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February 8, 2019, Samara, local time at 17.20. Signal from the customizer.

Many receivers from divine creatures on your planet were partially deluded by those seraphim who are already isolated. They did not harm anyone, but many of their thoughts and dictations had distortions of the truth, carried the evil of Lucifer. We hope that this will not happen again.

I would like to advise those forum participants who are able to receive our messages not to rush to publish after the adoption of texts. Again and again, read everything carefully, correct obvious errors and distortions. And if in doubt, send a text to Ron, or cross out dubious paragraphs from the text.

I'm your customizer. I wish you well. Be in touch.
8 февраля 2019 года, Самара, местное время 17.20. Сигнал от настройщика.
Многие приемники от божественных созданий на вашей планете были частично введены в заблуждение теми серафимами, которые уже изолированы. Они не причинили никому вреда, но многие их мысли и диктовки имели искажения истины, несли зло Люцифера. Надеемся, что такого больше не повториться.
Тем же участникам форума, которые умеют принимать наши сообщения, я бы хотел посоветовать не спешить с публикацией после принятия текстов. Еще и еще раз внимательно все прочтите, исправьте явные ошибки и искажения. А если в чем-то сомневаетесь, оправьте текст Рону, или вычеркните сомнительный абзацы из текста.
Я твой настройщик. Я желаю тебе добра. Будь на связи.
Hope you have some quick time Weydevu to see this response.

1 -    I am not advised or do I really understand what we are under that makes life so difficult even for the supporters of these Missions.  Perhaps the shadow is so esoteric we will never understand why it was used or how it was used.  I still throw my hands up trying to!

2  -  The Planetary Prince office has been opened to a fairly large number of Local Universe Sons to get exercised and experience in running a difficult administrative post to acquire real expertise on.  I know that the Most High Chief, Andromadeus took the office and is still there to get more experience in such a post, and that he will be promoted  on Paradise, probably as One Without Name and Number. 

I recently spoke to Lanaforge who is an early numbered (the 65th to be created by Michael and Mother Spirit in liaison with the Ancients of Days), and he is back on Urantia after having been promoted to Mighty Messenger Status.   Before he received his Paradise honors as a Might Messenger, Michael had him doing double duty both as a Planetary Prince for Urantia and as Planetary Prince for Panoptia.  When he was called to honors as a Mighty Messenger on Paradise, he resigned his petiton to leave Urantia too, but left as the Planetary Prince on Panoptia.  That upset the Panoptia powers and they petitioned for his return.  Michael said to Panoptia, we do not have the resources in place to compliment both Urantia and Panoptia at the same time with one Lanaforge Prince.  Lanaforge mentors the Most High Andromadeus, and helps me write this book on Aids and Autism, and stays as a Mighty Messenger.  Both Andromadeus and Lanaforge are hear watching me write this to you.  The plan is to eventually reinstate Lanaforge as the Urantia Planetary Prince once Andromadeus is done training.

3 -  Planetary Supreme is still Urantia.  However, there is a move afoot to replace Her with the idea of another Planetary Supreme, more in touch with Urantia folks including humans.  Urantia is quite aloof and holds no harm for anyone for me or you or anyone else.  But She is curious why she matters to the rank and file of humans on Urantia at all as she has not been on Urantia for a millennium.   Ron says I am Gaia, and I am.  Many transmitted in the past, but I am no longer going to use the term Gaia, and that is because I hate the term as it suggests a benign view of me I no longer hold for anything coming from Urantia at all.  I am not happy being the Urantia Planetary Supreme, and Ron has run into trouble, not with me, but with God the Supreme, as he transmits me easily but seldom.  The reason is he folds no real issue with Me or anyone else in the purview of God the Supreme.  I am lasting here only as long as it takes to change the Planetary Supreme from Urantia to another one with a new name for Urantia too.

