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Hello my dear friends,
I know it has been a while since my last post but strange things seems to be happening to me. I just want to share the following sessions. Although, mostly much is good to share, there are those private, personal ones that I felt is necessary to share as it flows from one to the other in a continuous thread and it makes more sense to have it all given as such. I also wish to take this opportunity to thank Lemuel for his private message he sent to me some days ago. Although,  I did begin to write one out to send back to him that early morning I received it, but lo and behold, time gets the better of me and I had to cut and run to work that morning. As it so happens, I get so tired and lethargic after my work days to do anything until now. I do not know how long this thing will go on but a few nights ago after my work, I sat down on the lounge and dosed off to some sort of sleep after a session of prayer. It took awhile for me to get back my senses as I seem to have totally lost myself or sort of lost my bearing and where I was at and so on. It was a strange one not experienced before. The following session with my Adjuster goes some way to explain some aspects of what is occurring, although I know deeply, there is more going on than is spoken to as it is far too difficult to put in words what the term “morontializing” is. Ron’s type is unique to his transitioning process, mine and the others (if I am correct in saying this) are also unique and vary in degrees of lapses, phases and so on of all types of pains, losses and strange sense of disorientation, especially when still in the human form.

I think the closest idea one can get to what kinds of challenges we face is expressed in the words to the effect as Jesus said to his disciples at one point when he says these words,”...the flesh is weak but the spirit is willing..” .  At {Pre’Mtor is speaking in conjunction here} no more telling point is the difference felt between the “flesh” and “the Spirit” is what is being introduced somewhat partially, then slowly increased in the minds and into the bodies of the fused candidates that this is tendered for as they are to be used in the Missions. Their stature is unique, their experiences and journey with God is of great value to the cause of upliftment in the human evolution and in improvement, and I feel the Adjuster pressing me on in these words here to speak thus as it flows and so I let the following sessions speak for themselves. Thank you Lemuel for your beautiful message and I welcome you back and wish you a heartfelt embrace as you continue on with your “beloved”. May God bless you in your recovery and your steady progress in your work in receiving those beautiful messages and so on it goes. Keep up the good work everyone. Sue.

Teachers: Pre’Mtor and Jesus
Subjects: Levels of Concern, Conduct of Service, Thoughts of the Heart and More and Jesus Speaks.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 21/05/2018 8.27am(AEST)

Levels of Concern

“Just a short note for you my love for the ages to come and what does it matter to you that you fall asleep in the middle of a television show? And when you wake, you did not know, nor do you care what you missed, but only of you to notice the pull of the heart strings in you to succumb not to weariness, but to the zeal and rigours of life.

“Be you perfect as I am and what is that to you in your work? Such that you may find that the care and love is above and beyond to allow the joy to spring from the fruits of love. Faithfulness, persistence, forbearance, enduring the trial, and joyful cheerfulness with a dose of humour are all those characteristics that arises from the heart that loves to no end.

“Yours at the moment, my children, are moments to endure the rigours of life that bespeaks as to how to treat others as you would have it done to you. There is those layers of concern you have in areas of duty of care and responsibility not only in your daily conduct with others; be it at work, home or in civil life. Your conduct ever requires of you to be sharpened with care, awareness, tactfulness, understanding and with all gentleness as to affection.

“There is no amount of love you can withhold to others as to yourself as I would unto you, my love. Be yourself and be loved as you are loved.

“In your daily trials must you learn to hold your swing and stature, self-control in matters that pertain to fruitful labour in service with others. The concern of the heart for the other is always tugging you and always must you conduct yourself wisely and punctually with the one that is to be impressed with, as you hold the keys of experience beyond your years with me.

“Now there is to be a full-blown Mission soon to be, if not, already resident among you to be going with in earnest. Nystoria, a planet that is soon to be renown in the universes as one the Father has reclaimed from the jaws of a ruckus rebellion unlike any that has been. Much shall be learned in her schools soon to be and the Nystoria Schools will issue such lessons many will find valuable in the years to come in the eternal adventure that I expose for all to encounter. None too wise and none too lacking, are all those lessons to acquire the measure of love that is proportional to the service given.

“I am Father, I am the Thought Adjuster, I am the voice to be heard in the wilderness and you hear me as I speak it well in each of you; the voice that beckons, the voice of reason, the voice that hails from the depths of the soul that is in you.  I am in you, I am you and you are me. You are mine and I am yours. Take heart, my love, and be the love that I am to you. Arise, my children and be ye perfect as I am.

