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New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Experience
« Last post by SophiaVeronica on November 08, 2018, 05:43:21 PM »
Teacher: Mother Spirit
Receiver: SophiaVeronica
Subject: Learning from Experience
Date: November 8, 2018  Local time: 8:00 pm

My dear child, we are here again to continue our conversation. What you have just been reading is the truth and this is only part of all that has taken place over the years during that time. We were constantly working with celestial teachers and humans and all of us were hoping, believing and even knowing that a great event would occur. But as you know and have also read, God’s ways are mysterious and changes can be made suddenly and unexpectedly. But we know that the Father’s ways are always the most divine ways, so we always have our trust and faith in the Father.

But look what it has brought to many of you here on the Forum, as well as to many before you. Very many will be visiting this site in the future and learn from the experiences that once happened. For everything is decided by our Father and will work out for all as it is intended in His most perfect and all-wise divine manner.

So again you are here and may profit from earlier experiences and add your own to the list of events and opportunities experiencing in your daily lives.
This is all in the great plan of our Father while we learn to understand the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of His  glorious existence.
So continue in your efforts and try to perceive the highest ideals and the ultimate goal of doing the Will of the Father.
Go in peace. This is Mother Spirit.
New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello my dear brothers
« Last post by wendy.winter on November 08, 2018, 05:32:31 PM »
@LarryG, I chuckle at "Oh, you are one of Ron Besser's." Not a bad 'one' to be associated with :) 
Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Inspired
« Last post by SophiaVeronica on November 08, 2018, 04:51:26 PM »
Send bursts of love into the world
for your love is needed everywhere
There is no place on earth that doesn’t need love

Through human desire of the heart
Is brought to you in shining, flaming rays
                                          the Divine Love
penetrating  all and everything
the people, the lands, the waters, the animals.

Love is pouring out from your Father, all over you.
Be sure to set yourself in the rays
                                           and drops and particles
of this stream of love to all the worlds

Father wishes you to receive His love
                                           that He will let down on you
from His glorious Self to the worlds in the universes.
Be ever receptive and thankful for this Divine LOVE

November 8, 2018
New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello my dear brothers
« Last post by LarryG on November 08, 2018, 03:06:51 PM »
First, Sergio, I appreciate your question.... Sometimes it takes a pair of fresh eyes and that early excitement at discovery and looking at our site and forum that can bring  heartfelt questions that you and others often ask that, as this instance most certainly does, leads to information and understanding that is of great interest to all of us.  So I acknowledge and thank you for that.  The archives  are so invaluable to all that discover them and we sometimes forget that they are there.  There are times that many of us have reminded newer members and long time members and guests to  check them out for they truly are a treasure that are always at our desposal for our continued education  in  such a vast array of subjects at topics.

I am so grateful to Ron, Machieventa and Michael for their contributions to  what is shared here for quite honestly I did not know much,  in detail ,of  what is shared.  Having Ron share his rare, unique, and actual personal experience since he was there and a major player in those time and events gives his account such depth and meaning and is inestimable.   Especially since he decided to do the work to archive these cherished treasure of information and invaluable "transmissions" from a time passed and can, because of his wisdom and work, all of this can be  properly saved for all time some where in the Annals and Universal Archives dealing with the History of  the Spiritual Evolution of Urantia.
When I first became a member here I also regularly, although only for a short time, sat in on some wonderful telephone conferences with Jerry Lane and a small number of other transmitters and Gerdean was often one of them. I have , I believe, written about this long ago but this information today explains and answers a lot of new information to me.   When Gerdean  found out, from an innocent and unassuming comment that I made that I was a member of  this forum, she said: "Oh, you are one of Ron Besser's."  It wasn't so much the words she used but the negative energy and connotations that she so strongly implied.  After that, for the next few calls, she was very short, curt and  cool towards me. and consequently I decided to drop  my attendance on the calls.   I never really knew the reason she had such feelings about Ron... just thinking it may have been some sort of silly "competitive" rivalry on her part that often sneaks in between transmitters. Since her death, Ron has even recevied a couple of transmissions from her from the Mansion worlds.

Now with what has been shared here I finally understand the root cause of the disparity she felt for Ron.   Yet  from what I know about Ron, from my membership here, he has always attempted to reach out, for a time and degree, to those who oppose his work and views.   But  once that line has been crossed he does have the ability to just let it go and move on to more important and pressing issues.   I applaud him for always going the extra mile with people  who try, in vain, to throw him under the bus and be disruptive to all he stands for.

