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Thank you Larry for doing the leg work on this one.  Sometimes I forget that my UB is right there and allows me access to so much more information if I just get off my duff and research.  You are a fine example to follow.

And thank you Ron for not giving up on your fellow forum members.  I can tell by some of your retorts that your patience wears as thin as gossamer at times.  I salute your steadfastness my friend and if there was a medal to award for this your chest would be too heavy for you to sit up straight.

I look forward to your next message and I am sure many others here do as well.  Please don't worry about how long it is as the more information we can  have to assimilate, the better.  We are kind of like that seed that fell into a deep crack in a rock and have to continue to grow, until we crack that rock wide open because of our growing so much, the rock simply cannot contain us any more as we sprout and reach out and up to our Heavenly Father.  Don't take this wrong Ron, but you are the fertilizer that feeds us the right stuff that promotes this growth.  Thank you for not giving up.

Love you my brother and mentor,
General Discussion / Pivotal Moments/ Choose Wisely
« Last post by LarryG on February 12, 2018, 08:33:59 AM »
Many times we  have had discussions and lessons about Pivotal Moments in our lives and the foresight to recognize and make the most of them   It appears to me that we are, in deed, smack dab in the middle of one of those most important Pivotal Moments that will have a lasting effect on our journeys and careers.   I borrow a quote from  "Indiana Jones Last Crusade"..."Choose Wisely."
In  love and service to all that will be achieved through our continued love and commitment , with, to and for the Father and all who worship, love and  put their "absolute" trust in Him and those who come to serve together in oneness.
As we all anticipate this new revelation that Ron is painstakingly preparing for us and as I was reading what  was written here, we read of the of the rare mention of CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY.  I think that the High Universe Being  has only been mentioned on our forum  a couple of times so I went to our Urantia Book to research it and extracted the following to give us some information:  

From our Urantia Book:

1. The Paradise Classification of Living Beings
30.1.104 VII. UNCLASSIFIED AND UNREVEALED ORDERS. During the present universe age it would not be possible to place all beings, personal or otherwise, within classifications pertaining to the present universe age; nor have all such categories been revealed in these narratives; hence numerous orders have been omitted from these lists. Consider the following:
30.1.105 The Consummator of Universe Destiny.
0.12.7 2. The Absolute Trinity - the second experiential Trinity - now in process of actualization, will consist of God the Supreme, God the Ultimate, and the unrevealed CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY. This Trinity functions on both personal and superpersonal levels, even to the borders of the nonpersonal, and its unification in universality would experientialize Absolute Deity.

106. Universe Levels of Reality
5. Coabsolute or Fifth-Phase Association
106.5.1 The Ultimate is the apex of transcendental reality even as the Supreme is the capstone of evolutionary-experiential reality. And the actual emergence of these two experiential Deities lays the foundation for the second experiential Trinity. This is the Trinity Absolute, the union of God the Supreme, God the Ultimate, and the unrevealed CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY. And this Trinity has theoretical capacity to activate the Absolutes of potentiality - Deity, Universal, and Unqualified. But the completed formation of this Trinity Absolute could take place only after the completed evolution of the entire master universe, from Havona to the fourth and outermost space level.
7. Finality of Destiny
106.7.3 Destiny is established by the volitional act of the Deities who constitute the Paradise Trinity; destiny is established in the vastness of the three great potentials whose absoluteness encompasses the possibilities of all future development; destiny is probably consummated by the act of the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY, and this act is probably involved with the Supreme and the Ultimate in the Trinity Absolute. Any experiential destiny can be at least partially comprehended by experiencing creatures; but a destiny which impinges on infinite existentials is hardly comprehensible. Finality destiny is an existential-experiential attainment which appears to involve the Deity Absolute. But the Deity Absolute stands in eternity relationship with the Unqualified Absolute by virtue of the Universal Absolute. And these three Absolutes, experiential in possibility, are actually existential and more, being limitless, timeless, spaceless, boundless, and measureless - truly infinite.
8. The Trinity of Trinities
106.8.11 3. The Absolute Trinity. This is the grouping of God the Supreme, God the Ultimate, and the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY in regard to all divinity values. Certain other phases of this triune grouping have to do with other-than-divinity values in the expanding cosmos. But these are unifying with the divinity phases just as the power and the personality aspects of the experiential Deities are now in process of experiential synthesis."