“I am the Adjuster in this one that I am fused with and enjoy immensely, as one shall we walk, in unison and in one mind and heart to be about the service and concern of love for the other. I adjure you all to be in concern with the tug of your heart to comprise you onwards to the universe adventure to seek the Source and Centre of all that is and it begins right here within that deepest part of you.

“I am Pre’Mtor, that is my mission name with this one and we will be recognised as such in the coming Magisterial Mission. The Michael Mission is one of a revelatory nature as well as educative in that it is to be conducted to pave the way in line with the much needed conduct of justice and mercy the Magisterial Sons will bring to foster the structural changes necessary to allow those ministerial adjustments to improve the human life upon a changing earth.

“Your conduct Sue will comprise the necessity to open up the way to allow the new revelation to be made known and available,  to institute the halls of learning in the minds of men in your part of the world in which you reside in. While the earth changes, the thoughts of men will also change as to the seasons and times, as to the purpose and reasons for life in the new age that is now emerging.

“Certainly, you are on the cusp of a new age that is to come very soon; perhaps, in a decade, you will see so much opened up in the way of new education, new discoveries and technologies that enhances a more sustainable way of living upon the new earth. The old earth and the old way is quickly forgotten as you all happily embrace a better and more sensible way to go about living, doing and being in the new earth and in the new age of brotherly love and service. The concern for the other will become more evident and impressive.

“This session will have to close at some point, although I am still very much conversant deep in you, my love, and we will take up another session as this one has been. I am Pre’Mtor and I bid you all a good day and may my peace be with you all.”

[ A Pause;  and thoughts kept flowing and conversing ensued and the following emerges…]


The Thoughts of the Heart [private and personal session here]

“Just put it out there Sue! What it is is the thoughts of the heart to put it in motion, to bring it on like the wheels on a train in motion, but it takes the engine to drive it forward and that takes a team as you and I and all those who speak in and through you to drive it to the known destiny you all are to be going with. Keep this channel open Sue, keep with me, keep up the conversing we have right now - I am the KEY to unlock all those doors in the corridor and allow the “many things” to filter in your view to see and be inspired that I have coming. You know what I speak about, (recall that day of “aeons” with me), that is about to turn here for you to get working with and you are being prepared, morontialized to go with this as you see and understand it what I say it here with you in private. You are right, it is difficult to put this morontializing part in human words or verse, not even conceptualizing it do any justice. This is more than the human equivalent of modification can be explained.

“Your transformational process is progressing and in process, you will feel the phases of “forgetfulness”, moments of “loss” and areas of “space” that will make you see those areas of difference between your two selves: the human self and the soul self. This is what you are experiencing, a huge gap so-to-speak in between these and is why you feel those phases more poignant and, at times, strangely feeling a bit surreal in your human vessel of late.

“What is happening is you are feeling aloof and detached, yet still in a body that strangely functions like a robot/machine while you feel like aloof sort of like a string is to a yo-yo is attached to. You don’t feel like you belong to anyone or thing, but to a reality that is larger than “thing” or “body” is. This is infinity, the reality of all existence. Think of that “string” above, there is no beginning or end. It is there, always has been and always is. You are in it now. You sense a peace, a residing, calming, reassuring peace. You sit in it well and that kind of surprises you as to the ease of which you are in it. Let this sit with you, let the new “you” begin in you as the reality of infinity becomes the life you embrace.

“Aresha. May you rest in peace…..

“The onward struggles is not a struggle for you, it is the inner knowing of peace, that passes all understanding in all the universes. You know it now, yes even now. And become more wiser for it in your career as you traverse it. I am happy to be here in you, for it brings me peace in knowing to bring it all together in me as a hen gathers her chicks in her fold. Be in my peace. [Yes, see it] So also do you do likewise in your unfolding work. Daily do you labour in love and concern, and daily do we strive in peace and joy unto others as we do to ourselves. For we love, so do they know love, and likewise, love manifold. It is infinite love.”

[oh Father, if only I have more freer days like these days I have off from my week of hectic hospital work can I be availed to write more of these beautiful sessions. For now, I apply myself to the task as I am fresh after a good night sleep to be so doing today. Each day as precious as it is with you in that we go forward in prayer, praise and concern for the work of loving all, no matter how great or small they may be. I know my service in the hospital will sometime soon expire when my newly appointed Australian work begins in promotional output when you have such orders in place to materially work with in areas where it is deemed safe to be in and to be about. I pray that all goes well in the Foundational work as well as the organisation establishment to get going with (thanks to Ron Besser’s amazing foresight and courage). I stand ready, patient, in knowing how important it is to be attuned with you Father for without you I am nothing….As a fused mortal, as you have me, I am your servant, your abiding friend and able vessel to be fully working and doing what you have for me to be with you. Take me as I am Father, and make it the great mole in the mound of dirt here where I am, there may you also be in heart, in love and in joy.]


