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Title: Believe It or Not - see message inside
Post by: Ron Besser on May 20, 2018, 11:19:43 PM
This March 28, 2018

I seldom fall for photo shopped or other video editing to make us believe the unusual, but I asked Salvington what they might know of this video or sighting.  They said ti was not a fake but was enhanced by the photographer by adding the misty portal when the ship blinked off itself.  The portal with the misty oval was truly there but the video taker addes the white to show a real doorway which our eyes cannot see.   Now whose ship is this?  No one owns up but I keep hearing the Midwayers attempted to run this release elsewhere only YouTube accepted it as worthwhile along with a skillion others most of which are fakes or truly broken films of the old past when these things occurred more often.  Now that we folks have a lot of video cameras chances are these things can be filmed more and more and never with definite answers what we are really seeing as far as the public is concerned.  Those ont his list even know some of the fleets by name but getting good ID on them is hell.  Ship type is listed by MUFON if anyone would like to look it up.   Ron Besser/


to embed in your own html output use the code below:  This site accepts the embed will not save it into the database for playing so please use the above reference to view what you wish of this ship on a merry cruise of some mountain range.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/q1Y3pVy8HME" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Title: Re: x
Post by: niant2 on May 20, 2018, 11:30:47 PM
 ;D   Curiously I had just finished watching this little movie on Youtube just before you post it in the forum!!!   ;) 8)
?,..., ??? ::)
Title: Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
Post by: Ron Besser on May 20, 2018, 11:56:07 PM
Niant2 this video was knocking around for days for me and I finally looked at it and the ship type seems to be a new version of an old theme of windows along the side to have some sight seeing probably.  It is a lovely ship and I am jealous they have such a wonderful technology you are working a new place to see and think about.   The funny thing is Michael of Nebdon banned sightt seers months ago so that makes me wonder if this might ba tech crew from one of our allies nearby and taking a relaxing jaunt to see the scenery before the go back to work wherever that might be.   Ron
Title: Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
Post by: niant2 on May 21, 2018, 12:14:29 AM
Yes, I completely agree with you Ron,..., this spaceship is exceptionally beautiful,..., and as you wrote who knows?, ..., it may be a nice little "walk" flying over our land topography, but our friends, brothers coming from another planet are very real to me and I hope to have one day the pleasure to work with them during the missions to come.
Title: Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
Post by: wendy.winter on May 21, 2018, 01:16:15 AM
Rather brave of them to do a drive-by this neighbourhood, so well known for its reputation of being rather hostile towards friendly visitors.
Title: Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
Post by: felibon on May 21, 2018, 09:55:26 AM
Wow.! If it’s not a fake as Ron said... maybe the rectangular paintings are the Ultimatonic engines 😜
I still remember when i was very interested in UFO phenomena but naturally the intuition (T/A ;-)said that this was not so important and pushes me up to Urantia/Nystoria book..

Domtia friends..

PD: is it possible to go for a trip and come back before supper time... 😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️
Title: Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
Post by: overmind on May 21, 2018, 11:45:59 PM
Hard to say whether it is credible or not. I'm certainly curious what the portal is actually for if it's real. Doesn't seem to match the technology of the ships described previously.
Title: Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
Post by: Ron Besser on May 22, 2018, 10:59:50 AM
MUFON is a non profit that tracks all UFO sightings around the world by country.  They report monthly and I receive them out of curiosity about such activity and how that is or is not a sign of progress.  I am not sure that any of it is but then people are seeing these things in large enough numbers to engage in reporting to these ship counters.

Here is a link to the April 2018 stats for UFO sightingings by each country by MUFON members to them.

Title: Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
Post by: 7inOcean on May 22, 2018, 04:05:36 PM
Ron and all,
Thank you for sharing this. I checked the MUFON site and its interesting that these sightings are prevalent in various places. It suggests to me their prevalence speaks to activity that is ongoing and for them to bare their vessels and not cloak them in invisibility tells of a tale to make it obvious that their presence is around and that more of these sightings will get the public used to this occurrence especially when that time comes when rescue vessels will most probably swoop into an event of a natural catastrophe where human life is in perilous danger. For all intents and purposes, these super crafts would not be here if they were not given the permission from the Local Universe Sovereign to invade this air space. I am sure Michael has his reasons for allowing their presence in numbers all over the place. I think the more we see them, the more the fear fades and we as humans will get used to them. Would not this be the case of such occurrences?

Title: Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
Post by: Dominick O on May 22, 2018, 06:48:01 PM
@overmind.  Maybe it's a visual of what Project Pegasus is supposed to be about.
Title: Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
Post by: overmind on May 22, 2018, 07:40:03 PM
@overmind.  Maybe it's a visual of what Project Pegasus is supposed to be about.

Andrew Basiago's claims about time travel and teleportation don't work with the UB cosmology, nor do they really make sense on their own.
Title: Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
Post by: Ron Besser on May 22, 2018, 08:53:46 PM
Thanks Dominick - that is the first time I heard of Project Pegasus.  Although I am familiar with the name of some these sub programs listed by Wiki on Pegasus.  I find fault with the article just a little bit because in its telling of the program it fails to indicate what has happened with it or if still of interest in official (government) circles.

Link:  http://conspiracy.wikia.com/wiki/Project_Pegasus

Now I am going to tell you something that should warn you to be exceedingly careful about what you believe.  This morning was taking the usual dictation when Michael of Nebadon suddenly arrived in person and layed on me a great revelation about what you see is not what you should know.  After revealing quite an extensive technical understanding of dark matter and the soot that dark matter presents to the eyes, two pages of that revelation blinked off my screen and forever lost.  I retain portions of that revelation but not the heart and soul of it and deeply lament I did not write it on the word processor but only on the edit window of this site.  The edit window on this site is full of worm holes and they can adjust it anyway they want which is still a surprise to me.  I then all but collapsed on my bed and was out for eight hours without a single memory of how I spent that time.  

This is the gist of the revelation on dark matter and the revelation about superuniverses I still retain, but I am missing some details now as the 8 hour blank seems to have cleared some of the memory:

The thing you should know about what we call dark matter is to look at a grain of wheat or oats or some grain.  We all recognize that when grain is harvested, each seed is covered by a vegetable husk we have to get rid of to get to use the grain for nutritional extraction like flour for break or cakes or pie crusts and a thousand other things.  In medieval times wheat in particular was used to make bread called horse bread that kept the hull in place, but I digress only to state that interesting fact.

You all know from reading the Urantia Book, that all matter is made from a grain called an Ultimaton in all space.  The nutrition for matter is the speck of energy called an Ultimaton that builds sub-particles which then are used pieces of negative or positively charged radium.  I mean the word "radium" here, because in my revelation on this subject, I learned that radium is the initial impulse of energy that a newly arrive Ultimaton deports to space, and with trillions of other Ultimatons, becomes a cloud of radium in deep cold space.  Now where does dark matter come from?

As I learned, every Ultimaton grain seed comes with a husk.  You hear right.  That husk is a cosmic shield that covers each Ultimaton when it enters from its force field out of the Paradise cradle it is processed in.  The Absolute of no time and no space is the Unqualified Absolute, and that force is alive and all powerful located on the underside of Paradise itself called NETHER PARADISE.

The Unqualified Absolute is super sensitive to the requirements of our area of space to reorganize itself with matter itself for new stars and the dark islands of space which are collapsed ingredients of dark matter and other constraints so super secret it would not be discussed with me at all.  Dark matter form the black density of super gravitational dark islands which are not black holes but cold matter condensed until its Ultimatons start to leave it for better usages.  Dark holes are collapse stars for the most part, but we digress to go into that discussion.

When an Ultimaton travels in groups or pods of many trillions and quadrillions of them, they form a bubble, and in that bubble of nascent Ultimatons traveling to escape into time and space, is one or two very rare type of Ultimaton that, frankly for lack of a better word, HERDS THE TRILLIONS of Ultimatons into one group to force them through a chute that surrounds Paradise that empties into time and space levels we live in and use Ultimatons to build atoms and molecules.

When forced through that force field port, the Ultimatons become blistering hot.  They arrive in our space so hot they can only be called the boiling point of materialized matter which is our science calls the atomic or electronic boiling point.  That is a sizzling 35.000,000 degrees Fahrenheit.  Here is the statement in the Urantia Book to collaborate that number:

41.7.12 You might try to visualize 35,000,000 degrees of heat, in association with certain gravity pressures, as the electronic boiling point. Under such pressure and at such temperature all atoms are degraded and broken up into their electronic and other ancestral components; even the electrons and other associations of ultimatons may be broken up, but the suns are not able to degrade the ultimatons.

We now understand that the heat of the Ultimaton is deposited beneath one cooling tower and that one cooling tower is under Superuniverses Seven and Nine.  Whaaaat????  Ron is supposed to know, I write this myself, that there are seven superuniverses period, and that each superuniverse represents the purpose of the unified purposes of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Infinite Spirit.  What is this NINE BUSINESS NOW?

I was allowed a very small glimpse into something nobody is supposed to know and I wonder what, still, this all about?  I saw a countergeiger in my mind and it measured the electronic weight of matter and that weight far exceeded what I was told was the normal weight electronically of the seven superuniverses.  So, okay, there is a lot of preparticls laying around in drifts that is  quite a number unused but in post electronic formation to be measure.  No.  I was sternly corrected by some voice I do not know who or what it was but it was dictating quite a story to hear about our universe and its guilty silence about how it works without our scientific knowledge.

The eight and the ninth Superuniverses are DATA SUPER UNIVERSES.  They are not creative and purposeful superuniverses, and they swing in orbit around Paradise just as the seven purposive universes do only they are tucked beneath Superuniverse Seven and Superuniverse Five.  Under Superuniverse Four is another type of Superuniverse never revealed for security reasons.  That would make for TEN total Superuniverses that fits the theory of a Grand material Decimal Universe once more.

I do not want to digress further from dark matter and that space ship and the dark matter controversy developing among people in our science places.

