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Charles, Mighty Messenger, Ultimaton Usage on Urantia Coming
« on: April 04, 2016, 02:18:10 PM »
Charles, Mighty Messenger, Information Release Agency for the Magisterial Mission - Ultimaton Usage on Urantia - Ron Besser, York, PA
Subject: Ultimatons: Their Use on Urantia; Lake Tribulation and Earth Changes Forecast
Charles, a Mighty Messenger:. Controller of Information for the Magisterial Mission
April 04, 2016 Noon Local Time, York, PA USA

I am Charles and I was asked how we might use Ultimatons on Urantia?  The answer is well and I will speak to them briefly for all of you interested in this alternative life changing use of energy.

First, we must use energy efficiently and better than Urantia does right now.  Urantia people are used to turning lights on and leaving them on for later use.  In the coming era you will be taxed for using energy beyond you personal needs, and may even be fined for over-use of electrical appliances.  In this world to be, you have to be sure you need something before your requisition it to appear.  In so many ways the hope for the future is going to be used in a way that most people on Urantia have no idea how to use what will be available to live by in the new era.

In many ways the house that Ron lives in is full of holes and patches to prevent energy heat from leaving the building, but it does in prodigious amounts if he shuts the furnace down for any length of time.  The cause of his heat loss is something called a back draft, and a back draft occurs in a home when there is no way to retain the heat except to keep adding it for the time being.  I am interested in seeing to it that 2709 Sunset Lane has its own company of erstwhile Midwayers who see to the property and to the visual appearance it presents to the outside world.  In many ways the new use of energy will help 2709 appear quite well in the coming months and years.

I am happy to provide the following for all of you who desire to know how Ultimatons are to be used and how they are to be found in the new world of use on Urantia.

The new world order contains political changes as well as, and they are about to be seen as the Middle East wishes to be free of the terrorists as much as the western democracies wish to.  In about a week or so (today is April 4th 2016), we will be making a preliminary estimate as how to handle the American election regardless of whoever wins.  In Ron’s estimate there has never been a time in the history of the United States that there has there been such a lack of candor or ability in the presumptive heirs to the Presidency of the United States.  In our view he is not aware of the elections after 1840, when the House of Representatives was so divided over slavery issues that it nearly collapsed by the time Lincoln rode into to Washington in a secret train designed to prevent his assassination.  I am Charles, and I must provide the following to you as well:

Our work on Ultimatons becomes ever more important as we learn how the United States will default on its Treasuries if China insists on redemption immediately.  The United States government is full of reasonable people who just do not think enough to forestall this move on what could become an enemy if it is pushed too far on relinquishing the North China Sea to be retested for all other powers in the region. When the world falls into the period of Tribulation in a few years, China will sink back into its traditional position of being unable to feed its large population and its inexpensive way of heating its homes with coals and rice char.

Ultimatons will come to the rescue for America, but for the Chinese, the House that Jack built (western civilization), will collapse in the United States, and China and the United States, both will have to feed its people from what is left of the middle west and the eastern provinces of western Canada.  When this occurs there will be double indemnity for the Americans and for the Chinese for both require the same area of the world to feed their people.

We have in our plans the way to overcome the loss of land mass in the United States.  We have at least two different versions of farming we will introduce to the Americans shortly, and that is to ride out the Tribulation Period with new equipment that can take parched soil and revitalize it for crop growth for wheat and soy beans.  In this case the new equipment will become necessary for the revitalization of the earth in the northeast which is beginning to feel the drought that will occur in massive ways soon if the weather patterns do not relent and change back to the more zonal flows of from west to east winds.  Approximately five years ago the change was made to a more northwesterly flow into the eastern United States, and this has reduced rainfall by about six percent in York, Pennsylvania, and about forty percent (40%) in New England.  If this continues, lakes will dry up and the entire northern forest is at risk for forest fires.  In this we are confidant that lakes like Lake Brandt (New York, Adirondacks, and known to the transmitter) , will go down to 2/3rds the normal size and depth (Brandt is over five miles long and with an average depth of eighty feet) and create no more wet lands for centuries or until the climate can be controlled by us.

