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Margul, Genetic Principles, 24 September 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA
« on: September 24, 2017, 01:31:48 PM »
Teacher: Margul
Subject: Genetic principles
Category: The Universal Father and Paradise Deities
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
24 September 2017, 18:31 Z

“Yes Daniel, there is someone here.  You can begin by saying: In the old days, during the dinosaur time, literally over tens of millions of years ago, where the verities of reptilian life forms will boggle your mind. There were flying reptiles of very terrible and outrageous and beautiful, creative and highly sophisticated design, there were also two legged and four legged monsters and miniatures of similar design, warm blooded, cold blooded, feather, fur and scale skinned, egg laying or live birth types, easily, reaching five hundred species of non-interbreeding land living types and another 100 distinct sea creatures of whale and shark types, turtle, fish and crocodile types to thrill any scientist.

"Now almost to an organism they are all gone and become extinct. (For numerous and complex reasons) However one fish that has been caught in modern times in the Atlantic off the west coast of Africa is the exact replica of fossils found that are tens of millions of years old as well as organisms such as the mosquito and cockroach.

“This brings up the mystery of why in some cases, there are rapid evolutionary changes to a specie’s DNA noticed and on the other hand numerous examples of DNA that is figuratively locked in place and totally inured to any change what so ever over tens of millions of years. Why is that? Are the life carriers, making incremental changes to hasten the transformation of certain species and letting alone the ones that seem so in-destructively and reliably permeate? Is the changing DNA of other species that are seen to change so much more rapidly, more receptive to internal mindle forces of seeming intelligent innovations brought about from an unconscious organismal guidance and internal rearranging of the DNA, an automatic creational proclivity built into that DNA by the life carriers?

“Or is it mostly selective reproduction from the most successful (because they lived to procreate) for the reason that their adaptation that contained that small change in DNA, was either a providential (creator inspired) mutation or a time and random chance accident of nature that resulted during the extremely complex splitting of the double helix DNA molecule every time the cell replicates? That splitting is a necessity in every case. I know the answer to every one of these questions and the answer is that: ‘it is all of the above’.

"For instance the seeming permanence of some species DNA is because it was created to have that more inviolate nature and resists mighty in a more resolute and comprehensive way, any even slight change. Inaccurate replication is rejected on the spot so to speak and not ever allowed to complete a new cell, because of a built in mechanism in that organism type. In other words the life forms on Urantia are evolving and changing or not changing because of built in proclivities by the original designers.

“What does this have to do with the Serara Forum? For one thing the truth that perhaps has never been stated as such, that Homo sapiens, meaning all humanoid Urantian races, have moderate replication proclivities that are of the type that do allow small, workable changes in the DNA, that come about incrementally from a mindle/spiritual/God impulse and life force that translates into an ever more perfect and workable organism.

"This is rapidly (some change seen over a few generations) taking on characteristics of positive change and adaptation for the enhancement of ability and increased sophistication of all things Human. Now with the introduction of Homospiritis, (Most of those born from 2014 on are of this new type, largely) in this case the change is even more rapid because the species is undeniably being divinely shepherded much more proactively.

“These changes and new innovations for greater health, intelligence and longevity are to a certain extent to make up for lost time and improved genetics that would have resulted from the superior genetic up step missed, in our Adamic endowment. (Except for some notable and excellent strains procreated in ideal circumstances at that time), that did result and are even now continuing to enhance our species general desirability and perfection.

"Today’s lesson and teaching is to state in one location some of the understanding that is missing from Urantian education. It is contained in full in the Urantia Book yet this brief explanation is to give a grasp in a balanced way, the basic understanding of the nature of some of the evolutionary principles most may not have understood. It also states some of the reasons behind the mysterious seeming un-uniform ways, certain species DNA can be seen to act.

“This message is given by: Margul, Trinity Teacher Son, here for the long haul all the way to full light and life. Thank You one and all as we come ever closer to our direct collaboration in actual physical contact in executing MSM work. With respect, appreciation and affectionate regards. Good Day.  Domtia…..”


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