That should be enough to tell you Weydevu, that the Planetary Supreme is being changed and it takes a long time to know how to move her personnel off Urantia and place new personnel on the planet Urantia.  She has over one billion living beings on Urantia to take care of plants and animals and a new species of human that is developing in Asia, and it is an animal and not a human Ron,  it is a new kind of cat you would love. Get another one Ron regardless of what the big guys say not getting a new pet.  Take care Ron and Weydevu as I am coming home no more.  Be at peace with it Ron and meet the new Planetary Supreme when She becomes available for all to know.  Thank you, Ron.  URANTIA."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Weydevu, you and Ron are the only ones who know the Planetary Supreme at all.  Many transmit Gaia in the past and suddenly that dried up because Gaia got sick and tired saying the same thing over and over to morons who could not transmit more than ten minutes do to the false apprehension they were not allowed to.  The Planetary Supreme is sadly missed here on Urantia and her children here wonder what becomes of them and you could hardly know them Ron, but you are commiserating with them in that you would be wondering the same thing if you were in their shoes.  That is kindly taken but hardly understood as the children of the Supreme are super visible to us but never to humans since they must partake of the Eternal Son more than of the Father.  That makes them candidates for super personalization and that is a great lesson I see to you.  You just got a quiver in your back pack and use it well as people are always going to ask where the Eternal Son is represented on a planet and now you know something of it.

"Weydevu, your new job will last awhile we think, but do not be alarmed to learn there is nothing you can do about ending the relationship when you start working for the Magisterial Mission.  Ron already does and draws a salary except he has never been paid.  You will draw a salary too and you will be paid shortly we think, as Serara has this to say to all of you:"

SERARA =  "I am sure we do not have a problem with anyone to start the Magisterial Mission now.  You Weydevu have been loyal and ready to stay on board in spite of all the cracking and smacking that goes on around you over this very issues.  Your friends think you are wacky and I think you are fine,  and Ron finds you delightful to know these things and care to mention them.  He will be a fine administrator some day and we all hope it is because he knows more than he does now.   Be assured we are the Magisterial Sons who wanted this Mission long ago, but got sideswiped by a change in currency on high and now we wait patiently to move carefully on a scenario on Urantia that is real dicey to work with at all.  We welcome you soon in your world as you live it and Ron will be generous to all if he can be.  Monjoronson sends his best too!   SERARA"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - Ron, you make this fun in spite of our difficulties.  Be assured we will be back in the saddle soon and do not waste your time writing for a book we hold dear but distant at this moment due to a frightening new bug appearing on Urantia called a new Planetary Supreme known as [a name given with great trepidation and smushed letters I cannot make sense of -Ron] The new Planetary Supreme is known to Michael and is preparing for Her entrance shortly.  K"


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: "Analysis of the Second Rebellion".
« Last post by Ron Besser on February 08, 2019, 12:03:22 PM »
Thank you Rene, for posting this.  You are helpful showing that there is a problem and its solution is foreseen but not yet accomplished.  You are getting so much better, so please take care of your self and watch that diet!  It can undo you, and I too must be careful since diet does affect the flow of the mind and its work like transmitting.  Great to hear from you! 
Thanks Ron and I'm sorry for taking so long to say something after your post. I just got some part time employment and I'm unable to log on as often as I was not that I was posting anything but I was there.  It appears that we are under a great test where we find ourselves in a vicarious situation. We don;t have a Planetary Supreme at this time to speak up for us. We had so many Planetary Princes I've forgotten who's who. Forgive me on that.
May you have peace from unseen beings during your work. Thank you and God bless you and your health.


Dominick, I am late getting to seeing this and am absolutely delighted for you.  Are you going to keep working in transmitting?  Some people do it once and then go away.  We need transmitters so bad I sure hope that is not the case, but I am curious to hear if you will practice some more?

Is there anything I can do to help you become a regular transmitter.  You are an individualist and I know your prefer to set your own course, but let me know.   Congratulations on achieving this and it is a good transmission to be sure. 

TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on February 08, 2019, 11:58:47 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Podał : Ron Besser, administrator, członek-bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Dyskusje ogólne / Wielu przekazujących sądzi, że Objawienie jest ingerencją . . . czyżby ?
« 6 stycznia 2019 r., godz. 20:58:40 »

To jest od Grega Maurusa z Grupy 1111 i Uteaha, Syna-Nauczyciela Trójcy.