I think it extremely important to keep in mind Ron's very first enumerated point in his response to Lemuel on February   11th, as it should given us cause and reason to rejoice  and keep our heads and hearts focused.
It is this:

"1) The Paradise Trinity has come to the rescue of we humans to keep our hand in the Mission.  Margul rightly says I cannot serve as a Staff persona or as an Associate in the Magisterial Mission itself, BUT: The Trinity will host offices in York to house our work with the Trinity for the Magisterial Missions.

And now we may ACTUALLY  receive something from  the  CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY
This seems to me to be very significant in the changes that have been shared with us.

I can hardly wait for what is being revealed to us today or tomorrow as Ron gets it prepared for release.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: :
« Last post by Clency on February 12, 2018, 02:16:09 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission
Words of encouragement

Ocilliaya : Yes Lemuel, I am Ocilliaya, I say good morning to you and I have come this morning specially to encourage and assure all the membership and the guests of the Serara forum that all is well with the Magisterial Mission. The Magisterial Mission will be for a very long time in your terms, but a very short time in our terms.

The membership of this forum has been up and down for the past few years and this is quite normal on all forums, but this group, this membership has been and still is made up of very special people, although the majority do not realize and appreciate to the extent it should be appreciated. The reasons you have been led to this forum.

Principally, this is because you still do not have enough trust and faith in yourself as discerning human-beings, but more than all you still need more faith and more trust in your Beloved Thought Adjusters who have brought you here. This have been mentioned before, I know, but I implore you, each and everyone of you who still have doubts, and perhaps now have lost interest, because of the stop and go again, and this heartening and disappointing. We know that, you have learned so much from these things and have grown in wisdom.

You will see a Magisterial Mission such has never been on any other planet, anywhere in the universe of universes. I am Ocilliaya, Master Spirit No 4, Voice of Father and Son. Now, I also want to take this opportunity to give a message to Antonio who refers to himself as niant to. Antonio, my dear child, I have a message for you this morning and it is this : you are unique, as you all are unique and therefore please stop comparing yourself or your abilities or what you deem to be lack of abilities to transmit and receive from Spirit.

Each and everyone are unique and you Antonio you have simple love, a simple trust and a simple faith which is beautiful exactly as it is. You are giving yourself a hard time about nothing, accept yourself as you are, and take things more easily and relax. You are doing what you are supposed to be doing and that is fine. Relax in the knowledge that all is OK with you and you are loved beyond measure. This is my message to you Antonio and I wsh you a good day.

Now, coming bact to the rest of you members, we understand very well the problems that you all face, your everyday problems, the demands of family and relatives and work, etc.., and the pressure of everyday life specially for those of you living in cities and you have to be in your offices at a certain time of the day.

But all these things will change very soon. You have been told and advised many times about the changes to the earth that needs to be done and will be done, but before that happens the Magisterial Mission will be in the face of everyone on this planet and it will serve as a preparation to what is to come.

I am Ocilliaya and I have come with just these few words of encouragement and assurance to each one and everyone of you here on the forum. All is well with the Magisterial Mission and you all have a part to play, whether you are aware of this or not. You are already participating and I thank you for that. This all I have to say this morning, I thank you all for listening and I bid you all a good day. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Words of Encouragement
« Last post by Lemuel on February 12, 2018, 01:18:08 AM »
Subject: Words of Encouragement
T/R: Lemuel
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time:  12th Feb. 2018  07:17 local  06:17 Z
Hi Sue,
Your words are what I have been feeling about the changes and delays. In looking back over the time here, it seems that I have put my life on hold and my plans in helping my brothers and sisters because of a opportunity to be a part of the MSM if it comes in my life time.

I know many Faith Sons of God here in Mt Shasta and they have a very strong connection with their TA and they tell me that they are to keep doing what they are doing in  the Fathers Will. When the MSM shows it self in the future and we have not died then there will be a place for us but in the mean time don't be distracted by something that is in the bush.

Ron H.

Good Morning Ron.  What a wonderful way to start my day by reading such an uplifting and

reassuring message from Michael.  I can´t wait to see the next message.