Anyway... this has been a most informative thread.   My thanks and appreciation for  all  involved with all of it.   And for those who have the interest... do check out these Archives.... and I look forward to a reestablishment  of them.... and  perhaps maybe someday we will once again have the wonderful ABC Summaries that we all so loved and miss so much.....
It would be a terrible tragedy if a nuclear device exploded over Damascus.The whole thing,sounds like utter madness,and when
 300 million was mentioned, the first country that came to my mind was USA, since that is their approx population.I hope Trump
 and his generals are not that crazy,to carry out such a deed, Domtia.
New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello my dear brothers
« Last post by Ron Besser on November 08, 2018, 11:37:55 AM »
I am happy to answer your question about the fatal event(s) that brought an end to a magnificent trial to teach us how to transmit and be available to highly trained celestial teachers.  I am a product of that era and miss it terribly.  Knowing full well that all things do come to an end, I accept that we are now in a vastly different era than we were nearly thirty years ago today, and that we progress on the shoulders of those who came before us to open a new watch for celestial and divine intervention very soon on Urantia.  That said let me cite a broad swipe of paint just to indicate all that happened in this period that eventually brought down this experiment I found so enthralling.
An early incident in 1994 forever tainted the new teaching mission with most of those who were students of the Urantia Book.  It was the decision of the Indianapolis Group headed by a new teacher named Will, to call upon the divine and spiritual  teaching corp to materialize before their eyes.  The incident is called Naperville.
Naperville is a small town in Illinois, and adjoining State to Indiana where Indianapolis is located.  They hired a ballroom at the local motel and set up three days of entertainment, which when concluded, they decided, the materialization would take place.  It drew about 200 (two hundred) people and most stayed for the entire show.

The stage was set with folk bans and Emcees and other entertainment, and all the while they confidently waited and expected the Bright and Morning Star, Gabriel, to proposed the moment Machiventa Melchizedek would show up in a suit and tie or dungarees and talk to them about the coming appearance of Jesus and what the new teaching mission would do for mankind in the future.   I now transmit the Voice of God for you Sergio from Machiventa Melchizedek, who was expected to materialize on stage too for his notes on Naperville.

"Ron rightly points out that this one incident so terrorized most Urantia Book readers and the Urantia Foundation in Chicago, they steadfastly refused to have anything to do with the Teaching Mission, which is now capitalized, as it was and still is a magnificent attempt to reach man where he lives.  Today it is moribund and lastly becomes a symbol never to do again as it was attempted in the 1990's.   That is a place Ron participated in by gathering all those transcripts you read now Sergio, and the archive is priceless as we do not have anywhere near what Ron gathered as the Teaching Mission Archive for posterity.  It must be preserved at all costs and we have done so and will regail it again on a better operating web site when we have the means to do it.

"We have decided that the Michael Mission must go first and then to bring in a new Teaching Mission based on what and how it was done in the 1990's and so on.  We will use Ron to restructure the site to make it easier to locate incidents that shook the Teaching Mission then, and the one at Naperville is what cost it so dearly we were crippled from the beginning as to how it affected others and how upset Ron was that they did it at all.  Good day.  Machiventa Melchizedek"

Ron here again:  Not only did the presence of Naperville harm us so badly, it also split the Teaching Mission almost into two.  I remember how great some people thought it was in spite of no materializations, and how embarrassed some were having attended a total failure.  With the appearance of Naperville, the entire mechanism upon which the truth of the Teaching Mission stood collapsed.  I had a friend who attended and she wanted to believe so badly that this would result in seeing Gabriel or Machiventa or others, she went and nearly fell asleep as the stage craft was handled miserably and the bands were very poor at best and nothing was said to feed anyone spiritually.  It died of its own weight frankly.   I warned Sue that the Urantia Book itself taught that this sort of things NEVER happens, but the hot heads in Indianapolis, and those who supported them, insisted on carrying it out.  They finally disbanded after two and one half days and the word Naperville haunts the ideas of God and man alike over the insistence on the impossible aided and abetter by what many of us used to call "hippy" performances in and around the auditorium this appeared in.