Dark matter is the hull over an Ultimaton when it breaks through the portal from on space Paradise to space time areas we live in.  When t he Ultimaton arrives boiling it must shed its husk or hull, and it is discarded in dumps you might call them in deep space.  The hull or husk of an Ultimaton's time-space entry is thrown off into Superuniverse Nine and Ten-- the last one being so super secret it is never disclosed unless there is a dire emergency of some sort I will recall for you as best I can later on.

These hulls are as hot as the Ultimaton inside them, and when the Ultimaton sheds them with a superior force acting upon them, they crack into two pieces.  One half of the hull becomes a positive charge,  The other half of the hull has no charge but is attracted by gravity now.  The part we observe we call dark matter in the universe is the half of the shell that now is pulled by gravity into clusters of dark matter and exhibits no real charge unless it is forced into what is an emergency situation for us on Nystoria and Plebium I and Plebium II (our new neighbor planets in our new System), in the new Planetary System which is moved but ground observers cannot see that by empirical evidence.  I will explain that phenomenon revealed to me in a post beneath this one to keep these disclosures separate.

Dark matter is dangerous because it contains the rudiments of the Ultimaton is reverse polarity.  We all know that anitmatter does that, and antimatter is nothin more than one half of the husk of an Ultimaton in progress becoming a Proton.  I hope you can follow that?

Recall, for some self help here, that Ultimatons have strings around those rods of interior plasma.  Blue rod plasma is an Ultimaton that likes to form electrons and neutrons and protons.  If the Ultimaton wants a neutron creation, it seeks out other Ultimatons like itself, opens it normal cover to expose the plasma and throws a long string out to another Ultimaton like itself and asks if it would like to bond to form a neutron?  If the other Ultimaton likes the proposition, it then also throws out a string to wrap around the plasma rod in the suitor's Ultimaton body.  There are seven hundred Ultimatons in a Neurton.  There are one hundred Ultimatons that form an Electron.  There are five hundred Ultimatons in a Proton.  These are important facts to recall as we reason away this revelation received today in dark mystery to me.

When the hulls of particular types of Ultimatons accumulate, that part of the hull or husk it used to get here, that one half portion, gets attracted to Paradise Gravity only.  Paradise Gravity is so slim in its exertion to attract such small specks of energy to it that these hulls represent, that it takes 100 billion half hulls to form the nipple on a pin head.  That can be attracted by Paradise, but there are many free floating hulls in space that do not yet form a cloud, that they form sort of a soot many inhabitants in planets like Urantia has to see  through.   When looking through the soot of dark matter which for us is really one half of an Ultimatons travel shell, we distort time and space.  That is what post to follow this one is all about.

To conclude this post.  My experience with this revelation is scary to me personally.  I was thrown off course in my day shortly after sunrise when I got up in a very serious foul mood over the pain I was suffering very badly.  Eve from Adam and Eve came with some qustions to ask me and I sent her packing and I doubt she will try to speak with me again.  It is my nature to scroll through old questions and to see what has been asked before and these questions were asked before many times and my body wanted nothing to do with them again because of outright painful assignations today.  I close this part of the revelation about dark matter, and remind readers dark matter is soot and not truly useful except like coal dust, it is explosive.  My next post to follow this speaks to this great danger near us now.  

Thank you

Title: Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
Post by: Ron Besser on May 22, 2018, 10:54:46 PM

Title: The Soot of Time Prevails over Nystoria & And We See Not the Truth in the Sky
May 22, 2018 York Pa 2200 local time

Ron - I had a huge revelatory experience this morning I have not yet recovered from in my body as it is very and especially worse in the pain of transition as I write this.  I can ignore it to write but little else is possible to do while it rages.

1.    I provided a small description in my previous post in this thread about the probaility of three more Superuniverses of which these three are of a different type than the first seven revealed by out current Urantia Book.  These three additional superuniverses are the primary places of cooling pre-matter from its electronic boiling point.  They are also where the Ultimaton discards its husk or hull that protect it through the space time experience after taking birth in the nether Paradise area, transported to the Trinity which dates and stamps each one for tracking purposes, and then out into time space through a space chute under superuniverse six and seven.  There the Ultimatons take eons to cool and when they do, they crack their space travel hulls which break into two piece.  One half of that hull is positive charged pre-matter for unrevealed use later on, and the other half stays in our time space area as an uncharged relic those in science call Dark Matter.

2.    Dark Matter is explosive just like coal dust is on our planet.  But this dark matter soot forces a phenomenon to occur you should know about and restart your thinking about proofs of a certain sort that do not work because of the lens of dark matter we are forced to view the sky through on Urantia/Nustoria.   Here is the revelation I had this morning about what you see ain’t necessarily true.


MICHAEL OF NEBADON has graciously allowed me a dictation again of what this part of the revelation I received earlier this morning and that dictation suddenly jumped from my word processing screen into oblivion and we must reconstruct it here now.

“I am Michael of Nebadon.  I never allow this to happen except Ron absorbed so much I what revelation he received this morning to then be distracted by considerable pain and refraction of mind objects around him, that I have to do this or he will not write the subtleties of what needs to be known in your neck of the space woods you live in.

“Urantia is two fold in its existence.  Another planet called Urantia will take the old Urantia place in Satania and Satania will move out of Norlatiadek and become a sub System to an already existing Planetary System now located in your constellation of Aries in your night sky Urantia 606 will remain as part of Satania but you who read this are no longer on a planet dying in Satania as was its fate from the beginning.  We instruct this as follows.

“Urantia 606 is experimental, and when it as Nystoria was removed from Satania recently, we retained all the life on it as well as its evolved plants and animals and all else that goes with a living planet.  WE removed the life plasm originally placed by the Life Carriers on 606 and have placed it on Nystoria, which is number 157 of Nystoriam and is only one of three planets of a secret type that System is learning exists but nothing is spoken to it since I, Michael, am tired of explaining these crazy quilt patterns that erupt ot keep the old Urantia alive and well.  So be it.

“Now Nystoriam is a new constellation acquisition from deep space in Nebadon that was in danger of collapsing due to dark matter incursions over its space areas due to an explosion on Master Spirit Four’s extra secret superuniverse beneath superuniverse four used primarily to cool Ultimatons.

“In that explosion is the secret superuniverse ten, a special type of superuniverse not used for life raising and giving, the explosion ripped a hole into the side of superuniverse four which is a primary number in the Father’s legion of space regions so unnaturally formed right now we do not reveal all that we could.

“The explosion was sub-atomic radium.  That means it was radio active but clean and would not cause radio active fever or illness to life in that area.  However, the explosion exposed something we never saw before, and that was a pile of Dark Matter that was not radioactive but inert and solid as granite rock in its place of trillions of Ultimatons still cooling there.

“As a result of finding that construction in the middle of superuniverse ten which is totally uninhabited and is twice the size of superuniverse seven, we conjectured that the Ultimatons involved were just different from other Ultimatons we are used to seeing, and that they had a far different purpose than all other Ultimatons we were used to examining for our own purposes. Now this:

“Our work is proceeding to produce Missions on Nystoria and Ron is painfully aware of my abuse of his condition, but I use his condition to examine life at a molecular point in life giving you may never learn about because it is a Deity function only.  That said, we can tell you that God prefers life like Ron but gets life like Homer Pyle most often and laments he cannot find a way out of what the difference is at all.  All Ultimatons are used in life building and giving, but only the Mother Spirits of the Local Universe can give the breath of life ever.  No other agency has that power and will never have that power for reasons you can imagine.

“In examining Ron today in his deep and sudden seven hour sleep in the middle of nowhere, we learned he has two dipoles in his head that are found nowhere else in all creation that I know of.  Those dipoles are superhuman in nature and are bestowed on any human who can lynch together the fact of existence with the creativity of existence.  That is truly Ocilliaya and Superuniverse Four and the work carried on in that placement of life.  Now Ron gets real crabby with his pain and suffering and blew us apart today by yelling at the incoming Material Daughter Eve who now has a healthy respect for Rons libido as he refuses to discuss it ever more as we have the full data on our archives for reference anyhow and he reminded her he was in no mood to answer questions in that area or any area while he was hurting so badly.  

“The revelation Ron lost this morning was short and powerful, yet it beheld the answer to some of your questions about seeing a night sky that proved you were not moved out of your old space at all.  Wrong!!

“We will get to that shortly, but Ron never dreamed he was being taken to Uversa and left to suffer what is the last day of this awful and painful recursion of nerve pain into his liver, stomach, his arms, his legs and into his cranium today and a feeling of such exhaustion he can hardly move his legs to get on the bed to lie down.  That is all true, but he also has a defense mechanism provided by the Crow who flies right over him all the time and that is our own Mother Spirit who speaks for the Deity Absolute on rare occasions.  On this occasion she let Ron know the work he lost was truly gone and it upset him deeply because he knew it was a major revelation without any pretense he could save it.  He reminds himself he must write dictation not in the editor’s window on this site but in the word processor and even there it is not safe from deletion or extraction by us so he cannot see it when he is done.  Larry Gossett experiences this somewhat and so odes Amethyst on occasion, but Ron gets it so much he goes nuts wondering how to explain hours of dictation that suddenl evaporate.  Now back to the two dipoles in Ron’s brain stem we think the Father put there at his birth for some reason, and opnly the Father knows why.

“When we say the word “dipole” we refer to two small bumps on his brain column called a brain stem.  That stem is usually very smooth on all of you, but in Ron the stem is full of ridges and valleys we have never seen before.  Ron knows enough to theorizes that absorbing the fifth epochal revelation reconstructed his brain stem into a mighty fortress for God notwithstanding his curses over the pain condition.  I saw him through a pillow at Eve so hard she blinked twice and left and that was generous because he was ready to throttle fate for what happened today as a very odd occurrence in his heart as well as his mind: do not fool with me if you want me to work for you!  We take that harshly but understand we have a man fully dedicated to God as no one else can be and we do not fully understand that as the Saints themselves had normal brain stems and worked beautifully for God the Supreme always.