In about forty years the Great Basin of the Middle West of the United States, will be covered with a very large and shallow lake (Lake Tribulation), which is filled by glacier melt and spillage from the Great Lakes into the Mississippi Basin.  This lake contains approximately all of the fresh water on Urantia at times, and that is because there will be large incursions of the sea into the shallow and low lying shores of Europe and Asia.  Africa will be partially submerged at the Mediterranean shores and will have an abundant climate for people to enjoy for a change.  This again is due to the change in the Westerlies on Urantia to more Northwesterly in the future.

Ultimatons will be of great use as the Great Lakes will freeze now more than they did and the huge lake to be formed (Ron likes calling it Tribulation Lake), and it will calm the seasons just enough from Milwaukee to Canada and the intervening lands of York, PA and some of New England.  Placement of factories to produce Ultimaton devices will be around the lower mid Atlantic States in order to have them centrally located between the Middle West and their usages in New England.  Because Urantia presently has a land mass to water approximately 4 acres of land to 2,000 acres of water, the encroachment of the sea will reduce that equivalent to 2 acres of land to 5,000 acres of water, which in percentage terms is about a forty percent (40%), reduction of arable land to grow crops on.  I am reminded to tell you that the population in the United States, now at three hundred twenty three million (323,000,000), will expand to about four hundred, three hundred fifty million at first and then drop precipitously to well under two hundred million in about six years without further additions.  The settled density of man to land ratio will become about 1 man per five hundred acres in the United States, and in China that ration currently resides as 1 man per one acres, and that will expand to 1 man to three hundred acres.  Chinese population is about 1.3 billion people living in a confined area of about 37,576,610 square miles and that will be reduced to five hundred million people in an area of about 35,512.613 square miles, and while the ratio calculations are thrown off by this estimate, I am not allowed to give such precise numbers just yet.

Ultimatons will work the problem out by providing energy to this scenario.  Lake Tribulation in the United States will carry about four hundred million gallons of fresh water to what is left of the American southern States of Mississippi and Alabama and others for a day at a time until the lake is flushed out by yet another catastrophe called the subsidence of Milwaukee (Wisconsin) and two other vital American cities near the shores of the current Mississippi River.  This subsidence will relax the drain on Lake Tribulation and will cause no more deep water reservoirs to form on American soil.  Lake Tribulation carries about four trillion acre/feet of water shed potential, but will fill only to about two trillion acre/feet*** when fully employed.  After that the lake will last about two millennia and then evaporate as Urantia becomes settled in Light and Life sometime after 3027,*** which is the estimated date the Magisterial Mission ends and the Trinity supported Light and Life era begins shortly thereafter.

(*** Note - This acre/feet designation refers how to measure the depth of a lake on the spiritual side of the equation. Your transmitter asked if we could have an equivalent, and the answer is that two trillion acre/feet is an area cover by water approximately 5,000 acres wide by seventy (70' average) feet deep.  If the reader can make sense of that, good.  Remember these numbers of trillions of acre/feet are approximations and not exact so that may hamper figuring out ratios.  I also point out that Lake Tribulation may exist for over 500 to 1,000 years after Light and Life begins on Urantia to perhaps 4015.  I also point out to the reader that the Magisterial Mission intends on introducing a new calendar based on Salvington time and dating of history on Urantia, and that these numbers forecast today are based on our old calendar, the Julian Calendar.  For example the year 2016 is actually 2043 which is Salvington’s calculation of the exact number of times the earth has gone around the sun since the birth of Jesus in 07BC.)

