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Dear List, I have been reminded by some feed back on these tapes that the world uses documentation to verify what gold reserves it has at hand, but that these so called official documents ignore what spirit includes, so there is a wide deviation between what the government and financial institutions on wall street are reporting and what spirit is reporting.

I was shown a document that reports the US Gold reserves at between 300 billion and 400 billion dollars.  Spirit reports it at around 16trillion dollars as reported on the tapes I dictated in the last few days.  What gives?

Folks: spirit reports all gold available to the United States to back its debts and currency demands.  Financial institutions especially in the United States do not bother to know just what the United States owns that is not on the books of t he Federal Reserve and the federal bank in New York.  If you use only these two places of reserve deposits, the 300 billion + is accurate.  What does not show is the fact that the United States Treasury, beginning before World War II, made deposits of gold in many foreign depositories in Europe and the Middle East in particular to hedge against runs against the dollar in these countries.  the amount of gold that resides in foreign central banks and other foreign banks amounts to about six (6) trillion USD according to spirit through Serara, that Magisterial Mission.  He further reports that the central bank of London holds about ten (10) trillion in unmarked bills which are backed by gold by the finance centers in what is now the European Union.  This is collateral against the Pound Sterling and is useful every day of trading between the United States and Europe and in various guises according to our intelligence reports originating in London financial centers.

I further report that the United States has guarantees from countries like Dubai for sums equivalent to one trillion US Dollars as a hedge against a run on its exchange rate of about 1 to 5 US Dollars.  The currency that is used in Dubai is the UAE dirham, which is identified with either the Dhs or AED currency symbols. As of 2015, the UAE dirham is available in notes of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000, and it is one of the most secure currencies in the world.  In any case the government of Dubai secures its value against the US Dollar and it is in their interest to secure the exhange rate at its current level. They in Dubai guarnatee support levels backed by gold up to and including one trillion USD and this sum is reported as part of the gold reserves by spirit.  All such agreements are ratified by the US Senate and they have prepared for about six such agreements to date.

"We feel that we have been conservative in our pronouncement about what gold is available to the United States either to the US Treasury or the Federal Reserve, for both borrow against the gold within the United States and over seas and takers it for granted that the gold reserves in Dubai along with other countries are there for their use if worst case things happen in financial markets.

"I also wish to say this.  David Chuhran is the one who instigates these raids on the accuracy of our reporting.  ron answers as best he can, but he has pointed out to Chuhran that he insists on using US financial market documents who do not bother to list what actual gold is available to the United States if trouble starts.  Chuhran is a financial consultant and works well within the system, but he is ignorant our world regulations and how the United States circumvents normal reporting procedures by hiding assets like we have just disclosed above.  We also congratulate Ron for finally figuring out we are right because base what gold is available to the United States if it needs that gold to stop a run on the dollar.  Now let me affirm something to all of you who takes these tapes as worthwhile information.  They are worth their weight in gold and Ron is please he was allowed to do them, as he feels, as I do, that most of you ignor details when you read detailed financial disclosures, but in this case, and because Ron's voice is soothing, most of you caught on to the fact we are releasing trillions of dollars of gold into the world financial system beginning this week.  That does not mean you will ever see this extension of funds into your world banking systems, but it does mean that we are prepared to finance the Magisterial Mission fully and in gold when we start the process of incarnations before the world institutions that include the Treasuries of Europe and the banks of the Middle East.

"Saudi Arabia alone is worth, in gold reserves pledged to the United States if it needs them, of about six trillion dollars in gold.  They say nothing of this and we do not report them out further than to say that the Saudi King enjoys Donal Trump immensely and guarantees the Untied States they can count on them if there is s shock to the Untied States with a falling market that seemingly cannot be stopped.  Further:

"The trial for the United States is to stand firm against trading dollars for gold from Saudi Arabia for the Kingdom has a double sided whammy for the USA if they draw on their gold.  They will indemnify Aramco to stand apart from the world oil supplies until the USA repays the gold back into their coffers.  What that means is the Saudi Arabia can control the oil market once more by standing back and letting the USA get a glut of domestic oil and then freeze the pipeline to the rest of the world if the gold is not fully paid back.

