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Discuss This Web Site / Category Deletions on 17 Feb 2018
« Last post by Ron Besser on February 17, 2018, 01:09:53 PM »
We have deleted two categories that no longer are useful for now and can be added back if we have a need for them in the future.

1 - In August of last year we went through the exercise of looking at the possibility of the changes to Urantia and how that would affect governments like the United States.  We discussed if that would change our constitution by understanding that the United States lives under the motto:  "UNDER GOD WE TRUST"  as it should be.  However, there has been a total lack of interest in the subject in the months since then, and frankly we have had no further input from Salvington concerning what some nation states might do once God has a direct and physical representative placed on our shores.  We also know that the proposed divine changes that come to our world include using the United States as its physical and material headquarters here in York, Pennsylvania, and how that might affect governance in the Commonwealth as well as its recognition that the Federal Government may also change in some way unknown to us and that such a change could eventuate into a Constitutional revision to accommodate the material and heaquarter building (s) in York, Pa of unearthy jurisdiction in their midst in the Keystone State.  I have also learned we may be under attack by others for presenting these speculations, and feel since we no longer discuss this issue any longer, to delete the Category entirely.  Thank you.

2 - Phase I outline by Category of the approaching Magisterial Mission has also been removed since we no longer have distinct phases like this as originally planned for late last year and into today.  Phase I has a certain ring to it that has been modified by Michael himself and we are on a collision course with how they (Salvington and others) wish to present the events of the divine missions to come and therefore I should remove any suggestions by this Category that may be counter to the desires of the Mission. 

I am negotiating now to establish a mirror of this site and stay tuned in the next week or so to see how this works out.

Thank you
Ron Besser/admin
General Discussion / Machiventa - Times to Come
« Last post by Michel on February 17, 2018, 11:32:26 AM »
Messenger: Machiventa Melchizedek

February 17, 2018

Received by Michel Levasseur

To all of you, here Machiventa who addresses this important message.

On this day of February 17, 2018, it is advisable to go inside your thoughts and listen to the little voice of your thought adjuster and follow the directions and instructions that will be sent to you.
Soon, the changes that have been announced for a long time will come and the plan that has been implemented by the Universal Father will be unfolded for all eyes to see.

Be prepared to face these changes and we ask you to prepare yourself according to your own conscience. We have told you in past times by different prophecies that these changes would happen and more recently, by writings explaining these upcoming changes, so now you need to know that these changes are on the horizon.

The times ahead will be difficult and it would be wise to prepare for it by having a reserve of food, water, and any basic necessity to be autonomous for a period of between 15 days and 30 days.
These changes that some call "Tribulations" will begin soon and will arrive without any warning.

We anticipate a break in supply chains of core resources for a period of time and it is advisable to guard against this future shortage right now.

This message is not meant to create fear but to enable you to prepare for the times to come.

Be active and ready and know that you are loved and supported by the Universal Father.

To follow up on this message, I have 3 links to documents that relate to this message.

1- Peter Deunov's Prophecy of 1944:

2- Global Sustainability and Planetary Management  - Daniel Raphael, Ph.D. - 2006 - 2007:

3- Planetary Changes – Times to come -2017:


P.S.: I place this message on this Forum at the request of Machiventa, however, the discussions will be on the Spiritual Forum of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness:
General Discussion / What a dream!!!!!
« Last post by niant2 on February 17, 2018, 10:48:40 AM »

What a dream!!!!!

Speaking about the revelation of a “Spiritual Explosion”,..., I have a strange and very surprising dream before getting up this morning,..., a dream even in color !!!!  ;D

Here is the visual of my dream and a brief description of it.

We were early in the morning with a little clarity but usually a darker day than usual.

I was inside a kind of corridor and I could look outward through a large opening.

At one point, in the distance, on the horizon, I saw an explosion of the "nuclear" style but without seeing the famous "mushroom".

Almost instantaneously, a wave of fire and wind swept everything in its path and towards me. People were scared and they all felt like the time had come for them and in my case, I was reassured, I was not afraid to see this phenomenon happen in front of me,..., I said to myself: “"that's it !!!!! .... It’s beginning",...., always thinking in my head of "The Magisterial Mission" and to the revelation of a “Spiritual Explosion”!!!!