“Upon examination of the brain stem on Uversa, it was determined that Ron has the mind of a very young and foolish Melchizedek.  Truly. Why? No one knows and perhaps the Father has some insight into this phenomenon but it is so strong and in ways superior in rational that we take it as a wonder in our universe that it happened at all.  I am serious Ron as you tend not to believe this kind of examination, but you yourself know you cannot compose anything with being fully assured it is the right thing to do although you shy away from that if too controversial.

“What does this mean to our Mission on Urantia?  It means that we have now two Melchizedeks in place for York.  Mantutia is his natural Supervisor. But the other one is no other than the Father Melchizedek, who watches him like slippery carrots on a hot day to keep him out of mischief he loves to get into at times.  Watch now how this jumps from humanhood to a higher spirit than anyone ever imagined possible in Nebadon.  Yet Ron insists he is merely following the course of Godship laid out in the fifth epochal revelation which he has fully absorbed in spirit and other places.  But let us proceed to today and this astounding revelation he received regarding Dark Matter and Ultimatons and the unusual phenomenon that Ninat2 and Billabong spoke of as proof no changes of the night sky meant no changes in our space System of Norlatiadek or otherwise.  Here it is:


“Ultimatonic soot has one huge drawback:

“It forces white light to linger in an observer’s eye until the photons involved are fully purged from the local space area.  That is the premise as to why you see the same constellations in the night sky even thouse the space area you are in has been revamped and you now view space through a new Planetary System, Nystoriam, that is actually located in Aries.  The old Urantia was in Cancer and saw Sagittarius as its north start.  Now in the new Planetary System, the main star in Aries known to your astronomers as Hamal (Alpha Arietis, second magnitude),  is so vastly larger you will never strain to known your true nothern direction as it appears as a new north star in about six thousand years from now.

“Why you do not observe a new night sky is simple to understand if you allow us to tell you that when Ultimatons form photons as is the case always around Nystoria, they filter all vision to the minds of observers of that night sky that shows only the photons still advancing toward the earth even if the earth should be moved.  Your main star in the north is Polaris, designated Alpha Ursae Minoris, and is your true north and star used by navigators for years as such.  However Polaris is a might eighty (80) million light years away, and its light is now removed because you are now in a new Planetary system where Hamal is your new North Star, and its light is only four (4) million light years where your new planet Nystoria is located.  We do not have the calculations when you will see the new night sky, but I estimate by Deity mind it is in about six thousand years to pass yet before the photons emitted from Polaris pass the old Urantia system by.  What all of you see in the summer night sky as it was about in actuality about sixty (60) million years ago even as Urantia was just becoming a recognizable sphere and saw a much more serene night sky than you do now.

“Ron has asked me to explain “parallax”, and that is the curious lesson you are learning above with a new definition of the term “parallax,” and to explain how the soot fo Ultimatonic hulls or husks causes this, remember that these hulls fall of pre-matter!  They are instructive always to cause blurred vision any planet must see through without ever indicating they exist at all.  Previews of early science have no explanation as to how it takes so long to see a true night sky except to explain the time it takes for life to travel.  Einstein knew this condition existed and invented the theory of relativity to explain time lapses in being able to see the present but almost always seeing the past because of distant light emissions.  However, today Einstein did come up with a formula to expalin Ultimatonic soot debris and how to calculate the true status of the emitting light bulbs in far distant space arriving so late on Urantia/NYSTORIA, that we see the past and not the present at all.

“This explains much to you you have doubts about because the idea of space soot of this type is very nefarious in a brain that says something is real when you can see it, which you cannot see the fine dust of Ultimatonic cooling. In any case we conclude with this statement.  

“Wish well to all of you as you all become brief star students in the Minor Sector of your ascension career.  Ron needs that badly and so do all of you because you believe in seeing.  Not all you see is fleeting, but somethings are because you do not have the mental tools to see beneath the surface.  Ron loves stream fishing yet fails to embrace it anymore because he no longer cleans and eats what he catches, and then considers it harmful to maybe kill a fish by cathcing it without letting it go at once.  What he does not realize is that fish is already caught in the future by itself and it dies a natural death later but if kept by Ron it would perish in the immediate presence.  It means nothing to the fish and never does Ron ever want to harm any life except mosquitoes and rats.  Even they play a part but vermin to Ron is dangerous to higher life forms and is elminated as quickly as they come around him.  Now I propose one other statement and conclude this:

“All of you love to dismantle theories especially as Ron puts them out to you to consider.  Photons are dirty protons and few know that, but a photon carries rubbish from the origins of life on Paradise, and as such they get priority for extension and then death by absorption.  On Urantia/Nystoria the planet teems with photon life due to civilization being so prolifice with light rays to light the cities and millions of other uses.  Tesla thought that silly but could never explain his views that the universe lights itself when necessary and wondered if he could learn to transmit electricity without wires.  Ron gets so vexed with so many wires at his computer and bathroom mirror he prayed for the day of self transmission of power to devices he uses such as his electric shaver or this computer.  I told him it was possible to transmit electricity if he would learn how to operate an ultimatoni furnace in the house and he smiled and agreed but had no idea how to do that.  How you dothat is to start a furnace running that burns natural gas and make it conver the natural gas to carbon monoxide and trap the monoxide into a bad and then force the bag to suirt the monoxide into the heat stream into the house,  While slightly dangerous to inhabitants, that is a way to have electrcity transmit from your electrical system that is picked up the coils in the little electric motors in computers and electric razors and a lot more.  Trouble with this explanation is the fact that carbon monoxide has a half life of 8 seconds and is dilluted immediately but carbon tetra-chloride immediately in the presence of moisture which Ron’s basements gets so full of in damp days like this one was in York today.  We will use Ron’s home to experiment with such a system and watch the chors disappear quickly where they can.  Things like speaker hookup must use cords because there is no electric motor in them at this point and Ron says to me such a motor could be placed in speakers too so long as it runs quietly and does not interfere with frequency output and I agree and that would make the world sound so much better.  Good day. Michael of Nebadon.”  

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Post by: niant2 on May 22, 2018, 11:56:33 PM

Ho! la! la!,..., your last post Ron is just amazing!!!,..., the revelations tonight of our beloved Father Creator Michael of Nebadon,..., these are extraordinary revelations, so powerful and intriguing. I'll tell you this frankly, it's a lot of material to assimilate in one reading!!!,..., but,..., so fascinating and complicated at the same time. You can be sure of one thing Ron and Father Michael, before sleeping, I will review in my head what I think I understood and ask my Beloved Thought Adjuster, Pre'Msha to open my mind in order to fully understand these explanations from Father Michael and that my first thought after reading all this,..., that i understand why having at this moment always the same appearance of the configuration of the stars (the old system). To tell you the truth, ..., Ron and Father Michael,..., all this excites me enormously!!!

Ron Besser and Father Michael, ..., thank you so much for this post!!!

Be assured that I will re-read and re-read this last post by getting up tomorrow morning with a good cup of coffee!
  ;) ;D 8)
Title: Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
Post by: Dominick O on May 23, 2018, 11:46:45 AM
@Ron: I'm glad I took the time to read through the Rayson science site some time ago so I could follow this somewhat.

@overmind: I wish we could sit down over a meal so I can disagree with your authoritative reply in a personally friendly setting instead of saying anything on a message board, when you mention A.B.
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Post by: overmind on May 23, 2018, 10:10:12 PM
@Ron: I'm glad I took the time to read through the Rayson science site some time ago so I could follow this somewhat.

@overmind: I wish we could sit down over a meal so I can disagree with your authoritative reply in a personally friendly setting instead of saying anything on a message board, when you mention A.B.

(1295.1) 118:1.1 It is helpful to man’s cosmic orientation to attain all possible comprehension of Deity’s relation to the cosmos. While absolute Deity is eternal in nature, the Gods are related to time as an experience in eternity. In the evolutionary universes eternity is temporal everlastingness — the everlasting now.

The past does not exist simultaneously with the present or future in the material universe. You can't visit that which is no longer actualized in the universe, plain and simple. You cannot go back in time, kill Hitler as a child (or anyone else), and then alter the state of the entire universe as a result. Everything would be chaos and nothing would have meaning. Immortality would not exist even after Adjuster fusion if anyone can go back and stop you from being born. Meanwhile, the cosmology the UB sets up does not allow for alternate timelines. All that exists are different projections of a possible future as well as the definite future (possibly pre-existing within infinity) that the I AM occasionally attempts to not look at. Human decisions are meaningless without consequences, and there are no consequences when decisions can be undone. Also, why does spirit not participate in this to the degree humans could if it was so easy? Why couldn't Caligastia or Lucifer escape Gabriel by leaping backwards and forwards in time? Why couldn't Michael go back and choose not to create those beings in the first place? Why has God mandated that free will be sacrosanct if the free will choices of his creatures can be removed from spirit record by the said creatures messing with time? How do you get around the fact that time travel in general has glaring paradoxes that even fiction has trouble reconciling?

Do you not see the ultimate issue at play, here? God created and controls reality. He would not allow time travel to be possible in the way that it is described. Why? It allows anyone to directly alter both God's decisions as well as his relationship with his children. It would grant any mortal or spirit being alike the ability to hamper the progress of the universe indefinitely, ignoring the fact that such a destiny would no longer hold weight in the first place because consciousness, will, experience, truth, beauty, goodness -- all things that make the growth of the soul and the Supreme possible cannot be guaranteed to last. There would not even be a true present reality. All possibilities would exist simultaneously in an ever-changing stupor of meaningless struggle. To God, it'd likely be no different than the Infinitude.