It seems that our shattered dreams of just two days ago are to be reassembled and restored as never


I am thrilled at the prospect and so will all the members of this form, I am sure.

Thank you Michael.  Domtia.

Ron - This is to inform you a pretty powerful post is to come soon on making sure changes to the Magisterial Mission do not upset the balance of power in the universe and on Urantia - that is a great over assessment of what is to come, I assure you want to read the great length it became and discern how far up the ladder this discussion goes in the universe too.

My word processor shows the transmission to be 10 pages long and involves considerable revelation from the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY, the Paradise Trinity, Mantutia, Michael of Nebadon, others, and aspects of the Universal Father, Mother Spirit, Adamson, and many others left in the background who supported views transmitted in this one.
- - -
I also say to all of you off the subject, that I felt it was time to delete the Teresa post on issues you know all about by now and that the offer has been made and will be dealt with privately if she is paying attention.  Michael speaks now:
- - -
MICHAEL OF NEBADON - Ron is up to hear with Andy and all related to that subject and he still wishes him well after a very nasty bite on issues Ron knows never happened or just plain not true ever.  In any case I want you to all know that if your have a complaint about the site or Ron to mail him as a private or personal message.  He is not hard to get a hold of at all.

Second, the trial has begun once more as Ron indicates to you that a huge transmission came today that he alone could takes as it contains the footnotes of another meeting I had with the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY, which is an enty above the I AM yet and the Consummator (as he ask Ron to call him) clarified some mystery of meaning in the Urantia Book and we all took notes on those statements.  I have asked Ron to hold it back until there is some understanding by this board what that first post had to say and why.  I stand by it as essential to understand it before you read this second post which is extraordinary by any means.  I also gather that most of you are watching some idea of Olympic presentations for the lamentable interest shown on the forum at all for posting or general speaking to the issues at hand.  Ron correctly points out we lost off and on this week over 200 guests a day for awhile and until Teresa posted her complaint it did not recover much at all.  Just goes to show you why we are honoring the idea of a web site by invitation only if that is possible in the coming turmoil. 

Finally, I resist a lot of talk about the coming Magisterial Mission but you must resign yourself that the opening is under our constraint alone and that no one has a part to play except Ron and the two fused individuals that are with Ron on that subject.  Besides that Ron has a headache this evening caused by a huge change in perception and he can hear anything I allow and maybe not upon what I allow as the Master Spirit know a master transmitter when they find him.  It will take a day to wear off and he can tell you all about it when he recovers from the mental shock he gets just to hear a transmission quite clearly now.  Besides this we make no bones about the body fusion which many of you doubt could possible be real.  You should understand it is a fusion of tissue in the mind and in the brain stem that allows me to hear Ron any moment of the day I chose to hear him

One last thing and we are done:  I am sure the time is hear to remind all of you that the hours for the Magisterial Mission is ready to fly.  There are many big administrative changes coming when that transmit of Ron's is allowed to show itself here later tonight or tomorrow sometime.  However it happens you will learn I have compromised mightily and we are to have a Mission unlike anything ever attempted before,  Yes sir ree.  Good day.
Undoubtedly, belonging to this forum is an exceptional luck. I liked the reflections of bradcook and Ssigarto, they help to maintain a very balanced attitude, like the one that is required to be able to let flow and advance without caring about anything else like the beginning date of the MM, the arrival of Christ, and any inopportune intervention of some disappointed member; everything is part, according to my assessment, of this extraordinary preparation course. Thanks to everyone for their unique contributions.
Brother Ssigarto,
You highlight important points, and I tend to agree with you on most points. Brother Niant, yes, live your life to the fullest: live and practice the ideals that are espoused by Michael/Jesus, regardless of anything going on around you. Remember to commune as often as you can with your TA, look to share, and love, let yourself be loved. And yes, come to the Forum, for here, we learn patience and longsuffering...this is important, if the MM should happen tomorrow or in 100 years. One more point to consider: when Jesus was to come over 2000 years ago, others prepared the way for his arrival, and the list of those that did so is long, and think of it, of long date. Preps were initiated a long time, way before he arrived. So, this is what we do, we prepare our hearts, our homes, and those around us as much as we can...and continue to live as Jesus did, our exemplar....
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