So, at the arrival of this wave of fire, several people around me catch fire and disappear in without understanding what was happening to them!!!!

And at the same time among the crowd, I could distinguish several people like me, not having any effect of this famous wave of fire in motion.

I thought at that moment in my head: "these poor people did not have this little light coming from their souls, ..., they were lost forever!!!"

And I wake up!!!!

What a dream!!!!!
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: THE MAGISTERIAL MISSION
« Last post by Ron Besser on February 17, 2018, 09:50:27 AM »
Ocilliaya - "I come to Ron Besser now to obtain a sense of well being and he has given me the idea there is no reason to be upset or concerned about anything now.  He portrays the same thing as his friend Lemuel portrays and that is a certitude as to the event and guessing it is up to us just how this must all come together and make people hear.

"Yesterday Ron presented about a 12 line transmission who love Jesus and let it stands as is for them to assimilate what it did say forthrightly and very well spoken by Jesus himself.  This morning they mourn the lss of their faith in anything and consider it a hoax not but have no means to say anything more than, 'so be it.'  and have gone on to other business at hand.  I watched them gather around the computer to see the message come into them and then decide since it was Ron Besser they will not touch it with a ten foot pole, but one of them said they would guess it is accurate and then dropped it too.

"Ron is of the opinion that he did the proper thing and let people who love Jesus know the plans but is helpless in making those horses drink from the well of faith he has for all of us on high.  Clency says about what Ron knows is the truth too and blessed the man for his capacity to truly understand how to approach the return of the Bestowal Son to Urantia.  Neither Clency or Ron make a big fuss except if asked to let people know what our plans are for the near future.  I provide you a glimpse now of the reaction of Michael to this work Ron is glad to do and make available:"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron provided a group of people a few lines of a complete transmission form Jesus himself, and the let the Father and I speak as we would as well.  The reaction is a deadbolt against any transmission work except this transmission hit home and they are all wondering how deeply they should feel over other people making it clear that transmission work is the work of the devil.   In all my years of wondering about Urantia, this is one transmission that had the heart of Jesus in it and was absolutely dead nuts on the message we wanted delivered.  As of this morning the transmission sent is in the wastebasket again and I advise Ron never to go there again.  You and they and the rest of the world will have to take your lumps as you come to them without faith or reason to understand that Urantia is ready to leave most humans on Urantia in the pig sty they live in and not worry about anuthing except their paycheck when it arrives in whatever amount it currently is for them.

"The truth is that the man on the other end of this transmission, Jesus, sees what Ron sees and what Ron feels this morning and that is total dislike of what has now transpired as the last bastion of hope and desire with people who love Jesus but have no good for our messengers or our hopes to inform well enough to be prepared for the sharp focus we will provide in a few days time at minimum and within a month or less from today.  We still are working out the details of what has to be done once the announcement is made to the rest of the world and not just to a band of 20 or so who do not believe anything written these days but that they must persevere with what knowledge they currently have--  that is information too old to do them any good any longer.  Good day."

MOTHER SPIRIT - "Ron sees what I see:  devastation!  These are people who believe the Urantia Book and who are quite brilliantly done in many respects but find nothing useful from Ron because the well has been so poisoned there is nothing her can do to be of use to them.  One person is responsible for this disaster and he will be summarily removed when we arrive and told to mind his own business,  He is not friend of Ron and dislikes anything to do with his work any longer after years of doubt over how to handle one debacle after another between Ron and himself.  In a few days he will find a pink slip for his work due to the fact they can no longer afford to run the shop as they prepared to long ago and find it daunting now donations arrive enough to keep them going.  In any case the announcement Ocilliaya and Lemuel and Ron and the Father have provided fall on total deaf ears among those who enjoin the fifth epochal revelation and what is to follow as the sixth.  My best to you today and later on we have a surprise announcement through Ron concerning just what is to be portrayed on high regarding this work in York, Pennsylvania.  Good day.  Mother Spirit."