Also, how do you deem teleportation of a human possible if no one, morontial or spiritual, can do that to get around? Even the transport seraphim, who's sole goal is to transport beings around the universe, have to utilize the streams of energy in the universe to move about the environment (and while they're really fast, it's not instantaneous). The only place where the rules of space travel do not apply is Paradise, and it's not entirely clear to us what movement there will look like without a personal visit.
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Post by: Dominick O on May 23, 2018, 10:34:00 PM
My understanding is that time travel is better described as time viewing in that no is travelling around like you're describing, instead, they are observing without participating.

Teleportation in the form of transport could be more like creating portals in space-time rather than travelling though it.  Conceptually, like what the video appeared to do, just saying.
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Post by: overmind on May 23, 2018, 11:48:23 PM
My understanding is that time travel is better described as time viewing in that no is travelling around like you're describing, instead, they are observing without participating.

Teleportation in the form of transport could be more like creating portals in space-time rather than travelling though it.  Conceptually, like what the video appeared to do, just saying.

Observing the past as a form of record is possible. Stepping into that past is not. Just being present in the environment means interacting with that environment. If his claim were true that his picture was taken in the past as a little boy, then he would have altered the future.

The concept of utilizing space folds to jump ahead through space has been explained here, but that's not teleportation. That is finding an alteration in how space is distributed and utilizing that to travel a greater distance in less time. Even then, it's not visible to the naked eye, and for all we know is just a concept here on this forum. The reality of it has yet to be discovered. The same is true with the more widely discussed idea of wormholes.
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Post by: Ron Besser on May 24, 2018, 12:29:39 AM
Overmind: You wrote:
“Also, how do you deem teleportation of a human possible if no one, morontial or spiritual, can do that to get around? Even the transport seraphim, who's sole goal is to transport beings around the universe, have to utilize the streams of energy in the universe to move about the environment (and while they're really fast, it's not instantaneous).”

Ron here Overmind: We have in the Urantia Book a good example of teleportation.  In the description of vacating a planet in an emergency, the Melchizedek use a design that scramble our molecular bodies to moves us to a new residence far distant from the emergency on their planet.  These machines are huge and they can carry up to fifty thousand people at one time according to Machiventa Melchizedek and Mantutia Melchizedek in my ear right now.  In an emergency the teleportation of people is routine and not at all science fiction, at least for the Melchizedeks that is.

Paper 51:
51:2.3   “51:2.3 While there is this dematerializing technique for preparing the Adams for transit from Jerusem to the evolutionary worlds, there is no equivalent method for taking them away from such worlds unless the entire planet is to be emptied, in which event emergency installation of the dematerialization technique is made for the entire salvable population. If some physical catastrophe should doom the planetary residence of an evolving race, the Melchizedeks and the Life Carriers would install the technique of dematerialization for all survivors, and by seraphic transport these beings would be carried away to the new world prepared for their continuing existence.”

The Melchizedek machines are what is referenced in the above quote and Machiventa Melchizedek says that only one world was evacuated by such machines and that was nearby Panoptia which is a statement that got cut when the Urantia Book was edited down for publication in 1955.

The point to be made is that teleportation, which can variously be defined as moving the body of a human being (or a material object) from one place to another often quite distant and reassembly of that human or object at the new site.  This is successfully done on earth too and I point to Harry Loose who could move from one place to be seen speaking to people in another place.  Teleportation does not have to have a linear transit, but it appears it can be modified according to the need of the teleporter which is the Melchizedek case is a machine, and in Loose’s case is the personality of Loose.

I just wish to make the point Overmind, that materialism is an assembly of molecular patterns and patterns can be deconstruction both by Deity and by divinity although we in the case of Harry Loose cane dematerialize through a side technique I think is called teleportation without nemesis.  What that means is that Harry did not dislocate his molecular body structure but lost it along the way in a storage facility inside the morontial grid we have so often talked about.  We cannot motivate science well enough to provide a molecular deconstruction machine but the personality of man can teleport itself in the local areas such as on one planet through the process of teleportation witout nemesis.

There is something else we have to be careful not to dismiss, You state Overmind that the natural construction of human reality is always and truly in the present.  That we cannot view the past by stepping back.  I do not argue strongly you are wrong, but the past I remind you is part of the present and so is the future in potential.  I do not think that is hard to figure out.  What is hard to figure out is how man can review the past in memory and reconstruct its present effects as a changed future.  Teleportation though throws that askew somewhat and it is very hard to describe what you cannot see, but teleporation sets spirit vectors free, Do you know what I am talking about?  Let me explain spirit vector(s).

When I say I want to be a doctor at age 20, that is a potential stated in the presence of a now 20 year old as a material being who is locked into present reality at that point.  However, the all-seeing Father knows that I will find the present spirit vector which is a parallelogram of spirit pattern in absolute space, as it is unleashed from the codification of potentials as Absolutes in the circle of Infinity probably through the Deity Absolute,

Picture this vector unleashed by the Father for me as a paper air plane.  It is quite real and it carries the assemble circumstances to reorder one future for another.  For me to use it, I have to be somewhat like Harry Loose and open the door to changed perspective of view to deny certain other vectors that alter my future and select the circumstances that paper air plane passes to me to act upon to become a doctor.

Let me explain this way and now Michael is helping me:

Spirit vectors are sent by Father to certain personalities to order their future early in life.  Ron saw this in high school where certain classmates knew exactly what they were to become and went right to it when they graduated.  For myself, I had no such vectors whatsoever and languished for decades to find womthing to be employed by I really liied to do.  But such a vector never came to me until I was 46.  That year Father unleashed one hell of a vector for me to grasp and take advantage of and I did and I now seek work in a Magisterial Mission.  That means some spirit vectors are useless until time matures the receptor (me) and that is true of the man Dominick is talking about.  That individual Dominick knows can do teleport and can do past regressions with the help of spirit forces on our planet we have never discussed.

Spirit vectors are present today for you Overmind and it depends on how you adapt to them that determines what opportunites you take.  Ambivalence of acceptance of any proposition is countered by a spirit vector that finds its mark and more or less trains the person who receives them to turn off ambiance and brings back enthusiasm for a particular mode of action or adoption of a whole subject to learn about.

The literal and mass presentation of the real past does not exist.  However in personal spiritual experience it can be reentered and plans differently layed to alter present circumstances and all future changes when one knows the vector is position over one’s head to use for opportunistic development.

Finally, I admire Dominick’s way of telling you you do not understand what is truly being talked about.  He is not wrong to point out that teleportation is a genuine spiritual phenomenon, but that individual persons have to adopt it uses by modifying what works for which mind and how that body of the chooser is safely reacting to the mode we call teleportation.

“Ron asked me to speak to this in closing.  Ron has no use for the technique because he sees no point in learning something he is not interested in using.  Harry Loose used it effectively over and over again and he is famous on the mansion worlds to be able to appear on two mansion worlds at the same time and be conversant with all meetings in both places too.  I dare say that you Dominick are quite capable of doing that, and George Banard scared Ron out of a year;s growth by appearing in a chimera in his bed room many years ago to have a small chat on mutual interests.  George Barnard is quite capable of doing all these things yet he tires of them too like Ron does, and if there were an important use for them, both men would take it on.  Ron carries the antecedent gene to all men who can become Melchizedeks but fails to care enough about it to develop it in the past.  His spirit vector had to be held back almost 47 years and then he nearly lost it due to the heat of terrible cirumstances happening at the same time.  He survived as does George Barnard and a few others still on Urantia, but I will close that port down until we have fully established the sixth epochal revelation on Nystoria.  All will find the subject of teleportation useful but not practiced in a few short years.  Good day. Michael.”

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Post by: LarryG on May 24, 2018, 09:20:08 AM
This has been and is a fascinating subject.   When I read the references to "spiritual vectors" I immediately remembered the equally fascinating discussion we had:

Learning Esoteric Mathematics (http://forum.serara.org/index.php?topic=5504.msg47704#msg47704)
« on: January 15, 2017, 03:02:06 PM »

I did some further research since this is so interesting and that in truth,"all things are possible with the Father," and when I put "vectors in the search engine of  the TM Archives there was  quite a bit of information presented, and interestingly enough, it was presented to Daniel Raphael and the Teachers were none other than Monjoronson, and Machiventa Melchizedek.

In the discussion about Learning Esotheric Mathematics one of the papers referred to was: “New Era Transition #10 – Events and Vectors of probability; Urgency of the Default; Revelation Continues – Jan. 9, 2017"   I tried to locate  this but so far I have been unable to find it.

Hopefully both Daniel Raphael and Jerry Lane will be able to find the means  to join with Ron and settle their differences since I have enjoyed the work of both of these  Transmitters and feel they would be a definite  help to the Missions.

The information disclosed about Harry Loose and George Barnard is very enticing as we learn more about this subject.

When I read Ron's reply to Overmind stating : "
Spirit vectors are present today for you Overmind and it depends on how you adapt to them that determines what opportunites you take.  Ambivalence of acceptance of any proposition is countered by a spirit vector that finds its mark and more or less trains the person who receives them to turn off ambiance and brings back enthusiasm for a particular mode of action or adoption of a whole subject to learn about, I began wondering, as we all might, just what and how this might apply to my own "spiritual vectors"  as far as my personal hopes and dreams of "possible" and probable futures.... What immediately came up is my deep interest in  attaining some experience, however far into the future, with "Spiritual Diplomacy",.. not Political  but Spiritual.   Our planet is just so lacking in anything thing resembling truth, beauty, and goodness that on a Global Level, Spiritual Diplomacy is really something to reach for in our eventual work with the Father, Michael, and our entire Universal Administration as we aspire to Light and Life.

Anyway... just a few thoughts about this wonderful, enticing, and fascinating thread

I would like to write more on this but I have to get to a Cardiology appointment..... not looking forward to it either...........LarryG    May we all feel empowered, encouraged, and inspired to  be at one with all that is happening on Nystoria....I pray it be so.......

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Post by: overmind on May 25, 2018, 12:08:38 AM
I never considered the Melchizedek technique to be teleportation because the humans (or targets) still have to be moved via seraphic transport. It's there in your quote. The book seems to indicate that while the bodies are altered at the molecular state, they are not actually moved in space during that process. Immediately changing the location of the new body seems problematic for the soul that would get left behind.