“Thank you Sue, there is more coming, it is soon to take place. Preparations are done, emissaries are placed, new offices will sprout, yours will be pivotal as Mantutia will guide those regions under his Supervisory care. Take those lessons he will offer as they will instruct you as to how you are best to go about your profession as you do in both transmitting, teaching and in espousing the new revelatory papers soon to be made ready for new readership. Your task is to allow the new brotherhood to flourish and to encourage better readership in those you care for. I know you can do this and more. As Jesus did with his disciples, so you will be tasked in so doing, but you will not be alone. There will accompany you those skilled artisans in teaching methodology from the Adam and Eve Schools who will be so assisting you in this endeavour in education and training.

“Much is coming to relearn history, to adapt to the universe administration of management and service, conduct and protocol. Those protocols will be issued to all personnel who is on staff as to the proper ways and means of etiquette, prayer and reverence with the High Sons who incarnate and appear before you. Your place, among the four other fused ones on Nystoria is rare and unique and one that is to be marked with much more labour as you doubly apply your spiritual muscles to the task in serving the Mission’s aim to bring Nystoria in the early stages of Light and Life. It has a redemptive purpose along with a sense of realisation of your true destiny purposes with the Supreme.

“Gather yourself as things take place soon enough and you will have seen more changes adrift than you have in years past. As always, as it goes in this World of the Cross, it takes more than “cracking a few eggs” to make an omelette and Jesus stands in the middle of the crossroads between the great religions of the world and this will be the end of the varying degrees of belief systems to a whole new faith to embrace as one religion of truth, beauty and goodness for all.”

[My mind went to Jesus in all of this: Jesus would you like to say something here?]

“Sue, yes this is Jesus. I speak here as you have a train of mind that beckons greatness yet to unravel. You are like a Christmas present that needs to be unwrapped and it is held well in tact with an Adjuster that is bursting at the nice pretty bow on the ornate ribbon that is bestowed on the gold-laced wrapping paper that is enfolded upon you. Get ready for the unwrapping of you. That is what is occurring in your morontializing process, your soul self will indeed emerge and be a full-blown balloon of a giant crest of a wave so glorious, it will caroon and emerge ever upon the whitewash created by the Spirit of love.

“I am Jesus, Sue, recognise I have work to accomplish and I need my disciples with me to make it happen. You are my disciple, the ones who hear my voice and take it well and can count better than I can. You are one smart cookie and I intend to use you when the time comes, but stay as you are for a while longer as things settle and then we are good to go.

“Now this for all of you: Stay tuned as we are going to be have to contend with a mighty wave of discontent as I stand in the middle of a room and speak my mind to all that represents the nations they hail from. This is no easy task for any one human; it takes the Almighty Supreme to take on the giants of time to flatten out the lumps that stand in the way of good progress of the soul. I intend to introduce the truth for all to hear and hear it well. It will be like a shearer does to the wheat in full spring. A necessary harvest to collect and use and not let it lie in waste any more than it stands for.

“I am Jesus and I am coming in earnest and it will be done in a manner appropriate to the reasons of my being present among you. That is all I wish to say for now and may you be calm and focussed on that day of days when God speaks as I speak.”

[Thank you Jesus, and yes, will do, in the grace of God!]

[Anything else Father?]

“That will be all for now, now go type this all up and please get it out there for consumption to wash out the eery place of quiet repose.”

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / The Missions
« Last post by Clency on May 21, 2018, 02:47:36 AM »
Dear Lemuel, I am no sure if I get it right with the two expressions or usernames attributed to the Trinity Teacher Son, Margul, at the beginning of the transmission. Please feel free to correct me if necessary or expand more on this. Thank you. Domtia

PS: mistakes corrected
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / The Missions
« Last post by Clency on May 21, 2018, 02:42:09 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

The Missions

Margul : This is Margul, a Trinity Teacher Son or « Daynal » also known as « Daynals » and I am assigned to Nystoria for the duration of the Missions that will finally bring Nystoria into Light and Life. As you all know this will take a considerable time, at least a hundred years and may be even a thousand.

The Trinity Teacher Sons’responsibility is foremost a spiritual education and development and moral elevation of human mortals on which other planets they have been assigned to. Along with the Material Sons and Daughters, Adam and Eve, when they appear on a planet, they will have the help and support of not only myself, a Trinity Teacher Son, but they will also have the help of the Melchizedeks. In this case, Malvantra Melchizedek and Mantutia Melchizekek.