Uteah donosi, że wielu, którzy przekazują, ma zdanie, że nie powinni przeszkadzać duchowi w nauczaniu nas, jak ulepszyć Urantię, ponieważ uwarzają, że nowe objawienie jest ingerencją ! Czy słyszycie tę niesamowitą sztywność ?
Czytajcie ten przekaz i płaczcie.


Asheville, Północna Karolina, USA, 13 stycznia 2019.
Nauczyciel Trójcy : Uteah.
Temat : "Testament dla światła i życia".

Wiadomość odebrana przez Chrisa Maurusa.

Nauczyciel Uteah: "Pozdrowienia, moi drodzy uczniowie.
Pozostaje tylko się przekonać, czy zbuntowany świat może, czy też nie kiedykolwiek się wyleczyć, nie przechodząc przez jakiś plan odkupienia, aby przejść przez próg obecnego stanu powtarzającego się niefunkcjonowania, przestępczości i zachowań wojennych. Jest was wielu w społeczności wierzących prowadzonych przez ducha - agonenterów i im podobnych, którzy są zdecydowanie po stronie polityki "nie wtrącania się" przez kierowników planety i niebiańskich administratorów wszechświata, aby przekonać się, że Urantia "wygrzebie" ze swoich problemów bez interwencji Ojca wszechświata. Słusznie uważacie, że interwencja jest ingerencją w przywilej wolnej woli w tym wieku Najwyższego. Niemniej jednak my, administratorzy i zarządcy planet mamy obowiązek informowania pracowników światła (pracowników terenowych) i utrzymywać stały przepływ objawienia nawet w obliczu sceptycyzmu i cynicznych opinii.

"Moja obecność tutaj jest świadectwem, że Światło i Życie przybywa na Urantię, ponieważ Nauczyciele Trójcy mówią do pracowników światła w wieku przed Światłem i Życiem, ale często powstrzymują się od wygłaszania publicznych oświadczeń. Gdyby Urantia miała zamiar "przetrzymać to jakoś" przez pokolenia, które bedą potrzebne do oczyszczenia plamy buntu ze sposobu myślenia (ludzi), systemów społecznych i rządów. Moi koledzy i ja mielibyśmy długie wakacje przez wiele wieków. Uważamy za niepokojące, jak wiele waszych zasobów jest zużywanych do rozwijania nowych, przerażających systemów broni, które mogłyby wielokrotnie kompletnie zniszczyć Urantię, podczas gdy wciąż macie ludzi niewykształconych o niezaspokojonych podstawowych potrzebach - haniebne nadużycia nieokiełznanej wolności i wolną wolę napędzaną pobudkami zysku we własnym, egoistycznym interesie - system żelaznej pięści, który nie zamierza nigdy opuścić swojej twierdzy władzy.

"Uważamy także, że sami odbierający Chrystusa Michała mają "opory", żeby przepuścić jakiekolwiek objawienie z obawy, że sceptycy pożrą ich za pomocą szyderstw i litanii usankcjonowanych odsyłaczy, aby upewnić się, że ich usta zostaną zapieczętowane i wejdą do wspólnej zagrody, w której wydala się ciepłe i mętne jedzenia dla dzieci przyzwyczajonych do połykania go. Może to brzmieć jak ostre słowa od Nauczyciela Trójcy, ale pozwólcie, że wam przypomnę - my (Nauczyciele Trójcy) jesteśmy tutaj, aby podawać prawdy odzwierciedlające politykę Chrystusa Michała i Tryumwiratu zgodnie ze specjalnymi potrzebami ich poszczególnych planet. Nic co dotyczy Urantii nie jest "normalne" i wymaga nadzwyczajnych środków zaradczych, aby pokonać jej złudzenia i wrodzone samospełniające się proroctwa. Czy muszę wam przypominać los dawnych proroków i jak zakończyło się ostatnie obdarzenie Michała ? Niewiele się zmieniło w ciągu tysiącleci - wymieniający pieniądze wciąż są w świątyni.

