes and moulds our character. Like the potter with the clay, I am like clay in the Master’s hands and am refined in walking the life that is given.

Ankara speaks:

“While these are simplified explanations to these three points, you spell out what it means most to you in your journey with the Divine Fragment of God in you. It is a statement of your faith journey and understanding. The maturity of the years lived and your growing awareness of the psychic intuitiveness you have is ever attuning in more refined wisdom. The reasons being that is to enable the evolution of your nature with the divine input.

“New paragraph please here Sue, as I wish to change the subject as we further into the progression of assimilation with the Adjuster. Now I speak to the manner in which you walk and talk as a fused mortal. This is an unusual one to speak to as it usually requires the ward to be fused in fire and moves onto to learn mota and so on in Mansonia. Here, however,  you are retained on the earth in material form and are of the potential of greater good in service in the Michael Missions, your fusion is more to do with the Father’s way of keeping the wise among the team of workers to foster the growth of Urantians to learn the way toward the early stages of light and life on a backward planet as Urantia has become. No other way forward then to have many good minds and hearts to be present to do the task of rehabilitation.

“The work of the Missions are varied and have many areas to address, your placement is to continue as you are, and grow in this method you do here with me to take this dictation as it is presented to you. I like how this is proceeding and you are getting it down nicely.

“The next step is to learn to pause and let what I say set in before you type it. As fast as you can type, you still are needing to stop and let the voice have its place in you, good. Now this is settled, we can move on. We have much more to learn and there is little time in which this is to accomplished. Yet we progress nonetheless. I am here with you and see to it we get this communication down to a reasonable level of digestion.

“Let us finish it here and we resume it when you are refreshed. Roger out.”

Topic:        Understanding the Complexities of the Evolutionary Universe
Speakers:    Universal Censor; an Unnamed Trinity Origin Being
                  God the Supreme
T/R:            Amethyst
Date:          August 17, 2018
Location:   New York USA

"I am a Universal Censor of Trinity Origin and I participate in the judgments of Deity and can tell you all judgment throughout creation is a multi-faceted process and involves several layers of beings.  The farther down the chain of creation, the greater the number of Divine Beings there are that participate in the adjudication and restoration needed.  This is the biggest reason why there have been so many stops and starts on Urantia at this time, and has caused many of you a great deal of confusion.  This confusion can be greatly mitigated if you are able to understand the nature of evolution itself and the complexities of all that is needed for an individual planet, system, or local universe to evolve.

"There has been, and continues to be a great deal of uncertainty on your planet about how our universe operates and moves forward in its quest for Eras of Light and Life.  Even long time readers of the current Urantia Book seem to mistakenly have the idea that if or when there is divine intervention, things will run smoothly and all will heal as if by magic.  So many on this forum have disappointed us because they are of the mindset that all that is needed is for a mission to begin, finally things will get fixed, and all will be as smooth as butter.  This manifests itself often with the assumed problems caused by missing of events that were told to you that were to happen on specific dates or within certain time periods.  This forum has been abandoned by otherwise stalwart souls that fail to comprehend just how evolution works.

"Did it escape your attention that even as high as the Grand Universe level, there are court systems and problems to be solved that many of you would think should have long ago been solved before reaching these very high levels?  Truth be told, the more moving parts that have to move in harmony, the more complications occur.  It might be helpful if you realize that there is a Universal Censor assigned to each of the one billion worlds in the Central Universe.  There is literally no place in the evolving universe where our influence is not felt in one way or another.  Why, you may ask, does the Central Universe need any of our kind there at all if it is a realm of perfection?  This is something that still baffles many scholars throughout creation, and yet it is so.

"Urantia has markedly endured so much chaos that, even at the highest levels there is difficulty getting agreement on just what needs to be done about her.  We on high are beginning to get the wrinkles ironed out but there has had to be so much planning and replanning, getting approval and then having it revoked, that many humans have come to erroneously believe that nothing is being done and therefore you have all been duped.

"We have shared with this forum several times the tentative and potential events that have had to be scrapped because somewhere up the chain of command hiccups have been found, and those responsible to provide solutions, have been sent time and time again back to the drawing board.