I will also add this:  After Naperville, the structure of the Teaching Mission changed.  Groups became proprietary and sanction reading of their transcriptions harshly.  We had sever groups refuse to send out transmissions because they were not be read well by other groups.  And so on it went.  I became embroiled in what is probably one of the worst incidences because I insisted to the rank and file of all these groups, one cannot let all of this priceless material go without making it universally available to the future in some form,  Since the Internet was just coming into its own at that time, I originated Tmarchives and posted all transcripts I could find or be sent to me on doing each one by hand to title them and put them at least into alphabetical order. 

This project clashed with a prominent individual in the Teaching Mission, and she took it upon herself to be so critical of the work, the work itself became an issue with many bitter fights over who owned them and what could a person do with them in the public arena such a publishing them.  I told all of them it was not my intention profit from any of t his and that I did not exercise copyright on them individually but only upon the site design if somewhat started copying it or making fun of it publicly.  It finally came down to the fact I had to go it alone to preserve the work and I am still very proud I did it and  that it remains most valuable as you are the latest to make use of t he archive to obtain deeper understanding of what was done.

The point of this narrative is to tell you that the groups began to drift apart as there was no centralized effort to keep things unanimous about plans for meetings and conferences which I enjoyed when I got to one or two of them. But the bitterness over the archive issues, and the distrust evinced by supporters of one member in particular, led me to distance myself from such nastiness and eventually enough other people did to signal the end of the matter for good or at least until Michael decides what else might be done in that department in the future. 

"I have been waiting for someone to ask that question, Sergio.  Ron gave you just a highlight or two and I will give you another one.  A woman by the name of Gerdean (Karen Bowen) hated Ron for attempting to do what she thought she had to do.  He made a quick study of the problem and let her know she was free to join him in putting the site of jointly.  She refused out of pride and then let him have it everytime there was a public meeting and that finally drove Ron to issue an ultimatum to her and her followers that is she continued it would the entire Teaching Mission through divisive tactics and sheer lying shed did to rash the public into believing things about Ron's intentions for doing the Archive.

"Now I proposed that she make amends and Ron agreed and he issued many statements he was ready to bury the hatchet, but you refused cooperation out of the sheer pride that she felt it was her project alone and that she would fashion the means.  But Ron complimented her by putting her teacher up in rosy colors and then found she had no intention allowing the archive benefit all by sheer competition over who was doing what in the background to see to an Archive like this.  I see people use it all the time and it is worth the time and trouble to use it willy nilly as there is always something about the archive that is truly amazing.  It keeps speaking over the age it is and people just enjoy it.  I wish you all a good day. Michael."

Ron here  - the archive has a history section.  here is a link on Naperville to read

And this one:


New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello my dear brothers
« Last post by SergioFH on November 08, 2018, 10:46:43 AM »
Hello my dear brothers.

It's been 2 weeks since the day I discovered this site, this forum, and this immense and rich database of Transcripts that exists on this site.
I hope I have not bored any of you with my first posts, it was not my intention, I apologize right now and I thank you for all the attention and the ever helpful answers.

I studied over the last two weeks about the Transcriptions, I ordered them all by date and I started reading from the oldest  (1974) to the most recent. I have read more than 300 Transcriptions and I feel deeply happy for them.
I can summarize that the Urantia Book is something incredible, with a lot of information, but the Teaching Mission Transcripts led me to another stage, which is to put into practice the teachings of the Urantia Book and finally initiate spiritual progress in its day to day, until it reaches the Adjuster, because that is our main task here.

I am completely happy, full of love, I worship and thank for everything at all times and this makes me shed tears of joy at every moment of the day.

I really liked the "Rule of 1,2,3" left by teacher Will in 1992-1993, and I would like to know if you have other techniques to help not only myself but other seekers in continuing spiritual progress.

Tallahassee, Florida, US of A [Nominal Date] 12 October 1993.
Teacher Will.
Number One: “Assume that Jesus is constantly standing next to you all day, and you are demonstrating to him by every word, act and thought, that you understand his teachings of living totally in accordance with the Father’s Will.”
Number Two: “Consciously spread Divine Love to everyone you come into contact with. It does not come from you, but flows through you to another person. It is Divine Love that you may channel as a gift to that person.”
Number Three: “Be totally sincere and direct whenever speaking to another, that is, no wisecracks, no sarcasm, no teasing, just say as clearly as you can what it is you wish to convey.”