Charles, Mighty Messenger continues with his narrative:

I am Charles, and I have asked for no quotes and we continue as above: In about two hundred years from today, the catastrophes of catastrophes may occur.  We expect the great fault lines on the American west coast to collapse entirely.  This collapse has been forecast for almost a century by those who foresee into the future for years and years on Urantia, but we have failed to see the plates of the Pacific Ocean occur so weak as they will spill the rubble that connotes the States of Oregon, Washington, and California, into the Pacific Ocean.  This eventually has to happen, but we now are recalculating the time left for that to occur, and we see it not happening for about six years to sixty years and that is the best we can do for now.  Meanwhile Lake Tribulation will form shortly, perhaps within five years, as the melting of the Arctic Ocean will spill over northern Canada into Hudson Bay.

Let us now turn to the use of Ultimatons as we come into the chaos of the next century and today so that we can survive on the land masses still available to live on.  York, PA, USA - is a place of solid restitution against these changes and that is why we are locating the capital of the Magisterial Mission there.  York was once a capital of the United States during the American Revolution and it was there that the Articles of Confederation were adopted (September 1777 to June 1778).  York will use a factory established there under the guidance of the York Pre-Particle Technologies Corporation, already established and ready to run, and from that factory will come all sorts of devices to prevent starvation and lack of heating and cooling in homes around the world.  It will be placed on a grassy knoll some five miles east of the City of York and is well designed to accommodate an airport and a place to reside if necessary during the dark days of the coming tribulations.  If this plan succeeds we will have the Magisterial Son, Rayson, who is the Science Officer for the Magisterial Mission, become the incarnated Director.  The Transmitter is already established within the York Pre-Particle Technologies corporation as one of its Directors.

Ultimaton machines are hardly difficult to conceive but they can be tricky to build so that all machines, at least to begin with, will be assembled in York, providing work for about five hundred people (500), when work for others is almost non-existing.  In about a year after the Magisterial Mission starts, we will have about three hundred water-producing ultimaton machines that are scheduled to be shipped to Africa and the Levant (the area west of Israel and south of the Middle East).

York, we estimate, will have a population of several hundred thousand people.  Currently the city and the surrounding municipalities equal roughly one hundred thousand people, and these areas will grow to the point that new highways are necessary and the State of Pennsylvania will have little to do with designing them as the Magisterial Mission insists on their designs to alleviate a serious traffic problem around York even now.  The police of several municipalities will be grouped together as one unit in spite of their dislike of being grouped in this way.  Population control will be enforced as York becomes one of the most important capitals known around the world.

Ultimaton machines will produce drinking water cheaply since no electricity is needed to run them.  We will have transport planes of our own design for staff and the majority of persons on staff with the Magisterial Mission and the Second Return Missions as well.  These planes are affordable to all airlines but we will not make them available as a design until we are sure they will not be converted to war planes which they can be used for because they never need refueling and do not burn fossil fuels.

In about four years from the start of the Magisterial Mission, York will be treated to a plan to redesign York City, and the mayoral system scrapped and a Public Manager system be instituted.  The present Mayor of York is hardly able to hold the City together because of falling tax revenues and deteriorating infrastructure so old the City must make do with water lines constructed during the 1900-1925 era of York building codes then non existent.  Building codes will be revised to allow several large office buildings to be located in or near the square of York for the Magisterial Mission, and these building may house as many as ten thousand workers, mostly personnel from the existing population to maintain and run the normal services the Magisterial Mission affords the world.

In our estimation, the house at 2709 Sunset Lane is to be used as a reception center.  But already its age and condition are such that it compiles no real help in self maintenance any more and must be torn down to make room for a modern facility.  If this is the case and Michael of Nebadon offers a better solution other than this one, the new house will contain offices and secretaries and other main-line personnel to prepare people to visit the Magisterial Mission headquarters for their review and education.  We expect a flow of about one thousand people per day.  This is an extreme number of people but we believe 2709 can accommodate that much easily once organized with parking, restaurants, bathrooms, and transportation to the HQ located east of the City of York by about ten miles.  Original plans were to build the HQ west of York, but land development problems stopped that early on.  The airport to service the HQ and 2709 Sunset Lane, will be located at or near a small private airport called Thomasville Airport or York Airport depending on who is reporting the weather from it.  This little Airport is situated about six miles Southwest of 2709 Sunset Lane and is easy to get to.

