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Subject: This is What is Happening
Category: The Universal Father and Paradise Deities
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
18 September 2018,
“Yes Daniel, You can begin writing. This is Ocilliaya with a dissertation of all that is happening now at this moment on this training Forum. You have been delivered perhaps the most definitive group of new revelation and new understanding ever, albeit so deep and profound it will take you some time to begin to comprehend all we are saying. You are amazed at Ron Besser’s ability to, it looks like, understand most of what we are saying and even presage some of it before it comes from our lips.
“This whole happening, is the first time we have ever talked like this to such a beginning group of beginning servants of the Father. It is very revolutionary and cutting edge in all the history of the Universe. Ask to appreciate it for what it is: “an outpouring of love and affection and also vision of what is now possible, then has ever been articulated. Just because you are somewhat bamfusseled at the moment, I counsel you to discount this feeling, that it is something that is beyond you.  

"You might want to give up on trying to understand advanced trigonometry in your first trig 101 classes. It will all come in due time and as you read and study repeatedly this long posting of 17 September 2017 pray in detail as you encounter these concepts one by one for your being able to wrap you mind around them successfully. We will step in and help you, all across the board to be able to see what is being said.
“I think you can see at least, that your destiny is a little more exciting then you had dreamed of before and your being totally open to all these concepts and possibilities as being real and meant for you is the place to begin to insure all these things will come about in your life. Be filled with gratitude and appreciation at each turn and smile with pleasure at your good fortune as we bring you along. 

"Personally begin a conversation with all the new personalities and entities' you are being introduced to, welcoming their friendship and confidence in your fittingness to be here being trained as you are. Your humble attitude of consecrated dedication is mostly the required mind set. A sincere belief this is all true and right and good for you and this time.
“A total openness to be taught and to be led as a little child with only harmonious loving acceptance and feelings of safety and deep appreciation and resolve to pay any price for this opportunity. If you have almost a total lack of mature qualities of working skills and even knowledge at the moment, it is no problem, because to have a clean slate like that for us to write on is the ideal. Your full embrasure of anything and everything with out any censure and doubting is also most propitious from this moment on. 

"Young boy Samuel kept hearing his name being called one night when he woke up from sleep and he kept going to the high priest Eli to say: “didn’t you just call me my lord? Finally Eli realized what was happening: “It was time for Samuel to begin training by The Father himself. You all are at the same point.
“This is Ocilliaya helping you to see what is happening and why, go in peace one and all with high confidence. That is all at this time. With affection and warm friendship. Good Day!

Daniel in Las Vegas, 970 618 1214, danielalderfer@hotmail.Com, While he was still a great way off his Father saw him and had compassion.