When it comes to time travel, I am not dismissing the idea that midwayers and spirit beings can somehow reach back a few hours in their environment, but that is far different from going back to see Lincoln in the flesh, and what they are able to alter in the world is likely limited in scope. Also, for those in astral travel, time seems a little more malleable. The future and past blur together a little with the present, which is why I see it as a moving band of activity instead of a single point. It probably doesn't help that our senses alter our sense of what the present actually is. There was an interesting study a few years back (which I can only paraphrase at best). Doctors stimulated a section of the brain that was associated with the arms. After a brief pause, the person felt as if their arm was poked or manipulated in some way. The feeling should have been immediate, but it was not. Meanwhile, directly stimulating the arm created an immediate reaction even though the signal had to travel up to the brain. The conclusion was that the brain was somehow receiving the nerve signal and then sending its reaction to it back in time to make the process feel instantaneous. I think it has something to do with how the mind operates through Mother Spirit, but it was interesting nonetheless.
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Post by: Ron Besser on May 25, 2018, 11:03:53 AM
Overmind and all -
I see nothing wrong in what you say but there is a personal difference in how we look at this subject on transitional philosophy.  I happen to view that the process of teleportation embraces several ways of doing it  PLUS it is personal in variation on some levels of choice about how to enter and make it work.  It is not a straight forward proposition to enter into it but full of conviction it can be done and then to personally arrange for it to go off like some rocket to travel with.

"Ron you are correct.  Overmind sees things mathematically while you have learned that Spirit prefers to enter into the rectitude of technique you would call science in different ways and approaches.  Overmind stubs his toe on the fact that there is space involved.  NO SPACE is involved at all!  Space techniques are different than molecular techniques and space work is entirely different from molecules and how they behave.   Father notes that you do not bother flying around at all anymore and need rest so badly you can not fathom what you would learn by reentering the ideas of OBE (out of body experience), and there is a great deal to learn but you have opted to stay put to keep your own body mechanism grounded since you experience so much pain.

"What Overmind fails to understand is that teleportation has FIVE versions and a person may use  one or several of these versions at one time to use teleportation.

"Harry Loose used all five versions at once and was such a marvelous traveler he was remanded into custody twice to keep him from entering restricted areas of information he just plain wanted to understand and use for his trips abroad and in the United States.  Dr. Sadler saw to it that Harry Loose got promoted on high based on his singular ability to travel anytime he wanted to and that is an unusual and grateful version of it.  But such travel is not molecular mostly.  The Melchizedek machines are molecular and do not use space ever and that is entirely safe for humans to be moved en masse to other locations other than their home planets.  I give you Dr. Sadler:"

"lI love these dissertations Ron because you are the one who looks at them and says I see a difference in philosophy and not disagreement with Overmind in stating approximate facts.  You are to be congratulated to see that as you see his logic solid and very well stated.  Where Overmind and you really disagree is he sees the entire matter as pedantic and you see it as miraculous and the difference will always seal you two apart in thought until both of you modify your personal views as to how God works without being bothered by human logic or Spiritual abscess where he has to show you how things do not get done at all.

"Now, I am Dr. Sadler.  I was moved from my death bed to the mansion worlds by Adjuster transit.  You will be too Ron as we both experience a high degree of success in understanding revelatory exporations, and we both enjoy the idea of God enjoying the way we do our work together and apart from each other wherever we are.  That means space does not enter in to the picture Overmind, as Ron works with all of us in sleep regardless of how tired he is right now.   I also sense you are fighting a draw bridge Ron - what is it? [Ron: vaguely felt Dr. Sadler - I am not sure it is anything at all.]  You are feeling the Supreme pressing you to get on with another point you are aware of and that is that Overmind misses the point entirely in some ways - you take it on now. . . ."

Ron here again.  I take exception to only one thing Overmind, and that you did not directly state it, you imply that you give considerable credence to the scientific idea that the brain is responsible to produce almost all or nearly all the phenomenon that Spirit actual provides and does.  The brain is a sensational machine given at birth, but it is already prewired for certain abilities-- for example: transmission work you used to do well.  That is not an estrangement to science for Ron has it down pat how it works factually, but you view it as a false positive and will never allow minds to affect your mind if you can help it for that reason alone.  Hence you fight this work as though it was a surreptitious allowance into tales and fables you rather not touch ever again.   Your Adjuster speaks:

"I agree with Ron completely Overmind, but you are in charge of the present situation only.  You take for granted that Ron is a fluid machine of thought and he does turn the tide of thought skyward in order to either pretend he knows something or he does know something, but he never quiets down to make much sense to you in statements you just do not believe.  Ron also does not care you do that and is satisfied to give you your due.  In any case Overmind I work hard to keep you of trouble regarding all the things you want to know but are so ham fisted you miss the way in completely over your damn need to be pleased with gaming you insist on is better for you than transmission work.  I see you working with Ron quite well when you are so perplexed by complicated situations he already knows exist but you discover for the first time, but his explanations insult your intelligence you say and you drop out to avoid snarling at him over such issues.  I am your Thought Adjuster and I can clear most of the angst between you two, but Ron is a grand religionist and your Overmind attempt to be the grand scientist.  He is better at it in the grand style than you are in the grand style mentioned, but neither of you appreciates the other for having good and original ideas to work with.  Ron gives you full credit for marvelous logical work as he can be that logical too, but allows God to enter the picture too as the will of God holds many wonders to make scientific discovery fit quite well with the world of swallows and tad poles you prefer to have all the time.

"I have seen you graciously accept Ron on several fronts as he does for you all the time.  He happens to value your cold water wash over his head if he gets too far afield, yet you hold him below you in the telling of information you cannot really get a hold of.  This is one area you utterly fail to understand what Ron takes for granted, and that is the brain is but a bus station with incoming trials to be this or do that from Spirit.  Science will never understand that until they fully understand what an Ultimaton is, and Ron is way ahead in all of that on Urantia/Nystoria, and makes hay with such discoveries with Rayson any time Rayson is pleased to add a touch or two of things to Ron's knowledge on the subject.  You Overmind do not touch the subject from sheer boredom with the idea and from the delicious idea they do not matter at all.  I am sure you two could discuss the fabric of space with you learning a lot Overmind, but Ron leaves that to Rayson because he is sure he really does not comprehend the Unqualified Absolute at all but enjoys the talks about it very much.  On the other hand you do not dismiss the subject of Ultimatons but hang nothing important to know on it.  Good day."

"Ron you take no exception with the mind of Overmind and admire his strong defense of matter as mostly correct in your view too.  Where you differ with him he is dismissive of God, when God fails to fit the science he feels is irrefutable.  I see you smile at that as that is a true sticking point between you and you keep wondering where the better logic Overmind holds goes in moments of his frustration about not understanding a principle between you.  Overmind understands you better than you think, but you give him the day as you do here.  I on the other hand see you as the winner in most cases since he dismisses disagreements with you as your fault and not his fault over points of logic you accept but care nothing about because it does not go far enough.  I talk about these things because the difference between the thought of Ron and Overmind, is what we have to overcome on Urantian/Nystoria.  When we do we will have one world religion.  Do you understand Overmind that your refusal to transmit is your refusal of paganism, and that is how you truly see it.  I rest my case for now."

"Ron sees your refusals on Spirit as unjustifiable arrogance, and it is.  But we have to overcome that set of attitude on Urantia before we can really have a Mission, Overmind.  You do represent the hard headed belief on Urantia that science knows better than anything else you can do in life because it is always true when facts are verified.  Ron automatically saw you did not agree in facts or studies.  But you place too much emphasis on empirical evidence and assign phenomenon that are appearing to be scientific as a matter of cause.   Ron is quite positive God the Supreme is so active on Urantia right now it will confuse this List to the point they drop back even further because they hold, mostly, the same approach to empiricism you do Overmind.  Ron gets all sorts of kudos up here because he refuses to compromise mind to mechanical theories you love to play with and utterly fail to make much spiritual progress because of it.  Yet you do well in your immediately environment and Ron does not because you diverge so widely in your philosophical views.  I dare say I see Ron smile as he types this and fully agrees with me on this and he started this post by saying so now that I see it fully.  I trust you and he are not at odds on much but in this you are so different in approach, he wins the approvals and you sit still wonder where to look next to get out of Dodge while you can.  Good day."

Ron here - I have known this since we met Overmind.  I do not hold you harshly at all, just short sighted.  You really do try but give up when explanations bump up against the hard rock of your idea of infallibility.  The idea of Pope Science being infallible is as silly as saying a human who holds that position in the Vatican is infallible which of course he knows is not right to say so,  but the victim is not the Pope but the layperson who feels forced to believe some of it.  That is, in a nut shell, what this population earth has to reform and you are among the worst in keeping the secret you half believe me in this.  Hence you are really a wonderful test case to argue things with as you show the contentions of empiricism that is not good enough to see into the real problem on earth, and that is the failure to give credence to God and his superior actions over the logic of time and space.  Thanks all for listening.


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Post by: Clency on May 25, 2018, 11:33:09 PM
Finally, having weighed the pros and cons – spiritual and scientific arguments – about human teleportation which in my view is not totally explored on both sides, eventhough they are of the same coin, however I am more incline to give more credits to the spiritual part of it and not disregard for the best the scientific counterpart. This final anylysis of mine brings me to realize whether, in a far future – in the era of Light and Life – human beings will be able to use this spiritual technology to move from place to place, without physical transportation, in the like of Harry Loose. My imagination is just on full steaming.  ;) Domtia
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Post by: Dorian on May 26, 2018, 08:04:01 AM
This topic has been a very interesting read.  Kind of reminds me of Isaac Asimov's very famous book titled, "Foundation", which deals with a great story whose main concept is teleportation.  According to Wikipedia, "Teleportation is the theoretical transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them."

