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Q & A Paper 102 Foundations of Religious Freedom
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Paper 102 Foundations of Religious Freedom


Q1) What helps us to see beyond initial growth and curiosity about Body, Mind and Spirit?

(Paper 102:1.2)

Q2) How can you tell when someone has reached genuine religious experience?

(Paper 102 2:3)

Q3) For prayer and worship of the religious experience, which is more essential to deepen and broaden our minds reflective powers?

(Paper 102:4.5)

Q4) Why does worship of God require all or none of our Allegiance?

(Paper 102:6:1)

Q5) In our world of so many Skeptics and intellectual objections about God's existence why are there so many 'God knowing Souls that dare to say "I know," (paper 102:6.5) with certainty and Living Faith?

(Paper 102:7.7)

Q6) Paper 102:8:7 states; "your highest religion, the life of Jesus, was such a personal experience: man, mortal man, seeking God and finding him to the fullness during one short life in the flesh while in the same human experience there appeared God seeking man and finding him to the full satisfaction..." To Jesus example what happens to a person that finds God?

(Paper 102:3.4)

Q7) What do 'we have the right to be the most certain, of all universe experiences'?

(Paper 102:7.10)


Paper 102:1.2

A1) "true wisdom admonishes us to allow faith"

Paper 102:2.3 

A2) "practitioners live and carry on as if already in the presence of the Father"

Paper 102:4.5

A3) "Prayer may enrich the life, but worship illuminates destiny?

Paper 102:6.1

A4) "The relationship between the creature and the Creator is a living experience, a dynamic religious Faith, which is not subject to precise definition."

Paper 102:7.7

A5) "If the personal experience of a father is to be challenged by dogma, then this faith-born son of the experiencible Father may reply with that unchangeable dogma, the statement of his actual sonship with Universal Father."

Paper 102:3.4

A6) " seek loving service-contact with his less illuminated fellow's, not to disclose that he has found God, but rather to allow the overflow of welling-up of eternal goodness with his own soul to refresh and ignoble his fellows. Real religion leads to increased Social Service."

Paper 102:7.10

A7) "Of God, the most inescapable of all presences, the most real of all facts, the most living of all truths, the most loving of all friends, the most Divine of all values..."