"I agree that Saudi Arabia needs to do this because you have people all around the world who delight in seeing the US get a black eye to do what it wants to do if it is essential to protect the oil supply and the US dollar.  However, the USA is an old coot too and knows the game better than anyone and the American US Constitution would forbid the US to use Saudi gold reserves if it knew their plans in advance.  Do not count these disclosures to be replete because there is a great deal more to say regarding the Saudi view of the American dependence on their oil in the ground and so on.  We close with this to all who are interested in high finance:

"The United States is frightfully underfunded to take care of its obligations around the world.  When President Eisenhower was in office, he conclude about seven thousand separate monetary deals which stand today, but they have become so expensive, the United States must dissolve most of them.  Canada draws upon US reserves to the tune of six billion dollars a year for reasons we leave unstated.  However Dubai actually contributes about that same amount to the US Treasury yearly as well.  All in all we have concluded that if push comes to shove for the US Government, its debts and its liabilities exceed its ability to pay all averages closes to seventeen trillion dollars alone to China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and a host of countries that are in the European Union.  Yet they owe the US government over thirty (30) trillion dollars, and so where does spirit draw the line?  The answer is to wash them all out (the debts and the arrears payments to the US Treasury) and let us settle it once and for all.  That is a grand blessing to give the world of Urantia a fresh start in its financial affairs.  I am Serara and I wish you all a good day."

"I am not bewildered with all of this as Ron sometimes is.  Please remember he is a transmitter and not a world expert on currencies and high finance, but someday he may be as he must learn the ropes of financial agreements and spend our money at our direction all for millennium's worthy of this resolve to dissolve this debt mess on Urantia.  I have no other world in my files with such a problem and it is mostly the greed of the free world as you used to call it that created it to get ahead of the rest of the world in technology and financial gain.   Only recently has the United States been stopped raiding banks in England and France for gold they can assay into American gold ingots and that is the shame of the sovereignty of national status the US demands of England and other places where they must heed the trials of the Federal Reserve in the United States or pay dearly if their currency is on the verge of collapse.

"The Pound Sterling has a value of about $1.32 today and when Ron lived in England it was worth $2.81 (1965), and since has eroded to its present level due to the fact of its withdraw from the EU (Br-exit), shortly, and its revival not in the hearts of the countrymen who prefer the EU currency because of its better stability.  The average Englishman knows nothing about currencies and supposes one is as good as the other, but that is not true.  At some point the Pound Sterline will collapse because there are too few banks who will rally to the Pound except for the United States in its "special relationship" to the crown.  I foresee that Great Britain will split into four countries before it is reunited under the auspices of the new king, and will then join the world wide Federation of States under the Magisterial Mission's own governmental banner not discussed yet but we will ask Ron to do a tape on this subject alone as it is so very important to Urantia.

Ron Besser - We have concluded this portion of remarks on the gold reserves available to the Untied States if it needs them and that is what spirit counts as part of the US gold reserves and not the official documents that keep their reporting to physical gold in the various US depositories  and unreported in deposits around the world.  This post should be sufficient to understand what is said in the audio tapes presented earlier.  Thank you.


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Hello and good morning Ron,

I wish to thank you and Michael and Serara for this additional information.  I never have had a mind for finances so I normally take what I read here as factual when spirit talks to you.  Reading this further missive regarding gold and it's worth and availability to our country was very eye opening and explains it in such a way that even a dullard with numbers like me can readily understand what is being said.

I love to read these messages no matter how long they are as they give my brain much needed food for thought.  I feel so blessed to be a part of this Magisterial Sons Mission.

Thank you and may God continue to bless us all.

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