My contribution to this subject is this:  Upon studying our Urantia Book and how many different modes of travel are available on the Mansion worlds, there is no mention of using teleportation at all that I could discover.  It seems to this pretty used up mind that if it was viable and easy way to move around, that these worlds that have been around for billions of years would be using it and it would have been mentioned.  However, on the other hand, it seems to me that if a being of any kind is incarnated on this planet as in the case of the Melchizadeks that are coming here, that they must arrive by some sort of teleportation.  Just food for thought.

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Post by: Ron Besser on May 26, 2018, 10:33:40 AM
Dorian, the Urantia Book does mention it as the Melchizedeks use a variety of that concept to move an entire population of a doomed earth off the planet and deposited asleep on their new new home planet.  See my post above as I give you the UB reference saying what those machines do.

Second, Clency:  You choose to sit on the fence.  I do that myself quite often.  But I think Michael makes it clear that those affiliated with the beginning of the Urantia Book could and did teleportation on behalf of the founding of that epochal revelation.  It is not that it is not doable, it is just Urantian is so unexperienced in matters of spiritual possibilities it looks down it nose to such things including people who can transmit the Voice of God, while we are at it. 


"You Dorian read so poorly you do not get the basics out of a post and you have no idea how you skip these things.  Long posts are never really liked but when I have something to say it takes a lot of words sometimes to get the concept apart from just normal lazy thinking.  Clency tries hard and skips too much too.  Dorian does not even bother sometimes and Ron is completely confused by your interests when you do not bother to study revelation that is offered between epochal revelation.  In the future you will be forced either to study material or just forget trying to comprehend what we do while you are in the flesh on Urantia/Nystoria.  Good day.  Michael."
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Post by: Dorian on May 26, 2018, 08:01:50 PM
First and foremost, you do not know me well enough to call me lazy or stupid.  Not even by pretending it is Michael talking through you.  I am a very intelligent individual who scores pretty high on IQ tests I have taken.  Your insinuation that I don’t know how to read and digest what I have read tells me so much about you.  You, nor your supposed Michael, really read what I wrote and your rebuttal tells me that.
I made the comment that teleportation was not used as a “STANDARD” mode of travel on the Mansion worlds.  I never even implied that there was no such thing as teleportation.  I have probably read more books of every kind in this world than you have ever even seen.  But I digress.
I have been a member of this Forum for almost 2 years and in all that time there is not one celestial promise made through you that has come to fruition.  NOT ONE.  I know that Jesus was so upset and hurt when he realized that Judas was about to betray him to his enemies.  Jesus,  knowing in his heart of hearts what was about to soon transpire, only bid him to be on his way and do what he must.  He then told the others that someone would betray him, someone at his own table.  He did not call Judas names nor even mention his name.
This is the same Jesus that is our Michael bestowing himself on earth on our behalf as well as to fulfill his final bestowal.  This Michael that I know would not belittle himself to stoop and call one of his earthly children either stupid or lazy nor state that I would be forced to do anything.
Ron, you overstepped your bounds by using celestials to say things that you are afraid to say yourself.  You pretended to be my friend and I even called you my brother and mentor.  In this respect I have to admit I have been a fool. 

Now I know why so many others have left this forum.
That is over.  As of today, you can delete me as a member of this forum.  I wish to leave this family of spiritual believers.   Spiritual believers that I still believe in and will always think of as my extended family.  To my many friends, I bid you God’s peace and love.
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Post by: Ron Besser on May 26, 2018, 10:09:36 PM
Dorian, I do not think you are or do I call you lazy or stupid.  But you skip lessons. 

It is okay that you wish to find easier pastures as I think you are more comfortable there.  I wish Dorian well and have no regrets that you need and want a change.  Best wishes to your new adventures.

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Post by: niant2 on May 27, 2018, 12:06:26 AM

My dear friend and brother Dorian whom I love with all my heart

What matters most is your relationship with your Thought Adjuster, ..., with the Father !!!!

What others think does not matter!!!!!,

(   My text for Dorian was longer than that, ..., I think I felt the majority of my text for Dorian was censor!!!!   )

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Post by: overmind on May 27, 2018, 12:53:46 AM
Ron, I trust the first section of your comment was just about the Melchizedek technique? The thing is, if you want to discuss teleportation, space/location always has to be a factor. Teleportation literally means to be physically transported across space instantly. If you're going to say space is not involved with the Melchizedek technique, then you are basically saying the given subjects aren't moved during the process, meaning it doesn't count as teleportation. I would agree with that. Meanwhile, transporting your consciousness to a new place does not count as teleportation either because you aren't moving matter in the process. Even if you want to argue that a body of matter can be recreated elsewhere and consciousness can be forced into it along with the recreation of mind, that doesn't explain what happens to the soul that is left in the original location. I sense spirit is wise enough to avoid deconstructing the morontial souls we've worked hard building up. If this wasn't the case, it seems it would be far more efficient to just recreate every human that died instead of ferrying them to Mansonia One. But then if you can just build souls like that, including their contents (experiences with survival value), it would seem mortal life is not that valuable. In sci-fi, teleportation basically kills the target and recreates their newly-living vessel, with the philosophical question of whether the transported individual is still the same person. The missing elements are the personality, the soul, and the Adjuster. Teleportation in the physical sense (the definition I have always been using) leaves out those elements in the process (at least when considering how it has been imagined previously). The distinctions between our definitions are important. I also do not include the idea of wormholes as examples because that counts as moving through distorted space, not appearing at a brand new point without movement or the transfer of energy.
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Post by: Billabong on May 27, 2018, 01:53:30 AM
Ron, you are succeeding in whittling away at your forum membership to fulfill your statement of 75% to 80% shrinkage over the past few months.

Dorian is a fine person and, as you have done previously, you belittled this gentleman by using Our Beloved Creator Son, Michael, to pass your own twisted message as if it was His!  How dare you commit this blasphemy on the pages of your precious forum!  

This is just more evidence that you have moved well off your charted course, that your pilot is unable to alter the direction you have  chosen to take. I pray that you realize that you are in uncharted waters, come about and find the True Compass that points us Paradiseward. 

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Post by: Ron Besser on May 27, 2018, 07:36:14 AM
If this list was just to have good touchy feely relationships, it could not exist. Good relationships are essential of course, but the priority is to open minds to their own improvements, and frankly, resistance is very high in most people to do that.  That is because we all have our favorite viewpoints about what we believe and why, but if the mind refuses acceptance of an entirely different way of moving or living, the person with that mind will kiss us off.

In your mind Billabong, you are typical of the breed that lasts for a long time but you get less and less hunger fulfillment without understanding other people care too, and I do, but  there is always a principle involved on this site that will not tether anyone to stay or believe longer than they can stand it.  Dorian cannot stand it anymore, and he said so, and I understand that, and they move on.  Even God cannot undo disgust with endless provocation to do better, yet if anyone, Dorian, you, me, wants the satisfaction of progress in these areas of deep belief and, yes, solitude, then one has to become better prepared to listen rather than promote only.

There is nothing I can say to you or anyone that spiritual information is entirely valid for some minds at all.  There are types of minds that are highly sociable, and they are also entirely correct in how they go about assigning spirit as their guide.  I happen to agree with Dorian that he is right to be fed up for his reasons and let it go at that.  I take no blame for opening a site that actually begins to realize that no one can achieve what they want by not working harder than they want to.  Dorian is an entertainer and he needs people and less gimmicky ways of being satisfied he hears God perfectly well.  That explains more than Dorian seems to understand, and that is he needs his way of life more than to learn a process that seems out of reach.  So be it and I am not angry or upset with anyone who sees the writing on the wall.  I sincerely wish him more comfort and well being  than he has had in the past couple of years with all that has happened to him.

That said, Billabong, you are critical of a process used here to enforce the muse in your own mind that the trial to easily learn the protocols of the religious response are driven more by your own believe system than by God.  I do not enforce anything but being rather pleased we have about seven transmitters out of the battle to overcome egotistical blockages and to actually achieve something that gratifies the self without it becoming predominant.  I do not think it has escaped your attention that we have lost those who do not see the point of taking the hard road when the easy way to live is their way without putting much of the shoulder to the wheel to improve their attitudes or their concerns for their fellow man.  That is the way Urantia/Nystoria is today.  Most here grudgingly accept that and do not argue with anything produced except the failures of the introduction to see visibly the fruits of Missions that still remain hidden.  I cannot help that and that is not the result of me getting it wrong but of condtions you have been lovingly instructed are hard and ugly to overcome.

I accept nothing of your lecture about how I am at fault for insisting on some evidence of performance over a lengthy period of time.  Dorian is both frustrated and angry and that is also not unusual in this business of revelatory discussions.  I thank you for expressing your viewpoint, but at the same time I see nothing you need try to change as this site insists on some qualification to doing too little to get the spiritual ideals of mind fully into place for your benefit and at times the list's benefit.

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Post by: Ron Besser on May 27, 2018, 08:36:30 AM
Overmind and others,
We speak of these things maybe too glibly.  I am not a good user of these devices of protocol to move myself around at all.  I have not particular conscious reason to do that and just experimenting for the sake I can say I did something has not been my particular view point at all.  That is partly why I maybe am too loose with the definition of the term "teleportation," but I do not mean to be.

We also cannot quite agree on what that term means I suspect.  To me teleportation is moving the physical apparatus to another location while remaining in the original location.  That correctly sounds like a contradiction in terms until you realize that the body is a machine, and God can replicate the body without blinking an eye to do that and send it elsewhere and thereby, existing in two states at once.  However, you correctly state that one has to qualify what teleportation is to be correctly subsumed in its definition by insisting that the user of that terms must always understand that teleportation involves space location.  I agree fully with that point Overmind and that is a safe area to work from.