"This has created quite a dilemma for us.  On the one hand, we can share with you as we go along, only to have you lose faith because things did not unfold as you were told.  You lose trust and abandon hope that change is coming, and move on to other pursuits and interests.  On the other hand, by not keeping you informed, we run the risk of having no one prepared and thus we have no human help waiting to do the work.  So we are darned if we do, and darned if we don't (share).

"But we are seeing an unmistakable trend developing that gives us heart.  Those who have stayed are beginning to have a deeper understanding of just how complicated evolution can be, especially on Urantia that has stumbled so much.  They are beginning to see this series of stops and starts as a process and not an event.  Those who are able to take the longer view are becoming stronger in their patience.  They understand life itself is an eternal process, and they possess the ability to take each day one at a time without strong expectation as to what each day will bring.  They know that their faith alone is sufficient for each day, and this makes them easier for us to work with and prepare them, with the help of their Beloved Adjusters.  They are at peace.

"When adjudication plans are formulated, they need the approval of many, and we the Universal Censors, are the final arbitrators.  Plans that need tweaking or changing, are then required to be reviewed and reworked.  So you see, all of this stopping and starting that you interpret as inconsistencies, are in fact the way evolution is supposed to work.  Those living in an evolutionary universe will always see this kind of situation and it should be no cause for concern.  It only requires an expanded viewpoint to see that all is working exactly as it should.

"I bid you a good day and sincerely hope that this can help you better understand how an evolutionary universe functions."

"Most universe citizens, ascending and descending sons alike, are unable to see the total picture.  There is always more to learn and discover.  You should not allow yourselves to get discouraged over all the things you do not understand and things you cannot see, especially as mortals on Urantia.  As one of your Melchizedeks so eloquently put in in your Urantia Book, the best way for a tadpole to become a frog is to live each day faithfully as a tadpole.*  If you try to have every mystery answered before your faith can fully accept, you will drive yourself crazy and your growth will suffer delay.  I am the personification of this concept.  I will not incorporate all universe experiences and knowledge for many ages, and even then I will find another layer to experience and incorporate into my Being. Thus is the nature of evolution."

*Amethyst". This is a reference to 100:1.5

Hi Ron and MidiChlorian,
MidiChlorian, thank you for this fantastic research you have found on the Windhexe machine. I watched the video and was amazed at what they can throw in and what turns out in the end. It got me thinking. What sort of volumes of coal is required when at the other end it comes out very fine particles of dust-like material? The equation of the bulk entry to how much is available in the end product of miniscule amounts. How much powder is required to make the fuel work for an automobile to run and for how long? I am wondering how much is required to have the effect it is needed to make it worthwhile? Can other forms of fuel be used i.e. ethanol, hydrogen, gas, air, water the list can go on but it all requires some techy modifications to the vehicle's engine to get to take the type of fuel it has to burn or use to make the engine run over well. Sorry, I couldn't help with being curious as to the content required and to the consumption rate of the energy produced and so on. I hope I am making sense. Just my mind thinking over when I watched the stuff going into the Windhexe and how amazingly fine the dust was in the man's hand when he held it for us to see it. I couldn't get over how even the egg fluid was reduced to dust! Very impressive. And that begs to ask how much dust is needed to get a car to work?

Thank you Amethyst,
To make things better I have purchased a new computer some four months ago and I find it so much easier and better than my old ipad with bluetooth keyboard. Now I have a keyboard that plugs in and is way better as it does not jump around like a bluetooth keyboard does. As for copy and paste, try using your mouse by right clicking. It comes up a window with a list of things you can choose from, if you see "copy" click on it. (make sure your have highlighted everything first before you do) then go to the forum to post window, and when you are ready to post something, right click again and the window comes up with a list, scroll down to "paste" and then you should have your work up on the screen in the window you pasted in. I hope this helps you. I have to admit pen and paper is always handy at times when I get something and have no time to wait for a machine to start up. Yesterday, I got the page up on the screen ready to type on a blank screen and sat waiting, praying and asking for whoever, whatever to come forward to speak. Ankara naturally is with me as if assigned to work with me for now. Thank you for your wonderful work too Amethyst and I look forward to more of what you have to share with us. Let us know if you have any difficulties in copying and pasting, I am sure there's plenty of members here who are good to help out. I encourage everyone to get a desktop computer as it is fantastic, I have an All-in-One computer and it does the job marvelously for me for now as I can also use coloured text, bold text and type way faster than the old ipad did as it kind of got me so frustrated!!!