You have all been advised in recent months that the Magisterial Mission is a go and that very soon, even now in fact, it has begun, and there are many Melchizedeks throughout the world who are already incarnated, but still working behind the scenes, so to speak, but they are already influencing those in government and other international institutions.

News of the Magisterial Missions will go public very soon. It is our intention now to have a very gentle approach, sofly-softly so to speak, to introduce the Mission so that the public can become used to these informations little by little, about what the Mission stands for, what is hope to be achieved and how they all fit in hopefully by embracing the Mission.

As we feel confident they will when they fully understand the purpose of the Magisterial Mission. We know it will take time but we are confident that it will be successful. Inevitably, there will be some disturbances and perhaps some violences and perhaps sometimes even bloodshed, but we have the capability to reduce this to a minimum and in fact it will stop alltogether, may be after a few weeks.

To all members here on the forum who have been so patient and understanding and loyal to the idea of this Mission I thank you all most sincerely. We know all of you, we know where you are and how you are in terms of your spiritual progress. We know and realise perfectly the problems that many of you have had to face and overcome in order to follow your heart’s sincere desire to take part in these Missions and we welcome all of you and you will be used in your own unic way wherever you are when the time is appropriate. So relax in this knowledge that you will be part of the Magisterial Mission.

I am a Trinity Teacher Son, Margul, and I have come through this one this morning to just give you these few words of reassurance and encouragement to stay the course, keep your faith and stay centered as much as possible with your Beloved Thought Adjusters. This is all I have to say this morning. I am Margul and I thank this one for receiving me this morning. Thank you all for listening and I bid you a good day. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / The Missions
« Last post by Lemuel on May 21, 2018, 01:26:41 AM »
Speaker: MARGUL
Subject: The Missions
T/R: Beloved/Lemuel
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time:  21st May 2018  07:26 Local  06:26 Z
Rather brave of them to do a drive-by this neighbourhood, so well known for its reputation of being rather hostile towards friendly visitors.
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
« Last post by niant2 on May 21, 2018, 12:14:29 AM »
Yes, I completely agree with you Ron,..., this spaceship is exceptionally beautiful,..., and as you wrote who knows?, ..., it may be a nice little "walk" flying over our land topography, but our friends, brothers coming from another planet are very real to me and I hope to have one day the pleasure to work with them during the missions to come.
Niant2 this video was knocking around for days for me and I finally looked at it and the ship type seems to be a new version of an old theme of windows along the side to have some sight seeing probably.  It is a lovely ship and I am jealous they have such a wonderful technology you are working a new place to see and think about.   The funny thing is Michael of Nebdon banned sightt seers months ago so that makes me wonder if this might ba tech crew from one of our allies nearby and taking a relaxing jaunt to see the scenery before the go back to work wherever that might be.   Ron
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: x
« Last post by niant2 on May 20, 2018, 11:30:47 PM »
 ;D   Curiously I had just finished watching this little movie on Youtube just before you post it in the forum!!!   ;) 8)
?,..., ??? ::)
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Believe It or Not - see message inside
« Last post by Ron Besser on May 20, 2018, 11:19:43 PM »
This March 28, 2018

I seldom fall for photo shopped or other video editing to make us believe the unusual, but I asked Salvington what they might know of this video or sighting.  They said ti was not a fake but was enhanced by the photographer by adding the misty portal when the ship blinked off itself.  The portal with the misty oval was truly there but the video taker addes the white to show a real doorway which our eyes cannot see.   Now whose ship is this?  No one owns up but I keep hearing the Midwayers attempted to run this release elsewhere only YouTube accepted it as worthwhile along with a skillion others most of which are fakes or truly broken films of the old past when these things occurred more often.  Now that we folks have a lot of video cameras chances are these things can be filmed more and more and never with definite answers what we are really seeing as far as the public is concerned.  Those ont his list even know some of the fleets by name but getting good ID on them is hell.  Ship type is listed by MUFON if anyone would like to look it up.   Ron Besser/

to embed in your own html output use the code below:  This site accepts the embed will not save it into the database for playing so please use the above reference to view what you wish of this ship on a merry cruise of some mountain range.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on May 20, 2018, 10:46:49 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekazał : Lemuel, starszy członek
Kategoria / Temat : Przekazy dźwiękowe / Przekaz dźwiękowy / Cierpienie
« 20 maja 2018, godz. 01:19:14 »

