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Ocilliaya, Credit Where Due, 26 September 2017 Daniel, L V NV. USA
« on: September 26, 2017, 01:10:26 PM »
Subject: Credit Where Due
Category: Universal Father and Paradise Deities
T/R: Daniel A, L V NV. USA
26 September 2017, 18:10 Z

“Yes, you can begin writing Daniel. This is Ocilliaya with this to say for the helpful informing about things you need to know. But I am not speaking only to you, but all being trained on this forum. To have the grit and gumption and fortitude is now the challenge of each one. This scribe is in a crisis of keeping on keeping on. The demand to be regular and stalwart even though in his case it has only been a little over a year of very careful  showing up for his twice a day appointment, to do it with joy and enthusiasm, to face the stress and unknown that is required with each reception. Only a year and a half of only partial full time service and he is sighing and wistfully wishing for the old freedom he had for those five or six years since he was 62, when he spent most of his days reading and doing what he sweet pleased.

“Think in contrast to that fledgling and minor service, the regularity of a certain elderly man in York Pennsylvania now going on 30 years serving much more strenuously than this.  And that with much ordinary old fashioned hard work but also irritating physical discomfort, financial short fall and most of all stress and trouble with many individuals that miss understood and misconstrued his efforts, to follow the Corrective time leaders and this happening on a regular basis.  This, where now he has many loose ends of relational hard feelings or bad feelings, all a big, huge, gargantuan, misunderstanding in so many or all  of those circumstances. That misunderstanding by those in question, of only marginal maturity (contrary to their own inflated opinion of themselves) or they would instantly pick up on the true nature of the one they are holding in disrepute.

“Almost nothing is as difficult to weather and keep equilibrium in one’s personal life as the burden of former friends and associates with an axe to grind and an undeserved backlog of seeming offence, which in not even a tiny way was ever intended. Work associates are known to insinuate and even publicly call for all of you to ask for Divine intervention in his case, implying he is suffering from a grievous psychic breakdown or problem of some kind. Think of that and picture you yourself bearing up under that kind of tumult and disparagement.

“But the paragraph above doesn’t even in a miniscule way, begin to paint the whole picture of steadfast allegiance and continuance he has been unavoidably subjected to, or I should say he has chosen to subject himself to, the half of which we have not a clue. Or I should say you have not a clue because we as his Celestial coworkers know every tiny detail and every tiny service rendered and like David or whoever wrote that section of the Psalms said about the Father: ‘he has all my tears in a bottle’. The Father is very, very, aware of all we/you have been through. Can you now begin to understand the extremely high praise that is often heaped on that one by we who most are able to appreciate the true magnitude of what he has done? A lot of reading between the lines needs to be indulged in, by all, to see the footsteps you can follow yourself in this most excellent life, of a first time mortal.

“In a most visceral way the individual that I am talking about has done what he has done, yes by the power of God, but also there is a crucial ingredient that he contains in considerable amount and that is the conception and inner most heart feeling of utmost privilege of the opportunity he has, that has sustained him in the darkest hours and they have been many.  When we, you or anybody finally understands that secret for unshakable enthusiasm, which is more or less self-generated, as the way of life and approach, you can say you are safely on your way. An unshakable enthusiasm and inner excitement that feeds and nourishes us in the times of lowest ebb of energy or will to continue.

“This is Ocilliaya saying these things for the record of all time, to show we know the score of this remarkable human leader. Now all of you, in the very beginning of your race to run in full time service to The Magisterial Mission can see and take to heart to nourish you, in the same gauntlet and life of service. You have the same privileged opportunity for service of renown, being called to have similar unflinching, single-minded dedication to the crowning and matchless set of circumstances providentially plumped into your lap. It is an opening that is more honored and similar to striking it rich you could have ever hoped to come your way. Thank You for your perusal of this account and explanation which I feel contains the heart and soul of making sure of your own successful ascension career. With that, I wish you all: Good day!”

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