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Q&A Paper 101:6 The Real Nature of Religion (Section 6)
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Q & A Paper 101: The Real Nature of Religion (Section 6)

(Section 6 only)

Q1) What anticipated quality appeared from creature evolution into the announcement of "man mind"? And from the development of this quality what was man mind then able to receive from Spirit?
(Paper 101:6.4 )
A1) "Wisdom capacity"
And "Truth"

Q2) What human characteristic is required before admission into increasing spirit realites?
(Paper 101:6.7)
A2) "a Righteous Character"

Q3) What gives humanity the right to follow the way Jesus pointed to divine inheritance?
(Paper 101:6.17)
A3) "his Brothers in the flesh of mortal life can follow him along the same experience of Father discovery"

Q4) What personal religious progress did Jesus experience that humans have potential part in as birthright?
(Paper 101:6.5-6)
A4) "the realization of the Supreme"
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