"Są wydarzenia na horyzoncie, o których chcemy, abyście wiedzieli, abyście byli na nie przygotowani. Na każdej planecie, która została osadzona w Światłości i Życiu, systemy planetarne tych światów zostały "ustalone" i możecie zajrzeć do waszych tekstów źródłowych, żeby zobaczyć, że tak jest. Nie jestem tu po to, aby was straszyć ani podawać sensacyjne wróżby. Będziemy nadal nauczać rzeczy, które przynoszą pokój światu, tóry prowadzi wojny ze sobą samym, ale będziemy także wskazywać drogę do schronienia, gdy to dotyczy tych, których przeznaczeniem jest wziąć udział w nadchodzącym wieku. Nie będziemy uciszani przez strach i możecie oczekiwać, że w razie potrzeby będziemy "bić w dzwony".

"W nadchodzących tygodniach i miesiącach my (niebiańska administracja) będziemy starali się zapewnić pewien poziom spójności od odbierających Chrystusa Michała, aby powstrzymać objawienie przed okiełznaniem. Ważne jest, abyśmy byli w kontakcie z wami w tych niezwykłych czasach.

"Pokój z wami.
"JAM JEST Uteah".
© The 11:11 Progress Group.

Kibet Brian, the end of the rebellion left millions of orders of celestial beings suddenly left on their own and trying to figure out what they did and why death was the option the universe handed out for dealing a love affair with the nefarious Lucifer and the tyrannical Caligastia.

Angels by the millions agreed with Lucifer that there were too many bosses and too few soldiers and sincerely believed the ratio of soldier to generals was too small.  So they tacitly agreed with Lucifer about that indifference of thought they held with him was only on the soldier idea and too few of them.  What happened on Urantia is that the angels here saw two huge spirit defaults and could not abide another one taking place.  They determined no one was going to cause another tragedy of default on Urantia this time and fully decided to hide their affiliation with the old Lucifer rebellion and its leaders too.

Then in the year 2003, a new general comes to Urantia for a Magisterial Mission.  The angels who determined no more defaults clambered on board only to discover they were outweighed by humans who wanted to serve too.  This upset the angels.  They looked at the human leadership and found that I and several others with me were attempting to set up a process that made the Magisterial Mission very visible to outer humans, and they got more than upset, they decided to plan to throw me and the others a bad curve where we had to resign our appointments and hide from them and the Magisterial Mission.  Now we have the case where I am so hit with obstructions I cannot get my work done as today the same thing happened again and I really wonder who is in charge to allow this to continue to happen.  
It is not so much we have a lot left of hidden persons on Urantia who still support Lucifer, it is that we have a lot of spirit life on Urantia that suddenly sees me and a couple of others guilty of trying to plagiarize their work and add to the possibility of another default.  They are coming forward to attack me and my helpers, and frankly I think they are so poorly informed they need a lesson in humility before anything else.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON Speaks to Kibet Brian - "You Kibet rightly question all of this.  You should.  Ron is beset with all sorts of problems that get in the way of dealing directly with what he has agreed to provide.  We are certain there are plans afoot to abort Ron if necessary and that is why he is guarded night and day without let up as he has Supernaphim with him and a few Censors who work to provide data on him if someone approaches with the idea that they want to kill him off for some reason.  Caligastia did it all the time and we lost lots of help due to these killings in the days of the rebellion.

"Ron indicated to me this morning he was enraptured no more with the work but had to get it done, and the first thing he discovers is his files were riffled with again and he has no real idea where he stands to finish the book he promised days ago.  He is truly being beaten between the devil and the deep blue sea.  Now we discover that Ron has left the scene briefly because there is no way to work when this is going on and we again sent out our representatives to gather another group of beings not revealed to any of you on Urantia and they are mostly in custody now.

"This morning, we discovered that Ron had extremely painful body again and he just let it flow and tried to get up but was forced back to bed and got up quite late.  This is our way of keeping him out of the way of the computer and liken him to a prisoner.  Pliktarious had a serious dream in that meaning too and all of you will be released when we put this all to bed.  Ron has a serious comment to make to all of you and listen well.  It is a secret we never speak to otherwise. Michael."