I am Charles, and I use the Midwayer Sempiahdora, ABC-25; ABC-26, Francisca; ABC-30 Danny, and others unknown to Ron as personalities to transmit we higher Spirit Beings.

I also wish to relate that Ron has so enjoyed this transmission, we are going to allow more of them in the near future.  I am Charles and I will report this message to the Idaho Group when they are ready to make amends.

Thank you.  I am Charles and I wish you all a good day.

Ron: As your transmitter Charles, I thoroughly enjoyed the contact and the ease of receiving your work and message.  I also thank a group of Midwayers I am not familiar with to facilitate this wonderful transmission so full of hope for the future in spirit of our coming tribulations.  Lake Tribulation naming is my idea as it seems to fit so well with what is coming, but man names things and places his own way and so you may have to call it something else after it forms.  I also mention that Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit attended this transmission so to keep Charles from rocking himself silly with the break ups that happen to me when the transmission wonders off center in these long jobs like this one is.  I also enjoyed the temporary insanity of my friend Serara, the Magisterial Son, who watched carefully how I behaved when outside of the strictures I am usually placed in so I do not pull in unrevealed information too much for present day readers to assimilate.  Other than that, I report no unusual disturbances of changes in transmission style except to say that I was entirely on my own and not using reflectivity to see how well I did without it.  They say they are amazed at how easily I did it, and that they may use reflectivity for some of you to make it easier, but I do very well without it.  I am not sure what that saves spirit not to hook me up with reflectivity, but it is interesting to say the least.

(See the new teaching mission archive site still being worked on but bookmark for future reference at   )

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Ron, and Charles and the many midwayers in attendance , thank  you  for this update on plans for the Ultimatons, and the other subjects covered and mentioned in  this message.   It has  been awhile since we have heard from Charles!!!   As I read  the predictions and reminders of the planetary changes that are in store for our planet, it is sobering indeed,  and at the same time we read of the improvements  that will be resultant from the development of  the Ultimatons and for me welcome news over the "water producing machines" especially for the regions of Africa where the  people have such disease and needless death of so many from such terribly contaminated water.   I often see films and documentaries of the children and families in Africa of their plight over water and food and it breaks my heart., and of course those all over the world in arid places where water is so scarce.....I am humbled by all that is planned for Urantia and the opportunities that will soon be presented to our world and it's ultimate improvement makes me even more determined, honored and privileged  to share in the responsibilities and meet the challenges to assist in these Missions to reclaim, establish and  remake Urantia.....   My deep gratitude Ron, and Charles....LarryG  

I am  wondering what volume of water will  one of these machines be able to produce?....Charles indicated that 300 of these machines  would be made in the first year after the  Ultimatons are ready to be used in production....LarryG
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0100 hrs GMT
Hi All,
As LarryG stated, it will so good to see those places that have felt the pangs of thirst, hunger, and lack of the conveniences finally get relief. Oftentimes we take for granted these many blessings that have been showered on our heads.
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Dearest Ron, Charles, and the Midwayers,

Thank you for sharing, this is amazing and positive news especially for our brothers and sisters in Africa.

Please let there be an end to terrorists who do nothing except create more misery. I pray for the families who need to live with this extremism daily. I am so blessed and so grateful to live in a peaceful country. 
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With this kind of information coming from high, there is no more room left for doubt that Father loves Urantians. Thank you Charles, thank you Ron, as well as  christ Michael and Serara.

Don't worry Ron for the length of the transmissions, there's always time to read them all.

Atoooh Midwayer Sempiahdora and Francisca, akwaba to you.

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Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.