The Melchizedek machines which I point out to you, are devices that use molecular patterns to do their work.  They physically move a human from a planet and put him on another planet.  However, I admit I may be wrong when saying this is a type of teleportation, but then what do you call it?  The Melchizedek machine does not allow a person to exist in two states at the same time other than briefly as in transit from point A to point B.  However, I also note that teleportation can be useful as the concept either for molecular disturbances to move A to B.   But I do add there is an alternative method in which the bestowed  personality can do it differently by establishing a route through space without the machine the Melchizedeks use.

If you take exception to this, let me know.  I am a true novice at this kind of concept and it seems improbable I will ever use it although I can travel, but usually without ever knowing consciously I did.  I also know that Machiventa Melchizedek is serious when he says that machine was used only once and let sit in the warehouse because it was a scary experience for the Melchizedeks to use it as it took forever to move one million people to a rather short distance and they came out of it feeling groggy and sleepy and dissonant-  here dissonant means they could not always tell how they were feeling exactly as their source of God had temporarily unavailable, or otherwise weakly drawn.   Mind adjutants and other spiritual indwelling of circuits were slow to recover their former strength in most of those individuals.

Teleportation is not an end all way to move the self in space to do the will of God  when it is essential what needs to be done who can teleport is urgent.  Harry Loose could do this and you need read only his discussion of it in the Sherman Diaries (I so enjoyed myself) to get a good feeling how it felt for him to do it.  Harry Loose was somehow involved in establishing rapport between the various clairvoyants of the day and he succeeded well enough to all the Sadler Forum to take shape without a lot prodding to get professionals and spiritualists to come together for critique of the Urantia Book Papers.  This area is so poorly known I do not know if any historian will catch on to its importance to obtain teh Fifth Epochal Revelation translated into English and critiqued by humans who were a mile above most of the population at that time both in spiritual acumen and brains.  But there are other techniques I hear hinted at but not discussed yet.

I would like to hear your idea concerning how some things we know about do, or do not,  qualify for the definition of teleportation at your leisure.


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Post by: overmind on May 27, 2018, 08:24:25 PM
I would say what you describe is closer to a kind of projection, like astral travel but with a different kind of body used to ferry around the person's consciousness. I think the movement of consciousness and things are just separate categories entirely.

I actually had a novel idea about another possible form of travel the other day. It was where you invite a copy of the universe into you. Instead of traveling yourself, you would be moving the outside world through you. You scroll through it like a web browser. Your avatar is just a holographic model of how you wish to interact with the version of the universe you are pushing past your mind. The energy body never leaves the physical body. It's like the Adjuster taps into a universal database and throws you in a snapshot of everything in a given moment.
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Post by: LarryG on May 27, 2018, 09:23:43 PM
In similar vein of thought, I
Browsed through some interesting cases of bilocation today .....of particular interest were those involving Padre Pio
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Post by: DaCandyMan on May 27, 2018, 10:17:55 PM
Hi Dorian I would just like to discuss Some of my views on your dissatisfaction over Ron's reply to you.  For me personally I dont believe he or Michael regard you as lazy in terms of comparing you to someone who is completely useless at wanting to do anything at all.  I believe the laziness they refered to is strictly about leaving your comfort zone and think in a different way.  I for one dont believe you are a lazy person and stupid by any means, you probably does score higher than me in any Iq test nor anyone else will consider you to be inferior.  Let me just say this, you said Michael will never say these things to a person or jesus but is that really true? I remember Michael has different modes he enters into to fit for different purposes, for you Dorian or for anyone else he merely want to challenge you to get you to move out of your comfort zone.  For me personally I am also stuck in this comfort zone, while i did experience intense suffering and trial it has been awhile since i experienced real challenge.  I also understand environmental ease is not suitable for character and spiritual growth and that eventually we have to say to ourselves that we had enough holiday and its time to get some real work done.  Trust me Dorian I know how it feels to be openly criticized, it hurts deeply and especially when you believe its untrue.  Remember when Jesus openly criticized Judas and his pride was so hurt he want to seek vengeance, im sure you have moved beyond that already.  when he spoke to people who are more intelligent he gave advice and criticized their ways, and for the general public he just gave encouragements and words of comfort because he knew they simply dont have the character strength to take anything harsh.  i dont want to sound like im better than you or believe what everything Ron says is correct, i have my own problems and while i dont enjoy being openly criticized im happy to take a few hits from Michael or Ron if that makes you feel any better. All im trying to say is while you may have lost faith in magisterial mission but dont completely disregard all other transmissions done by Ron.  Dorian i hate conflict and i dont want to try to change your decision or anything but try to think things through and understand why we are here? I think this is all im going to say, i could be completely wrong with what i just said but its just how i view this whole matter.  Thank you
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Post by: 7inOcean on May 27, 2018, 10:54:07 PM
May I ask two questions here as this "teleportation" discussion proceeds:

1. Is there a need to make a distinction between material science and Spirit reality?

2. Or can material science, when pre-matter becomes a known fact, be married with Spirit reality?

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Post by: overmind on May 28, 2018, 12:12:12 AM
May I ask two questions here as this "teleportation" discussion proceeds:

1. Is there a need to make a distinction between material science and Spirit reality?

2. Or can material science, when pre-matter becomes a known fact, be married with Spirit reality?

Science is the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical world through observation and experiment. Human science is material by default, and exists as a process. Meanwhile, spirit reality is a thing or a set of things that we can hardly interact with or know about without direct revelation. The primary example of spirit reality in human life is our relationship with God, and the UB is quite clear that this has little to do with the realm of science. The two things you speak of are opposites in multiple ways, like comparing apples and gymnastics. Even when looking on the side of spirit, you're still comparing a process with a set of facts/meanings. You can use Rayson as an example and say he indulges in material science whilst being a part of that spirit reality, but to him it is just science, and he studies the differing elements of universe reality -- a system that merges the functions of matter, energy, morontia, and spirit. But maybe I'm just not interpreting your question correctly.
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Post by: wendy.winter on May 28, 2018, 01:55:55 AM
@overmind, Oh my goodness .... apples and gymnastics - good one! I get your point. Cosmic synthesis can never be achieved when examining only one layer of reality as Ron explains using sweet liqueur, ginger ale and whipped cream;
"Take a high ball glass. At the bottom put in a sweet liqueur which flows almost like molasses.  On top of that place the ginger ale on top of the liqueur, and on top of that put some whipped creme.  
Look at the glass as build above and view the layers of elements we built the drink with.  Now convert in your mind that the layers you see are vibrational tones.  The sweet at the bottom is heavy and sweet.  These are materialized reality such as tables and rocks and your body;  Look at the ginger ale over the sweet materialization materials, and those are morontial frequencies that are invisible to us.  Notice the ginger ale is redder and sweeter and the bottom than the ginger ale is near the whipped cream.  Invisible morontial vibrational frequencies this ginger ale represents can be colored by the sweet material energies at the bottom, but as they become higher and more like spirit energies (the whipped cream) they lose their mix of colors and become almost as spirit.  Morontial energies gradually become spirit on the graudation morontia world number seven called Jerusem.  Finally, spirit energy at the top has hundreds of variations of frequencies and even disappears to spirit eyes when it is so pure even high spirit cannot see all those whipped cream designs at the very top.  The Father is more than spirit and his energy is not viewable except by the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, and I would guess the Master Spirits can visualize those high super spirit energies of the existential Deities."
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Post by: roger krupa on May 28, 2018, 03:41:12 AM
Having been exposed to things like "Star Trek" and similar shows from a young age I have no problem with advanced technologies or alien races.  I have seen many of these concepts become reality.  We now have talking computers, holodecks, 3D printers (primitive replicators) and now I am told that the Melchizedeks have transporters.  Knowledge marches on.  

I watched the UFO video that was posted on this site.  I then went to the MUFON site and noticed that most recent UFO  sightings were of triangular shaped craft.  These, I believe are TR3-B antigravity vehicles made in the USA.  I have seen cylinder shaped objects on two occasions, but never anything like this.  I read something a while ago about navigating folded space using something called rapier-sonics.  Something to do with ultimatons and a coating on the hull.  I used to be good at science, but this goes over my head.  (I was not good at math)

Whatever is going on around us, I have faith in God above, God within, and God's Will for this sorry little world of ours.  May the Mission be a success,

Domtia, roger k.
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Post by: Pliktarious on May 28, 2018, 06:48:39 AM
Since the conversation is about ufos, teleportation, and other strange things ,I would like to share an experience which I remember to this day. I was reading a book called "how to contact aliens on our moon ". So he described how to go about it like this , I was to sit on a chair and meditate and at the same time concentrate on words  (I want to make  contact ) and to envision these words in 3D, so I did that to the best of my ability. The target was a ufo in orbit around the moon,I did not believe for one minute that this was going to work but decided to carry on with it just for the fun of it. After about twenty minutes ,I was flung out of my body to find myself in dark space very close to the moon and near a ufo.I got such a shock from what happened and was not sure what type of aliens I was encountering so in an instant I was back in my body again, that was the last of my remote viewing or "astral travelling ".This sounds like sci-fi but I think humans have lots of abilities, which they are not conscious off .Ingo Svann was a very talented remote viewer and you can read some of his books in pdf form, Namaste. 
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Post by: Ron Besser on May 28, 2018, 10:54:20 AM
Folks, here is a Steven Greer video lecture with other UFO enthusiasts and  many, many, white dots in motion in the night-sky observations.   The video is too long to sit and watch it comfortably as it is 2 hours and 43 minutes in length:
- - -
And I want to mention this:

1 - teleportation reference

I scanned through it to get the idea of what is on it and at 1 hour 3 minutes there is a reference to UFO teleportation and the camera picks up a vertical energy that glows in the monochrome lens they were using before it blinks out again.

2 - Note the very beginning
I am convinced Steve Greer is telepathic.  Note as he starts his introduction he suddenly stops and hears something and confuses what he hears as coming from the lecture hall.  Stops.  Then stammers around until he recovers something and begins speaking about what films are showing.  There are also several dark screen episodes which did not show pictures on my browser and maybe they will show okay on yours too.