Ron here: This is not easy to say, but it is driven home to me that the generals who run the universe are up against it in a rebellion we had on earth.  It turns out that the spirit personnel stationed here actually liked what Caligastia did quite often.  They supported his harsh ways in order to remove the inferior brands of humans accumulating all over the earth, being inferior because there was no visible representation on earth to teach them better ways and to enforce procreation from the best humans then available.  Caligastia tried to establish baby farms to produce superior beings, but failed when the Ancients of Days prohibited such an experiment.  Only the Nazis tried it and were fairly successful in having it work but it was too dark to keep going and eventually just failed.  The Ancients of Days saw that before it was done and stopped Caligastia from doing it.

In any case, we now have spirit personnel on Urantia who do not bother to learn why and what Michael does or the Magisterial Sons do things, and as a consequence they stoop to conqueror the least offensive of what they see is a problem of another default coming.  That is why those angels appeared, and Ron considers them evil to the point they need court adudication which they received yesterday and are now in the prison worlds far above us waiting for more reviews of this matter between me and them and the universe.  I dare say they have so messed up my schedule I still do not have a complete manuscript after weeks of working night and day on it.  I am quite helpless in all of this and need some protection to keep going.

I will say this to you Kibet Brian, if you would take the time to figure out what you would do if the same thing happened to you as is happening to me, you would soon see there is good reason to duck and hide once in a while to get rid of superior personalities that harm without really understanding how they are more in the way than I am if that is truly the case.  RON

MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK - "I am sure someday this can be put aside.  Last night when Ron went to bed, Michael of Nebadon had a very serious talk with him and another part on the mansion worlds.  She told Ron he was despicable and hardly worth the time to listen to.  She left the scene twice but was forced back on to discuss with Ron and Michael, just why she hated Ron so much.  It turns out she was lost on certain issues of friendship and partnership due to a horrible life experience in her mortal life that just never left her.  Karen was never fully happy with men or life or procreation and decided she was either bisexual or gay or neither and still does not know to this day what is what in that department.  Ron dislikes gays and their behavior but supports their way of loving and sees to it that many get his counsel on the difference between cultural gay and true gay meanings and the population on Urantia would greatly benefit on this view if they ever bothered to think anymore.  In any case we decided that Karen was over with and while offered a great job for the sixth epochal revelation work, declined to have anymore to do with it.

"Now we discover this morning that Ron was attacked while he slept and the computer files for the book are all askew but he waved enough cop0ies he was able to resemble the work done last night and it is wholly okay except for a title or two they did not understand and broke into to scatter the meaning.  We are quite sure you can continue later today.  In most cases he is nearly finished but must tidy up and they scatter the tidy up work and it throws him for a loop as he does not remember all of the corrections to go back and make them again.

"I have assumed a neutral role in all this since I dare not interfere because the Ancients of Days said that Ron must contend with the problem while under protection, but the miscreants appear during the night while the guard duty is reduced from seven to four and that can be circumvented.  Now we learn that the Universal Father has indicated to a transmitter, He is no longer supporting the Urantia Foundation, but providing Ron both the means and wherewithal shortly to produce this revelation. 

"I am Mantutia Melchizedek."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You Ron are having a vexing day.  So are we.  Let Steven know you are battling miscreants again to hold his fire until you are free of the problem finally.  We thought it was over on Tuesday but we have a new eruption of savior fare from the Urantia Foundation suddenly receiving that message you saw from Rene Duran who should post the transmission all to see.  The UF is now considering the alternative to meet with you or sue you.  

"The UF is now out of command for the most part.  Ron you had nothing to do with that EXCEPT to insist that Millennium III false revelation be torn down and you outlined all the reasons it should be taken down.  That forced the Urantia Foundation to look at its policies regarding what to do with spurious documents, but the problem with that is they have no outside Judge to tell them which is which and it is extremely dangerous for them to act unilaterally.;

"Therefore they are seeking your injunction to do the case but you are wise enough to recognize they cannot do so themselves or by yourself without the concerted action of both you together, and it would work as the Urantia Supreme Court could then act in the matter as well.

