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Ocilliaya, The Power is There, 25 Sept.2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA
« on: September 25, 2017, 01:25:20 PM »

Subject: The Power is There!
Category: Universal Father and Paradise Deities
T/R: Daniel A. L V NV. USA
25 September 2017, 18:25 Z

“Is there a message you would like to have received at this time?

“Yes and I will start by saying: ‘wake up and smell the coffee’. This is a saying you might hear in the United States when someone is being exhorted to realize a new day is upon them, new ideas are extant, new processes and methods are now to be used. I use it: this is Ocilliaya, at this juncture on the Serara Forum as we now are apprised of the coming speaking by Jesus from the rostrum of the United Nations, General Assembly.

“This scribe needs to do this in several ways, (smell the coffee) such as having a highly beneficial and more rigorous study regimen. How can he make progress to more proficiency with the revelation if he covers only a dozen pages a day with detailed notes and research results? He could realistically cover fifty pages a day with digested study that would be more fitting for the task before him.  The disciplined stints of an hour at a time, with his nose in the material then a short break and back at it three or five hours a day is more like what he is capable of.

“Another area to wake up into, are the times of focused prayer petitioning the Father with a lot more intelligent conversation and requests then accomplished now. The sessions need not be laborious hour long exhausting soliloquy's, but shorter more frequent doing the work that he knows perfectly well how to do (intelligent petitioning)  And how about the phone conversations reaching out to others you barely know in friendly inquiry about their history and personal feeling on all that is taking place. Or can’t he find a little more time to write short private notes of appreciation when he sees good performance or improvement using his friendship to bolster someone's spirits?

“Now the work is upon us for more mature stepping up to service even though it is painful and highly inconvenient because of your poor physical condition. Pushing yourselves within reason is the surest reason (there is not one physical condition that isn’t fixable unless you do not believe it is fixable) for your receiving the help to physically be able to truly have that energy and ability to comfortably perform without it being a major production in jaw clenching determination like you are having to do now. The jaw clenching determination comes because the brightest thing, the brightest light you have ever seen, is the dream of working in some magnificent enterprise that is more effectively addressing your fondest dream (an earth fully restored in harmony, peace and honest government)

“When a person procrastinates in making it possible to have lots more personal freedom to work much less in a formal occupation, that occupation is stunting your performance for the Magisterial Mission work. The procrastination comes from fear and lack of faith that the short fall in income or favorable circumstances are possible to overcome to have your life work out to have this calling be your true primary energy expenditure or you really don’t believe much of any of this: ‘One or the other’. That missing resolve and motivation can be brought about by extra stillness and petitioning for all you presently lack in the faith and fearlessness department. If you must have all neatly laid out in perfect safety and reassurance before you act, it will be excessively long before those qualities of character come, if ever. It is the courageous trusting action that is the catalyst for the solution to manifest.

“One device that is often seen and used by Forum members when they are faced with a difficult or uncomfortable requests for performance, is to: “Hear” private messages from Celestials that says to them that in their case they do not have to respond because their path is: “different” or:  “Special”. Oh really? As far as is the experience on this training group, that release from obligation is only and mostly used when you and everyone else would be notified in a public posting of your assignment to a group or task and it is public knowledge. It is ultra-convenient to have your training be circumvented to be left off the hook when it is repeatedly asked for your production. How perfect for you not to need to make those painful choices for the use of your time or the producing of that written received message each day or that attempt at receiving an Audio message and posting that attempt each day.

“You say your sickness or debility makes it impossible to make even much shorter receptions or less frequent messages, fine, as there is room for all places of incapacity,  it’s just important to make sure it is not a ruse or easy excuse to not do what should be done. Here in what is a world class opportunity for service with rare chances to be (we knew all about your handicap when we called you here) with and connected to the march of events, of the here to fore never heard of journey of collaboration, you are personally invited to be, a full-fledged part of. Will you neglect or procrastinate or excuse yourself out of the running by not responding to administration requests?

“This is your friend and teacher, your coach and faithful supporter, your mentor and supplier: Ocilliaya, with the loving contact and affection of the Father, directed toward you here being trained by all I say and do.  With Father and Mother, Christ Michael and Nebadonia my inspiration and full partners in my life and service at this time. I close this message using words from one of the universe languages commonly used on The Mansion Worlds and Salvington: ‘Urboytia’ let us work together and the greeting and salutation of: ‘Domtia’ Hello and Goodbye and wishing you in my heart to meet again.”

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