Ron Besser here - I now have transmitted nearly all that is available this morning according to Michael and Mother Spirit.  With regard to the return again message I sent these people, I never expect anything to arise there I do not already know as the Urantia Foundation supports this group and they are lost as well as the Urantia Foundation itself.  They never realize I mean business and give what I can with no expectation there is anything left between myself and those so-called leaders who cow tail to the Urantia Foundation and its poisons for the revelation and the people who take it well enough to hear their Adjusters early on while living with disasters coming on Urantia.  I too doubt precise definitions of God and we have a few on the table this morning in a short while, but those definitions will be the best we have to maintain our faith through what is a terrible war for Urantia in all likelihood and a terrible set of earth changes on top of it.  I expect nothing from that group and get it and leave this discussion with this thought:

Leave all things to God in these coming months.  You and I are going to be observers first and only later do we kick in with our backs to the wheel to produce some version of a Magisterial Mission for Jesus to bend to his will on Urantia.  Clency has it right and Lemuel has it right with many of you who see it as I do and as the others do too.  My voice will be muted in all of the coming days and years coming soon to Urantia and many of you will have to flee great dangers as well.  York is safe but hardly a happy place either and I greet all who happen to arrive in the area and will be glad to hear you out.  I thank all for your attention this sunny morning in York this morning.

TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on February 17, 2018, 07:01:21 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekazał : Lemuel, członek-bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Przekazy dźwiękowe / Przekaz dźwiękowy / Duchowy wybuch
« 16 lutego 2018, godz. 11:30:46 »

Mówca : JEZUS
Temat : Duchowy wybuch
Przekazujący : Lemuel
Miejsce : Girona, Katalonia, Hiszpania.
Data / Godzina : 16 lut. 2018 / 17:30 czasu miejscowego, 16:30 GMT

Link do nagrania dżwiękowego :

Transkrypcja :
Napisała : newstarsaphire, członek-bohater
« Odpowiedź nr 2 : 16 lutego 2018, godz. 15:44:25 »

Zapis wiadomość dźwiękowej

Dzieńdobry wszystkim, tu Lemuel
Piątek, 16-lut-18 17:10 / 16:10 GMT

Jestem tu dzisiejszego popołudnia, ponieważ wiem, że Jezus chciał ze mną rozmawiać, gdybym zwrócił moją uwagę do niego. Jezu, myślę o Tobie.

Jesus:   "Dziękuję Lemuelu, tu Jezus. Przyszedłem tego popołudnia aby porozmawiać szczególnie o was trzech dżentelmenach : Ronie Besserze, Larrym Gossecie i Lemuelu, którzy są zespoleni. Wiem, że Lemuel czasami, gdy myśli o was trzech, lubi was nazywać “trzema muszkieterami”. No cóż, chcę wam powiedzieć, że wy, trzej muszkieterowie, nie wiecie praktycznie nic o tym, co to znaczy być muszkieterem, więc pozwólcie mi to wyjaśnić.

"Czytaliście dzisiaj wcześniej o duchowym wybuchu, ale było o tym tylko kilka krótkich słów, bo może być, że jeszcze będę o tym mówił później. Ale pokrótce wspomnę, że moje obwieszczenie będzie miało postać duchowego wybuchu, który dotknie umysły was wszystkich na tej planecie. Zadziała ono jak włączanie, kiedy włączacie światło, mój duchowy wybuch włączy światło w umysłach wszystkich. Znaczy to oczywiście, że w umysłach tych, którzy mają już trochę światła, to światło stanie się bardziej dostępne, a u tych z was, którzy nie mają światła, włączanie nic nie znaczy. Ci z was, którzy się włączą, że tak powiem, uświadomią sobie, że jesteście inni, że teraz macie inny stosunek do pewnych rzeczy, które was przedtem mniej interesowały, jak zwłaszcza religia i sprawy duchowe. Dla tych z was, którzy nie mają żadnego światła, oznacza to, że włączanie was do niczego nie służy i będziecie zagubieni.

"Wracając do trzech muszkieterów, Rona Bessera, Larry'ego Gossetta i Lemuela, mój duchowy wybuch wpłynie na was w następujący sposób : będzie to tak samo, jak ze mną, kiedy Jan mnie ochrzcił w Jordanie i odszedłem od niego z rzeki na pustynię, aby być samemu, ale od tej chwili byłem w pełni świadomy mojego Dostrajacza Myśli i to samo stanie się z wami. Będziecie cały czas świadomi mieszkającej w was umiłowanej cząstki Boga. Mieć was trzech tutaj na ziemi jest czymś więcej niż nadzwyczajnym. Raj uważał to za niemożliwe, ale tymczasem jesteście tutaj i wasza praca dla Misji w przyszłości będzie miała ogromne znaczenie.