"It is for that reason they might ask you to appear in Chicago which you cannot do for Reasons of State well known to the rest of the universe at this point.  I am therefore closing down Millennium III in a moment or two and asking you Ron to retry the case before us when you arrive before the tribunal of the Paradise Trinity (Margul), Machiventa Melchizedek, Judge Lanaforge, and two others you do not know well, but that would be Welmek and Henson.  Our work is to cleanse Amazon of the false books labeled Urantia for good and that is most of those who explain things quite poorly.  You do not read them for that reason alone and we know there are others who share your view these things are an abomination for the most part to the First and Second Revelatory Commissions too.  

"Further we need to destroy the idea in you Ron that Gerdean quit the idea of liaison work with you and you suspect a trial there again and she sees it as truly a win for herself this time.  She does not like you but you say fine as I could care less based on the idea of service primarily.  She now concludes you are right and she is wrong, but that you must make amends by not being yourself.  I agree you irritate the hell out of her with your view of life and she is still understanding you are the biggest hang up she ever met to the point her life on mansion world three is a misery over lessons to learn that must eat you without throwing up too.  Be assured she has modified her digestion just enough to hear this is not a good idea as well due to the fact she has superior knowledge about things and you are hard put to deal with her as it is anyhow.  Therefore we have rescinded the entire idea and Mantutia now explains why everyone has been so quite on the SER lately and it is this:

"The house that Jack built on these matters is gone.  However, Ron must revise the house for a simple reason: he must retake charge of the fifth epochal revelation and see to it that it is removed from all selling and charitable locations including the Spanish version.

"For that reason we are sending out a Spanish translation of our won to replace.  I am truly superior in thinking it is a failure to thinks so, but the problem is not a translation but the sense of loss by those who speak Spanish only and we must make the new book available at least in Spanish for a nominal fee of a few hundred pesos more than the cost of the English version.  That is because we decided that the Spanish rendition this time is so superior to the old rendition, we sign that difference with a slightly increase in purchase cost.

"Finally, the trial for the Urantia Foundation is they will still claim copyright over the Spanish edition for the fifth epochal revelation, and we will purchase the copyright ourselves and then remove the book for good.  It is a poor translation at best.  Good day. Michael."

Mother Spirit, Receiving Our Love and the Consequential Results.  7th Feb 2019, Dominick O, Seattle, WA USA

Teacher: Mother Spirit, NEBADONIA
Subject: Receiving Our Love and the Consequential Results
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
February 7, 2019.  8:00pm UTC  (12:00pm Pacific)


We appreciate a clean circuit, a rested individual.

Always, am I [Mother Spirit] responsive to your requests [spiritual association and support].

It may and can be through My children, my angels and spirit ministers; with practice you begin to distinguish the who and what but in the beginning it is not important to decipher this and it is more important to accept and receive our down-reach with your up-reach. This is a re-acquaintance, if you will, yes? [gentle ribbing]

With your Spirit Mother and Father you are always safe, always loved and always surrounded and bathed in our Light.  We relish and so much enjoy the co-discovery of who you are, truly and spiritually; a Creators’ love.

Folks, this is REALITY!  It is almost embarrassing to you mortals to be so conditioned to shun this love, Our love.  Please realize and recognize this is a cultural, conditioned aversion of Our love to you, with you and in you; and the Supreme Love demands you ACT to bring about and manifest this Love into REALITY; and that the experience of it is also real and can and will NEVER be taken away from you and is ETERNALLY YOURS.  Be brave!

Perhaps it manifests in restraint, perhaps in giving something of yourself, or an act for another, A smile, a look into another’s eyes recognizing-acknowledging the other whole personality before you – which subconsciously tells the other they are part of the spiritual kingdom and sons and daughters in it.