Anyway, let the good times roll and I get practicing on this voice-type method and allow this to flow as it should. All the best for you Amethyst and all of you wonderful readers.

Thank you Ankara and Sue.
Hi Sue--I used to use paper and pencil a lot, but then I discovered it was much easier to use just the very simple note pad on my computer.  I use a large font because my eyes are weak. I then print it out and edit it, and take my time and retype it onto the forum.  I find it is actually faster than pencil and paper.  I cannot use copy and paste because it always messes things up.  I now would be lost without my note function.
Thank you MidiChlorian.  I happen to agree with your entirely that the Windhex is something to study a great deal more.  I tell you why.  When we grind an element down, and this can apply to wheat and soybeans and a lot of any other carbon chemistry, carbon items are consistently the same.  In other words a carbon 12 atom in the head of a wheat cluster and the carbon 12 in a coal piece, remain carbon 12 regardless of what you do to them until your grind down to 4 microns.  That is I believe that crux of what we have in my research versus what you have in your research.  We are both after getting a carbon reduction (if indeed you work with organic chemistry specifically) to almost atomic size.  I must remind anyone looking at this discussion I did not invent this gadget as Dr. Ilok did sixty some years ago and nobody has yet figured out why it works it all.  My research was to resurrect what he did and not to improve upon it but to produce it for industry to take up as a genuine process without so much to do with difficulties we know how to overcome.

But what you have shown me MidiChlorian is the discovery of this Windhex propitaties the same effect with ten million dollars less effort to build it for the same results.  You also suggest I need to understand hot flows and cold flows which I have very little understanding about EXCEPT the Ilok invention to grind uses hot flow gases to break coal down into a CONSISTENT FOUR MICRON COAL POWDER EVERYWHERE.  The Windhex does not concern itself with consistency of particle size, only that all particles that result from the grind in the Windhex are in some size of a micron here and there and the rest is mostly soot that is easily processed into other things as an ingredient from the the Windhex proposition that all mater can be ground small.

What the Ilok process does is force matter to behave in antisocial ways.  That is why we have to worry about thge out break of plasmas and the destruction of entire factory buildings if we get something wrong with the Unqualified Absolute, which is very much a force to be reckowned with.  We have to take the Einstein theory of relativity and turn it on its head to get consisten four micaron powders without blowing everybody up with the process to get that consistent grind.  However, I see in the Windhex a new principle I never considered before and neither did Ilok as I worked with him for about 25 years and we never looked at anything but using a grinder with mechanical disks inserted into the shell of the grinder to force carbon to become just the powder and not the atom.   This is very hard to get across and that is why I wrote the book to show or demonstrate what problems the Unqualified Absolute throws in our way and how Ilok dodged them to get a powder without them exploding or turning out a frightening plasma.

I thank you for your help really and I am grateful to learn something like the Windhex machine and idea exists as it sure obviates the need to spend billions of dollars on complex carbon grinders if we can modify the Windhex princople to carbon production.

PS: Here is the Science Officer, Rayson, to share his view of the Windhex too:

"I never saw this invention come on line while I was reasearching just how ot use the Ilok Communition Chamber to produce fuel cells for transporation on Urantia, when the entire matter of oil production in huge quantities ends.  It will end and under precarious circumstances that should concern everyone.  Ron worked with Dr. Ilok in ups and downs seeking funding and Ron's principle concern was to see to it that Ilok had support to get it financed to build a production plant in Ohio.  But Ilok was too greedy and left opportunity after opportunity slip by thinking he should control all of it.  Ron kept warning him that if he did that all the time there would be no coal fcaility that can pollution free fuels for transport including airplanes and ships.