Mówca : Matka Duch
Temat : Cierpienie
Miejsce : Girona, Katalonia, Hiszpania
Data / Godzina : 20 maja 2018 / 07:18, 06:29 GMT

Link do nagrania dżwiękowego :

Transkrypcja :
Napisał : Clency, starszy członek
« Odpowiedź nr 1 : 20 maja 2018, godz. 02:52:07 »
Zapis przekazu Lemuela


Matka Duch : Dzień dobry moje dzieci, tu Matka Duch. Tego ranka chcę porozmawiać z wami o "cierpieniu". Jak wiecie, Michał i ja jesteśmy waszymi Niebiańskimi Rodzicami i jak wszyscy rodzice dbamy o dobro naszych dzieci i kochamy was z całego serca. Wielu z was jest coraz bardziej zajętych wiarą nie tylko własną, ale także waszych dzieci, z powodu nadchodzących wydarzeń, które ostatecznie zmienią oblicze tej planety, Nystorii.

Jestem pewna, że rozumiecie, że śmierć dotyka tych spraw. Nigdzie na świecie nie ma rodziny, któraby uciekła przed śmiercią i śmierć przychodzi w jakimś celu, nie tylko po to, żeby zabrać tę osobę otwarcie do światów-mieszkań, ale ma też inny cel. Na świecie istnieje wiele form cierpienia i być może najgorszym rodzajem cierpienia jest utrata bliskiej, kochanej osoby lub ukochanego zwierzęcia, zwierzęcia domowego, które przebywało z wami w domu od wielu lat.

Możecie bardzo dobrze pytać, jaki jest cel cierpienia ? Dlaczego musimy cierpieć ? Cóż, moje dzieci, my, jako wasi rodzice też cierpimy, gdy tracimy nasze dzieci. Jak wiecie, ci z was, którzy czytali Księgę Urantii, dowiedzieli się o buncie Lucyfera. Następstwem tego wszystkiego jest, że my, Michał i ja, straciliśmy wiele naszych dzieci i również cierpieliśmy. Ludzkie cierpienie jest oczywiście inne i ma inny powód.

Cierpienie jest jedynym sposobem dla śmiertelników, aby nauczyć się i doświadczać różnicy między ludzką miłością i Miłością Boską, Bezwarunkową Miłością. Dusza rozwija się do dojrzałości i zrozumienia przez cierpienie serca, ponieważ przez cierpienie otwiera się umysł i serce i przynosi rezultaty, pozytywne skutki cierpienia, zwiększoną zdolność do miłości, do czucia empatii i współczucia dla innych ludzi, do stawiania się w ich miejscu z większym oddaniem, większą aprobatą.

Cierpienie jest rzeczywiście koniecznością i być może największym nauczycielem ze wszystkich. Wszyscy jesteście na drodze do doskonałości i jest to jedyna rzecz, której Ojciec Wszechświata jako Ojciec wymaga od was wszystkich : stać się doskonałym tak, jak On jest rzeczywiście doskonały. Wasze Dostrajacze Myśli przyszły do was, gdy byliście bardzo młodzi i przyniosły ze sobą waszą duszę w postaci zalążkowej.

Jak już wiecie i rozumiecie, tylko poprzez akty miłości, oddania i współczucia oraz wszelkie życzliwe gesty wasza dusza dojrzewa, bo wszystkie te rzeczy pomagają waszej duszy dojrzewać do pełnej dojrzałości, aby w końcu, z wolną ludzką wolą, poprzez zrozumienie, ofiarować swoją wolną wolę twojemu Ukochanemu Dostrajaczowi Myśli, a przez to twoja dusza osiągnie pełną dojrzałość.

Pewnego dnia twoja dusza zostanie przeznaczona Ojcu i jest to jedyny stosowny dar i jedyny dar, jakiego Ojciec wymaga od ciebie, kiedy w końcu staniesz przed Nim w doskonałości. Tak więc, moje drogie dzieci, istnieje inny sposób widzenia cierpienia, przyjmijcie je w tym sensie, że wiecie, że jest ono pokarmem dla waszej duszy. Wiemy, że to boli głęboko, ale każde doświadczenie cierpienia, które przeżywacie, jest ogromnym bodźcem do dojrzałości waszej duszy.

Zastanówcie się nad tymi słowami, moje drogie dzieci i weźcie sobie do serca to, co wam mówię. Oczywiście nikt nie chce cierpieć, ale spójrzcie na cierpienie jako na dar Ducha, który on rzeczywiście wam przynosi z czasem. Tu Matka Duch, życzę wszystkim bardzo miłego dnia. Dziękuję za wysłuchanie. Domszia
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