This is all from me today. Yes you may hold on the line to practice longer stamina.  Good day. K


This is Michael and you expect something of me as a tandem with My Consort, Nebadonia.  But this is all you get as you understand the busy-ness at hand 😉  Good Day!  K

Edit these notes and stay in reception in case we want more, thank you. K  
To be honest I did not know there were still  angels who were still part of the rebellion on high.I thought all had been done with along with Lucifer and caligasta. That's why the previous night I did  sleepwalk and ruined my beddings. I've always had problem of sleepwalking since but it has been a while since I was concius of doing so until last night.Thanks for that  and I think its time I started actively participating in the forum instead of being very lazy.
Threads for New Transmissions / "Analysis of the Second Rebellion".
« Last post by Rene A Duran on February 07, 2019, 02:33:17 PM »
 "Analysis of the Second Rebellion".

Teacher: The Universal Father
Subject: " Analysis of the second rebellion. "
T / R: René Durán.
February 6 2019, Phoenix AZ.

The Universal Father- "I am your Universal Father taking the necessary time for our transmission that will have several levels by their degrees of complexity, first of all we will be talking about matters of the second rebellion that has been unleashed in the commune of The Urantia Book , and that we evaluate without reason of being, due to the concrete and definitive fact that they do not have any solid and concrete bases to justify their claim, which is invariably, it is cause to declare them 'in contempt' and against the mandates of The Creator Son We in the Worlds of the Infinite Spirit where we experience only love, we find it 'unjustifiable' the lack of elements of judgment and love to justify any claim.

   "I am your Universal Father analyzing a short account state without positive balances, where there are no more spaces, because the opportunities have been closed and where there is only the opportunity of repentance, although they are making threats of all kinds. We are not surprised at the indolence due to lack of 'contacts' and spiritual distance.

  "The other level is inadequate to sustain on Urantian soil, as it will have to deal with the Courts of The Ancients of Days on Uversa who will decide their fate in a not so long time." We do not consider it convenient to intervene with humans or any documentation, they are all in order to appear for the Magistrates and they will seal their destiny according to their decision.

  "Be confident in the results that will handle and clean Urantia from this dangerous virus, left as a sequel by Caligastia.

  "I am your Universal Father finishing this note." K K K.
Domtia. "

840)"Análisis de la segunda rebelión".

Maestro:El Padre Universal
Tema:""Análisis de la segunda rebelión".
T/R:René Durán.
Febrero 6 2019, Phoenix AZ.

El Padre Universal- "Yo soy tu Padre Universal tomando el tiempo necesario para nuestra transmisión que tendrá varios niveles por sus grados de complejidad, en primer lugar estaremos hablando sobre asuntos de la segunda rebelión que se ha desatado en la comuna de El Libro de Urantia, y que evaluamos sin razón de ser, debido al hecho concreto y definitivo de que no tienen ningunas bases sólidas y concretas para justificar su reclamo, lo cual es invariablemente, es causa para declararlos 'en desacato'  y en contra de los mandatos de El Hijo Creador. Nosotros en los Mundos del Espíritu Infinito donde experimentamos sólo amor, nos resulta 'injustificable' la carencia de elementos de juicio y de amor para justificar cualquier reclamo.
  "Yo soy su Padre Universal analizando un estado de cuentas corto y sin balances positivos, donde ya no hay espacios, porque se han cerrado las oportunidades y donde sólo queda la oportunidad de arrepentimiento, aunque están profiriendo amenazas de toda índole. No nos extraña la indolencia por falta de 'contactos' y el alejamiento espiritual.

  "El otro nivel es inadecuado para sustentar en suelo urantiano, pues tendrá que manejarse frente a las Cortes de Los Ancianos de los Días en Uversa que decidirán su suerte en un tiempo no tan largo. No estimamos conveniente la intervención de los humanos, ni documentaciones pues están todas en regla para presentarse por los Magistrados y sellarán su  destino de acuerdo a su decisión. 

Sean confidentes en los resultados que manejarán y limpiarán a Urantia de este virus peligroso, dejado como secuela  por Caligastia.

  "Yo soy su Padre Universal terminando esta nota. K K K .

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