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"Permanent Employment"
« on: September 02, 2017, 03:55:24 PM »
  "Permanent Employment".

Teacher: The Universal Father.
Theme: Permanent Employment.
Category: Messages from the Universal Father.
T / R: Rene A Duran, Phoenix AZ.
September 2 2017, 12:59 AM local time, (07:59 Gmt)

"Permanent Employment"

The scribe-
    -Lord, my Universal Being ..... I beg you to continue and speak to me in detail of this subject; permanent employment.

The Universal Father-
    - "I AM THE UNIVERSAL FATHER, speaking for all the members of the Forum in a paused and stopped way to explain the moment of" permanent employment ", is not that we are talking" bluffing ", as is often the case with some comments that often appear after transmissions in detail.
    Here we are speaking at the request of the scribe, very in detail, the subject of employment that will have, those who pass the test of multiple transmissions, and hear the call; the members of the Forum who are called, as in the case of LarryG, Wendy Winter, Gitz, who already have their assigned batch; are permanent employees of the Magisterial  Mission and occupy positions of paramount managerial importance. Such opportunities are being bestowed by the Celestial Bodies of Michael of Nebadon.
    - "I AM THE UNIVERSAL FATHER, establishing precedents in the appointment of unique beings tested and re-tested for their bravery and fidelity to the Universal Father and others will come in the near future.
    -Here in the Higher Worlds of the Father and the Infinite Spirit we will work tirelessly until all of them unfailingly postulate in the places reserved for them.
    "The scribe does not like to speak when his name is mentioned, we will leave until the appropriate time.

     -Thanks, Dad.

The Universal Father-
    - "Stay alert, and then you will know more details.

    "This is your Universal Father, with a transcendent note.

703) Empleo Permanente.

Maestro: El Padre Universal.
Tema: Empleo Permanente. 
Categoría: Mensajes del Padre Universal. 
T/R: Rene A Duran, Phoenix AZ. 
Septiembre 2 2017, 12:59 AM hora local, (07:59 Gmt)

"Empleo Permanente"

El  escriba- 
    -Señor, mi Ser Universal.....te suplico que continúes y me hables en detalle de este tema; el empleo permanente.

El Padre Universal- 
    -"YO SOY EL PADRE UNIVERSAL, hablando para todo los miembros del Fórum de una manera pausada y detenida para explicar el momento del "empleo permanente", no es que estemos hablando "bluffing", como suele suceder con algunos comentarios que a menudo aparecen después de transmisiones en detalle. 
    Aquí estamos hablando a petición del escriba, muy en detalle,  el asunto del empleo que tendrán, los que pasen la prueba de múltiples transmisiones, y oigan el llamado; los miembros del Fórum que sean llamados, como en el caso de LarryG,  Wendy Winter , Gitz, que ya tienen su partida asignada; son empleados permanentes de la Misión Magisterial y que ocupan puestos de suma importancia gerenciales. Tales oportunidades están siendo otorgadas por los Cuerpos Celestiales de Miguel de Nebadón. 
    -"YO SOY EL PADRE UNIVERSAL,  estableciendo precedentes en el nombramiento de seres únicos probados y re-probados por su valentía y fidelidad al Padre Universal y vendrán otros en un futuro cercano.
    -Aquí en los Mundos Superiores del Padre y del Espíritu Infinito trabajaremos incansablemente hasta postular a todos indefectiblemente en los puestos reservados para ellos.
    -El escriba no le gusta hablar cuando se menciona su nombre, dejaremos hasta el momento apropiado. 

     -Gracias Padre.

El Padre Universal- 
    -"Permaneced atentos, y entonces conocerán más detalles. 

    -Este es su Padre Universal,  con una nota trascendente. 



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Re: "Permanent Employment"
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2017, 04:08:17 PM »
Thank you for transmisssion, and do not worry if so far you don't have your name on the list of permanent employees of the Magisterial Sons' Mission. Keep going about Father's Business, all of us cannot work at York, have you thought of representing the Mission where you live? For example, as regards your brother Assaley, Machiventa said I would play an important role in Africa. I spoke four hours with my silent TA last night and an indescribable joy filled my very self.

On the Astral Plane, they are preparing me for public speech, and you're well far ahead in the transmission skills. You are the one who told me to be careful with ego, so there's room for everybody.

Thank you so much dear brother for the good job.
Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.


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Re: "Permanent Employment"
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2017, 09:15:18 PM »
God bless you and thank you for sharing Rene.


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Re: "Permanent Employment"
« Reply #3 on: October 02, 2017, 08:30:29 AM »
Dear AutimLee. I noticed that they are his first messages published in the Serara Forum. Be very welcome. A big brotherly embrace of his brother in spirit. Julio.


Caro AutimLee. Eu notei que são suas primeiras mensagens publicadas no Fórum Serara. Seja muito bem-vindo. Um grande abraço fraternal de seu irmão em espírito. Julio.
Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)


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Re: "Permanent Employment"
« Reply #4 on: October 02, 2017, 08:44:18 AM »
Hello and welcome to you AutimLee to this so very interesting forum of Spiritual freedom.  I thank you for taking a leap of faith and joining our ranks and don't be shy if you have any questions at all.  Just ask them and someone will be happy to answer it for you.  I am sure that your Thought Adjuster has led you here for a reason.

God bless you and welcome once more.
He Gave To Us His Everything.  Now "All He Asks Of Us Is Love."   Song about Jesus. Lyrics and Vocal by Dorian C. Doyon - Music by Kris Kristofferson   Clicking on the link here will take you to the song.  Domtia