I have a question for Ron, it would be about the quote he left me on October 23. I would like to know what incident occurred that resulted in the end of Teaching Mission.

3  -  An education program from spirit to Urantia was offered in the winter of early 1992 to teach humans on Urantia how to transmit the Voice of God in order to form groups where updated celestial teachers could speak directly to classes.  In its heyday, the world saw from 1992 to 1995 over 200 such groups form, mostly in the United States.  An unfortunate incident occurred and destroyed most of the progress this time allowed.  Michael closed the Teaching Mission as it nearly died out by 2012.

Thank you very much to all of you members and observers of this forum.


Olá meus queridos irmãos.

Já se passaram 2 semanas desde o dia que descobri esse site, este fórum, e esse imenso e rico banco de dados das Transcrições que existem neste site.
Eu espero não ter aborrecido nenhum de vocês com meus primeiros posts, não foi minha intensão, me desculpo desde já e agradeço toda a atenção e as respostas sempre prestativas.

Estudei ao longo dessas 2 semanas muito a respeito das Transcrições, eu ordenei todas elas por data e comecei a ler da mais antiga para a mais atual. Já li acredito que mais de 300 delas e me sinto profundamente feliz por elas.
Posso resumir que o Livro de Urantia é algo incrível, com muita informação, mas as Transcrições da Teaching Mission me levaram a outro estágio, que é o de colocar em prática os ensinamentos do Livro de Urantia e de finalmente iniciar o progresso espiritual no meu dia a dia, até atingir o contato com o Ajustador, pois essa é nossa principal tarefa aqui.

Eu estou completamente contente, repleto de amor, oro e agradeço por tudo, a todo instante, e isso me faz derramar lágrimas de alegria ao longo do dia.
Gostei muito da Regra do 1,2,3 deixada pelo professor Will em 1992-1993, e eu gostaria de saber se vocês possuem outras técnicas para ajudar não só a mim, mas a outros buscadores, em continuar o progresso espiritual.

Tenho uma pergunta ao Ron, seria a respeito da citação que ele me deixou no dia 23 de outubro. Gostaria de saber qual foi o incidente ocorrido que resultou no fim da Teaching Mission?

Muito obrigado a todos vocês membros e observadores deste fórum.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / PREJUDICES
« Last post by Clency on November 08, 2018, 10:08:14 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission


Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our talk this morning is about ‘PREJUDICES’. I suppose all of us, from time to time, as we are growing up and becoming adults, we all had prejudices where we were against something or another because of what we beleived or of what we were taught to beleive and not having the maturity to think and beleive for ourselves, we brought our prejudices into a deadhood and even beyond and then came the occasions in life when you have to come to terms, face again your prejudices and see what they really mean.

Just a simple example : you may have a teenage daughter and one day she comes home and she introduces you to her new boyfriend who is a colored boy and immediately your stomach turns and you try to be polite, etc, but you know you have been so prejudiced and this now you have to come to terms with. You may or may not confront your daughter about your own prejudices, probably most of you will, but the point is obviously it is also a wonderful opportunity to confront your prejudices and try to understand what they really mean and where do they come from.

Well, this is just one example and of course there are so many that one could mention. Just a short time ago we talk about outer-looking and inner-seeing, if you remember and I think it is way back in the 70’s where we had the punkies and I think many people, perhaps the majority of people were against this new phase that the young people were going through, with all sorts of tremendous hair-styles and clothes. Well you will remember, I am sure. This is another classic example of prejudices. We immediately see what we are looking at in an outer sense, but of course we do not see with an inner sense.

If you were to choose a wine simply looking at the bottle, the shape and color and size of the bottle, people will call you foolish and they will be right. Of course, you need to be able to see what is inside the bottle and to be able to taste the quality of the wine, and this is what it is all about. Instead of seeing what you are looking in the outer sense, try to see with your inner eyes and so coming back to your daughter who has just introduce you to her colored-boy, now you have the opportunity to see him inside, not to judge him by his color, his sight and his shape.

Well I am sure you can all understand this, it is such a simple thing, but it is such an obvious thing. May be for the first time in your life you are confronted with the prejudice that you have held all your life. As I said there are many examples that one can talk about, but I come back to this simple statement : if you are able to see from within then you will not have prejudices, but if you only see what you look at from without you will always have your prejudices and almost all of these prejudices are based on, not fear but it can be fear of course, but I am thinking of when you are impressed, there is another word bonding that escapes me also.