"We now see that the production of micron powders, inconsistent or not, is very simple with a machine that uses compressed air to slam particles against the chamber walls which then uses friction instead of applied heat to break the material down into micron sized bits.  Ron correctly points out that for coal powders to be burned as a fuel they must be consistency the same size, and that is not possible using friction to grind the material into micron sized bits.  I see what Ron is saying too, and I wonder if you see it, the grinding of powders into micron size that are inconsistent in homogeneity, shares a remarkable semblance to what should be done with the Ilok Communition Chamber that astounds the world in its ability to do this without spending more to produce the powders than they are worth to burn.  Ilok often said to Ron and laughed sometimes, you pyrolyzed four micron powders to get 3 micron powders, but you blow three micron powders up with liquid Nitrogen set afire by a gas torch inside the Communition Chamber.  Ron's reply was insufficient to make Ilok realize that Ron had the right idea to just pyrolyze a second time with liquid Hydrogen, and be done with it and no blowing anything up to do it.  This was to get 1/300 micron powders we never discuss here.

"I futher content that the Windhex machine is as brilliant as Ron says it is and wonder why it never caught on with manufactureres.  I saw Ron hunt for the manufacturer or the licensing corporation and neither now show up at all.  He wonders if they went out of business already or was there some sort of legal fight and the company lost it.  Here is Stan Stovall of the Nightly Business Report on high:

Stan Stovall -  "Rpm lmws as the luckless person who was on Wall Street Week many years ago.  He never missed a program and one night I appeared on it with a big bandage on my head.  That was the night Louis Reukeyhyser nearly killed me for appearing with him when I was so ill over other matters too.  Would you not know that big book of the camera that took shots behind me hit my chair and concked me on the head on live television and Ron got hysterical with laughter, fully recognized that I was already ill and already bandaged on the spot the camera hit me and Louis R. stuffed hismelf with tomatoe paste to stop laughing so hard so we could finish taping the program.  Now what happened to the corproation that built these machines?

"They went bust after one year of operation because the owner died and left everyone trying to cope what to do with the corporation he left behind.  He had expansive lawyers everywhere but no one asked if he had a will made to clear the patents out to the corporation and his wife wound up with all of it and spent them blind on household goods and items and they had to quit.  The patents are intestate and the entire matter is thrown out the door by a court order insisting the patents dissolve upon the death of his wife Elizabeth.  She died last year and the company had no patents to produce the invention with and Ron is wondering why he could not find any evidence.  They are totally gone as are the machines they so brilliantly produced for man to use easily.  I am Stan Stovall of Wall Street Week and my son still runs the investment business I founded forty sdeven eyars ago alons to the day today."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "I seldom say much on things like this but the inventor is still asleep on the mansion worlds having died I believe by your calendar in 2012 or so.  He was ill to death and died quickly when his head hit the back of a car seat he was traveling in to participate in a show that featured his invention.  Unfortunately the thing that makes these machines work so well is not a patented device but a slow way to cause high pressure air to seep down the sides of the grinding chamber.  If we could remanufacture that we have a much faster and easier grinder for four micron coal than presently designed.  I am most grateful to MidiChlorian finding it and showing it to Ron who believes it is a fantastic device.  I do too."


Ron some time ago it was pointed out that Mars, Venus and the planet that was destroyed between Mars and Jupiter would be inhabitable planets sometime in the future. Also Europa would become a star. Sorry I don't have the posts with me to refer to. Can you update us on these different situations?  Thank You


Ron, your additional research that showed the YouTube presentation was not available to me but I did find additional info that might indicate how the Germans had found the process as a byproduct to their initial product of "uranium enrichment" through a similar process using heavy water, in their nuclear weapons research, as might be processed in "Helikon vortex separation process" like system.
In addition the process of heat which seems to be produced may come from the following process that may also relate to the "Windhexe" process - this can be better described as a "Vortex tube", which can produce great temperature variations from very hot to extremely cold. The simplified process can be seen here:

"Separation of a compressed gas into a hot stream and a cold stream."

Even though the construction of the "Windhexe" could use the same principle and over exaggerated with the large cone chamber the heat would brake down the particles and the cold exhaust would solidify the end product.  In the narrative of the "Windhexe" it indicates that even rocks and cement were processed and with additional modification and reprocessing the end product through an additional process, could reduce the Micron size even more.

There is an old website from the company formed from "Windhexe" which can be found: "" - listed as "Vortex Dehydration Technology".

Vortex Dehydration Technology, LLC ®2002.  All Rights Reserved
1115 Pleasant Ridge Road Greensboro, NC 27409
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