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Ocilliaya, So Shall It Be, 17 Sept. 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA
« on: September 17, 2017, 12:26:02 PM »

Subject: So Shall it Be
Category: The Universal Father and Paradise Deities
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
17 September 2017, 17:26 Z

“Yes at any time you can begin, Daniel.
"High on Mount Ararat in Turkey is a shape that resembles a good size ship. The edges of the ship shaped configuration, is it looks like, heaped up dirt and rocks to make the outline on the surface of the terrain at that place.  As far as we know (this is Ocilliaya speaking) the ship known as Noah’s ark to preserve the lifeforms during a time of total earth wide flooding was never an actual object. The Ararat outline must be a curious anomaly.

“This story can be found in most of the beginning epics of most peoples on earth, so it has some kind of widespread validity. A study of the life forms on such a ship has been conducted by religious types and they maintain that it is not as farfetched as might seem given the number of different lifeforms, especially in the light of it being necessary, according to their story, for only the genesis families to be represented to give the nucleus of all the variety we see today.

“A few cattle, a few dogs, a few snakes, a few beetles, a few butterfly's, a few birds, a few grasshopper, cricket types, a few cats, a few moles and rats and mice, a few bats, a few spiders, a few rabbits, a pair of horses, a pair of giraffes, a pair of elephants, a pair of rhinoceros, a pair of hippopotamus, a pair of deer, a pair of pigs, a pair of frogs, a pair of kangaroo, a pair of platypus, a pair of bears. Here or much earlier in my account it starts to break down in credibility because all of the variety of all the types I’ve listed and I left out quite a few, would have had to become extant like it is now in modern times, in only about 10,000 years according to the age of all the accounts approximately. If we would say evolution was the method to bring about the diversity now extant, that would certainly be the most rapid development ever seen, smacking of tremendous Divine intervention.

“The Urantia Book mentions that the accounts come from the wide spread flooding that happened many times in the fertile crescent or other places like the flooding of the area now known as the Black sea (much more then thousands of square miles), when in antiquity, the Mediterranean sea broke thru and flooded that huge area and also when the area that is now the Mediterranean sea was flooded by the breach to the Atlantic ocean at the Gibraltar isthmus. If the floods were as large as they must have been, covering thousands of square miles, it would have seemed like the whole known world to them (The story makers).

“However, the heart of the flood story was that a servant of God was told in a prophecy that the flood was coming and he tried to warn every one of his revelation and almost everyone scoffed and his reputation was 0 because about 13 times he was inspired to declare that the moment of the flood had arrived and it did not happen. Only finally when it came true, was the Word of The Lord and respect of His servant restored to establish the truth of what God was doing at that time. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? But the prophesied floods did come.

“The repeated false alarms would have driven Noah crazy for sure. But so it is in our day, similar almost to a “T”. Now this is Ocilliaya, actually The Father in your midst, validating and establishing the fact that: “all that has been spoken (generally) for the last 30 years is going to come true. It is more correct to say: “all that has been spoken (generally) in the prophecies about the end time in the last 2000 years since Jesus the Christ was here in person is going to come true. People don’t doubt it will come true, but they have given up on trusting any human to reliably and creditably say they definitely will be part of that change to the earth, where it will be ruled by The Fathers Administration. This is exactly what has been shouting, more or less, all this time.

“The situation today is set to reward those with the firm conviction that, that administration (MSonsM) is not only absolutely true but is to take place now in this generation. You have the classic condition of only a few true believers hanging on to a premise, a premise that is without question the most disparaged concept in all history, because of the 99% failure rate. Everyone knows it is a fool’s game that has the most dismal success rate of any idea man has ever had. Yet you here are still doing it. Why? Are you crazy or what? No, you are the most blessed examples of the Human Race ever to draw breath on this world. This is my message for all today, on this training site of Ocilliaya speaking. Good day.

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