For example, this is the first thing that comes to me, let us say you have a younger brother or sister when you were a child and one day they see for example a spider in the bathroom and they scream and shout and you were there and you see it and from that moment you also become afraid of the same spider and you carry that with you, may be for all of your life, you will allways be afraid of spiders, well this is the sort of thing I mean. You can be imprinted with a fear, you can be imprinted with a prejudice which you carry with you for the rest of your life and it is a terrible shame, because it is so easily remitted.

Another great prejudice of course is when your parents separate and divorce and then one or both of them start to see another person and get married again and you can immediately get a prejudice against this because you were not used to this new person and you tend to stay away and perhaps the relationship you had with your real mother or real father, suffers because of that and that also is a great change because we all make judgements, don’t we ? Immediately we judge things by what we see or by what we feel.

Anyway, this is just a little chat this morning about prejudices. It is important, as I am sure you appreciate it, I really do hope sincerely that you here on the forum have advanced to such a stage in your spiritual understanding that you will no longer carry any prejudices whatsoever, because obviously they have nothing to do with the reality, whatever the circumstances are, it is just based on fear, on what you think ought to be, instead of what is actually. Well this is all for this morning, thank you all so much for listening, I bid you all a very good day and say bye-bye for now. Domtia

TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on November 08, 2018, 09:06:24 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Napisał : Ron Besser, administrator, członek-bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Dyskusje ogólne / Wiadomość z nieba przez Bernarda i Ezechiela ostrzegająca, żeby nie bombardować Damaszku
« 7 listopada 2018 r., godz. 21:47:21 »

Skopiowałem nietypowy przekaz od samego George'a Barnarda. George ma ostry dar obserwacji i spotkał Ezechiela w jego duchowym stroju ozdobionym błyszczącą zielenią ze sporym dodatkiem czerwieni. Wspomina on o tym mimochodem, ale nie wspomina, jak bardzo był zdenerwowany otrzymując tę wiadomość w trakcie zamieszania z powodu kogoś, kto próbował popełnić samobójstwo gdzieś w pobliżu miejsca spotkania.

Proszę również zwrócić uwagę, jak zaczyna się akapit : Myślałem, że na początku jest wskazanie języka, ale to nie to. Jestem przekonany, że George ma procesor tekstu, który używa pewnego rodzaju kodu komputerowego, którego my nie używamy często tutaj w Stanach. Kiedy George używa początku nowego akapitu, to oprogramowanie koduje go tymi dziwnymi znakami, prawie jakby to była mowa z greckiej tragedii, której używają w sztukach Ajschylosa, czasem pisanego jako Esculus. Załatwiwszy to, dalej wydaje mi się, że wiadomość i jej interpretacja są bardzo dziwne i zastanawiam się, co nasz przyjaciel z Australii ma do czynienia z pierwszą osobą, która kiedykolwiek została zespolona na Urantii. Po prostu mówię wam, czytelnikom, że to jest tajemnicze, że w ogóle miało to miejsce. Zastanawiam się, jaką Sananda miał motywacją, żeby wziąć w tym udział ?

PRZEKAZ George'a Barnarda
Shellharbour, Australia, około 10.10.2018.
Nauczyciele: Ezechiel, Skryba Damasceński (Jezus - Sananda) i Chrystus Michał.
Temat : "Grzechy Ojców".

Wiadomość odebrana przez George'a Barnarda.

George : "Zarówno Michael, jak i Skryba Damasceński stali po prawej stronie i chcieli tylko słyszeć, co się mówi. Z przodu stał Ezechiel w swoim wyróżniającym się płaszczu i z taką błyszczącą, kolorową, opaską na czole, zieloną z bladą czerwienią. Wydawał się nie wyższy niż pięć stóp i sześć cali, ale był on wielkim mężczyzną, to wiem.

"Na pierwszym planie był obraz dwóch silnych pielęgniarek, próbujących pozbawić pacjenta plastikowąej łyżki, którą prawie udało mu się całkiem połknąć. Krzyczałem na Ezechiela, ale żaden dźwięk się ze mnie nie wydobył. Potem rozległ się odgłos tłuczonego szkła spadającego na podłogę i wzmianka o dużej ilości krwi. Raz jeszcze krzyknąłem tym bezdźwięcznym krzykiem na proroka, że ja nie chcę być świadkiem tego, jak ten pacjent się zabija.