"Chciałbym także wspomnieć o ilości informacji, które ostatnio otrzymaliście, szczególnie o Wypełniaczu Przeznaczenia Wszechświata. Teraz wiecie, że istnieje takie wysokie bóstwo, lub jak Lemuel lubi je nazywać "super-bóstwo" teraz zaangażowane z wielkim zainteresowaniem w Misję Magisterską. Ja, z mojej strony, jestem również zadowolony i cieszę się, że tak powiem z tego, że mamy na pokładzie tak wysokie bóstwo."

Lemuel : Drogi Jezu, czy chciałbyś jeszcze coś powiedzieć ?

Jesus:   "Lemuelu, mógłbym jeszcze powiedzieć, żę jest ogromnie dużo do powiedzenia, ale teraz nie jest to dobry moment, lecz rzeczywiście będzie to całkiem niedługo, więc dziękuję ci za ustalenie takiego spotkania ze mną. Wiem, że odebrałeś mnie dziś rano, kiedy byłeś na spacerze i to ty zdecydowałeś, że tak powiem, że umówisz się na oficjalne spotkanie dziś po południu i jestem tu z wielką przyjemnością. "

Lemuel : Jezu, muszę Cię zapytać, czy to ma być opublikowane na forum ?

Jesus:   “Dla mnie to jest zupełnie w porządku, jak najbardziej. Dobrze, więc to mówił Jezus, bardzo ci dziękuję. Życzę ci bardzo dobrego weekendu i dziękuję wam za wysłuchanie. Domszia.

Lemuel : Tu Lemuel, oczywiście opublikuję to na forum i jestem bardzo, bardzo wdzięczny Jezusowi za tę informację. Domszia Ci Jezu.
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: THE MAGISTERIAL MISSION
« Last post by Clency on February 17, 2018, 04:06:18 AM »
Things are now getting on at such a speed with all the revelations coming our way that we can’t help but get caught by a feeling of urgency. As for one, since my joining the forum membership, with the guidance of my Thought Adjuster, I have been organizing my life little by little so as not to be in a hurry when the bell rings. I stand ready to fight the good fight. Domtia
Threads for New Transmissions / THE MAGISTERIAL MISSION
« Last post by Lemuel on February 17, 2018, 02:58:18 AM »
Subject: The Magisterial Mission
T/R: Lemuel
Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
17th Feb. 2018

I come this morning with a message for all of you members on the forum,  please, take your time in trying to assimilate
all the information that is now coming every day.
The emphasis now is to give all of you the information that is available from SPIRIT in order to prepare you, as much as
possible, to face the many challenges that lie directly ahead.
Those of you who have been members for some years will have been informed and quite used to the fact that the upcoming  
Magisterial Mission will bring with it the changes that will affect every man, woman, and child on the planet.

To effect the changes necessary to retrieve Urantia from its terrible plight and lead her into the first stages of Light and Life,
will not only take many years but will also need the help and support from each and every one of you. It will be a long and
arduous task and you will be called upon to deal with situations of emergency, the like of which, you have not seen before
and could not have imagined. This is why we have, over these several years now, been informing you and preparing you
for what we know is to come.

The present global political situation is such, that at any moment, the world could be thrust into the kind of war where
it becomes necessary to evacuate you all.  This can be done but it is not the scenario that we want to see, nor does anyone,
but the possibility remains. Over the centuries, this most beautiful of planets have suffered so much, far above and beyond
the norm for an evolving planet, that it breaks our hearts, yes, my children, it breaks our heart to see her brought to her
very knees, as she cries out for help.

You must try to understand, that just like you human parents, we also are parents, and we also feel and suffer the bows and
arrows impaled on her flesh. It is Father´s intention that she suffers no more and neither must you, her earthly children, the
aftermath of a hideous rebellion.  As parents, we long to take her up into our arms and hold her close to our bosom and we shall.