3 - General Observation

This is a very long and not sensational to me, but is more like an ornithologist talking about all the bugs he saw one night.  It is on the surface very good science, and underneath the presentation, a big story to be told here.  Something else is going on with S. Greer and I do not know quite how to put this:  He is not a pathological observer but a standing point of light to UFO residents and they greet him as though he is one of them.  Now that is an impression and not quite meant as literal as it sounds, but Steve Greer carries a mantle like a welcome mat on the porch in your home that opens your door to people without a verbal sound.  His silent message to them is "we are here so say hello please."  I say these things to you so you watch for more than rather pedantic UFO white dots in the sky vision most people are aware of only.   Be aware of this man's radiance and see how he carries that energy in his mind even as speaks.  He is not working as a clairaudient/clairvoyant but as a spokesman for phenomena far more complex than an unidentified flying craft.

I also feel that Steven Greer is a natural case study for we humans who love to know more but are so hampered by our own intelligence we obscure what we might see more.  But notice the people who go out with him as they camp out in lawn chairs under a night sky and then do some hard meditation.   These people who go with him are amplifiers to UFO commanders and they do what I call dipping their ships wings to the group as they go about their business of flying the night sky to go elsewhere in our solar system.  Do not forget we are a very rare solar system in just one respect:  We harbor a race of non breathers in mid orbit today around an unseen planetary system very close to us.

There is an interesting use of speaker sound he calls SENSORS which emit warbles and beeps in some of this coverage.  I do not know if he invented them to use to take with them at night, but there are several of these gadgets that get set off when the electromagnetic wave from the ship is detected by them.  I hardly watched all nearly three hours of this presentation but I was deeply impressed that Greer works in a universe I am not sensitive to at all.  Some of you are and you will likely find this excursion to be with a best friend in this man who loves the work very much.

A note to viewers: Pass your mouse over the bottom of the picture to make visible the track of the video.  If you do not know it already, when you place your mouse over the time tracking line, you can move your mouse to the right and see what else is coming up and when you move to a later time indicated and click on it you move the tape play to that point.  That is how I scanned the nearly three hours in about fifteen minutes.

Thank you
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Post by: LarryG on May 28, 2018, 11:59:51 AM
Ron, Thank you for  your post and references to Dr. Steven Greer and his work along with many all over our planet, to get the "disclosure" of the UFO and ET subjects brought into the light of understanding.   I have followed Dr. Greer's many years of work through many interviews, seminars, books  and  magazine articles. He along with  a few others have worked tirelessly bringing  this subject up.   He also  was instrmental in getting a Mock Congressional hearing televised which was so interesting and brought forth many people and presented the most credible evidence to date.   If any are interested:    Steven Greer: Citizen Hearing On Disclosure 2013 HD - YouTube  

and (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgKMgJKLB5s)

I never know just how indepth a discussion can be on our forum since it has been "touched upon" and talked "around" a few times.   There is, of course, and unfortunately, such a stigma of ridicule that still, in this day and age, is  cast upon those who promote any credence into the entire subject.....which is one reason  I have not pursued the subject here on our forum, since our forum represents Spirit and the various Missions coming to Nystoria, and our Universal Administration.
When this information was put on topic a few days ago, I was thinking about Dr. Greer and whether to reference his work.  Dr. Greer is  very dedicated and committed and has worked with our Congress and has tried to include a couple of Presidents through mail as well as other Government Officials throughout the planet to be seriously heard.

Thanks again for  putting  this up for any who may want to check it out and do some very interesting research on this topic....LarryG
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Post by: stanleyhlatshwayo on May 28, 2018, 04:04:12 PM

(http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/images/Lighterstill.jpg) (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=File:Lighterstill.jpg)
(http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/images/Teaching_buddha_small.jpg) (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=File:Teaching_buddha_small.jpg)
[li]2 Facilitators (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=2008-01-08-Orbs#Facilitators)[/li][/list]
[li]3 Session (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=2008-01-08-Orbs#Session)[/li][/list]
Topic: Orbs
Group: 11:11 Progress Group (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=11:11_Progress_Group)
Teacher: Bzutu (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Bzutu), Samuel (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Samuel)
TR: George Barnard (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=George_Barnard)
Bzutu: “We have trained (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Trained) you as far as we can train you. When it comes to receiving our messages, we can assist you no further. And so it behooves you to proceed with confidence (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Confidence), and not to consider your shortcomings. You and I and everybody else have our shortcomings. It does not pay us to dwell on these, but rather, it would be profitable for us all to expand our talents, our capabilities, our unique (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Unique) individual (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Individual) capacities. I will step aside for another, and it now appears we must wait for a short time. This is Midwayer ABC-22.”
(We wait some 3 or 4 minutes).
Samuel: “Thank you my dear Midwayer (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Midwayer) friend for facilitating this exercise (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Exercise) in communication (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Communication). This is Samuel. This is your Teacher Samuel of Panoptia (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Panoptia). I was momentarily otherwise engaged. The promised communication about orbs that was cut short on our previous meeting is what I now have in mind (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Mind).
“Communication (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Communication), you will find, becomes an evermore important aspect of life in the morontia (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Morontia) worlds, pre spirit worlds, and spirit (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Spirit) worlds, as ever-greater groups of individuals will be involved in projects of all kinds.
“It is on those occasions when they have a project at hand relating to your world that communication devices are placed at their disposal. The early morontia individuals on the Mansion Worlds (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Mansion_Worlds) are mostly in a situation where they still have much to learn, and so, it is with a device called the Harp of God (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Harp_of_God) that they can enjoy, and learn from, regular universe broadcasting (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Universe_broadcasting).
“As they advance, as they proceed, as they get to a situation where they are in pre spirit life, they may have an involvement that deals with activity (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Activity) with particular brothers and sisters that are still ‘in their mortal (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Mortal) clothing.’ The well-advanced pre-spirit individuals will no longer judge, they will no longer criticize (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Criticize); they will no longer be surprised at any happening (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Event). You may now consider them to be ideal (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Ideal) parents (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Parents), who only want the best for their mortal children in true unconditional love for these children (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Children), without exception or condition, without judgment (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Judgment) or question.
“And it is on these occasions when they are interested in a project, or mortal individuals that still dwell on the planetary systems that they are presented with the communication device we earlier discussed. These are the orbs of different sizes and different colors (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Colors) that occasionally appear in your photographs. For those in higher realms, involved in projects that go on at a terrestrial (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Terrestrial) level these devices that are minded, that can be instructed, that can take individual instructions, and yet are not endowed with a personality (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Personality), are of immense value (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Value) to those who must have their fingers on the pulse of terrestrial happenings.
“The orbs that you will see more and more often in this, the Correcting Time (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Correcting_Time), are not spies because there are no spymasters. They are not divisive; they are simply living devices that keep their superiors, their owners, those at higher levels, up to date with the goings on that particularly concern them.
“Orbs are not Angels (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Angels). They are certainly not ‘long lost relatives’ or Spirits. They are simply minded (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Minded) machines (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Machines) that can maneuver themselves into any situation where they can record and transmit (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Transmit) information (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Information) to where it is needed elsewhere in the universe (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Universe).
“This is Samuel. I thank you for your time and your interest in this subject. Let us communicate (http://nordan.daynal.org/wiki/index.php?title=Communicate) more often. I say goodbye for now.”
George: “Thank you Samuel.”
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Post by: LarryG on May 28, 2018, 06:23:20 PM
Stanley, welcome to our forum.....if I am reading the stats correctly, this is your first post.    You really picked one of great interst to start out on!....hope to hear about you and just jump in anytime.      Again....welcome....LarryG
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Post by: gitz on May 29, 2018, 01:10:19 AM
Good to hear from you again, Stanley. It must be the better part of a year since you requested copies of Dr. Mendoza's Papers on certain diseases. I'm curious if you researched the Paper on Ovarian cancer and His procedure injecting Carbon 135, 136 directly.  Dr. Deborah Johnson, an oncologist in my area has shown interest enough to do some research on C 135 and C 136 but I don't know her latest findings if any. I'll have to get in touch with her soon.   I'll let you know what she discovers. 
I join Larry in welcoming you chiming in.   Steve. 
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Post by: Lemuel on May 29, 2018, 01:36:03 AM
Stanley, I bid you a warm welcome to the forum.
May you find what you are looking for here and share with us your findings,
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Post by: weydevu on May 29, 2018, 11:31:08 AM
Teleportation & time travel are science fiction today & science fact tomorrow. I believe man has no original thoughts when it comes to the advancement of man into light & life.  All such thoughts proceed from the Creative Spirit. I for one whenever I see the t.v. series Stargate and watch them go through the water like circle I get chills because something inside me tells me this is for real somewhere in the universe of time & space. And if the past, present and future is now then why not. I can't get into the intellectual conversation to explain it but thats how I feel.

Title: Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
Post by: Dominick O on May 29, 2018, 12:09:33 PM
Title: Re: Believe It or Not - see message inside
Post by: amethyst on May 29, 2018, 04:52:03 PM
I would like to respond to DaCandyMan's post for Dorian.  First I want to say that I am saddened to see Dorian go--truly.  But as I see it DaCandyMan makes a really good point.  If you read the section in the UB about the time Jesus spent in Gethsemane, you will read how irritated Jesus became with his disciples because he had to wake them up three times to ask that they be with Him as he prayed.  He was none too please with them and let them know it.  We don't always get to hear what we want to hear, but sometimes we have to hear what we need to hear.  I have no idea how smart Dorian is, or how many books he has read, but I do know that we are all going to have to move beyond our comfort zone if we are to be able to gain fortitude, and I ask our Divine Parents to help me with this.  I know that in the last few months I have been aware that I am being tested a lot and I'm not sure I always pass.  But we all need mettle and it is no easy road.  

Best wishes to you Brother Dorian!  You will be missed.
Blessings, Amethyst