Ezechiel : "Wszystko to są grzechy ojców, mój drogi bracie, pokazane ci dzisiaj, abyś sobie przypomniał to, co teraz będzie ci pokazane. Z wyjątkiem człowieka w trakcie zabijania się, zapomniałbyś, co się stanie z twoim światem - samobójstwo, nie mniej.

"Planowany jest wybuch urządzenia jądrowego nad Damaszkiem i ten ogromny płomień natychmiast odbierze życie ponad póltora milionowi dusz. Miliony umrą powoli, niektórzy za Eufratem znajdą swój ostatni bolesny odpoczynek siedząc okrakiem na błyszczącym rurociągu biegnącym z północnego wschodu na południowy zachód, do krainy nowego handlarza ropą naftową na wybrzeżu morza Śródziemnego.

"Uchowaj Boże. . . Nie wolno zbombardować Damaszku.
Uchowaj Boże. . . Nie wolno zbombardować Damaszku.
Uchowaj Boże. . . Nie wolno zbombardować Damaszku, bo jeśli to zrobicie, to przyjdzie na was zbiorowe szaleństwo i będzie was o dobre 300 milionów mniej.

"Ja, Ezechiel, ogłaszam to w roku 2018, tak jak to uczyniłem w moim ziemskim życiu dawno temu. Ponawiam to teraz od Boga i w obecności kogoś nie innego, jak Chrystusa Michała i Pisarza z Damaszku."

Uwagi odbierającego : Dawno temu sugerowano, aby w nadchodzących trudnych czasach mieć pod ręką potrzebne dobra - żywność na tygodnie albo nawet miesiące i srebrne monety jako środek handlu. Ezechiel był jedynym uczestnikiem tej wizji, który występował w lśniących kolorach.
© The 11:11 Progress Group.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / PREJUDICES
« Last post by LarryG on November 08, 2018, 07:57:31 AM »
Lemuel, your subject this morning truly stands out and is poignant and timely considering all that has happened, especially all around the United States for the past 3 years on the political and societal levels and this latest election in the US has been SO disturbing  with regards to   your topic of prejudice.  It has caused me great and deep concern, disappointment and sadness for I have come to realize that the progress  made is not at all as far as I  had thought..   It has pointed out to me, quite clearly and emphatically, that I have been a bit naïve and have overestimated in my thinking that significant progress had been made to rid and neutralize a great deal of prejudice in the US.

It has been quite alarming and has really made me open my eyes to the actual reality and deep rooted prejudice and even abject hatred and violence that is so much more widespread and prevalent than I had thought.  It has been a real shock to  come to terms with  just how deeply it rules so many people, here in the" land of the free" in a "Nation Under God"...NOT! And ,as well, unfortunately yet unmistakably demonstrates to me a more realistic view of the depth, magnitude, and expanse of difficulties  that these Missions and all who come to serve and work with them, us included, will be confronted with, and to transform and ultimately "transmute" these prejudices and hatreds with so many, may take a few decades and/or generations. I am not only shocked but quite honestly there is a part of me that is ashamed of our world, and in particular, these United States, for being so devoid, sometimes, of even a hint of truth, beauty and goodness, common decency, the slightest degree of civility, and "goodwill among men".   I am appalled at  the corruption, utter disingenuous and dishonesty of our Government, Religions,  and  most Governments all around Urantia.   We were told that "the House that Jack Built" would virtually collapse and so it is now, that  we bear witness to this truth right before our eyes.

It is no wonder that there will absolutely require a "Protectorate" established!  I could go on and on about it but I am sure all who are reading and listening get the  point being made here.

Let us all continue to pray for Michael, Jesus, Serara, Monjoronson, Matutia, Malvantra, Lanaforge, and  the host of Melchizedeks,  and especially Ron, for all will be in the direct line of fire so to speak and for the success of these Missions.   Yet we all know that our Universal Administration has done this time and time again and this is not their" first time at bat"...but I would venture to say perhaps not on a world such as Urantia, where such deep seated madness, hatred and ungodliness  exists and is so rampant among  the majority of its humanity.

I thank you Lemuel for your most timely recorded message.     LarryG
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