Ever since the final Bestowal of Michael, ways have been sought to rescue her and the Magisterial Mission is here to do just that.
Magisterial Missions are the ways and means, by which, a planet can be retrieved from rebellion. 
Serara and Monjorison, our Majesterial Sons, are very experienced and they have the help and support from Beings of
Paradise.  Such has been the concern and interest in the situation here on Urantia that there are many millions of beings from
all quarters of the universe and beyond, who have come to bear witness to the outplaying.

And so, my dear children, knowing that you are to take part in this tremendous endeavour, should instill the desire in your
hearts, to do all that is humanly possible to help save your beautiful planet, and she is beautiful, is she not?

How blessed are you all, to have been led here, to this unique forum and to have become recipients of such revelations that
have astounded even some in Paradise that such things have been revealed to mere mortals and now, you even have The
Consummator of Universe Destiny who has taken it upon Himself, not only to become involved with the Magisterial Mission
but to reveal these heretofore unknown facts.

Many of you have had to make very difficult decisions, realizing that a total commitment is required for full participation
in the Magisterial Mission and this is only as it should be. We need all of you, our ground troops, who are strong and 
steadfast and who will not baulk at the first obstacle encountered. We appreciate and understand the problems that you all
face on a daily basis but at the same time, we want you to become fully aware of the opportunity before you. Whether you
decide to become a full-time partner with your Celestial family or to continue living in your comfort zone, life for all of
you is about to change and will never be the same again. There is no going back for any of you, only a full-blown thrust
forward into the unknown. It is both exciting and possibly frightening for some of you but you are in receipt of knowledge
that others do not have.

Your Beloved Thought Adjusters are justly pleased with the cooperation that has enabled Him to bring you to this cross-road
in your lives and now, it only remains for you to continue, and allow Him to lead you further along your ascension path.

We have confidence in you all, that you are well able to follow where your Beloveds lead and that the Magisterial
Mission, with your help, will not only succeed but will, finally, put Urantia back into Father´s loving hands.

Good day.


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Thoughts and Considerations of Import
« Last post by roger krupa on February 17, 2018, 01:11:59 AM »
I don't know how to say this, so I will just say it.
Years ago the I AM revealed itself to me.  It scared the hell out of me and probably retarded my progress somewhat.  Over the years since I have explored many avenues of life, some not very desirable.  I have learned much and did a few things that I am not very proud of, but I learned to trust in God.  All the power you can imagine is in your hands as long as you affirm the will of God.  I very much wish to be of service in the great effort to make our world what it should have been all along.  I believe.

Domtia, Roger K.
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Thoughts and Considerations of Import
« Last post by Clency on February 17, 2018, 12:01:10 AM »
« More will be explained to you quite shortly about the coming of this  Spiritual Explosion and  more on how it will effect the minds and spirit awakenings of Urantia, for those that  have even the slightest alignment and concept with  the Father, regardless of their religions calling and denomination.  All approaches to the Father and to the ideal and idea of a Creator, a First Cause, a first Source and Center ,the  Upholder or any other of the many approaches and appellations denoting “God” will receive this  Spiritual Explosion. »

The way the Spiritual Explosion will be done is indeed wonderful, I love it. This method will awaken many sincere consciousness to the true reality of what God is and His plan for humanity. The veil of darkness that has obscured the mind of human beings for so long will be finally uplifted and many – there are millions of them all over the world – will see the Light, eventhough there will be some confusions at first, but they will come to know the Truth, by readjusting their belief system. Domtia
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Thoughts and Considerations of Import
« Last post by Ron Besser on February 16, 2018, 05:16:13 PM »
I join with Lemuel congratulating you on being able to handle a transmission of this length and opportunity to show yourself well and ready to take on even more.  Recently I sent you and Lemuel an email asking you to figure out a way how to take long transmissions because they will become necessary as we live on a planet that is losing its land masses and waterways we used to know quite well.  I am not happy to learn this and neither are any of you, but remember that you are on call every day 24 hours a day to step up and deliver information, texts long or short, and that the process you learn to do them is a life saving process for those who need warned or cared for from messaging your produce.

As noted before Lemuel, I was delighted with your talk with Jesus, but you too need to take on these emergency messages practiced here with messages of concern from our high authorities. I certainly count you capable of doing  them but you need to step up and see what you can do as well.

I look forward to the next few days to see what transpires for all of us here.

Thank you
Ron Besser
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