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Q & A Global Sustainability and Planetary Magagment
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"I engaged you to appreciate these lessons and discern the levels of their meaning, and apply them as best you can at this time. Do not forget them, but keep them high in your mind during times of difficulty. Times of difficulty are a time of opportunity for growth, for magnificent displays of service that will be appreciated and heralded for all times to come."
Monjoronson “Global Sustainability and Planetary Management” (page 127)

Some questions and answers:

Q1: Why is the presence of Monjoronson revealed to mankind now?
A1: (page 78) He will assist us to make decisions of our full knowledge, because then we are responsible for these decisions. They will assist us to become aware of alternative choices as we participate in the sustainability of the planet.

Q2 How does Monjoronson describes himself?
A2 (page 70, 80, 83, 148) He is from Paradise, one who is anointed, one who is coming. He has a staff and list of efforts to assist...

Q3 Can we use any portion of the Global Sustainability and Planetary Management collective (GSPM) for our own use without reference or document identification?
A3 (page 138) "you are most welcome to use these materials with or without reference to the Transmissions, with or without identifying them as part of these Transmissions"

Q4 What underlies stability and sustainability.
A4 (page 65) Values and belief Empower individuals.

Q5 How is God's Love expressed to the individual?
A5 (page 143) God's entire Universe is created for you and him personally, to experience the infinite existence together, in a loving harmonic bond of unity.

Q6 Why are our prayers more effective now?
A26 (page 131) The spiritual circuits are open now more than any time for hundreds of thousands of years, a prayer in alignment with universe energies are highly effective.

Q7 What is the purpose of spiritual training?
A7 (page 128) To understand your part and place in the universe.

Q8 What produces goodly weighted souls?
A8 (page 135) An architectural plan for balanced energetic and physical development by a Creator Son to his local universe.

Q9 Why must you act on intentions to participate in the Corrective time?
A9 (pages 91-93) You must be a thoughtful contributing element of your society by actions that effect everyone as everyone’s actions and decisions effect you. Doing so is to love yourself, to be in harmony with the wholeness of your being, to command your will to make statement of your intentions to be in harmony with your personal Father fragment within you.

Q10 Why was the possibility of SIN part of God's plan, not only for Urantia but for any individual on any world in any local universe?
A10 (Page 136) God's 'plan is to optimize the maximum potential of individuals, worlds and universes to the very edge of freedom of choice and this allows the possibility of rebellion.'

Q11 Why is it important to reaffirm your decision to continue your infinite journey?
A11 ( page 124 & 126) “The First Source and Center – God - lives through you, experiences your world, experiences the process [change] of living through you.”

Q12 How is Sustainability Feminine in nature?
A12 (page 117) For sustainability, nations and individuals see themselves as resources, feeding the individuals opportunities to explore their potential.

Q13 Where must sustainable practices start?
A13 (page 89) ‘There must be a foundation of public policies that start with child rearing that all other policies for justice, governance, police and education sustainable practices form.’

Q14 Where can you find models to pattern for sustainability plans for our family, community, civilization and world?
A14 (page 125) The grand universe is progressive, constructive, developmental and evolutional… and provides models for you to pattern yourself after. Developmental Driven!

Q15 What familiar example does Monjoronson give of how Christ Michael manages his Universe in Sustainability?
A15 (page 137) "a corporate manager who applies an even application of effort in all areas, while advancing new areas, yet retiring older areas that have fulfilled themselves...all benefit by the knowledge that this will continue on indefinitely into the future."

Q16 As a final wish from Monjoronson; what is the intent and effort for us to know these lessons?
A16 (page 140) Monjoronson wishes for us to grow, as children of God and children of Christ Michael upon a planet that is no longer in quarantine, to our fullest extent that we are capable of. With many celestial efforts his staff provides us the ability to become aware, effective, and capable of overcoming our fears, to diminish the power of ego, and assist us to prepare for the inevitable with purpose, meaning and fulfillment to the greatest expansion and development of our soul, in service to our self and others.

A17 What is the true purpose of sustainability?
A17 (page 145) YOU, to sustain you! You are the living part of universe sustainability. God wants you to have the same degree of appreciation and love for yourself as Christ Michael and the Holy One that is within you also does.

Q18 For a world to enter into the Light and Life Era it must have reached sustainability first, and to reach sustainability a world must become stabilized with what sustaining core value?
A18 (page 65) “PEACE must be held as a core value for each individual.”

Q19 What three factors are needed to be in harmony with the universal government for our global planetary management; to all social institutions, to all political and economic institutions?
A19 (page 69) The IDEA of Sustainability, the BELIEF in Sustainability, the VALUES of Sustainability.

Q20 How can we help Monjoronson?
A20 (page 80-83) With Decisive Action. Action to become involved in this awareness, for ourselves and sharing with others through inspired thinking or writing from celestial beings. With thankful acceptance to the will of our Father's internal guidance. By receiving... the inner wisdom... the knowing.
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